Friday, December 31, 2010

Elton John bought his son sit-ins of $ 3,000

The famous musician is a small hill Zachary bought luxury items, from toys and clothes to sit-ins specifically designed for babies worth $ 3,000.

Modern sit the latest technology "scream" - a five-speed rocking, one of which mimics the driving the car, the monitor on which the alternate drawings inspired by famous paintings, and can be plugged into an iPod.

- A group of people came and nearly empty store. Elton must have spent thousands of dollars - said the magazine "Sun" one of its customers.

It is not clear whether the biological father of a 63-year-old Zachary Elton John and his partner of 15 years under David Furniss.

British press reports that the baby couple paid more than 155,000 dollars, California Center for Surrogate Parenting, among whose clients are actors Robert De Niro, Kelsey Grammar. In the statement of birth in column "father" registered the name Elton John, while in the "mother" is Furnishevo name.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Electric Renault

Already 2012th year comes the first model that will enable low-cost run out of fuel.

Renault has unveiled its electric car concept for the future.

Her name is Zoe, has five doors and is already 90 percent of the project is ready for serial production.

This means that we will 2012th was able to buy and too expensive gasoline instead of using the old good power outlet. To start the car uses lithium battery, a charge of just 10 minutes you will be able to jump a whopping 60 kilometers. For half an hour charge will get as much as 80 percent of full capacity battery, you'll be able to rides all day, without noise, pollution and petrol stations. We can not wait!

Eva Herzigova pregnant

The famous supermodel Eva Herzigova should be in early spring for the second time left in the role of mother

Czech supermodel and actress Eva Herzigova and her partner, businessman Gregorio Marsijaj Turin, podariće soon his three year son is George's brother or sister. As foreign media reports, year-old beauty she shared the joyful news from the seller of an elite London shops that sells children's clothing, she told interviewer that pregnant for four months.

Madonna in connection with the choreographer

The queen of pop Madonna has reportedly ended his relationship with a younger half manekenom Lusom Jesús, a U.S. tabloid report that it has replaced its choreographer Brahimi Zaibatom.

In fact, Madonna and Brahim were seen together at a New York club last Thursday, where they danced all the time and loved the sight of guests attending. Brahimi's friends revealed to the media that the handsome dancer and choreographer in a secret relationship with Madonna for a while.

That indeed there was a rift between the singer and Brazilian models can be concluded from the fact that Jesús Luz for some time in his native Brazil, where he often photographed in the company of a variety of beauty.

Bryan Meju award for the Protection of Animals

London - Queen guitarist Brian May will receive recognition for years of involvement in animal protection. Meju the recognition of the International Association for the fight for animal welfare to be delivered today, the House of Lords in British Parliament in London.

Brian May (63) is driving the campaign "Save Me", which looks after the implementation of laws to protect animals from cruelty.

- We are fighting for it because these beautiful animals live, breathe, hear and feel the pleasure and pain just like us, only they do not speak our language and, in terms of people, have a voice. They have no way to rebel against the abuses to which they are exposed - said May.

Keith Richards once again in "Pirates"

The legendary guitarist remake role of Captain Tiga, the father of Jack Sparrow in the fourth sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards will play in the fourth film series with Johnny Depp in the lead role. Richards was in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" in 2007. Tiga playing captain, the father of Captain Jack Sparoua.

Play the same role in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", directed by Rob Marshall.

Johnny Depp will once again play Sparoua captain, who in the new film meets a woman from his past, played by Penelope Cruz.

The fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" will arrive in theaters in May 2011th year.

Celine Dion at the hospital

NEW YORK - The Canadian pop star Celine Dion (Celine) was hospitalized as a precaution to prevent premature labor, doctors.

Representative of the singer, which should give birth next month, said that she was placed in a hospital in Florida.

Dion had earlier said it would give birth to male twins. She and her husband Rene Angelil (Angelil) already have a 9-year-old son Rene Charles (Charles).

The singer's worldwide sold more than 200 million albums. Her last studio album "Taking Chances" in 2007.

Scabbard Vest: I've been thinking about suicide

Later on rapper West has discovered that he once thought about suicide, and now feels a responsibility to contribute to pop culture and art.

Describing himself as a pop icon and military culture, West's audience at the premiere of his new movie "Runaway" in Los Angeles, said that although he once thought about suicide will not give up on life again.

"There are so many people in the world that nobody will ever hear, while I have the opportunity to say what I mean. I will speak from now on their behalf," said West, but he found when he contemplated suicide.

West was directed by 35-minute film, which consists of nine segments of his new songs. The film will premiere next week on television, "MTV," "VH1" and "BET", and will release a new album 22nd November.

Sharon Stone sexy and was 52 year

Best known for "hot" as in "Basic Instinct" actress Sharon Stone showed in the last movie that still has a great body, says The Daily Mail. "

Sharon (52) is removed in a bikini in niskobudžetnoj comedy "Five dollars a day" (Five Bucks a Day), directed by Nigel Cole. The actress revealed that in the 52nd age has a stunning figure.

It appears, however, that the budget was so low that they could not provide a bag for the actress, taunting the British media, as Sharon wore a cigarette and a lighter stick for a bikini.

In "Five dollars a day" next to Stone and starring the legendary Christopher Walken, Alessandro Nivola, Amanda Peet and former Superman from the television series Din Kane.

The film was premiered in 2008, and the next project will be Stone's "Veko" (Waco), based on true events that started the cult leader David Kores 1993rd Besides Sharon, acting in the movie and Adrienne Brody, and Kurt Russell.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Robbie Williams dreaming of a child

LONDON - British singer Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams), who recently married, said he wanted to get as soon as a child and that he was not an important gender of the child, reports the site Digital conn (Digital Spy).

When asked whether they would prefer a boy or a girl, Williams was an Australian radio station said that he and his wife Ida Field (Ayda Field) talked about it and that they did not care.

"I really But then, since I was little I wanted a son, but today I realized that the girls' daddy's girl." If a guy is, will teach him to play football with all the 'male' thing, and if girls shields until his death, "said 36-year-old Williams.

Cruise and Nicholson in the action-comedy

LOS ANGELES - Tom Cruise (Cruise) and Jack Nicholson (Jack Nicholson) will be heroes action comedy "El Presidente", the Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles Times).

Cruz will play a Secret Service agent who gets the task of protecting former U.S. President (Nicholson). The two are forced to flee together when you realize that someone wants to kill a former president. The script for the film was written by Dan Gur (Dan Goor).

The two actors played in the drama "A Few Good Men" Rob Rainer (Reiner) in 1992. The film, based on a piece of Aaron Sorkin (Aaron), has earned more than $ 240 million in worldwide box office and received four Academy Award nominations.

Tom Hanks in the movie Kathryn Bigelow

LOS ANGELES - Hollywood actor Tom Hanks (Hanks) talks about the role of the new film, Oscar-winning actress Kathryn Bigelow (Kathryn Bigelow) "Triple Frontier", published on the website Dedlajn (Deadline), which follows the show business.

The film will be a story about organized crime in the border area between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Mark will write a screenplay Bowl (Boal), who won an Oscar for screenwriting, "Lock the pain." Kathryn Bigelow won an Academy Award for directing the film, which this year won in the most important category, best film.

Filming will start in the first months of next year.

Asteroid hits Earth 2098th year?

Will soon be very close pass by the Earth asteroid the size of 46 meters. Scientists say there is a danger that the 2098th year and could hit the Earth.

The asteroid is named 2010 ST3 and now will pass by Earth at a safe distance of 6.4 million kilometers. "There is a slight possibility that ST3 hit Earth 2098th year so that it is certainly Vredili track, "said the researchers. NASA believes that it will be able to draw a space mission with dangerous asteroids to Earth orbit, if such danger is the case.

Amy Winehouse designs sportswear

While her musical career remained stagnant, waiting for better days, singer Amy Winehouse has decided to try them as a fashion designer and has created a special line of clothing for famous sports brand Fred Perry. " Her models will go on sale in mid-October across the UK.

Amy WinehouseSoul diva Amy Winehouse, is noted for its unusual and often eccentric image, which is apparently quite liked the leaders of the British manufacturer of sports equipment to "Fred Perry" and they just trust her to design their latest collection.

Amy is the inspiration for a new urban line of clothing found in the popular musical "Grease" in which she played as a teenager, and the whole collection is based on a rebellious style of the '40s and '50s of the last century.

The dominant color in the collection are Amy pink and black, and the singer has insisted that all clothing items in the collection made in the smallest size so that she could not wear them.

"People think I'm skinny because I lead irregular lives. However, it is quite the opposite. Since I normally eat a lot I lost weight and reduced to what is actually my real weight. I'm actually very small, so people see me thinner than I am, "she said Winehouse.

It is interesting that the first photographs of Amy Winehouse and the specification of its first designer collection appear in the April issue of the magazine "Glamour" and photographed by her fellow singer Bryan Adams, who for some time engaged in fashion photography.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emma Thompson in "Men in Black 3"

LOS ANGELES - Oscar winner Emma Thompson (Emma Thompson) talks about her role in "Men in Black 3", reported the daily Variety (Variety).

If agreement is reached with studio Sony (Sony), Amy Thompson (51) will get the role of the agent by name Oh, whose job is to make sure the rebel prisoners.

The main role will again be interpreted Will Smith (Will Smith) and Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones), and attach them to Josh Brolin (Josh).

Movie director Barry will Sonenfeld (Barry Sonnenfeld), who recorded the first two films of the series that are only in theaters in North America earned more than $ 400 million.

Emma Thompson has twice won an Oscar - 1993. for her role in "Howards End" and 1996. scenario for the film "Sense and Sensibility."

Candice Bergen writes memoir

NEW YORK - Actress Candice Bergen (Candice) published a memoir that will be a continuation of her book "Knock Wood" in 1984. New memoir actress will arrive in bookstores in 2012, according to the publishing house Simon & Schuster (Simon & Schuster).

