Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bildt: Serbia needs to gain candidate status

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, the "News": You need a new dialogue between the EU and Pristina. Give Serbia candidate status at the next summit of EU leaders.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Karl Bildt believes that Serbia in the next summit of EU leaders should be granted candidate status for membership in the EU , in line with recent recommendations of the European Commission's enlargement package. He said he needed a new kind of dialogue, the EU and Pristina, which would address the many issues, from the rule of law to the situation in northern Kosovo, and stressed that it is essential to maintain the current focus on dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. "It remains to be talking about that. On the table were a number of different ideas. But at the moment is the key to maintain focus on the current dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. Based on Monday it will bring conclusions on the enlargement process, before EU summit to be held on Friday, December 9, "Bildt said in an interview with today's" news ".

Bilt is committed to "a kind of contractual relationship between the EU and Kosovo , in order to have an intense dialogue with Pristina on many issues, including the question of the rule of law. " He said that the current dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina on the crucial and that "there are good vibrations that reach from these meetings. " "We are all concerned about the situation in Kosovo. The recent statement by the President (of Serbia Boris) Tadic is seen as a constructive contribution in an attempt to resolve a serious and grave crisis," he said. Bilt believes that the dialogue should not enter with any tough stance with any party. "But I think everyone agrees that the situation in northern Kosovo is unsustainable. You need to be improved, if nothing else, at least for people who live there. We do not want to we have some kind of another frozen conflict in the middle of Europe, "the Swedish Minister.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why should removing makeup

5 reasons to do not always

You came out of the city, and dead tired lay down in bed? Fine, but doctors warn that it is very important to always remove makeup.

The girls who constantly leave makeup on your face risk of skin damage and faster aging. It is important that all the ostranite face to it and cleared up. Doctors indicate that on your face collect a variety of dirt and make-up removal and clean the pores of the skin by reducing the possibility of infection.

It is important to then apply night cream that regenerates your skin.

Doctors suggest that the exaggerated make-up is not good, because that plugs the holes in the skin causing pimples and reporting of minor inflammation.

With a smile look younger

Anti-aging and cosmetic surgery have a natural competitor, and it is a smile.

The study group of German researchers, published in the journal "Psychology and Aging journal," reveals that happy and smiling people look younger and more attractive.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin have found that people with neutral facial expressions easier to identify the year, unlike the smiling people who usually act younger, on average, for three years.

Drive to work affects health

People who travel to work by car, train or bus more often suffer from difficulties with health than those who go to work on foot or by bike. Swedish researchers followed the 21st 000 employed respondents, aged between 18 and 65 years, and their results published journal "BMC Public Health."

In the group of persons who have traveled to work by car or public transport saw a greater risk of everyday stress, fatigue, use of sick leave and poorer overall health.

Researchers at the University of Lund added that the additional subjects had an increased risk whose daily journey lasted longer. The study found that the journey to work was associated with higher odds of difficulties in relationships with spouses.

Food and Health

How to get ready for winter and strengthen your body

Doctors recommend eating a balanced and varied food. Such a concept should not leave even during the winter when there are great choices for your kitchen.

To strengthen immunity and improve general health condition, you can use mushrooms, yogurt, kefir, green tea and all the other seasonal vegetables ...

Green tea also contains antioxidants that help your body stay healthy and good immunity.

Red wine in small quantities is another source of quality polyphenols, and say tomato.

Oily fish is good for omega 3 fatty acids.

Pumpkins in the fall is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Got in the oven or save the pie.

Doctors say it will help you through the winter brewer's yeast, which helps in the metabolism.

Of course, do not forget the spices and fruit that is important to eat throughout the year.

Justin Bieber singing Obama for Christmas

U.S. President Barack Obama urged the teen idol Justin Bieber singing for him and the Senate for Christmas because it "his children adore."

Recently, Obama described Biber as "very good young man." Pepper said that the Obama children, daughters Malia and Sasha, his big fans why he is the president and called for a Christmas dinner.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lady GaGa: "Marry The Night" remix, the largest front page ...

... and the singer has launched a new foundation. When Gaga sleep?
Lady Gaga is not tired, even after its "India's tour", the singer, as a warm-up for album of remixes, "Born This Way: The Remix" which is scheduled for 21 November, has launched yet another new version of the song from her latest album - it's "Marry The Night" which is expected soon, "an autobiographical video," and the remix this time they were in charge of the Weeknd & Illangelo - a song you can listen here .
Gaga has appeared (in his alter-ego Yuyi sirens) and on the cover of the new edition of Visionaire magazine - this special edition, entitled Larger Than Life, just broke the Guinness record for the category of "the greatest magazine in the world" and how much is actually great the best you can understand if you look at this video. For photographs were responsible Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the couple who stood behind as recently published series Gaginih "fashion video".
Finally, the singer and her mother, Cynthia Germonatta, joined forces and founded the Born This Way Foundation (BTWF) - see more at - which aims to eradicate the notorious byllying - violent behavior among youth in school and street - and that generally "empower young people" and "positive effect on their self-confidence." On this occasion, Lady Gaga said:
"Together, we hope to establish new standards of what courage is and what is the kindness and gentleness, and a new community in which we store and protect each other in situations where we have been abandoned or exposed to violence."
The singer, who is on his new mission to stamp out violence among youth and recently spoke with U.S. President said that in his campaign largely focused on digital media.

