Thursday, September 24, 2009

Violent husbands, electronic bracelets

PARIS - France will next year launch an experimental project of placing electronic bracelets violent wife.

Bracelets to send a signal of approaching potential victims, perpetrators, said State Secretary for Family and Solidarity Nadine Moran.

"We have a task to better protect women," she said and recalled that last year, violent husbands in France killed 156 women, and that since 2006. until 2008. The 330,000 were victims of domestic violence.

Bracelet, which is higher than manual clock is associated with a satellite GPS system, and the battery is full of gestures.

Women abuser will have a small box that will ring when the perpetrator closer. Bracelet will cost 9000 euros for the project will be granted five million euros, said Secretary of State.

According to her, the French courts ruled du 4000 measures the violent eviction of their husbands since 2006. until 2008. year.

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