Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pentagon released data on losses

Washington - The Pentagon announced that 4337 members of the U.S. armed forces killed in the war in Iraq over the past six years.

American officials say that number includes all killed since March 2003. year. During the same period wounded more than 31 thousand members of the armed forces.

The Pentagon also announced that at least 716 soldiers killed in and around Afghanistan, since he started the war against terrorism, in September 2001. year. Most of them died in Afghanistan, while others lost their lives in Uzbekistan and Pakistan, Voice of America.

More than 3,500 soldiers were wounded, and U.S. Secretary of Defense also lists 69 additional victims in other countries over the past eight years, anti-terrorist operations.

Tanzania: The fire killed 12 schoolgirls

Dar es Salaam - The fire that broke out in a female high school in the southwestern part of the administrative area of Iringa in Tanzania killed 12 students, 20 of them injured.
Fire at high school Idodi, about 460 kilometers southwest of Dar es Salaam, the largest city and commercial center of this African country, was razed to the ground one bedroom.
"It is still investigating the cause of the fire, but looks like it was created by the candle flame that was lit each student to study at night," said chief of police for the area of Iringa Evaristus Mangala Reuters.
This school attend a total of 461 pupils

North China without drinking water

About five million people in northern China remained without drinking water due to drought. Endangered by more than four million cattle, there is an agency Xinhua.

Because of the drought that has affected the north of China, about five million people remained without drinking water. Endangered by more than four million cattle, there is an agency Xinhua.

Drought has affected area of Džilina in northeastern China, Inner Mongolia to the north. Because of the drought have destroyed crops on an area of about eight million hectares.

Chinese agencies to combat drought, announced that it is possible that there is a lack of drinking water in the provinces of Hunan and Hubej the south, due to high temperatures and dry weather.

More than 100 Shiite rebels killed in Yemen

Yemeni forces announced that in today's conflicts in the north killed more than 100 Shiite rebels, two days after the state government called for a ceasefire, while the rebels are denying allegations about the number of victims.

According to a statement government bodies belong Huti rebels, and killed, including two leaders of Mohsen al-Hadi Saleh and KAUD Jarman, probably perished in the attempt to escape the fierce fighting in the city of Sufjan, in the northwestern province of Amran, reported Reuters. However, rebel spokesman Mohammed Abd al-Salam said that the balance which the government says excessive, while the death of the two leaders were not comments. Government forces in the north of 11th August launched a major offensive, with air strikes, tanks and artillery to combat the rebellion Abdullah-Malik al-Hutija, leader of rebels who were after him and got the name.
U.S. Embassy in Sani has issued a statement in which both the calling to return to a ceasefire agreement last year to allow bezbenost humanitarian workers and assistance for the camps for internally displaced persons. UN Fund for Children and Youth (UNICEF) said on Friday that their homes in Yemen, due to increased conflict government forces and Shiite rebels have left over 100,000 people, including many children.
Yemen is a poor country in southern Arabian Peninsula, with about 23 million people, mostly Sunni Muslims, in which the water fight with the rebels in the mountainous areas in the north, on the border with Saudi Arabia, as well as extremists from the al-Qaeda and the separatists in the south .

First Death

ATHENS - 23-year-old man died in Greece from complications caused by influenza A (H1N1), which is the first death in that country from a new infection, reported yesterday a television NET. The television added that the unnamed man died in hospital after a heart complaint. Greece in July announced that intends to vaccinated the entire population (11 million) and indicated that vaccination will be voluntary. In Greece, from 18 May registered more than 1400 cases of the new flu, and a large part of the patients are foreign tourists, published by the Ministry of Health.

Chirac, the assassin released from custody

Paris - far-right activist Maxim Brynner, who in 2002. was made to assassinate the French President Jacques Chirac, was released from prison after seven years.
Briner was sentenced to ten years in prison for attempted murder Chirac, on a military parade on the Champs Elysées, but was released with court supervision for three years before the expiration of the sentence, AP reports, quoting sources in the French judiciary. He was shot at Chirac rifle that was hidden in a guitar case, after which he tried to commit suicide, but it is in fact prevent security. According to French legislation, it is possible to release prisoners before they served the entire sentence, if certain conditions are met for this.

U.S. tested a rocket range far

Base Vandenberg - United States Air Force successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman 3, without bojevog charge, from a base in California.

As stated, a missile launched from Vandenberg air base at 9:01 local time and was sent to the target in the Pacific. It has successfully reached 6758 kilometers away, to target the atoll Kvajalajnen the Marshall Islands. As stated, it is about an operational test to verify the reliability and accuracy of missiles.

Analysis of the launch will be conducted by experts of the Strategic Command and the U.S. Department of Energy laboratories.

Kalinic has no power to demolish Dodik

Banja Luka - The last decision of the High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko to abolish sanctions for former SDS leader Dragan Kalinic, Sava crowns, Job Kosmajca and Nemanja Vasic not much shake in the Serbian political scene, nor can significantly weaken the power of the SNSD leader Milorad Dodik, political analysts assess .

However, although the decision Inckovu RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik received the words that Kalinic "political disability and worn politician who can not harm the RS, the SDS of the rehabilitation staff again raised speculation that they were offered back to the OHR's political scene under the condition that actively involved in the demolition, "Dodik.
- It is certain that returning to the political scene of people who have marked the past 20 years to strengthen the opposition, but the opposition can not have such power to significantly threaten. In other words, a few thousand votes that may be able to "recapture" will not cause major upheavals. The space that could be rehabilitated cadres have been busy busy SNSD OM and Dodik, which has long been assumed, and their political vocabulary, but the whole concept - assesses political analyst Slavo Kukic. He notes that the positive reaction to the return Kalinic, which came from the SDA, in fact, calculations to be so weakened Dodik, who has the ability to create processes in BiH.
According to him, the power of the OHR was never questionable, Bonn powers were available to more, but the political atmosphere in the RS is such that the power of the High Representative may not materialize. He recalls that the same OHR Dodik and brought to power, but such calculations today, bringing the scene and personnel of the SDS, there is not nearly the same effect.
Agrees with him and a political analyst Tanja Topic, which says that for a long time there is dissatisfaction in international circles, those in what is grown and the SNSD, Milorad Dodik, who was their darling. She adds that Inzko chose this moment because it stays enough time to prepare the political scene for the elections next year, and believes that all personnel be removed rehabilitated.
Although most political parties welcomed the abolition of the decision of the then High Representative Paddy Ashdown 2004th in this case four, Topic says that it is a very cautious reaction, even from the SDS.
- We have a very cautious response and the fear of what will bring back Kalinic. I think that to not look favorably upon any of the current structures of the SDS. The question is whether they are a danger or threat to the current leadership of the SDS - says Topic.
Remember, most political parties welcomed the decision Inckovu, and the SDS were ordered to expect the same decision and for the rest of SDS members who were dismissed from their functions. SDS leader Mladen Bosic said that if sanctions are not lifted all at the same time, it was then "attempted political game that throws light on the bad intentions of individuals from the OHR, and their domestic helpers and whistleblowers."
PDP President Mladen Ivanic Inckovu welcomed the decision and said that it is not surprising because the long announces that the OHR, as it is to be bližio end of term, abolish sanctions previously imposed high representatives. From SDA were ordered to understand this decision as "political refreshments, and the Foundation" Truth, justice, reconciliation, "sent a letter to the High Representative in which he warns that the decision on the abolition of sanctions Kalinic, denounced and reformed nationalist Chetniks, could be understood as a victory for the concept of Radovan Karadzic. "
Paddy Ashdown was in June 2004. Kalinic was dismissed, then President of RS National Assembly and leader of the SDS, and 58 more officers in the RS. Nemanja Vasic was dismissed from office by the then Director of the Directorate of Roads RS, Savo Krunic the position of director "Serbian forests, while Jovo Kosmajac removed from office by the Director of the Fund PIO.

Personal Data all wanted the goods?

Above all, to them it is not hard to get? Last year the German Association for Consumer Protection on the black market came to data on the six million people, including four million account numbers of those people. The new law should prevent the misuse of this data. The bills were ordered that individuals must give written consent to various companies that want their data to transfer, or sell any third party. However, in the end are the rules of an exempted company, such as advertising companies or institutes for conducting surveys. Petra Pau of the parties of the left because that speaks volumes of the ruling coalition has abated before the "lobby of traders data.

The law is criticized because it only tightened the legal requirements for data exchange. The illegal market is still booming. In addition to those, for example, sold illegally acquired bank account numbers, often located abroad.

By personal data is still easy to get there?

Example to provide NDR television journalists who for a few seconds via the Internet reach thousands of data on bank accounts. Bought them from a man who sat before his computer in Tunisia. The new law it can not be nothing. Peter Sar, representative government for the issue of data security is therefore hoped that the new law to allow authorities in Germany itself prevent abuse before the account numbers are collected and transferred abroad.

The new law includes partial and what is called fight against terrorism. Adopted a long time sprona methods to recordings of telephone conversations held in Germany for six months. Security bodies are hoping that in this way to obtain more information in their investigations of terrorism and crime. Fighters for civil rights to criticize the way that all Germans should be treated as potential suspects. In addition, after the spying scandal workers in a chain supermarket Lidl, they seek better protection of employees. However, the new law that will regulate the privacy of workers, will have to wait until the end of the coming elections.