Alicia Keys with her husband at a party Christian Labutina

Alicia Keys and her husband Kasim Din, better known under the pseudonym Sviz Bitz, were guests at the birthday party designer Christian Labutina.

Unlike many celebrity marriages that are associated with scandals, cheating and divorce, the marital community and Alicia Keys Svis Bitz takes place without any problems (at least for now).

The couple looked very happy recently to celebrate the birthday of Christian Labutina, the famous shoe designer. Lubutin was greeted Alicia with a smile and gave her a kiss, as her husband did not mind.

Mentioned designer once said that the experience of wearing high heels like the experience of orgasm, and that is why many ladies, including Alicia Keys and Victoria Beckham, like to wear their footwear.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail

U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan was sentenced today in Los Angeles on 30 days' imprisonment for violations of conditional release.

Lohan admitted that she violated probation, missed several meetings in the center for social work for women where they were to perform some community service work after the verdict in May for stealing a necklace.

Year-old actress received a delay of a week for
begin serving the sentence because of professional misconduct and will appear
9th in prison of November.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sotner allowed the actress to choose between 300 days' imprisonment or a reduced sentence of 30 days with a strict program of community service.

Lohan opted for a shorter prison. She has to appear in court once a month from December to May and between each appearance to perform 12 days of work in the morgue in Los Angeles, and to hold four sessions with a psychotherapist. Failure to meet these requirements, the judge warned that in this case serve the rest of Lindsay fine, and 270 days to spend in prison.

Lindsay Lohan is still under judicial surveillance since 2007. when he was twice arrested for drunken driving.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

British author starts Singapore jail term

A 76-year-old British writer who published a book denouncing judicial hangings in Singapore started a prison term on Wednesday for contempt.

Alan Shadrake, who wrote around the using hanging to execute drug traffickers and murderers inside the city-state, turned himself in within the High Court.

On Friday he lost his appeal against a six-week sentence, the toughest ever imposed in Singapore for contempt.

Shadrake could hardly afford to repay a Sg$20,000 ($16,200) fine atop the prison term, leading to another two weeks in jail, using the term to two months in whole. He or she is released earlier permanently behaviour.

He was able to undergo a medical test before serving his sentence.

"I feel fine. I believe that Singapore has shamed itself again by jailing me," Shadrake told AFP by telephone.

"For Singapore never to allow this free expression, to jail someone with regards to opinions... it's bloody nonsense," added mcdougal of "Once A Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice within the Dock".

London-based Amnesty International denounced Shadrake's imprisonment and urged Singapore to release the article author.

"Singapore has thrown Alan Shadrake in prison solely for exercising his basic right of free speech," Lance Lattig, Amnesty Southeast Asia researcher, said in a statement.

"The Singapore government should release Shadrake and scrap laws that criminalise peaceful criticism with imprisonment and crippling fines," he explained.

Shadrake's book has a profile of Darshan Singh, the former chief executioner at Singapore's Changi Prison who, according to the author, hanged around 1,000 women and men including foreigners from 1959 until he retired in 2006.

Shadrake's book features interviews with human rights activists, lawyers and former law enforcement officials, and alleges that some instances involving foreigners was relying on diplomatic and trade considerations.

He was arrested by Singapore police in July last year while coming to the city to produce the primary edition of his book, that was first published in neighbouring Malaysia.

Shadrake said previously that this second edition of his book was already available for sale nationwide and was on account of be launched in Britain on June 1.

Halle Berry and Fergie: The Smell of Success within the FiFi Awards

Termed as a 'Oscars on the fragrance industry,' nominees and stars gathered on Wednesday, May 25, in The big apple for the FiFi Awards hosted through the Fragrance Foundation to honor those that have contributed to creativity while in the scent-producing industry. Halle Berry was awarded Fragrance Celebrity of the season for "Reveal" and Fergie received the award for first time Fragrance Celebrity of the Year for "Outspoken."

Comparing food to fragrance around the red carpet, Iron Chef Cat Cora said, "It's all about enticing the senses. It provides to become a fine balance between something that comes with a fantastic fragrance and complements my lifestyle." Cora, who later presented the Fragrance of year award to Berry, acknowledged the talented nominees in their category, especially the women. "I'm conducting a category that has Halle Berry, Shakira, Longoria and tony parker as well as for men's Antonio Banderas," said Cora. "I think a few women all have something really sexy to make available so in retrospect they're nominated against the other."

Berries are no stranger to the present sensuous industry with currently three signature scents under her belt. She acknowledges the effectiveness of perfume in program notes saying, "I honestly think that fragrance makes women feel beautiful and confident." The Academy Leading actress wore a black one-shoulder Halston dress with half cut-out midriff.

The night time was rich in many beautiful and confident and even had different tips and hints to be able to best benefit from the luxuries of fragrance. Kelli Bensimon, who presented yesterday evening, recommended spraying the mane. "I always spray my hair because everyone has different DNA and so the same scent will smell different on everyone." Tiffani Thiessen, who admitted Giorgio Armani's Sensi once was her pre-baby go-to scent, declared that when spraying do not forget that "the back of your respective neck is fantastic and also the middle within your back, but those are with the special people."