The book that does not have a title will follow the actress' work on the popular TV series "Murphy Brown" and will talk about the death of her husband, French director Louis Small (Louis Malle).

Candice Bergen (64) for the role in "Murphy Brown", rewiew in the U.S. since 1988. to 1998, received five Emmy awards (Emmy) and two Golden Globes.
She played in the series "Boston lawyers," and "Law & Order" and movies like "Miss secret agent," "Gandhi" and "My Sweet Alabama". For episodic role in "new beginning" in 1979. was nominated for an Oscar.

Phenomenon that relieves pain

If science could be understood and explained samododira ability to relieve pain, this phenomenon could become part of the treatment, considered by researchers from London University.

Probably you happened to be hit and then instinctively touch a place of pain and it seems you are to relieve pain. New research by British scientists looked for the causes of this phenomenon.

To study these phenomena, European scientists have used a variation of so-called illusion of thermal gratings.
This is an unusual set of sensitivity that comes keep warm fingers. If you heat up the second and fourth finger, a cool three: cold third finger, paradoxically, feel the painful heat. The illusion is very suitable for scientific experiments because the pain is real and not caused any real cause harmful.

The volunteers were subjected either hand illusion thermal lattice, and then touch the three middle fingers of one hand with three fingers of the other. The result was a large decrease in heat pain sensation, which was previously known.

However, according to University College London, the pain is reduced if the same person touches his fingers. If it touches another person - who also experienced a thermal grating, the sensitivity of the third finger was still painfully hot.

"It's very interesting, because in terms of feedback sensitivity of the lower level, the brain gets the same message about the touch and heat. The only difference is that it was not his own touch. It showed us that what it really is is the integration of both hands in much more coherent national body, "the researchers said.

Sense of pain may result from confusion in the way the brain represents the body. This concept can be ilustrivati for persons with amputated limbs, and they feel very strong pain in the body systems that do not.

"The best example of what happens when the body is disturbed in the brain representation of the phantom pain of amputated limbs, where one hypothesis is just that the brain needs to be regularly updated about the actual representation of the body. Therefore, the body has lost limb, but the brain it is still perceived to exist. This discrepancy can cause pain, "they said.

They say that if you are able to better understand the mechanism samododira ability to relieve pain, then it could become part of the treatment.

A study on the effects and impact of touch, specifically samododira, the pain was published in the journal Current Biology ", I passed an American radio.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Found the most similar planet Earth!

Astronomers find a planet that most resembles the Earth than any that have so far investigated, calling it Glis 581G (Planet Gliese 581G). This planet is three times larger than Earth, orbiting a star that is 20 light years from Earth.

Planet Glis 581G is located in the region of space which is neither too hot nor too cold, the system Glis 581, so liquid water could have easily formed the oceans, lakes and rivers. Because of these conditions, but some scientists claim discovery of these planets are closer to the possibility that in future a planet colonized by Earth, reports the Daily Mail. "

Scientists say the planet probably has an atmosphere and gravity similar to that on Earth, and could be fit for life. The discovery came three years after astronomers discovered another planet orbiting the same star, but is less chance that it could be inhabited.

2:14 minutes of video that is before you, you can see what the scientists tell the newly found planet ...

Mass indicates that probably a shady planet. Glis 581G is located in the constellation Libra. Its orbital period is 37 days.

One side of the planet always faces the light, while the other is in darkness. The average temperature of the planet is between minus 31 degrees Celsius and minus 12 degrees.

Michael Caine predicted terrorist attacks 2,001th

British actor Michael Caine has predicted the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001, the novel that was written before the event, reports BBC News.

"I had a plot in which terrorists plane hit the tower in London. Then they would in real life. I was shocked, so I stopped writing," said the actor.

In an interview before the publication of the autobiography "The Elephant to Hollywood," 77-year-old Kane is revealed to be still hopes to write a novel and before 80th Birthday 2013th

This book will be "a thriller about terrorism." "It will be for men. There will be a significant literary achievement," added the double Oscar winner.

Kane has played this year in the futuristic thriller "Start", which is his fourth collaboration with British director Christopher Nolan.

The actor said he will continue to write when you complete the "Batman", alluding to the potential continuation Nolanovih hits Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Kane is in these two films played butler Alfred.

"I am busy in the next three years. When it's done I will have 80 years and then I could retire," he added.

The book "The Elephant to Hollywood" is on sale from today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vitamin B against Alzheimer's disease

Dementia in patients with Alzheimer's disease has been slowed by 30 percent and even up to 50 percent in those patients who received high doses of vitamins B6 and B12, as a dietary supplement, according to a study conducted by Oxford prodžekt (Oxford Project).

It has long been known that vitamin B and vitamin B-complex, followed by vitamins C and E may be useful in treating Alzheimer's disease, but there have been no systematic research.

According to a study of 186 people spent the Oxford Project, reducing the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease slowed the 30 and up to 50 percent in those patients who received high doses of vitamin B or folic acid, B6 and B12 in the form of dietary supplements, reports the Zagreb "BBC News".

- It would be very positive if the vitamin B really was so effective because it would be a very inexpensive treatment, research assistant professor commented Nino Mimica, a psychiatrist and president of the Alzheimer's Association of Croatia, but also points out that vitamins are prescribed only when symptoms are visible , which, he said, too late for prevention.

Investigation results have exceeded all expectations of doctors are revolutionary because of prevention, namely the brain could be pre-protected from deterioration, and this seems to be doing these vitamins.

Faster extinction of brain cells associated with high levels of homocysteine, a substance that is found in the blood, and the vitamin B complex controls the level of these substances.

- Lack of folic acid is considered the main cause of elevated homocysteine and folic acid is a good strategy for prevention and therapy. But this dose is difficult to achieve daily diet and adequate nutrition are recommended accessories as safer solution, Mimica said.

As treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia, folnoj acid are added and vitamins B6 (5 mg) and B12 (1 mg), explained the nutritionists. B-complex vitamins are found in meat, fish, eggs and green vegetables.

With this knowledge in view of the fact that it comes to vitamins, not drugs, prevention of Alzheimer's disease may begin as early in the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment of the brain, ie. early stages of dementia, the newspaper said.

After the 60th The brain is naturally reduced by half a percent a year, but the mild cognitive impairment speed doubles, as Alzheimer's disease is as much as 2.5 percent per year.

Getting to know patients helps in the diagnosis

Doctors that patients ask questions about things that affect their lives, not only about their health problems, fewer mistakes in diagnosis.

In medical school, students learn how to diagnose and solve medical problems. But non-medical aspects such as the patient's emotional state, the responsibility of those who provide assistance, business status or how health care can be equally important.

A new study found that medical students who are trained to ask questions about things that affect the patient's life, not only about their health problems, have a better chance to help their patients, according to the Voice of America.

Medical students often try their skills on mannequins to assist patients in human size before you begin working with real patients. Some of these dolls can "bleed" and have a heartbeat. Some even "breathe".

Medical schools also help their students learn listening skills and communication. Students work with actors who complain about certain things to learn to ask questions.

This training helps to reduce errors in diagnosis. The latest study deals with an approach that is more personal. Medical students were told to ask the patient about his daily activities and responsibilities in order to individualize treatment.

"The individualization of care means taking into account aspects of the patient's life. We call this their content," explains Alan Schwartz.

Professor Alan Schwartz of the University of Illinois at Chicago has taught some medical students in the individualization of care. Students listened and looked for hints that could help them in planning treatment.

Professor Schwartz and other researchers studied more than 10,000 medical students. Some of them were trained for individualized care, while others are not.

"The group of medical students who underwent the training, about 25 percent of them are correctly dealt with patients who had a complicated individual factors. Once trained, two-thirds of them were able to handle such patients. This study is important because if you miss that included individual needs, this can lead to medical errors, which is bad as much as a certain amount of bad or wrong medicine, "explains Schwarz.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cure for diabetes "Avandia" withdrawn from circulation

The decision was made after the European Medicines Agency recommended the withdrawal from sale of medicinal products containing rosiglitazon, announced today a management ALMIS.

Was withdrawn from sale, as stated, film tablets, 4 mg and 8 mg of the drug Avandia, manufacturer Glaxo Wellcome Production, France, and Glaxo Wellcome SA Spain.

Licensee for the distribution of this drug in Serbia, the Belgrade office GlaxoSmithKline.

European Medicines Agency has recommended the withdrawal from sale of medicinal products containing rosiglitazon published after the evaluation of new data on adverse cardiovascular reactions and the relationship benefits and risks when applying this medicine.

Recommendations related to the drugs Avandia, Avandamet and Avaglim, of which only drug Avandia registered in Serbia 6th March 2006. year, but since since 2008. not in circulation, noted in a statement.

Rosiglitazon in the EU for the first time registered 2000th and even then were identified fluid retention and increased risk of heart failure as an important security issues in the application of this drug.

Therefore, the cardiovascular safety of patients who are taking rosiglitazon intensively monitored.

In order to reduce cardiovascular risk rosiglitazona application was limited to the treatment of choice for the treatment of diabetes and is contraindicated in patients with heart failure.

Additional information to which there was conducted on the basis of clinical studies, FARMAKOM-epidemiological study and meta-analysis, pointed to the possibility of an increased risk of ischemic heart disease when using rosiglitazona.

Therefore, in the past three years, conducted more restrictive measures (warnings and precautions) for the use of the drug in patients with ischemic heart disease, said in a statement ALMIS.

New EMA assessment of available data was undertaken in July 2010th and found that the results of recent studies speak in favor of the existence of an increased cardiovascular risk in patients treated rosiglitazonom, despite the previously implemented measures.

Commission for Human Medicines in EMA concluded that "the relationship benefits and risks when applying this medicine can no longer be considered positive, and so was yesterday officially announced the recommendation of the abolition of permits and the withdrawal of the drug from the market.

