Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nigeria against internet crime

Nigeria has taken serious measures to combat international crime - law enforcement of this country have closed thousands of Web sites while the 18 people arrested in the action that is part of a new initiative that aims to save the reputation of this country and break the internet criminals. The program is called "Project Eagle Claw" has just begun but the Nigerian officials are expected to be fully operational next year. Nigerian Commission for economic and financial offenses described the initiative as an attempt to significantly reduce the number of Internet thieves and zlonamenrih users in this country. Nigeria is one of the countries of Africa in which the Internet developed.

Twitter jeopardize trials

The fact Twitter into all pores of life is not new, at least for the present last year, but in some cases using Twitter is a exaggerate. One of the victim using a Twitter and justice, it is determined that the trials in the U.S. jurors during the jury session update their Twitter accounts. This in itself would not be so many problems that some information relating to economic crime does not leak earlier because of a Twitter. So even recounts the case when one juror announced on Twitter in a verdict that she had not yet been officially published. If this continues there is no other than the seTwitter expel the American courtroom.

Athlon II in the fourth quarter

AMD will introduce Athlon X2 260U II processor with a maximum power consumption of 25W for large OEM manufacturers, if everything is going according to plans by the company during the fourth quarter of this year. II The first Athlon X2 processors manufactured in 45nm process technology and based on core Regor will work on the clock speed of 1.8GHz and will have 2MB of L2 cache with support for DDR3-1066 memory. These models are intended to be used on motherboards with socket AM3-om. Athlon X2 260U II will replace the 1.8GHz Athlon II 6850, which is based on a 65nm dual-core technology and process that consumes 22W power. However 260U model will feature better performance.

Xbox 360 1080p streaming

Soon should appear firmware update for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, a toy that should bring a number of interesting features available to users of the console. Namely, the new version of firmware should bring Twitter, Facebook, integration with the console and the possibility of streaming video content and high definition. Adding these features of the Xbox 360 could become a real home entertainment console, which would be for a particular type of user to be able to fully replace the personal computer. On the basis of what Shaw is now able to see Microsoft has made available an impressive set of features on the great customer satisfaction.

Slim Portable CD / DVD

Transcend Information, a global leader in multimedia and storage device, unveiled the first mini CD / DVD burner, which offers users a slim and stylish selection of hardware that monitors the rate netbook or notebook computer family. Transcend CD / DVD burner comes with software CyberLink Power2Go, which includes 30-day "trial" versions of CyberLink MediaShow's. Using these software tools, users not only can narezivati music or other content CD and DVD formats (as well as CD-R/RW, DVD ± R, DVD ± RW, DVD ± R DL), but it can also be arranged and edited by his will.

NVIDIA and VSG explore oil and gas

VSG adjusted NVIDIA technology to reinforce the quality and performance in visualization of large amounts of data. NVIDIA and the company Visualization Sciences Group (VSG), a leader in developing 3D solutions for the oil and gas industry, announced that the latest release of Open Inventor 3D graphics tools used NVIDIA Complex scene-scaling acceleration engine, allowing the visualization and manipulation of large amounts of data that are need for energy research. Open Inventor 8.1 by VSG integrate Complex, enabling advanced 3D applications to fully use all the graphics processor (GPUove) located within the NVIDIA Quadro Plex visual computing system.

The growth of the market for PC graphics

Finally see the recovery of the market for PC graphics and decent progress, the report said Jon Peddie Research company for the third quarter of this year. Namely, according to the company, in the last three-month period was found to increase the delivery of graphic cards for 21.2% compared to the previous quarter as the biggest jump is recorded for the previous nine years. Sold 119.45 million units kartiva in 3 quarter, and Intel is the first in the number of cards sold from 63 million cards, or 52.7% pokirivenost market. In second place is Nvidia with 24.9% market coverage in the third quarter, which fell from 29.2% coverage of the market in the second quarter, while AMD has 19.8% of the market (from the previous 18.4% in the second quarter).

Kingston 40GB SSD Desktop

Kingston announced its new product is intended for owners of personal computers who wish to obtain a relatively cheap SSD upgrade that will improve the performance of their systems. Kingston its new 40GB Desktop Upgrade equipment advertised as a performance upgrade for existing systems. This part of the equipment is intended to replace the boot drive and to install it only the operating system and users most frequently used files and applications while storing large files recommended on the classic hard drive. 40GB Desktop Upgrade equipment includes a 2.5 "40GB SATA SSD, 4-pin Molex-to-SATA adapter, SATA cable and software disk cloning.

MSI Wind U210

MSI introduces the 12.1 "MSI Wind U210 netobook. This model is characterized šestoćelijska battery that promises four hours of autonomy. With a weight of 1.3kg this ultraportabl netbook computer designed for people who are constantly in motion, such as sales staff or students. Wind U210 home screen features 1366x768 pixel resolution 16:9 aspect ratio. Netbook features AMD's Yukon MV40 processor that is part of AMD's Neo platform announced in January. Other features of this netbooks include 1GB of DDR2 667MHz RAM, 160GB HDD capacity and AMD ATI Radeon X1250 integrated graphics with 1.3MB built-in Web camera.

Rising sales of large LCD panels

According to the company Display Search, which provides various research and consultancy services with regard to developments in the market for LCD panels, large market size, the month of September was very good because in this month sold 2% more than in the previous 25% or more annually. Visitors in the month of September, sold 52 million units of LCD panels. Enlargement in the number of sold models also lead to a rise in revenue in September amounted to $ 6.8 billion an increase of 6% at the quarter or 15% annually. From the producers of the most common is the Samsung with 24.3% market share, and immediately after the LG with 24%.

Yahoo GeoCities shut down

Yahoo a few days ago officially shut down GeoCities decade after he bought the service independent building Web sites for $ 3.57 billion in shares. In April the company announced plans for fire service, and stopped to receive new requests from users for the use of this service. This summer is Yahoo announced the 26th October as the date when the service will officially cease to function. At least two organizations have expressed a desire to archive as much as possible a number of GeoCities account. Yahoo is in turn deleted all GeoCities pages with their servers without their archiving and finally finished this story.

The new real time services

Among the sites in the trend recently added service that works in real time. Facebook and Twitter have announced that together with Microsoft Bing engine OM search with the aim ponuđivanja features search content in real time so you will not miss any new comment. Google also announced joining the Twitter-OM to ensure the same kind of service, however, not in real time. YouTube is in turn enabled the function to add comments to video content in real time, which is essentially similar to the current Twitter Search, all in a package with options for displaying trends that show up issue Commented subjects.

Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard

What we now all know that Microsoft and Apple in the short term introduced new versions of its operating system. Which of these two operating systems is better is a question that requires deep analysis, but almost every computer user will tell you that one or the other better known him for some reason. Therefore, the final court decision over a matter of personal opinion. However, there are users who have opted for Mac OS X after the fiasco that Vista made. Will Windows 7 be strong enough and enticing them to return to the Windows host remains to be seen, a time that is before us will show which of these two operating systems better.

Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Router

Netgear has announced the availability of a new wireless router, RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N routers giabitnog tags WNDR3700. This router offers dual band reliability, gigabit performance, access to the storage options and ecological characteristics. New 3G and Wi-Fi router enables mobile broadband access almost anywhere. Router features and ReadyShare feature for faster access USB hard drive from any device within the network, as well as measuring the utilization of broadband and there is video Quality of Service. Router is compatible with DLNA certified products, that allows streaming of high definition television and other network devices.

XFX Radeon HD 4890

No big fanfare graphics card manufacturer XFX has introduced new Radeon HD 4890 card (HD-489X-ZSFC) which has a cooling customized by the company and the reference clock. The cooling is provided a huge red fan in a package with the cooler. This card has 800 stream processors, core clock speed of 850MHZ and 256-bit memory interface, paired with 1GB of GDDR5 memory running at 3600MHz. Custom cooling solution XFX company occupies two slots. This card supports DirectX 10.1 standard, and there is CrossFireX support and dual DVI outputs. The card can be ordered through the web-site at a cost of $ 195th

Amazon offers MySQL Cloud service

Amazon added that the database and the "high memory" Amazon Web Services, and reduce the fee per hour which is charged for the use of Linux and Windows servers in your popular Elastic Computer Cloud service. The move came several weeks before Microsoft will launch its cloud service. Amazon's new service for the respective database instance is available MySQL database up to 1TB each. Amazon already offers two other services related to the database, Simple DB and EC2 Elastic Block Store. Amazon RDS is intended for developers and companies that want to run database management, leaving in the Amazon.