Fergie, who has been astonished at husband Josh Duhamel before receiving her award, wore a custom made yellow BCBG gown. The singer, who said it took a couple of years to finish the Eau de Parfum, is credited with creating Avon's most successful fragrance and graciously accepted her award saying, "it feels unbelievable that i can develop the biggest launch in Avon's history. It feels amazing to get honored through the industry."

Death of street clothing mogul Bevacqua probed

Medical examiners hoped to recognise Wednesday what caused the unexpected death of street fashion mogul Jonas Bavacqua, whose body was found a day earlier in the Laguna Beach home.

Orange County sheriff's officials said there initially were no obvious signs pointing a cause of death with the 34-year-old, who co-founded the widely used street clothing brand LRG in 1999 and presided over its rapid rise as a major fashion force among young people.

"Jonas became a star who burned brightly in the sky and who's gone very soon," said part of an assertion on Irvine-based LRG's website that described Bevacqua like a friend, partner, father and mentor. "There can be a hole in your hearts that may do not be filled. He's going to always be loved and missed by his friends, family, and all of those he inspired."

Using the company's Facebook page, Bevacqua and his awesome business partner, Robert Wright, founded Lifted Research Group, proven to patrons as LRG, with start-up capital raised partly from friends of Bevacqua's adoptive father.

Bevacqua had dropped away from college and moved back home along with his parents when he met Wright while doing its job a DJ at Southern California clubs. The 2 main sketched out a few of their earliest fashion ideas in the bedroom.

Deeply influenced by Southern California's skateboard, surfing and hip-hop culture, he explained he and Wright began making clothes that reflected their interests but that no one else appeared to be providing.

"I spent my youth in a pretty unique environment and was come across a lot of different things," he said in a 2009 interview while using the Orange County Register. "I didn't feel there were a clothing company to bridge the gap between most of these various things that people were into - that spoke with the melting pot of the concepts taking. That's what LRG was supposed to be about."

By 2006, LRG had annual sales of $150 million and was named by Entrepreneur magazine as No. 5 on its listing of that year's 500 fastest growing companies. Among its popular clothing lines are Luxirie, which targets 18- to 30-year-old women, offering clothing with Western and military themes, and items for example crystal-covered jeans.

Initially a clothing company, LRG has since branched over to include sales of gadgets, music as well as other items. It described itself like a "creative lifestyle" company that tries to reflect its founders' interests, installing fashion but environmental causes and other activities.

The corporation is usually mixed up in the promotion of underground recording artists and sponsors a skateboarding team, based on its website.

Bevacqua is survived by his mother, father, son, fiancee and seven siblings, according to the company's website.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ana Ortiz Pregnant With Second Child

Congratulations are in order for Ana Ortiz - the actress is six months pregnant back with her second child.

“We know it’s a boy,” Ana revealed in a E-mail to on Thursday evening of her second impending arrival with husband Noah Lebenzon. “[We] looking to produce certain names that many of us can acknowledge.

Hmo's “Ugly Betty” star said she wants to pick an infant name that will reflect her heritage.

“It should be Spanish,” she wrote. “But something non-speakers can pronounce without mauling.”

Additionally, the 40-year-old actress, who recently inked a multi-episode deal to guest star on HBO’s “Hung” alongside sexy series star Thomas Jane, said her pregnancy will not disrupt her new character’s storyline.

“They are shooting around it,” Ana explained, adding that this lady has filmed five instances of the comedy until now. “It’s been a unique journey.”

As previously reported on, Ana married musician Noah Lebenzon in June 2007.

She announced her first pregnancy in January 2009, and delivered your baby girl, Paloma Louise Lebenzon, the examples below June.

“She is glowing and really elated,” a rep with the star told Access Hollywood at the moment. “Everything is excellent! And [the] baby is beautiful.”

This Hangover is hard to shake; Julia roberts can be a road warrior

Happy Memorial Day Sunday, folks. Donna Freydkin here. Plus in celebrity news today...

It earned consistently middling to negative reviews, but that did not stop the Wolfpack from ruling your box office. The Hangover Part II raked in $31.6 000 0000 in the Thursday opening, and the other $30 million on Friday, per early estimates, earning $61.6 000 0000 by 50 % days.

In what could very well be by far the most high-profile relationship, it's Julia roberts who's skilled at getting Mr brad pitt in addition to their six nomadic kids on our way. "On the trail, we're a military mobile unit," Pitt tells USA Weekend. "The kids have got their stuff to one backpack, and maybe they are each accountable for their very own bag. Mom does the packing; she's quite gifted at this. Puts in mere might know about need - nothing extra."

Plus the couple is open with their kids about everything -- even sex. "There aren' secrets at our residence," says Pitt, now starring in Cannes champ The Tree of Life. "We tell the youngsters, 'Mom and Dad 're going on kiss.' They go, 'Eww, gross!' But we demand it."

Tony Romo Marries Candice Crawford in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo tied the knot with pageant queen and TV reporter Candice Crawford on Saturday, in a very Dallas wedding reportedly attended by 600 guests.

Those types of attending, as outlined by multiple sources, were singer Ashanti and former Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman, along with Chace Crawford -- 'Gossip Girl' star and brother on the bride -- and Jerry Jones, the Cowboys' owner (who sought league approval to wait case over the NFL lockout).

The happy couple got engaged in mid-December; they reportedly began dating during the warm months of 2009. Romo ended his nearly two-year romance with Jessica Simpson at the end of July 2009. His other famous exes include Carrie Underwood and Sophia Bush.