As the drug Avandia, for commercial reasons but withdrawn from the market, this measure will not affect the current therapeutic approach in the treatment of diabetic patients in Serbia, it was said from a ALMIS.

Secret code for the Da Vinci code

The hidden key to the decipherment allegedly najskrovitije secrets of Renaissance genius, is in the rare skill: he wrote with his left hand from behind and from right to left, and to read effortlessly. To read the records, others have used the mirror. But he was endowed with unusual ability once again, as well as our Nikola Tesla.

How is it ingenious and subtly missed Dan Brown?

For neodgonetnutom secret of Leonardo da Vinci, which is centuries pretrajala, searching is apparently in the wrong place. And she has wings - no less, no more - the only key to unlock the hidden code that is read spisatelj allegedly found in something else.

Is it just recently scientists discovered?

Many journalists and writers have stepped up their pens (or ulubili buttons on the keyboard), trying to challenge or support one of the best selling book in the world.

Renaissance genius (painter, scientist, engineer, inventor, architect, and who knows what else), who is himself said that "a man without a diploma," was endowed with a rare ability: the left hand is effortlessly back and wrote from right to left , so that his manuscripts (for life is not slovce published) can read only in the mirror.

If you think that anyone can, type whatever comes to your mind and turn to the mirror. As you yourself make sure after who knows how many attempts.

And what is the secret of secrets now?

Seven to ten percent of the adult population belongs to the left-handed, and many were also reported and how to write backwards. But still not able to discern scrambled impressions or ogledalske images, although for the youngsters to a common phenomenon, it was announced recently at the European Symposium neuroscientist.

Teaching adults requires reading, however, that the brain center of vision (visual center) undergo a serious change, including the forgotten art of mastering the subject and its reflection recognized as identical.

Known cognitive scientist Stanislas Deaen, a professor at the College of France, it is believed that the brain area which included such, people need skills in the recent evolutionary past has changed its original purpose. Studies suggest that a tiny section of the visual system takes effect (activated) perception of written words, so he called it the visual field of word formation.

In the meantime, the widely debated to what extent it is refined (specialized) to recognize words, and hence also for answering the picture. French researcher believes that by recognizing the subject turned to the recognition of words.

Just a fraction of the center of this vision could be responsible for ensuring that individual to receive recognize yourself in the mirror, even a reflection of the tiger, which is a big advantage in evolutionary survival. Not only that: it's crucial to read, and could shed light on why kids make mistakes, professionally called "early ogledalsko reading.

Previously, it was assumed that only the dyslexic children (unable to read) tends to confuse B and D and P and Q and, from time to time, write their names backwards. Later it turned out to be no other that do not differ.

A mistake caused a very simple reason: when they begin to learn reading, children must, first, referred to forget the old skills, important for survival. I agree that it is so specified area in adults should be insensitive as to which of the two "ogledalskih picture" perceived when it comes to describing and sensitive to the distinction between words and letters seen. That is confirmed by the recordings, the brains mature literate people, made functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Some ways of writing, such as two-way Greek (alternate lines read in opposite directions), supporting the described favor,, expressed before each literacy. The same finding is true, in fact, for most of the alphabet. How to cope illiterate monkeys?

The concerned area in the monkey brain is very sensitive to certain forms of identification - say, to Y, T and L, testified as other researchers. When the line connection to the letters he saw in nature, makes it easy to navigate in space: if an object in front of or behind another. The human brain differs from ancient times these forms, so letters are similar to the widely represented in all the alphabet.

I own literacy is, in its own way, influenced the change of the brain, highlights Stanislas Deaen, which is backed by comparing the response of literate and illiterate adults. At parties, for example, observed different expressions. Reading is, apparently a result of improvement of visual perception.

In any case, it is never too late: a similar brain response appears in adults and children when they start to Srića letters.


And Nikola Tesla

When Leonardo da Vinci wrote about the mixing of sounds, smells and other sensory reception in his ideal garden, you probably saopštavao sinestezičko view (sinestezija - the ability of a nenadraženog senses to feel the irritation other senses).

Many artists, scientists and inventors say that the sinestezija source of their inspiration. While the philosopher John Locke considered the first who was capable of sinestetički experience, perhaps Aristotle and Pythagoras owed his great knowledge of exactly this power.

Do not forget our Nikola Tesla, the writer Vladimir Nabokov, physicist Richard Feynman, a painter Wassily Kandinsky and so on.

Portia de Rossi changes last name to DeGeneres

LOS ANGELES - One of the most famous lesbian couple Ellen DeGeneres and Hollywood Portia de Rossi, who officiated two years ago, their relationship, from now on will carry the same last name.

Namely, the Superior Court of California approved a surface with a request to change the name to DeGeneres, local media reported.
"I am excited that I will officially carry the name of his wife. I will continue to use the name Portia de Rossi in professional life," said 37-year-old actress, originally from Australia.

Portia and Ellen DeGeneres TV host (50) are related since 2004. year. They had managed to marry in August 2008. in accordance with the law on the legalization of gay marriage in California who has been in place only five months.

Michael Douglas: Cancer us even more closer together

Multiple Oscar winner Michael Douglas has revealed how much his support in the struggle with evil disease are members of his family

Although the tumor at the root language for some time been subjected to painful cures radiation and chemotherapy, šezdesetpetogodišnji movie superstar Michael Douglas has decided that his health does not hide from their loved ones, and now his greatest support in the fight for the health of his wife Catherine Zeta Jones and their two children, ten and seven year-old Dylan Keris. They were familiar with the situation all the time since it was Cameron, Michael's son from his first marriage, entered into conflict with the law for possession of illegal substances, so that the problems actually strengthen joint family spirit and cuddled them more than ever.

- Children have an amazing support to me! I led them with him to radiotherapy, so that they understand what is happening. Also, we went together to the prison to visit their older half-brother. All of us, this is even more closer together - revealed that the actor these days expect the world premiere of the film Wall Street: Money never sleeps where Douglas reprises his role as Gordon Gecko of the cult, which in 1987. He was received the Academy Award.

Lindsay Lohan returned to prison

American actress Lindsay Lohan has now returned to jail, handcuffed, after the trial judge did not approve bail, but ordered to remain in custody for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs until the next hearing scheduled for 22 October.

Today's hearing lasted less than 10 minutes.
This is the third time that Lohan is in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but the two previous times released because the jail was no place.

Her longest stay in prison - early summer - it lasted 14 days, although he was sentenced to a prison term of 90 days.

Lohan last week admitted that he suffers from substance abuse. "Addiction is a disease that, unfortunately, does not go through the night. I try to overcome this problem and improving in that direction. This is undoubtedly a setback for me, but I accept responsibility for his actions and I am ready to face the consequences", she wrote on Friday last week on a social web site "Twitter".

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pirates attacked the entertainment industry

Activists who support piracy are carried out coordinated attacks on Internet sites of American music and film industry.

The attack temporarily broke the site of the American Film Association (MPAA) and the American Music Industry Association (RIAA), reports the BBC.

Pirates have previously reported on a forum that will perform this action in retaliation for anti-piracy efforts by making the entertainment industry.

The group said it would continue attacks on other sites. Next on the list of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), which will be the target of 20th September.

The action was launched after reports of Indian software companies' Aiplex "that the name of the film industry perform''''cyber attacks on sites where the illegal distribution of films made.

Anonymous activists have decided to apply the same method for the overthrow of the site "Aiplexa" and several other organizations.

"We broke them in the same way they nakoji down Pirate Bay, the bombing of the requirements to open a page. They have hired Aiplex, who also got his own. They were attacked first, we hit harder," said in a message published by pirates.

All the sites attacked again available on the Internet.

How to stop the power of the collective that makes complete an Internet community? You can enchant equipment and catch the organizers of the attacks, but this is a group that has become proficient in the protection of your identity and does it very well on the strength of the Internet, "said Sean Paul from the company Corel "Panda Security".

"Peugeot" discontinued the production of "206"

French PSA Peugeot will end 2011th The stop production of "Peugeot 206" in Europe because of the change of European legislation, but its installation, is expected to continue in South America, China and Iran, reported the Internet portal "Autokar," citing a source from the company.

"Peugeot is offering buyers a model" 206 "in 1998. year, as a substitute for "Peugeot 205". The company has given up the plan to modernize and upgrade model, in the expectation that the model "106" and "306" in the market adequately fill the gap.

Model "206," however, surpassed the expectations of the company and became a best-selling car brands Peugeot, whose supply exceeded five million vehicles in 2005. year, before his replacement, a model "207" is offered to the market 2006th year.

The fate of this model is extremely important because only a "Peugeot 205" has a chance to reach the figure of five million. However, "Peugeot 206" has provided a record sale for only eight years, while the "205" will need a lot more time, says "Autokar.

Discover stress - Prevent Heart Attack

Canadian scientists have shown that problems at work, married and with financial risk of cardiovascular disease, and found that there is a biological marker that can be measured and even predict a heart attack. High levels of stress hormone cortisol in hair may indicate the months before a heart attack.

"Traditionally, cortisol is measured in blood serum, urine and saliva, but all these matrices indicate the level of cortisol in the last few hours or days," explained the professor Stan Van uum and Gideon Koren of the University of Western Ontario. Contrast study of six centimeters long hair can be assessed level of stress in a much longer period.

William Shatner is not in the continuation of "Star Trek"

LONDON - Actor William Shatner (William Shatner) has said that will play in the continuation of last year's remake science fiction classic "Star Trek."

Shatner, who is 60 deaths in the series "Star Trek" films as well as in the 70's recorded by the series portrayed Captain James Kirk (James), said that was too old for the role, told the New mjuzikal Express (New Musical Express - NME).

