Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why should removing makeup

5 reasons to do not always

You came out of the city, and dead tired lay down in bed? Fine, but doctors warn that it is very important to always remove makeup.

The girls who constantly leave makeup on your face risk of skin damage and faster aging. It is important that all the ostranite face to it and cleared up. Doctors indicate that on your face collect a variety of dirt and make-up removal and clean the pores of the skin by reducing the possibility of infection.

It is important to then apply night cream that regenerates your skin.

Doctors suggest that the exaggerated make-up is not good, because that plugs the holes in the skin causing pimples and reporting of minor inflammation.

With a smile look younger

Anti-aging and cosmetic surgery have a natural competitor, and it is a smile.

The study group of German researchers, published in the journal "Psychology and Aging journal," reveals that happy and smiling people look younger and more attractive.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin have found that people with neutral facial expressions easier to identify the year, unlike the smiling people who usually act younger, on average, for three years.

Drive to work affects health

People who travel to work by car, train or bus more often suffer from difficulties with health than those who go to work on foot or by bike. Swedish researchers followed the 21st 000 employed respondents, aged between 18 and 65 years, and their results published journal "BMC Public Health."

In the group of persons who have traveled to work by car or public transport saw a greater risk of everyday stress, fatigue, use of sick leave and poorer overall health.

Researchers at the University of Lund added that the additional subjects had an increased risk whose daily journey lasted longer. The study found that the journey to work was associated with higher odds of difficulties in relationships with spouses.

Food and Health

How to get ready for winter and strengthen your body

Doctors recommend eating a balanced and varied food. Such a concept should not leave even during the winter when there are great choices for your kitchen.

To strengthen immunity and improve general health condition, you can use mushrooms, yogurt, kefir, green tea and all the other seasonal vegetables ...

Green tea also contains antioxidants that help your body stay healthy and good immunity.

Red wine in small quantities is another source of quality polyphenols, and say tomato.

Oily fish is good for omega 3 fatty acids.

Pumpkins in the fall is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Got in the oven or save the pie.

Doctors say it will help you through the winter brewer's yeast, which helps in the metabolism.

Of course, do not forget the spices and fruit that is important to eat throughout the year.

Justin Bieber singing Obama for Christmas

U.S. President Barack Obama urged the teen idol Justin Bieber singing for him and the Senate for Christmas because it "his children adore."

Recently, Obama described Biber as "very good young man." Pepper said that the Obama children, daughters Malia and Sasha, his big fans why he is the president and called for a Christmas dinner.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lady GaGa: "Marry The Night" remix, the largest front page ...

... and the singer has launched a new foundation. When Gaga sleep?
Lady Gaga is not tired, even after its "India's tour", the singer, as a warm-up for album of remixes, "Born This Way: The Remix" which is scheduled for 21 November, has launched yet another new version of the song from her latest album - it's "Marry The Night" which is expected soon, "an autobiographical video," and the remix this time they were in charge of the Weeknd & Illangelo - a song you can listen here .
Gaga has appeared (in his alter-ego Yuyi sirens) and on the cover of the new edition of Visionaire magazine - this special edition, entitled Larger Than Life, just broke the Guinness record for the category of "the greatest magazine in the world" and how much is actually great the best you can understand if you look at this video. For photographs were responsible Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the couple who stood behind as recently published series Gaginih "fashion video".
Finally, the singer and her mother, Cynthia Germonatta, joined forces and founded the Born This Way Foundation (BTWF) - see more at - which aims to eradicate the notorious byllying - violent behavior among youth in school and street - and that generally "empower young people" and "positive effect on their self-confidence." On this occasion, Lady Gaga said:
"Together, we hope to establish new standards of what courage is and what is the kindness and gentleness, and a new community in which we store and protect each other in situations where we have been abandoned or exposed to violence."
The singer, who is on his new mission to stamp out violence among youth and recently spoke with U.S. President said that in his campaign largely focused on digital media.

Alicia Keys with her husband at a party Christian Labutina

Alicia Keys and her husband Kasim Din, better known under the pseudonym Sviz Bitz, were guests at the birthday party designer Christian Labutina.

Unlike many celebrity marriages that are associated with scandals, cheating and divorce, the marital community and Alicia Keys Svis Bitz takes place without any problems (at least for now).

The couple looked very happy recently to celebrate the birthday of Christian Labutina, the famous shoe designer. Lubutin was greeted Alicia with a smile and gave her a kiss, as her husband did not mind.

Mentioned designer once said that the experience of wearing high heels like the experience of orgasm, and that is why many ladies, including Alicia Keys and Victoria Beckham, like to wear their footwear.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail

U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan was sentenced today in Los Angeles on 30 days' imprisonment for violations of conditional release.

Lohan admitted that she violated probation, missed several meetings in the center for social work for women where they were to perform some community service work after the verdict in May for stealing a necklace.

Year-old actress received a delay of a week for
begin serving the sentence because of professional misconduct and will appear
9th in prison of November.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sotner allowed the actress to choose between 300 days' imprisonment or a reduced sentence of 30 days with a strict program of community service.

Lohan opted for a shorter prison. She has to appear in court once a month from December to May and between each appearance to perform 12 days of work in the morgue in Los Angeles, and to hold four sessions with a psychotherapist. Failure to meet these requirements, the judge warned that in this case serve the rest of Lindsay fine, and 270 days to spend in prison.

Lindsay Lohan is still under judicial surveillance since 2007. when he was twice arrested for drunken driving.