Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama: committed a big step, much remains to be done

Leaders of Group of 20 (G20) announced on Friday after a meeting in Pittsburgh that made great progress in joint efforts to prevent the financial collapse of global and stressed that has a lot to be done.

Addressing after the summit, where they met the presidents or prime ministers of most developed economies and major developing countries, U.S. President Barack Obama said that the agreement was reached to keep the program help to ensure the recovery of world economy.

"Financial markets have again revived and we prevent the crisis spread further to the developed world. However, we all know that there are still a lot to be done," said Obama, who was the host of the gathering in Pittsburgh.

Obama added that the coordinated action prevented the loss of millions of jobs and the world returned to the road of economic responsibility.

"Ideći forward we can no longer tolerate the economy bankruptcy that was characteristic of the past," Obama said at a news conference, adding that if it wants to achieve economic growth, more must not be lenient and wait for a crisis to cooperate.

G20 leaders agreed, and about the banks do not allow multi-year bonus system, because that way is risky business investments.

Instead, banks will have to adapt to the system and its link to long-term business decisions on investments. This will reduce the risk and global recession.

BBC seeks host more than 50 years

BBC journalist seeks older than 50 years that could lead news in which men predominate today, said the British public service on your site.

BBC several times been accused of age discrimination, especially when it comes to women, and the last case that caused the controversy was when the 66-year-old Arlene Phillips place judges in the show "Dancing with the Stars" had to cede half younger Alicia Dixon.

BBC spokesman said that the TV wants to have the best leaders for their news program "that will be chosen from various communities and age groups.
"It is important to reflect the audience watching us. It is a problem that faces not only the BBC, but all other television," he added.

Three Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes

TEL AVIV - Three Palestinian militants were killed in an Israeli air strike on Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, the Palestinian doctors tell the Israeli army.

Israeli military spokesman said that vazduhoplvne forces "targeted and register to be affected by the three terrorists who were on their way to fire rockets at southern Israel. The same sources said that three Palestinians primećana as unloaded a large number of missiles that are preparing for an attack on Israel.

The Army also announced today that the Palestinians killed belonged to the same group that fired missiles, "Qassam" to Israel for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which started on 18 September. Islamic Jihad said that three of these organizations were killed Džabalija end of the refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip.

G20 takes office G8

At the summit the leaders of 20 most developed countries and major developing countries (G20) in Pittsburgh, on the initiative of U.S. President Barack Obama, it was decided that the G20 is "Steering Committee" for global economic cooperation. This role is more than three decades played the first part of the G7 U.S., Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada, and later after the G8 associated and Russia.

Group 8 will, however, continue to meet, but their limited themselves to questions of common interest such as security issues, while the world economy moves to the level of G20.

Limited bank bonuses

Leading developing countries expect to obtain the right to vote in the Governing Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), because they feel that are underrepresented in comparison to European countries. China is so far considered the state that is least represented in the G20 with only 3.7 percent of the voting rights when, for example, France has 4.9 percent of the voting rights.

The Pittsburgh is agreed on the proposal to limit the compensation of banking, but by the end of this year. These actions G20 would later oversee the financial committee composed of representatives of central banks.

- Parallel to the continuation of the recovery, we are committed to adopt measures necessary to create a foundation for strong, sustainable and uniform growth in the 21 century. We understand that we have to act strongly in order to overcome the profound legacy of the recent global economic crisis and to help people cope with the consequences of the crisis. We want growth without cycles of expansion and decline of the markets that encourage responsibility, and not negligence - it was stated the draft summit conclusions.

Help the poor

Within the Group of 20, however, there is no agreement when the country should begin to abolish the stimulation of the economy and how much control should the international community have over the financial markets of individual countries.

In addition, the leaders agreed on the fact that the World Bank's request to develop a new Guardianship Fund to support the new Initiative for the food security of poor countries.

- Increase, on a voluntary basis, funding for programs bringing clean energy to the poorest. We also agreed to gradually abolish subsidies to fossil fuel production that encourages wasteful spending and undermines efforts to combat climate change - have pointed to the leaders of G20.

Portuguese come out on general election

The campaign for tomorrow's parliamentary elections in Portugal's two largest rivals, the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Jose Socrates and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), was represented by diametrically opposite positions, according to recent polls, ruling socialists in benefits for eight percent compared to main competitor.

Socialist Party will, according to opinion polls that were released yesterday, Portuguese media, however, escape the absolute majority they have in the current session of Parliament.

Prime Minister José Sócrates (52) promised a modern Portugal with liberal social values in which, if you win, would be to legalize gay marriages. It was during his term, but facilitate procedures for the approval of abortion.

Sócrates is a big proponent of public works and plans to build a new airport in Lisbon, as well as fast track that connected the main cities of Portugal and Spain.

His main konkurentkinja Manuela Ferreira Leite (68), leader of the strongest opposition party, center-right SPD against the legalization of same sex marriage, against the public works and especially against the fast track leading to the neighbor.

"Defend the interests of Portugal, which is the Spanish provinces," said Ferreira Leite during the televised debate with Socrates.

Promised to cancel Sokratešov "deal" with Madrid if you become Prime Minister, not only because it believes that the agreed work used more Spanish than Portugal, but also because it believes that the government spends nezajažljivo and enters into debt.

Ferreira Leite, a former minister of economy, challenging the prime expertise, machine engineers when it comes to finances. She stresses that the budget deficit grown to six percent of gross domestic product, which is twice more than what allows the European Union.

Sócrates, however, applies to veštijeg speakers and leaders who harizmatičnijeg public works wants to encourage economic growth.

"I know where the water policy proud loneliness ... Leads to backwardness, poverty and regression, "said Sócrates during the campaign.

Unlike the prime minister that the election rallies appeared in jeans, Ferreira Leite likes to keep saying the mass, and claims that "the purpose of the birth families of children."

Portuguese parliament has 230 seats. Polls show that the socialists win the 100 and the SDP 80 seats. List "Portugal njuz" appears that neither side will not be easy to form a ruling coalition.

SDP could in coalition with demohrišćanima, which is believed to be able to win between five and eight percent of the votes

Left block Trotskyites, and Maoist could win the support of nine to 11 percent of voters, but he has already rejected the entry into government with the Socialists. The association claims that the Socialists gave up on the left-wing ideas, including adopting a law that makes it easier to dismiss workers.

Pregnant during pregnancy

Pregnant Julia Grovenberg surprised the doctors who were on routine medical examination discovered the miracle - she was pregnant and during pregnancy carries two babies one of which is several weeks old.

Todd and Julia Grovenberg came to the appointment and expect to see the baby on the ultrasound eight weeks old. However, they are shocked when told that Julia became pregnant with another baby two and a half weeks after, but remained pregnant.
"When the doctor said that baby number two has a very healthy little heart beats completely I become mute. The ultrasound is clearly seen that one baby is more developed than others. We are both shocked, and then we tried to understand what happened and when, said Julia, adding that the couple feels blessed because there is something so rare and they are both completely healthy baby.

Experts say such cases are very rare and occur only one year in the whole world.
"This is very unusual because when you become pregnant, balance your hormones change drastically. These changes lead to a cessation of ovulation and prevent a new pregnancy. However, sometimes it happens and this," said gynecologist Patrick O'Brien for the "Sky".
He added that usually indicates that twins do not develop evenly, but the methods and Julie Grovenberg it is not.

American couple is already named their babies - girls will be called Gillian, a boy Hudson, and that matters more čudnija terms are in different years - the older the child should be born end of 2009. years and younger at the beginning of 2010th year. However, Julian wants the children rode together, were Caesarean, whether natural way in December.

The suicide attack in Pakistan killing five, injuring 41 people

At least five people were killed while 41 wounded in suicide attack on a police station that was made today at the place of Banu in northwest Pakistan, police said.

Suicide bomber was lifted into the air truck full of explosives in front of the police station on the outskirts of town. The fear is that the number of victims could be higher, because the explosion destroyed not only buildings that held the police station, but several surrounding houses.
The explosion of the 24 policemen and wounded 17 civilians, including women and children, said Mohammad Farid, deputy chief of police, told the Reuters.
Banu is located near the tribal areas North Vaziristan which borders Afghanistan where the Taliban and al Qaeda members have found refuge.
The rocket attack American unmanned aircraft in the North Vaziristanu in Thursday night killed 12 Afghan extremists near the house of a Taliban commander.

Poland: Mandatory chemical castration child rapists

Lower House of Polish Parliament adopted today the law on compulsory chemical castration of convicted of raping children younger than 15 years, or close relatives.

Center-right government proposed the law because of a series of cases in which fathers raping their daughters. Also from 12 to 15 years increases the maximum sentence for the rape of children under the age of 15 years.
The law requires that people convicted of raping children younger than 15 years of taking medication to control sexual drive, known as chemical castration.
Drugs will be issued in the prison hospital or medical center.

In cases of rape of minors, ages 15 to 18 years, the court will decide whether the convicted person be subjected to chemical castration. The law will also apply to perpetrators who raped her close relatives, and the term is not precisely defined.

In Poland, until now the procedure applied on a voluntary basis.
The law should potvdi Upper House of Parliament and signed by President of Poland Lech Kačinski.

Bin Laden asks Europe to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

DUBAI - The leader of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, asked today by European countries to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, poručivši they sacrifice manpower and money in an unjust war that the U.S. lead in that country.

"We are not asking anything unjust.'s Up to you to end injustice and withdraw its troops (from Afghanistan)," said bin Laden in the audio message on a Islamist website, entitled to - "Message to the people of Europe."