Your beloved partner, 24, and groom, 31, followed the tradition of registering for gifts, as outlined by E!, making a wish list at Crate & Barrel and Macy's.

Wedding celebration occurred at Arlington Hall, a historic mansion due to Dallas' Lee Park. Crawford recently told Dallas Cowboys blog Blue Star, "You dream of this like a little girl...You do not dream, though, that Badgley Mischka shall do your bridesmaids' dresses, therefore you don't dream men and women definitely will provde the support they've already. So we're just really thankful...Getting married is surely an exciting, sacred thing."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 Johnny Depp Performances

Johnny Depp is back in the scarves, jewels and eyeliner, bumbling his way from adventure to the next since the insouciant Capt. Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." Oahu is the fourth movie inside monstrously popular Disney franchise and given Depp certainly one of his signature characters.

However the 47-year-old actor and three-time Oscar nominee is one of the most versatile performers of his generation, immersing himself fully and believably in every role he takes. So here is a check out Depp's five best performances - although it could have been hard to select the five most from the project he's done with Tim Burton alone:

- "Edward Scissorhands" (1990): The 1st of Depp's collaborations with Burton, who carry on for being his frequent director and colleague. The seeds were planted for among Depp's key on-screen personalities: the quirky-funny-awkward-sweet misfit. He's everything and a whole lot because the title character, the advance of an inventor who died before his work was complete, leaving Edward to fend for himself in the rest of the world with scissors for hands. He's initially feared, but his gentle demeanor wins in the bored residents of an tacky suburban enclave, including the beautiful teenager Kim (Winona Ryder). It is a whimsical and dark fairy tale, and Depp's delicate performance is simply heartbreaking. I cry each time I watch it.

- "Ed Wood" (1994): Depp's next film with Burton was the hilarious, sorta-true, black-and-white biopic concerning the director Ed Wood, who achieved cult status by infamously making a few of the worst films known to mankind, including "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "Glen or Glenda." Depp infused the performance while using clueless, cheery optimism of an would-be auteur. However in portraying Wood's secret, inner life - his proclivity for dressing in women's clothing - he also found a sweetness and a sensitivity. You receive the sensation that Depp (and Burton) were never making fun of Wood, but alternatively saluting him with an affectionate homage.

- "Pirates in the Caribbean: The Curse from the Black Pearl" (2003): The 1st time he totally role of Capt. Jack Sparrow, it absolutely was a startling thing to behold. He seemed kinda drunk and vaguely effeminate, out of control yet always along with his game. Depp was clearly channeling Keith Richards (who'd appear in later installments in a cameo as Jack's dad), and yet he previously created an indelible figure that's entirely his or her own. It was unpredictable, which was thrilling. The 1st "Pirates" movie earned Depp the first of his three best-actor nominations. Now the novelty has long since worn off, but Jack can nevertheless be a kick.

- "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: (2007): Back with Burton, Depp earned his third best-actor Oscar nomination for playing the title character with this film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's revered musical. He and co-star Helena Bonham Carter aren't exactly singing - they're really acting the background music more often than not - but which makes the full experience feel even more frightening. Still, in playing a vengeful barber who slits his customers' throats, Depp took about the form of challenging role that's become his trademark; he is able to do anything, and he helps it be look easy. Regarding his shock of black-and-white hair and an obsessed look in his darkened eyes, Depp's Todd can be quite a long-lost, evil relative of Edward Scissorhands.

- "Rango" (2011): By having an honorary mention for "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" (2005). These animated films reveal Depp's capability to provide a rich characterization, even when you can't see him. In "Rango," he lends his voice being a quick-talking lizard which has a flair for the theatrical. Dumped within the tiny desert capital of scotland- Dirt, this domesticated pet reinvents himself as Rango, and he's one tough hombre. Depp is wonderfully goofy here; he sounds playful and free. In the gorgeous and strange "Corpse Bride," a wonder of stop-motion animation and digital technology, Depp dials it as a result of play a young man who's shy, skittish and subdued, but just as fully fleshed out as any human being he's portrayed throughout his varied career.

Would Arnold Schwarzenegger be unfaithful in relationship sleep?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who promised Hollywood “I’ll be back” after leaving the California governor’s office, invest his movie projects on hold yesterday as they managed the fallout from his passion child scandal.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger is emphasizing personal matters and isn't willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines,” said a statement issued by the actor’s office. “This includes ‘Cry Macho,’ the ‘Terminator’ franchise and other projects in mind. We'll resume discussions when Gov. Schwarzenegger decides.”

The statement said Schwarzenegger has Terminated all his movie projects that are “currently underway or becoming negotiated” until further notice. The announcement came just days from a bidding war in Cannes to make two more “Terminator” films starring the vintage action hero.

In “Cry Macho,” the 63-year-old box-office heavy would have been to star as being a horse breeder who wins the Kentucky Derby but becomes a drunk after his household is killed. Schwarzenegger would have been to be paid a reported $12.5 million plus A quarter of the gain.

The ex-gov’s other big post-politics project was “The Governator,” a comic book series and cartoon based on his life and family that they was developing with Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee. He was slated to portray a superhero.