MySpace and Facebook in talks

Facebook is in talks with MySpace about downloading om some of the content of his great competitor, a situation which could mean a formal recognition of the defeat of the social network owned by famous media magnate Rupert Murdoch. According to the proposal, which is the largest value of just recognition of the superiority of Facebook is an option under which customers will Facebook be able to access a huge database of music and video content over the Facebook Connect API. Facebook Head of Operations Sheryl Sandberg said that this is one more proof of how MySpace has the low down when the role of media host service by third parties.

Samsung 3.9mm thin HDTV

Samsung has unveiled a new prototype 40 "LED TV panels whose thickness is only 3.9mm which is 2mm thinner than the previous record in the form of the model that came from the company LG and whose thickness was 5.9mm. Keyword is the word here on the panel and not a complete TV. Namely, it is necessary to add a body that will add something to the thickness of the panel, but the essence is that it will again be very thin. When it comes to his performance we know that the images 120Hz refresh rate while the 5000:1 contrast ratio, with of course a full high definition resolution. For now it is not known if the TVs that use this panel might in sales.

Sky TV on Xbox 360

Microsoft and Sky have become partners. After presenting the Sky on Windows 7, now Sky Player and became available on the Xbox 360 console. As the name suggests this service will provide users direct access to the online TV service Sky plus a selection of companies live streaming channel. The existence of the satellite antenna is not needed. Users will be within the service will be available in a wide variety of channels, including programs from Sky 1, fimove from all over the range of Sky Movies channels, classic comedy, entertainment for children from Disney and Nickleodeon programs and documentaries with National Geographics, Eden and History channels and the latest with MTV. All in all, will be available to 24 streaming channels.

Arrive multilingual address

Internet will become closer and more accessible to millions of users around the world following the approval of a new multilingual system that addresses use of Asian and Arabic scripts. Internet Corporation for assigning names and numbers (ICAAN) has announced the end of the exclusive use latiničnih characters for the Web site address - the last day of his six-day conference which was held in Seoul. It is the largest technical change when it comes to the Internet was developed 40 years ago, said Peter dengue Thrush, President ICAAN Board. Now it will be possible to use the characters of other alphabets such as Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Japanese for the complete Internet address.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Start of construction "South Stream" at the end of 2010th

MILANO - Construction of gas pipeline South Stream will be able to begin late next year, said Executive Director of the Italian energy company Eni "Paolo Skaroni.

In an interview with Russian television station, RT, he said that studies on the feasibility of the project will be completed at the beginning of 2010th

Skaroni explained that the study "include several areas, of which the first technical because it is a very complex set up pipeline in the bottom of the Black Sea", and then will make decisions on financing and project management.

"There are several issues that need to resolve before next year a final decision on investment. The construction could be started at the end of 2010th," said the first man company "Annie."

Biography Dmitri Medvedev

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (44) who now visit to Serbia, the youngest leader of Russia in the last 100 years.

Duty of head of state took the 7th May 2008. The second president of independent Russia, Vladimir Putin, Russia's current prime minister. Medvedev is a doctor of legal sciences, and was born on 14th September 1965th in St. Petersburg. The Kremlin was first hired 1999th , and since October 2003. he served as head of President Administration. At the same time, since 2000. until entry into the presidential office, was in the top leadership of the Russian gas giant Gazprom. As a non-political figure, candidate in the presidential elections, held on 2nd March 2008, Medvedev was elected 17th December at the Congress of the ruling United Russia. Medvedev was then proclaimed a policy of four (innovation, investment, infrastructure and institutions), whose development and improvement are the basis for the development of the economy. The position of head of state Medvedev will be until May 2012th year. He, however, did not exclude the possibility that after the current mandate of the candidates for head of state and 2012th year, adding that he believes is right that on such matters agreed with Putin.

Serbia Kosovo electricity supplies

After 17 hours without electricity residents of northern Kosovo and Metohija have received electricity in 11 hours. Serbian Ministry of Energy ordered the Serbian electricity and power to ensure the delivery of electricity through transmission lines from Novi Pazar to Valača.

Residents north of Kosovo and Metohija were given in 11 hours of electricity, after 17 hours without electricity.

Serbian Ministry of Energy ordered the electricity (EMS) and Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) to provide electricity supply to the north of Kosovo, through the transmission lines from Novi Pazar to Valača.

The EMS was told that in the 10 hours included 110 kilovoltnog power lines from Novi Pazar to Valača, in northern Kosovo and Metohija.

Power can provide electricity supply to priority customers.

From the Serbian Ministry of Energy announced that the north of Kosovo and Metohija now powered solely from central Serbia, through transmission lines from Novi Pazar, with the strength of over 20 megawatts, with its own production from hydroelectric power Gazivoda.

They pointed out that these measures will not prevent disconnection of electricity at the time of maximum consumption, but will prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in which they were without electricity and schools and hospitals, and that UNMIK was caused by irresponsible behavior.

In a statement Miniosrarstva Energy emphasizes that it is unsustainable and unacceptable in the modern civilized world and lead a political campaign neisporučivanjem electricity consumers.

"If one ethnic community, the Serbian, does not even five percent of consumers, it is absolutely clear that the absurd and the logical and ethical sense, to represent the problem as the cause of the crisis," said the ministry, adding that it is unknown to anywhere in the world, consumers divided along ethnic lines.

In order to overcome problems of exclusion of consumers in areas where the Serbian population lives and preventing humanitarian disasters the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Mines and Energy proposed the UNMIK administration in the previous period, a series of solutions that have not been realized due to reluctance on the other hand, the statement stressed.

Yonder Serb claim to Kosovo electricity corporation, in this way, conditions that, by signing agreements on payment of electricity, join the KEK.

The official explanation of the Kosovo power corporation, no more.

Without electricity Monday as the 18 hours were residents of Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic, and life in these areas was nearly paralyzed because it was not heating not working bakery.

Day of the liberation of Belgrade

Presidents of Russia and Serbia Boris Tadić and Dmitry Medvedev laid wreaths at the Monument to the Liberator of Belgrade in World War II. Today celebrates the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade in World War II.

Serbia today, 20 October, celebrates the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade in World War II.

Presidents of Russia and Serbia Boris Tadić and Dmitry Medvedev laid wreaths at the Monument to the Liberator of Belgrade in World War II.

Wreath was laid and Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas and the delegation of veterans who participated in the battles for the release of the capital.

With intoniranje national anthem, Tadic and Medvedev praised the tribute to liberators of Belgrade and then enrolled in the memorial book dedicated to fallen soldiers.

President of the two states applause and calls "Serbia - Russia welcomed several hundred citizens, who carried the Serbian and Russian flags and banners with pictures of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Medvedev.

Tadic and Medvedev are, after the ceremony, a short while in a conversation with former fighters, liberators of Belgrade.

For this occasion, the first time after the 1985th The monument in front of the liberators of Belgrade were set flags partisan units that participated in the liberation of the capital.

Disclosure of honor ceremony was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, Dragan Šutanaovac ministers, Vuk Jeremic, Rasim Ljajic, president of City Assembly Aleksandar Antic, Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Konuzin, as well as members of the state of the Russian delegation.

Belgrade operation, is one of the largest and most important battles in the Balkans in World War II, is guided by the 11 to 22 October 1944. and it killed 20,000 people.

From that killed 15,000 of the German occupation forces, while nearly 9000 taken prisoner. First Army Group NOVJ had about 3,000 killed and 4,000 wounded, and four corps of the Red Army lost 960 soldiers and officers.

Agreement on a joint offensive with the Russians scored NOVJ supreme commander Josip Broz Tito, when he realized that nothing of the British landings in the Adriatic and the country should enter the Red Army that is unstoppable progress on all fronts.

Conclave Tito and Stalin

In secret, without the knowledge of British, Tito was the night between 18 and 19 September flew to Romania and then in Moscow, where the 21 September, made a deal with Stalin on joint operations in Yugoslavia.

Tito was the Russians won all the logistical and material support, and the idea of Belgrade operation exposed the Soviet generals of the Third Ukrainian Front, while the Chief of Staff Gen. Sergei Semjonivičem Biriuzov made a detailed plan of the offensive.

When the Red Army 6th September 1944. defeated Romania and Bulgaria and the outbreak of the Yugoslav border, while the eight partisan divisions progressed from Sandzak through western and north central Serbia and Belgrade.

