Saturday, August 15, 2009

No mercy!

Tel Aviv - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu officially rejected the request of French President Nicholas Sarkozija to pomiluje of Palestinians, the French national osuđenog for conspiracy to murder uticajnog Israeli rabbi Ovadije Josef.
Before the week is denied an application Salah al Hamurija (24), member of the National front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) for the amnesty after a two-thirds of the sentence served.
Netanjahu Bolton wrote that the council rejected the request for pardon, partly because it is not convicted expressed remorse for their actions, and because the chief prosecutor of Israel believes that the premature release of a danger to the public.
Netanjahu is also written to Hamuri considered dangerous prisoner, even while the Detainees, and may not meet the criteria for amnesty.
Hamuri was arrested in 2005, after which the members of a PFLP-planned attack on Josef, who is the spiritual leader of the religious parties Sas.
Denis led Hamurijeva mother, together with the Palestinian organizations in France, a public campaign for his release, pointing out that, as the son of a French citizen, Paris has to intervene on its behalf, such as otetog intervened in the case of Israeli soldiers Gilada salita, which is also a French citizen.

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