It’s unclear the length of time the Hollywood heavy promises to avoid the limelight, but his self-imposed exile may last no less than until the media feeding frenzy over his marital mess is finished. And yesterday, there is no sign which it was fading. reported that Hollywood housekeeper Mildred Patty Baena, mother of Schwarzenegger’s love child, sustained an affair with the actor within the bed he distributed to his wife and bragged that she was “more of your wife” to Arnold than Maria Shriver.

“Patty confided inside a friend, when Maria could leave the home every day, she'd crawl into the marital bed and do the deed with Arnold,” the site said. “She was ever present for him.”

The housekeeper reportedly was obsessed with the Kennedy princess and desired to look exactly like Maria.

“Patty would dress in Maria’s clothing as well as wear her jewelry out and about,” a source told TMZ.

And the housekeeper would go to Maria for advice about her sex life and her pregnancy, while she was carrying her husband’s child, the site said.

Meanwhile, People magazine reported that Maria has hired high-powered California divorce attorney Laura Wasser to represent her with what is expected to become a huge-stakes split.

The first kind NBC newsgal, 55, dumped her philandering hubby the other day after he confessed to fathering Baena’s son, now 14. reports that Arnold only confessed after Maria confronted the housekeeper and he or she admitted the actor-turned-California governor was her son’s father.

“The magnitude of his betrayal and selfishness knows no bounds,” a pal of Maria’s told People. “I imagine her profound sadness that she was lied to for so long right under her nose, in her own house.”

Reinhart Out, Alaina and McCreery to manage Off in "Idol" Finale

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery will face off in the near future inside final round of "American Idol" after Haley Reinhart was eliminated Thursday night.

Next week's finale will probably be an all-teen, country-tinged southern affair, because 17-year-old crooner Scotty McCreery and also the pop-country diva Alaina face off to see that will be the beside take the title of "American Idol" in the incredibly well-liked show's 10th season finale next week. This finale will be the youngest in "American Idol" history.

"This could be the biggest platform you can now ask for, and i also rocked against each other. And i also stood a blast … Which is simply the beginning," said 20-year-old Reinhart after it was revealed that she received the fewest votes on Thursday night's show.

As a final song, Reinhart sang Elton John's "Bennie along with the Jets" laced with your ex signature growls.

During Thursday's broadcast Ryan Seacrest also says a huge 95 million viewer votes were cast on Wednesday Up 15 million more in the same night during 2010.

The remainder three finalists were feeling pressure, as a couple of them stumbled Wednesday.

Reinhart literally fell for the stairs during her performance of Led Zeppelin's "What Is and What Should not Be," as her father, playing on guitar, watched helplessly on stage. But she quickly popped up and kept going like nothing happened.

"It's not regarding how many times you fall," judge Steven Tyler, that knows a couple of things about falling, told Haley afterward. "It's regarding how perhaps you wake up."

Alaina, that has struggled with nerves and confidence all season, missed an integral change through the Band Perry's "If I Die Young." But she constructed for this together with her third song from the night, Lee Ann Womack's "I We do hope you Dance," when she gave judge Jennifer Lopez "goosies."

"You cannot buy those," Lopez said, declaring Alaina the winner of round three. "Those usually are not on the market. Those only appear when somebody ensures they are turn out. You gave me just goosies from head to toe."

Earlier inside the show, clips were shown in the contestants back in their hometowns, where they received a hero's welcome.

Locals in McCreery's hometown of Garner, N.C., dropped $61,000 on his homecoming bash, in accordance with TMZ. Case included a normal pork barbeque, a parade and also a concert through the country crooner himself, who performed six songs.

Though the real action was on stage, where, on Wednesday, the aspiring Idols each performed three songs -- one of their favorites, a Jimmy Iovine pick and the judges' choice.

Superstar Beyonce, whose "Run the globe (Girls)" video was premiered later in the show, mentored the contestants for his or her first songs and showered them each with praise.

Besides Zeppelin, Reinhart performed Stevie Nick's "Rhiannon" and Alanis Morissette's "You Ought Know." Alaina also sang Faith Hill's "She's an outrageous One."

McCreery began with Lonestar's "Amazed," accompanied using the Round Two winner "Are You Gonna Kiss Me you aren't?" by Thompson Square and handle with Kenny Rogers' "She Believes in Me."

Friday, February 4, 2011

OtterBox Impact Case for iPhone 3G, 3GS (Black)

OtterBox Impact Case for iPhone 3G, 3GS (Black)
From OtterBox
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Otterbox iPhone Case


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Amazon Sales Rank: #32 in Cell Phone Accessories
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Dimensions: 2.59" h x .64" w x 4.66" l, .4 pounds
Durable silicone case in black for iPhone 3G/3GS models
Brilliantly engineered with inner coring to dissipate shock away from the device
Full access to your iPhone's functions
Includes self-adhering clear protective film
Backed by 1-year warranty; not tested or recommended for water protection


Editorial Reviews Product Description
A great choice for simple, everyday protection of your smartphone, the durable OtterBox Impact silicone case for iPhone 3G/3GS features an inner coring that dissipates impact away from your iPhone to protect from bump and shock. It also includes a self-adhering screen cover that adds additional protection from scratches.

It provides two layers of on-the-go protection
Layer 1: Self-adhering clear protective film (cleaning cloth and installation card included)
Layer 2: Durable textured skin for grip

Note that it does not offer protection against water.