Members NOVJ and the Red Army from the composition of the Third Ukrainian Front met on 11 October morning on the left bank of the Morava and jointly moved the battle for Belgrade, which was conducted in three stages.

The battles have participated NOVJ First Army Group commanded by General Peko Dapcevic and 12 strike corps with General Danilo Lekic the head, while the Red Army forces were under a piece of General Vladimir Ivanovich Zhdanov.

About 80,000 of our members and the Soviet army led 11 days of heavy fighting with around 55.000 members of the German Army Group "Sumadija" commanded by General Hans Felber.

The introductory battles to 14 October NOVJ units mastered the German resistance to the approaches and Belgrade broke out at the periphery of the city.

Won a well-established Obrenovac and extend towards Belgrade, to Zarko and Cukarica. On the other hand, the Yugoslav forces and the Russians jointly release the Topola and Lion, to the night between 13 and 14 October took Avala, the last German foreign backing.

Heavy street fighting

Offensive for liberation of the town, which has been mined from the inside, started on 14 October and the end of the guided heavy street fighting.

German forces attempted to maintain brokenly, with the German command decided to Serbia and Belgrade defend at any cost in order to draw about 300,000 Army soldiers, "E" from Greece.

On the first day and night in fierce fighting to take the Banjički jump, and Dedinje Topcider and liberators arrived to the center. At the same time is 15 October prevented an attempt to breakthrough the German reinforcements from Pozarevac to enter Belgrade.

Evening of the day, arrived to the building of the National Theater and the corner of King Street and Milan Knez Milos, 17 October is a busy Igumanova Palace, and the next day and the National Theater.

The last phase of liberation of the city began on 18 October, when he destroyed several thousand German soldiers in the area of Avala and the Vrčin. In the town particularly bloody fighting on 19 October at the railway museum and the hotel "Moskva".

That day and the buildings are exempt from City Administration, Ministry of Transport and the railway station, and the remaining German units were compressed to Kalemegdan and narrow area around the Sava bridge.

In the night between 19 and 20 August began their retreat across the Sava, and liberators take about two hours of the morning, Kalemegdan, and about eight hours and I made the bridge and bridgehead on the left bank of the Sava.

After an unsuccessful attempt to strike at Zemun and Bezanijska hair, the Germans on 22 October retreat to Rumi.

Liberators help Belgrade

In fighting for Belgrade, liberators mass podršu provided its residents, many of them are stupali Brigade NOVJ, bringing the weapons that were seized from the Germans, while the organized groups of resistance from demolition to save the water supply headquarters on white water, the building of Radio Belgrade operator in Palmotićevoj ...

One of these groups in the streets of Vuk Karadzic formed a hospital for veterans NOVJ and the Red Army, and organized the seizure of weapons by the city medical and material storage.

Belgrade operation ended 1287 on a long German occupation, created a great liberated territories and the withdrawal of disabled groups "E" of the German Army from Greece, the shortest direction, which was of great importance for further fighting in Yugoslavia, but the south wing of the Red Army in further operations the collapse of the Wehrmacht.

The Liberator Belgrade cemetery lies 961 champion and 2994 the Red Army members NOVJ, of which most (2092) in a common grave.

Russian generals and Biriuzov Zhdanov, who participated in the liberation of Belgrade, were killed in the fighting, but, unfortunately, left him in life.

Died on 20 October 1964th when is the rainy and misty weather, their plane hit the Avala upon arrival at the anniversary of the liberation of our capital.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hitachi Data System blame

After a little reduced by the storm created after the loss of user data within Microsoft's Sidekick services begin to make the first pieces of this disaster. Namely, the first information indicates that the problem arose due to the cessation of Hitachi Data systems. Termination of Microsoft's Danger branch that stores user data T-Mobile Company has caused many users to lose data, probably irretrievably. Reports say that the Microsoft / Danger had complicated the termination of the server that damaged the main and backup database that stores user data Sidekick.

Pirates of all active

Demolition and blocking torrent sites such as BitTorrent encouraged a large number of pirates to start all over to use Web sites to exchange files. Sites such as RapidShare, Megaupload or Hotfile allow anonymous users to perform upload large files without any charge. These services are intended for personal video content and the backup-ing data, but increasingly used for illegal activities. Software pirates use these sites to create a virtual FTP servers that are full of krekovanih software. After pirates distribute links to warez that are hosted on their sites.

Universal updater for the week

During the last month, Apple has strongly condemned forcing iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows users who have installed Apple Updater software. Otherwise, the software is completely useless for most computer users because most of them do not have their own iPhone. In this way, once again placed emphasis on the basic vulnerability in the way that Windows allows you to update the software's from other manufacturers without any problems using the computers. The only solution possible is a universal updater for Windows 7 which should eliminate all problems.

Oracle buys Sophoi

Oracle has bought the rights to intellectual property firm Sophoi and sell their software for monitoring the run as soon as possible. Sophoi is a specialized company in the field of software that monitors the use of digital media, which allows owners to earn that way. Oracle plans to change the name Sophoi software so that he would appear on the market called Oracle Media Intellectual Property Management. Adding Sophoi technologies existing Oracle proizovodnoj line should accelerate the acceptance of software based on standards with the aim monetizovanja digital content and provide better financial controls.

EU in the fight against spam

United Kingdom and other countries of the European Union agreed that the need to invest more effort in fighting spam and that this issue should be approached with a completely new side. A study conducted by the European Commission said that in Britain there are few formal controls or procedures of cooperation in the fight against spam and malware, although the government kept separate records of work with providers of Internet services and work on this problem. However, despite the fact that the laws are passed and which entered into force, sanctions are limited and only a few resources allocated to the authorities who are responsible for implementing these laws.

New AVG upgrade

AVG has added a new LinkScanner feature your Web security product that scans a shortened URL that users often do not suspect anything means open to malicious software attacks. LinkScanner, AVG, which is presented as a free product during the month of April, perform scanning Web pages in real time while the user performs a search and blocks the other side of that may come to exploiting vulnerabilities. There are many services that perform URL shortening and are very useful for sites for micro-blogging, like Twitter, which have limitations on the number of entered characters to 140 or even less.

Private cloud features

Canonical has started advertising the private cloud features in the upgrade of its Ubuntu Linux operating system, which was officially announced earlier this week. Available for free download from the end of October, 9:10 Ubuntu Server Edition is the UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud), open source cloud computing environment based on the same API and Amazon EC2 (Elastic Computer Cloud). Canonical says that the greatest benefit from this safe to have business users and what this release is focused cloud computing as a whole, said Steve George, director of support services for Canonical.

Google records the growth of

Google has recently announced financial results for the third quarter in which the apparent growth of income, which is the value of the shares of the leading engine for the search recorded the highest growth in the last 12 months. CEO, Eric Schmidt, has announced that the worst part about the recession finally ended and that it is the determination of expectations when it comes to net earnings for the third quarter to increase revenue compared to second quarter to be obvious. Revenue that Google has achieved the first time saw a drop in the first quarter compared to the previous period, while in the second quarter, but was stable.

Apple solves the problem

During the past few months, many Mac OS X users reported that it had problems with the disappearance of personal data after logavanja to your account and recently is the official representative of this company said that while working on a solution to this problem which states that happens only in extreme and rare cases. This was the first time that Apple has publicly spoken about the existence of this problem and the first cases were reported even in September when the number of users reported problems when logging their data completely erased and their accounts reset.

Opera prepares for the release of Unite

Opera is preparing to present the final version of the Unite features that will be available in the same name, the Norwegian browser company. Characteristics already mentioned some time available in beta release, a final version is expected soon. Unite is the peer-to-peer system that is designed through a browser, but its API enables users to create features rich applications that use only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By podrazumevnom setting, unit consists of six applications for sharing photos, instant messenger, a file sharing, Web server, media player and application sharing short notes to friends.

Yahoo developer event

Yahoo is your reference their story told on Broadway hosting Open Hack Day in the Hudson Theater. The emphasis when it comes to this event was the possibility that the developers see what is new that makes Yahoo a platform and to examine the possibility of installing various applications in the Yahoo platform. Cody Simms, senior director of product management for Yahoo Open Strategy said that Yahoo has launched Open Hack Day 2005 as an internal method for Yahoo developers which will show what they can and create within 24 hours. At the event they have 90 seconds to demonstrate what they have created before other developers.