"Shameful to be part of the Alliance, whose leader does not care for shedding the blood of human beings intentional bombing of villages," said the leader of Al Qaeda in the message that subtitling in German and English.

Bin Laden said that "an intelligent man spends his money and his sons for a gang of criminals in Washington," the cheapest agency.

Al Qaeda leader was the last time, "Listed" the American people a few days after the eighth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States, 11 September 2001.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mahmoud Abbas: The problem is Netanyahu

TEL AVIV - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he will not give up the demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state in peace negotiations that the U.S. is trying to renew. Will not agree to a Palestinian request to renew the negotiations basing on the need for withdrawal of recognition of Israel on the border of the 1967th
- I told Abu Mazen (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) to believe that peace depends first of his willingness to stand before his people and said: "We are committed to the recognition of Israel as a nation state of the Jewish people" - said Netanyahu.
At the same time stressed that the U.S. president Barack Obama spoke "clearly on the national state of Israel as the Jewish people."
- I believe that the disagreement about the root of the conflict. I will not give up on this and other important issues on the basis of any final peace agreement. The formula adopted in the peace map does not say that we should go back to the borders of the 1967th Certainly not to agree-he said.
Mahmoud Abbas yesterday said he sees no common basis for the renewal of negotiations
- Netanjahuova government has a real problem and there is no common ground for negotiations with her. The construction of settlements continues, Netanyahu declared Jerusalem and (Palestinian) refugee issues not to negotiate, so what has to be negotiated - asked Abbas and explained that he could not agree on a compromise for the partial freezing of Israeli settlements in the occupied West bank, because, he said, that means a continuation of the construction.
At the same time, he reiterated that peace negotiations must be restoration where they left off with the previous Israeli government headed by Ehud Olmert, and to include key issues.
-Maps are outlined both sides and there was a proposal for the exchange of territory and can not return to zero point - said Abbas.

About 700 people live in tunnels under the casinos in Las Vegas

American couple Stephen and Catherine Domermut have one of the "best" base, live below the casinos "Cezars Palace. They have even the water heater and shower, which made the device for water.

- Use your imagination and collect things that people throw away. What is trash to someone, we treasure - Stephen said, adding that things gather late at night that they would not be embarrassed.

He moved into the tunnel two years ago after he lost his job at the hotel reception because of heroin addiction. Stephen claims to be off the drug in January.

- Once I found 997 dollars in one device at a casino a few times $ 500. However, 20 dollars is enough for the night - said Stephen.

He would like to leave the tunnel, but can not because it is issued arrest warrants for possession of drugs.

Another couple, Amy (33) and Jay Ar, living in the tunnel two years. They came to Las Vegas in search of work and welfare.

- I hope that we sometimes get out of here. But I would like to stay in Vegas. Super is here - said Amy.

While in Nevada storms do not fall often, tunnels quickly filled and a small amount of rainfall. In the last 20 years, according to official data, the tunnels are drowned 20 people.

Detonation of bombs killed 11 Iraqi soldiers

Mosul - In Iraq today killed 11 Iraqi soldiers in an accident that occurred during the detonation of bombs found beside a road in northern Iraq, tell the Iraqi officials for security.

Until the explosion occurred while the soldiers tried to commit detonaciju a bomb in an uninhabited part of the town Bašika located east of Mosul and 390 kilometers north of Baghdad, Reuters reported.

Ethnically and religiously mixed Mosul, where they live Sunni Arabs, ethnic Kurds and other minorities, shaken daily murders, the explosion of bombs placed along the roads and attacks on Iraqi security forces.

New Year's view of the sky

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah - the new 5770th year, which started 18th September, Jews in Israel are the most complained about due to the increase of violence in the past and wished heavy rain in the coming months.

According to Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah is the time for a reminder of the past, with the desire that the year ahead, which is good. The question - In peace in the region and the release of Israeli soldier Gilad otetog You're kidding, who most want a blessing for the citizens of Israel, 68 percent of respondents answered the rain. 16 percent wished the reduction of unemployment, nine percent of the new drug against influenza, three percent of the solution to the problem of foreign workers in Israel and one percent of the school year without strikes. The poll also showed that most Israeli Jews elected President of Israel Shimon Peres for the leaders of the Jewish people and that most hosted their holiday table for a family that needs help. Surveyed 500 people, including special care for the lack of water in Israel showed religious. Answering the question - If you depend on, when you select to lead the Jewish people, 33 percent chose Perez, 11 percent of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanijahua, and 10 percent of the Chief of the General Gabija Aškenazija. On the list were also chief rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar, Nobel laureate, economist prof. Jisrael Auman and Supreme Court President Dorit Beiniš, which is declared with 28 percent of the respondents. The poll, conducted just hours before the holidays, he poses the question of Israel who would host the New Year's night, what is 52 percent indicated - where families need help, 22 percent of the survivor of the Holocaust, and five percent of the important rabbis and television star, while only one percent opted for a government minister.

Floods claimed five lives

ISTANBUL - The floods caused by rain in the northeast of Turkey yesterday killed five people, there is a Turkish TV station, "NTV".
The floods that have caused the greatest rainfall in the last 80 years, two weeks ago in Istanbul that killed 32 people, told the Reuters.
Local authorities in Istanbul are faced with criticism that the poor quality of construction of the cause for the large number of victims, said the British agency.

The vaccine is sufficient for half the population

Geneva, London - Manufacturers of drugs in the world can be a year to produce new vaccines against H1N1 influenza vaccination only enough for half the inhabitants of our planet.

As said the World Health Organization, producers do not have enough production capacity. The vaccine against the H1N1 virus seems to be safe as a vaccine against ordinary flu, the WHO pointed out, adding that pharmaceutical companies in the world can produce the estimated three billion doses annually.
In fact, one dose should be sufficient for immunization of healthy adults and larger children.

Companies, however, have "limited and inadequate" facilities that could increase production and to cover the needs of all 6.8 billion inhabitants of our planet.

"For a new factory for production of vaccines takes about five years to be built, tested and received approval for the work," said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl.

European Agency approved two vaccines

The European Medicine Agency (EMA) today proposed to issue licenses for two new vaccines against the flu.

In a statement released today, the Agency recommended that the license for sale in Europe for the issue of vaccine produced by Novartis company and Glaksosmitklajn.

EMA recommendations issued permits for medicines in Europe generally accepted by the European Commission and individual countries.

Agency now recommends that adults take two doses of vaccine, although tests showed that one dose is enough effective. This is true for both vaccines approved.

Italy: The FBI returned stolen works

Rome - Italian police and American FBI failed to return more than a thousand stolen Italian art, valued at over four million dollars.

It is a 1140 case, the medieval scrolls to the letter signed by former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who is part of a collection of 3,500 objects found in the home of American collector of Italian origin system that John died 2007th year.

Artworks, which is a system of collecting for years, come from the city archives, libraries and churches from the southern Italian province of Puglia, Molise and Sicily, from which were stolen and then illegally transferred to the United States.

Collection are, after Sisto death, found his two sons in the family home in Bervinu in Illinois.

Among the cases was found, 348 manuscripts on parchment from the 12th century, more than 400 archaeological objects, and documents with signatures of famous Italians, such as the hero of Italian unification of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

"We return in part of Puglia that took an immigrant eager to have too many souvenirs from the homeland," said a representative of the Italian police.

It was unclear how the system came into possession of these works. Police said that his sons did not know of the existence of these collections and that the authorities know about it because they did not know what to do with so many antiquities.

Conflicts of police and demonstrators

Athens - Greek police late last night clashed with a group of demonstrators who were in central Athens protest the arrest of suspects for involvement in bombings.

"About 150 anarchists throwing line is oysters and other things on two police officers near a police station in central Athens. Police tear gas in return," said one law enforcement representative, who asked not to be named.

According to him, no one has been arrested and was not injured, nor is it caused more material damage, reported by Reuters.

Greek police on Wednesday, in anti-terrorist raids, arrested three young men and one woman, on suspicion that they participated in the bombings in Athens.

Police believe that the arrested belong to small left-wing group that calls itself a "conspiracy fire cells," said a source from the police.

Bomb attacks, backed leftist and anarchist groups, shakes Greece since the police in December petnaestogodišnjeg killed a boy.

The riots before the G20 summit in Pittsburgh

U.S. police on Thursday in Pittsburgh used tear gas to dispersed about 2,000 demonstrators who gathered before the G20 summit group despite warnings that will be used for riot force.

"You must leave the area, regardless of your intentions," the police warned the demonstrators hour after the start of the protests, and warned to use tear gas and other "nesmrtonosnu force."

As the protesters drove down the street with police clashed with them about 1.6 kilometers away from the place where the G20 summit held.

Demonstrators threw bottles, and police responded with firing tear gas dispersed the crowd that.
The leaders of 19 major countries and the developed and developing countries and the EU on Thursday and Friday to consider the G20 summit on financial system reform in order to avoid a new global economic crisis.

President of the USA Barack Obama who is the host of the summit arrived on Thursday afternoon from New York to Pittsburgh.

World leaders of the 20 most developed countries should, as expected, to verify the larger role of Asian countries in the world economy.

Since the leaders of European countries are expected to reach an agreement on one of their priorities - the restriction of bonuses for bankers.

The leaders of the developed countries, began a summit dedicated to the global recovery, and assesses the historical turning point that will confirm the growing influence of the new Asian economic superpower - China, South Korea and India.

