Monday, August 24, 2009

Did any of electoral fraud in Afghanistan

In the absence of actual, final results, all have different opinions on how the presidential elections in Afghanistan last

No results, no statistics on the turnout, there is no winner of presidential elections held in Afghanistan on Thursday, just a lot of different opinions. The current President Hamid Karzai has declared victory. The same was done and his closest rival, Abdullah Abdullah. The third candidate Ašraf Gani claims that electoral fraud was committed.

The only thing on which everyone from U.S. President Obama to Gani, can agree that the presidential elections were successful for the people of Afghanistan. Even the Taliban, who threatened death to all who participate in the elections and voting, the elections are carried out 76 attacks which killed nearly 30 people, declared victory in a way, because they managed to keep the turnout is relatively low, between 40 and 50 percent, which is much less than izalaznosti than 70 percent in the presidential elections five years ago.

While votes are still counted, Karzai election campaign manager, Din Mohammad, said based on reports of more than 21,000 predsednikovih observers, the current president won more than 50 percent of the vote, which is sufficient for the victory and allow him to avoid a second round of election is to be held in early October. Abdulahov has its headquarters, may be fantastic, the election scenario. Namely, they claim that the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and ophthalmologist Karzai broke with 63 percent of the votes, as opposed to 31 percent, according to their preliminary data obtained Karzai. A senior official of the Independent Electoral Commission rejected the allegations both of Staff. He said all the votes have not counted, and even preliminary, unofficial results will not be released until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Ghana, Karzaijev former finance minister who was probably finished in a weak third place, said he and Karzai and Abdullah election machinery may be involved in electoral fraud to a great extent. "It is a charge and it is widespread," he said. "Current corrupt government is involved in a huge fraud. In the north, where Abdullah has the greatest support, there are allegations that the official used the power in favor of Abdullah in some provinces, and so they ballot boxes carried to other locations, that would then be closed, "said Gani.

He further charges that the indelible ink that is placed on the fingers of voters, so as not to be able to vote twice, is not indelible, and that could easily be Speer. Gani also said credible allegations that the government has detained some polling stations when voters realized that not voting for them, and that some ballot boxes were full of names of missing women voters, and even around Kabul, where he allegedly voted in one poll even 150,000 women. Gani says the charges are not derived from himself, but to transmit only what he heard. He still filed 111 complaints with the Election Commission in the last two days. "I do not want to go into the validity of these complaints, but they must be investigated in order to reach the truth," he said.

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