Tegra in the next Nintendo DS

According to unverified information, the company now considers the possibility that Nintendo in a future version of the Nintendo DS handheld console is installed Tegra Nvidia chipset. Although for now all in the domain of speculation from the same company Nintendo have some information to think about something like this. Tegra can be described as computer-to-chip, which integrates many functions into one piece of silicon. Specifically designed for mobile devices, where its value is proven by Microsoft decided that the chipset uses the HD version of the Zune handheld device that should begin to be delivered by the end of this year.

China Blue HD arrives in UK

One not particularly well known (outside China) format for high definition content began to find its way to other countries. The so-called. China Blue HD or CBHD player can now be ordered in the UK and by potential buyers may consider as an alternative to conventional Blu-ray player. For £ 260 this package customers receive a player, and HD AV cables plus 14 CBHD movies (The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Invasion, The Island, Flood, Poseidon and 8 Chinese films). This player only works on voltage 220/240 V so that its distribution outside of Europe would be quite difficult. In any case, this is a product for those who can not forget the HD DVD.

MySpace changing hard drives

Social networking site announced that exceeds the use of hard disk drives in their servers based on PCI Express cards on which are solid state chips stored primarily as a tool for your data center operations. PCIe card from Fusion-io Inc.. kompanijje allow MySpace to replace the multiple groups of servers made by 2U (3.5 "high) servers that use the Fiber Channel hard drives that were obrtali speed of 12 to 15,000 rpm with a 1U (1.75" high) servers that use a single ioDrive . MySpace said that the new solution consumes only 1% of energy and cooling costs compared to the previous solution.

ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series

AMD's ATI division is graphically presented new models of graphics hardware that belong to the mainstream market. So will the next period of time to find buyers Models Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750, which features 128-bit memory bus, but still full support for DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.x set of characteristics that has advanced HD 5800 series. At issue are dual slot cards, whose consumption is 108W for 86W of 5770 and 5750th Model HD 5770 has 800 stream processors and features a core clock speed of 850MHz with 1GB of GDDR5 memory. Weaker HD 5750 model has 720 cores, core clock speed of 750MHz and 512MB or 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

X4 SanDisk flash chips

SanDisk is the beginning of this week started to be supplied memory chips that will allow users to store more data on tanušne Secure Digital flash card. X4 technology puts the company's 4 bits of data in each memory cell. So far, manufacturers of chips smeštali one or possibly two bits of data in one cell. Each individual matrix or chip contains 64 gigabits or 8 gigabytes of data. This is the highest capacity of the matrix, which is currently being can reach the industry says SanDisk. This technology is not yet used in innovative products, but for the 8GB and 16GB SDHC card and 8GB and 16GB Memory Stick PRO Duo cards.

Arm Intel competition

Recent analysis of the allegations that moves companies that are focused around the Arm processor for compact devices to a large extent dictate the revenue that will accrue to the Intel compact computer. The above mentioned companies as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung and the future of Apple. According to forecasts the next few years will bring a breakthrough of these processes and their further improvement whereby they will become equal with Intel Atom processors when it comes to netbooks and other compact computers. So to 2012, these processors should comprise about 55% market share, when it comes to mini-computers that cost under $ 400

New Gmail tool

Developers responsible for the Gmail service for e-mails always have available to advanced users a number of tools that allow fine-tuning the interface of free Web mail service. What is also impressive is that there are a number of tools for the not so advanced users. So a few of the available add-on for those who do not send many emails, or can not cope best with them. Namely, this allowance when in the field who sent the message enter the name of someone who does not communicate regularly checks to see if you really want that person to send e-mail and not one with which you have reodvnu communication and whose name is similar.

Yahoo reached an agreement

Yahoo has reached settlement in the case related to the pay-per-click ads that the company sold and for which advertisers claimed to have led to be deceived. Yahoo was sued in 2006 by a group of advertisers who claimed that they sold the Yahoo ads that were supposed to appear on sites with a large number of visits. Instead, their ads have been completed on sites which were full of spyware and other malicious tools. No plea Yahoo decided to settlement with advertisers who sued him and changed the way the sale of certain advertisements through its website.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Europe in a better net neutrality

In a speech last week held by the European Commissioner for Information Society and Media Viviane Reding, she maintained a critical attitude towards the U.S.. It was in his speech argued that network neutrality is better in Evopi, thanks to "pro-competitive laws that govern the EU. It is presented and its position will be at the forefront when the neutrality of the Internet is supposed to defend against potential threats. Reading his speech held in Brussels at a conference which was entitled "The Future of the Internet and European digital plan. Europeans, she adds a greater choice of competitive broadband service provider, which is another reason for Internet neutrality.

Million visits per day

YouTube now recorded almost one million visits a day, according to a new video blog post founders of this web site. Blog Chad Hurley is marked the third anniversary of the controversial acquisition of YouTube and by Google. The site was purchased by Google in 2006 for $ 1.65 billion. Earlier this year, YouTube was in the limelight due to the achieved agreement on the payment of musicians to display their videos are hosted on the site. Hurley co-founded the site along with the 2004-Steve Chen and Jawed Karim OM-AUM. The original idea was to create a site where anyone can have a video camera, computer and Internet connection to share your life with visitors.

PSP Go problems

Management console, which can only be downloaded contents could turn out more difficult than Sony originally assumed. Users in Europe, which order the PSP Go get a voucher with which they can choose the three games that will take. The problem is that many PSP owners use it for the PS3 to download content for a portable console. Sony has realized this and disable this option. What is most peculiar is that the problem is directed to most affect those who are most dedicated company: customers who have a PlayStation 3 and decided to buy immediately after emergence and new portable console PSP Go.

Two lawsuits against Facebook

Two companies have sued Facebook because Facebook to argue on his Web site in violation of patents related to personal pages, and establishing relationships between people. Tele-Publsihing Inc.. companies from Boston who is known for providing personal service for newspapers since the eighties, accuses Facebook for violation of a patent on "providing personal page. On the other hand, Japanese companies Mekiki Co. Ltd. is suing Facebook for violating their patent three in the U.S. related to the system for registration of relationships between people. " This company is the founder of the Japanese social site called "Samurai Social Network.

Sky music service

Company Sky recently unveiled its new online music service which is fit side by side with Apple iTunes. Sky Songs will offer its customers access to more than one million music tracks for downloading and streaming. It will include new items and catalogs of all four variants, as well as tracks of independent producers. Unlike iTunes, users will be able to buy individual tracks, but can choose between a season package. Sky Songs is intended for those users who want a legitimate digital download service, easy to use, and it will be a big step in the fight against illegal downloading.

Google Voice in the controversial debate

In the game with high stakes that are currently leading the U.S., Google spends a lot of money and time trying to convince the federal communications commission to its principles of neutrality on the Internet should be extended to service providers via the telephone wire and to wireless providers such as AT & T and Verizon. The two companies on the other hand they want to convince the FCC that are completely different technologies that should not belong under the restrictions. Appearing Google Voice, a free application for the search giant, will certainly change the balance of power since the implementation of this aplikaicje can save a lot of users and providers to take.

Canon and Adobe solutions for offices

Canon Corporation and Adobe Systems Incorporated entered into a global agreement on the installation of Adobe technology in Canon's latest series of solutions for office documents, which will allow organizations to reach new levels of printing, scanning and security documents in the office environment. Thanks to this partnership, Canon promoted many Adobe technologies in their new Canon imageRunner Advance Series - a platform for document services that combines hardware, software and services for advanced modern business environment. Promote the latest Adobe Postscript sposobosti a LiveCycle and PDF documents, users are provided a greater degree of flexibility when using the new imageRunner Advance series for printing, scanning and storing documents.

Prestigio photo competition 2009

From 15 September, amateurs and professional photographers of all levels of education and experience are welcome to submit their photos for participation in international competition Prestigio 2009th There are only a month of your application because the contest ends 15th November. So far reported over 150 photographs. These photos were seen visitors from 75 countries: Romania, Croatia, Belarus, cecka, USA, Russia and others. Category "Inspiration" received the highest reported to date photographs, while it seems most difficult to present the concept of "performance". Photos will be evaluated by an international team of professional photographers, Brian Ypperciel, Mark Goldstein, R. Madhu Gopal Rama and Barbee Cain. Most creative photos and / or concept will be awarded cash prizes of $ 1000!