"I think that there is no solution to the problem of how to connect my present appearance with Kirk that we remember from 40 years ago," said the actor.
Chris Pine (Chris Pine) has played Kirk in last year's film, in which Shatner has not appeared.

Star Trek 2 "will arrive in theaters in 2012.

Beyonce model in a secret show by Tom Ford

R & B singer Beyonce tried themselves as a model and show it in a secret cult of fashion designer Tom Ford, the actual Fashion Week in New York.

Although leading fashion company itself, along with her mother Tina Knowles, House of Dereon, Beyonce, this time all participants by surprise, appearing to show your friends and fashion maga, Ford, in addition to professional models, but even some well-known ladies among them was the actress Julianne Moore.

Beyonce I for portal Women'sWearDaily ( stated that the great fun of this show and how she felt like it was on its performance. He also added that she loves when people are willing to play with fashion.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler in the American idol judges

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and frontman of Aerosmith "Steven Tyler will be a judge in the new, 10 season of reality show "American Idol" that begins in January.

They will be joined by music producer Randy Jackson, the only judge remaining from the previous set, announced on the Fox TV network which broadcasts the popular show.

"They will the new Michael Jackson, someone who will be the best ever American Idol," Lopez said in a statement to the magazine Pipl.

"I want to enter my little rock and roll in this rolerkoster and show that if you have heart, talent and sense to do this, you can become the next 'American Idol'," said Tyler.

Before it, and Tyler, jury members were Kauel Simon, Paula Abdul, Ellen DeDženeris and Kara DioGuardi.

Morgan Freeman is planning to marry the adopted granddaughter

Recently divorced Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is planning to marry her granddaughter.

By the writing of American tabloids, Morgan officially divorced last week of peaceful Cola Li, with whom he was married 25 years and is now contemplating to formalize their relationship with 46 years younger E'Denom Hines, the adopted daughter of his daughter from his first marriage.

Namely, star of "unbeatable" is 73, and E'Dena only 27 years.

Their relationship reportedly began ten years ago when she was still a minor, according to Hollywood gossip circulating this unusual romance, love is the reason Frimenovog second divorce.

Moreover, the American tabloids would suggest that Morgan "Lolita" could soon his former grandfather born child.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beyonce Knowles: Scream from the beach

The popular singer the show on the beach in St. Tropez in a very brave combination of animal prints and desena

Celebrity Beyonce, who these days enjoys the idyllic holiday with her husband Jay-zijem in southern France, decided to very unusual and courageous garment combination for the beach. Pop singer shorts with colorful blouse brought bright desena different, all of the gun connected with animal print. And her good breeding and handbag with leopard pattern, and two thick chain around his neck.

Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Meet the Fockers small"

Dustin Hoffman will once again play the father of Ben Stiller in the third film of the Fokker series, published by the BBC News.

Hoffman (73) has accepted her role in "Meet the Fockers small" even though the recording is already completed. His name was erased from the list of actors is achieved when
agreement with the producers, but the director Jay Roach Hoffman convinced that he repented and returned to his character in the story.

It is expected to be dosnimljene Hoffman scene in September. Hoffman was again Bernie Focker, who's son helps to deal with parenthood. Barbra Streisand reappears as his wife, and Robert De Niro, Teri Polo, Blajd Danner and Owen Wilson who plays the same character again.

The movie "Meet the Fockers small" in the cinema should be received in December, a source close to the production told Dedlajn Hollywood that the film could be shown without Hoffman, but the studio wanted to "do better because it is the investment in the future franchise. "

The first two films, "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" earned more than 445 million dollars only in U.S. theaters.

Woody Allen: Cheaper record in Europe

U.S. filmmaker Woody Allen said he began to record in Europe because they can not afford the work in New York.

However, filming in Manhattan in New York is done with fewer restrictions than in European cities which need to change the story to fit the specific location where the shooting, said on Tuesday directed at a news conference in the Spanish city of Oviedo.

Woody Allen will be on Tuesday in the nearby town of Aviles to attend the premiere of their new romantic comedy "You Will Meet The Tall Dark Stranger." In the film, recorded in London, play Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Antonio Banderas.

Recently, the famous director began shooting his new film, which has caused additional attention, because it appears first lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy.

Coppola and Goddard honorary Oscars

Directors Francis Ford Coppola and Jean-Luc Godard winners are this year's honorary Oscar, said on Wednesday the U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Will receive honorary awards and actor Eli Wallach and Kevin Braunlou historian, reported by the agency.

Coppola will have to get Memorial Award, which bears the name of Irving G. Talberga, while Goddard, Wallach and Braunlou get honorary Oscar. Prizes will be awarded to them at the official dinner 13th November.

Coppola (71), director of the trilogy "The Godfather", but has five Oscars. Award Talberg, which is awarded to "creative producers," deserves the thanks to his studio Zoitrop founded in 1969, with whom he produced more than 30 films, including "Lost in Translation."

For the film of his daughter Sofia Coppola was nominated for an Oscar for directing. Goddard (79), a key figure of the French New Wave, but the first feature film "Until the last breath" from the 1959th marked by the movement and world cinema.

Wallach (94), who played in "The Magnificent Seven," "The Misfits" and "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," appears in the sequel film "Wall Street" Oliver Stone's "Wall Street: Money never sleeps."

Braunlou (72) is considered a leading expert on the history of silent films and their preservation.

Honorary Oscars are awarded for "outstanding achievements in his career, an outstanding contribution to film art and science or for special merits in the work of the Academy."

No Angels singer two years of probation

German pop star Nadia Benaisa (28), was sentenced today to two years probation for causing dangerous bodily injury, or the spread of HIV.

Sometimes globally popular singer of the German group No Angels threatened ten year prison sentence, but prosecutors in the final words said that it would be too much because Nadia admitted to having sexual relations without protection and had no intention of any infection.

Nadia says that her doctors said that the risk of transmitting the virus "practically zero".

"I'm sorry ... I wish I could come back time and prevent anything from that happen," says Nadia.

The singer since 1999. infected with HIV virus, and was arrested in Frankfurt last year when it was accused of causing dangerous bodily harm unnamed man whom he contracted HIV 2004th.

Cancer of the stomach and esophagus

Chinese experts announced that they have identified genetic mutations that appear in connection with cancer of the stomach and esophagus.

This discovery increases understanding of the origin of these two types of cancer and perhaps the possibility of a new therapeutic approach to these diseases.

Experts Sinsjeng University in Henan province, have analyzed the genes of 9053 people with esophageal cancer and 2766 patients with gastric cancer. In all patients consistently have occurred two mutations - PLCE1 location C20orf54 10q23 and 20p13 on the site.

It is obvious that these two mutations significantly contribute to the risk of cancer of the esophagus and stomach cancer among members of the majority Han Chinese people, as well as members of the Uighur-Kazakh population, the conclusion is a Chinese team, which managed the Li-Wang Dung.

In China, approximately half of the world register of cases of these two types of cancer. Stomach cancer is the second biggest killer among cancers, after lung cancer. Of it per year 803,000 people die worldwide from cancer of the esophagus and 400 000 people.

These two cancers are particularly common in those parts of China which consumes a lot of canned and salty foods, while eating less fruit and vegetables.

In the American study, conducted at the National Cancer Institute in Betesdi, a team of experts under the leadership of Christian Abneta is analyzing the DNA 2240 ethnic Chinese patients with gastric cancer and 2115 patients with esophageal cancer, found a constant occurrence of gene mutations PLCE1.

British scientists create "dry" water

Although it sounds like a contradiction, "dry" water does exist.

This substance, the fruit of research Dr. Ben Carter of the University of Liverpool, it looks like powdered sugar and could make a revolution in the way of using chemical products, says the London Telegraph.

Each particle of dry water contains water droplets, surrounded by sandy silicon layer.

In fact, 95 percent of the "dry" water is "wet" water.

Scientists believe that clean water could be used in the fight against global warming, so it would upijala carbon dioxide from greenhouse gases.

Tests show that water in the dry state that absorbs three times more carbon dioxide than regular water.

Dry water also can be effectively used for storage of methane and increase the potential energy sources of natural gas.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta are waiting for the boys

Actor par Kelly Preston and John Travolta are expecting a boy, announced today the magazine Pipl.

They celebrate the good news in early August with his closest friends at his home in Los Angeles.

Actor couple announced in early May to check the baby, and after numerous articles in the media if they were twins, were forced to deny.

"This baby is such a joy and comfort for them and comes at the right time," said one of their friends.

Kelly Preston (47) and John Tavolta (56) have a ten-headed daughter.

Their son Jet died in January 2009. when he was only 16 years.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nimbus S1000 device

A company that specializes in data storage Nimbus Data Systems has added a new model of its S1000 range storage device offering classes with solid state flash storage capacity of 10TB per shelf with a complete system can support up to 250TB total. This storage device is part of an attempt to bring the company Nimbus its range S-class in the high-performance computing segment, where flash-based storage is becoming more popular due to increase system performance. The company has also equipped the S-class systems with FlexConnect network hardware controllers that allow the storage systems to link speeds of up to 120Gbit / s.

ViewSonic VX2250wm

The company is coming ViewSonic interesting one to monitor and 21.5 "VX2250wm. This monitor offers dual inputs, slim profile, integrated speakers and a full HD/1080p resolution. Also, you should mention that this monitor as the manufacturer claims provides 10.000.000:1 dynamic contrast. The monitor has VGA, DVI and 3.5mm audio connections. Although the monitor has no HDMI port, there is the possibility of its connection through this connection by taking advantage of HDMI - to - DVI adapter. Despite some shortcomings, the smaller monitor is a very convenient solution when one bears in mind its djagonala the fact that there is a solution with integrated speakers.