Macedonians deleted star

SKOPJE - The proposal of removing five-pointed with the state coat of arms of Macedonia is already pending in Parliament and it is expected that MPs will soon make a decision on changing the symbols.
The Government explains this move in order to send a signal to the world that Macedonia nekedašnjom clearing the ideological matrix, and that Macedonia is the only country from the former Eastern bloc, which still uses the old socialist coat of arms, writes Free Europe.
It is expected that the proposal will certainly take a vote in the Assembly because the ruling coalition has a two-thirds majority, unless a partner in the Macedonian VMRO DPMNE government and the Albanian partner, the Democratic Union for Integration, gave approval for the proposal.
In addition to the association reaction from National Liberation War Veterans (NOR), who stated that under the five-pointed fought for the freedom of the country, opposition parties have objections that now is no time for such proposals, because there are other, much larger problems.

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan

KABUL - Five U.S. soldiers lost their lives in three separate attacks in southern Afghanistan, said in a statement today the U.S. military.

The army announced yesterday that two men were killed and the third soldier died of wounds sustained from a bomb explosion set by the road.

The fourth and the fifth American soldier died yesterday from wounds suffered in rebel attacks, the agency reported Reuters.

The period from July this year the deadliest for foreign troops, during the eight-year war in Afghanistan, and since the American and British troops triggered the largest military operation in the war.

In Afghanistan now has 100,000 foreign troops, of whom two-thirds of Americans, and is expected to Joint Chief of the international forces in that country, General Stanley Mekristal require a new contingent of several thousand soldiers during this week in Washington, Reuters announced.

According to the British agency, Mekristal said that without additional troops, its military mission in Afghanistan likely to fail.

Obama, Brown and Sarkozy: Iran has a secret nuclear plant

U.S. President Barack Obama today blamed Iran for several years to build a secret plant for producing nuclear fuel and demanded that Tehran comply with international rules on nuclear non-proliferation system.

Obama made this accusation presented at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Summit Group of 20 developed countries which is held in Pittsburgh, reported Reuters.
U.S. President's activities Tehran as "direct challenge" and said that they "violate the rules must comply with all nations." The newly discovered Iranian nuclear facility, Obama said that is incompatible with a peaceful nuclear program.

British Prime Minister Brown has accused Iran of deceit as he continued his nukelarni program and pointed out that the international community is ready to introduce him even stronger sanctions.
French President Sarkozy said that Iran was dragged international community on a dangerous path and promised to tighten sanctions if the country does not radically change its policy until December.

The main topic of G20 financial crisis summit
The Pittsburgh group has started Summit 20 most developed countries and major developing countries (G20), which will discuss measures to exit from the financial crisis and ways that this crisis is not repeated in the future.
G20 leaders will present during two plenary meetings to try to reach agreement on many important economic issues, including the reform of management system of the International Monetary Fund.
The White House this morning announced that the G20 member states agreed that the Group now become a major world economic forum for international economic cooperation. "
In a statement, the White House is not said what will be the fate of the Group of Eight most developed industrial countries. However, a senior official of one of the G20 member countries told reporters that the decision does not mean the abolition of the G8.
At the same time, the Chinese central bank Governor sje Duo told reporters that the summit participants will "bring a very important decision" to countries whose economies were more represented in the G20.
"We expect that participants in the summit today issued a very important political decision in this regard," Duo said at a news conference.

Leading developing countries expect to obtain the right to vote in the Governing Board of the IMF, because they feel that are underrepresented in comparison to European countries.
China is now considered the country that is least represented in the G20 with only 3.7 percent of the voting rights, as for example France has a 4.9 percent voting rights.
G20 members are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Britain and the United States.
European Union, which represents the country which chairs the EU, and European Central Bank on 20 member of the G20.

Chavez: The UN can no longer feel the smell of sulfur Bush

President Hugo Chavez said that the UN feel the smell of hope, not sulfur, as during former U.S. president George Bush.

"The smell of sulfur has disappeared. I feel hope," said Chavez before the UN General Assembly, in the first speech in the world organization since it called Bush "the devil".
Chavez praised U.S. President Barack Obama because of changes in Washington's policy toward Latin America and, especially, because it condemned the coup in Honduras, which was ousted in June, the President Manuel Zelaja.
It is, however, warned that Obama will cause anger in the region, if not abolish the decades-old U.S. embargo on Cuba and stay in order to reinforce American military involvement in the war against the Colombian government drug traffickers. The leader of Venezuela, which is 2006th in the UN General Assembly strongly criticized Bush called, in jest, Obama to join the "axis of evil", alluding to the country by the previous U.S. president called a threat to the world. Chavez said that his views are often misunderstood.
"I do not gađajte me shoes," he told delegates at the UN, alluding to the Iraqi journalists in Baghdad in December threw a shoe at Bush.

Began informal talks Zelaje and the Provisional Government

Tegucigalpa - The Provisional Government and the deposed President of Honduras Manuel Zelaja started informal talks to end political crisis, reported today British Radio Bi-Bi-Si (BBC).
Zelaja said he met the unnamed official work, he said, beginning to find a peaceful solution.
According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras Martha Lorraine Alvarado, objective discussion is not returning Zelaje to power.
Zelaja, who was ousted in a coup in late June and which has since been in exile, returned on Monday in Tegucigalpa, where he took refuge in the Embassy of Brazil.
His sudden return of increased tensions in the country, where the days of curfew in force.
According to authorities, the police and conflicts Zelajinih supporters killed a man while injuring five, while svgnuti President says that over the past few days killed 10 people.
The political crisis broke out in Honduras since Zelaja tried to organize a referendum in which the population voted for his initiative to amend the constitution.
His opponents claimed that the move is unconstitutional and designed with the objective to allow the president another term.
UN Security Council today should discuss the crisis in Honduras.

Passed the resolution on nuclear disarmament

UN Security Council Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution whose aim is to release the world from nuclear weapons, said Chairman of the Council meeting, U.S. President Barack Obama.

The resolution, which was also supported by Russia, China and the developing countries, calls for acceleration of efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, promoting disarmament and working to "reduce the risk of nuclear terrorism." Obama is the first American president who chairs the Security Council because the United States this month, Chairman of the Council.

"Historic resolution that we just passed out in the first plan our joint commitment to a world without nuclear weapons. This provides a broader framework of the Security Council to act to reduce nuclear risks," said the American president. Obama said that, with the global effort, "the next four years, all dangerous nuclear materials could be placed behind the locks." It is Wednesday in his first speech to the UN General Assembly during the General Debate, said that all countries have the responsibility to work on future peace and prosperity, what are the key nuclear disarmament, the work on establishing peace and security, the preservation of the planet and global economy.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon congratulated the world leaders that took part in a summit on nuclear weapons in the Security Council. "This is a historic moment that offers us a fresh start for a new future," said Ban.

Pirates killed Syrian captain of the ship

Somali pirates seized the ship that sailed under the flag of Panama to Mogadishu. Pirates of the Syrian captain of the ship killed, three wounded crew members and one policeman.
The ship that sailed to Mogadishu under the flag of Panama seized the Somali pirates who killed the Syrian captain, injured three crew members and one policeman.

"Pirates killed the captain because he refused to turn the ship. Usually we send the police when the cargo ship near the port, but the pirates were already on the boat and opened fire, wounding one policeman," said Reuters Somali port Abdijasis Minister Hasan.

"Captain was a Syrian, and his body is now in the harbor. The name of the ship is 'Barvako'," said a representative of port authorities Ahmed Abdi.

Authorities have announced that members of the African Union peacekeeping force and Somali police took action against pirates and rescued the ship.

Pirate attacks are frequent along the coast of Somalia and the international community has sent a patrol to protect the ships that sail that way.

Arrested in Kosovo for terrorism in the U.S.

The United States filed an indictment against American Betima Kazijua, arrested in August in Kosovo, because of the intention to join the Islamic extremists to fight U.S. forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans, the authorities announced.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that Kaziju (21), an American citizen with residence in New York, tried to procure weapons and terrorist training to go to Pakistan to fight against American troops abroad.

The indictment charged that he intended to join the Somali armed movement, "al-Šabab", which included the State Department list of terrorist groups, reported by Reuters.

Kaziju in February he traveled to Egypt to weapons purchases, and then in Kosovo, where the Kosovo authorities arrested him late last month, the FBI said.

"This case is an example of successful international efforts in the implementation of the investigation and arrest those who tried to participate in terrorist actions, and prevention of their conspiracy," the statement said American Prosecutor Benton Campbell.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bomb in Athens

ATHENS - The explosion of hand-made bomb that exploded yesterday in front of the building in which lives a prominent member of the Greek main opposition party PASOK, former Minister Gerasimos Arsenis, was not injured, and caused only material damage, police said. The incident occurred two weeks before the early parliamentary elections in Greece, where, according to polls, expected a PASOK victory.
- An explosive device was found in the pot. The item detonation were broken windows and damaged the front door, media reported.

Colleagues discovered that the brothers

Two brothers from the U.S. State of Maine, who were separated as babies and given up for adoption, were introduced after the 35 years since they hired the same firm, carries a British "Metro".

