Monday, August 24, 2009

Professors doctorates sold for 5,000 euros

German prosecutor's office investigating the case about 100 teachers across the country, suspected of taking bribes to help students to GE.

"In the center of the investigation is the Institute for Scientific Consulting, based in Bergisch Gladbach, east of Cologne, who allegedly acted as an intermediary between students and professors," said Guenter Feld, spokesman for the Cologne prosecutor.

He acknowledged writing the weekly "Focus" and journal "Noah Vestfališe" about the investigation, but did not want to give more details. These two papers argue that students are paid between 4000 and 20,000 euros Institute students who promise to help them in gaining a doctorate through their connections within the University. "Noah Vestfališe" emphasizes that it is hundreds of students and professors of the Institute would pay between 2,000 and 5,000 euros, when their clients get a degree. However, it is not clear whether the students knew that bribes paid basis professors.
"Focus" states that the investigation includes the universities of Frankfurt, Tübingen, Leipzig, Rostock, Jena, Bayreuth, Ingolstadt, Hamburg, Hannover, Bielefeld, Hagen, Cologne and Berlin.

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