Monday, January 25, 2010

Clinton seeks Internet freedom

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for the unconditional support of the global Internet freedom and fight against those caused by cyber attacks, apostrofirajući especially China, which raises the tension due to Google's decision to reduce the censorship of information for Chinese citizens. She warned that raises new curtain that prevents the flow of information throughout the world, increasing restriction of information compared with the modern equivalent of the Berlin Wall. We support equal to the internet for all humanity in which all have equal right of access to knowledge and ideas, she stressed.

Toshiba Satellite E205

Toshiba has started to deliver their Satellite E205 notebook computers that use Intel's Wireless Display technology. This wireless system is shown at the CES event for Intel's latest chipsets, and allows users to see the notebook display on any high-definition TV that has composite inputs, or HDTV. A small adapter connects directly to the TV and he receives a photo with notebook computers, while with the notebook and does not need any adapter. Model E205 features 14 "display 1366x768 resolution, Core i5-430M processor, 4GB of system memory, DVD burner and 500GB hard drive capacity. Satellite E205 is available for about $ 900th

Google is testing the loyalty of Chinese

When Google threw the gauntlet Chinese Internet censors this company is also caused and loyalty of the younger generation in this country. These technologically aware of the Chinese in their twenties and thirties are far greater under the influence of the world and much more open than their parents. Many are torn between patriotic feelings and aspirations for greater openness and control over their lives, although they accepted life under the control of the Communist Party. Google's decision could be a test that will show how they will balance between loyalty and their wish to be informed and open and their reaction is carefully monitored and by the government.

Facebook is sensitive to attacks

Facebook is sensitive to certain types of attacks that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of your computer while the user interacts with another Web site, warned experts in the field of security. One of them, Nitesh Dhanjani, also states that design weak point of Facebook and allows other applications over the access user profile without the express permission of the user. Facebook is very sensitive to clickjacking attacks, in which it is possible to download the Facebook account if the user clicks on the site with hidden harmful code.

Delayed the PS3 controller

Sony has postponed the presentation of his long-awaited motion controller for the PlayStation 3 console until the autumn of this year. This controller monitors body movements of players during game play, according to the original plans was to be found in sales during the spring. However, after the company's leaders agreed to postpone his presentation, he will appear on the market at the same time as Microsoft's hadns-free controller, which is known as Natal and the Project is intended for the company's Xbox 360 console. Both models are seen as a rival to Nintendo-V system and the popular Wii console.

Amazon changed the policy

The time for each book that customers Kindle e-reader companies buy the Amazon, the author gets about 35% of the price, while the remaining 65% of the Amazon basin to the account's. This will soon change however, so the latest plan of Amazon's authors soon to receive 70% of the sale of each piece while the Amazon hold 30%. However, the authors would get their 70% must follow some rules and that that distribution costs now borne by the publisher, but this is an average of only a few cents per part. Further, the books must be sold at prices between $ 2.99 and $ 9.99 and must be at least 20% cheaper than printed books. This applies only to books that are sold in the U.S..

LCD TV sales increase

According to latest reports, it is expected that sales of LCD TVs in the first half of 2010 will be increased. Market from which most expected the Chinese government because of his great interest in these devices. Also, analysts say that a good incentive to sell LCD TVs in the first half of this year and made three important sporting event - Winter Olympics, Super Bowl and World Cup. Despite optimistic predictions for 2010 that are transmitted on 2011 and previous years was not great, and even in the period October-December drop in sales was recorded after the third quarter, achieved record sales.

Chieftec Bravo CS-03B-B, UNI BT-02-B

Company Chieftec, a global leader in the housing market and supply the new models. Bravo CS-03B-B is a combo cabinet to be a great show in a completely different working conditions, while the revolutionary BT-02B among the smallest models on the market. Chieftec Bravo CS-03B-B is a new model combo desktop case that can be used with full functionality in the horizontal and vertical position. This approach guarantees the highest flexibility for different types of users in all possible working conditions, whether you use it at home or in offices. Black color will be an ideal fit in different environments, while the ATX format, provided the minimum dimensions of the case.

Microsoft suing TiVo

Microsoft has entered the story about DVR patents for devices and stood on the side of AT & T, which for some time against the company TiVo proceedings for violation of patents. So Microsoft now TiVo sued claiming that the company uses two patents that are available in AT & T's U-verse that is the issue of patents based on Microsoft's Mediaroom, and thus violated, and Microsoft's patents. According to Microsoft press release in question are patents that make a system that displays the soft information and provide a method for purchase and delivery of video programming.

Transcend digital photo frame PF830

Transcend has introduced a new osmoinčni digital picture frame (Digital Photo Frame) with 2GB of internal memory and the ability to support all the most frequently used types of memory cards. With ultra-high resolution screen, Transcend PF830 is able to reproduce images of high resolution, clarity and sharpness as well as high quality color printer. The smooth contours and subtle engraved hexagonal shapes, Transcend PF830, the modern designed object that can fit into any style of users. His 8 "digital LCD screen, supports 800x600 resolution and best results playing a 4:3 aspect ratio image.

Forecast for IBM

IBM has produced forecasts for this year within which expects its earnings to overcome the one that was previously forecasted. IBM is hoping that its earnings this year amount to at least $ 11 per share, and for making these forecasts have engaged Armonk, one of the most analitičarskih companies. IBM is still in progress in 2007 set the goal of earning $ 10 per share increased to $ 11 per share, but due to the economic crisis and the recession that hit the entire planet, that goal has now been drawn for this year. IBM is the last year, in order to reduce costs, laid off 10,000 employees followed by a series of discounts and price their products.

Firefox 3.6

Mozilla Corporation is presented and the final verzju Firefox 3.6 browser which followed five beta or Release Candidate versions of the two. Firefox browser is built on the powerful new Gecko platform that provides secure, easier to surf the internet. Security is one of the main features of Firefox browser, which has a new protection against malware and phishing-which allows users to surf without fear that they may infect your computer. The new version brings improved JavaScript performance, overall odzivnost browser and start time, and for Web developers the options available to enable the startup scripts asynchronously, which speeds up load time.

Cheap graphics card

If you have an ordinary computer users who use it for surfing the Internet, work on production applications such as Microsoft Office applications and then integirsano graphical solution can meet your needs. If you turn the player who likes to play the newer and more demanding game then the discrete graphics card required part of your hardware. However, the existence of discrete graphics will certainly improve the operation of your computer. Najnoviije offers come from companies ATI and NVIDIA in the form of model ATI Radeon HD 5670 and NVIDIA GeForce GT240 offer more than decent performance that allows you to start many games and all that for less than $ 100