Gary Nizbet (36) and Randy Joubert (35), colleagues from the company to transport the furniture, they discovered that the brothers, after their colleagues and customers noted the incredible similarity between them.
They were given up for adoption, then they attended rival high schools and lived in neighboring towns on the coast Maine.
Their paths have finally crossed when Joubert started to work in companies where Nizbet for seven years was employed.
Both have light hair, similar to the material, wear goggles and the like are odevaju.
"Customers have often asked us if we are brothers," said Joubert, adding that soon began to seriously think about the possibilities.
He reviewed his original birth certificate and discovered the names of their biological parents.
Joubert has also learned that there are born brothers, and together with him taken away from parents because they could not take care of them. It was then his colleague Nizbet began to ask questions about his origin.
"I said, 'Gary, it asks you something strange: Are you adopted?" Recalls Joubert.
Nizbet it looked suspicious, but he answered affirmatively. When he asked Joubert if you know the names of their parents, and Nizbet again responded affirmatively, Joubert said their names, what was astonished Nizbet asked: "How do you know that?"
When they finally found that all the data agree, understand that they are brothers.
After the local media covered the story of an incredible encounter, they also discovered that a half-sister, Džoen Campbell (41), who came with them in company with his birth certificate, which proves that the three of them in consanguinity.

Medvedev gave Obama CD documentary "power formula"

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave the U.S. President Barack Obama CD on which the documentary film "The formula of power" which is based on Obama's interview to Russian news agency Itar-Tass, reported this morning that agency.

During yesterday's meeting of two world leaders on the sidelines of the annual UN General Assembly in New York, Medvedev handed Obama CD snimnljenim interview that the American president gave the Russian news agency during his stay in Moscow in late July this year.

Author of the documentary is the first Deputy Director General of the agency Itar Tass Mikhail Gusman, first Russian journalist who was U.S. president gave an interview during the first Russian-American summit in Moscow.
Itar-Tass said that Obama expressed support for the development of US-Russian relations based on equality and mutual respect.
U.S. President expressed the hope that it will establish a sincere and constructive relations with Russian leaders.

UN Disarmament

Obama today chaired a summit in the Security Council
U.S. President Barack Obama will now chair the summit in New York, United Nations Security Council dedicated to nuclear disarmament.

The meeting will, according to previous announcements, attend almost all the heads of state and government of 15 members of the Security Council, including the leaders of Russia and China, Dmitry Medvedev and Hu Đintaoa. Summit of the executive body of world organizations are extremely rare, and this is the fifth time that the Security Council meets at the level of Heads of State or Government of the foundation 1946th and first to chair a meeting of the American president. Washington's decision to organize a summit devoted to nuclear disarmament is another indicator of the strong shift in the politics of the U.S. administration towards multilateralism and in particular the disarmament, diplomats believe. According to previous announcements of the main topics will be nuclear arms control and disarmament, strengthening the international framework to combat proliferation of weapons TG and the fight against illegal trade matierijalima used in atomic weapons, told the Reuters. Washington hopes to strengthen the support set of global agreements to control nuclear weapons and efforts for disarmament, including the Agreement on neproliferaciji (NPT) in 1970. It is expected that participants in the meeting unanimously adopted the U.S. proposal of a resolution is required to strengthen efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, promote disarmament and reduce opsanost of nuclear terrorism, told the newspaper Los Angeles Times. The resolution calls on all countries that have nuclear weapons to be free, whether they are signatories of the Agreement on neproliferaciji (NPT) or not. All five permanent Security Council members - the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China - have nuclear weapons. Other countries to which the resolution relates in Pakistan and India, which have signed the NPT, but which are known to poseđuju nuclear weapons. Israel so far has not confirmed, nor denied that it has a nuclear arsenal. The draft also seeks suppression of illegal trade in sensitive nuclear materials and expresses support for efforts to control the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA) in Vienna. The first summit of the UN Security Council members held on 31 January 1992. and he chaired the then British Prime Minister John Major, and the participants were President George Bush senior and president of the newly formed Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin. Today's summit is held in the shadow of all glasnijih request for UN reform and Security Council, which in the opinion of many members to reflect changes in the world since the founding of the world organization.

Obama called for unification, Gaddafi criticized the "tip of terror"

U.S. President Barack Obama called on world leaders to unify in the fight with big challenges, because the U.S. can not be alone in this struggle. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi before the UN General Assembly attacked the Security Council and called it "the Council of terror."

Obama is in his first speech before the UN General Assembly said that the global problems of nuclear weapons, wars, climate change and economic crisis.
"Those who criticized America when performed independently anywhere in the world, have no right now to stand and wait for America to solve its own problems that push the planet. The time has come to move the world in a new direction, we have to accept a new era, the era of joint action based on matters that are of common interest and mutual respect. Our job has to go immediately, "said Obama, adding that all nations bear responsibility for global problems.

Gaddafi: Africa pay compensation of 7770 billion
Parliament is then addressed Gaddafi, who is in četvoročasovnom speech attacked the UN Security Council and called it "the Council of terror."
"It should not be called the Security Council, but it should be called 'terror advice'. This body has allowed too many wars of the 1945th year and it should be completely reformed" said Gaddafi.
Libyan leader whose opponents gathered in New York at the demonstration, said that Africa should get the 7770 billion in damages from former colonizers, not specifying how he came to that amount.
"Colonized Africa deserves the 7770 billion dollars compensation," Gaddafi said at the opening general debate 64th session of the General Assembly.
"Africans will ask if they have not given billions of 7770, Africans will go where you took the billions," said the Libyan leader, stating that they are entitled to compensation.

At the opening session and the speakers were British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President, who said that Iran made a tragic mistake, if you think that the international community will react to their nuclear program.

Director beaten to death because of failure

Director of Indian factories for the production of automotive parts "Prikol (Pricol) George Roy (Roy George) on Wednesday has died of injuries suffered Monday when he was beaten by a group of workers, dissatisfied due to cancellation is received 42 of their colleagues, told the Indian media .

Dissatisfied workers on Monday expressed displeasure because of failure by destroying equipment and furniture in offices, factories in the city Coambatoreu in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, reminded agencies.

Director George, with three other colleagues, he tried to stop them, but the workers okomili on him and started beating him with wooden sticks and metal bars.

Director of severely injured then transferred to hospital, where after two days died of injuries.

This is the first example of beating the management of people in India due to the dissatisfaction of workers.

A year ago, workers were also due to the cancellation, the death of a man beaten čelnog a factory for the production of parts for Italian cars.

Violent husbands, electronic bracelets

PARIS - France will next year launch an experimental project of placing electronic bracelets violent wife.

Bracelets to send a signal of approaching potential victims, perpetrators, said State Secretary for Family and Solidarity Nadine Moran.

"We have a task to better protect women," she said and recalled that last year, violent husbands in France killed 156 women, and that since 2006. until 2008. The 330,000 were victims of domestic violence.

Bracelet, which is higher than manual clock is associated with a satellite GPS system, and the battery is full of gestures.

Women abuser will have a small box that will ring when the perpetrator closer. Bracelet will cost 9000 euros for the project will be granted five million euros, said Secretary of State.

According to her, the French courts ruled du 4000 measures the violent eviction of their husbands since 2006. until 2008. year.

America can not alone

General Assembly debates the annual UN began an attempt to renew the spirit of multilateralism
"Those who are critical of America, which does everything alone now I can not stand aside and wait for America to solve its own problems of the world," said U.S. President Barack Obama in his first speech to the UN, which was announced as "historic."

The General Assembly of the annual UN debate began yesterday in New York attempt to renew the spirit of multilateralism.

"If ever there was time to go in a renewed spirit of multilateralism - to create truly United Nations, which jointly operate - it is now," said Secretary General of World Organization Ban Ki-moon, who opened the debate with an emphasis on the fight against climate change and rejection of nuclear weapons.

"The words and works of looking for a new era of mutual engagement with the world. Now is the time that everyone taking responsibility, "said Obama, noting the four pillars supporting non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, peace, preserve the planet and the development of the economy that will bring benefit to all.

Obama's speech was rated as the drawing of the new direction of American foreign policy and decisive break with the past.

Nabrajajući problems with which all the faces, the extremists who spread terror through genocide and nuclear weapons to the glacier which is melting and pandemics, Obama said that he does not want to spread fear, but to emphasize that the major challenges that must respond to strong action .

Immediately after Obama spoke of Libya's President Muammar Gaddafi, where this is the first address to this place after 40 years in power. Libya chairs the General Assembly of 192 countries and occupies one of the rotating seats in petnaestočlanom Security Council.

Gaddafi yesterday sharply criticized the UN Security Council and called for its reform. He urged the abolition of the veto rights of the five permanent Security Council members (U.S., UK, China, France and Russia) or the extension of the body with additional members to become representative.

In his words, a permanent Security Council members threaten smaller countries like the states "second class, worthy contempt." He said that the use of military force in conflict with the spirit of the UN, but if it does not approve the worldwide organization.

However, Gaddafi said, the World Organization of the founding 1945th year failed to prevent the 65 wars around the world, or to intervene in them.

General debate will last until 30 September, when the leaders of 192 countries have the opportunity to speak. On the agenda is a series of issues: security, economy, combating crime, climate change, promotion of human rights ...

Serbian President Boris Tadić will speak tomorrow, and last night attended a reception that Michelle and Barack Obama prepared in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Obama will today chair a meeting of UN Security Council which is the fifth time in history held at the level of Heads of State or Government, and the first time he chaired an American president.

Charges against Dodik

Sarajevo - Tuzla municipality has filed a criminal complaint against Milorad Dodik for insulting statements about the killings of civilians in Tuzla Tuzla and Sarajevo Markale.

Tuzla Municipal Council at its session held last week condemned the statement of RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik, which said that the massacre in Tuzla Tuzla staged.

This statement is offensive and the monster and is a form of pressure on the judiciary to appeal against Novak Djukic, who was a crime Tuzla nepravosnažno sentenced to 25 years, concluded by the representatives of the Municipal Council.

They believe that Dodik his statement causes hatred and intolerance.

