Saturday, March 6, 2010

Twitter considers a model of advertising

Twitter is currently in the process of considering a new advertising system that is similar to Google's AdWords. According to the information available for now these ads will be based Twitter search. They will be displayed in the same format of 140 characters and the normal Twitter posts. The only direct exposure that currently appear on Twitter in the small text ads that appear on the home page of users, although sometimes the application of other companies include some advertising. According to sources who have reported this information, the new plan includes the distribution of advertisements over other software companies where these companies will share profits with Twitter.

Pioneer 5.1 channel A / V receiver

Pioneer has introduced a new line of 5.1 channel A / V receivers that enable the dynamic music experience in your living room. For the first time Pioneer VSX-520-K and VSX-820-K features Bluetooth wireless transfer of audio content enabling users to enjoy music that is directed directly from their Bluetooth-enabled devices to their home theaters. Model VSX-820-K also features "Works with iPhone" certification, which means that the device has support for working with your iPhone device. Other characteristics of these receivers include 3D Ready features the latest HDMI 1st version.

PowerColor Radeon HD 5770

PowerColor plans to introduce more Eyefinity card grassroots and one of the attempts in this direction is the introduction of models Radeon HD 5770 that has five mini DispalyPort output. This card features a DisplayPort less than upcoming Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 cards, but the PowerColor solution more than satisfactory. In addition to enhanced features pvoezivanja this card has a custom cooler (Arctic Cooling solution) that's good enough cooling core and 800 shader processors. For now, PowerColor did not want to disclose the date when you could expect the availability of credit cards as well as its price.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is a tool that will allow you to stay in touch with friends and family in a easy and fast way. The software allows to view the detailed Messenger list updates that your friends are made, then there is the option to easily add links and emoticons related to your status, as well as exchange of video content from popular sites and the possibility of their views in the Messenger window. New features include several fixes bugs with the aim of increasing stability and performance of the new features like video calls and a few repairs, which aim to improve the quality of video calls if you use the video call under Windows 7th

Online gaming has more fans

According to the NPD Group company, based on research conducted by the company in the first two months this year recorded an increase online gaming by 10% compared to the previous year. The study is entitled Online Gaming in 2010 and has found that those who play online games much more order supplements for the game that is digitally downloaded. Online players buy an average of about 20% of its software via digital distribution channels, compared with 19% or 18% of the last 2008 years. However, not all the increases that has to do with online gaming. Thus, NPD Group says that the population of online players decreased to 54% compared with 56% last year.

AMD is preparing to release Fusion

Advanced Micro Devices has taken another step toward issuing Fusion family of microprocessors announcing the expansion of the existing partnership program to include partners who sell primarily hardware business users instead of the ordinary. Fusion chips that combine central and graphics processor chip, the individual should begin sales early next year. The first such chip that will appear codenamed Llano is designed for laptop computers. AMD's goal is to increase sales of computers that include a number of the company's own components, including processors, graphics chips and chipsets.

Apple sued HTC

Apple sued the manufacturer of the smart phone HTC alleged violation of several patents of the company. What is interesting in relation to this case is that Apple says are devices that violate the patent models produced by HTC, but that use Android operating system by Google, or in any case not mentioned models based on Windows Mobile-in. Although at first could not determine if Apple thinks that Android violated certain patents of the company or the manner in which the HTC Android implemented solutions, and later checking of all patents that were found problematic is that Apple essentially has a problem with the Android operating system itself.

About ASUS! Play HD2

About ASUS! Play HD2 is the world's first media player that supports the leading USB 3.0 standard for providing ten times faster data transfer compared with the current UAB 2.0 solutions. This model has a 3.5 "high-capacity hard drive that you can fit your multimedia files. In addition to access rich media library, O! Play HD "provides access to more than 20000 digital radio and 100 Internet TV channels, extending the area of PC entertainment in an instant colud info-entertainment. For the ultimate sound experience, full HD audio bit stream support, this player is equipped with 7.1 channel audio output.

Small businesses want W7

After the mass avoidance Windows Vista operating system, small companies have started to think about leaving Windows XP, Microsoft's vice president emphasizes. He stresses that Windows Vista was the generation of operating systems that are small and medium enterprises spared. Brooks said that business users began to mass on their computers installed by a professional version of Windows 7 operating system and that was a good indicator for their company. Brooks also claims that Windows spread at great speed with which this company are happy and surprised.

XFX prepared Radeon HD 5970

After ASUS and Sapphire and XFX has offered the market its custom, factory-overclocked version of the shared Radeon 5970 HD graphics card. Implementation of the XFX is the company known as Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition. This card supports DirectX 11, has 3200 stream processors, two graphics processors Cypress whose clock speed is 850MHz, 4GB GDDR5 memory clock 4800MHZ work, six mini DisplayPort outputs that enable connectivity to six monitors, and a list of the specification concludes CrossFireX support. Two osmopinska PCIe voltage connectors are present at this card and dual slot cooler. The card will be produced only in 1000 to 1500 copies.

Acer projectors with 3D Vision support

Acer has unveiled two new projects that have support for playing 3D stereoskopskih video and pictures. It models H5360 and X1261. Both projectors are compatible with NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision technology and can transform standard 2D content into 3D images. Model HD5360 is capable of displaying 720p HD resolution that is characterized by brightness of 2500 lumens with a contrast range of 3200:1. Model H5360 has support for vertical refresh rate from 50 to 120Hz, which helps in creating realistic 3D images. He also has an HDMI port to display content from Blu-ray DVD player and nekonvertovanih.

Gmail multiple tasks

Google has arranged a problem that existed for some time and is related to the fact that it was not possible to do multiple tasks at once. If you have several e-mail messages that arrive at the same time, or you may want to search the previous posts while writing a new one, you had to start a new Gmail tab which caused a long delay, even with a solid internet connection. Fortunately, the leaders of these companies were aware of this problem and have tried to correct this problem. Namely, the new features available in Gmail, it is much easier to create multiple Gmail interactions, which happens almost instantly, and is a real refreshment.

Popularity damage Android

Android, which started on smart phone market was a serious player, it can be a large loss because of its openness. Namely, as the number of devices you have installed the operating system appears to increase the growing fragmentation in software and hardware configurations which may have consequences for Android. Currently, Google only with Nexus One comes Android version 2.1 operating system. Recently, information appeared to be on all devices in which some of the older version installed can install the latest version, but this enthusiasm was short-lived.

New plans for Activision Blizzard

Company Activsion Blizzard has officially announced plans to expand one of the most popular franchises of this company Call of Duty series. The changes relate primarily to the Infinity Ward studio that operated within the company. In addition to changes in management studies announced issuance of two packages for popular maps Modern Warfare 2 which is part of the COD franchise. Similarly, different studios who work in these companies will work on different CoD titles so that Bay Area studio should work on COD action adventure, while another COD title should appear 2011th During the negotiations on licensing for MMO version of the game.