New Digital WD WD TV Live players

Some time ago a story appeared that Western Digital is planning to update its WD TV set-top line of media players. After that first leaked the information about WD TV2 device that is in the final version turns out as WD TV Live, which is a few days can be found through the Best Buy site. The new device does not bring much more unusual - wide support for different codecs, Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, HDMI output and Ethernet jack for streaming DLNA and access to sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Pandora. All this is available at a cost of $ 119, which is a decent offer.

Siemens Solar Cell E-Book

LG Display has introduced an electronic reader that is equipped with solar cells. The reader has been developed so that one side are the solar cell size 10x10cm while the other is the screen diagonal length of 6 "from which users can read books or magazines in electronic format. The current conversion efficiency of solar energy is 9.6%. Exposure to sunlight for a period of four to five hours of battery operation allows the extension of the reader for a day without additional charge. LG Display said to work on increasing the efficiency of solar cells and hope that it will be increased to 14% by 2012.


FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for multiple platforms, which has many useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface. Among other features of this software are: ease of use, support for FTP, FTP over SSL / TLS (FTPS) and SSH file transfer protocol. Also included is support for IPv6, available in numerous languages, supports the continuation and transfer large files larger than 4GB. Are available in Drag & Drop support, the ability to configure the speed limit transfer and there is a wizard to configure the network. Currently the current version tag

Lower prices Classic Games for Xbox 360

Microsoft has announced that it has reduced the suggested selling price for its Xbox 360 games on the Classic range of 14.99 pounds. This range is characterized by repeated editions the best-selling Xbox 360 title, which these days add Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV and Bioshock company Take Two. Ubisoft also added a series of four titles: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Naruto: Rise of the Ninja, Splinter Cell Double Agent, and Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2nd From Ubisoft's allegations are very pleased that agreement has been reached with Microsoft about OM reissue these titles while particularly emphasizes that the game will be available to more people.

Unified Flash 10.1

Adobe will move to a unified platform with Flash Player version 10.1, which will appear later this year. This version will be available to the vast majority of smart phone platforms next netbook, notebook and desktop computers. Apple iPhone Flash remains free zone. The new Flash version of Flash Player 10.1 is released during the Adobe MAX conference will be available for mobile and embedded devices. Prior to that offered by Adobe Flash Lite for a mobile operating systems, which are basically an older version of Flash optimized for low voltage processors in mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Acer Aspire laptop recall

Acer has issued a statement which calls for a voluntary recall of certain Aspire laptop - fall under this recall are models manufactured before 15 September this year. The problem for which was declared the recall is related to the overheating of the cable to the microphone, which comes due to the repeated and strong pressure applied to the left of the case intended to keep it on hand. Models that include this issue as AS3410, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ and AS3810TZG. The Acer's Web site is to return the questionnaire, which should enter the serial number of your laptop if you believe that he is one of those that are included in this issue.

Loss of data Sidekick users

Contacts, calendar entries, photos and other personal information Sidekick users are lost forever after the service provider Danger Sidekick ceased to work, has published the Microsoft's branches. The amount of data and number of users that were included in this accident was not disclosed but according to information from the Sidekick forum for support many users ask how to recover data that has been lost. Microsoft on Saturday announced the information according to which the data is that Sidekick users have stored permanently lost.

MyDefrag 4.2.2

MyDefrag is a tool for defragmentaciju and optimization of disk for Windows operatvnim systems. It is a tool that performs its task fully automatic and easy to use, consists of several optimization strategies, but can primenititi and USB drives, memory stick's, or any storage device that uses the Windows operating system. This tool easily surpasses the built-in Windows tool defragmentovanje faster performance, completely automating, the possibility of performing defragmenting the drives that are almost completely filled, the possibility defragmentovanja very large files and the possibility defragmentovanja individual folders.

EA flips range for DS

Electronic Arts, which presented a range of new DS title called flips while hoping that this game be able to be placed among the 20 best-selling titles when it comes to the holiday season. According to one of the leaders of this company for the UK, Keith Ramsdale-in, this is achievable goal if the mind is the success that is achieved in the Nintendo-100 Greatest Classics edition that was sold last year. He stresses that if you look at Classic Edition clearly is that it not only has recorded excellent sales during the holiday season, but continued to sell well, and after it. Today, this package of games sold in 800 copies per week.

Google Desktop 5.9.909.8267

Google Desktop makes searching your computer as easy and search the web using Google. It is a desktop search application that provides The complete text search in your e-mail, files, music, photos, chat's, Gmail, mail, web pages you've visited. Načinivši your computer such that the search is enabled, Google Desktop collect information so that they can easily access and manuleno manage your files, emails, or bookmarks. Google Desktop helps you get new information from the web and be organized with the help of gadget and a sidebar.

Oracle changes Partner Program

Oracle Corp.. announced significant changes in its partner program, at the beginning of the conference openworld. New Oracle Partner Network Partner Specialized makes the classification into four categories which are partially determined by their level of specialization in relation to specific Oracle technologies. The new system aims to help partners to display their skills and in turn to facilitate users to find the right help they need, said Judson Althoff, Senior potrpedsednik company alliances and channels. The system will start to be functional from 1 December and all existing partners will have to cross.

Monday, October 12, 2009

YouTube increases offer

YouTube is the middle of this week announced that users will soon be able to quickly and effectively monitor the television programs that are live through a new partnership with three companies that are specialized for delivery of video content. Google already is working to reduce the problems that exist when it comes to pirated content and respect the copyright and this commitment that became apparent when the company bought YouTube service for $ 1.65 billion. A large number of companies will be able to provide the YouTube reference files for each video content that is provided to constantly be provided fresh video content.

New contracts in sight

Google and U.S. publishers have decided upon the proposal of the judge, in early November to try again to fix the existing problems which would provide a way to millions of books to be scanned and sold online. Denny Chin, U.S. District Judge in charge of the case, said that he expected to be submitted to supplement the contract for preliminary approval. Lawyers for both sides emphasize that the work on this during this that both sides are trying to find ways of mutual satisfaction of emphasizing the fact that much has been done so far to reach this agreement. The best agreement and the final decision should appear in January.

Freedom of Winny creator

Japanese Supreme Court earlier this week acquitted the creator of the popular Winny file sharing program that are copyrighted. Isamu Kaneko 39, creator of P2P programs, said after the process is completed the trial proceeded with no problems with respect to his rights and that this decision will certainly have a good impact on software development. Winny, which Kaneko published on its Web site, allows users to perform file sharing, such as computer games and movies over the Internet without any compensation and thus became a cyber Kaneko icon in Japan.

The new cloud service

A large number of major companies providing telecommunications services in Europe should become a cloud service in the next 12-18 months, said in a statement the Director of Department for Innovation in the computer company Hewlett-Packard, Ian Brooks's. He stresses the need for such an obvious and that we can expect the appearance of a large number of companies in the field of cloud services that will offer different services at different prices. Brooks said that the larger telecommunications companies have already started building their own infrastructure and that in the next year and expect the first results of their efforts.

Project Runway on the Wii console

Games based on TV projects, often turns out as very problematic when it comes to success, but the company Atari wants to do things this time so good when it comes to Wii adaptation of the project which was recently purchased by Lifetime Networks - Project Runway. Različith According to sources, the company produces Project Runway, Weinstein & Co. has signed a contract with Atari-JEM series of games based on this show, where would be the first should occur next spring. Although not yet reached agreement on the participation of the series stars Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn in the game, players can expect a follow-up show formats in the game.

WOW received the mark in Australia

Australia has long used its Draconian system of classification of video games in which there is no category 18 +, or some indication that the game allowed only adults, which was an excellent way to disable a violent game on the soil of this country. But there is one category that has successfully managed to avoid the sharp regulation - massive multiplayer online games. MMO titles such as World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and similar titles are sold in Australia without official estimates for that age which is contrary to Australian law. But this is changing and so is the game World of Warcraft finally got the label M (Mature) and is intended for the elderly.

Kingston MobileLite G2

Kingston Digital has announced a new flash card reader named MobileLiteG2 and it's second generation MobileLite device. It is a very compact device that still supports formats such as SD or Memory Stick. A complete list of supported cards includes formats such as SD, SDHC, microSD, microSDHC, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo and Memory Stick Micro. This card reader can be ordered only as a separate browser, and then costs $ 11, or variants in SDHC cards with capacities of 4GB or 8GB in which case the price is $ 28.50 and $ 46 respectively.