Dodik has recently denied the nature of crimes committed in Tuzla 25th May 1995. year, when 71 people were killed and more than 150 wounded.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 12 June 2009. The guilty Novak Djukic, commander of the Bosnian Serb Army, the Tuzla massacre and sentenced him to a prison sentence of 25 years.

Gaddafi banned to raise a tent in the U.S.

U.S. authorities do not allow the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi raised a tent in a suburb of New York, on land belonging to businessman Donald Trump, for violating regulations. Eccentric statesman, known for when traveling abroad reside in the Bedouin tent, to New York to speak at the UN General Assembly, which began juče.Radnici were two days ago began to put the tent and the satellite dish on Trampovom land in the New York suburb of Bedford , about 70 kilometers north of Manhattan. Authorities Bedford, however, the American secret services knew that Gaddafi raised a tent and sent inspectors, who ordered the workers to stop work because they do not have permission to do so. Since the workers did not speak English, the inspector was handed account Trampovim associates.

Billionaire Donald Trump said in a statement said that his company issued a Land Middle Eastern partners who may be connected with Gaddafi, and added that will check what is happening.

Otherwise, the U.S. government last month refused a request to set up Gaddafi's tent on the land in New Jersey, which is owned by the Libyan Embassy. Gaddafi also denied a request to put his Bedouin tent in New York's Central Park.

Libya is still trying to find a place that Gaddafi could raise the tent during his first visit to America since he took power in Libya 1969th year.

Al-Qaeda members escaped from prison

Sixteen members of Al Qaeda, including five convicts to death, escaped from prison in Tikrit in Salahedin province in Iraq, announced today that the police field.

Iraqi police caught one of the prisoners sentenced to death this morning, while others are still at large, reports the Arabic TV station Al Jazeera.

Prisoners linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq last night broke through air duct in prison in Tikrit, said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Iraqi authorities Salahedinu are intezivirale security measures and blocked the main roads to find the prisoners.

Provincial authorities have also replaced Colonel Mohamed Salim Jbara, head of department for the fight against terrorism in the province Salahudin.

City of Tikrit, about 170 kilometers north of Baghdad, the birth place of the deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein who was executed by hanging.

The Russian "AvtoVAZ" 27,600 cancellation

Samara - Russian giant car manufacturer "AvtoVAZ" announced today that it will cancel up to 27,600 jobs, less than previously counted, in an attempt to mitigate the consequences of falling sales due to the global economic slowdown.

The company is the official website announced that it would include reducing the number of employees and 5,000 managers, engineers and administrativaca, as announced last week, passed the agency.

"AvtoVAZ", whose 25 percent share is owned by the French "Reno", earlier announced that it considers the abolition of the 36,000 jobs.

Press service "AvtoVAZ" announced on Wednesday that the company's president Igor Komarov trade union representatives and employees discuss the measures in the anti-crisis program, in which the total number of "Avtovazovih" workers will be around 75,000.

Then it is announced that the largest Russian car manufacturer dismissed workers to 1 December this year.

A source from the Russian Ministry of Social Development said that insisted that the dismissal be gradual in order to reduce social tensions, told the Itar-Tass.

"AvtoVAZ", according to the media, has about 110 thousand employees. The producer of "lade" in the first half of this year, sales of passenger cars decreased by 44 percent to 179.9 thousand pieces.

Pure loss of the company in that period amounted to 14.2 billion rubles (315 million euros), while in the same period of past net profit was 1.49 billion rubles. Profit of the company was reduced more than twice the entire 40.22 billion rubles (893 million euros). Earnings from the sale of cars has been reduced by 50.2 percent, and sales of spare parts by 15.9 percent.

Research Agency Avtostat "shows that by the end of this year 30 dealers of Russian car manufacturers" AvtoVAZ "could go bankrupt due to falling sales, while 14 dealers throughout Russia, but is in great financial problems.

Currently "AvtoVAZ" has 445 official distributors, and if the forecasts on the closing exercise, the share of Russian auto giant in the domestic market could fall by around eight percent.

London: Homosexuals in the Royal Guard

London police recently announced that an internal ad search service for homosexuals in the Royal Guard.

The internal document, Department of Scotland Yard in charge of the security of the royal family (SO14) employees call the police to apply.

The ad emphasizes that "police officers specially welcome the candidacy of women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transeksualaca and propadnika blacks and ethnic minorities, as these categories of people underrepresented in SO14.

People whose candidacy is accepted will be deployed in Buckingham Palace, Windsor and Balmoral.

John Okonor, a former police commander, condemned the ad.

"These duties are terrible, no one wants. Nothing terrible than standing for hours in the old, zarđaloj watchtower," he said.

Scotland Yard spokesman, however, argues that the intention to select the best people among the various communities in London.

Of 400 seats in the Royal Guard to fill 30 for an annual salary of 31,700 to 45,700 euros.

Again floods in Turkey

The floods in northeastern Turkey, killing five people
The floods caused by rain in the northeast of Turkey today killed five people, there is a Turkish television station NTV.

Turkish news agency Anatolia said that in Artvin province killed two people, including 80-year-old woman whose house was flooded. The floods that have caused the greatest rainfall in the last 80 years, two weeks ago in Istanbul that killed 32 people, told the Reuters. Local authorities in Istanbul are faced with criticism that the poor quality of construction of the cause for the large number of victims, said the British agency.

G20 leaders: No more bonus premiums!

During last year's G20 meeting of Heads of State, November 2008. Was the word primarily on how calm the panic in world financial markets. Adopted a package of over forty measures to stop the monster crisis. Five months later, the recession has affected all countries govoto. Twenty of the meeting in London in 1100 set aside billions of euros to help the poorest countries. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the host of the day was marked as the day when the world met to recession struck back - not words, but a concrete plan.

Mania bonus premium

However, implementation of plans in the work proved to be more difficult than expected. Banks have already started to earn millions thanks to state aid, and high bonus premiums remain. When this all agree in one: excessive bonus premiums, resulting from wrong and short-term success, the basic cause of the crisis. Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg stresses: "We must stop the madness bonus premium. Bank of glory as we party in 1999. year, not in 2009. The bonus culture must stop - at least in Pittsburgh.
With that the Europeans agree, so that in Pittsburgh speak "one language". "These scandalous bonus premium to irresponsible behavior, not start from scratch again and blossom," said French predsenik Nicolas Sarkozy at a meeting of EU member states last week. However, whether this practice to stop - it remains to be seen.

First U.S. President Barack Obama can count with disapproval from Wall Street because of too much state interference. However, Obama said: "Banks will return to old principles, if not reform. You will be even worse if you go from being that they will certainly save you the government can come in even greater risks. "

Concrete results?

The G20 summit in London was clearly stated: no financial product, any financial market should not be beyond the control and without regulation. In Pittsburgh these conclusions must once again adopt and tuck. On the agenda will be in Pittsburgh and the so-called "exit strategy". So, when you start with controlled abandonment of economic aid and how to get rid of the large debt, without compromising economic growth. On this issue are expected in Pittsburgh great debate. Therefore, many observers believe that the summit will not bring concrete results.

Ahmadinejad emptied hall UN

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused today in New York, 64th regular annual session of the UN General Assembly, Israel for the "inhumane policies" of the Palestinian territories and dominance in the global political and economic issues, which the delegations of several countries, including the U.S., left the hall in protest.

Delegation of the few countries left the meeting when Ahmadinejad began in a speech to attack Israel, so that the hall, which held sessions, other poluprazna.

Mark Kornblu U.S. officials said in a statement that it was "disappointing that Ahmadinejad once again chosen to represent the offensive and anti-Semitic rhetoric," he said Reuters.

Iranian president in his speech did not directly mention the dispute with Western countries over Tehran's nuclear program, stating only that his country strongly defend their legitimate rights.

Ahmadinejad called for "the eradication of the arms race and the elimination of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to otovorio time for all nations to have access to advanced technologies and peace."

Iran is ready to be "warmly shake hands with all who are sincerely offered his hand," he said.

The British agency has observed that this speech was Ahmadinežadov colored with less intensity compared to its previous appearance at the UN.

Ahmadinejad accused the power to spread "of war, bloodshed, aggression, terror and intimidation" in the Middle East, and mention the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speaking of Israel, Ahmadinejad said that their "awakening of nations and the expansion of freedom throughout the world no longer afford to continue with the hypocrisy and immoral attitudes.

He also wondered how "certain governments can unconditionally to support the occupiers crimes against women and children who can not defend themselves, destroying their homes, estates, hospitals and schools," stressing that the time has come to the world to respond.

"More is not acceptable to an extreme minority dominates politics, economy and culture in much of the world ... and to introduce a new form of slavery, and that damage to the reputation of other countries, even European nations and the United States, in order to achieve their goals racist" , said Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad also spoke about the presidential elections in his country, where he won a second term, stating that they were fully democratic elections which is "open a new chapter to national progress and international interaction.

"Voters in Iran as we once again overwhelmingly gave confidence," said Ahmadinejad.

Several hours before the address to Ahmadinejad in the UN, hundreds of Iranians protested in New York, stressing that it is not recognized for their president.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has previously warned Iran that the risk to make "tragic mistake" if the account that the world will remain passive while Tehran conducted its nuclear program.

"I'd like to say that the Iranian leaders, if they believe that the international community's response to be passive towards the development of their military nuclear program, it will be a tragic mistake," said Sarkozy in a speech in New York, told the Reuters.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has offered his country to reduce its nuclear arsenal, under the condition that it be part of an international agreement on reducing nuclear weapons.