Sky denies sale of Easynet

Although the company strongly deny the information Sky is preparing to sell a portion of the company, called Easynet, it is expected that this work will be fully completed until the end of the week. In fact, although both Sky and Easynet refused to comment on rumors of an alleged sale of Easynet's, based on information received from employees of Easynet in it can be concluded that the story on the sale of far advanced. Sky bought Easynet in 2005 for about $ 250 million in a bid to further its entry into the broadband Internet market. However, it remains to see if the next days will bring us new information about these rumors.

ThoughtWorks Studios Go

ThoughtWorks Studios is released on Tuesday Go, software to automate the entire building, testing and development process of software development projects. Organizations can use the Go to release software faster and more reliable, says the company. Go solve what is often one of the last problem when it comes to corporate IT, according to John Guerriere, vice president of ThoughtWorks Studios. The problem is that software can be waiting several months for delaying the development of organizational problems. Go is the successor to the company's products for managing software products under the name of Cruise, and it solves some problems that Cruise was not focused.

Siemens ST70

Samsung is one of the largest technology companies and has ogormne resources for innovation, design and production. As a result of the fact the company can quickly developing new products and adapts to the demands of the market. New product that comes from the company's ST70 digital camera. This model features high-quality 5x zoom lens, 14.2MP sensor, 2.7 "display resolution of 230,000 pixels and can record 720p video, and optical image stabilization. This is a very compact camera whose dimensions are 96.3 x 55.8 x 21.5mm and whose weight is only 137 grams. Quality of this device is excellent and he is available in blue, brown and silver.

HP patent trademark WebOS

HP is in the U.S. Patent and trademark protected name that could be the name of the forthcoming Tablet PC-based WebOS: Palmpad or PalmPad. This decision shows that the company was named by the Palm company recently purchased the HP is still very strong when it comes to tablet PCs, and HP is partly based on old lovers Tablet PC that is sure to Palm brand back to the past. The second part called Pad is obviously linked to the popularity of Apple iPad device, which is the first modern tablet computer on the market. The move means more HP and it is something that the Windows slate model obviously does not happen.

Microsoft Security Essentials beta

Microsoft has introduced in the early weeks of its free beta version of Security Essentials anti-malware software. The new version of the anti-virus software brings greater level of protection against network-based attacks. What's interesting is that the protection network has two parts and the Microsoft Security Essentials is now integrated with Internet Explorer in order to provide better protection against Web-based threats. In this way, the program prevents harmful scripts to run. The current version is capable of detecting such scripts when they are written into the Internet Explorer cache.

Investment in Trade

It is expected that Google Ventures announce its latest decision when it comes to investing in that $ 4.5 million will be invested in paid search intermediary for Trade. The third round of investment will be conducted by Google Ventures while previous investor, Foundry Group, to invest an additional $ 1.25 million. Trade creates great interest when it comes to small and medium-sized companies that are interested in paid surveys. As is the case with many other Google Ventures investment, paid search is something companies are usually decided because in this way generates almost two-thirds of revenues.

Firefox security patches

Mozilla earlier this week announced a security patch for Firefox and Thunderbird. Firefox 3.6.7 for Windows, Mac and Linux make patches for 14 security vulnerabilities, including the eight designated as critical, two are very important and four labeled as mediocre. Critical weaknesses include issues such as cloning and DOM attributes and arbitrary remote code execution and weak points in the plugin parameters. In addition, provided a few repairs when it comes to stability. Thunderbird 3.1.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux fixes a vulnerability that leads to the collapse of the e-mail client.

HP announced the HP 500 Slate

Despite the recent number of events happened between HP - Microsoft and HP as the company after buying the company sought to protect the Palm name PalmPad, it seems that the Windows Tablet PC the company still sees the light of day. Specifically, HP, the largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world is presented on your site tablet computer called HP Slate 500th This model features a screen diagonal length of 8.9 "and Windows 7 Premium operating system. HP Slate 500 has two cameras, one video and one for taking photos. From available information it is known that the computer uses the 1.2GHz processor clock.

Epson Stylus Office BX320FW

High-end Epson inkjet all-in-one printers are fast, economical and deserve all praise. The company strives to all the benefits of the said range switch in the middle range of models with Stylus Office BX320FW model. This model has many features that are typical for the series of 600-class models but at a lower price. This model does not have a slot for a memory card or PictBridge port, but has USB and Ethernet sockets on the rear. Wireless network connectivity is provided as standard with the establishment of network connections rather than easy. The printer can print only A4 size paper up to a maximum resolution printheads is 5760 dpi.

Mio online campaign won

Unlike other companies that use agencies to create their online campaign "I Love Green Cities" campaign to Mio was created and implemented with the help of internal Marco team. The campaign included a popular social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube in order to successfully attracted almost 400,000 visitors worldwide with more than 110,000 unique visitors in the course of just 60 days. Mio is the only company from Taiwan who won the "Viral Design" award at this competition. A total of 1687 projects registered in the iF Communication Design Award competition. The jury awarded a total of 499 times iF badge on 480 projects. Mio was awarded "Viral Design" in the category of digital media.

Wind12 U230 Ligth

MSI's leading manufacturer of computer products and solutions a few days ago introduced their new product which carries the light Wind12 U230 notebook computer that features a small 11.6''screen, as opposed to the 12.1''as the previous model had a label U230. In addition, the new model features AMD's second generation of ultra-thin platform and the company's latest operating system, 64-bit Windows Home Premium. The official statement issued by the company states that this product is a great combination of excellent performance, high-definition screen and full keyboard for a true feeling of notebook computers with an ultra-thin design.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Microsoft to dismiss workers

Microsoft has started in mid-week, releasing a number of employees that should not lead to massive job cuts taking place. The official representative of Microsoft said that it was standard procedure that is performed each time when the company begins a new fiscal year that began this way first July. The official representative is still no action on this issue so the number of employees who get fired are still unknown. However, this fact will be known when Microsoft released a financial report in which it is reflected as well as the departure of two top experts and cancellation Kin phone.

PowerColor PowerJack Accessories

The company reached a nice addition PowerColor graphics cards in the form of special brackets to your latest video card to shore up its weight will not be affected negatively or the card itself or on other components in the chassis of your computer. New premium graphics cards becoming more powerful and all but bulkier and heavier. However, a few screws and motherboard are often not severe enough to keep the card. Right here on the scene comes backed mention that the PowerColor presented. It provides support to the back of the card where it is and need. Thanks to the setting, the amount of supports can be adjusted between 61.25 and 150mm.

Coolermaster RS-S100-KKN2

If you decide to buy one of the new GeForce GTX card just before you take care of other system components, particularly on housing supply and as the cards of the series pretty trošadžije. When it comes to the GeForce GTX 465 NVIDIA card the company soon plans to introduce it's a pro Fermi solution for mainstream processors. With this card, we recommend Coolermaster RS-S100-KKN2 housing. This case in terms of cooling performance meets the needs of the GTX 465, where the main problem is that at full load operation of this card becomes a bit noisy. It comes into the chassis design that effectively solves the problem mentioned.

FIFA 11 in September

EA has announced that FIFA 11 will be the beneficiaries of 28 September. Players in the USA game will be able to play from the 28th September and the PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, DS and PSP consoles, while the players in Europe have to wait several days to 1 October, when will it be available and the Wii version. FIFA 11 will be the second game in this football franchise, which will be released during calendar 2010. Before the game appeared and 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, which covered the World Cup. The game will feature the company according to the advanced customization options of players in the PS3 and Xbox 360

Canon firmware updated

Canon has released new versions of firmware for its EOS-1D Mark IV and EOS Rebel T2i/550D digital SLR cameras. Firmware versions are marked for both models 1:08 fixes a bug in the movie mode. Update for EOS 1D Mark IV also corrects errors that were observed in the menu in French and Spanish. As for some of these crucial improvements in the firmware in there. The latest version of firmware for Canon cameras can be downloaded for free at Canon's Web site for the owners of these cameras. These are two models that are among the best SLR offers the company.

HP dm1z

HP has started delivering the new 11.6 "notebook PC Pavilion dm1z. This model has the new AMD Athlon and Turion II Neo Neo II processors range from single-core Athlon models clock to 1.7GHz dual-core Turion 1.3GHz clock models. In addition to the main processor of the computer configuration includes 2GB of system memory but users can optionally decide for 3 or 5GB. Also, the new HP dm1z can be fitted with a hard drive to 500GB capacity, or solid state drive to 128GB capacity. The graphics in this model is provided by the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225 graphics solution that allows extended battery life.

Nintendo and Sony added 3G

NTT DoCoMo president Ryuji Yamada said that some companies have in their product range handheld console could soon add to 3G data option. He did not want to specify the name of the company or companies that are planning the introduction of this option but it is assumed that this could be Sony and Nintendo for their handheld console. He stated that this option could be implemented either internally or through a 3G-to-Wi-Fi routers as Novatel's mifi. The most likely candidate to facilitate these functions could be Nintendo 3DS as confirmed by the engineers at Nintendo.

Look to the future of Firefox

Mozilla has released the first beta release of Firefox 4 earlier this week when it introduced a new interface design for Windows broader audience, support for multiple technologies that are intended to be of crucial importance for Web search in the future as well as future plans to update these be more aggressive than they were the ones in the past. Firefox 4 beta 1 release is available for Windows, Mac and Linux devices and the first official insight into the future of the world's second most popular search engines. Editing sites in the first beta version of the most obvious and probably will take some time to get used to these users.

3D-enabled Sony Cyber-shot camera

Sony on Monday unveiled three Cyber-shot cameras of which two are the first point-and-shoot models that support 3D. WX5 and TX9 can create a panorama modes to create 3D images that can be seen in the appropriate computer or TV via HDMI, including the option out. One of the new features offered by this model is such that it provides 15 different angles to create 3D images that can simulate 3D even if the 2D display device. Both models have a backlit illuminated 12.2MP CMOS sensor that can improve their sensitivity in low lighting conditions, a key effect of the multi-shot photo effects.

