Saturday, September 25, 2010

Secret code for the Da Vinci code

The hidden key to the decipherment allegedly najskrovitije secrets of Renaissance genius, is in the rare skill: he wrote with his left hand from behind and from right to left, and to read effortlessly. To read the records, others have used the mirror. But he was endowed with unusual ability once again, as well as our Nikola Tesla.

How is it ingenious and subtly missed Dan Brown?

For neodgonetnutom secret of Leonardo da Vinci, which is centuries pretrajala, searching is apparently in the wrong place. And she has wings - no less, no more - the only key to unlock the hidden code that is read spisatelj allegedly found in something else.

Is it just recently scientists discovered?

Many journalists and writers have stepped up their pens (or ulubili buttons on the keyboard), trying to challenge or support one of the best selling book in the world.

Renaissance genius (painter, scientist, engineer, inventor, architect, and who knows what else), who is himself said that "a man without a diploma," was endowed with a rare ability: the left hand is effortlessly back and wrote from right to left , so that his manuscripts (for life is not slovce published) can read only in the mirror.

If you think that anyone can, type whatever comes to your mind and turn to the mirror. As you yourself make sure after who knows how many attempts.

And what is the secret of secrets now?

Seven to ten percent of the adult population belongs to the left-handed, and many were also reported and how to write backwards. But still not able to discern scrambled impressions or ogledalske images, although for the youngsters to a common phenomenon, it was announced recently at the European Symposium neuroscientist.

Teaching adults requires reading, however, that the brain center of vision (visual center) undergo a serious change, including the forgotten art of mastering the subject and its reflection recognized as identical.

Known cognitive scientist Stanislas Deaen, a professor at the College of France, it is believed that the brain area which included such, people need skills in the recent evolutionary past has changed its original purpose. Studies suggest that a tiny section of the visual system takes effect (activated) perception of written words, so he called it the visual field of word formation.

In the meantime, the widely debated to what extent it is refined (specialized) to recognize words, and hence also for answering the picture. French researcher believes that by recognizing the subject turned to the recognition of words.

Just a fraction of the center of this vision could be responsible for ensuring that individual to receive recognize yourself in the mirror, even a reflection of the tiger, which is a big advantage in evolutionary survival. Not only that: it's crucial to read, and could shed light on why kids make mistakes, professionally called "early ogledalsko reading.

Previously, it was assumed that only the dyslexic children (unable to read) tends to confuse B and D and P and Q and, from time to time, write their names backwards. Later it turned out to be no other that do not differ.

A mistake caused a very simple reason: when they begin to learn reading, children must, first, referred to forget the old skills, important for survival. I agree that it is so specified area in adults should be insensitive as to which of the two "ogledalskih picture" perceived when it comes to describing and sensitive to the distinction between words and letters seen. That is confirmed by the recordings, the brains mature literate people, made functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Some ways of writing, such as two-way Greek (alternate lines read in opposite directions), supporting the described favor,, expressed before each literacy. The same finding is true, in fact, for most of the alphabet. How to cope illiterate monkeys?

The concerned area in the monkey brain is very sensitive to certain forms of identification - say, to Y, T and L, testified as other researchers. When the line connection to the letters he saw in nature, makes it easy to navigate in space: if an object in front of or behind another. The human brain differs from ancient times these forms, so letters are similar to the widely represented in all the alphabet.

I own literacy is, in its own way, influenced the change of the brain, highlights Stanislas Deaen, which is backed by comparing the response of literate and illiterate adults. At parties, for example, observed different expressions. Reading is, apparently a result of improvement of visual perception.

In any case, it is never too late: a similar brain response appears in adults and children when they start to Srića letters.


And Nikola Tesla

When Leonardo da Vinci wrote about the mixing of sounds, smells and other sensory reception in his ideal garden, you probably saopštavao sinestezičko view (sinestezija - the ability of a nenadraženog senses to feel the irritation other senses).

Many artists, scientists and inventors say that the sinestezija source of their inspiration. While the philosopher John Locke considered the first who was capable of sinestetički experience, perhaps Aristotle and Pythagoras owed his great knowledge of exactly this power.

Do not forget our Nikola Tesla, the writer Vladimir Nabokov, physicist Richard Feynman, a painter Wassily Kandinsky and so on.

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