Brown's speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations offered to reduce the number of British submarines carrying nuclear missiles from four to three.

"If you want to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, then you must behave in the spirit of the agreement on its non-proliferation, and this means that every country that has nuclear weapons should try to reduce its arsenal," said British Prime Minister.

Brown said that the biggest threat to the concept of nuclear disarmament threatens the possibility that the atomic bombs come to countries like Iran and North Korea, which now have nuclear weapons, told the BBC.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says that the world is now at a crucial moment of modern history because it is threatened by the development of regional and local conflicts, terrorism and cross-border crime, as well as food shortage and climate change.

He pointed out that due to imbalances in the world and inadequate rules of the game, there is a gap between the financial markets and the real sector of economy. Medvedev stressed that it must establish such a model that will guarantee the future safety of all of the confusion that has now arisen.

As a second important task of the Russian President said solving the issue of global energy security.

"The third task that Russia believes it is important to the general strengthening of the UN. The UN must be rationally adjusted (new) reality of the world," he said, adding that the UN Security Council reform, a key component of revitalization and international organizations.

He added that the major challenge is the process of disarmament under UN auspices.

"Russia will follow a stable path verifiable and non-refundable nukleranog arms reduction as an essential element of the 'new beginning' in our relations with the United States," he said, adding that an important segment in this sense is since sporzum Russia and the United States.

Russia and the United States could agree on a new "START 2 treaty on reducing nuclear arsenals by December this year.

Serbian delegation in New York led by President Boris Tadić, who will turn to the UN General Assembly tomorrow. On the previous day had several bilateral meetings.

Found a vaccine against HIV?

Researchers at the U.S. military and the Thai health authorities announced that they had produced an experimental vaccine, the first in the world which can greatly reduce the risk of HIV infection and AIDS is the final stage of infection.
American researchers and Thai officials have stated at a press conference that the vaccine reduces risk of HIV infection for 32.1 percent, the world's cheapest agency.

VACCINES result is obtained after testing vaccines that were conducted from October 2003. in two Thai provinces, to more than 16,000 volunteers whose exposure to risk of infection rated average.
The result is a new step in the fight against AIDS since the first time proved that a vaccine against HIV has a preventive effect, said at a press conference.
The new vaccine was obtained by a combination of two previously tested vaccine which, used separately, did not show effective.
American researchers and Thai officials have stated at a press conference that the vaccine reduces risk of HIV infection for 32.1 percent, the world's cheapest agency.
The result is obtained after testing vaccines that were conducted from October 2003. in two Thai provinces, to more than 16,000 volunteers whose exposure to risk of infection rated average.
The result is a new step in the fight against AIDS since the first time proved that a vaccine against HIV has a preventive effect, said at a press conference.
The new vaccine was obtained by a combination of two previously tested vaccine which, used separately, did not show effective.

Lunar mission discovered water on the Moon

Indian unmanned lunar missions discovered large quantities of water on the Moon, which could accelerate plans to build space stations on the Earth's satellite, published newspaper "The Times". NASA will present to officially confirm the discovery.

British "Times" published the first Indian unmanned lunar missions discovered large quantities of water on the Moon, which could accelerate plans to build a space station in Earth's only natural satellite.

This discovery will now officially be announced from the headquarters of America cosmic Station (NASA) in Washington.

Water could be used for drinking, perhaps for irrigation, and hydrogen from water could be used for fuel, writes the Times.

Scientists hope the opening of a long space station in the Earth's satellite, writes "The Times" and adds that they also solved both major problems, lack of drinking water and rehidriranje food and fuel, which has stood in the way of building a permanent base on the Moon.

Until now it was assumed that the astronaut must carry both with you, but the presence of water on the Moon would be all that changed.

The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and also the closest celestial body away an average of 384,400 miles from Earth.

Firmly is a celestial body and the surface is 14 times the volume 50, by weight and 80 times less than Earth.

Acceleration of gravity on the Moon six times less than on Earth. Around its axis is paid for 27 days, 7 hours and 11.5 seconds.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Laser Sharp

Company Sharp at the end of last week unveiled a new blue-violet laser, which states that may lead to the emergence of triple or even quadruple Blu-ray discs. What is characteristic of the new laser is the fact that the two will allow better and more efficient loading dual-layer Blu-ray discs but will allow the writing speed of 8x on all four layers. Using current technology, which enables burning 25GB on each layer of the disc, the new promotion will allow storing 75GB or even 100GB of data, which will be useful not only for data backup, but production and editing movies.

Intel Nehalem processor

Intel is in progress yesterday announced that it will begin delivering enhanced version of its dual-obradnog Nehalem Xeon chip, which is primarily intended for data storage and communication by providing opportunities to create a RAID connection and be integrated with the PCI Express (PCIe). These processors, which will be available in the market during the next year, most will show the application such as blade servers extremely high density, IPTV, VoIP, NAS, SAN and many other devices. Intel was first presented Xeon microprocessors based on Nehalem during April this year.

IBM Cognos is

IBM introduced its version of Cognos software for business and understanding the intended medium-sized business customers. New Cognos Express line is designed to be a cheap tool for understanding the business that is easy to use product designed for larger companies with more modular approach to the inclusion of new features. Cognos Express consists of three modules that can be purchased together or separately. Reporter Express is a tool for creating reports, Advisor Express provides a "what if" scenario planning and forecasting performance. Express Xcelerator is used as an analytical engine in memory, which makes analytical visualization.

Asus Eee keyboard next month

Asus Eee keyboard will finally arrive in sales in Europe and the United States next month, confirmed the company. This product was first shown at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year and since then they appear about his potential appearance at the sale. However, information about appearance were not officially confirmed by the management company until today, when it was confirmed that the keyboard will become available in October. Asus was not willing to say how many potential customers need to separate money to priuštili Eee keyboard, which normally features an integrated 5 "display, 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory.

Facebook Lite

Facebook has made a somewhat risky move when designing Lite, a simpler version of social networking site on which more and more stories. Lite is not running on any of the tens of thousands of external applications that are designed to Facebook's main site. Although this site was originally intended for users in those countries where there is a problem with providing high-speed Internet, this site has won the sympathy after the presentation of a large number of users and experts in this field, especially when this version became available to Facebook members in the U.S.

Removing IE8

It is certain that there are a large number of users who do not like Internet Explorer 8th The question is whether they will get back to its previous version if the new remove? The answer is yes but there is a possibility that you will frighten uninstallation process. In XP, select Start, then Control Panel and click on Add or Remove Programs, select IE8, click Remove, and follow the requirements. In Vista, select Programs opeartivnog system and Features and press Enter. Then click on View on the left, double-click on IE8 and follow the instructions. At this point, appears warning that some programs installed after IE8 will not work after uninstallation.

New Wii console price

Nintendo would be the information that leaked last days soon to lower the price of the Wii console $ 199.99. So the new price of the console that comes bundled with Wii Sports should be for $ 50 less than the present. This price reduction should be put in force from 27 September. According to current prices competitive Xbox 360 and PS3 Slim sold at prices of $ 199.99 and $ 299.99 respectively. According to analytical company NPD for the month of August sales of Wii consoles was considerably weaker compared to the same period last year. Analysts are advised to Nintendo-or lower in price or change the sales package.

Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.0 release preparations

Mozilla has released the second beta version of Internet application suite SeaMonkey 2.0 latest test version is based on the same core search engine as Firefox 3.5.3, which means that it no longer provides support for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, and Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) . The new version has several features including the ability to open e-mail, directories and orders of tabs that exist in the Mail & Newsgroups window. Also available is a simple HTML editor, Web development tools and IRC chat. SeaMonkey 2.0 beta 2 is its appearance underwent eight weeks after the first beta version saw the light of day.

Microsoft removes AutoRun

Microsoft has finally removed the feature from earlier versions of Windows operating system that was widely accused extent that allowed the installation of malware on users' computers. Characteristic known as AutoRun allows Windows computers to automatically execute certain programs such as media players or immediately after the installer CD, flash drives and other types of media are related. Although these characteristics facilitated the work of users who were exempted from having to open the folder and double click to initiate the desired file, it has also allowed criminals to easily and spread malicious files.

iTunes 9

At the beginning of the week, Apple unveiled the long-awaited iTunes 9th The new version features several new features, but Apple did not provide all of the improvements that users expect. When you install iTunes 9, the new folder appears in the iTunes Music (or iTunes Media) directory and it's really done well. What is not like most fans in HD is to enable SD downloads. Unfortunately, iTunes is again included SD download, although it should go forward to the HD and not return to the back. Navigation albums did not have any changes, and still everything was over, although the changes required and may be available in the iTunes 10th

The smallest tuner in the world

TV tuners are smaller, some have already reached the size ovećih flash drives, Hauppauge tuners make a credit card format, but the company set new PCTV border - the picture is clearly seen how the new model picoStick large (small). This miniature tuner is presented in the exhibition PlayBite which these days takes place in London, and is intended for receiving DVB-T signal (Western).
PicoStick but will next week be able to buy at and, the price of 50 pounds.

Bulgaria: Euro 2013.

Sofia - Bulgaria intends to introduce the euro by 2013, said Finance Minister Simeon Đankov the country.

He was at the press conference, explained that in November, apply for the Bulgarian currency, the leva, the exchange rate regime in the ERM-2, in which the currency of the country remains a candidate two years before entering the euro zone. Bulgaria has not been able to enter the ERM-2 mode, because in recent years had high inflation and the current balance of payments deficit of more than 20 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

Diplomats whose statements Reuters news agency warned, however, that entry into the euro zone and prevent the high rate of corruption and organized crime, with which the previous government of Socialists is ability to deal.