The hosts of tomato angry tourists

We are not satisfied with the tourist season. And in Neum feel the consequences of global crisis, and the present crisis and the local level. In the high season was filled only about 60 percent of capacity neumskih hotels - says Andrew Kresic, director of the Tourist Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva county.
Less and guests in private accommodation. However, tourists in Neum is available about 12,000 beds.
- We have a problem with the capacity of the beach, and there are announcements to the beach concession could take the local hotels - Kresic said. Some restaurant owners neumskih recognize them more annoying than a bad season, as they say, tomatoes impermissible behavior of tourists, who bring with them food, and on the beaches of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- All you need to bring the sea home, eat on the beach and create a mess, and we do not have any of them used. Guests who are resting here a miracle can not be načuditi when they see how these people behave. Many sleep in cars, on beaches and parking lots. Take place in about 80 percent of the beach, and hotel guests often have no place chairs - says the owner of the restaurant in Neum who insisted on anonymity. The trouble with so-called. weekend away points and Andrew Kresic.
- People bring a pie home and then eat on the beach. This is a disaster. Nobody is taking anything to prevent it all going line of least resistance, although it is a big mistake. Occurred to us that people book rooms in private accommodation in seven days, and then hosts for five days said that they must go home because they are what they planned to eat for seven days eaten for five - story Kresic.
The beaches neumskim most guests from central Bosnia and the Tuzla region. These are mostly tourists who spend at sea between three and five days in private accommodation. Depending on the distance from the beach, bed pay between 10 and 25 marks.
- I came in Neum with his wife and two sons who have problems with bronchitis. From the beaches are located about two kilometers. The food we brought from home, have breakfast on the beach, and children trying to cook soup for lunch in the room, so as not to eat only dry food. I heard that there are people who bothered to eat it on the beach, but it is their problem. I came here because children and their health and how we cover long. To have money for a hotel, we went to the hotel, but we do not - honest is Hajrija Tulumović from Kakanj. He says the family came in Neum narrow and barely passable road from Capljina, and over a mountain saddle Svitava, adding to the shame that is connected to the rest of Neum BiH by bad roads.
- Children do not have passports, so we went to the border crossing in Metkovic. Namučili we Svitave over, put in catastrophic condition. And when we came in Neum, we thought that we went to Croatia. Croatian flag at every step, and the central street was named after Franjo Tudjman - Hajrija says.

Abdullah: Elections were furnished

KABUL - The main rival to current President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai at the presidential and local elections held on 20th August, said yesterday that they have evidence that previous elections were largely furnished.
- Preliminary reports we get are annoying. There is a possibility that there were thousands of violations across the country, no doubt - said Abdullah Abdullah.
Afghan Electoral Commission announced that the appeal has so far received 225 complaints, of which 35 marked as a priority, but there is no indication that they will directly affect the election result.
Observers of presidential elections in Afghanistan tell earlier that during the voting on Thursday, noted serious irregularities in the electoral process.
The preliminary report of the Foundation for the implementation of free and fair elections, which were deployed across Afghanistan over 7,000 observers, said that during the voting observed "filling" of ballot boxes, multiple voting and intimidation of voters and that not only did Taliban insurgents.
The Taliban have previously threatened to interfere in various ways to the elections, which, despite the attacks which killed 26 people, last relatively peaceful, with a large turnout of citizens.
Both major candidates for head of state, the current President Hamid Karzai and his rival, Abdullah Abdullah, but were each in turn, declared victory, with the claim that there is no need for maintaining the second round.

Obama "healthy" fight

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama was subjected to fierce criticism of the opposition Republican Party for his plan of reform health care system. They argue that the reform provides free health care for illegal immigrants, mandatory funding of abortion and the so-called "deadly panels, which would decide whether very elderly people have health care.
- These are false allegations aimed to bring about division among Americans. My proposed changes in health insurance that would secure the government was only one of the possibilities, in addition to private insurance. This does not mean that the administration took over the healthcare system in their hands - said Obama.
Republican Congressman Tom Price replied that it was "playing with the facts, because private insurance companies could not compete with the government's options because the activity was subsidized from the state coffers.

Kim Jong Il calls to hold the two Korea Summit

Seoul - North Korean leader Kim Jong Il said he wants to meet with South Korean President Lee Mjung-grandmother, told South Korean media today.

Kimov Envoy is the proposal presented yesterday at a meeting with South Korean President. Li Mjung-bak said the summit could be held provided that it is talking about the nuclear program of North Korea, South Korean daily wrote today Čosun ilbo.

Another leading South Korean newspaper, Džungang ilbo, published a similar report.

Office of the President of South Korea, however, denied this, stating that Lee and North Korean envoy discuss improving relations between the two countries in general and that there was no word on the summit.

Li said that severnokorejskoj delegation is ready to help the northern neighbor to rebuild the economy and asked to convey to Kim Jong-Ilu, writes Čosun ilbo. He said that South Korea does not want to experience the collapse of North Korea.

Li Mjung-bak, who is known for sharp attitude toward Pyongyang, yesterday for the first time met with representatives of North Korea since coming to power in February 2008. year.

Four-North Korean delegation, led by senior National Party official Kim Ki Nam, arrived Friday in Seoul that the email praised the former president of South Korea Kim Dae-jungle. The delegation ended a visit yesterday.

Visit the North Korean delegation to show signs of warming relations between the two countries that have deteriorated since coming to power, Li Mjung-grandmother.

Tensions have been deepened because the North Korean nuclear probe 25th May they odusile UN, and the announcement from Pyongyang that the armistice 1953rd years that ended the Korean War is not considered more binding.

North Korea, however, in recent weeks significantly softened his attitude toward South Korea.

Pyongyang released južnokorejskog workers who had been in detention for three months, agreed to the abolition of restrictions on crossing the border and pledged to continue joint projects and connect families separated during the Korean War, since 1950. until 1953. year.

Did any of electoral fraud in Afghanistan

In the absence of actual, final results, all have different opinions on how the presidential elections in Afghanistan last

No results, no statistics on the turnout, there is no winner of presidential elections held in Afghanistan on Thursday, just a lot of different opinions. The current President Hamid Karzai has declared victory. The same was done and his closest rival, Abdullah Abdullah. The third candidate Ašraf Gani claims that electoral fraud was committed.

The only thing on which everyone from U.S. President Obama to Gani, can agree that the presidential elections were successful for the people of Afghanistan. Even the Taliban, who threatened death to all who participate in the elections and voting, the elections are carried out 76 attacks which killed nearly 30 people, declared victory in a way, because they managed to keep the turnout is relatively low, between 40 and 50 percent, which is much less than izalaznosti than 70 percent in the presidential elections five years ago.

While votes are still counted, Karzai election campaign manager, Din Mohammad, said based on reports of more than 21,000 predsednikovih observers, the current president won more than 50 percent of the vote, which is sufficient for the victory and allow him to avoid a second round of election is to be held in early October. Abdulahov has its headquarters, may be fantastic, the election scenario. Namely, they claim that the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and ophthalmologist Karzai broke with 63 percent of the votes, as opposed to 31 percent, according to their preliminary data obtained Karzai. A senior official of the Independent Electoral Commission rejected the allegations both of Staff. He said all the votes have not counted, and even preliminary, unofficial results will not be released until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Ghana, Karzaijev former finance minister who was probably finished in a weak third place, said he and Karzai and Abdullah election machinery may be involved in electoral fraud to a great extent. "It is a charge and it is widespread," he said. "Current corrupt government is involved in a huge fraud. In the north, where Abdullah has the greatest support, there are allegations that the official used the power in favor of Abdullah in some provinces, and so they ballot boxes carried to other locations, that would then be closed, "said Gani.

He further charges that the indelible ink that is placed on the fingers of voters, so as not to be able to vote twice, is not indelible, and that could easily be Speer. Gani also said credible allegations that the government has detained some polling stations when voters realized that not voting for them, and that some ballot boxes were full of names of missing women voters, and even around Kabul, where he allegedly voted in one poll even 150,000 women. Gani says the charges are not derived from himself, but to transmit only what he heard. He still filed 111 complaints with the Election Commission in the last two days. "I do not want to go into the validity of these complaints, but they must be investigated in order to reach the truth," he said.

Fiat wins Chinese market

After the historic alliance with the American automotive company, "Chrysler", made another Fiat dream: winning the Chinese market.

After two unsuccessful agreement with Chinese industries, "Nanjing Automobile Corp.. And Chery Automobile Co., the Italian automobile house has signed a contract worth 400 million euros to the Chinese company" Guangzhou Automobile Group Co..

Agreement Fiat goal is to make 2011th in the Chinese factory, "Changsha" produce 140,000 cars and 200,000 engines. China is the most important market for the Turin automobile company bearing in mind that this country, according to many experts, there are real opportunities in the next few decades to become the world's leading economic powers.

Another important step for the Italian automotive industry and the economic conquest of South American market: so will the new Fiat 500, "as transmitted" Wall Street džornal, produce precisely the factory "Toluca" in Mexico.

Features Mexican market is absolutely the economic nature than cheap labor, thanks to the agreement on free exchange between Mexico and Brazil (the country where Fiat quite strong) for export to the countries of South America "Fiat 500", produced in the Mexican factory, not would have to pay customs duties.

In the aforementioned factory for now produce models džorni Dodge "and" Cruiser ", while production of" Fiat 500 "has not yet confirmed with certainty.

According to many it is the first important test novosklopljene alliance between Fiat and Chrysler. Factory "Toluca" a very wise choice bearing in mind that, thanks to the popularity of Italian brands, Fiat can easily sell their models in South America, and "Chrysler" is also known brand among the local population. "Chrysler", on the other hand, does not believe that earned more production, "Fiat 500" in the U.S..

The decision to manufacture abroad, not even hampers the U.S. government, which strongly supported the agreement with Fiat. Department of the U.S. government responsible for the automotive industry is also committed to not affect future operations and potential economic arrangements "Chrysler and General Motors."

But American unions are not satisfied with the decision to the account of American workers helping the Mexican workforce. So it is not excluded any possibility of production of "Fiat 500" just in American factories "welded" in Michigan, or "Belvidere" in Illinois. David Cole, chairman of the Center for automotive research, said on this occasion: "Bearing in mind the problem of employment in the U.S. decision on production in Mexico could lead to political disputes. However, it would be wrong to take the emotion instead of the correct and logical industrial grades. "

The new team of Sergio Markjonea for only two months of managing the American automotive industry is now facing only sympathy, transmitted Wall Street džornal.

Detroit is officially begun production and new models, Fiat drive. The sympathy of encounters and the way Markjone choose their associates: many employees from the lowest position they have the opportunity to become the new managers.