Features & Specifications
Access to all side button features
Inner coring for added protection
Open access to charging port and headphone jack
Open access to camera
What's in the Box
Impact case, self-adhering clear protective film, microfiber cleaning cloth and installation card.

Customer Reviews
Fantastic case, even better value
I'm about as happy as I could be with the Impact case. Carrying around a slippery, glass-fronted device, I was primarily looking for a case that would provide good energy dissipation in the inevitable event that I drop-kick it across a room when fumbling for keys. As such, an unyielding hardshell case just wasn't ideal. The fitment, bracing, and silicone material of the Impact are a well-thought-out means of limiting shock intensity (although I thankfully haven't tested it to any considerable extent).
The Impact fits the phone snugly, provides a good textured grip for the hand, and doesn't drown out the mic and earpiece like poorly-fitted units. All slides and buttons are easily accessible - perhaps even more so than without case since my hand isn't slipping all over the glossy shell. Relatedly, the Impact adds very little size to the phone and weighs next to nothing.
The included screen protector works great too - I'd heard of rainbow refractions and a slightly-milky appearance, but cleaning the surface well beforehand and working carefully resulted in a crystal-clear application. Can't tell it's even in place. No complaints on that front.
I could do without the circular port on the back of the case, but it does nothing to harm structural integrity and it displays my MS sticker effectively. ;) It will certainly do the same for the Apple logo, however! The thickness of the silicone protects it from most direct scratchin' contact.
My second option in terms of cases was the Otterbox Defender, but I felt the Impact would suffice for day-to-day protection, and thus far this has certainly proven to be true.

I work for the Fire Department and was looking for a rugged case that could stand up to the abuse I was expecting to put it through. After purchasing this product, I am confident my phone is fully protected from the elements. I will say, it does make the product a little bulky, I tend to put my phone in my pocket and not wear it on a belt clip. It's bulky but doable. It was a good purchase and I'm glad I bought it. One thing I will mention about it, is that it didn't come with instructions on how to put it in the case, and it literally took me about 15mins. to figure it out. Also, after market car charges and docking stations will not work with this case because the connection is too deep in the case. Knowing those two things, I would still buy it.

one solid case
Case is light weight but gives a good hand grip. It's a real solid case. I dropped my phone from a subway platform to the track 5-ft below. When the maintenance worker retrieved it back for me, the phone didn't even have a single scratch and still works like normal. If you're looking for case to really protect your iPhone, this is it!

5-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple iPhone 3G 8GB 16GB [Accessory Export Packaging]

5-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple iPhone 3G 8GB 16GB [Accessory Export Packaging]
From Case-Mate
Price: $1.25

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Ships from and sold by The OEM Shop

Product Description
Item number 180736, Grading is cover/record: VG/EX using Goldmine standards. 1986,2lp box,bklt,puple wax,rw Please see seller profile for abbreviation descriptions.


Product Details
Amazon Sales Rank: #1 in Cell Phone Accessories
Brand: Case-Mate
Dimensions: 5.00" h x 2.00" w x 2.00" l, .9 pounds
Brand new non-OEM. Clear, ultra thin and durable.
Custom designed to fit your iPhone. Shield and protect your screen from unwanted scratches.
Resistance to erosion and fingerprints.
Non-adhesive backing, will not leave sticky residue.
Includes one cloth & one screen protector in each package.


Customer Reviews
After spending $15 for a package of crystal film covers at the Apple store (I peeled an old, scratched one off the cover, went to use the spare that was included only to find that it had gathered dust and lint under the cover) and ruining the one screen protector that came with my new Speck Candyshell case (it had a piece of lint underneath that caused it to bubble), I figured I would take a chance on these screen protectors as I knew I didn't need anything fancy, just something to keep my keys from scratching my screen in my purse.

It was a great decision. Not only are they cheap, there are 5 of them. They are all packaged individually in their own plastic sleeve (no dust/lint collection from saving them in your desk!) and they all come with a cleaning cloth. I was initially confused by the double layer covers that you peel off the actual screen, but I actually prefer this to a regular screen protector that you peel from the backing only and apply.

I watched a great YouTube video showing you how to apply these types of screen protectors that have the dual backings. If you peel away the first layer as you apply the cover (this way your fingers do not ever have to touch the actual protector since you are touching the backing) and use a credit card to smooth out bubbles as you go, it comes out great. Then you peel off the top layer and it's perfect.

I am really glad I searched for these. Great value for what you get. Also, their customer service is great. Very responsive.

I've never left a review before, but wow! These are incredible! In the three months that I've had my iPhone, I've gone through 2 $24 screen protectors from Best Buy. (They assured me they were top of the line.) After that, I purchased some case mate screen protectors from Wal-Mart. There were three in the pack, and all three had flaws. Some little dot of something or other that prevented the cover from going on smoothly. I finally resorted to one of these that I'd gotten as a free gift from another purchase, and they're AWESOME! No flaws, easy to apply, perfect non-gummy protection. I love them!

Works well for me
Just received these, and was pleasantly surprised. I've worked with one other type of screen protector (the ones you have to cut out yourself), but don't consider myself an expert by any means.

As others have posted, the product comes as 5 separately-packaged screen protectors. I've only opened one so far, and it contained the screen protector and a piece of cloth. The cloth appears useless, so I threw it away.

