Thursday, September 30, 2010

Found the most similar planet Earth!

Astronomers find a planet that most resembles the Earth than any that have so far investigated, calling it Glis 581G (Planet Gliese 581G). This planet is three times larger than Earth, orbiting a star that is 20 light years from Earth.

Planet Glis 581G is located in the region of space which is neither too hot nor too cold, the system Glis 581, so liquid water could have easily formed the oceans, lakes and rivers. Because of these conditions, but some scientists claim discovery of these planets are closer to the possibility that in future a planet colonized by Earth, reports the Daily Mail. "

Scientists say the planet probably has an atmosphere and gravity similar to that on Earth, and could be fit for life. The discovery came three years after astronomers discovered another planet orbiting the same star, but is less chance that it could be inhabited.

2:14 minutes of video that is before you, you can see what the scientists tell the newly found planet ...

Mass indicates that probably a shady planet. Glis 581G is located in the constellation Libra. Its orbital period is 37 days.

One side of the planet always faces the light, while the other is in darkness. The average temperature of the planet is between minus 31 degrees Celsius and minus 12 degrees.

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