Monday, June 29, 2009

New flu in Nepal

In Nepal they discovered the first cases of H1N1 virus infection in three members of one family which last week returned from Washington in Kathmandu.

This is a 42-year man, his 38-year wife and their eight-year-old son, and yesterday was confirmed to have infected the virus, said Manas Kumar Banerje from the Department of Epidemiology and control of diseases in the Ministry of Health.

Family, which lives in the United States, in Nepal came to rest 21st June. That infected the virus H1N1 has become a suspicious because their child had a fever last Wednesday, and their blood was taken to control, said agency Kjodo.

Yesterday was officially confirmed that the H1N1 virus infected.

Pirates get ransom for Belgian ship

Somali pirates free the entire crew Belgian ship otetog two months ago, the government stated in Brussels on Sunday.

The government statement was transmitted to the AP, said that all the ten sailors truck Pompeii - two Belgijanci, Dutch, three and four Filipnca Croats - in good health.

Minister of Defense Peter de cream later at a news conference stated that the owners of Pompeii pay ransom to pirates ship and crew were acquitted.

De cream declined to say how much was paid, but said that the pirates requested eight million dollars.

Money is thrown from aircraft into the sea near the Belgian ship on Saturday, and ten pirates Pompeii was left in the week.

The ship is on its way to South Africa was kidnapped 18th April several hundred kilometers north of the Seychelles.

Niger militant attack platform Shelah

The largest rebel group in Nigeria, the Movement for the emancipation Niger delta (MENDE), stated that the Niger river delta in its members attacked oil platform British-Dutch company Rojal DAC Sel.

The attack occurred despite the fact that the president of Nigeria Umar jar Adua offered amnesty to members of a MENDE, said the British agency Reuters, adding that it is a platform Forkados.

In MENDE to say that the platform after a fire in the explosion. For now nigerijski officials do not have confirmation of the attack.

Nigerijski President Umar jar Adua offered amnesty in the Thursday armed people in the Niger river delta, if you do 4 October submission weapons and stop the conflict in this country.

Some rebel leaders have stated they want to talk with jar Aduom details about the proposal, but rejected the categorical MENDE the offer, saying that it will negotiate when the time comes.

UN investigators examined the killing of Benazir Buto

The United Nations have decided to be involved in elaborating the assassination of former pakistanku premijerku Benazir Buto, because the investigation is already a year and a half days tapka in place.

In Islamabad the circulation of two contradictory versions. According to the findings of the former government Mušarafa border, is behind the crimes of Al Qaeda, and the closest associates of Benazir Buto suspect in the behavior of security services.
At the request of the new government in Islamabad, Secretary General of the world organization has decided to establish a special commission that will examine all the circumstances and evidence. This will be a special tribunal, which was recently established for the assassination of Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafika al Haririja, but an independent investigation that will attempt to objectively analyze this case in order to assist the authorities in Pakistan.
The Commission will, after six months, report to the Security Council, after which they will decide on eventulnim new moves. In tročlanoj Commission are experienced diplomats behind have experienced career lawyers and police officers. On its head is the Ambassador of Chile Eraldo Munjos, and members of the former public prosecutor Marzuki Darusman of Indonesia and a former senior Irish police officer Peter Ficdžerald.

Benazir Buto was killed 27th December 2007. on the one pre-election rally in Ravalpindiju. According to the official investigation, it was destroyed by explosion which is activated bomber Rights at the time when the entertainment in the armored car. According to the findings of doctors, however, she died of head blow in the roof of the car. According to these allegations, which is supported by the American CIA, is behind the assassination of Al Qaeda, or its branch, which is hiding in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
"Decidedly denies umešanost in this assassination. We, the customs that respect, never pucamo in women", stated that terrorist groups.
This version of the assassination was seriously brought into question and the nearest premijerke former associates, including her husband Ali ASIF Zardarija that in the meantime become the president of the country. They accuse the security service that is not done nothing to protect Benazir Buto.

"She had a wound on the back of prostrelnu. Bullet entered her left side of the head," said Seri Reman close associate of former premijerke that was on the spot.
The categorical claims that Benazir was killed before the explosion of bombs. This version was confirmed by a local TV station, "Don njuz. It is a show in which amateur clip can be seen that the Buto pucano before blasting explosion which killed 20 people gathered. In the clip can be seen as a young shoot in Benazir Buto.
In the investigation, for a moment, were included, and Scotland Yard and the CIA, and in addition is not much odmaklo from the beginning. In circulation are two versions that exclude one another, and, in such a situation, Islamabad with the help of the United Nations, in order to escape from the criminal LABIRINTA.

Iran: released five arrested

Tehran - Five of nine Iranian, employees in the UK embassy in Tehran, who were arrested yesterday for suspicion that they are involved in the unrest, was released from custody.

Iranskog spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hasan Kaškavi said that the head of the British doplomatije David Miliband said in the telephone conversation with Iranian counterpart Manučerom Motakijem that Britain did not intend to interfere in the internal matters of Iran.