The screen protector has protective film on both sides, and a tab affixed to each film, labeled 1 and 2. You simply peel off film #1, then apply the screen protector to your iPhone, then peel off film #2. Again, I'm not an expert by any means, but it worked perfectly for me on the first try. Here's what I did:

- First, I cleaned my iPhone screen completely, using the cloth that came with my phone.
- I positioned the phone horizontally on a table in front if me, so that the top of the phone was on my left, and the bottom of the phone on my right.
- I peeled off film #1, and holding it lightly by the edges with both hands, aligned the top of the film with the top of the phone, without letting it actually touch the screen yet
- Then I started with the top of the phone (my left hand), and set the first inch or so of the film down onto the phone, while keeping the rest of the protector off the surface with my right hand.
- I rubbed the bubbles out of the top section using my left hand, and then lifted my right hand up slightly and brought it towards my left a little. This curved the screen protector, and I was able to then lay it down on the phone moving slowly towards the bottom of the phone in a smooth, even manner.

Hope that makes sense, but I think the key was having the protector bend a little so that it laid down uniformly from side to side. When I was done, I just rubbed a few bubbles out of the very bottom of the phone and it was nearly perfect.

I don't see any of the rainbow effect mentioned by another reviewer, and this protector doesn't interfere with my case (CaseCrown) because my case covers the top edges of the phone. So, overall very satisfied with the protector, and should get a lot of mileage out of them since I have 4 more to use.

P.S. Those who complained about bits of glue being left behind may have tried to remove the tab from the outer film, when in fact you are supposed to remove the entire sheet of protective film using the tab. This could also explain the rainbow effect some have seen, if they inadvertently left the top layer of protective film on the screen protector.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Babies understand what im talking about

Babies can not understand many words that adults say, because their brain is capable of processing them, say scientists.

Incorporating the latest technology of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetoencephalography (MEG), University scientists "Kalofornija in San Diego have proven that children slightly older than one year are processed words using the same brain structures as well as adults.

Researchers found that children not only to handle the sounds of words in mind, but I can understand their meaning.

The study, conducted by Dr. Eric Halgren - a professor of radiology, Jeff Elman - a professor of cognitive science, and Katherine E. Trevis with the Department of Neurology and multimodal diagnostics, said that infants use the same brain mechanisms as adults in uncovering the meanings of words, using what was until now considered a mental "database", ie a database that is constantly updated to "adulthood".

Many are now believed to be newborns, using a completely different mechanism for learning words, learning that ranges from the simplest components and turns in the process used by adults.

Identification of areas of the brain responsible for language learning has not been possible due to lack of evidence that would indicate the area of the brain developed, in which process takes place.

Although the lesions in the two parts of the brain known as Wernicke Bročino and (frontotemporally) area, a long time associated with the loss of language skills in adults, the same lesions in early childhood does not affect too much on language development.

To explain these differences, some say that the right hemisphere and inferior frontal regions in the crucial first language, and prejudiced language areas in the older age become dominant only with the spread of linguistic experience.

In contrast, other theories suggest the hypothesis that brain plasticity in other regions of the newborn to download the tasks associated with learning the language, if there is damage to the left frontotemporal region in the earliest age.

To determine whether the infants used the same functional networks as adults in interpreting the meaning of words, researchers have used the MEG-om, diagnostic that measures tiny magnetic fields that send the neurons in the brain, and MRI-operation in noninvasive assessment of brain activity, 12-18 months old infants.

During the first experiment, children listened to the sounds of words followed similar acoustic properties, but not meaning - to be determined whether they can distinguish. During the second phase, scientists have investigated whether infants understand the meaning of those words.

Within this experiment, infants were the images of familiar objects, and then they heard the words that match or not match the name. Thus the image of the ball followed adequate spoken term, and then heard the word dog.

Brain activity showed that the children failed to establish a mismatch of words and pictures, as was evident by the amplitude of brain activity. "Uncoordinated" or mismatched words evoke the characteristic brain response is placed in the left frontotemporally area responsible for processing the meanings of words in the adult brain.

The tests were repeated in adults in order to verify that the same combination of mismatched pictures / words indicated newborns caused by a stronger responsiveness in left field frontotemporally.

Laughter therapy

Laughter has been proven very useful in the treatment of many diseases, and has now been discovered that helps with artificial insemination.

Israeli scientists say that among women who were receiving treatment more successful artificial insemination occurred in those patients who have had treatment and zasmevanja hospital clown.

"Patients who are trying to become pregnant, are under great stress. Because laughter is important for tretmen, "said research team leader Shevach Friedler, adding that laughter therapy is used in Israel, the United States, Canada, some European countries for the treatment of children.

Ronaldo: I change diapers son

MADRID - Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo fulfills his fatherly duties and changes palen his son. "Of course, among other things, changing diapers to his son. I'm just thrilled, not that I like, but I do it," Ronaldo told the Spanish magazine Brand . Captain of the Portuguese national team would like to see his son become a footballer. "I'd like to be my successor and that he loves football. See what we will be more. My son will be and do what it wanted," added the Kristijano.Otkad took custody, Ronald, in the upbringing of boys helping mothers and sisters.

World Health Organization has identified a new vitamin

GENEVA, 20 January 2011 (njuz) - World Health Organization (WHO, WHO), after extensive research during the holidays, announced the view that ethyl alcohol should be adopted for the vitamin.