3D features for Firefox

Researchers plan to publish a version of the Firefox browser, which includes built-in viewing 3D graphics and this possibility opens the door for new, interaktivnije Web pages. Some toy companies have created plug-ins that allow review of 3D content, while the latest method does not require any plug-in that could potentially cause to enable use by multiple users. The researchers plan to present their version of Firefox with RT Fact and everything should be done in the next week or two. In addition to these researchers in the field of RT Fact work and German researchers and experts of Intel.

Friday, March 5, 2010

USB 3.0 a new speed limit

The USB 3.0 standard to the more recently discussed as a significant improvement in terms of speed of transmission media. Currently the USB 3.0 controller chips produced only company NEC. Controller of the company has circuitry for USB 2.0 and 3.0 standard, and where there is no support for USB 3.0, you can use the older standard. During the next few months and the company Symwave, Fujitsu, and Via planned to present their own USB 3.0 chips. First USB 3.0 card work with Windows Vista and 7 operating sistmeima. Apple has not yet decided whether to support the new standard, while the Linux USB 3.0 drivers slow to appear.

Ballmer on of Google

Responding to journalists' questions Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was forced to confront the question of whether Microsoft will ever be number one when it comes to search. Ballmer is pretty good snašao and said that he deeply believes that Microsoft may be companies that will be number 1 in the search but that is something you need a lot of effort, innovative ideas and happiness. He stressed on the same occasion that the strongest player on the Google search box for the right moment focused on the right things and create a market of results so I created the rules of the game. Microsoft is currently focusing on a deal with Yahoo OM as part of the attempt to capture a larger market share.

EeePC Family Solutions

ASUS has introduced several Eee PC solutions. Asus EeeTop PC 24 "is a home entertainment center that replaces a desktop PC, TV and audio systems in the perfect all-in-one solution. This model is easy to retrieve multimedia content and delivers excellent video and audio experience. On the other hand the company has introduced EeeKeyboard PC that is in fact a fully functional PC in the form of a portable keyboard. This model can be connected to any monitor for utilization of all advantages multimedijanih entertainment. Thanks solutions EeePC Family model, users can access cloud services from any room in the apartment.

Feed Demon

If you are looking for a tool that will allow you to view and manage your RSS feed's desktop computer, then one of the best solutions FeedDemon, the most popular Windows RSS reader. This software allows you to receive current news and information, adapting ways to read and organize feeds, allows downloading this podcast to your iPod or Windows Media Player. The new version brings significant performance improvements "Subscriptions Home" report, then returned to FeedStation Tools menu, "Export Event Log" does not offer more options, while Google Reader authentication prescribed due to changes in Google's API for authentication.

Games that do not work without the Internet

If you've played any of the newer games companies such as EA and Ubisoft like Assassin's Creed 2, Silent Hunter 5 or Command & Conquer 4 know that these games require a constant Internet connection. To order any of these three games is not enough function to be connected to the Internet only at the beginning of the game, but connections must be constant. If you just take your ethernet cable or your wireless connection module lost connection to the server just stops and the game is no longer possible to play. If you this seems unfair You're right but it is part of the propaganda that aims to convince players that online presence in the single player games is necessary.

NVIDIA GeForce 196.75 drivers

NVIDIA has just released a set of drivers for which we hope will be the last issued before the DirectX 11 cards the company become available. It is the GeForce 196.75 WHQL certified drivers. This version includes the PhysX System Software version 9.10.0129, support for GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200 and 300 series cards as well as ion (1 and 2) graphics processors and provides the following: upgrade ram HD Audio driver on version for supported graphics cards, increase the performance of several PC games. Also, improved SLI support for World of Warcraft and Unigine games and there are numerous fixes for bugs found these.

Easy connection with Asus routers

ASUS wireless routers are easy to adjust thanks to their, easy-to-use interface that allows plug-and-surf installation. In addition, ASUS RT-N76U and RT-N56U wireless router can use ultra-fast and stable download through these routers that support dual band 5GHz bands and support a range that uses a small number of devices. Both routers also support both printing and scanning with the goal of enabling wireless printing wherever you are in your home. It offers a model RT-N13U who owns a hardware key that enables the router to share with family members.

Children need computers

Intel believes that the children needed computers, but the electronic readers. Behind these claims the company is trying to find another suitable segment of the market for marketing its netbook computer. So the company introduced a new classmate model that is based on the Atom processor and it is possible to run Windows or Linux operating system. Touch screen of this model allows you to write it in pencil. The design of this model is slightly rougher and is resistant to falls from height table. These models will cost from $ 200 for the basic model and more. Intel said that the mention of money to buy better netbook computer, but the e-reader.

Opera 10:50

Opera has finally arrived at 10:50 the final version of Internet search engine. After many beta and RC versions, is now before us, finally the final version. This version brings compatibility with software to accelerate downloads, is available via keyboard shortcuts for new windows for a private search: Ctrl + Shift + N, is available for support View modes via the W3C Widget module API. Regarding the promotion was created visual design for the distinction between private and windows neprivatnog results, and skins can now specify the color scheme of the system as a default. Also, they fixed some minor bugs found in earlier versions.

Games cause violent behavior

Another study that was conducted by supposedly well-known psychological magazine found that playing computer games can cause aggression. Magazine named Psyhological Bulletin claims that playing violent games leads to violent thoughts and promote positive social behavior. The problem is that this survey is not based on original research but relies on certain selected "existing studies that included 130,000 people from the U.S., Europe and Japan. Therefore, the question is how this research has utemljenje but the issue of violence in games and its effects are always attracts attention.

Gigabyte USB 3.0 plate

The company's Gigabit announced that two of its motherboards GA-P55A-UD7 and GA-P55A-UD5 certified by the USB forum for the implementation of that agreed with USB 3.0 specifications. These two plates are excellent and mainstream option, while the company still has a few records that meet the same specifications in terms of USB 3.0. Gigabyte aggressively working on the adoption of USB 3.0 standard on a large number of its platforms including a number of Intel chipsets and AMD. Intel is working hard to create a USB 3.0 ecosystem whose creation would be the standard established herself as a solution that can no longer be ignored.

The problem for the PS3 slim console

A few users on the PS3 console had a problem because the PlayStation Network just stopped working for some consoles. What is interesting is that this problem affected only the owners of the PS3 Slim model. The problem arose because these consoles detected as the date 29th Although in February this year in the month of February has only 28 days. The problem is solved by simply resetting the date. The problem arose because the console is programmed to recognize 2010 as a leap that is not the case. Sony has promised to issue a fix that will disable that something similar happens in 2012 is a leap year.

