Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The deadline for final account of the NIS and to the end of the year

The deadline for submission of final accounts for the work of the oil industry of Serbia (NIS) in 2008, extended to the end of 2009. year, she is a member of the Management Board of the NIS and Danica Draskovic.

Draskoviceva is that the Ministry of Finance submitted an opinion leadership NIS and the deadline for submission of final accounts to be the end of 2009. year, instead of to 30 September, as has been found.

It is pointed out that the NIS requested extension of time regarding the "situation in the company and to change the NIS majority owner.

Draskoviceva explained that the management of NIS and only to a contract with the new auditor - company "Ernest & Jang, which should be conducted to complete a special audit of financial statements for NIS 2008. year. She added that, in the coming period, should be a limit to which the audit will be performed, as well as the price which the work will be done.

Draskoviceva said that the next meeting of the Board of Directors of NIS and should be held on 17th August and will be on the agenda of the implementation of the technological reconstruction of the NIS, as well as of the tender commission for the procurement of crude oil.

As said, will be discussed and measures for the optimization of employees (staff reduction of earnings).

Board of Directors of NIS and stated earlier today that it has approved the company Ernest & Jang, "conducted a special audit of the full financial report for NIS 2008. year. Serbian Government has decided that it will engage new auditors and recommended to the NIS on the expense of a contract concluded with "Ernest & Jang" on an independent audit.

Auditor should determine whether the NIS in the last year operated with gain 2.3 billion as earlier claimed the leadership of the company, or a loss of about eight billion dinars, the report showed a KPMG auditor.

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