Motaki is the answer to that, if Britain to confirm the practice, considered as a positive step.

Iranian news agency Fars on Sunday, there is more to the Iranian employees in the UK embassy in Tehran arrested because of suspicions that they are involved in the unrest that had broken out after the presidential elections in Iran.

United Kingdom is now asked to release the Iranian employees in the UK embassy in Tehran, označavajući their detention as "harassment and intimidation."

Russian military exercises began in the northern Caucasus

Thousands of Russian soldiers, with the support of hundreds of tanks, artillery and other weapons, began today in the northern Caucasus biggest military exercise since the last war with Georgia.

Officials of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the exercise to participate in the 8500 soldiers and 200 tanks, oklopnih vehicles, 100 artillery units and several units of the Black Sea naval fleet.

From the Ministry states that in practice, that will personally oversee the head of the Russian General Staff, General Nikolai Makarov, to be an artificial crisis that is ravishing the control and become an open battle.

Many experts see the exercise as a warning neighboring Georgia, where the government stated that the re-naoružava army and the NATO has recently had its military exercises.

Deputy Minister of Defense, General Alexander Kolmakov, transferred to Russian media, said that the Caucasian military exercises carried out in response to the exercise of Western military alliances in Georgia, and will be "much greater than those who were organizing in the Soviet Union."

Russian military exercises in the Caucasus will last until 6 July, when a visit to Moscow comes an American President Barak Obama.

Red Cross: All the greater poverty in Gaza

Unemployment in April reached 44 percent due to the collapse of the economy in Gaza, and more than 70 percent, of about 1.5 million inhabitants of the area, living with incomes less than 250 dollars for the family to nine members.
Despite promises to the reconstruction of the belt on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea donors give 4.5 billion dollars, hinder efforts to renew restrictions that brought Israel and does not permit the delivery of building materials, water supply pipes, spare parts. In addition, nedovljne the delivery of basic medicines, and water and sewage system are on the edge of collapse, which is a risk of large health crisis. Every day in more ispumpava 69 million liters of partially refined, or unrefined, waste water, which is the same capacity of 28 Olympic swimming pools, it is stated in the report.
"Quarters in Gaza who have been exposed to the very Israeli strikes continue to appear as a massive earthquake epicenter, if you do not allow delivery of large quantities of cement, steel and other building materials on the territory of the reconstruction work," noted in the ICRC report, which is transmitted Rojters.Izrael started on the offensive goals islamističkog Hamas 27th December hit by missiles in order to stop its southern territory. In tronedeljnim conflicts is the 1417 Palestinian killed, including 926 civilians, the Palestinian claim to the organization for human rights. On the side of izraelskoj killed 10 soldiers and three civilians.
Committee based in Geneva, warns that many of the inhabitants of Gaza, in the tone more despair because they have thousands of houses and property destroyed and still have no accommodation. A large part of the equipment in hospitals is precarious and requires a repair after the disconnection of electricity daily.
"The health system Gaza can not provide the treatment that is required many patients who suffer from serious diseases. Tragično, a number is not allowed to leave the area and seek medical help elsewhere," adds the izveštaju.Oko 100 to 150 people have lost their hands or feet in the military operation waiting prosthesis, the International Committee of CK, which is managed by Center for Physical Rehabilitation in Gaza.
"The decline of living standards will have a negative effect on the health and welfare of the population in the long term. The worst affected are children, which consists of more than half the population of Gaza," said Antoine Grand, which lead delegation of 109 members razmeštenih in Gaza.
Committee of the UN to investigate war crimes saslušavao yesterday, and today continues a public hearing in the city of Gaza. By the former Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor, Richard Goldstone Južnoafrikanc. He announced the continuation of the hearing in Geneva in July. Israel currently does not cooperate with the UN on the occasion of this problem.

The first case of H1N1 in Macedonia

Macedonian Health Minister Bujar Osmani said that a four-boy, who has recently arrived with his family from Australia, the positive type A virus, and that will definitely know if it is a new flu when the results of analysis in London. Nevertheless, says Osmani, this is the case in Macedonia, but treated as a new grip.

Four boy from Australia is a virus group A, and if you are catching a new flu H1N1, show that the blood analysis in the laboratory in London.

Boy is from Australia arrived eight days ago, a day before yesterday from Prilep transferred to the Infectious hospital in Skopje with new symptoms of influenza, where together with his mother stopped the treatment.

Dečakovo health is now much improved, stability, and symptoms for which the hospital received in the draw, "says Dr. Zvonko Milenkovic, director of the clinic.

Health authorities treated the case as it is on the case of new viruses, which are noticed under the supervision of health care and other family members.

With symptoms of flu, to the same hospital received the day before yesterday and one adult male from New Džerzija, who arrived to visit family in Vevčanima in Struga, but the first tests were negative to the new virus.