4GB Sapphire Radeon HD 5970

As promised the company's Sapphire event at CeBIT unveiled Radeon HD 5970 graphics card which has a 4GB embedded memory. In addition to additional amounts of video memory the card has a clock speed of more than reference and a custom cooling solution. Dual slot cooler that was used in this model is the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme with three fans (92mm diameter) and four copper piping. Overclocking graphics core / memory in this card are 850/4800MHz. The card is powered via two PCIe connectors osmopinska and has Dual-DVI plus Mini DisplayPort outputs. Sapphire did not mention the price of this card.

Windows 7, sold in 90 million

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Tech conference, Peter Klein, a Microsoft official announced that the company has so far sold 90 million Windows 7 licenses. In January, Microsoft announced that by the end of December, sold about 60 million units, and based on this information to conclude that Microsoft is going quite well in Wu 2010th about the latest Windows operating system. Klein says that Microsoft expects sales of Windows 7 yet to be successful after business customers decide to switch to a new operating system, or go to the cycle of renewal of their computing resources, which can be expected after Microsoft release Windows 7 Service Pack 1

WD SiliconEdge Blue SSD

Western Digital recently introduced its Blue SiliconEdge series of solid state drives. This series is available as a model of capacity 64, 128 and 256GB. Characterized by the 2.5 "form as well as SATA 3Gb / s interface. Drives provide a maximum speed of reading and writing of 170MB/si 250MB / s respectively. Drives are certified to 1,400,000 working hours before the cancellation. Max power consumption of this drive is 3.5W and the operation to write data until the read data consumption is 2.2W. Downside of these drives is their high price so that the model need to allocate the capacity of 256GB, even $ 999, which is considered too high price.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 480/470

In the Internet emerged and information related to the implementation of the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 470/480 card company Nvidia. From this information are not trusted, boxes that represent the sales packaging of the aforementioned card. So we have to learn the retail packaging that Gigabyte GTX 470 feature 320-bit memory interface and 1280MB GDDR5 video memory, while the GTX 480 own 384-bit memory interface and 1536MB video memory. Both cards will run upcoming GF100 graphics processor manufactured using 40Nm process, you will have DX11, CUDA, PhysX and 3-way SLI support, with dual-DVI and mini-HDMI out.

LimeWire Basic 5.5. 4 Beta

LimeWire is a fast, easy to korišenje program for file sharing that does not contain spyware, adware and other embedded software. Compatible with all major platforms and running over the Gnutella platform. LimeWire is open source software so it can be freely shared. It is the fastest, easiest and most advanced file sharing program that is available free of charge. Brings advanced features such as Creative Commons integration, iTunes integration, proxy support, quickly establishing a network connection Firewall to Firewall transfers, as well as support for international search and international groups.

Asus ultra-portable e-reader

ASUS at CeBIT was another event presented their innovative products. This time it's Asus DR-900 E-reader which is equipped with Wi-Fi or 3G konektivnošću optional for immediate download content from a cloud. Enhanced battery allows users to view a single battery charge as many as 10,000 pages. Model DR-900 has a screen length dojagonale 9 "which uses ePaper monochrome display developed by SiPix. This screen allows viewing of extremely high quality images where has one big advantage and it is not tired eyes and a few hours, users can read the contents of the device.

Intel is a 48 core

Intel is predstavnila his experimental 48-core chip, while yesterday at CeBIT 2010 event. The manufacturer has also unveiled its latest real world Nehalem EX server platform, which features eight cores and 16 sequences. In addition, it seems that Intel is going seriously started with a presentation from the very beginning of CeBIT and so introduced three new Atom processor for embedded markets products including dual-core version. The new platform features integrated graphics and memory controller. The leaders of Intel outlined the sector of digital signatures and automatism as a major sector of the market.

Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Alpha 2

Mozilla developers to provide alpha 2 version of Firefox 3.7 browser. This search engine is intended for testing purposes by developers and enthusiasts, uses Gecko 1.9.3 Alpha 2 engine brings a few changes and update this. The most important change is that the plugin's with Windows and Linux versions are now isolated from Firefox, so if there is a crash plug-in will not come automatically to crash Firefox. Also, the SSL security system was changed so that the weak points that existed in earlier versions are corrected. The user interface has been modified so that the stop and reload buttons are now integrated.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

WD Advanced Format

Western Digital is still a big job ahead of him when it comes to advertising and forcing their Advanced Format hard drives. Briefly speaking, it is a technology that changes the size of the hard drive with 512 byte sectors (which is standard for the past thirty years) at 4096K, which allows ECC data to be stored on a more efficient way. When the 512 byte sector is used, the Sync / DAM and ECC information is stored by pre-defined template. For now, no more information available on the Advanced Format a Western Digital believes that technology will prove very useful in the future.

Selecting toys for champions

Playing evolved into a leading branch of the IT industry and is a dynamic motivator for technological sector. ASUS shares this passion, while maintaining the tradition of genius whose goal is to satisfy the needs of players and how those hard-line within the brand's Republic of Gamers (ROG) and the powerful mainstream solutions. Thus, at CeBIT event ASUS VG236H presented as the biggest in the world 120Hz gaming monitor 27 "PG276H. Both models are Full HD 3D display, which will simply blow away players. Thanks to the special glasses and a refresh rate of 120 fps, these monitors allow users to enjoy the latest 3D titles.

Thunderbird 3.0.2

Thunderbird is an excellent e-mail client that comes from those same people are credited for the Firefox browser. Thunderbird provides users with IMAP / POP support, built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, provides a quick search, can save the directory search, improved way to filter messages, message grouping, tagging, automatic registration address and ability to work with multiple e-mail accounts, newsgroup . Thuderbird version 3.0.2 features several stability patches and security patches for Thunderbird 2 users who switch to Thunderbird 3 as well as several patches for IMAP.

Mozilla manager at Apple

The former head of security at Mozilla, and Windows-Synder was engaged by Apple. Snyder began working from the beginning of this week as senior manager for security products Apple is the third company that produces web browsers in which the last five years, Snyder was engaged. She previously worked as a security strategist at Microsoft and was engaged as a security consultant on the development of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Snyder was in 2006 moved to Mozilla in where it was part of the Firefox team for emergency response. This was a time when Firefox drew attention to themselves and attracted a number of hackers.

Problems for ThinkPad users

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop users can wait for the unpleasant surprise if you forget your password main hard drive's. Namely, the Chinese manufacturer refuses to reset the security password, hard drive and the (BIOS) for their laptops, although they are covered by warranty. Lenovo official channels only offer expensive repair that is reflected in the replacement of computer motherboards, which costs about $ 400 plus additional costs, which is almost equal to the price of a new PC. Alternatively, different tools for the return of passwords that cost around $ 80th A simple query on Google and "reset password ThinkPad gives quite a number of results, but the question is whether these tools can recover the password.