In the U.S., the biggest headache for now Markjoneu are still Italian trade unions: the factory workers' terms Imereze "threaten the Italian automotive company huge lawsuit in September and require a new meeting with the government to discuss the future of the Italian factory.

In Turin, many wonder about the fate of other "Fiat" plant in Italy. "We really satisfied with all new moves Markjonea in America, but we'll be even happier when we showed a development plan starting with the Italian factory factory in Turin," said Giorgio Airaudo, a representative of the main unions Fiomo in Turin.

New chance for reconciliation Seoul and Pyongyang

Funeral Kim Dae jungle, the former president of South Korea, a fighter for democracy and reconciliation with North Korea and Nobel Peace Prize, brought together representatives of two of Korea for the first time after almost two years

Former South Korean leader, Kim Dae Jungle devoted his life establishing democracy in South Korea and improve relations with North Korea, and looks to his death and funeral created a new opportunity to the leaders of the two countries achieve progress in achieving its goal.

Kimov time of dissident and convicts to death during the military rule of the president and Nobel Prize winners, symbolizes the evolution of his country from war-affected, strongly anti-Communist dictatorship to the advanced Asian democracy, confident enough to accept the communist North Korea.

Kim Dae Jungle died on 18 August from pneumonia, while on Saturday held a funeral, which was attended by a large number of citizens and foreign representatives. The same day the president of South Korea Lee Mjung Buck met with the North Korean delegation, which arrived in Seoul to email Kimu praised.

Tridesetominutnog During the meeting with Lee, representatives from Pyongyang, the President conveyed the message to North Korea's Kim Jong-il "on achieving progress in cooperation with South Korea," said Liev chief spokesman Li Dong Kwan. The President of South Korea is Kimovim delegates presented "consistent and unchanging policy South Korean government towards North Korea "and asked them to convey his position to President Kimu.

"President Lee said that if South and North Korea resolve issues in an open manner and through dialogue, there is nothing we can not solve," said a spokesman.

Delegation is the northern neighbor, according to Lee, mood swings. Only a year earlier Pyongyang president of South Korea called "traitor" and "servant of the priests." Six-member North Korean delegation led by the Kimovi most private contributors, Kim Ki Nam, secretary of the ruling Workers' Party, and Kim Yang Gon, Chief of Intelligence, responsible for relations with Seoul.

The two spoke on Saturday with South Korean Minister of Unification Hyun In Tekom more than an hour, and their meeting was the first meeting between senior officials of the two countries since Lee took power. "We had little opportunity to talk. I hope that these first official high-level talks under the leadership of Li Mjung Baka provide an opportunity for honest dialogue, "said Kim Ki Nam." Times have changed. Legacy of the Cold War must be buried, "said Kim Hyun.

Hyun In only the past said that he hoped to meet delegates from Pyongyang with President of South Korea "will become a milestone in relations between the two countries." At a special meeting with South Korean politicians and scientists on Saturday, Kim Yang Gon proposed strengthening economic relations between the two Korea , expressing the hope that part of the rich minerals from the north to find the way to the south, reported the South Korean news agency Jonhap.

Austria under the water and mud

VIENNA - Very nasty weather, which this summer not to bypass Austria, took a human life, the province of Styria. The site Edelšrot in Foitsberg municipality after water entered the basement of a family home, the couple yesterday, along with his son, he tried to save the freezer. Due to the strong invasion of water from a nearby river in the basement of a drowned woman, while the two men managed to escape.
New nasty weather has made a great damage in the province of Styria and Carinthia, where many cellars were flooded and roads, in the municipality of St. Georgen firefighters had to take out the mud slope failure seven persons with mud trapped cars.
Also, firefighters are freed, and a 61-year-old man who was caught in a mudslide Carinthia. Strong precipitation led to slope failure about 70 meters wide and three meters high above the mass of mud Bodersdorfa. The country went from hill to valley overlay everything below them.
A man who was injured due to the slope failure entered the one street which was later closed to traffic, when their bus overturned escarpment. He tried to escape from muddy mass, but fell from a cliff.

Britain unleashed bombing because of the oil agreement with Libya

Scotland, namely, a few days ago to let freedom Abdelbaseta Ali al Megrahija, sentenced to life in prison for bombing the "Pan harness" the plane in 1988, which crashed in the Scottish city Lokerbi and killed 270 people. Scottish court has acquitted because Al Megrahija he is ill with prostate cancer and the rest of his life only three months.

British media write that the son of Libyan President Muammar el Gaddafi, Saif al Islam, revealed the real reason for release of Lockerbie bomber.

- Controversial play occurred after all commercial contracts for oil and gas from the UK case of Al Megrahi was always on the negotiating table. So London and Edinburgh traded under the table and made a secret agreement on the release of terrorists to freedom - the British media carried.

British Foreign Office immediately and Listed denied such allegations, pointing out that there is no agreement and that the decision of the independent decision of freeing the Scottish government and the judiciary.

The reaction of the official London and denial followed after Libyan President Gaddafi met with Mehranijem released and his family. The leader of Libya on this occasion praised the Scottish government to show courage and his independence, despite the unacceptable and unreasonable pressures with which they were face during the liberation of the Lockerbie bombing.

Otherwise, the aircraft company, "Pan Am" which is December 21, 1988th left; with the London airport "Heathrow" to New York after 40 minutes of flight, at an altitude of 9400 meters, a chord explosions in space for luggage. Killed all 259 passengers and crew members, and the radioactive components of the aircraft, which crashed in the Scottish city Lokerbi, killed 11 more people.

Russian cosmonaut into space carrying potatoes

Cosmonaut from Russia, which in the next three months to travel to the International Space Station, poneće with them potatoes from Peru, in the latest experiment, the construction of the garden space with zero gravity. Garden with these South American vegetables will be used as a probe related to a future expedition to Mars, when astronauts go to interplanetarni flight, which will last approximately three years. However, it still is not a scenario from the movie "Space Odyssey 2001", in which about polluted and poisoned the Earth orbit the huge space of the dome where the planted fields and the whole forest, but perhaps the word about the first step towards new techniques of growing plants .
"We reached an agreement with the University of Kursk in Russia on the implementation of experiments on the International Space Station. Highlights experiment with potatoes, foods that can be grown at the station, so in the future cosmonaut who are flying to Mars can eat natural foods," explains Aurelio Padilja, rector of the Peruvian National Engineering University.

Killed a mother and son, burned down eight houses

TOKYO - The fire early yesterday, caught eight houses in Tokyo, the life they had lost two people, mother and son, there is a Japanese agency Kjodo.
At the scene they found two bodies, it is assumed that it was a 75-year Katajami Saddam and his 90-year-old mother Eiko. Teru Katajamin son 42 years old, he managed to save, said the Tokyo police.
The fire was started in the house of the victims, in the fourth Šinagava, and expanded to seven adjacent buildings and houses.
Kataja and Eiko is missing, and presumed to have burned in the fire.

Moulin: The situation in Iraq worse

Commander of the U.S. joint staff in Afghanistan, Mike Moulin said today that the situation in the country "worse", but that the new commander of ground forces has not asked for reinforcements. "I think that the situation in Afghanistan and the serious to deteriorate, and in recent years I have repeated the tactics of the Taliban and all the better planned," said Admiral Mullen.
In a guest appearance on CNN television, Mullen said that the new commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and the U.S. General Stanley MekKristal more estimated situation in the country.
"We have not reached the point where (Mac Klaren) may require increasing the number of soldiers," said Mullen.
He stressed that it is very concerned about the terrorist attacks in Baghdad, which last week killed 95 people, told the Reuters.
"I am very concerned about the incident last week (in Iraq)," said Mullen, adding the crucial question of whether they indicate future violence in the country.

Professors doctorates sold for 5,000 euros

German prosecutor's office investigating the case about 100 teachers across the country, suspected of taking bribes to help students to GE.

"In the center of the investigation is the Institute for Scientific Consulting, based in Bergisch Gladbach, east of Cologne, who allegedly acted as an intermediary between students and professors," said Guenter Feld, spokesman for the Cologne prosecutor.

He acknowledged writing the weekly "Focus" and journal "Noah Vestfališe" about the investigation, but did not want to give more details. These two papers argue that students are paid between 4000 and 20,000 euros Institute students who promise to help them in gaining a doctorate through their connections within the University. "Noah Vestfališe" emphasizes that it is hundreds of students and professors of the Institute would pay between 2,000 and 5,000 euros, when their clients get a degree. However, it is not clear whether the students knew that bribes paid basis professors.
"Focus" states that the investigation includes the universities of Frankfurt, Tübingen, Leipzig, Rostock, Jena, Bayreuth, Ingolstadt, Hamburg, Hannover, Bielefeld, Hagen, Cologne and Berlin.

Body found three more victims of the Russian average hydroelectric

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, confirmed today that they found three more bodies, and that the balance of the accident to the greatest Russian and one of the largest hydropower plant in the world climbed to 69th According to agency estimates, there is almost no one seems to be missing from the remaining six for which the trace could be found alive in the ruins of the flooded and destroyed areas with turbines.
Vasily Zubakin, acting president of the company RusHidro power plant operator, said today that it will probably be needed three years to exchange again be put into operation, there is an agency RIA Novosti.
Zubakin said that the costs of hydroelectric power plant renewal be less than originally estimated $ 1.2 billion, but declined to give specific estimates.
The explosion, which is to defend and the hydroelectric power in Siberia occurred on the 17th August, pointed out the alarming situation of the Russian infrastructure, which dates from the Soviet period and imposed the issue of stable electricity supply industry of aluminum, which is a key part of the economy of the region.
The causes of the explosion at the dam in Khakas, about 4300 kilometers east of Moscow, have not yet been established.

The fire on Mount Hum, Mostar firefighters on strike

The Hum hill above Mostar city bus through the village of Donja Mahala on Sunday a fire broke out, which is due Speed expands to the south and west.

Firefighting teams units in Mostar, which is striking, yet came to the scene because it is a mined area, but will highlight how, to intervene if the fire closer to home and thereby endanger human lives and property of citizens, the media appear. If the fire reaches the high trees and pine trees in danger could be residents of the settlement and Podhum Zahum.