At the border, and still dežuraju medical teams and health authorities make an appeal to the citizens who come from abroad to immediately contact a doctor if you notice the symptoms of flu.

Health Minister Bujar Osmani said that the current 50,000 box drug Tamiflu enough and will not be nabavljati new quantity.

Honduras: shooting, barricades and police time

Pucnji from firearms were heard last night near the presidential palace in the capital city of Honduras, about which hundreds of supporters of President svrgnutog protest for his arrest and expulsion after yesterday's military strikes.

Witnesses whose statements transfer agency Reuters, said that the vehicles arrived and the ambulance, but that does not know and who is shot or injured there.

Svrgnutog supporters of President Manuel Zelaje are built barricades in the center of Tegucigalpa, and all department predsedničkoj approach the palace, which keeps the army.

Many demonstrators were masked, and made barricades of tires and automotive metal objects, kept armed poles.

In the meantime, the acting president, Roberto Mičeleti, ordered the establishment of two-day hours in the police throughout the country, at the time of 9 hours of the evening to 6 am.

Members Honduras named in the week the President of Congress Robert Mičeletija for Acting President of the duties of state, after the military strikes in which the army so far President Manuel Zelaju arrested and proterala in order to prevent him remain in power after the expiry of the mandate.

Members have stated that aklamacijom Official zbace Zelaju with the position of President and to replace it with Mičeletijem, which also belongs to the ruling liberal party.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-mun condemned the military coup in Honduras, which is with power downthrow President Manuel Zelaja, and called for a peaceful solution to the crisis.

"UN Secretary-General is deeply concerned about recent events in Honduras and condemns arrest constitutional President of the Republic," said his spokesman, and transferred agency Reuters.

In the official press release said that Ban Ki-mun expressed strong support for the democratic institutions of the country and seek the return of its democratically elected representatives, as well as full respect for human rights, including the preservation of security Zelaje president, members of his family and his government.

IEA expects oil demand growth modest

World demand for oil rašće of 2008. and 2014. averaged 0.6 percent a year, estimates the International Energy Agency (IEA), which, due to global recession, decreased srednjeročne information.

Agencies, advisory body of consumers of oil, will account to 2014. demand for oil to reach 89 million bare (159 liters) per day if they are to 2012. economic growth in the world to return to five per cent per year, as prognozira International Monetary Fund.

In the case of growth of gross domestic product is lower, demand for oil will weaken in the observed period of 0.2 percent per year, on average, 84.9 million bare day.

The fact that there are two scenarios shows that there is uncertainty regarding the recovery after the most serious global economic crisis for half a century, says IEA.

A year ago the IEA for world oil needs in 2013. prognozirala to 94.14 million bare on the day.

On the world market, where traders are awaiting the new macroeconomic indicators that may indicate the improvement of the situation in the U.S. economy, barrel of oil this morning, it costs about 69 dollars.

Otherwise, the cost of crude oil has doubled since March and some analysts believe that will not go up until the return of the sure signs of economic growth.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is like Michael Jackson more dead than alive?

Fans around the world these days, buy and download online music, deceased mother of the king of pop Jackson much more than they did the previous decade. Souvenirs are sold like hot cakes, and the fans the presence of gatherings in his honor.

Millions of dollars are in the last two days slili suitcases in his company and the influx continues. The question that is currently the most common set is not, "What killed the mother of Jackson? but "like Michael Jackson worth more dead than alive?"
Jackson albums have taken on Friday the first 15 places on the list of best musical achievements of the American website, the day after the death of the king of pop. Džeksonov the most successful album "Thriller" from 1982, which is re-published last year on the occasion of his 25th anniversary, Bestsellers on Amazon, and the following albums "Off the Wall" from 1979. and "Bad" in 1987.
Singers and albums taken top online music stores ajTjuns, with six achieving the top ten. Hits compilation "The Esential" (2005) is the Bestsellers in ajTjunsu, the album "Thriller" and "Off the Wall".

Results toksikoloških analysis that will reveal the exact cause of death are not yet ready, and during the next few weeks, months, years and perhaps more details will be known about the mysterious and bizarre life style of the king of pop.
It is expected that the Džeskonov "narrower circle" will soon start to rash because some will begin to sell the media stories about Jackson in the hope that it will get large sums of money.
Jackson family spokesman Brian Oksman said to CNN, "If you think that the case of Anna Nicole Smith celebrities example of abuse by people close to nothing compared to what we have seen that happened in the life of Mother Jackson.

As is Jackson's death cause cancellation of his tour, the journalists "Tajmsa" to ask what will happen with the money made.
Company for the organization of concerts AEG Live is invested 20-30 million repatriated concerts in the London O2 arena, not including any pre-paid amount Džeksonovom team, writes the music magazine "billboard." According to reports, the concert was arranged, and Jackson is had to pass even 50 different medical tests after which the insurance company gave the green light for the official confirmation of the start of the tour.
However, insurance experts say, states such as dependence on medication or heart disease were not included in the contract, which may mean that AEG will not get money from insurance.