ARM Announces Development Studio

British chip designer ARM has announced the Keil Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Application Edition for ARM-based Linux systems. ARM claims that the DS-5 Application Edition developed as a tool designed to simplify the development of source Linux and Android applications for systems based on ARM processor. It was built to shorten the cycle of writing code and testing. DS-5 Application Edition features Eclipse-based project manager, Linux application debugger, and ARM Cortex A8 processor-based SoC for fast ARM Linux development. He supports the OMAP35x processor-based Beagleboard and Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP35x evaluation module.

Moon multi-core CPU

For long there have been no concrete news on the top processors, but it is a fact that will definitely change the course of this month. It's been almost a year since the last time Intel improved its speed of central processors for desktop PCs, workstations and servers Nehalem line but AMD was not anything better. However, the month of March will bring many new features and much more interesting to those who want to upgrade onto your desktop cool, form a new workstation, or add multiple cores to their servers, and this time talking about both processor manufacturers after a long time.

Cloud Antivirus 1.0.1

Cloud Panda Antivirus offers protection when users search, play or work and the user will not even notice. This antivirus is very small and unclaimed at work until all the work done in the cloud-in. Panda is also known that it provides the fastest protection against the latest viruses due to their cloud-scanning, which comes from PandaLab server. In the new version is available patches for problems that occur when scanning certain files, enhanced the cloud-heuristic detection of unknown malware, and provided the fix for the loss of connectivity after disinfection of malware that includes LSP.

A new standard for PC sound

At the CeBIT event ASUS presented SonicMaster and technology, the new standard for notebook ekoji guarantee the enjoyment of sound kooje now you can feel. SonicMaster completely changes the sound that provides your notebook computer and the result is a co-development between ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. This technology debut on the new Asus N series motherboards providing the sound quality is not as seen on this type of device. Top NX Series notebook computers have enhanced opportunities SonicMaster which opens the way to completely replace the existing home entertainment devices.

Intel and Orange together

Intel and Orange have announced a strategic partnership to provide multimedia services Orange large number of devices based on Intel Atom processor and Meegle softversoj platform. Meegle - the result of the merger Moblin and Maemo software projects based on Linux, announced at the MWC Congress in Barcelona, allows open-source software environment for rapid development of a series of smart devices similar to computers and exciting new services. Establishing a common software framework for numerous devices, ranging from smart phones, through to the Netbook Tablet PC, Intel and Orange simplified approach to the growing mobile and personalized Internet and lead creation of new and exciting applications and services.

New Panasonic NeoPDP lines

Panasonic has announced the company will begin production of new NeoPDP plasma display panels, together with the line Viera Plasma HDTV in 2010. Based on the last NeoPDP most advanced technology, the new VIERA plasma models are characterized by greater efficiency, better image quality and lower power consumption than previous models NeoPDP. This was achieved thanks to a new generation of panels using the new filters, new otpusnike for gas, phosphorus improved and redesigned the structure of cells. NeoPDP technology is built into the models VT20 Viera Full HD 3D TV, V20 and G20 series.

GIGABYTE peripherals at CeBIT

Gigabyte is at CeBIT presented Wireles series - M7700B Bluetooth laser mouse and wireless keyboard set - KM7600 mouse. Intel Wireless Series is designed to optimize your efficiency and provide a complete wireless solution for your office. Gigabyte M7700B features ultra-portable design and ultrastabilan work. Compact laser mouse can be the best friend of your laptop. M7700B adopt reliable Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR technology offering transfer speeds up to 3Mbit/si with up to 10 meters. Model KM7600 features 2.4GHz wireless nanoprijemnik, keys for instant access to multimedia controls and search the Internet and ergonomic design.

New Microsoft Report

Microsoft has released a new security report, which informs users about the revealed weak point that threatens Internet Explorer. This problem is linked to the use of help key, F1 in particular, and threatens Windows 2000 and Windows XP by default and to a smaller range of Windows 2003 Server. The official representative of Microsoft said that the internal investigation revealed that Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista are not affected. The report also emphasizes that the vulnerable platforms, regardless of the installed version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft appeals to its customers to avoid pressing the F1 key from Web pages or other Internet content.


NVIDIA introduced Ion 2 graphics platform that has the potential to turn the netbook computers in full multimedia solutions that can play high definition content. Netbook computers are designed to perform non-mandatory tasks like surfing the Internet or run simple applications, but the addition of Ion 2 chips would enable them and play 1080p video content. Requirements for netbook computers with powerful multimedia features will especially be on the rise when these features become predominant on the internet and other forms of media. Ion 2 grafilčka platform pairs the GeForce graphics processor with the latest Intel Atom processor.

FrostWire 4.20.2

FrostWire is a Gnutella P2P that client, is a joint effort of a large number of Open Source and freelance developers worldwide. Using the latest veryije FrostWire allows the user to enjoy the great features of this program. Bugs, whose existence was reported in earlier versions have successfully patched in the latest version. All those customers who use FrostWire 2.5 or earlier must perform update. Among the patches that are available provided the patch for the bug, which was noticeable for the continuation of the download torrent of content while the installer size decreased more than 58%.

Nitendo sold 10 million consoles

January ended with a total of 67.45 million Nintendo consoles sold worldwide while 31 December in Japan sold about 9.72 million units. In North and South America has sold 32.02 million units, while in Europe and the rest of the world sold 25.71 million units. If the number of people watching a particular country, then we can say that the Wii had better go in Japan, at least in January. This console has sold 465,800 copies in the U.S., which has about 308.8 million. On the other hand in Japan, which has 127.1 million inhabitants sold some 289,000 units. Sales console was weaker in 2009 due to recession.

Online newspapers are important

According to research conducted by the Pew Internet Group, Americans prefer to read news on the Web than to buy, read and throw away or recycle printed editions. Online news is increasingly popular and according to the report that this group has published, six of ten Americans (59%) in the ordinary course of the day getting their information by combining online news and other common sources. Internet is currently the third most popular platform for news beyond the local TV news and national television news. What is undeniable is the fact that the internet in the center of the story as an attitude towards news is changing.

Intel attracts developers

Intel uses incentives in the form of cash to attract developers to your mobile software applications AppUp Center store, hoping that they will create new applications for netbook computers with Atom microprocessor. Intel is the beginning of week offered a wide range of financial incentives for developers from $ 500 for 250 programmers and bonus of $ 2 per download for the 100 best applications. Although the netbook computers popular among the users lack of specific applications that will work well on weaker processors that are installed in this type of computer, since netbooks are often unable to run applications that are intended for desktop and notebook models.

