Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alicia Keys with her husband at a party Christian Labutina

Alicia Keys and her husband Kasim Din, better known under the pseudonym Sviz Bitz, were guests at the birthday party designer Christian Labutina.

Unlike many celebrity marriages that are associated with scandals, cheating and divorce, the marital community and Alicia Keys Svis Bitz takes place without any problems (at least for now).

The couple looked very happy recently to celebrate the birthday of Christian Labutina, the famous shoe designer. Lubutin was greeted Alicia with a smile and gave her a kiss, as her husband did not mind.

Mentioned designer once said that the experience of wearing high heels like the experience of orgasm, and that is why many ladies, including Alicia Keys and Victoria Beckham, like to wear their footwear.

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