Sony monitor with 4k pixels

Sony is Cestec event presented one of its most advanced monitor until now. It is 56 "Trimaster SRM-L560 monitor has almost 4K resolution and 3840x2160 pixels, which is four times higher resolution than 1080p resolution. This monitor has a viewing angle of 176 ° from all sides and is designed for video professionals and all those who need their jobs for the big screen. RGB backlight sensor works together with internal temperature sensor to compensate for unequal detection and lighting to display the old. Using connected Windows PC and included management software CRM, users can adjust color temperature and gamma settings.

HTC profit fell 18 percent

Smart phone manufacturer HTC has published the results of its financial operations for the summer quarter, which was unexpectedly bad. Profit companies decreased by 18% compared to same period the previous year and amounted to $ 179 million. The company did not reveal any explanation for such poor business results, but analysts believe they are as a result of increased costs in terms of marketing the products and the relative low price levels for products of the company since HTC has to maintain relatively low prices due to increasing competition in the market smartphones. HTC plans next year to reduce the number of Windows Mobile devices.

The Australian network was attacked by a virus

It is not surprising that large systems are attacked computer viruses and the latest example of a situation in which Integral Energy, an institution that supplies electricity to household and business customers in the Australian state of New South Wales and Queensland was attacked W32.Virut.CF virus. Many computers these instiucije were unusable as a particularly disturbing fact revealed is that their antivirus software have been updated since February. Fortunately for users, systems that are used to manipulate the electricity network using Sun Solaris operating system and there has been no interruption in electricity supply.

Amazon reduced the price of Wii in the UK

Online seller Amazon has reduced the price of Nintendo Wii gaming console in the UK at £ 139.99. On the other hand stores empty their stock before they start offering the new official Wii package for the region - a package that costs £ 179.99 and that includes the Wii console along with Motion Plus, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Despite the announced price cutting some vendors still tend to earn more on the old prices, so mention this package offer for £ 199.99. Customers Wii consoles in Japan, the U.S. and Europe can also count on the Wii hardware reduction, and should expect improved sales in the period that awaits us as we approach the holiday season.

Victory PS3 good for the industry

President of Sony Computer for USA Jack Tretton said that Sony wins the current generation of consoles good for the industry. The industry that is facing many challenges this year, the environment in which the PS won the best for the industry as Tretton. He believes that Sony has a brand that can be used anywhere in the world, to use it and the young and old, men and women, while competitors are mostly inclined to certain markets or different target groups of users. This statement can be viewed from several angles, since they are still Nintendo Wii sales up, but apparently Sony Wii does not consider competition.

Dell closed plant in the U.S.

Dell will close next year, Winston-Salemfabriku production desktops Wu Servernoj Carolina, as a result of attempts to reduce costs. This is part of Dell's current initiatives to simplify and improve work efficiency. The company plans to reduce its costs to $ 4 billion by the end of fiscal 2011. About 905 employees will be included in this closure while 600 will already be released next month. The company announced that it expects to complete the process of closing the factory to be completed by January next year. Dell is the beginning of the year announced plans to transfer production of computers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Microsoft plans big patch package

Microsoft has announced that in the regular package patches issued every second Tuesday of the month this month to deliver the largest ever package of patches aimed at closing the weak points in each version of Windows as well as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office package of applications and SQL Server in, an important developer tools as well as Forefront Client Security software. Among the update's will be right for the final, or RTM of Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system. The company will issue a total of 13 updates this, eight of which will be labeled critical, the highest mark when the issue of security threats to the products of this company.

New features of IBM

In the evening, which is open openworld conference organized by Oracle, IBM announced a new clustering feature which will help states that the main product for the company's database DB2 Oracle products to excel in terms of scalability, speed and price. According to IBM, pureScale new features will enable companies to expand the DB2 group without sacrificing performance on the way to Oracle's eight-year-old Real Application Clusters (RAC) technology makes. Available from December for the IBM Power 550 Express and Power 595 servers running Unix and Linux, pureScale gives IBM a tool to compete with Oracle's Exadata Database Machine.

Different approaches to company

Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, ATI department decided to have different approaches in the field of graphics processing in subsequent generations of their products. Both strategies have their strengths and weaknesses, and apparently it seems that it is too early to choose the eventual winner in the long-term struggle. ATI and Nvidia have started virtually from the same point in this market when the so-called general-purpose GPU computing (GPGPU) only pojailo. Since then the NVIDIA Tesla GPU products have become the dominant computer hardware platform and NVIDIA CUDA architecture has become the dominant software platform.

Hillary Clinton: The world will not wait indefinitely Iran

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today in London that the world will not wait forever, "that Iran meet its international obligations regarding nuclear program.

"The international community will not wait indefinitely to show that Iran is ready to respect its international obligations," Clinton told reporters after a meeting with the head of the British Foreign Minister David Miliband.
She added that the recent meeting between representatives of Iran and six world powers in Geneva, during which they renewed talks on Iran's nuclear program, "a constructive start," but that must be due to "actions".
"Words are not enough," said Hillary Clinton visiting the UK.
Miliband and Hillary Clinton have concluded that Pakistan is in serious danger of terrorism, but nuclear weapons and the country will fall into the hands of terrorists.
Clinton said the United States believe the Pakistani government and believe that they are able to control nuclear weapons.
She said that although extremists "are increasingly endangering the government, there is no evidence that they will" take power "in Pakistan. Foreign Minister of Great Britain said that Pakistan faces a very serious threat, but there is no danger of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.
Extremist groups yesterday attacked a military complex in Ravalpindiju and took hostage about 30 people, including soldiers and civilians, who were freed this morning in the Pakistani military action. Since the attacks of extremists in the military complex, the drama that lasted 22 hours, killed a total of 19 people - eight men, eight attackers and three hostages.
Hillary Clinton will meet with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and later today will travel to visit Ireland.

At least 22 killed in three explosions in western Iraq

At least 22 people were today killed and more than 60 wounded in three explosions in the Ramada, the capital of Anbar province in western Iraq, tell the Iraqi officials.

Two parked car exploded near a government building, while a third explosion occurred near the entrance to the main hospital in the Ramada, when a guard opened fire on the suspicious vehicle, officials said.

"It was a terrible scene. Scattered bodies, pieces of flesh everywhere. We have evacuated those who were still alive," said one of the firefighters at the scene of the explosion of two car bombs.
The security official in Anbar Major General Hussein Ali confirmed that the attacks in the Ramada killed at least 22 people, told the Reuters.
Anbar province, the former stronghold of the international terrorist network Al Qaeda, the past few months shaken bombings, although the violence across Iraq have shown a decrease, said the British news agency. Last week in Anbar in minibuses bomb explosion killed nine, while the suicide bombing six people lost their lives.

Two ETA members arrested in southern France

French police today arrested two men suspected to be members of the Basque separatist organization ETA, said a source from the French police.

Men armed with pistols, were stopped near Ales, north of Montpelija, towards ETA bomb shelter that is placed under police surveillance, said the source. The arrests came after yesterday's arrest of a 29-year-old Španca near Poe, in the southwest of France, who suspected that a member of ETA.
ETA, whose full name Euskadi Ta Askatasuna in Basque means Basque Homeland and Freedom, was founded 50 years ago during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco and is considered responsible for the deaths of more than 800 people. Security forces believe that the ETA has been weakened considerably since the last few years in France and Spain arrested several hundred of its members, but is still capable of fighting, said the British news agency.

Computers weak point of America

Experts warn U.S. officials to cyber attacks, such as already occurred several times, they could significantly threaten the security and energy systems of the country

New cyber attacks on America could be fatal for the country, computer experts warn. They assess that hackers from Russia, China and North Korea are currently in front of American and advise your government to take appropriate steps to protect vital infrastructure, such as systems for controlling the supply of oil and gas and electronic systems the U.S. military.

Attacks that two months ago brought the computer systems of American federal institutions, including the White House, secretariats of defense, finance and internal security, showed how vulnerable their cyberspace. The synchronized attacks against suspected hackers from North Korea.

Cyber attacks increasingly common

According to retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Harry Radigija large attacks in cyberspace in the past decade have significantly damaged telecommunications infrastructure in some countries, and the future will probably become more frequent. He recalled the case of Estonia, whose banks, government agencies and political parties attacked cyber technology in the spring of 2007, as the Baltic Republics, known for its e-business, briefly completely blocked.

- You can reduce the risk as possible, someone could attack electronic systems for control valves and distribution systems that include and exclude various devices in energy, power network and distribution of oil and gas - said Radigi.

He stressed that the United States vulnerable to all computer and internet technology in the world becomes developed.

- We are vulnerable to this type of attack and naive to think that we will be able to keep invaders out of our network. They are already there - warned Radigi.