Chrome gets an automatic translation

Google Chrome browser known search giant has recently received several handy accessories. Most important among them are support for various extensions. The latest version (currently in beta stage) Google Chrome has added an interesting feature automatic translation, which allows users to translate web sites on the fly without the need for translation tools. The new version also brings improved advanced control policy. Users, when it comes to translations on the fly, they can choose whether you want them to be translated into every page you visit, or would have determined that the translation they want.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Q1 Media Summit

Nintedo-v Q1 Media Summit held in last Thursday was marked by games, especially those that will be represented for the Wii and DS during the first part of this year. This event is very important because when it announced a number of games and their date of appearance on the market and among them are Super Mario Galaxy 2 (May 23), and Metroid: Other M (27 June) and Capcom Monster Hunter Three (20 April). Executive President of Nintendo America, Cammie Dunaway, according to Capcom Monster Huner three games which will confirm those who still do not believe that games based on the successful actions can be played on the Wii platform.

Network outage

For reasons not yet clear why this is happening but the PlayStation Network Network recorded interruptions and leads to many problems for the PS3 system, including 8001050F errors, crash games and even a complete inability to run certain titles. For now, no concrete information when all that everything returns to normal mode and a growing number of users reported problems that they are happening, and so a number of users complained that they noticed resetting clocks and even the loss of some data in some cases. Official Representative pointed out that during the works to fix this problem.

Paint.NET 3.5.4

Paint.NET is a software for working with images, which is designed to be used on computers that run XP, Server 2003 or Vista operating system. Each features as well as the user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. For easy to work with multiple images using Paint.NET tabovani interface. The new version, which carries the tag 3.5.4 is available a large number of special effects for the improvement and trimming photos. In the new edition improved performance command Image-> Flatten, provided the problem is the Save As dialog box that is opened and there is a patch for the observed weak point.

FastestFox benefit

Firefox comes with pre-entered shortcuts and convenience, but many of them somehow is unusable. In addition, FastestFox supplement offers unusual features of productivity that is certainly not seen as a mass availability for some time. These characteristics are diverse and wide and certainly that would be those customers that will disable some of them but what is obvious is that they are inventive and very useful. One very useful feature is FastestFox "Endless Pages" and if you scroll to the end of the following pages are automatically downloaded and shown below for easier scrolling and viewing.

Year of Solid State drives

Kingston will be in 2010. year focus on the SSD segment, as the most important growth factor in the overall flash memory market. Serbia is one of the most dynamic countries in the region with high potential development. Although still in development stage, we think that it is ready for the big wave of SSD, which nadolazi this year and that will be present and in future years. We expect to consolidate our leading position in both the overall and SSD devices on the market, and we will continue to record good business results, "said Pawel Smigielski, Regional Manager Eastern Europe Kingston Technology. We all know that Kingston is a reliable and well-trusted brand in Serbia.

Asus and ecology

Effort to be eco products in the IT industry are becoming a necessity and lifestyle. This year, the company Asus at CeBIT in 2010 introduced a product that states that in any ecological sense - the materials used, less emission of radiation of their elements and reduced energy consumption. Energy efficient Eee PC 1005PE features bright LED backlit panel and live without the Asus Super Hybrid Engine technology for energy management that allows the battery life of 14 hours. Power consumption of this model is 45% smaller than required by EnergyStar 5.0 regulations. This model comes in a cardboard box that is 80% of recycled material.

LG XF2 portable multimedia player

LG Electronics officially unveiled on the Serbian market LG XF2, a product that combines a multimedia player and an external hard drive. This mini external hard drive with HDMI output only 2.5 inches thick, can be easily carried and easily used. Multimedia player XF2 capacity of 500 GB, one of the few on the market offers playback Full HD (1080p) and AVI video formats high resolution, as well as various video and audio materials, formats Xvid, DivX, Mpeg4, Avi, mp3, JPEG, but and DTS / Dolby audio formats. Fast and simple content playback is enabled through the USB and HDMI connections that offer XF2 and is easy to connect with contemporary models of monitors and TVs.

The first six-core processors for sale

European online sales have started to sell the first six-core Intel processors that are designed for installation in desktop computers and before the official appearance of this process. Thus, a German online sales service Alternaete in its offer included Intel Core i7-980 Extreme Edition processor codenamed Gulftown price of 1099 Euros. Six-core processors will work on the working clocks to 3.6GHz and include 12MB L3 cache, according to this website. Each core can simultaneously perform two series of operations. These processors will also support DDR3 memory. Intel declined to comment on the appearance of these processors offer the German site for online sales.

Huge amount of rare Nintendo game

Rare news that people pay huge sums of money for video games. One such is osvanula few days ago when it was announced that one customer through e-Bay online auction site to pay $ 41,300 for a copy of the game company Nintendo. It is a game called Stadium Events for sure that a good part of the people is not heard. This is not a surprise considering that the game was withdrawn immediately after it was issued. So this game at the time of issuance sold only 200 copies, while the far left only twenty. It is twenty years old game that was in the basement of the former owner of collecting dust until he was thought to offer the online auction.

Logitech portable speakers

Portable computers are powerful enough to do all of them looking for customers, but as they became less so is the quality of sound reproduction is often declined. To improve the sound of your favorite songs and movies, Logitech has introduced the speaker for portable computers, Z205, that can attach to a portable computer and which provides excellent sound in motion. Whether your computer with Mac or Windows operating system or netbuk, Logitech Z205 speaker may be snag the top screen of most notebooks. Speaker Z205 is small, approximately 3.5 cm thick and 6.4 cm in height, which allows users to always carry with your computer. With the supplied speaker and appropriate protective carrying case for easier and safer transfer.

Millions of Europeans choose the search engine

Some 100 million Europeans who use Microsoft software will be asked to choose among rival Web browsers to mid-May on a new tool that Microsoft released to meet the requirements of the EU on the issue of monopoly in the browser market. In a special screen that appears before users install new tool there are 12 free Web browser from which users can choose who they want to install. Five leading Internet search engines are the first places on the screen, while those less familiar may find scrolling. EU says more choice search engine can facilitate the use of open Web standards.

Open Cebit

The biggest event in the world covering high technology is open on Tuesday in Hanover, and aims to make a definitive break with the crisis that marked the entire previous year. Theme of this year's CeBIT is "Connected Worlds" in which companies among the many technologies that are planning to show special emphasis on saving energy and labor. In addition, CeBIT will bring us and a lot of futuristic devices, from mobile phones that can open doors wireless signals to a device that calculates the movement of your lips, and transform it into sound. But this year's CeBIT will definitely mark 3D technology and devices that use them.