Whose past

Apart from Greece, and Italy, Egypt, China, Peru and other countries slow the world museums, auction houses and governments around the ownership of national treasures. In the book, "Who has antikvitete" James Kuno, Director, Art Institute of Chicago, also defends the thesis that exhibits evidence of the ancient world, and not a particular modern nation.

"They include antikvitete, Antiques and do not know borders."

Najslavnija "controversial works are:

Statue of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, occurred before 3400 years. Exposed in the Berlin Museum "Altes. All German governments are odbacivale request to return to Egypt, "Nefertiti," statue, which is take in 1913. Statue became famous in the world thanks to the museum in Berlin, but a Swiss art historian says the work is exposed in the "Altes only copy made in 1912. Germans claim to be sent to the risk of "Nefertiti" by the way, while to say that they have adopted this exhibit as part of its national treasures

Stone, "rose", was the key to decoding Egyptian hieroglyphics. Stone with the inscription, which weighs 725 kilograms of dates of the 196th BC, were discovered by French soldiers in 1799. near the port city of rose (Rašid). Two years later, the representative of the English forces. In the British Museum since 1802.

Statue of Egypt faraonke Baghdad is located in the New York museum, "Metropolitan." Assumed to be created between 1503. and 1482nd BC. One of the two identical statue, which have been made to match one another. The second is located in Cairo, but Egypt claimed the right to both.

Two bronze statue representing the rabbit and rat, were part of a fountain with all 12 signs of Chinese horoscope, auction house Christie "was sold in March of this year to 31 million euros and a strong opposition of China. China opposed the sale because the bronze opljačkana when the troops set anglofrancuske Pekingese imperial Summer Palace during the 1860 war Opijumskog. Chinese buyer was still said not to pay for the statue to appear at the auction just because of patriotism.

From the Iraqi national museum thieves are stolen during the fall of Baghdad umetnine 14,000. Approximately 8500 items are restore from Egypt, Syria and Jordan, while other valuables for more searching. It is estimated that about 180,000 items missing from the Iraqi archaeological sites.

Relief "dendera, formerly part of the temple ceiling in Denderi that display zodiac, it is a showpiece in the Luvru. Assumed to be the result of 50 years before the new era and that is the basis of horoscope.

British National Museum was started several years ago to review the origin of seven million items. National Gallery has admitted that the picture, whose origin is not safe and probably are due illegally from France or Germany, and works Karavađa, Dega, Delakroa, Mone, picasso, Rubens and Tjepola.

Sandstorm in Baghdad

Dozens of people ended in bagdadskoj hospital because of breathing problems, and iračkoj airport in the capital closed due to a strong sandstorm.

Strong sandstorm hold the Iraqi capital Baghdad today, which is dozens of people ended in the hospital because of respiratory problems, and closed the bagdadski airport.

Visibility is only a few meters, and the rare people who can be seen on the streets wear surgical masks.

Doctors from the city hospitals are now provided to people mostly complained about the loss of breath and other problems related to respiratory organs.

Sandstorm are common in Baghdad, although the Iraqi capital of protected wilderness thin belt of arable land, between the Tigre and Euphrates rivers.

Military coup in Honduras

Honduras has been arrested by the army and the country president Manuel Zelaju on Sunday morning.

He should organize a referendum, which the Supreme Court declared illegal, said his secretary.

"The soldiers took the president from his home in aviation military base. Uložićemo protest because," said Secretary of the President Enrico Reine.

Zelaja the week intended to hold a referendum on constitutional revision that would allow him to run in November for the second term, despite the opposition army, the Assembly and the Supreme Court.

He was elected president of Honduras in 2006. on the four-year term.

As the transfer eyewitnesses, about 200 soldiers came to the residence around 6 pm local time, and he heard the four pucnja, and then have to make vazduhoplovnoj military base.

Around the residence was in the tens of soldiers, heavily armed, France Presse reported.

Two television signal is turned off immediately after the announcer one of them said that "it appears that the soldiers come here" and called on people to gather at the Square of Freedom.

Local media are transferred to the voting place more boxes for the referendum sheltered in the morning.

The political crisis began in mid-week, after the Zelaja replaced Chief gereralštaba Romeo Velaskeza because the army refused to distribute voting materials.

The Army is in the capital Tegucigalpa distributed on Thursday evening, which led to assumptions that prepares military attack, although the army stated that only wants to maintain public order.

Parliament has also stated on Friday that it is possible to be dissolved.


Las Vegas is the "gaming capital of the world", but the casino industry is changing these days. Popular Asian tourist destinations such as Macau and Singapore opportunity to use the model iskombinuju gambling and entertainment.

"Hoping that will attract customers looking for the opportunity to spend," says David Svorc, Head of the Center for Gaming Research at the State University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

"Gambling machines are the same novelty as' Black Jack '. People will not travel several thousand kilometers to be played on the machines for five cents. But it will certainly want to prevale thousands of kilometers to a very experienced," he believes.