- Alcohol is - explains Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General - a substance the human body can not synthesize and which in certain periods of time necessary for its proper functioning. Our studies over the past Christmas and New Year holidays has confirmed the suspicion that in this period, the man must have within itself a certain amount of alcohol to the body to function normally - says Chang.

Although the new vitamin, reaction to the medicine known him from before. Hypervitaminosis this vitamin leads to serious problems in the digestive system as well as to severe headache. Symptoms may persist, and a couple of days. Extremely can lead to disorders of motor function and short-term amnesia. Hypovitaminosis a significant impact on the psychological level of the individual.

On the other hand, people with a lack of vitamin D are often withdrawn, depressed and isolated from society. WHO has not yet found the name of a new vitamin. Speculated to be called the vitamin X as the name suggests C2H5OH affiliation with this substance the same group in which the vitamin C, which is not the case. If the changes proposed by the WHO to be adopted should expect to be in pharmacies in mid next year to find preparations of vitamin X.

Leading manufacturers of alcohol showed no interest in creating effervescent tablets or granules of a new vitamin and will, apparently, pharmacists have to sell it in the form of drinks. Ministry of Health of Serbia is still not announced on the occasion of the WHO announcement, while the public are most interested in Serbia whether the government allocate budget funds to reduce fees for the issuance of a new vitamin prescription.

Drake: Vini Pu is my inspiration

LONDON - Canadian rapper Drake said in jest that the inspiration for his new album Hero of Children's books, panda Vini Pu.

Drake noted that he recently bought a few early editions of books by Alan Alexander Milna (1882-1956), "father" Vinija Pua, today announced the site Didžital conn.

"I bought four books about Winnie the Puu. It cost me a lot of money. I'm probably the same amount could buy a small car," said Drake who is currently recording a new album.

"Stories of Viniju Puu had an important place in my childhood. Vini Pu even remotely has to do with hip-hop. But Vini Pu is still my inspiration for their next album, he's a rapper.

Drake (24), who's debut album "Thank Me Later" released last year, contest into four categories for the Grammy Awards with the award is scheduled for 13 February.

Nas Gaga cuddle with trandza

NEW YORK - Nas Gaga (Lady) new video, "Born This Way" recorded with trandza.

Singer, whose new single comes out in February hired a certain number of women transseksualki video-clip will be filmed next week.

At a party in New York by the animated trandza, model and porn star Alana Star (Allanah Starr) were seen Nas Gage assistants who have more guests invited to participate in the shooting.

It is expected that Nas Gaga composition "Born This Way" was first performed live 13th February to award Boards. Self-titled album will be on sale from 23 May.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Nazi officer

The former action movie actor and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (63) returned to Hollywood, a famous actor playing a Nazi officer who becomes a hero!

In an interview with Austrian newspaper "Kronen Zeitung" the former governor of California reveals that currently reads three scenarios. "Extreme fights and gunfire are no longer interested me. I want to major acting challenges, "he said.

Dealt with the theme of Nazism while he was governor, a plot of the film it particularly attracts: "He played'd nemačkog senior officers at the end of the war given the order to kill dozens of children.

He does, however, does not seem to risking life and succeeding in them prone to safety. "Internet site" The Arnold Fans "assumes that this is a scenario Rendala Volis titled" With Wings As Eagles ". Love, among other things wrote the screenplays for the films "Pearl Harbor" and "Braveheart."

Schwarzenegger says that for now does not know when we will again be able to see it in the cinema: "I have no particular plan. In any case, in future I will dedicate the film. "

He denied the opportunity to further his political career. "The only political function that really interested me was unattainable for me because I was born in Austria, so I can not become president of America."

Whitney Houston issued a new album

Singer, who last year "embarrassed" by Whitney Houston comeback tour, will soon begin work on a new album.

A year after, say critics, "a disastrous return" to the music scene, RnB diva starts to record their eighth studio album.

In addition to working on the new album by Whitney (46) this year has a plan to capture two films.

The surrogate mother gave another daughter Nicole Kidmen

Actress Nicole Kidmen and of country singer Urban Kit received second daughter. Pregnancy is made a surrogate mother.

Thanks to a surrogate mother, who has made a pregnancy, actress Nicole Kidman and her husband of country singer Urban Kit, they got a second daughter.

As the happy couple announced, small Feith Margaret Kidmen Urban came on in the world still Nešvilu 28th December 2010. They said they were "truly blessed" and thanked everyone for their support and, above all, "the woman who made a pregnancy".

She won the Oscar film awards Kit Urban already have a two year old daughter Sandej Rose. Kidman then said she was pregnant during filming of "Australia", when bathed in Australian lake Kununura, which supposedly encourages fertility.

Sandra Bullock: I'm not related to Rajan

Hollywood actress and Oscar winner, has denied that, in conjunction with colleague Ryan Reynolds, claiming that the two were just good friends.

Hollywood actress and Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock denied that in conjunction with colleague Ryan Reynolds, claiming that the two were just good friends.

"It is not my lover, not my boyfriend, just an excellent friend, and it's been ten years. No catches up with him when the night falls," said the actress.

Sandra was also told that the only man in her life, her one-year son who was adopted last year.

Rumors that she and Rajan in a relationship, have started one moment when I officially the most beautiful actor in the world, announced the news that he was divorcing the actress Scarlett Johansson. Acting couple from the movie "veridba" welcomed the 2011th together for a year which many assumed that the Rajan and Sandy in love.