Asus Cebit preparing for a wide range of products and technology solutions that highlight the company's "Inspiring Innovation" and "Persinent Perfection" strategy. Designed on the belief that information technologies are to improve human life strengthen the innovation, invest and bring a revolution in user experience environmental, dance, multimedia and cloud context. ASUS at CeBIT event is special preipremio Green Product Design zone which shows the range of innovation-related technologies that have an emphasis on ecology. On the other hand the persistent computer game players Asus has prepared the latest hardware in which everyone will find something for themselves.

HP laptops ultraportabl

HP refresh their offer business ultraportabl laptop and laptop-tablet hybrid models with Intel Core i5 and i7 processors to be made by one of the first major PC manufacturer that has this powerful processors built into computers, small thin design. Although the Core processors and introduced last year, they have so far mainly been limited mainly to the desktop and laptop models of large screen. Now they offer these and HP EliteBook 2540p and 2740p models, which are characterized by long diagonal screens 12 ". Model EliteBook 2540p can be ordered with standard i5 Core or Core i7 processor or with a low-power Core i7 processor.

New NVIDIA ion Netbook

NVIDIA introduced NVIDIA graphics processor ION new generation that will change the revolutionary netbook computers ten times better graphics performance standard netbooks ove1 and allow up to ten hours of autonomy thanks to NVIDIA baterije2 Optimus Technology. New ION graphics processor (GPU) far exceeds the performance of core netbooks HD graphics bringing rich content in computer games, movies and video clips from the Internet. Unlike netbooks with the Intel integrated graphics, netbooks with the ION platform have the strength to run extremely smooth HD video clips from sites such as YouTube and supports popular PC games such as World of Warcraft.

3D glasses for HDTV

Samsung has announced pricing glasses that will be required for viewing 3D content through 3D-enabled HDTV devices from this company. One of these devices is 55''which recently C7000 can get in the USA, and the glasses are not supplied with TV sets. At a cost of $ 150 this is another of the significant investments required to enable viewing of 3D content. What is the good news is that in addition to Samsung and other companies ranging from forcing these technologies and could expect a reduced price of these devices and accessories for now for 55''Samsung C7000 necessary allocate $ 3300.

Recuva 1.36.479

Recuva is a freeware Windows tool that is used for the re-establishment media who have accidentally deleted from your computer. These are included in the files that were deleted from the Recycle Bin, as well as images and other files that are deleted by the user with memory cards digital cameras or MP3 players. You can even restore files that were deleted from your iPod device or deleted due to some bugs, system crash or virus. In the new version has improved the reliability of the FAT32 disk scans, and improved 64-bit EXE use of memory, an improved screen size to avoid the hidden controls and is available and better support for user access.

15 Samsung OLED TV

Company Samsung has officially unveiled 15EL9500 the world's largest OLED TV device that will first be available in Europe. This 15''OLED TV to market the device to be found during the month of May and at a price of € 1999. In addition, the company Siemens plans to introduce the OLED-TV camera during the summer this year in the U.S. market. Official representative of Siemens has confirmed that this panel actually characterized 10.000.000:1 range of contrast, HD Ready resolution (1366x768 pixels) and the response time of 0.001ms. After the new Samsung product appears on the market will be known more information.

AMD 890GX chipset

AMD is a few days ago presented its new 890GX chipset with integrated ATI Radeon HD 4290 graphics. According to the official representative of the company, Adam Kozak, 890GX HD 4290 and include flexible and energy efficient platform that offers high-definition computing experience. AMD 890GX chipset will redefine the way people "play" with their customizable graphical configurations. For example, includes support for DirectX 10.1 graphics on motherboards, and offers support for up to two ATI Radeon Premium graphics card with ATI CrossFireX technology.

Intel at CeBIT 2010

In accordance with the slogan of this year's CeBIT, We create the future - together, the slogan of Intel will be focused on information technology and the fact that they not only contribute to work productivity and quality of life, but offer the answer to the question of how globally networked systems can help in social , economic and environmental changes. Intel will present at CeBIT innovations in the field of processors. Intel will also introduce three new AtomTM Intel processor designed specifically for basic (embedded) applications. Visitors will also be able to see the Intel classmate PC will be on sale in the second quarter of 2010th year.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Microsoft won a legal case

U.S. federal court ruled in favor of Microsoft and dismissed a lawsuit against the old year, the company that was accused of antitrust behavior due to "downgrade" practices associated with restoring Vista to XP operating system. The decision of the Court the other day put an end to the case which was launched in February last year when a certain Emma Alvarado sued Microsoft to deceive customers, so that forces them to buy a computer with Windows Vista computer that would then be able to switch to the older Windows XP operating system . Microsoft has expressed satisfaction over the rejection of claims.

Firefox loses market share

Mozilla Firefox has lost part of the market share in the month of February which is the third consecutive month in which this search engine to lose its share. Google Chrome on the other side continues to increase its market share, captivated 16 consecutive months, increasing its share. Firefox is the previous month ended with a 0.2% smaller share than the month of January. The share of Firefox is currently the company NetApplications is about 24.2%. On the other hand Google Chrome is recorded increase of 0.4% and is now part of this search is 5.6%. Chrome has doubled its share in the previous six months. Internet Explorer has lost 0.5% share in February and is now on 61.2% market share.

New IBM algorithm

IBM researchers have recently completed work on the development of new algorithms that only a few minutes can analyze large amounts of data to ensure faster time forecasting and the use of electricity, according to official statement, which was recently released. The new mathematical algorithm was developed in the IBM lab in Zurich, and significantly shortens the time that the super-computers needed to perform analysis and processing of certain data, said Costas Bekasi, one of the researchers of IBM. This algorithm will be the basis for determining the pattern of use or trends based on collected data.

New Nikon camera

The company Nikon has recently announced the emergence of a new digital camera that is said to be a substitute for a well-known D700. For now, no large number of available information on the new device, but what can be expected is an attractive and above all functional perfect device. Bearing in mind that this company is very poorly published information concerning the new device, on which it is assumed is that this model could be the first to feature interchangeable lenses Camera refleskije without officially presenting could be expected during the month of September maintenance Photokina event in Germany.


Skype is software for calling other people via computer or telephone device. Calls characterized by excellent sound kvaliet interviews were secured through end-to-end encryption, and what's good is that you do not need to configure your firewall or router or any other networking equipment. In the new version which was recently published improved video quality is poor in terms of bandwidth, Skype now supports 720p video calls with the new encoding web cameras, are available and certain improvements privacy settings, Video Call button is always visible, this version even though there is no installed Web Cams and much more.

Nintendo Wii Shortage

It seems that the Wii back to the level at which he faces a shortage of supplies, announced it was Reggie Fils-Aime, executive director of Nintendo America. After excellent sales, which was recorded in December, Nintendo, which is a real pioneer in the field of gaming consoles, captures shortage of supplies of their products. In addition, noted the shortage of Balance Board, which comes with Wii Fit. This situation in which companies find it is very serious and Nintendo is currently supplied only minimal amounts of their system that will be sufficient to meet claims during the month of January.