YouTube for dominance

The world's largest video Web site has a desire to dominate everywhere where the contents can be viewed and created. YouTube is already a leader online and in mobile field and the company firmly established its horizons in the living rooms of users. During the presentation of its new product called Lenaback, the company said its future direction, and in addition were presented and upgrade these to their mobile site that has more than 100 million video playback in the day. Quan Yong, senior director of production for Leanback states that this product is most likely that YouTube has to realize his wishes.

E-books are read more

Although the manufacturers of e-books have made all the experience of reading these books to be promoted and even with that when it comes to printed books, recently completed research shows that the e-book readers need more time to finish reading this book than is the case with those people who read print books. Jacob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group representatives, tested three different methods of reading e-books and PC, Kindle 2, iPad, and then compared the results with the results received by the people who read print books and for the main short reading test taken Ernest Hemingway story.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The new company HTML5

Charles Jolley, one of the primary creator of SproutCore programming tools for building rich Web applications, the company left Apple and founded his own company, which will be based on the aforementioned technology. Jolley is opening his own company announced during maintenance Strobe Digital Publishing, and on this occasion said that the company will continue to develop SproutCore, SproutCore offer training but will focus on publishing. SproutCore, which is used in Apple's MobileMe products, will remain open-source software, said Charles Jolley.

Netflix Expands

Netflix has signed a crucial agreement with Relativity Media, whose goal is expanding the range offered by the film company. This agreement now allows you to get the rights for viewing via web streaming of film content that until now were only in the service who are paid such as HBO, Showtime and Starz and after only a few months from the official DVD release. Relativity has decided to break their natural step in the distribution of these films because it is a natural step in today's opening of the market and creating new trends in terms of hit movie content. One of the first films that will be available in this way is The Fighter. A Christian Bale.

Sony calls the creators of games to help

Since the time when it appears Sony PlayStation3 console among game makers is prevalent opinion that the console is too complicated to be developing games for it. It is precisely this reason and there is no such a large number of titles for this console as it is the case with other consoles. Sony has apparently pulled some experience in this bitter fact, and the people in charge of the management console Sony announced that in the future development of the hardware when it comes to the Sony PlayStation this company to a greater extent engage people in the world of creating games with the aim of creating a console that will enable relatively easy to create games.

Unlocker 1.9.0

If you've ever been in a position that you can not delete a file in Windows and you can not figure out which program uses it, Unlocker is the solution. If you message appeared that the system can not delete the file Unlocker is the solution. Simply right-click the folder or file that you want to delete and select Unlocker. If the directory or file is locked, a list appears Locker. Simply click Unlock and all files can be deleted. The new version brings full support for 64-bit operating systems and there are add a new location in several languages and also improved the user interface.

MySpace closely follows the situation

Bearing in mind that MySpace has agreed to with Google in terms of advertising at the end, the heads of these companies in any way trying to contract with a new business from companies including Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. Under the current agreement, Google has agreed to provide $ 900 million investment for the right to sell advertising content on MySpace and other sites. However, traffic and traffic to the site of the MySpace users are not at a satisfactory level by Google expected nor close one that was agreed in the agreement. MySpace is hoping the new contract in a bid to win more users.

View Engine for ASP.Net

Microsoft has recently completed work on the development of "View Engine" for their ASP.Net Web development platform that is optimized based on the HTML generated by a particular approach, according to a statement of official representatives of Microsoft. The public beta release of the View engine, with the working title of "Razor, should soon be presented. Scott Guthrie, Vice President of Microsoft Developer Division alleges that the View Engine and the fact that modules can implement different features of syntax and the other View Engine and is used with ASP.Net and have included Spark NHaml.

Impact tests on the sale of games

Executives of companies that create and issue the game often emphasize the importance of positive reviews and reviews of games and a recent survey Electronic Entertainment Design and Research provides one of the reasons why it is so. This study measured as reviews of games affect the perception of quality games, it intends to buy as well as the likelihood of other recommendations can be significantly increased by the positive reviews. The study included 188 participants. It was found that a group of participants who had previously read a positive review after the game had some time to play much better opinion of those who were announced to play a bad game criticism.

NOD32 Antivirus 4.2.58

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is the most effective protection that can be found in the fight against large amounts of Internet and e-mail threats. This tool provides a comprehensive antivirus and antispyware protection without affecting the performance of your computer. ESET NOD32 Antivirus proactively protects you from new attacks even during the first few hours after the emergence of new threats. It is one of the fastest antivirus solution and almost not even notice that this tool works in the background. It is a commercial trial version that makes repairs in the form of creating a temporary profile in the Windows 7 system, and added support for MS Outlook 2010, and has added detection for MS Outlook Click-to-Run 2010 installation.

Bluetooth 4.0

Although the first Bluetooth 3.0 enabled devices appear at the beginning of this year, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has been improved wireless standard by issuing technical specifications related to version 4.0. Bluetooth 3.0 has introduced the Enhanced Data Rate mode which allows greater bandwidth for faster transfer of files between devices. Using a technique known as Amp, Bluetooth 3.0 compatible devices can be achieved 802.11 Wi-Fi connection between two devices for data rates up to 24Mbps. The default rate for Bluetooth file transfer is only 721.2 Kbps.

Accelerometer for Chromium

In an effort to advance awareness when it comes to mobile Web applications and screens, Google has added accelerometer API for WebKit HTML renderer. APIs are based on DeviceOrientatin Event Specification, W3C Web standard draft, which describes the DOM events to monitor changes orientation and activities accelerometer. DeviceOrientation WebKit implementation of standards developed by the engineers of Google, Steve Block, who is one of the co-authors of this specification. Code was first introduced in the WebKit and during the month of May but was provided only for the Android platform and Google is preparing to play in the Chromium-a.

Blizzard Real ID

Blizzard's service lets you find your friends using your "Real ID", which is a very convenient way to provide your own name. We have to allow someone to be a friend Real ID so that it is very important that you choose your friends carefully. However, the company has added another catch and that is that if you want to post comments on Blizzard's official forums, you must use the Real ID so that for a number of subforums do not have the opportunity to comment on using an alias. This change will take effect before the presentation of StarCraft 2 at the end of this month.

Greater role for developers

In an attempt to be the next version of PlayStation consoles made more suitable for developers than the current version, Sony has sought the help of its developers, according to a report released by the executive director of the company. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony director of network game developer called WorldWide Studios, said that the first thing that Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, the done is to provide a hardware development for the Worldwide Studios. In this way, developers are expected to facilitate the work and presenting new opportunities to users.

Extras for Windows 7

For Windows 7 is available a significant number of free or cheap different plugins that allow you to adjust and customize the latest version of its Windows operating system to suit your needs. Among the useful add-ons for Windows 7 extract are an indicator of network activity in Windows 7, a free tool that shows events in your network and ability to manage what is happening, then 7Smoker Pro, a tool that costs $ 30 and that allows you to take control of numerous aspects of the way on to your Windows 7 look, there's Windows 7 management that allows optimization and clean your system, or control over running processes.

Exceed the record sales

Quanta Computer the world's largest manufacturer of notebook computers under the contract set a record in terms of delivery and income in the previous month, which is a strong sign that the technology produces more than selling well despite the problems with debt in some parts of Europe. Taiwan companies whose customers are among Sony, Dell, Hewlett-Packard this good result is attributed to different factors including lack of troubleshooting some components as well as the fact that some large customers of their orders ordered in June instead of July as it usually work. Quanta is in the last month delivered 4.2 million laptop computers.

New Xbox 360 to market

As Microsoft and announced some time ago, a new, smaller version of its console will soon be on sale. This console is first expected in Singapore and from 18 July. In terms of connectivity, the new console has a number of connectors and options - three USB connectors, Kinect connector, Ethernet port, AV, HDMI, S / PDIF (digital audio) and plug the power cord. Other features of the console include great black cabinet, storage capacity of 250GB, key on / off the touch sensor, integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi as well as compatibility with older accessories designed for the Xbox 360

Friday, July 9, 2010

Samsung chose Skyhook

Skyhook Wireless's Core Location Platform has been selected by Samsung for the inclusion of several devices the company. Skyhook, which is the first published this information said that the technology will be built in the first Wave Samsung phone. Wave Model S8500 is Samsung's first phone that uses Motorola's mobile Bada open platform for mobile phones. Skyhook says that his technology to locate attract new customers increased accuracy when it comes to determining the location. Skyhook's technology uses the daily readings of more than ten million mobile devices through the use of Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS readings.

Growth Capital SanDisk

SanDisk, one of the largest manufacturers of flash memory installed in portable devices, knows full well that the laws of supply and demand you to tailor fate. This company has been in a very bad situation because its shares are worth only $ 5 before 18 months only. Circle of happiness turned to the side as the SanDisk last month, SanDisk's shares worth $ 50 SanDisk flash memory provides the greatest names when it comes to portable devices such as Apple and its devices, but also by Google. However, the ups and downs to keep the event and hit the SanDisk so that this company has already prepared for the challenges of the market.

Wii selling well in Australia

When it comes to sales, the Nintendo Wii console is by far the most popular in Australia where the company has confirmed 1.79 million units of representation of the console in December 2006. Xbox 360 by comparison has sold a million units throughout Australia and New Zealand from the time of presentation while the PS3 has a customer base of 770,000 units. Also, the company confirmed that it has sold 1 million Wii Fit and Wi Fit Plus games. This means that more than half of the Wii console owners in Australia have the equipment to practice with the Wii console. Before Wii Fit very good sales in this country has recorded and Wii Play package, which has sold more than 900,000 units.

Producers fear of loss

Manufacturers of motherboards for computers fear for weaker demand than planned. Manufacturers are afraid that the sale, which is planned for the third quarter virtually impossible. However, despite weak demand vendors are hoping that the situation will improve during the Christmas and New Year holidays when traditionally good sales. It is obvious that a large number of manufacturers including Asustek, Asus, MSI, ASRock and ECS, recorded heavy losses during the second quarter and that they modify the forecasts of expected revenues when it comes to the next period.