In larger hotels lasvegaskim gambling can not bring more than 30 percent of revenue, because people razbacuju money on other types of entertainment. Gordon Aber from Em Di Em dowry, manager of the casino, said that countries such as Singapore is hoping that the trend to help them get džekpot - the main prize.

"Singapurci they really do the right thing when they rejected the term casino or gaming resort" and adopted the term 'integrated resort', because we in fact, are. We connect all that you can find in many different places in other cities in one type of resorts such as Las Vegas, believes Aber.

I Kvan Ju played a major role in the creation of the "integrated resort" in the Singapore. Arrived in Las Vegas to be met with directors such as Šeldon Adelson, owner of the famous sends. Admission to that encountered him, surprised.

"Every move like this is gambling in the future. We resolve to upustimo in it. We expect that so many local people to bet on us," is satisfied if.

But Adelson and other lasvegaske Singapore tajkune lot less, and more cold business decision. Sends plans to invest three billion dollars in the construction of the first "integrated resort in Singapore, by the reputation of the lasvegasku Venice. Li said that Adelson and his team do not believe that Singapore can take away the guests from Las Vegas.

"He expects that the vast majority of that came from the region - from China, India and other parts of Asia. I believe that that there is a demand that will meet beautiful holove and provide entertainment that will satisfy finicky rich, Li believes.

In the meantime, Las Vegas continues to put a token on the table, prelivajući billion dollars in Asia, while the American casino owners anxious expect new contracts in Singapore.

Musavi not partial count of votes

Iranian presidential candidate defeated Mirhosein Musavi on Saturday rejected a proposal for the government partially re-count votes in elections and again asked for full cancellation of elections.

Supreme legislative body of Iran, the keeper, offered to re-count 10 percent of the votes from the 12th presidential election June in the presence of prominent officials and government and the opposition.

"Their way of re-counting will not remove the ambiguity. There is no other way except for cancellation of voting. Some members of the Commission are not objective," Musavi said in the statement, published on its Web site.

Other defeated candidate Mehdi Karubi also rejected the proposal of partial counting of the votes, said Reuters.

Keeper of the Council stated on Friday that the presidential election, which is a convincing victory claimed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with no major irregularities and that they were "najzdraviji" elections held in this country since the Islamic revolution in 1979. year.

Ahmadinejad warned that, during the second term of office, take a sharper attitude to the West zažalio which is interfering in matters Tehran.

"Without a doubt, the new Iranian government will take odlučniji and harder attitude towards the West. This time, the answer Iranskog people will be sharper and odlučniji to West repented because of their interference," said Iranian news agency IRNA Ahmadinejad words.

Since the official proclamation of results of presidential elections in Iran last large-scale street demonstrations.

In the demonstrations, not seen any of chess and overturn the Islamic declaration of 1979, has so far lost their lives about 20 people, and arrested several hundred, while the police continue to use violent measures to prevent protests.

In Tehran on Saturday is any peacefull and life is slowly returning to normal.

Five more new cases of influenza

Serbia has so far registered a total of 10 new cases of influenza, a member of the working group for fighting against diseases Branislav Tiodorović today stated that the majority of patients treated in home isolation and that the hospital retained only those who have noticed symptoms of pneumonia.

Epidemiologa City Institute of Public Health, Predrag Kon said that noveobolele people in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. On the question of whether the information has to how many people are contacting people, Kon said that at this time can estimate that the number of contacts goes around the table.

Tiodorović told the Beta agency that the four of five new cases of influenza A H1N1 type of people who have arrived from abroad, and the only one in Belgrade in contact with infested obolelim earlier.
"In the coming days we can expect that sporadic cases will be slow to copy," he said, adding this will "be gentle wave four.

The hospital received valjevske old girl is two and a half years because of suspicions that the new flu infested. It is about 22 hours last night received the Department of Infectious because high temperature and high cough, says from that institution. Girl with parents in the summer in Egypt, where they go 25th June. Girls is located in the Department of Infectious and deletes are sent to the Institute for Immunology and virusologiju Torlak. It is the night normalizovana temperature this morning and feel good. Under the supervision of the pediatricians, Infectious Diseases and internist. Hospitalized girl from Belgrade, Valjevo and came to visit relatives. At the Infectious department is located, accompanied by the mother. In valjevskoj hospital procedure is followed for such situations, a new public information will be reported as soon as the results came from the Institute Torlak.

In Novi Sad, have confirmed two new cases, with persons who have arrived in Serbia from Canada, sopšteno from the Clinical Center of Vojvodina (KCV).
At the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the presence of a new flu virus was confirmed in the mother and child, while under constant medical supervision are still two members of the same family, told the Beta agency.

The first new case of flu has been registered in Nis and in one young man who arrived from Australia.