Google is invaluable

In the strained verbal situation between Google and China, the journal Nature called Nature Publishing Group released the results of research in which it is stated that three quarters of Chinese scientists primarily use Google's online search engine. The publisher says that almost 48% of 784 Chinese scientists respondents said that their scientific research was seriously compromised if lost access to Google, while the other 36% stated that their research "somewhat" was threatened. Xiong Zhenqin, Chinese ecologist at the Nanjing Agricultural University said that research without Google was like a life without electricity.

New Facebook Bug

A number of Facebook users complained that their messages have gone the wrong people and this problem was noticed on Wednesday after the company had some technical problems. Official representative of the company said that Facebook is the regular issuance of the code occurred bug that incorrectly prusmerio message a certain number of users saying that it was all very short time. In a statement, the company further states that the experts who are employed in this company quickly resolve the issue and made a lot of effort to all return to their original state. Not published what is the number of users that has affected this problem.

Vista Codec Package 5.6.2

It is a set of codecs that allow you to play on your PC AVI and DVD files. This package does not contain any media player but only codec that allows playback of media. The new version brings redesigned configuration application, update shared versions of certain filters and Kodak as well as updated information about FFmpeg for licensing. Users installing this package can also choose which codecs they want to install. Future editions of the package recognize the previous version and update only the codecs which occurred between version updates. Vista Codec Package is in addition to Windows Vista is compatible with Windows XP.

New Eee PCs

Recently emerged about three new Eee PC Netbook Computer ASUS and what is common to all is the fact that they have 10.1''screens. The first model marked 1018P, which states that it features aluminum casing only 18mm thick. It should also be the first Netbook that has a USB 3.0 while the battery is supposed to provide 10 hours of work. Another model marked Eee PC 1016P is designed for business users and is characterized by robust design of the battery that provides 14 hours of work. The third model 1015P and marked on the najsličniji mdelu 1005P. Unlike him, this has a larger touchpad, which is separated from the keyboard.

R5830 Twin Frozr II

At the end of last week presented the latest graphics card, Radeon HD 5830 that the testing did not provide the desired results. However, MSI wants to change the opinion of all those who are not satisfied with the previous model of announcing the new R5830 Twin Frozr II. What characterizes the new card are new types of resistors, which are intended to provide the best possible durability to ensure supplies graphics processors. In addition, MSI's leaders have chosen to use the Twin Frozr II cooling, which uses much has already been seen in other cards is also very efficient with its four heatpipes and dual 80mm fans.

Google Chrome 5.0.335.1 Beta

Only a few days was required developers of Google to present a new beta version of the popular search engine, which eliminates the problem krahiranja observed during the drag. This is the only change you make this version. Google Chrome has become known as one of the fastest search engine and its market share is rapidly increasing. Characterized by advanced website search function, and there are options for safe browsing, then called. Incognito Mode which allows you to not leave traces of your surfing on shared computers. This version is designed for Windows operating systems and versions of Windows XP to a 7th

God of War III comes

Sony has confirmed that work on the game God of War III ended and that it should be in stores appear to 16 for March when it announced that the company will be a game show. The game will be available in the standard edition, which will cost $ 60 in the form of God of War III Ultimate Edition version whose price will be $ 100 In addition to the luxury packaging and some other supplements, Ultimate Edition versions customers will have access to downloads and bonuses in the game. Players will also be available to complete retrospective of franchises, the music used in all three sequels. In the sequels the emphasis will be on the fight monolithic titanium as well as new weapons.

PSP Go confuses users

SCEA Vice President of Publisher Relations, Rob Dyer, in a recently published report, admitted that Sony faced with many problems of representation PSP Go. He admits that the approach that the company decided somewhat confusing users and that Sony needs to improve communication with customers to be marked better acceptance of this product. Dyer also acknowledges that the price of the PSP Go, which is $ 250, but the problem that is not explained why it is so. In addition, Sony is facing strong competition coming from angry rivals of the company in the form of Nintendo and the iPod Touch platform.

Features for Windows users

Since the beginning of this week, users of Windows computers in the U.S. through Windows Update features to get the opportunity to choose which browser they want to install on their computers. This update will not appear before the users as the default browser, but using a different browser and not IE. For users who have enabled the Windows Update feature this update will be offered separately. This update is available for XP, Vista and 7 versions of Microsoft's operating system, and in addition to the major search engines about which is the most any word in the offer will be Avant, Flock, Green Browser K-Meleon, Maxtron, Sleipnir and Slim.

Intel Atom N470 processor issues

Intel on Monday officially launched its latest Atom N470 processor, announced that the company should bring faster performance and longer battery life for netbook computers. Atom chips are installed in small, cheap laptops known as netbooks computers that are designed for web surfing and running production applications. N470 to N1 1.83GHz processor, which makes it the fastest chip for netbook computers, which appeared to date. The new processor is based on the second generation Atom architecture, which Intel introduced in December. Previous model that was introduced Intel Atom N450, which can be found in netbook computers at a cost of $ 300 to $ 500

Reaches a new Legend of Zelda

Since the new games are announced for Wii console this year, Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid 2: Other M already confirmed, the question is what else Nintendo could bring us this year. In recent intrevjuu Nintendo's vice president, Cammie Dunaway, stressed that the new sequel to Legend of Zelda is also supposed to be released this year. She also stressed that the company will offer for 2010 will be much stronger than that which was present in the previous year, but this is understandable because the producers of games because of the crisis slowed the issuance. For now it is too early to say when the new Legend of Zelda could be the beneficiaries but tipuje the end of the year.

NVIDIA GPU launches movies

NVIDIA GPU runs all the films nominated for Academy Award in 2010 in the competition's best visual effects. Study nominated for an Oscar in the category of best visual effects for film Avatar, Disktrikt 9 and Star Trek used the NVIDIA Quadro GPU to get creative awards. All the films nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar) for visual effects in this year's competition were made with NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics, which runs the excellent special effects.