Google does not believe in Facebook

Google believes that other social mree can become as big as Facebook. Matt Brittin, one of the leaders of this company for the UK says that Facebook is an absolute phenomenon but there are other social networks that can also be equally successful. He believes that the Internet will soon become more and more social place where people are becoming more involved in the use of social networks. Brittin refused to deny rumors that the company plans to launch yet another social network called Google Me. Google has launched a social network called Google Buzz earlier this year but it has not attracted the attention of users.

Buffalo MicroStation SSD

Buffalo company has unveiled a new way that facilitates the process of upgrading the hard drives. Instead of placing 2.5''enclosure with MicroStation SSD, the SATA 3Gb / s notebook drive has its own USB 2.0 port. What is the manufacturer warns that it is often not noticed because when you unpack MicroStation users at first think that this is a 2.5''internal SSD, as well as any other. What we offer is a 32 - 256GB MLC, flash storage capacity, 64 MB Ram cache and JMF612 JMicron controller and there is a mini USB port. In this way he provided a great saving of time because there is no need to first install the SSD in the case.

Windows 7 Codecs

Codecs Windows 7 is a group of codecs that you need for Windows 7 to play AVI, DVD and other formats. With Windows 7 package codec users have the ability to use any media player, to perform playback of movies and video clips. Streaming video is supported in several formats and all popular Web browsers. Recently introduced new, improved version of the codec that carries the Windows 7 Codecs 2.5.6 update and that makes filters for gabests 2099, to update ffdshow 3498, added the Cyberlink H264 decoder for LiveTV and improved the support for subtitles.


VIVOTEK company had noticed appearance at IFSEC 2010 EXPOSEC and events that presented their latest achievements when it comes to IP surveillance. In this event the company has received a significant number of positive and valuable feedback from visitors, especially when it comes to innovative megapixel network camera with H.264 compression, including IP8171 5MP, 2MP camera series and the new HD Mini Dome. The company was the same during the show and new technologies that allow monitoring under poor lighting conditions as well as central management software monitoring. A complete range of products the company VIVOTEK can be found at the site of this company.

MIO S605

Mio Moov S605 is a very high-quality model that is different from the majority not only in design but also by the quality of the selected material. Resistive screen has a diagonal of 5 inches and a resolution of 480 × 272nd Find a high quality with very good lighting display. The processor is well known to the Samsung 2450 400MHz paired with SiRFstar III chipset which has already proven to be very good and reliable choice. Even indoors Mio S605 has a satisfactory level signals. With the S605 model can get a complete map of the old continent. Of additional features that a particular model, there are video inputs, a special button to map the current location, 3D buildings and TMC support.

Intel Innovation Award

Intel has established Inelovu Award for Innovation (Intel Innovation Award) as part of its long-term plan to encourage initiatives of young entrepreneurs in Europe. During the annual competition in the accomplishments of young entrepreneurs (Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JA-YE) Europe Enterprise Challenge 2010) Intel has awarded the first prize for innovation Bulgarian IT company RS Consult BG Ltd. formed and governed by students. The winner is selected based on business case studies and evaluated based on criteria that included usability innovations to improve efficiency, increased market value, cost savings, socially beneficial market access and improved positioning.

Fujitsu Enhanced Dynamic cube

Fujitsu has announced the global availability of three new "x86" blade-server, blade server for PRIMERGY BX900 system known as "dynamic cube. New systems, including a blade server with four processor bearings, connecting effective hardware, services and solutions from Fujitsu offers dynamic infrastructure, with the latest Intel Xeon processor technology. New and refreshed blade-ins enable users to form a far more versatile systems and reduce costs, and expand the potential application scenario of their blade-server - from the Web server or terminal-server farms, with a lower threshold of performance, the server database and configuration for demanding applications.

Facebook is a great safety

Senior security engineer at a company that is Facebook odgvoran to the operation of the network despite the threats were so sure of their work to set challenging their colleagues to hack his work. It is, namely, set a challenge for my colleagues to hack Facebook administrative system through information obtained from his site. After two weeks, although it probably is not the time when all doigralo and his colleagues have managed to intercept the traffic through their home Wi-Fi network, after entice you to log in through false Wi-Fi SSID which was believed to be his own router.

Move selling Playstation

Sony's motion controller for their PS3 gaming console rose to a list of ten best-selling gaming accessories, according to, which is a great encouragement for innovative PS3 controller. Move the device works in conjunction with the special PlayStation Eye camera compatible, which allows games to utilize the entire range and depth of movement. Move is designed to be more sophisticated version of the Wii remote controls. And Microsoft Kinect controller also records the increase in order for him although it says it will not be available until the end of November and will appear in mid-September Move.

The EU considers the behavior of Google

EU Antitrust Body carefully consider allegations that sižu by certain companies in relation to Google that the company unfairly shows sites in search results. According to EU officials, this investigation is still in its early stages but the EU is more than aware of the importance of neutrality display of search results when it comes to online space. However, the EU is inclined to accept Google's explanation that it is difficult to remain a monopoly on the web since the nature of the Internet such that it allows powerful companies make it harder to those less access to new markets. A British and French companies have been complaining about the low ranking in Google searches.

PowerDVD 10.0.1830

PowerDVD is simply the best Blu-ray / DVD player today. He brings the capability to play vrthunskih Blu-ray and DVD movies on your PC. Also, the software brings support for the new HDMI 1.3 standard, which enables simultaneous transmission of up to eight channels of sound through one cable. The new version enables you to play 3D Blu-ray discs, DVDs and videos, convert 2D to 3D video using TrueTheather 3D features, benefits TrueTheather video technology enhancements to improve video playback in DVD and video files, use TrueTheather audio technology enhancements to improve the quality of sound, and allow the uplaod-ing videos on YouTube.

Rage won Game Critics Awards

After E3 event and were awarded Game Critics Awards. Committee for granting the award has been awarded a three-game prizes id Software's called Rage. On the other hand most of the glory and prizes picked up a new Nintendo portable console. Best of Show Award goes to 3DS, Nintendo Vu innovative portable console that support 3D display images without the need for special glasses. This console also received the award for the best hardware and blasting PlayStation Move Kinect motion controllers. Before voting, the game Rage is probably one of the favorites with five nominations, while Electronic Arts is the best publisher with four awards.

Samsung BX2350 and BX2335 Monitors

Samsung continues to develop technology, LED displays by offering customers environmentally oriented monitors with better angles and attractive designs. It monitors the mark BX 2350 and 2335 that offer 1080p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and excellent response time of 2ms. Also, in these monitors is available and a new feature called Magic Return. This feature allows the user to work with the monitor set them so that if one of the monitors turned off contents are immediately transferred to the latter. Samsung has not revealed any details regarding when it is expected that the availability of monitors as well as their price.

Piracy and the school

Association of American publishing house has announced that it sent warnings about copyright infringement to address almost 2 million Internet users in the U.S. as well as to address a vast number of colleges and schools in October 2008. Warning sent to educational institutions, points out that these institutions are an important factor in terms of the spread of piracy as pupils and students use the computer center schools and colleges in order to illegally exchange music. RIAA has even warned schools and colleges that they must stand in the way this phenomenon because in suporotnom could come to launch a lawsuit against these institutions.

Avant Browser Build 8 2010

Avant Browser is an application that is designed to expand features provided by IE. It adds a number of features and functionality of IE and its user interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency, while frequent upgrade increases the reliability of these applications. Avant Browser is a completely free, there are no limitations in themselves do not contain any Adware or Spyware. The new version has several fixes relating to the fact that press Alt + F4 will not lead to the abandonment of search engines, while resolved a problem that manifested to the key words that are listed in the search results are inconsistent with those entered in the address bar.

AMD invests in companies

Advanced Micro Devices wants to invest in technology companies as it attempts to build hardware and software ecosystem around its forthcoming Fusion CPU, according to an official statement the company issued in the course of yesterday. The chip maker will invest in software companies that are engaged in the development of applications that unbridled possibilities of parallel processing of CPU and graphics processing units to increase system performance, said John Taylor, director of the Department of Fusion Marketing at AMD, in addition, they will be investing in the hardware business.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dell in the new shopping

Dell buys Scalent, provider of software for managing server virtualization. Terms and conditions currently are not published. Dell plans to incorporate Scalent's software management infrastructure in its Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) software package for data centers. Scalent's Infrastructure Manager software package provides the ability to manage physical and virtual servers without any physical changes within the network. It can work with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V hipervizorima. The company has its software characterized as ideal for fast and dynamic development of server and tools of recovery in case of emergencies.

HP 110 and Mini 210 netbook

Hewlett-Packard has updated its Mini 110 and 210 models of netbook computers so that they are now available with a choice of Intel Atom N455 and 475 processors. These processors add these models compatible DDR3 memory, which is now available by default. Optional Atom N475 processor delivers clock of 1.88GHz, but in this case you will have to pay an additional $ 25 The default configuration model 110 with 1GB of memory costs $ 280, while the basic configuration of HP Mini 210 model sells for $ 330th

Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120% is a powerful Windows software to burn CD and DVD that makes it easy to create backup versions on DVD and CD media. In addition, this program allows you to store commonly used as a CD image on your computer so that you can call them whenever you want with just one mouse click. Recently released the new version that carries the Alcohol 120% Alcohol brings new audio converter, patch for the problem that is manifested by Copy Wizard did not work, as well as a patch for a problem that is brought up to printing "No space on disk" errors. In addition to these, is available and a number of other fixes and improvements.