Bulgaria is the poorest country of the European Union. The new center-right government, formed after elections in July, has taken steps to prosecute former officials who blamed for taking bribes. It also seeks to limit a gray economy and prevent smuggling.

Đankov said that if Sofia would change access to and seriously started to reform, and then enter the euro zone was realistic.

"The new government must demonstrate that it works differently than the last," he said.

Inflation would be the end of this year, should fall below three percent, primarily as a result of reduced domestic demand and the weakening global economy. Account deficit should fall to 11 percent of GDP, with 26 percent, as was the end of last year.

Bulgarian government to the European Commission sent a medium-term fiscal plan and a plan against the crisis. It listed specific steps and terms that will guide the government. Also, the new government has already reduced expenditures, in order to prevent further growth of the budget deficit.

Hungary accepts prisoners from Guantanamo

Budapest-Hungary agreed to accept a Palestinian, prisoners from the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, said Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai. The move aims to affirm the commitment of NATO allies and the moral and practical support for abolition of the prison question.

Solid planets outside the solar system

Brussels - European astronomers from the first rocky planet found outside solar system, like the Earth but it ruled high temperature because it is too close to their stars.

In the search for planets similar to Earth, scientists have so far discovered more than 300 celestial objects outside the solar system, but in most cases, the gaseous planets. Newly discovered planet, which has so far najsličnija Earth due to its solid structure, has one drawback - Pakleno is hot.

"It looks like the Earth, but is too close to the sun," said Artie Harces Director observatorijuma in Turingeru, Germany.

The planet, named Corot-7b, has a surface temperature higher than 2000 Celsius which is too much for the development of life. Circle around their stars make for only 20 hours, at a speed of 750,000 kilometers per hour. By comparison, Mercury, and the closest planet to our Sun completes its rotation around the sun for 88 days.

Corot-7b was discovered earlier this year. It is in our immediate neighborhood at a distance of about 500 light years. It has a radius 1.5 times larger than Earth and five times more mass.

Evroposki astronomers immediately went to his observation to determine its density, and they managed to prove that it really comes stenovitoj planet what is ours. In our system, besides Earth, circling the planet three more solid. These are Mercury, Venus and Mars.

This discovery gives scientists hope to find planets similar to Earth in space with more suitable conditions for life

"The evidence that we live in a populated universe become more convincing," said Alan Bos, an expert with the Carnegie Institute.

2010. millions of people remain without jobs

The current global economic crisis satire labor market 30 most developed countries, warned yesterday the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.

Since the outbreak of the crisis, in late 2007. year, the member countries of the OECD for 15 million people remained without a job. By the new year another 10 million employees there probably waiting for dismissal. If the recently announced economic recovery does not take the momentum, to the end of 2010. in the OECD area and no work will be 57 million people, warned yesterday Angel Guria, Secretary General of the OECD (the organization that otherwise does not belong to the leading Asian economies such as China and India).

"The increasing unemployment throughout the world - the most severe since World War II - the essence of the financial and economic crisis. The OECD-area unemployment rate in 2010. year would exceed 10 percent and will continue for some more time to grow. In the current nightmare, the young, immigrants and workers with lower qualifications are most vulnerable. Pleiades young people risk being written off as "lost generation" due to very modest opportunities to find work soon. Before the government is responsible for further work to protect the labor market and further ensure social security of unemployed ... "said Guria presenting the latest OECD report on the consequences of the crisis in the labor market.

"The global economy actually showed signs of recovery. Throughout the world countries are upumpale billion posustalim banks and the economy, and, of course, brought no effect. To priskočile government did not help, unemployment would have been even more dramatic. Devastating unemployment is the biggest problem of this crisis. We should not think that the growth of gross domestic product, I solve the problem ...", said Guria.

Neslavni record "the greatest unemployment since 1945. The "members of the OECD are still down in June rate of 8.3 percent. Otherwise, the middle of 2007. year - OECD countries have recorded unemployment rate of 5.6 percent, the lowest since 1980. year.

The force of the descent of the global financial-economic nightmare hardest hit the labor market in Spain, Ireland and the United States, says the OECD. Short, the tide failure in the developed world will only grow: according to OECD estimates, the unemployment rate in 2010. year in the United States will exceed 10 percent, in Germany will reach 11.8 per cent (now 7.7 percent), France will amount to 11.3 percent (currently 9.8 percent). A similar trend of the OECD announced for Japan, Canada, eurozone ...

United Kingdom otherwise yesterday faced the highest unemployment rate in the last 13 years: 2.47 million even Torres is currently without a job. Brutal consequences of the recession on their skin feel particularly young British between 16 and 24 years - in that age group, every fifth teenager is now without a job.

In the meantime, the ministers for employment a member of the OECD will meet in Paris - before the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) - to develop a proposal of action for revival of the labor market. Angel Guria, their "action plan" subject to the summit G-20.

In the global arena battle with the toughest economic crisis since the Second World War, banking issues and finally joins the question of survival "common man".

Rescued hungry and die of hunger

Ancient Đuri Antic will soon be a hundred years. He was the first draftee from Pribeljaca, the village at the crossroads of Kupres and Sipovo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When the serving staff rock, called him to teach the officers. But the plug and dedovina were his charms. He returned, remained and says that has not repented. And so ...

"At that time I sowed, and the škrtoj country Pribeljaca five, and now the whole grain or three meters ... In the village, in my time, was written only two people who read the letter and glory, and today there are no tracks from which there is no university-educated man ... Sometimes the Pribeljcima and over, we dialed Janjskoj principality, was a pop, and today there are ten ... Before the last war in which Pribeljcima was fifty, and today only six primary. So now you see where we started and where we arrived, fought Djuro story.

I Pribeljci, as well as countless others, now the village elders. Relatives and friends come from afar, but only the glory and the summer vacation. Villagers to difficult, but not give. Asphalt hope that the government promised them. And some programs in the field of tourism that is associated with a large reserve of Forests Janja. Hope to Pribeljcima and water plant should be built with Kuprešku river. Analysis showed that the water from this source does far better.

And with the Kuprešku river, near, with beautifully decorated and surrounded čamovinom resort, is a monument peasant Rossi Šebez. Until recently it was overgrown in weeds and undergrowth. Milenko Milovac it is cleaned. Today, it cares about darivajući passer story of unfortunate woman.

"For him the war was collected from orphans janjske and kupreške plateau and brought them to the river valley Kupreške, in which he was fourteen mills. Hundred of them a year and kept the fed. I rescued from certain death. And then someone informed about the Ustasha Rossin charity.

The unfortunate woman fled into the woods. Hiding the month ... They found the dead ... She died of starvation. Does terrible fate, other rescue from hunger and die of hunger again. Opštinari are remembered Rose and erected a monument to her as far back as fifty-second year. Rarely when a man came to lay flowers at the grave kupreške heroine "story set Milenko Milovac.

Mafia sinking ship

ROME - Italian authorities have found the wreck of the ship with 180 barrels of toxic material, which sank the mafia, and it is believed that more than 30 such vessels lying along the southern coast of Italy, tell the Italian officials. The location of the ship revealed Francesco Fund, former member of criminal organization Ndrangeta, based in Calabria, who testified that the explosives used to sink and the two broda.Brod with barrels, which officials fear it could contain radioactive material found at 500 meters depth in the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 28 kilometers from the coast of Calabria. TV clips, which was recorded underwater camera, show that at least one barrel fell from the boat and empty lies at the bottom of the sea.
- It could be a problem with poisons and heavy metals ... this is a problem throughout the international community - said Silvestro Greco, director of the Agency for Environmental Protection in Calabria.
Greco said that investigators believe that the mafia I sank 32 ships with toxic material, after the introduction of more stringent laws in the field of environmental protection eighties of last century, which is illegal waste disposal, became a lucrative business for criminal groups.

The government forgot about showdown with corruption

Banja Luka - It's been more than nine months since the RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik announced the formation of the Council for fight against corruption, and from this body still does nothing! Even after more than two months waiting for the Government did not answer the question whether and when the announced competition for the selection of Council members would be invited. He arrived only a thin response to the "formation of the Council envisaged by the Strategy for Fight against Corruption", which in December approved the executive. Also, the mentioned strategy is envisaged that each of the ministries of developing its action plan to combat corruption and deliver it to the Government. We do not even responded to what the effects of these plans. Instead we got the statement that "all ministries, within their jurisdiction, actively implement action plans.

However, the Government says that the "implementation strategies strengthen citizens' confidence in their work and respect the Constitution and laws."
"Through the process of democratization is given the opportunity to all citizens, with the protection of identity, the report Prosecutors and law enforcement agencies of corruption offenses and their perpetrators" claim in the Government of the RS.
However, the head of parliamentary group of the SDS in the NSRS Borislav Bojic said that it was "obvious that the government has no real intention to deal with crime." This assures Bojic, best seen in examples of the Special Prosecutor's Office "not justify the expectation of the people, because none of the business has not been convicted offenders.
Used, is confident Bojic, no revision of the privatization of banks and enterprises in the Republic of Serbia "because this just white-washes the process and prevents the system to deal with those who came to illegally acquired property".
"Similarly with the law on forfeiture of illegally acquired property. Simply, you should create a system in which the courts independent of the executive and legislative authority to do business, "said Bojic.
Chairman of the Executive Board of the PDP Zoran Djeric considers that the Government of the RS, in order to form a new body to fight corruption, "misleading the citizens of RS, because it does not represent its true orientation. Djeric emphasizes that in the RS, "there are enough institutions to fight corruption, that government should help and that they expected effects.
Remember, the Prime Minister, Milorad Dodik, in December last year announced that, through competition, will be formed a special council for the fight against corruption, which will have the task of monitoring implementation of the Strategy and an indication of corruption. He promised that the council will have the option of direct talks with all the structures in the RS, where he considers that there is a problem, and the call will be binding. "The Council will have 11 members. We want people to see a strong professional and moral dignity and fighters for truth and justice. We will be on the persistent fighters for the implementation of this stregije, "promised the citizens of the RS.
A recent study "Transparency internešnela BiH showed that BH najkorumiranija countries in the Balkans, and that corruption is most present at the local level of government. The following is the education and health, where the average payout is 547 or 500 marks.