New cases of patients in Montenegro
Belgrade Institute for virusologiju "Torlak" has today confirmed that another patient who is located in the Clinical Center of Montenegro, infected with influenza virus type A (H1N1), stated today the Montenegrin Ministry of Health.
"It is a patient who came from Peru by plane over the airport in Dubrovnik Cilipi.
In KCCG have received four more people who were in contact with the patient, "says the statement and added that to his wife, child and two friends who have waited at the airport and brought the car to the house.
At the Department of General Hospital, as is said, received another 13 year old girls, as a "suspected case" of contact with peers who are already treated by a new virus in the zdravstenoj establish.
It is that analysis of samples will be known in a day or two and adds that they have a mild clinical picture, but are in stable health condition. As the last night for Radio Kotor, said Director of Home Health in the goodness of Alexander Sljepčević, with symptoms of influenza H1N1 yesterday in the Clinical Center of Montenegro hospitalized three cases.
Director of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro Boban Mugoša said, however, a guest in the central daily TV Montenegro, it is about five people that there is some doubt that could have the H1N1 flu virus, but, he said, the probability is small .
These are the people "in contact", said Mugoša and added that the person under surveillance just because they are "the first cases," but that, otherwise, should not be in the hospital.

In Tehran officials arrested the British Embassy

Eight Iranian employees in the UK embassy in Tehran is arrested because of suspicions that they are involved in the unrest that had broken out after the presidential elections in Iran, said today poluzvanična news agency Fars. United Kingdom requested release.

"Eight local British embassy officials who played a significant role in the recent unrest were taken in custody. The group has played an active role in provoking the recent unrest," said Reuters.

Brownian reciprocity

Iran has accused the Western powers, especially Britain and the United States, to encourage street protests and violence that occurred after the presidential elections, 12 June, which the opposition says were invalid.

United Kingdom rejected the accusations Tehran.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was last Tuesday, stated that Britain expel two diplomats iranskih, as Iran previously forced two British diplomats to leave Iran.

Miliband: We want the liberation

United Kingdom was asked today to release the Iranian employees in the UK embassy in Tehran, označavajući tanning their detention as "harassment and intimidation."

"This is completely unacceptable harassment and intimidation. We want to be released unharmed," said British journalists, the Minister of Foreign Affairs David Miliband during the Conference on Security, which will be held at Krfu, transfers Reuters.

Miliband said that there were nine officers arrested the embassy, but some are released, and added the number of detainees changes from hour to hour, and that the Kingdom concerned for all those who are not yet free.

British minister stressed that a diplomatic officials who work diligently and is completely without basis the idea that the British embassy in any way involved in the demonstrations and protests taking place in Tehran from the presidential elections in 12th June.

Miliband said that Britain is because strongly protested at iranskih power and that talk about this issue with their counterparts from the EU present at the Krfu, which otherwise should consider the situation in Iran after the election.

South Korea is preparing new missiles

South Korea will receive forty-missile destroyer's production for "aegis" in order to strengthen his defense. North Korea is preparing to test a new rocket.

To strengthen its defense of South Korea during the month will receive forty-missile destroyer's production for "aegis". North Korea will soon be able to test out a new rocket.

It is a water-to-air missiles, which can detect and guess objectives, including missiles, and 160 kilometers away.

Alerts ships of North Korea not to approach the territorial waters around the city Vonsan, in the east country, the Japanese coastguard interpret as the possible announcement of missile tests.

Last week South Korean presidential spokesman Blue House said that Pyongyang is preparing to test a large range missiles that could reach American territory, as well as middle range missiles that can guess the goals in the entire territory of South Korea.

North Korea in April performed the test missiles, which reportedly launches satellite, but believes that it is a trial the very long range Taepodong missiles 2nd In May, the Pyongyang nuclear test performed.

It is, by general estimation, endanger world peace and violated United Nations resolutions on the prohibition of testing of ballistic missiles. The Security Council is pooštrio existing sanctions on Pyongyang.

Berluskoni less like a woman

The popularity of Italian leaders Silvija Berluskonija fell to about 49 percent of the scandal about his private life, according to the survey released today by the list Koriere part of Sera.

Approximately 51 percent of Italians had a positive attitude towards the prime minister in the period from January to May, the number has now fallen to 49 per cent, says the visokotiražni list.

Survey shows that Berluskonijeva declining popularity among women, and in January 52 percent of them had a positive attitude towards him, and now this position has a 47 per cent of women.

In the last few weeks Berluskoni is always in the center of media attention, and his wife sought a divorce "because underage visits," There were pictures on denudative party in his villa in Sardinia and opened the investigation because of its guests use state aircraft.

List states that despite the scandal and the findings that are somewhat okrnjili Berluskonijev reputation, although probably more abroad than in Italy, he still has the support of 54 percent of Catholic faithful who regularly attend church, although this support dropped to 61 percent What was the previous months.

Even has, as said list, and a very small number of people, about 3 percent of the respondents who are only on the basis of the last event, said that feel admiration towards Berluskoniju.