For locations and Gubavica Elezovine in the municipality of Mostar, the fire is under control. The fire threatened and homes, so they intervened and Mostar firefighters.
In Herzegovina on Sunday recorded a few more where the fire burned low vegetation.
Mostar firemen were on strike since March, demanding compensation for night and overtime and for work during the holidays. They are looking for and payment of hot meals at the city budget and user fee for jubilee awards.

Execution to information

WASHINGTON - The tests for suspected terrorist activities, U.S. Central Intelligence Service used the simulated executions and threats of execution, according to a report of this service.
Recalling the statements of U.S. officials knowledgeable with the content of this document, the two leading American newspapers - New York Times and Washington Post - write to these tactics used during testing Abd al-Rahim al-Naširija, who are prison guards, to get information, threatened guns and electric drills.
Nasir is associated with the attack on the U.S. destroyer "Cole" jemenskoj the port of Aden in 2000, and was arrested in November 2002. The secret CIA prison service spent four years and is one of three leaders of Al Qaeda who was subject to so-called simulated drowning. Tests Naširija and another prisoner of services were recorded on video tapes that were destroyed 2005th
The internal report, which is 2004th The CIA inspector general concluded Heldžerson John, and says that CIA agents during the investigation of the other prisoners used the simulated executions.
In the adjacent room, namely, shot from a firearm in order to investigated thought that the other inmate was killed. This report from June estimates of the Ministry of Justice lawyers and the CIA in order to determine which part can disclose, while a U.S. federal judge in New York ordered the redigovana today published its version in response to the action non-governmental organization American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU).
The official investigation into the abuse in CIA prisons service is not running.

Greece in flames!

More than 70 fires blazing across Greece, and the most dangerous are those on the edge of the capital city of Athens, who was out of control. There burned dozens of homes and thousands of hectares of forest areas, while during the night between Saturday and Sunday, tens of thousands of people fled from their homes. On the territory of Athens was declared in a state of emergency, and the Greek authorities seek EU help in fighting fire elemental.

Casualties, fortunately, no, and the Greek government estimates that this is the worst fire that hit the country after the 2007th , when life is lost for more than 70 people.

The fire broke out Friday near the village Gramatikos, northeast of Athens, to the morning hours and reached home, and spread to nearby places Varnavas and Marathon, one of the historic symbols of Greece, who are most vulnerable at this time. Firefighters trying to prevent the spread of fire in Pendeli, northern suburb of Athens, while the olive groves and forests in the hills outside the town northeast of the capital of Greece, but burned. The fire engulfed the outskirts of Agios Stefanos, Antusa, Palin, Pikermi and Dionisos, and some locals do not want to leave the property.

The whole Prefecture East Attica fire destroyed about 12,140 hectares of forests, fields and olive groves.

With fire elemental currently struggling more than a dozen airplanes, 130 fire wagons and 592 firefighters, while in the vulnerable areas and sent 340 soldiers.

Evacuated from vulnerable areas of the two children's hospitals, home for old people and tourist camps, and houses in the suburbs on the outskirts of the capital pour ashes. Air missiles at a military base on the outskirts of Athens were also removed for fear of an impending fire elemental.

Mayor of the Greek capital Sguros Janis said that the situation is tragic.

- The fire is out of control on many fronts - has Sguros.

Deputy Commander of the fire service Stelios Stefanidis said that so far not reported victims of the fire.

- Meteorologists announced for the wind speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Wind raises dust thick, which makes it difficult to extinguish fire elemental - Stefanidis said.

Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis sought from people to strictly adhere to instructions of the competent services.

Officials fear that they will not themselves be able to zauzdaju fiery verse that will fire during the night, when kanaderi can not fly again razbuktati. It is therefore requested the help of Italy, Greece and France. Expect two Italian kanadera, the same number from France and one from Cyprus. Bulgaria has also offered its assistance to Greece.

Some parts of Athens do not have electricity due to fire. From the national electricity company (NEI) said that the fires have not affected the network of high voltage, and that is to fix errors on niskonaponskoj network engaged 200 electrician.

In Ukraine killed eight miners

Kiev - At least eight miners were killed and five were injured in a methane explosion in a coal mine in Donjeckoj area to the east of Ukraine, officials.

The explosion occurred at the mine site in the Kirov Makejevska, said the Administration for safety in mines. At the time of the explosion in the mine is located 141 miner, has reported Reuters.

Explosion, whose cause of accumulated methane are often in Donjeckoj field center banks, despite government campaigns to increase security.

Fidel Castro in "apparent good" health

Photo of Castro, which occupies most of the front page newspaper "Juventud Rebelde, shows the former leader in good physical form, odevenog in a white shirt, talking with Korea, told the Reuters.
Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban revolution in 1959, the last three years removed from the public eye, and 2008th is transferred, for health reasons, the presidential office to younger brother Raul Castro. Various photos Fidel Castro, on which is shown in conversation with šefovina States and other visitors, were published last month outside the country and on the Internet, whose use strictly prohibited in Cuba.
The photo you published today, "Juventud Rebelde" is the first by a Cuban newspaper reported the 17 February, when Fidel Castro meets with Chilean president Michelle Basle. In the short accompanying text says that the Castro and Korea, which in Cuba is in a private visit, discussed on Friday a few hours, mainly on developments in their countries, Latin America and the world.
Media allegations that the health condition of Fidel Castro significantly improved in recent months, and to Raul Castro on a daily basis consult with him on all important national issues. According to the testimony of reviews, Fidel Castro lives with his wife in a house in a suburb of Havana in which he has little gymnastic hall and swimming pool.

Colombia: Internet pedophile arrested

Bogota - Colombia was the man who has arrested 250,000 minors photos and 1800 video clips pedofilskog character, notified the authorities of that country.

Colombian Johnny Estrada was arrested during the action in the port Barankila, the Caribbean Sea. As stated Colombian security services, on the juveniles paid 5000 pesos (2.5 dollars) to be photographed and then images with children in sexual relations and provocative poses sold on the Internet. He was arrested after a complaint from Australia.

Estrada through its Internet site Gigatrajb sold 1,000 sets of photos at a price of 25 to 100 dollars.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Influenza claimed the first life in Japan

Tokyo - Japan is registered in the first death of the consequences of a new type of influenza A/H1N1, stated today Japanese Ministry of Health.

Died of influenza, a man in their 50-years in the Japanese prefecture Okinava, which allegedly was not abroad, stated one official ministry. Other information now, not yet known, said Reuters.

According to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO) of the new flu, which has four declared in June, could oboli two billion people.

In Japan last month to authorize 5000 slučajava patients, after which the recording stopped.

Of the consequences of the new flu, since its appearance in April, the day the world died more than 800 people, recalled the British agency.

General electric make parts for bombs taliban?

WASHINGTON - American TV director Bill O'Rajli accused is one of the largest companies in the United States, Dženeral ELECTRIC (GE), to produce parts that end at the end of the talibanskim bombs, of which Strada American soldiers in Afghanistan.
O'Rajli in your kultnoj show "O'Rajli factor" citirao their sources in government, who claim that the anti-GE launched a federal investigation to determine whether American companies Singapore company Korezing internešnel "selling radio frequency module, which later become key parts of improvised explosive devices talibanskih.
GE is the company rejected accusations, calling them "false" and "malicious". "I do not deal with the Singapore company," said company spokesperson Geri Sefer.

Obama in Belgrade

The main topics of talks with the President of the American hosts were fighting with the economic crisis, increasing taxes and reform the health system. It is a Obaminoj visit Belgrejd town in Montana, which is named after the Serbian capital. Barak Obama, the president of the United States, visited Belgrade yesterday, Belgrejd That is, a small town in Montana, in the tour by the American West in which ordinary citizens trying to explain what has so far achieved and what still intends to do.

Special issue is the reform of the health system in which the U.S. president suddenly seriously involved some analysts see as a risky political move.

Observers say that this tour more personal in the election campaign for President Obama keep his recognizable style, address the audience in the sports hall, Walking with microphone in hand, without a jacket and tie, in white shirt sleeves podvrnutih.

In the town hall in Belgrejd it is welcomed around 1300 people, among which were those kritičnijih, but unlike some previous performances this month critical issues are Asked in a very civilized way.

Anxiously asked him whether his plan to reform health insurance think that increasing the tax-funded.

Obama has skillfully avoided the direct answer to this question, agreed to reform the budget has no money and that money will need to find "somewhere".

As some of the sources mentioned moguđih taxation is richer families that earn more than 225,000 dollars a year, as well as some interventions in the system of insurance.

President Obama is in Belgrejdu retained only a few hours, to extend in Colorado.

On the road from the airport to avoid and a few hundred demonstrators who oppose his policies.

How Belgrejd named

Thomas B. Kvau, American entrepreneur, is worthy for the establishment of this town where lives about 7000 inhabitants. Valley, which is located next next Severnopacifičke track, which was just emerging, especially liked him. It was decided that this, in the midst of nedođije, sprang a new city.

Since the United States at the time were not economic powers such as today, they need the help page for a large project, for the construction of track several thousand kilometers long.

Believe it or not, one of the major investors was the Serbia. Kvau and his associates know that the prices are, and have the latest geographic atlas from 1881. The search for him in this distant land, whose assistance enjoyed.

So Belgrejd named after the capital of Serbia, in token of their gratitude for the assistance of Serbian investors in the financing of the construction works of famous railway.

Bomber from Lokerbi withdraws appeal

The only convicted for the bombings of the aircraft above škotskog place Lokerbi, Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi, he will appeal the verdict to be transferred to a Libyan prison, said that his lawyers

Withdrawal of the appeal will be removed the last obstacle to his possible transfer to gender Libya, but will be disappointed his supporters that they release the innocent. Al-Megrahi, a former member of Libyan intelligence services, doživtnu sentenced to imprisonment for bombaškog attack on passenger aircraft of the U.S. Pan-Am in 1988. in which 270 people died. It was najsmrtonosniji terrorist attack in the UK.

