Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beyonce Knowles: Scream from the beach

The popular singer the show on the beach in St. Tropez in a very brave combination of animal prints and desena

Celebrity Beyonce, who these days enjoys the idyllic holiday with her husband Jay-zijem in southern France, decided to very unusual and courageous garment combination for the beach. Pop singer shorts with colorful blouse brought bright desena different, all of the gun connected with animal print. And her good breeding and handbag with leopard pattern, and two thick chain around his neck.

Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Meet the Fockers small"

Dustin Hoffman will once again play the father of Ben Stiller in the third film of the Fokker series, published by the BBC News.

Hoffman (73) has accepted her role in "Meet the Fockers small" even though the recording is already completed. His name was erased from the list of actors is achieved when
agreement with the producers, but the director Jay Roach Hoffman convinced that he repented and returned to his character in the story.

It is expected to be dosnimljene Hoffman scene in September. Hoffman was again Bernie Focker, who's son helps to deal with parenthood. Barbra Streisand reappears as his wife, and Robert De Niro, Teri Polo, Blajd Danner and Owen Wilson who plays the same character again.

The movie "Meet the Fockers small" in the cinema should be received in December, a source close to the production told Dedlajn Hollywood that the film could be shown without Hoffman, but the studio wanted to "do better because it is the investment in the future franchise. "

The first two films, "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" earned more than 445 million dollars only in U.S. theaters.

Woody Allen: Cheaper record in Europe

U.S. filmmaker Woody Allen said he began to record in Europe because they can not afford the work in New York.

However, filming in Manhattan in New York is done with fewer restrictions than in European cities which need to change the story to fit the specific location where the shooting, said on Tuesday directed at a news conference in the Spanish city of Oviedo.

Woody Allen will be on Tuesday in the nearby town of Aviles to attend the premiere of their new romantic comedy "You Will Meet The Tall Dark Stranger." In the film, recorded in London, play Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Antonio Banderas.

Recently, the famous director began shooting his new film, which has caused additional attention, because it appears first lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy.

Coppola and Goddard honorary Oscars

Directors Francis Ford Coppola and Jean-Luc Godard winners are this year's honorary Oscar, said on Wednesday the U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Will receive honorary awards and actor Eli Wallach and Kevin Braunlou historian, reported by the agency.

Coppola will have to get Memorial Award, which bears the name of Irving G. Talberga, while Goddard, Wallach and Braunlou get honorary Oscar. Prizes will be awarded to them at the official dinner 13th November.

Coppola (71), director of the trilogy "The Godfather", but has five Oscars. Award Talberg, which is awarded to "creative producers," deserves the thanks to his studio Zoitrop founded in 1969, with whom he produced more than 30 films, including "Lost in Translation."

For the film of his daughter Sofia Coppola was nominated for an Oscar for directing. Goddard (79), a key figure of the French New Wave, but the first feature film "Until the last breath" from the 1959th marked by the movement and world cinema.

Wallach (94), who played in "The Magnificent Seven," "The Misfits" and "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," appears in the sequel film "Wall Street" Oliver Stone's "Wall Street: Money never sleeps."

Braunlou (72) is considered a leading expert on the history of silent films and their preservation.

Honorary Oscars are awarded for "outstanding achievements in his career, an outstanding contribution to film art and science or for special merits in the work of the Academy."

No Angels singer two years of probation

German pop star Nadia Benaisa (28), was sentenced today to two years probation for causing dangerous bodily injury, or the spread of HIV.

Sometimes globally popular singer of the German group No Angels threatened ten year prison sentence, but prosecutors in the final words said that it would be too much because Nadia admitted to having sexual relations without protection and had no intention of any infection.

Nadia says that her doctors said that the risk of transmitting the virus "practically zero".

"I'm sorry ... I wish I could come back time and prevent anything from that happen," says Nadia.

The singer since 1999. infected with HIV virus, and was arrested in Frankfurt last year when it was accused of causing dangerous bodily harm unnamed man whom he contracted HIV 2004th.

Cancer of the stomach and esophagus

Chinese experts announced that they have identified genetic mutations that appear in connection with cancer of the stomach and esophagus.

This discovery increases understanding of the origin of these two types of cancer and perhaps the possibility of a new therapeutic approach to these diseases.

Experts Sinsjeng University in Henan province, have analyzed the genes of 9053 people with esophageal cancer and 2766 patients with gastric cancer. In all patients consistently have occurred two mutations - PLCE1 location C20orf54 10q23 and 20p13 on the site.

It is obvious that these two mutations significantly contribute to the risk of cancer of the esophagus and stomach cancer among members of the majority Han Chinese people, as well as members of the Uighur-Kazakh population, the conclusion is a Chinese team, which managed the Li-Wang Dung.

In China, approximately half of the world register of cases of these two types of cancer. Stomach cancer is the second biggest killer among cancers, after lung cancer. Of it per year 803,000 people die worldwide from cancer of the esophagus and 400 000 people.

These two cancers are particularly common in those parts of China which consumes a lot of canned and salty foods, while eating less fruit and vegetables.

In the American study, conducted at the National Cancer Institute in Betesdi, a team of experts under the leadership of Christian Abneta is analyzing the DNA 2240 ethnic Chinese patients with gastric cancer and 2115 patients with esophageal cancer, found a constant occurrence of gene mutations PLCE1.

British scientists create "dry" water

Although it sounds like a contradiction, "dry" water does exist.

This substance, the fruit of research Dr. Ben Carter of the University of Liverpool, it looks like powdered sugar and could make a revolution in the way of using chemical products, says the London Telegraph.

Each particle of dry water contains water droplets, surrounded by sandy silicon layer.

In fact, 95 percent of the "dry" water is "wet" water.

Scientists believe that clean water could be used in the fight against global warming, so it would upijala carbon dioxide from greenhouse gases.

Tests show that water in the dry state that absorbs three times more carbon dioxide than regular water.

Dry water also can be effectively used for storage of methane and increase the potential energy sources of natural gas.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta are waiting for the boys

Actor par Kelly Preston and John Travolta are expecting a boy, announced today the magazine Pipl.

They celebrate the good news in early August with his closest friends at his home in Los Angeles.

Actor couple announced in early May to check the baby, and after numerous articles in the media if they were twins, were forced to deny.

"This baby is such a joy and comfort for them and comes at the right time," said one of their friends.

Kelly Preston (47) and John Tavolta (56) have a ten-headed daughter.

Their son Jet died in January 2009. when he was only 16 years.