Friday, September 25, 2009

Pirates killed Syrian captain of the ship

Somali pirates seized the ship that sailed under the flag of Panama to Mogadishu. Pirates of the Syrian captain of the ship killed, three wounded crew members and one policeman.
The ship that sailed to Mogadishu under the flag of Panama seized the Somali pirates who killed the Syrian captain, injured three crew members and one policeman.

"Pirates killed the captain because he refused to turn the ship. Usually we send the police when the cargo ship near the port, but the pirates were already on the boat and opened fire, wounding one policeman," said Reuters Somali port Abdijasis Minister Hasan.

"Captain was a Syrian, and his body is now in the harbor. The name of the ship is 'Barvako'," said a representative of port authorities Ahmed Abdi.

Authorities have announced that members of the African Union peacekeeping force and Somali police took action against pirates and rescued the ship.

Pirate attacks are frequent along the coast of Somalia and the international community has sent a patrol to protect the ships that sail that way.

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