GeForce GTX 460 for $ 199

Performing graphics chipset companies NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 could cost $ 199th This significant reduction in cost could be afforded by the fact that this card use 768MB video memory as opposed to 1GB in other models the latest series of nVidia cards. It is expected that this card will be presented to 12th July, although it is not official. As expected, this card should provide performasne better than his nearest competitor ATI Radeon HD 5830, despite the greater amount of memory that this card has. GeForce GTX 460 with 1GB of video memory should bear the name of the GeForce GTX 465 and should cost between $ 230 and 250th

The concept of Canon cameras Wonder

Canon is confident that it has managed to create a single lens that have the ability to record a very short distance, so. macro shots up to those with a focal length of 5000mm. Canon's all it managed to pack in a very compact device that also features a fully-based interface to the touch and extremely high-resolution sensor with advanced image stabilization. All this allows you to record with a zoom lens but much better than otherwise possible. Canon is an option for your Wonder decided to allow only the video recording as how the company says is necessary to take photos when the video can be recorded with the same quality.

Cooler Scythe Ninja 3

The Japanese company that specializes in cooling solutions, Scythe, was recently officially unveiled long-awaited successor Ninja 2 Rev. B CPU cooler. New Scyte Ninja 3 CPU cooler is already displayed in the maintenance of the CeBIT 2010 in March of 2010 and what it offers is a streamlined design and improved performance compared to the previous model, both in terms of active and passive in terms of operations. Optimized structure of the aluminum washer allows, in combination with eight copper heatpipes in the form of letters, increased heat dissipation from 7% for passive operation compared with the previous model.

FrostWire 4.20.7

FrostWire, Gnutella Peer-to/Peer client, is a joint effort of a large number of Open Source and freelance developers around the world. Using the latest version of FrostWire users to enjoy the great features of this program. Weak points are reported in the previous versions are fixed, and each user FrostWire 2.5 or an earlier version to make sure the next version update. In addition to the provided patches for known vulnerabilities, the new version brings upgraded to protect against spam results and the source package (. DSC) for Debian / Ubuntu.

Sony prepares PS3 160GB slim

Sony has a few days ago expanded the options for which will make it "slim" PS3 console which will increase storage capacity and offer more colors in the console. This will be in the Japanese market from 29 July appear slim PS3 console in white and with 160GB of storage capacity, which will also have the dual shock controller. Price of the console should be about $ 341 and its equipment package will be similar to the black version of the console. The company is planning for the same date and upgrading high black 320GB model will cost $ 398th Its characteristics are not significantly different from those that have an earlier model with 250GB of storage capacity.

Beijing against online players

China has about 400 million Internet users and a quarter of them are avid players of video games, according to the China Internet Network Information Center. Despite this vast market, the government is constantly conducting a campaign against online gaming. The value of shares Employers Tencent, which is a Chinese leader in Web-based games has fallen by 23% this year. Other companies have recorded even greater losses. Young Chinese people love to play video games, but are not able to. The government provides a range of different measures have to respect the game and also when it comes to registration of the social network for game rules require registration with the right name.

Notepad + + 5.7

Notepad + + is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Works in MS Windows environment and is used under the GPL license. It is based on a powerful editing component called Scintila and is written in C + + and uses the Win 32API and STL which ensures high speed performance and small size of the program. Optimizing a large number of routines possible without losing ease of use, Notepad + + is can run on almost any computer. New features of the upgrade-5.7-e Scintillla to version 2.12, add features, "Inverse bookmark, and repair of detected several known bugs that lead to the closure of the file.

No plans for the development of IOS Games

Executive Director of Nintendo Satoru Iwata has dismissed the idea that we develop content for Apple's IOS devices. Iwata during the rejection of this idea took the position that represents the company itself said that Apple and Nintendo games are inseparable from the company's hardware. Different hardware is not compatible with the features offered by Nintendo games and their own team or the result would not be satisfactory. This issue was on the agenda of the shareholders of the company came through who were interested to hear that Nintendo would be interested to offer their games and other "interesting" platforms. This company has the largest dedicated mobile gaming DS paltformu note series.

How Google may surpass Facebook

It's no secret that Google wants to create a network that will društvneu nekin way to protect the capital of the company when it comes to advertising in relation to Facebook because Facebook is gaining popularity, and advertising on it becomes more logical. What is it that Google can do to create a social network that will be able to rival Facebook? This question asked by many but the response to it will not come so soon, at least for Google to present his vision of social networks. Will it be simpler network of Facebook, a policy with better coverage? It is not known for now, but the fact that Google is working on this issue and soon we can expect a response.

Asustek give up some products

Asustek plans to withdraw from the production of some of its motherboards and graphics cards and their production company give Elitegroup Computer Systems, as part of attempts to expand its policy of reducing dependence Pegatron Tecnology company while increasing their profitability. Asustek declined to comment on these allegations, but the company recently expanded its strategy of leaving certain products and technology companies entering into an agreement with Foxconn Electronics and Quanta Computer as its manufacturing partner for notebooks and Eee PC models, including Foxconn's as their OEM manufacturer.

Standardized power for laptops

Big names industry laptop to work on plans that will standardize the power of portable computers. So companies such as Asus, Acer, Quanta, Compal and Pegatron think that made stnadardizaciju supply. If something happens like this could be a major step that would facilitate the use of portable computers. However, we should not think that everything will go easily. Comparisons to standardize chargers for the phones began several years ago, but still no results. Laptop manufacturers are all nervous because the last month or two there was a slight decrease of sales of computers so that every innovation welcomed.

Vista Codec Package 5.7.8

This is a package of codecs that you need to play AVI and DVD content as well as many others. This package does not contain a media player and is not connected directly to any file format. It contains a package of codecs that are installed in your operating system so that you will be able to play the desired content via any media player that supports that type of content. Streaming video is also supported by all popular Web browsers. The new version brings Gabest codecs package filter versions 2099, 3498 improved ffdshow as improved stability with respect to subtitle's.

Millions of fans on Facebook

Lady Gaga has become the first living person who has more than 10 million fans on Facebook. According to the latest research for the online site statistics Famecount, it has recently exceeded the number of fans of U.S. President Obama. Despite this success, she's still in sixth place when it comes to general concepts and people who are fans of Facebook's users. More fans of Lady Gaga-e have a Texas Hold 'em Poker, the late Michael Jackson, playing Mafia Wars, I have Facebook, as well as the American series Family Guy. According to the company Famecount, Lady Gaga fan base-will be doubled this year but is still growing rapidly.

Apple loser in China

Vice President of Lenovo, which produces computer says that Apple is losing a great opportunity in the territory of China and all the blame for this falls back on a Steve Jobs. Liu Chuanzhi said that they are in fact very happy about the fact that Jobs has a bad temper and it is not really a concern for China by claiming that, if Apple spent as much time and effort in the Chinese market, Lenovo as it does, it is certain that Lenovo would not have been favorable position. What is also apparent is a rather poor iPhone sales in the territory of China where it sold only 100,000 devices on 144 million total subscribers in China.

PS Move Bio Hazard 5 Alternative Edition

Sony has announced two packages that include a controller for the PlayStation Move the Japanese market. Japanese PS3 fans will be able to choose between the PlayStation Move Bio Hazard 5 Alternative Special Edition Pack and Move PlayStation BIG 3 GUN shooting Perfect package. PlayStation Move Alternative Bio Hazard 5 Special Edition Pack consists of a PlayStation controller Move movement, the PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move supported software titles, such as Bio Hazard 5 Alternative Edition by CAPCOM CO., LTD. In Japan, the PlayStation Move will be presented to 21st October is a month later than it will be introduced in the U.S..

Friday, July 2, 2010

QNAP extends the capabilities of the server

QNAP Systems, has announced an update for NAS management software that is embedded in the company's products as Turbo NAS firmware. A new update version 3.3 provides many new features and improvements for ordinary business users as well as current and older models of Turbo NAS server by helping customers to maximize their investments in the QNAP NAS models for expansion of their properties owners at no cost. New update 3.3 brings Multimedia Station 2, a comprehensive application to play music, videos and pictures. There is also support for QMobile App for iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch users as well as the Live Update feature to update the firmware.

MGS: Rising planned as a series

When Hideo Kojima unveiled the latest trailer for Konamijevu long-awaited Metal Gear Solid: Rising game during E3, many of those who watched this trejer wanted more information. According to the currently available information kreatri this game want to make the whole series, or at least three games in which the main character be a cyborg ninja Raiden. The creators say that MSG: Raising not conceived as a side project but as MSG series. Raiden was chosen for the main character because it made perfect protagonist that his sword can do whatever he wants. The game is expected this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Avast! Free Antivirus 5.0.594

Avast! Free Antivirus is the best FREE antivirus protection currently available on the market. This version is free for non-commercial and home use. Its features include a built-in anti-spyware, Web shield, built-in anti-rootkit, automatic updates, a strong self-protection, antivirus kernel, system integration, simple user interface, integrated Virus Cleaner, support for 64-bit Windows, and much more. The new version brings improved interaction with the Windows System Restore, pending trial related to the license files, added feature activation code, and solved a problem in which there is a slowdown in Avast.

Toshiba e-book store

Toshiba has unveiled a commercial for the upcoming online shop e-book - Toshiba Book Place. Software for the use of this site will be delivered pre-installed on the company's notebook computers along with a collection of free samples knjga. The portal is one of the first is based on Blio platform. Blio based software will allow users to read content that is entirely in color, was that there is a view that displays the entire contents of books or a mode that displays only the text. This tool provides options for adding text or voice notes, read speed and adjusts the font size and allows translation from and into English.

Google attack on Facebook

Web spread speculation that Google is working on a website that could be a direct competitor Facebook. These rumors were spread online when the founder of Digg's Kevin Rose tweet respected stating that it is from a trusted source got the information that Google is working on social networking site called Google Me, which would be a competitor to Facebook. Rose did not offer any more information on what is written for Google declined to respond to this information. Analysts agree that for now this is just another rumor that is constantly circulating in the industry especially when it comes to current issues such as social networks.