Saturday, August 15, 2009

Austrian justice under investigation

"In Austria, all citizens are equal ... Some are more equal. "Cinična remark Bohemian sklonih retelling affairs of the judicial milieu was in the news. In Vienna is running more investigation regarding the illegal release of criminal responsibility of politicians, corrupt police and judges.

The main "target", as the author, they are - three Minister of Justice. Head of the Department and its two predecessors. Parliamentary Commission, and several relevant committees, in charge of "internal review of competence," opened the investigation against the Minister of Claudius Bandion-Ortner and its predecessor Mary Berger and Diter Bemdorfera. Suspicion that the "political Rezon" misused his official position. Mary Berger case sparked interest across the EU: the former Austrian minister of justice of the judge at the European Court ...

In the hinterland of these investigations are reviewed and re-start the court process fifty against corrupt judges and police officers. And the few party officials - first of all against the chief of the province of Carinthia Gerhard Derflera.

Untouchable politicians

Release koruškog chief of criminal responsibility was the reason for the opening of political discussions.

Receive in ultradesničarskom Orchestra Movement for the Future of Austria and the successor of a deceased Jerga Hajdera, Derfler is demontirao panel with the German-Slovenian label place Blajburg-Pliberk, which ordered the placement of the Constitutional Court of Austria. Failure to treat these decisions as a harsh violation of the Constitution. Derfler is the chief, only, warning - to restrain the (German) nationalist temper. Exempt the criminal liability of the official explanation that is not studied law but was "plain" bank clerk before latio political craft ...

Whether ignorance of law in Austria, however, protected from punishment? The answer is followed in the printed form. Vienna weekly Falter "published facsimile of internal instructions minist (a) of the computer:" ... In the case of judicial process run against the politicians, instruments of criminal law (punishment) does not represent anything else but - means politikantskog raskusuravanja.

Autonomy Prosecution

Word appeared and the previous minister of justice Diter Bemdorfer. Pointed out that his party colleagues Derfler released by naređenju "red" (Social Democratic) Minister Bandion-Ortner: "About a partijašenju can not be words."

This argument, however, put the question whether the "red" Minister "odužila" your predecessor for services in the past?

If the judge by preliminary results of the investigation, the answer is - yes! In the hinterland of scandals "Derfler" investigators have found that by the ultranacionaliste Bemdorfera suspended dozens of judicial process against the "red," police officers, judges and prosecutors suspected of corruption and receiving bribes ...

Quoted discoveries are, for now, only proposals for discussion. " Official - Ministers of the interventions mentioned denies: "There are no notes that would be provided to the appropriate conclusion," said the press officer Helmut Jaming. Gerhard Licka, spokesman of the Ministry, revealed another side of coin, "the Prosecutor's Office are obliged to consult prior to the indictment in the Ministry of Section IV. If necessary, the competent minister calls the prosecutor, or judge, to the collegial conversation: 'Do not want more review documents? Would not lead to some problems ... "

Such findings have encouraged a discussion in principle - that you should change the existing judicial system?

Mentioned two options. One would be the appointment of (third party) General public prosecutor. It would, instead of the Minister of Justice, representing the supreme controller Prosecution. The other option was to grant immunity by prosecutors - such as the status of the judges who enjoy.

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