Check diploma, and job search

Nada Mokadem has two degrees. In his homeland, Lebanon, studied French literature, but her dream was medicine. Late '70s received a scholarship in the Soviet Union and there is a specialized commitment. Because of the war in Lebanon, 1987. refugees in Germany. I thought that the two degrees and knowledge of several languages easily find work. Far from it. Recognized her diploma of general practitioners, but to be employed, could not.

"I had passed the state exam, and then I had a limited residence permit."

To obtain permanent residence permits was passed 11 years. Then the law changed so the requirement for obtaining a job was a citizen of Germany. When, a few years later, finally got a German passport, said she now has to do the practice for a period of 18 months and then sit the exam.

"It was not possible. I had a job and children. I could go on unpaid practice of 18 months. "

All of her hopes to work as a doctor or anything in the field are destroyed. Two degrees occasionally her odmagale even in finding other jobs, because it is rejected as a "prequalified". Today, working as servants in Bonn.

Where to check the degree?

Who wants to know how his diploma, especially academic, "worth" in Germany, from this autumn can contact the Central Office for the education of foreigners ( / Zab). Publishing opinions cost of 100 euros, said office manager Barbara Buhal-Hefer.

"This is purely formal information to the employer, university or a third what kind of qualifications it is, whether the faculty recognized a regular diploma, which is the name of the qualification in the original and translated, and what are the possibilities with this degree. As regards professional experience, about the administration does not give an estimate. "

When faculty accept a diploma, you can not be hundred percent sure. The question is whether training in education abroad, corresponds to the German school system. Doctors, for example, must be trained to work with modern equipment, but also to know how costing the health system of Germany. Then the usually recommended additional training. However, many migrants can not afford it. States for not extracting money and no scholarships, unless the word about some of the specific occupations that are particularly sought.

Why no visa facilitation for all?

Europe opens the door to Western Balkans. Since 2010th citizens of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia will be able to travel without visas in the country "Schengen". On the other hand, BiH, Albania and Kosovo remains true to the previous regime. The new visa regulations discussed yesterday (16.9.) In Strasbourg. German member of the European Parliament Doris Pack was supported by a new European Union regulations, but also criticized the fact that it is not true for all citizens of the Western Balkans.

"I do not believe that it is possible to make much difference in a region that is so connected. This is the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina punish ethnic groups that suffered most there. If Bosnia does not receive a visa facilitation, and neighboring states have it, then the Serbs and Croats in the privileged position. This put the Muslims in the ghetto, and it certainly is not good. "

Financial support for biometric passports
One of the conditions for visa regime liberalization is issuing biometric passports that are difficult to forge. The European Commission concluded that Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania do not meet this requirement, including for financial reasons. Bulgarian deputy Andrei Kovacev therefore proposes that EU countries that provide the necessary assistance.

"They need to take all necessary technical measures. Thus, biometric passports and all other standards - information exchange, cooperation between the police and so on. In Parliament we have extensively discussed the possibilities to financially assist these countries to achieve and the standard. "

Turn off the Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of visa liberalization particularly criticized the Green Party from whose ranks could be heard to remark that the mock war victims in that country. However, for most of the European Parliament that is only part of the truth.

The responsibility of politicians
Bosnian politicians have not fulfilled your task and time alone are responsible for the delay in visa liberalization, said the Doris Pack.

"We should influence the politicians to do their job. The problem is that politicians in the region do not try to seriously understand the important purposes, especially the young generation. Politicians have a visa freedom and fighting against each other just because of nationalistic ideals and ideas. Nobody is trying to strengthen the state. "

Brussels is trying to calm passions. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania will be in the "near future" to fulfill the necessary conditions for visa liberalization, says European Commissioner Jacques Barrot and emphasizes the need for closer cooperation with Brussels.

The European Commission expects that in the coming weeks to get important information about the state of things on the ground. In October the European Parliament could re-open the debate on visa liberalization for the Western Balkans.

EU accuses U.S. undermine the Copenhagen agreement

Key differences between U.S. and European countries in the approach to solving climate change could undermine the conclusion of a new agreement on global warming that would replace the Kyoto Protocol

The conflict between the countries of the European Union and the U.S. administration about the way that should prevent further deterioration of climatic events and to regulate emissions of gases, may prevent the achievement of a new agreement which should be discussed at the December summit of the United Nations in Copenhagen, said in a London journal Guardian.

According to sources, "The Guardian", a major dispute about the structure of the water agreement and the new way to limit the level of greenhouse gases that each country should broadcast. While the EU countries want to remain in force structure and system established in the Kyoto protocol, the applicable international agreements climate change, U.S. representatives have notified that the position of Obama's administration should be down almost the whole system and create new, according to their proposal.

According to the current agreement limit emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that cause greenhouse effect is part of the international system that controls the calculation of emissions, buying "carbon credits" and the contributions of some sectors such as forestry.

Instead, the U.S. wishes to each country individually establish its own rules and unilaterally decide how to achieve goals.

The European side is considered to approach the U.S. could undermine the new agreement and weaken the ability to reduce worldwide emissions.

Summit in Copenhagen many see as a last chance to save the planet and to prevent further warming, and the growth temperature of two or more degrees Celsius, which European countries believe could lead to very dangerous consequences.

From "The Guardian" close to the EU negotiating team said that the chances that this happens more if world powers fail to reconcile their positions and determine the rules that all countries comply.

News of the differences in the attitudes of U.S. and Europe was published at the time of increased concerns that the negotiations in Copenhagen will make the necessary progress.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the Guardian that negotiations are stopped and that it is necessary to continue.

On the eve of UN summit in New York scheduled for next week, in which the nearly 100 heads of government to discuss climate change, Ban said that leaders of these countries hold in their hands, "the future of all mankind." "We are deeply concerned that the negotiations do not show a great progress and that is absolutely crucial that the leaders show the political will and leadership."

European officials do not want to openly criticize Obama administration, which recognized that engaged in solving the problem of climate change on the way in which former U.S. President George W. Bush refused to act. They, however, fear that the U.S. move could destroy efforts to reach a new agreement in Copenhagen.

States have not ratified the Kyoto protocol while on their heads was Bush, because no demands have placed China. European negotiators knew that the U.S. will not accept the agreement, but hoped that they will be the basis for a new agreement.

If the Kyoto Protocol fails, it would take several years to establish a new framework for further negotiations, and that could delay a final blow to the efforts of the task to prevent the dangerous consequences of climate change. From "The Guardian" says that Europe wants to further the strategy builds on the Kyoto Protocol, but the U.S. proposal to disabled. "If we had to start from scratch, you should us a lot of time and just might 2015th and 2016th was able to achieve something."

He believes that it is unlikely that European countries oppose Washington. "I'm not sure that the EU really has the courage to deal and it is perhaps a problem."

U.S. plan on climate change is likely to cause dissatisfaction of developing countries that would like to stay for the Kyoto Protocol obligations imposed by rich countries.

Although Washington has yet to detail how to present such a system should work, the document that Obama's team gave the UN in May, said to reduce emissions, "conducted in accordance with the law" in that country.

Legal experts believe that the sentences the way to the U.S. protection of international pressure to enforce the decision with which they disagree. Farhana Jamin, a lawyer at the Institute for Development Studies, who worked on the Kyoto protocol, conducting such a situation seen as backward, and that the danger is that the domestic factor begins to overcomes international.

Another senior European official believes that this move reflects the "prehistoric" level debate on climate change in the U.S., as well as concerns members of the Obama administration that the new international treaty to be ratified in the U.S. Senate, what will be required two-thirds majority. States have not ratified any important international agreement on the environment since 1992. , and U.S. President Bill Clinton never sent for approval to the Kyoto Protocol, after the unanimous vote in the Senate, which indicated that the agreement was rejected for economic reasons.

The aim of the U.S. proposal on unilateral determination of rules of each country aims to "something to be adopted in the Senate, considered the source of" The Guardian ". He, however, "there is no feeling that the U.S. is thinking well what it means for an agreement in Copenhagen".

Stuart Eisenstadt, who was in the American negotiating team in Kyoto, said that there was a "major changes in the U.S. compared to the problem of climate change and the new president is very committed to this issue. The EU, however, must understand the limitations of the United States. The real that is impossible for my successor to the Copenhagen negotiate something outside the law on emissions that Congress approved in the United States. "

Nigel Parvis, also a member of the American negotiating team, believes that "the construction of the Kyoto Protocol should not have any superior status. Many decisions are then made in the absence of the United States, and incorporating design of this Protocol in the new agreement could have a bad consequences.

Parvis not believe that this move could weaken Washington's new agreement. "It is important that the United States negotiate an agreement that can be applied, because the second agreement that would include the U.S. unazadio efforts on climate protection. Is weaker system that applies to multiple countries? I do not think," said Parvis.