Arrested in 1991. and was in home detention in Libya until 1998. not to the UK. Convicted in 2001. the special Scottish court located in the Netherlands. Al-Megrahijev lawyer Toni Kelly said that his client, mortally ill from prostate cancer, filed documents to withdraw the appeal because the disease is worsening.

British media this week was told not citing sources that the al-Megrahiju remaining few months of life and to humanitarian reasons will be released early from prison škotskog. Scotland stated that the government has not yet decided on the early release, stating that the razmtara and the possibility that al-Megrahi sentenced odsluži in prison in Libya.

Al-Megrahi was earlier this year said that he has to appeal the verdict before the ramatrano his transfer to a prison in Libya, because it can not come if during the official proceedings. complaint may not be withdrawn from release for humanitarian reasons. Some relatives of the victims of unhappy Lokerbija have reacted to the possibility that al-Megrahi to be released earlier, some of them do not believe that al-Megrahi podmetnuo bomb. His lawyers are said to attack result palestinskog plan, which was financed by Iran. Libyan government in May has filed a request to transfer al-Megrahi in prison in the country, and the al-Megrahi was in July sought release from humanitarian reasons, stating that the stricken mortally.

No mercy!

Tel Aviv - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu officially rejected the request of French President Nicholas Sarkozija to pomiluje of Palestinians, the French national osuđenog for conspiracy to murder uticajnog Israeli rabbi Ovadije Josef.
Before the week is denied an application Salah al Hamurija (24), member of the National front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) for the amnesty after a two-thirds of the sentence served.
Netanjahu Bolton wrote that the council rejected the request for pardon, partly because it is not convicted expressed remorse for their actions, and because the chief prosecutor of Israel believes that the premature release of a danger to the public.
Netanjahu is also written to Hamuri considered dangerous prisoner, even while the Detainees, and may not meet the criteria for amnesty.
Hamuri was arrested in 2005, after which the members of a PFLP-planned attack on Josef, who is the spiritual leader of the religious parties Sas.
Denis led Hamurijeva mother, together with the Palestinian organizations in France, a public campaign for his release, pointing out that, as the son of a French citizen, Paris has to intervene on its behalf, such as otetog intervened in the case of Israeli soldiers Gilada salita, which is also a French citizen.

Georgia and Ukraine eyesore Moscow

Relations of Moscow and Kiev, who in January caused the interruption of gas opskrbe and zamrznuli Europe, again zaoštravaju. Anniversary of the end of Georgian-Russian war, the Kremlin has accused Ukraine of military support to Georgia. Moscow is sending a new odgodila VELEPOSLANIKOVA in Ukraine

Prozapadni leaders of Georgia and Ukraine thorn in the eye to Moscow. Odmjeravajući forces with NATO, Russia is the last war with Georgia clearly showed how not intends to opt out of its traditional sphere of influence. Ukrainian President Viktor Juščenko often irritating Kremlin and the requirements of the Russian Black Sea fleet to leave its base in the Ukrainian Crimea.

Official Kiev antirusku took the position in the Georgian attack on the Southern feel. The killing of Ukrainian rifle feel. The Ukrainian leadership is negotiating with Europe on the delivery of gas bypassing Russia, Nonetheless our agreement. I have therefore decided not to send VELEPOSLANIKOVA in Ukraine, said Russian President Dmitrij Medvedev.

Ukraine wants to continue a constructive dialogue on all key issues based on mutual prihvaćanju. Interests of two friendly nations are certainly more important than trenutačne political crisis and I hope that the Russian president to answer my call to be constructive, said Juščenko.

Same time, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday, exactly on the anniversary the end of the war with Georgia, suddenly visited odmetnutu Georgian province Abhaziju, which promised military assistance worth half a billion dollars. Prvorođene babies in the maternity hospital Abkhazian twins are called Vladimir and Dmitirij.

Putin and Medvedev on Thursday at the Social, in a bar, watch football match Russia-Argentina. Russia will, although it is lost, its force will continue to show on other fronts. This will Crnomorsko resort, just south of the Caucasus burnog for five years to host the winter Olympic games.

NATO drunk sailors paid a fine of 160,000 euros

Sixteen sailors NATO will have to pay a fine around 160 thousand euros, as a Spanish beach military rubber speedboats divljali and terorisali swimmers.

In the group were Belgijanci, Dutch and British, and among them was and the NATO.
The Spanish press writes that the happy bunch full utrkivala three prepunoj bathers on the beach near the Spanish Viga. Police upozoravala them, but without success. One of the reasons for the race was a wild and alcohol.

Patrol boat Spanish civil guards managed to stop, assault boats and NATO forces have found piles of beer cans ispraženjih.
While the sailors are "spent" on the beach was between 30 and 40,000 swimmers.

Russian truck kidnapped for secret stuff

Truck "Arctic si", which is miosteriozno disappeared at the end of last month, yesterday, was observed at about 400 nautical miles from Zelenortskih island, near the western coast of Africa.

Mikhail Vojtenko, the specialist for maritime transport, says that the truck conveying secret burden that caused the ship to the kidnapping of 15-member Russian crew. He says that the ship in the Russian port of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea probably received secret burden before from Finland went to Algeria to transferred about one million dollars worth lumber.

"The only logical explanation for me is that the ship in secret utovareno about what we do not know. We can not forget that the truck before loading in Finland two weeks was docked in Kaliningrad, "said Vojtenko, maritime newsletter editor" Sovfraht.

Zagonetni disappearance truck "Arctic you" yesterday and commented Sergey Portenko sailors from the Russian trade unions, which is sure that the authorities know where the long boat.
"The space can be everything, every mobile phone sends signals, and catch the satellites. Thus, a large ship can not remain unnoticed, "says Portenko and added that" no one is transported narcotics from the north to the south. "
Interpol has released the 24th ship July in the waters claimed by the Swedish men dressed in police uniforms. The attackers were allegedly 12 hours to keep the boat, and then are gone.

Austrian justice under investigation

"In Austria, all citizens are equal ... Some are more equal. "Cinična remark Bohemian sklonih retelling affairs of the judicial milieu was in the news. In Vienna is running more investigation regarding the illegal release of criminal responsibility of politicians, corrupt police and judges.

The main "target", as the author, they are - three Minister of Justice. Head of the Department and its two predecessors. Parliamentary Commission, and several relevant committees, in charge of "internal review of competence," opened the investigation against the Minister of Claudius Bandion-Ortner and its predecessor Mary Berger and Diter Bemdorfera. Suspicion that the "political Rezon" misused his official position. Mary Berger case sparked interest across the EU: the former Austrian minister of justice of the judge at the European Court ...

In the hinterland of these investigations are reviewed and re-start the court process fifty against corrupt judges and police officers. And the few party officials - first of all against the chief of the province of Carinthia Gerhard Derflera.

Untouchable politicians

Release koruškog chief of criminal responsibility was the reason for the opening of political discussions.

Receive in ultradesničarskom Orchestra Movement for the Future of Austria and the successor of a deceased Jerga Hajdera, Derfler is demontirao panel with the German-Slovenian label place Blajburg-Pliberk, which ordered the placement of the Constitutional Court of Austria. Failure to treat these decisions as a harsh violation of the Constitution. Derfler is the chief, only, warning - to restrain the (German) nationalist temper. Exempt the criminal liability of the official explanation that is not studied law but was "plain" bank clerk before latio political craft ...

Whether ignorance of law in Austria, however, protected from punishment? The answer is followed in the printed form. Vienna weekly Falter "published facsimile of internal instructions minist (a) of the computer:" ... In the case of judicial process run against the politicians, instruments of criminal law (punishment) does not represent anything else but - means politikantskog raskusuravanja.

Autonomy Prosecution

Word appeared and the previous minister of justice Diter Bemdorfer. Pointed out that his party colleagues Derfler released by naređenju "red" (Social Democratic) Minister Bandion-Ortner: "About a partijašenju can not be words."

This argument, however, put the question whether the "red" Minister "odužila" your predecessor for services in the past?

If the judge by preliminary results of the investigation, the answer is - yes! In the hinterland of scandals "Derfler" investigators have found that by the ultranacionaliste Bemdorfera suspended dozens of judicial process against the "red," police officers, judges and prosecutors suspected of corruption and receiving bribes ...

Quoted discoveries are, for now, only proposals for discussion. " Official - Ministers of the interventions mentioned denies: "There are no notes that would be provided to the appropriate conclusion," said the press officer Helmut Jaming. Gerhard Licka, spokesman of the Ministry, revealed another side of coin, "the Prosecutor's Office are obliged to consult prior to the indictment in the Ministry of Section IV. If necessary, the competent minister calls the prosecutor, or judge, to the collegial conversation: 'Do not want more review documents? Would not lead to some problems ... "

Such findings have encouraged a discussion in principle - that you should change the existing judicial system?

Mentioned two options. One would be the appointment of (third party) General public prosecutor. It would, instead of the Minister of Justice, representing the supreme controller Prosecution. The other option was to grant immunity by prosecutors - such as the status of the judges who enjoy.

Growing number of victims in Afghanistan

At least seven people died, a hundred wounded in car bomb explosion in front of the seat of NATO forces in Kabul near the U.S. Embassy, stated the Afghan Ministry of Defense. Responsibility for the attack download talibani. Meta attack American embassies.

Front seat of NATO forces in Kabul, near the American Embassy, in a car bomb explosion at least seven people died, a hundred wounded, stated the Afghan Ministry of Defense. Rights attack bomber was performed only five days before the elections in Afghanistan, in one of the najsigurnijih zone in the city center where most foreign embassies, and responsibility for it are taken talibani that the days of threatening to prevent the elections.

Talibani have stated that the main target of the attack was the American Embassy.

"The goal was the American Embassy, but we were unable to guess," said Reuters spokesman Talibana Zabihula Mujahid napominjući that the explosion killed several foreign troops.

"Among the slain were civilians pripadici and international security forces (ISAF)," stated the representative of ISAF, General Eric Trembli and Afghan Ministry of Transport, which is the most damaged, stated that dozens of officials of the ministry violated the swoop razbijenog glass .