Survey is conducted of organizations in order to / Gruppo Phonemedia 23rd and 24 June on a representative sample of 801 inhabitants.

Russia - NATO: Renewed political and military links

Corfu - Russia and NATO decided that the restoration of political connections, and military contacts, disturbed after the conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. year, stated the Secretary General of the Alliance JAP de Hop Shefer, after the ministerial meeting of NATO-Russia Council in Krfu.

Shefer said that this was a "good meeting" and that the Council will continue to work, despite some misunderstanding that have not yet been resolved.

Lavrov: Practical steps

Odlazeći Secretary General of NATO said that Russia and the Alliance agreed to the restoration of relations when it comes to the military cooperation, said agency Itar-Tas.

Head of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said his country wants to renew the trust relationship with Alliance, which would be included military cooperation, and cooperation in the field of strategic security.

"We want restoration of trust (Russia and NATO). This, however, will require practical steps that will show that other proposals are not only on paper," said Lavrov in Krfu.

Antiraketni shield would obesmislio cooperation

Lavrov referred to the plans and the former U.S. administration in Europe to set up parts of your antiraketnog shield, upozorivši that if Washington continues to implement this goal, future cooperation in this field in the framework of Russia-NATO Council to be senseless.

Head of Russian diplomacy said that Russia welcomes the decision of the new American administration to stop the implementation of this program, but added that, if it still continues to be implemented, Co-operation in the framework of Russia-NATO Council will be pointless.

Zakavkazje - the subject of disagreement

Lavrov said that Russia and NATO, and still not agree on the Zakavkazja, but that both sides must accept the new circumstances.

"We talked about the situation in Zakavkazju. Our views on this issue and continue to differ, but we have to accept a new reality," said Lavrov.

Decisions made by the Russia after the conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. are permanently and must be taken into account, "said Head of Russian diplomacy, thinking on the Russian recognition of independence gruzijskih province Abhazija and South Ossetia.

"We would like to work in the region, international observers, including those from the United Nations and OSCE. The UN Security Council has accepted our suggestions how to perform, without the interference issue," Lavrov added.

Before the meeting at the top

Head of Russian diplomacy said that the agreements with Russia, the United States, Germany and Spain amended agreement on transit of NATO nevojnog material to Afghanistan.

Yesterday set the NATO-Russia Council was the first meeting which is held by a high level since the end of the war in Georgia.

Krfu meeting was held a week before the meeting of the American and Russian President Barak Obama and Dmitri Medvedeva in Moscow and the Summit Group's eight most developed countries (G-8) in Rome.

Henkel invested about 60 million in Serbia

German company Henkel has invested about 60 million euros in Serbia since 2002. until now, said today President Henkela Serbia Nenad Vuković.

In an interview on The agency said that according to the contract of privatization of the factory from detergents Merima Krusevac invested 43.6 million euros, with additional investments in the modernization of production and another eight million euros in building the factory in Indjija.

"In this year of a million euros will be invested in the top set of filters for environmental protection and waste water in Krusevac, which should be completed in mid-July," said Vukovic. According to him, investicje in the modernization of operations to allow production in Serbia, a competitor in the Henkel group, so that the company that cost-effective products from Serbia, which supplies more of your company in the region.

"These are all things that have influenced the position of the company in Serbia significantly improve and to become a regional center in the production, and management of various segments of business in several countries in the Henkela," said Vukovic.

Henkel in Serbia exports about 30 percent of production deterdžetana said Nenad Vuković and added to the constantly expanding number of foreign markets that sell goods.

"Henkel is now exported from Serbia to all the countries of former Yugoslavia, in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, which is significantly exceed the plan in 2002. On the export market to the CEFTA region," said he.

Vukovic said that the company Henkel in Indjija has two "cerezit (Ceresit) factory građeviskih Adhesives and fasadnih liquid plaster. The position of the factory, said the president of Serbia in Henkela, allows the export of the geographical position and proximity of Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

German company Henkel, through exchanges of Central and Eastern Europe in Austria, bought in 2002. tender on the detergents factory in Krusevac, 2007. The factory building was constructed in Indjija Adhesives.

Slovenian companies continue to invest in Serbia

Slovenian companies will continue to time investments in Serbia and the next world economic crisis, said today the club vice-president of Slovenian economy in Serbia Dmitar half.

"Time investment will be realized. Commercial chain plans to shower by the end of 2009. Employs more than 320 people and opened eight facilities, Merkator investment plans 30 million euros, Mercury builds new center in Belgrade," he said in an interview with BETA.

Half said that according to the National Bank of Slovenia, Slovenian direct investments in Serbia since 2001. until 2008. amounted to 1.63 billion euros, a serbian investments in Slovenia have been three million.

"The investment in the Serbian economy is on about 500 companies from Slovenia, the 2700 business cooperation with Serbia and the word is a great connection and dependence of the Slovene economy serbian business move, as around 20,000 people working in Slovenian companies," he said.