And in the opinion of other experts, the hackers are from Russia, China and North Korea are at this moment in front of the U.S.. A growing number of attacks on computers via the Internet U.S. Department of Defense said a consortium of public and private organizations to launch a campaign called "cyber challenge." It is aimed at the introduction of 10,000 young people in securing the Internet.

Chinese model

"Cyber Challenge" is practically prekopiran Chinese model of searching for the young people who control computer skills. Talented people, divided into teams, have a duty to protect his six days of computer networks from unauthorized intrusions other teams, and then to defend the attack team of developers from one security agency. China in the last five years of organizing such a competition, and winner of the 2005th has proved his skill by which managed to penetrate even the Pentagon system and thus may access the confidential information.

Otherwise, the latest cyber attacks that occurred in America down the site "Facebook" and "Tviter", and that Russian hackers were responsible. They wanted to silence the Georgian bloggers who criticized the Russian policy towards his country. Russian hackers can be proud that they won in the first cyber war, as Russia against Georgia in the conflict in South Ossetia in August last year, in addition to the military, led a parallel cyber war. This is the first time in human history that one country is using modern technology in warfare.

Africa from industrialized countries seek compensation

Ouagadougou - Africa, the continent most affected by global warming, has called compensation today, two months before the summit on climate change in Copenhagen, stating that the pollution should pay the industrialized countries.

Request that the least polluting of the continent, but also the poorest, arrived while the last international negotiations on climate.

"For the first time, Africa will have a common position at the summit in Copenhagen," said the African Union Commission President Jacques Ping at the seventh world forum on sustainable development dedicated to climate change.

Ping is set in Uagaduguu said that African leaders agreed on a common position to seek compensation, but did not mention about the amount in question.

President of the Organizing Committee of the Summit, Minister of Burkina Faso Environmental Salifu Savadogo said on Friday that would amount to $ 65 billion was necessary to remove the consequences of climate change in Africa.

"Officials should be engaged to reduce emissions that cause greenhouse effect and to apply the criterion" who pollutes pays this', "said Ping, and welcomed the formation of" new international fund to support poor countries. "

The summit was attended presidents of Benin, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Congo, Mali and Togo.

The bomb attack 32 dead

Pakistan - The bomb attack near the valley svatá in the northwest of Pakistan, which is supposed to work suicide bombers, 32 people were killed, 28 civilians and 4 soldiers

A bomb exploded next to a military vehicle in the district of Shanghai, told the Reuters. Pakistan's army in June this year launched an offensive against the Taliban in the area, but izlovani incidents are repeated occurrence, and this is only the latest in a series of attacks they perform in that country.
The attack was carried out at a checkpoint at a crowded market place in Alpuri in Shanghai. Sanga is located east of the valley svatá where the Pakistan army from spring offensive against Taliban leads related to Al Qaeda.

According to army spokesman Major Mustafa Khan's attack has injured 46 people, including six soldiers, five of them in serious condition.

"It is a suicide attack, suicide bomber walked on foot," said Khan.

This is the fourth terrorist attack in Sangalo for more than a week, the agency transmitted the world ..

Poor live in Britain

LONDON - worst quality of life among the ten largest European countries in the UK, showed the latest research.
Despite household Britaniiji have the highest average annual earnings of almost 40,000 euros, British families most of the revenue spent on the most expensive apartments, extremely expensive food, drink and fuel, reported "the Daily Telegraph.
As factors in particular contribute to poor quality of life on the island, next to high price, mention of a long day of work, poor climate and relatively short life.
At the top of the rankings of countries with the best quality of life in France, Spain and Denmark, while the penultimate place, ahead of Britain, is Ireland, BBS transfers.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Intel boast savings

Intel has announced that it is saving about $ 19 million upgrade-ing their older servers this year while the Fire hardware has left for the next year. Diane Bryant, Intel's manager responsible for the information alleges that the company minor upgrading servers based on the Nehalem chips managed to achieve more than good results in the period when the IT budgets of most companies significantly limited, and thus demonstrated their commitment to reduce claims costs and consolidation. Intel said that the figure mentioned is saved when it comes to cost of maintenance, tools and infrastructure costs of data centers.

Left 4 Dead changed for Australia

Left 4 Dead game company Valve has finally received a score that is suitable for players older than 15 years in Australia after the company removed some violent content in games. The modified version of the game so far does not contain scenes of brutal violence or dead bodies are around, the report said the Office of Film and Literature Classification in Australia. The report further states that the game is now running until the early parts of dead bodies and blood disappear as soon as they touch the ground. The game was to be introduced in Australia last month but could not pass the classification because it is too violent.

IBM in antitrust investigation

The U.S. Department of Justice investigate allegations that IBM uses the old anti-competitive tricks in the mainframe computer industry. Even 40 years ago IBM was the target of a long process when accused by the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct an illegal monopoly on the mainframe computer market. This case is now thrown back in 1982 and IBM at that time held about 70% of the market mainframe model. Now association of computer and communication industry is asking the Federal Ministry to examine again the allegations that IBM once again forced customers to buy IBM hardware is not allowing manufacturers to use a rival company's z / OS operating system.

Google Gmail phishing targets

Google Gmail was the target, as the search giant said, "phishing schemes, which spread to the CEU industry. The company said that timely action managed to save about 500 accounts that were affected. Namely, the online were Eiko two lists that brought more than 30,000 names and passwords of users of services of different e-mail providers including Yahoo and AOL. Initially it was thought that the only issue orders Hotmail users but are utvrdlilo that the accounts in question and Google and Yahoo users. Google says that he found and a third list which contains the number of Google accounts. The company says that when he discovered a list, take the measure of resetting passwords.

Nintendo among the best publishers

It is obvious that the company Nintendo is very good business. This company has two consoles (Wii and DSi), which is a very good sale section but software companies do not lag behind. Recently, by Game Developer magazine placed the company in the first place the best development studios in the world in front of a Blizzard (World of Warcraft), Ubisoft Montreal (Far Cry 2) and Rockstar North (GTA IV). The choice of this magazine Nintendo was elected the third time in a row for the best publishers in the list of 20 best-known publisher of games, leaving behind names such as Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Take Two.

Ballmer on Windows 7 impact

Steve Ballmer sends mixed messages when it comes to the expectations of the impact Windows 7 Microsoft and PC sales. Just two weeks before the appearance of a new operating system, CEO Microsoft says not to expect that the new OS to generate increased sales of computers in particular. Increased sales of computers will certainly be, but it will not be huge, "said Ballmer. On the other hand Ballmer believes that the appearance of Windows 7 to end the worst period in the history of this company. He also added that he is satisfied that the company did this operating system and that it is a product that is very good.

Eye-Fi memory cards

Already available in the U.S. and Japan, the Eye-Fi wireless memory card should begin to be sold in the UK from 19 October. First, will the British market to appear Eye-Fi Home Video, Eye-Fi Share Video and Eye-Fi Pro. All three models features 4GB of storage space and wireless uploading of photos and video on the PC and / or Mac computers. Home video card that has the characteristics of cost £ 50, while the model of Video Share, which even includes the option uploading images / video on the sites for the exchange, costs £ 70th Pro model costs £ 120, includes access to the service life for geographic tagging and an option for wireless transmission of RAW files on your computer.

CyberLink adopt DX11

Extending collaboration, AMD and ATI have decided to work on options transkodovanja video, automatic face recognition and tagging, video editing and processing applications that will use the advantages of DX11 technology within a CyberLink software. With this move CyberLink software will use DirectCompute with the aim of utilization of processors with multiple cores or power graphics processors to speed up various tasks. CyberLink software is currently characterized by support for ATI's Stream and Nvidia CUDA technology, where DirectCompute but not yet enabled this option and expected soon.

Yahoo Geocities closes

If you are one of the early Internet users certainly remember the beginning of Geocities service. This service was created by the David Bohnett's and John Rezner a 1994. Yahoo bought Geocities service from its previous owners in 1999 for a then astronomical $ 2 billion. However, this service has never failed to generate popularity, which would zasluživao. Now životarenju Geocities service came to an end since the Yahoo service users informed of his score fighting and gave them indications that the content they care about should transfer to another location similar purpose, ie according to Yahoo's proposal of hosting service of this company .