Jutrošnji attack has been uzdrmao citizens and the government before the presidential elections in which the race will be held between President Hamid Karzaja and another 35 candidates.

Karzaj condemned the attack, but said that will not prevent Avganistance to vote. "Enemies Afghanistan trying to provoke fear among the people in the pre-election period, but the citizens realize the importance of going to vote," said Karzaj according to the statement from his office.

Attacks rebels this year reached the highest level of shifts talibana 2001. and further escalated after the British and American forces last month launched the operation in Helmand province, a traditional stronghold talibana.

In yesterday talibana attacks in Afghanistan, killed at least 14 civilians, three British and two American soldiers.

Rebels announced a new suicide attacks and call for a boycott of presidential elections.

Mesic united opposition

Zagreb - The initiative of President of Croatia Mr. Stjepan Mesić on which, with reference to the constitution, seeking to remove the cross from the premises of public institutions was divided reactions from support to rejection.

Catholic Church and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and some local executives are against Mesićeva crossroads of initiatives to remove the walls of police stations, schools, barracks and other public institutions, while the opposition parties, nongovernmental organizations, as well as representatives of the Serbs supported the proposal.

Premijerka and president of the HDZ and Jadranka Kosor said that you do not want to comment Mesićevu the initiative, while not hear first hand, while the vice president of the HDZ party and candidate for President Andrija Hebrang noted that Croatia is secular state, but that "does not mean that people should not run out of religious symbols in their offices. "

Hebrang now, as well as 90-years as the Minister of Defense, the office holding a statue of Our Lady. "It is, as well as the Croatian Veterans, helped to successfully complete Fatherland War," said Hebrang adding that baptism is created Croatian army and izvojevana victory, and the symbols and no insulting to Croatia will not surrender.

Opposition Social Democratic Party, Croatian People's Party and the Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS) support Mesic stressed that the kačenje crossroads in the walls of state institutions contrary to the Constitution, and that it would be better if there deal bribes and corruption.

SDP candidate for president Ivo Josipović that the Constitution is a separate religion from the state, and religious issues are a private matter, so there is no place any religious characteristics in the official premises, especially as it is pointed out in spite of regulations.

"In Croatia, people live different religious beliefs, should respect the beliefs of every person, but not in a way that when you violate the principles of secular state", there Josipović.

Damir Cain from the IDS and is considered to have its crossroads in hospital rooms, though all who are treated are not Catholics, but to where the water of public policy - in the school, police, army and offices, krstovima is no place for such messages sent to is in the army or the court desirable only one who is Roman Catholic. "

Vice President Mesić supports SDSS Milorad Pupovac, pointing out that it is in accordance with the Constitution according to which Croatia is Laička state, but in which the guarantees of religious freedom and tolerance. "The Constitution is clear: the state of the state, church church," said Pupovac.

At least 19 dead in the conflict in the prison in Mexico

Mexico - At least 19 people died while 26 injured in the conflict suparničkih klanova in a prison in northern Mexico, stated today the police.

To the conflict was in prison in the city Gomes Palasio in the state of Durango, said State Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Horhe Torres.

He said that during the conflict there was no attempt to escape the prisoners. On the recordings show that the television could be heard gunfire, and the building is out thick smoke.

In the meantime, the police entered the building in an attempt to separable prisoners.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Increased delivery x86

These days of Intel and AMD and a large number of others who are active in the x86 processor market recorded good news, since the recorded growth of 10% compared to the first and second quarter 2009. Based on the IDC report, which was published early this month, the market for x86 chips as well as demand for new computers is still not back to the old level. Instead, Intel and its OEM partners manage growth so that updated mini-notebook computer line or netbook's using the Intel Atom processors. On the basis of the IDC concludes that sales of PC before the new school year but will not be as good as previously expected.

Logitech Harmony 900 Remote Control

After the new mice, keyboard, prezentera, headset, Logitech us from coming and Harmony 900 remote control. According to the manufacturer of a new remote control that uses radio frequency redesigned system allows users to control devices with the distance to 30 meters. Just need to uperite remote control of receivers who are in the vicinity of devices that need to control. Harmony 900 has a color touch screen and key layout intutivni which is divided into four zones numbers, common DVD controls, D-pad with kontorlom volume and channel changes and menu keys on the screen.

Wars Company

As is well known, the winners write history and is once again confirmed when a user electronics. The last time we witnessed a large number of battle that biju among companies such as Apple against Microsoft and Google against Yahoo, a Motorola-against Intel, the anti-MySpace and Facebook, these are only some of a list is much longer. In the end, it seems that both of the winners along with users who still use all the advantages, but it is not so. The truth is completely different, so that in the world of e-business, from radio and television, well-known fact that competition is a big threat and that a better result rivals have a bad influence.

The fastest HPC system

Fujitsu is the beginning of this month revealed that the finished work on the development of new clusterovanog super-computer for the Japanese Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, or RIKEN, and for which the company says that it is rated as the fastest HPC system in Japan. Official representative of Fujitsu-states that a new super-computer achieved LINPAC benchmark performance of 97.94 teraflopa, and in comparison with other cluster systems that are included in the June of the world's TOP500 list, the performance of this system are found in the first place in Japan and 34 place in the world. IBM BladeCenter Roadrunner HPC system that is located in the Los Alamos National Laboratory is currently the fastest computer in the world.

Bill Gates sold 7 million shares

Bill Gates has decided to reduce the amount of shares. Namely, it is the beginning of August, sold about 7 million shares by the company. Gates is the first section Stole 3rd August when it sold 2 million shares at a price of $ 24.17 per section. Gates was then sold another five million shares. Prices that Gates received for its shares in the range of these $ 24.17 to $ 23.64 a skromnijih. Gates's decision to sell the mentioned shares will make it difficult for minority shareholders and Microsoft. He still owns 726 million shares that were worth a total of about $ 17 billion, and no wonder it is considered to be one of the richest people in the world.

No selling Microsoft Word application in the USA

American Court has spoken measure barring sales Microsoft Word application, and all software that is content. This decision applies to the territory of the United States. Shocking announcement came after it was found that the unauthorized use Microsoft patent that is in another's property. Namely, this occurs after the court in favor of a Canadian company that is Microsoft sue the U.S. courts. Canadian company infrastructures for Information (i4i) has been a long time led a dispute against Microsoft and due to the fact that the unauthorized use redmondski giant patent number 5,787,449, which relates to the XML mark-up who is to provide the text and maintain your files format and be readable in a variety of programs.

Pronounced the prohibition applies to the sale of Word 2003 and Word 2007 applications, and Microsoft will have to compensate the damage mentioned Canadian companies. Specifically, you'll need to pay compensation of 240 million dollars, and in addition to existing ones, will not be permitted to sell or future versions of software that work with. Xml. Docx, or. Docm files that contain the so-called. custom XML. Microsoft lawyers have announced that they will appeal the decision, and the conciliatory tones coming from the Canadian company infrastructures for Information. Its leaders have stated that their goal is not to natežu problems or to make a global software market, let alone to users suffer the consequences, but that only wanted to protect their intellectual property, and are open to different types of agreement with Microsoft Corporation. To expect that an agreement will be reached, in order to prevent users suffer the consequences of such court decisions (and the previous conduct and Microsoft).

NVIDIA reveals details about the upcoming GPU Technology Conference

NVIDIA Corporation announced that the sessions that cover some of the most important trends in computing such as computer vision, advanced C programming language for miracles, financial computing, super computing and advanced visualization clusters, and find more than 130 hours of technical content on the GPU Technology conference. Registration for the conference is open, while the conference will focus on the latest trends that Developers, engineers and researchers use the use of graphic processors (GPU). The event will be held in the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose in, California as of 30 September to 2 October 2009. Sponsors of events are Cooley Godward Kronish LLP, SUPERMICRO, Dell, Samsung, Adobe, ASUS, Acceleware, Citi, Silicon Valley Bank, Deloitte, Sutter Hill Ventures, Webcor and GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. "The scope of topics that will be covered at this conference demonstrates the breadth and power of a GPU," said Bill Dally, chief scientist at NVIDIA. "The scope of each topic is also impressive, as well as exhibitors will show the best in their fields, who have long experience in solving some of the world's largest computer challenges."

Special attention will be paid to the following areas:

Super-Computing - tročasovna session in which will appear one of the best world experts such as Dr.. Wen-Mei W. Hwu, from the National Center for Superračunarstvo in the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign; Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka, the global science and computer center of Tokyo Instutut for technology and technical TSUBAME leader of Burma, and Dr.. Jeff Vetter, from Georgia Institute of Technology and Oak Ridge National labratorije.
Advanced visualization - a broad overview of advanced visualization through the various areas, including sessions that explain the implementation of a GPU-enhanced ultra-4k video servers, attendees will be contacted Dr. Norihisa Suzuki from Zaxel; real-time effects in fiimskoj and video industry, attendees will be contacted Gary Oberbrunner, vice president engineering at GenArts, and labeling of satellite images with the help of GPU-and where the present Teodor C. Hanchevici and James Lutes, from PCI GeoPmatics.
Vision reckoner - specialized in the talks which will be presented Dr. Horst Bischof, from the Institute for Computer Graphics and vision at the Technical univerzizetu of Graz, Austria, as well as the session related to the advanced GPU based image processing, computer vision and the detection of persons that use the state throughout the world.

Other topics will be related to 3D stereo algorithms and numerical techniques, astronomy and astrophysics, computerized fluid dynamics, computed projections, databases, and review, "fixed" computing, mobile computing, energy research, film, life sciences, the study of machine and artificial intelligence, the medical view, molecular dynamics, physical simulation, and programming languages and Apia.

