Monday, August 24, 2009

New chance for reconciliation Seoul and Pyongyang

Funeral Kim Dae jungle, the former president of South Korea, a fighter for democracy and reconciliation with North Korea and Nobel Peace Prize, brought together representatives of two of Korea for the first time after almost two years

Former South Korean leader, Kim Dae Jungle devoted his life establishing democracy in South Korea and improve relations with North Korea, and looks to his death and funeral created a new opportunity to the leaders of the two countries achieve progress in achieving its goal.

Kimov time of dissident and convicts to death during the military rule of the president and Nobel Prize winners, symbolizes the evolution of his country from war-affected, strongly anti-Communist dictatorship to the advanced Asian democracy, confident enough to accept the communist North Korea.

Kim Dae Jungle died on 18 August from pneumonia, while on Saturday held a funeral, which was attended by a large number of citizens and foreign representatives. The same day the president of South Korea Lee Mjung Buck met with the North Korean delegation, which arrived in Seoul to email Kimu praised.

Tridesetominutnog During the meeting with Lee, representatives from Pyongyang, the President conveyed the message to North Korea's Kim Jong-il "on achieving progress in cooperation with South Korea," said Liev chief spokesman Li Dong Kwan. The President of South Korea is Kimovim delegates presented "consistent and unchanging policy South Korean government towards North Korea "and asked them to convey his position to President Kimu.

"President Lee said that if South and North Korea resolve issues in an open manner and through dialogue, there is nothing we can not solve," said a spokesman.

Delegation is the northern neighbor, according to Lee, mood swings. Only a year earlier Pyongyang president of South Korea called "traitor" and "servant of the priests." Six-member North Korean delegation led by the Kimovi most private contributors, Kim Ki Nam, secretary of the ruling Workers' Party, and Kim Yang Gon, Chief of Intelligence, responsible for relations with Seoul.

The two spoke on Saturday with South Korean Minister of Unification Hyun In Tekom more than an hour, and their meeting was the first meeting between senior officials of the two countries since Lee took power. "We had little opportunity to talk. I hope that these first official high-level talks under the leadership of Li Mjung Baka provide an opportunity for honest dialogue, "said Kim Ki Nam." Times have changed. Legacy of the Cold War must be buried, "said Kim Hyun.

Hyun In only the past said that he hoped to meet delegates from Pyongyang with President of South Korea "will become a milestone in relations between the two countries." At a special meeting with South Korean politicians and scientists on Saturday, Kim Yang Gon proposed strengthening economic relations between the two Korea , expressing the hope that part of the rich minerals from the north to find the way to the south, reported the South Korean news agency Jonhap.

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