Largest investor, said half is trading chain Merkator who has invested about 250 million euros in Serbia, followed by Mercury with 110 million investment in new facilities and Cimos and drug Kolinska by 100 million euro investment.

"New investments are significant because they have multiple effects, and the devil the chain of new activities. The most important contribution to the intensification of competition," he said.

Vice President of Slovenian Business Club said is the trade of Serbia and Slovenia in the first four months of this year was 45.26 percent less than in the same period in 2008. (as a consequence of the world economic crisis).

According to him, the largest exporters from Serbia in Slovenian market are Impol Seval. Ju-Es style Serbia (U.S. Steel) foundry from Kikinda, Flag tapacirnica, Metal from Ruma, Pančevački Petrohemija and Elrad.

Most imports from Slovenia in Belgrade Gorenje, Krka farm, comes, from Šimanovaca Jub and foundry from Kikinda, added half.

As said, Serbia from Slovenia, the most imported news paperweight, board, washing machine, freezer, refrigerators, medicines, yarn of nylon, stove and sausages, and exported aluminum profiles, parts for seats, and motors, cathode, drugs, bars of copper and zinc, cast iron products, oil loženjei polyethylene.

Half said that the increase of foreign direct investments in Serbia, the biggest problem are the property of the city construction land and the necessity of modernization of the judiciary.

He said that the system of benefits and taxes for the use of land undermines the competitiveness of Serbia and creates unsafe work environment.

The problem for the growth of investicja, said half, and presented a delay in the reforms, inadequate infrastructure and limited access to measures for the improvement of competitiveness.

"It is a better understanding of the importance of direct foreign investment and development programs that are sensitive to the needs of investors and precisely targeted national programs for the promotion of investment, said Vice President of Slovenian Business Club in Serbia Dmitar half.

Slovenian Business Club brings together Slovenian companies operating in Serbia.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

North Korea accuses Japan of espionage

North Korea has warned that it will chop every Japanese plane that came in its air space, optuživši Tokyo to špijunira in the vicinity of Korean missile missile ramps.

North Korea is a declared zone neletenja 25 June to 10 July in order to exercise the military, which has raised additional concerns that North Korea is preparing to carry out missile tests of short and intermediate range in the coming days.

Air force stated that the Japanese aircraft to monitor E-767 špijunirao near Musudanri missile base in the north of the country, on Wednesday and Thursday.

How to transfer the central news agency, the air forces of North Korea "will not tolerate" air espionage "Japanese aggressive forces, but will not topple the grace of any aircraft that impair its air space and even a thousandth part of millimeters.

This warning Japan for espionage is rare, while the common complaints of American špijunskih mission in the air space of North Korea.

Japanese Defense Ministry official, requesting anonymity, said that the planes of his country, in the defense policy, regularly collected information about North Korea, but declined to discuss which types of aircraft and perform tasks and location Japan

Japan very closely follows the missile program of North Korea, given the geographical proximity of the two countries, and especially since 1998. year, when a North Korean missile preletela over the main Japanese islands.

Since then, Japan has spent billions of dollars on the development of raketnog shield with the United States, and launched a series of satellite špijunskih primarily to monitor the situation in North Korea.

Interrupted search for the remains of Air France aircraft

Aircraft Type Airbus A 330 "is collapsed into the sea in the night between the 31st May and 1 June on the flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, with 228 passengers and crew members. All were killed.
"No body is not found, but nine days," said Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Munjoz the sinoćnjoj press conference in Resifeu to the North East of Brazil.
Oparacija for the remains of Air Fransovog aircraft and dead bodies are conducted with the help of French and Spanish ships and American aircraft, and it was found 51 bodies of 228 killed, which were 32 different nationalities.
Cause of accident has not yet been determined. Bureau for investigation and analysis of who is responsible for the technical investigation into the cause of the fall "erbasovog" aircraft announced that it will present the first report in Thursday 2nd July.

Cvetković on the New York Stock Exchange

Cvetković and Niderauer have talked about the world economic crisis, its consequences and ways to overcome it. The first man, New York Stock Exchange, after which the collapse of the wave of the crisis spread to other parts of the world, said Prime Minister of Serbia are the first visible signs of the prevailing crisis and that the securities market stabilized.

President serbian government has been talking with representatives of banks and chalk svis Meril lynch. Conference to participate Cvetković which ends today.

First on paper in New York, Cvetkovic said that the key out of the world economic crisis, the provision of financial incentives and support for direct investments in developing countries.

Cvetković, in New York, the UN Conference on the world financial and economic crisis, said that one of the topics that should be considered at this meeting is the fact that the banking sector inhibitory economic growth in the countries that need to be a generator of global economic growth.

Prime Minister Cvetkovic is in New York yesterday and met with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Aleksej Kudrinom and two officials confirmed the agreement between the two countries on the possibilities for resolving the issue of Kosovo.