GPU Technology Konferecija will consist of three parallel paper:

Set of companies in the growth - a unique event, which will focus on companies that are started and based their work in the area of GPU computing, the company will get the opportunity to offer entrepreneurs and companies that invest their capital and which are included in the GPU computing system.
Developer GPU set-a - a series of technical presentations, training and panels in order to support developer in the development of consumer, professional and high-performance computer applications, who want to get more from the GPU parallel processing power of the languages that follow the industry standard, such as C / C + + wonders with the extensions and Fortran, and Apia such as Direct3D, DirectX Compute, OpenCL ™ software and OpenGL.
NVIDIA researchers set - an event intended for researchers, research academy and other academies. Session is intended for those who use the GPU in the scientific and engineering research and want to increase the power of the computer and reduce time to discovery.

More information, including curriculum, speakers and abstracts can be found on this page. Home registration ends 1st September, 2009.

Horn "seen" in the sea near Haifa

Israel is these days obuzelo feverish interest after reports that a mythical sea creature, mermaid, seen the end of the Mediterranean Sea coast, not far from Haifa, in the north of the country.
Municipality Kiriath-demand reports realized this very seriously, ponudivši prize of a million dollars to anyone who can prove the existence of mermaid in the waters of Israel. The council said that in the last few months SIRENA seen even 12 times. MERMAID "Many people say that we are sure you have seen the horn, and they have no connection with each other," said municipality spokesman Nati Zilberman foreign journalists. The horn was observed only at sunset, according to reports in the media, which attract thousands of people with cameras and cameras to try to "take" at least in the clip. "People say that it was half girl, half-fish, which as a leaping dolphin. It performs a variety of tricks, and then disappear," said Zilberman.
On the question of whether a rational explanation that is still only about the dolphin, or a large fish, he said decisively: "They have a female figure, it looks like a young girl." The municipality of origin that was later offered a reward only for publicity, but is said to be a mermaid could certainly attract more tourists. Catch half fish, half the girls it is not necessary, it is enough that the photos proverljiva said Zilberman. On the question of how municipalities can pay that amount is answered: "I believe that if the maid is here, then so many people and tourists come in Kiriath-Jam, will collect more money from one million dollars."

More than 300 children toxic lead, the factory closed

This is, as AP writes Agency, one of the few fighters victory for environmental protection in China, where the risk of pollution are often neglected.
Residents from the smelting of lead and zinc in the province of chance began in July to bring sick children to the doctor for their condition okrivili factory, there is an agency Sinhua.

Investigation showed that the lead from the smelting due to land, air and water resources from which supplies 425 households, and local authorities to plan the next two years 581 Russell family from the circle of 500 meters around the factory.
Children are especially sensitive to lead poisoning (saturnism) which usually comes through the air and water. Toxic effects of lead affects nervous and reproductive system and kidneys and cause Anem. When children come to the slowing down of mental development, reduced cognitive abilities, learning difficulties and delays in the teen.

Ordinary citizens live on two dollars a day

Lagos - Nigeria and Angola are the largest African oil producers, although the people of these countries live in a poverty. Rooted corruption is one of the reasons that the oil revenues of "malt" ruling only sets and not ordinary citizens in both countries, while the number of ratings of military groups contribute to instability and threaten the world oil supply.

Ovonedeljna American state sekretarke Hilary Clinton Angola and Nigeria pointed out how important America is to turn African sources of oil in the moment while trying to reduce their need for oil from the Middle East. Clinton emphasized the need for greater accountability and transparency, and angolsku appealed to the government of President Jose Eduard dos Santos, who is in power since 1979, to adopt a new constitution, investigate allegations of abuses of human rights and holds the promise to call presidential elections. High Clinton advisor for Africa indicates that the connection with Nigeria essential for U.S. relations with the continent, primarily developed for the oil industry, which supplies the country and the American market. "Nigeria is without doubt the most important country podsaharske Africa," says John Carson, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Africa.

Last year, America is 1:05 million bare imported oil from Nigeria, almost as much as from Saudi Arabia, which the state of Western Africa, the fifth largest source of oil. Angola in the south of the continent, was sixth with 468,000 bare. According to data from June, Angola and Niger the prestige become the largest producer of oil on the African continent.

On the other hand, the huge oil reserves are a curse than a blessing for ordinary Nigerijce and Angolce. Analysts emphasize that petrodollar allow the leaders of these countries to ogluše on the side of criticism, in contrast to the neighboring countries that rely and live from the inflow of foreign tourists and aid.

Global vitnes, the London group, said that some shareholders of private companies that have authorized the state oil company of Angola to participate in the competition for you profitable contracts, have the same names as well as high current and former officials the country, including the president of state oil company. "Despite the widely feeling that corruption at all levels of government endemična, it is not launched any investigation or charges raised against a government official," the State Department report this year.

More than two-thirds of the 12 million Angolaca and more than four fifths of the 150 million Nigerijaca live on two dollars a day less. Many feel the lack of power. "They did not care for the little man," says Sam Olufemi, a phone card.

On the other hand, Angola was affected unrest in Kabindi, the region where oil is produced. Group for the Protection of Human Rights accuse the army of numerous crimes and claim that government officials proneverili millions of dollars of oil revenues. Thousands of people were killed this year in nigerijskoj oil rich Delta, where the army fighting with the various criminal gang, and often are the bombings of the oil facilities and kidnappings of foreigners.

Russia stronger military presence in the Abhaziji

Suhumi - Russia will next year spend 500 million dollars to strengthen its military bases in the Georgian region of tearaway Abhaziji, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during the first visit Abhaziji since the region unilaterally declared independence last year. Putin promised deployment of extra troops in Abhaziju and construction of "modern border system that would guarantee the security of the two de facto independent region. Abkhazian government Moscow wants to build a naval base south of Suhumija, which would represent an alternative for the Russian Black Sea fleet is currently located in the Ukraine. Abhaziji is based in 1000 and 800 Russian soldiers in South Ossetia, confirmed to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigori Karasin adding that both the territory to be over by 1500 more soldiers to the end of the year. Strengthening the Russian military presence in the Abhaziji and South Ossetia, Georgia has been described as a clear sign of violation of its sovereignty.

Rules of warfare are not do not respect

Three existing Geneva Conventions, relating to the immunity of the medical staff of the battlefields and treatment of prisoners of war were significantly revised in 1949. and the adoption of the fourth Convention, which establishes the conditions and obligations of the warring sides to protect civilians. Fourth Convention was adopted after the Second World War, terror, horror, not only koncentracionih camp, but the case namernog izgladnjivanja citizens of Leningrad and the general and the bombing of Dresden Coventry. Convention was great international support and presence of all 194 countries signed this document. Unfortunately, the signatures on paper do not lead to compliance with the Convention in the field survey and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which is the guardian of the Convention, civilians suffer the most in armed conflicts.

The ICRC is increasingly ask how to ensure greater respect for the rules of warfare. "Geneva Conventions were created from a beautiful and noble idea: to introduce the rules of war - but the world is so convinced in the truth of times saying that" in love and war there are no rules, as recently in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda or Darfur, analysts estimate.

In the First World War, ten soldiers died in a civilian, in World War II ratio was 50-50, while today 10 civilians in one soldier. Attacks on civilians, destruction of their homes, and even rape - the consequences are not accidental but intentionally selected the conflict tactics of modern warfare. "We must find ways to work this into the rules of warfare and a more powerful and uverljivije than they do now," says Philip Spehr, a lawyer ICRC. He says that imposes the question of what to do with the Geneva conventions and that the documents, originally adopted at the time of traditional stajaćih armies, now overcome, or people just do not respect?

"For all of us is a great question. We saw such a large number of civilians who have become victims of war circumstances. We have to deter those who violate them from such practices ", it Spehr. However, all the higher tendency of the occurrence of internal conflicts that are not traditional military clash, but unofficial armed groups - is, according to the ICRC's belief and - the need to modernize the rules of warfare. This can be done through the diplomatic process that will probably take years. "It would be desirable to develop certain aspects of the law, particularly those related to nemeđunarodne armed conflicts," said ICRC president Jakob Kelenberger.

United hate

WASHINGTON - The number of armed extremists in the United States is growing from day to day because of recession in which the most powerful country in the world economy and the crisis in which the American society, says the report published SPLC agency (Center for Poverty Research). As part of the problem is due to the increasing extremism in the report mentioned the fact that the head of state in the first Afroamerikanac.
"Existing strengthen extremist groups, a new niču like mushrooms after rain. From hate crimes have more and more, throughout the country, "says the report.
Investigators are particularly concerned about reports rekordnoj sale of weapons and ammunition in the United States, as well as the ever more extremist organizations, which generally communicate over the Internet forums, where it is very difficult to control and monitor.
"Militant groups increase efforts to recruit in its ranks people who have already been carried out criminal acts, or have predispoziciju to. Recruitment is done more in high school, "the SPLC report.
Last year the American Ministry of internal security made in the projection as "very serious" indicates the possibility that recently came to a serious armed conflict between security forces and the United States organized extremist groups.
- White suprematisti and paramilitary are now more aggressive than ever, and it is very possible that in the future shall attack in the rank with those in Oklahoma City in 1995. year - said the ministry spokesman.
In the attack on the Oklahoma City killed 168 and wounded 700 people, when the extremists Timoti Mekvej set a bomb in the building of the government in this city.
As potentially the most vulnerable regions of the United States stated SPLC Middle West, the north Pacific coast and the south end, and earlier known as the "source" of various terrorist and extremist groups. The report says that only in the last five months revealed the creation of 50 new extremist groups in the United States, and is now the total number of 700th

Men 650 dollars if married widow

Around 200 women in the Monday promarširalo capital city of Nepal, as the government condemned the plan by which men who marry the widow to get 650 dollars.

Nepali left-wing coalition of the plan according to which the man for marriage widows received money announced in July. Therefore, women are out on the street, izgovarajući slogan: "You can not sell his mother" and "We do not want the government's dowry."
Women were moving towards the government complex when the police stopped, and all the good there was no arrest or violence.
One of the organizatorki protest, widow Durga Neupane, said that if the government does not revoke his decision until Friday, can expect a lot of massive protests.
"If you do not do so until Friday, widows gather from all over the country and organize more protests," she said to Reuters.
The government has Describing the reasons for such decisions, said that it has adopted to help widows who meet with the social and cultural barriers in most Asian societies.