Foxconn boards with AMD 890GX chipset

Foxconn Technology has introduced its first motherboard based on AMD 890GX platform, A9DA-S. This motherboard supports the latest processor from the socket AM3 Phenom II and II Athlon series processors. Also offers support for Dual channel mode DDR3 memory (up to 16GB), an integrated graphics processor ATI Radeon HD 4290, support for Hybrid Crossfire, etc.. A9DA-S motherboard, powered by AMD's new chipset, 890GX, is the most powerful platform on which you base the HTPC. This board comes with 128MB of integrated DDR3 memory SidePort that with the addition of ATI Radeon HD 4290 IGP, enables display Blu-ray video content in high resolution with minimal CPU load.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gartner predicts growth

The global chip industry will record a strong jump from the end of a global recession and record 20% growth this year, according to a Gartner report, companies exploring the market. This growth forecast is slightly better than forecasts of other companies. What is significantly contributed to publish positive results of this report is to record the increased demand for many different chips. Strong demand on the PC and memory chips will be the primary guides to the income from sales of semiconductors with the aim of reaching $ 276 billion this year which is significantly povećenja with $ 231 billion, as recorded in the last year.

Interrupted the work site

Disney Sites ESPN, and ABC News recorded the outage in an hour and a half and all that happened on Wednesday. For now still not clear what happened but it is known that there has been a few problems with the network. Official representative of the company Disney issued a statement stating that in one of their technical facilities has been a problem that led to the cessation of work sites and that most of the work sites established very quickly when the whole problem is resolved in less than two hours. All sites were quickly returned to normal mode.

Apple on the video market

Segment Web video on demand is increasingly expanding and is filled by the big players in this field. Apple also plans to enter this market and if you want to achieve a good result that will bring them a decent salary and that would mean that Apple TV must be treated seriously and that it faces more and not just as a hobby. However, it seems that this is not the right time to start playing with online video content since the competition is very serious and strong. Apple now selling movies and TV programs for computers as well as their ubiquitous devices. Will the leaders of the company to change the thinking and seriously deal with this problem is still not known.

Diminished PS3 OS

Battle of the consoles in which the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 and is still going on and all companies are struggling to win the money that the user is left of their slump. These three consoles still relatively good sales record, but some companies are recorded and a significant decline in income because the demand for these devices is less than before the crisis. What is the PS3 OS is good that the company always tries to console operating system of the ways that small. Sony has also recently ovao PS3 update to provide additional RAM for progamere. Latest firmware brings additional 70MB RAM for use of developers who will come in handy.

Crucial 6Gbps RealSSD C300

Crucial is the company presented its new solid state drives that characterize 6Gbps interfaces and storage capacities of 256 and 128GB. What is really confusing in this model in addition to its excellent performance is more than its high price. This model RealSSD C300 incredible capacity 256GB costs $ 799, which is the price as much a pretty good laptop. Twice smaller capacity version costs less, but still enormous $ 499 Both models are available directly through the manufacturer company Crucial for ordering but the question is how much the sale of the company will be able to generate these expensive models.

Google canceled the event

Misunderstandings Google with the Chinese authorities that led to the company canceled the event for Android developers, which is supposed to be held next week in China. The official Google representative denied the information that Beijing planned to ban the event in favor of talking about the fact that this event will be held in Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The reasons for holding this event in Beijing canceled for now officially declare but no one can sense that behind all this is the Google problems in China. The biggest concern to Google and the government because of hacking and censorship, which is conducted in China.

New attack on Twitter

Twitter-users were again a target of attacks by hackers and is the second attack in the course of this week to report the security company Sophos. The latest attack is characterized by saying, "Today you ????" after which followed a link that led to false Twitter log-in page. If the user has entered their login information, the attackers are taking control of the account and send a new phishing messages with him. Earlier this week the attacks were over Siren direct messages that were further distributed through the services of other manufacturers such as GroupTweet, emphasizes the report and Sophos.

Flash 10.1 Beta

Adobe has released the Beta 3 version of Flash Player 10.1 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. That means for developers to test new hardware and new build has secured support for Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics processor. This update will allow the Flash-based HD video playback on a large number of netbook computer that previously were not compatible for something, including small models kaoi as Sony VAIO P. Tests carried out on ASUS UL20A equipped with Intel GMA 4500 graphics chipset did not give good results in playback 1080p video in full screen and have not observed any differences compared to previous versions of Flash.

New HP services

HP has introduced new and enhanced services for companies that have the computational center of small and medium-sized, and aimed at maximizing performance. With this portfolio of services offered by HP, the owners of small and medium sized companies when it comes to data centers can expect to be a maximum return of investment and execute rapid changes to the currently available staff. Specifically, those related to new trends in computer centers, which include the standardization of platforms, virtualization, the need for greater capacity, energy efficiency, as well as the need for simpler management environment with equipment from different manufacturers.

Canon Rebel T2i/550D

Canon is about to introduce a new model T2i/550D. What is very interesting that this model Camera can record video full high definition 1080p. According to this new model features Canon can be compared with professional Canon 7D model. What is really impressive in this model is the fact that he has a brand new 18MP sensor (similar to model 7D) that no problem can record video in 1080p resolution at 30fps. The internet is moće find the video that shows the possibility of pre-unit high-cameras.

Is Apple meets criticism

Once a year the people who own shares of Apple have a chance to make their voices heard regarding the direction the company goes. This year the issue has not been any changes. Generally speaking investors because they had nothing to complain about when it comes to finances as the company recorded earnings from Apple $ 3.37 billion, or $ 3.74 per share. However, in some areas changes are highly desirable. One of the problems of regular reviews that are related to the environmental aspect. Not this year could pass without a group that advocates for reducing greenhouse gases broadcasting and public disclosure of environmental data related to their products.

Corsair's new Rector and 2.5 SSD

For the second time during this month the company Corsair is in the news regarding the new solid state drives. The reason for this is the fact that the new reactor and a series of solid state drives the company debuted a few days ago. These drives use the JMicron JMF612 and Indilinx Barefoot controller technology with Windows 7 TRIM support. Reactor series comes in capacities of 60 and 120GB while this series uses JMicron controller and 128MB of DDR2 cache. The new series uses Indilinx Barefoot Controller with 64MB cache and is available in kapaciteitma of 64 and 128GB. Both models are subject to two-year warranty.

Great popularity iTunes

According to latest information, 10 billion songs from Apple iTunes retrieved, seven years after he launched the online store. This company based in California and behind the iPod, iPhone and Macintosh computers promised a reward of $ 10,000 in the form of iTunes vouchers to the person who take 10-milijarditu track. To mark the symbolic way reached a record, Apple has released a list of most popular songs of all time on iTunes. The first track is "I Gotta Feeling" performed by Black Eyed Peas, the second is the "Poker Face" performed by Lady Gaga and the third is also found with the Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow.

Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo Company plans to soon introduce the latest version of its popular video game system that will carry the label DSi XL. According to published plans to XL in North America to be found at the end of next month and its price will be $ 190th What will feature new device are the same two screens as in previous models, such as the name suggests, a device and the screen will be much greater than currently available models. The new XL is possible to find in the Japanese market. In addition, Nintendo said it will introduce in mid-May and "Super Mario Galaxy 2" for the Wii console and "Metroid: Other M" at the end of June.