Anniversary of Ohrid Agreement

Turning the eight years since the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement that ended the conflict of the Macedonian security forces and the so-called National Liberation Army. The agreement has set a model for resolving the rights of Albanians in Macedonia.

In Macedonia is marked eight years since the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement that ended the conflict of the Macedonian security forces and the so-called National Liberation Army (ONA) and set the framework for resolving questions of law the Albanians in Macedonia.

Ohrid agreement signed 13th August 2001. It is the adoption of several laws for the Albanians more rights, such as the Law on the use of language, the law for higher employment in the administration, the Law on the police.

The central celebration will be held in Mavrovo, was organized by the Secretariat for the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

The last analysis of the Institute for Democracy on the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement has shown that more than 50 percent of citizens support the agreement.

European Union and the United States, which supported the signing of the Agreement and its creators were practically, consider that the agreement is good and that its content should not be changed, but in the whole meet.

EU ambassador in Macedonia Ervan fuer considers that the agreement "the best instrument for the support of stability and multi-ethnic character of the state."

U.S. Ambassador in Skopje Filip Riker considered to have weaknesses in the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and is in the interest of all ethnic communities to focus on the meeting, especially when it comes to decentralization, the integration of minority communities in the field of education and efficient sporovođenju law on language.

The signatories to the Ohrid Framework Agreement 13th August 2001. year were former President Boris Trajkovski and the leaders of VMRO-DPMNE Ljupčo Georgievski, social Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM) Branko Crvenkovski, the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) Arben Džaferi and former head of ONA, Ali Ahmeti, which is now the leader of the Party of Democratic Union for Integration (DUI ), members of the ruling coalition.

Opposition DPA now search changes the agreement because he, as assessed, obsolete and therefore they need better and more efficient to define relations of Macedonians and Albanians. DUI, however, believes that the new agreement is not required and that all need to support their application.

The ruling VMRO-DPMNE assessed that the agreement for the most part successfully implemented and that in Macedonia the rights of all minorities are respected.

Opposition SDSM considers that Ohrid Agreement as a whole reflects the multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-character state and is of great importance to be fully applied.

Experts who worked on the text of the agreement, teachers and Frčkovski Ljubomir Vlado Popovski believe that the use of Albanian language in official communication in the government outside of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

Argentina is becoming increasingly important trading partner Venezuela

Caracas - The president of Venezuela Ugo Caves turned to the trade with its South American allies in order to compensate suspension of imports from Colombia, after being promised that it will reduce trade with the land because of its plan to base its new U.S. troops, was confirmed last night in Caracas.
Venezuela officials are, namely, Argentino made yesterday with the trade contracts worth more than a billion dollars for the purchase of tractors, meat and rice, while before only a few days suspended the import of 10,000 vehicles from Colombia, said Reuters.
- This exchange, which includes transfer of technology, is worth 1.1 billion dollars - said the president of Argentina Kristina Fernandes and added that during the whole of last year the two countries have commodity exchange of all 1.4 billion dollars.
Caves is angry at his colleagues kolumbijskog, Alvaro Uribea, because this is allowed in the seven military bases in the country came to more American troops in order to fight against drug trafficking and ordered a review of all trade contracts with the second largest trade partner Venezuela. Venezuela and Colombia have been a big trading partners, ostvarivši last year, bilateral commodity exchange in the value of about seven billion dollars.

NASA has no means of tracking hazardous asteroida

NASA would need to trace and to follow all the asteroid, which represent a potential threat to Earth, but there is no financial support for the realization of this task, the report published today in the American Academy of Science.

Academy in the report reminds us that the Congress four years ago with the American space agency up to task in 2020. The establishment of control over 90 percent of the land dangerous nebeskih body, but it does not give financial resources necessary for the construction of telescopes, the American media report.

The agency NASA emphasized that without the budget managed to do a third of the work with the existing system for telescopic observation. NASA estimated at about 20,000 the number of asteroida and comets in the sun with the diameter of over 140 meters and potentially dangerous for the country. Scientists have managed to do a map of the 6000 buildings.
Rock diameter of 140 meters to one kilometer to destroy the entire region, but not the planet, said Linda Johnson, director of NASA programs for monitoring facilities in the vicinity of Zemljinoj.

American Academy of Science report zamera American government does not do much to calm down the public, upset disaster films like "Armageddon" and asteroida whose path in recent years were in a very small distance from the Earth.
Academy, however, stressed that the American government, which is practically the only trying to do something about this problem.

Johnson said that NASA to calculate it for asteroida localization, as the law required it to 2020. year should be around 800 million dollars, which would be used to build the world telescope or boot space for observation.
NASA has not received anything and could never happen to anything and not gain, warned John Logsdon, professor of space policy at the University of "George Washington".

At this time in the near Zemljinoj NASA has identified five large buildings enough to cause significant destruction, for which there is a potential danger of one million according to the collision with our planet.
Views astronomers in charge of them are facing up to a rock diameter of 131 meters, for which there is the possibility of one to 3000 to swipe to the country in 2048. and according to two times more asteroid "Apofis, for which there is a possibility of one to 43,000 to collisions with the Earth in 2036, 2037 or 2069. year.

Uterus for sale

New Delhi - India in the economic crisis forces more and more women in a drastic decision - to become surrogate mothers do not you earned some money, necessary for the survival of their families.
Young Šabnam years of imagination that has its own box, but as her husband left without a job, decided that, like many poor women, application for surrogate mothers.
The clinic lowest Patel, one of the best "surrogate doctor," that baby is the first surrogate mother in the town of Anand, come all - of the host, through nurses to teachers.
- Women who come here usually want money to buy the house, returned to the debt or školovale children - said Pajtel Reuters.
Surrogate mothers receive between 250,000 and 400,000 rupee (3,000 to 6000 euros), which is a big sum in a country where most people live only one euro a day.
Doctors, who have acquired education in the West and have well-equipped hospital, but are made from India an attractive destination for various interventions - from installation bajpasa to liposukcije.
Patel was a baby now, more than 100 surrogate mothers - 40 percent for Indijce who live abroad, and 20 percent for foreigners.
It all started five years ago with one bakom which was surrogate mother to a British couple. After that, the city of Anand Patel and doktorka are all well known and became known as the low costs, favorable attitude toward the surrogate mothers and the absence of laws governing this area.
The draft law on surrogate mothers should be found soon in the parliament, and critics point out that the promoters of "reproductive tourism" little attention paid to health and surrogate mothers to care only to para.
Patel, who visited two years ago in a show Opre Vinfri, said that "surrogate motherhood not kill anyone" and that "it is not immoral act."
- If a child surrogate mothers can get education, if one family can buy a house, and when that help a pair, where is the damage? - She asked.
Not, however, all that thinking. More than half of couples are interested parties and are often targets of criticism that uses unfortunately women.
Many surrogate mothers prećutkuju their parents what they are embarked and live in the house for surogate, where diet and get where they secure pijanih of men and znatiželjnih neighbors.
Šabnam (26) is not she his daughter or not, however, svekru and mother-in-law that the surrogate mother. She lives with several other women in the hospital with the youngest child, while her husband, who was left without a job, about old daughter at home.
- I think that they will not say never, I think that they would not understand - she says.
Some experts say that the surrogate mother, which are barely written, they do not know what are all exposed to risks, primarily physical and spiritual.
They can be everything to happen, and death during delivery, because India is a leading woman in labor mortality by country - 301 in the case of 100,000 pregnant women, and there are psychological problems after birth.
- I was very scared because of our situation, I did not know how to out to the end, but now I samouverenija ... At least we'll be able to buy a house, and then will go for the better - say Šabnam.

Women of Iran and Venezuela is not a threat to the interests of the United States

Good relations Iranskog and venecuelanskog President, Uga caves and Mahmoud Ahmadinedžada to assess spoljnopolitičkih experts are potentially problematic for Washington, but for now does not represent a great threat

While the deepening of relations between Iran and Venezuela may be cause for concern, experts estimate that the foreign policy of their cooperation predstvalja does not currently a threat to U.S. interests.

Three leading academics in Iranian, Venezuelan and American foreign policy are discussed in the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the relations of Iran and Venezuela, countries that have already been years of najglasnijim antiameričkim countries in the world.

Professor of Political Science at the State University Pensilvanijski David Majers characterized the relations between the two rivals the United States as a potentially problematic for the interests of the priests, but not as currently dangerous. Although this question may require some attention, Majers not believe that a "significant threat to national security."

Tehran and Caracas during the last decade reinforce mutual economic and military cooperation. The presidents of these countries, Mahmoud Ahmadinedžad and Ugo caves are supported one another, even when the issue of their very unpopular policies, at the same time showing hatred towards the United States. Since he came to the head of state in 1999. The Ugo caves visited Iran seven times, and his colleagues Ahmadinedžad for those 10 years, twice a guest venecuelanskog president.

During this period of cooperation the two countries expanded to a range of areas. Traveling from one country to another are facilitated after 2007. The establishment of weekly flights on the Tehran - Caracas. Economic cooperation is increased. Joint venture in order to finance development projects in both countries resulted in the opening of Iranian-Venezuelan bank for development in April this year and invest $ 200 million for these purposes. Iran is a part of their production activities moved to Venecuelu, where he founded a factory for the production of bicycles, tractors, cars and cement.

Cooperation in military areas, also has an important role in their relations. Iranian officers are included in the army of Venezuela, providing them on the way to training and military support. Majers believe that the Venezuelan army, part of the Iranian influence, adopted asymmetrically warfare as its official doctrine.

Military relations are more fixed in April, when the Iranian Minister of Defense MOSTAFA Mohamed-Nadžar, visiting Caracas, promised "full support to the improvement of military and defense capabilities of Venezuela in the joint defense agreement."

Mutual commitment to the interests of another state has long been the practice of these allies, even when most other countries did not approve of a policy from them. So caves support Iranian uranium enrichment program, which Tehran says is purely civilian purpose. The United States and many other forces, however, fearful that Tehran could produce nuclear weapons.