Warcraft movie 2011

According to the latest information that have appeared concerning the possibility of taking a feature film by World of Warcraft game, the title of a film with this subject matter should appear somewhere in 2011. Subtitle this movie is The Rise of the Lich King, which indicates that the script of this film could be for the most part relies on source material from last year who did the best prodavanog Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King. This ekspansion, when released last November, sold more than 2.8 million copies in the first 24 hours of its existence. Blizzard did not want to give any official confirmation of this information.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Android to offer Verzion

Verizon has joined the mobile service provider that supports devices based on the Google Android operating system. Since Verizon is the largest provider in the U.S. when it comes to mobile services, it is clear that the Android platform that has become recognized in the mobile industry. This move more zahuktava situation in the market of mobile services in the U.S., especially in light of the latest wave of competition between Google and Apple after Apple refused to service through the App Store provide Google Voice application for the iPhone. When Verizon comes, there are rumors that AT & T will no longer be the only iPhone distirbuter in the U.S., but confirmation of this news is still pending.

Twitter users arrested

Two people were arrested for scanning police radio frequencies during a protest in Pittsburgh who have organized against the maintenance of G20 summit in this city. The accused used Twitter to inform the protesters on the developments of the police. Elliot M. Madison and Michael Walschlaeger were arrested in a hotel room for which the police claimed that it was full of computers. The FBI, which arrested the above two and confiscated computers, said that among the equipment found several mobile phones to MP3 players and anarchist literature and pictures of Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. About 5,000 people protested during the holding of this Summit, of which 190 of them arrested.

Google is testing a new service

Google began testing a new closed private copy-and-paste service for transferring data between Gmail, Google Docs and other Google online services. This tool should be called CloudBoard but Google is very secretive when it comes to details about him. The core service is that it allows, for example, copy a cell in the Google Spreadsheet tool for working with tables and paste it into Google Docs document in which it is shown in stilizovanoj HTML table. Other options the service offers should allow copying of images from Picasa Web albums and video content from YouTube services.

Problems to Facebook

Facebook on Tuesday announced that it had some technical problems with one of the databases that are manifested by some users were not able to access the site. Some users have had some difficulties when logging in to your accounts and a few days earlier. They appeared on the screen error message that stated that the ongoing site maintenance and can not access their accounts. Facebook alleges that in order to fix the problem and hopes that the problem be quickly resolved. This is not the first time that Facebook users have problems. In August the site was exposed to DoS attacks when users are not able to access the site.

IBM sells software railway

In an attempt to make one of the critical infrastructure in the U.S. "smarter" IBM has entered into an agreement with three companies within the railway which will provide software for managing the schedule of repairs. Now these three companies are part of IBM's "smarter Planet" attempts utilization of technology that relies on information in real time on the state of key parts of infrastructure. Technology allows employees to receive alerts when a specific part of the equipment requires repair and preserve detailed records about when previously made repairs. Inconsistency of this information has often led to delay repairs that are manifested frequent fault.

Skype and eBay freed

Apleacioni Federal Court in the U.S. found that eBay and Skype were not violated two peer-to-peer patent holding company Peer Communication, said senior company Skype. Peer Communication is part Accacia Technologies, which specializes in licensing and enforcement of patents. Peer Communication is a lawsuit filed in August 2006 before the U.S. district court in the eastern district of Texas. The court ruled in favor of Skype and eBay's, but after the case was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Appellate Court. Both patents are very similar and related to the integrated user interface for network access that allows access to multiple discrete services.

Asus Radeon 5870 adjusts the voltage

Asus has introduced two new graphics cards based on the design of AMD or ATI Radeon HD 5870 and 5850 models. Cards that carry the names EAH5870/2DIS/1GD5 or EAH5850/2DIS/1GD5 the first in the world using Voltage Tweak technology. The graphics cards offer customers the option to increase the GPU voltage through the Smart Doctor application, which according to the manufacturer can improve performance by 38%. Both graphics cards support Microsoft DirectX 11 and Windows 7 and provide a great gaming experience. Latest 40Nm technological process and complete the top GDDR5 memory performance make this card.

Rising sales of the PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that sales of PSP consoles in the region increased by 300% in three days that followed after appearing PSPGo. Similar to the increased number of hardware sold and the number of games downloaded over the PlayStation Store service is also increased by some 200%. Presentation PSPGo has generated strong customer interest for the entire SAP platform and the PlayStation Network offer digital content, said corporate communications director Patrick Seybold. Sony Europe has earlier announced that the PSP hardware sales increased by 120% after the appearance of new hardware, despite the rather high prices PSPGo by appearance.

The Samsung Blu-ray combo drive

Samsung has announced its first internal Blu-ray combo drive called SH-B083. Performing drive offers read speeds of 8x for Blu-ray discs, 16x for DVD drives or 40x for ordinary CD's. Also, this drive can be burning CD / DVD discs and read Blu-ray discs. Drive has two lenses, one for the BD while the other is intended for CD / DVD media. SH-083 also uses the technology of compensation sferičnog deviations for better reading of Blu-Ray discs, and with the drive in the package is delivered and CyberLink software for viewing video content. Samsung SH.B083 be in stores across the United States should be found next month but the price is not yet known.

Assessment of site safety

Microsoft Software in cooperation with the partner company Network Security Solutions to donate basic safety assessment site to all interested companies - participants SYNERGIES 09, regardless of the number of visitors reported the most famous IT conference. Consultants Network Security Solutions company will using hacking methods to test the security of the website the interested client in relation to the OWASP Top 10 (OWASP is the Open Web Application Security Project, ie. An organization that deals with improving the security of the site). The probability that there are security failures is about 90 percent if the site contains anything other than static HTML.

Kindle in Europe

Amazon has finally made available its Kindle electronic book reader in Europe. The device can wirelessly download books, magazines, newspapers and personal documents in high resolution of 6 "electronic ink display that looks and has the ability to read a real paper. However, Kindle also uses the 3G wireless technology to update its own software. Price of electronic reader is $ 279 on Kindle page. Buy Amazon Kindle e-reader in Europe will start from 19th October. Amazon is currently in the process of convincing the European magazine publisher to issue versions designed Kindle reader.

Sony Vaio X and CW laptops

Sony introduced the official specifications for its super-thin Sony VAIO X series laptops, which the company presented last month at the IFA event in Berlin. Laptops of this series will certainly cause the attention of their small thickness of the casing only 0:55. These models are characterized screen diagonal 11.1 "and other specs include Windows 7, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 64GB SSD, GPS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and more connectivity options. On the other hand CW series offers Windows 7, an optional Blu-ray drive, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics card, 320GB hard drive and HDMI output.

Buffalo external USB 3.0 drive

USB 3.0 race starts to zahuktava a Buffalo company has confirmed that the previously announced HD-HU3 range of hard drives these companies be the first SuperSpeed drives (or drives for which connection to use USB 3.0 interface) when they appear later this month. Buffalo-V range of new hard drives will initially be available in capacities range from 500GB, 1TB over while the capacity of 2TB model will appear later. What is interesting is that the Buffalo drives possess 3-0 USB PCI Express controller that will allow the use of the greatest speed which provides the interface to today's computers.

PS3 the best-selling

It is expected that the PS3 will be the best-selling console in September. According to EEDAR analyst Jesse Davinich-in, sales of console hardware units in the next generation during September was 4% lower than the same period last year, while some are still better console sold. Davinich states that recent price reduction PS3 console Sony could have a very important role when it comes to sales of the top bracket. Before the price reduction was the most expensive PS3 console, which is indeed brought features such as Blu-Ray and Wi-Fi, but the users decide for cheaper solutions. Now, with the discounted price of the PS3 is still very attractive as what passed.

Medvedev: The goal is a world without nuclear weapons

MOSCOW - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said yesterday that the chances to reach agreement with the U.S. on the reduced nuclear weapons before the expiration of the agreement start in December, "really not bad."
- You must show the wisdom of both sides and a desire to hear the other party, and to understand some of the contemporary reality. The main differences are related to missile defense issues and control of carriers warheads. We believe that the agreement should be fixed on the levels of control and combat and the strategic charge carriers. We have a chance to move this process and we will deal with time. I call on the same our American partners - said, adding that they should seek a world without nuclear weapons.
- Today there is such a common task, for which many people seem to generally not be fulfilled. However, a world without nuclear weapons is an ideal that should be on the agenda. There are countries that have nuclear weapons to conventional principles and there are actual members of the "nuclear club" that does not admit having nuclear weapons, but everyone knows that it has. Generally we are not interested in expansion of the nuclear club, as the situation may get out of control - said Medvedev.

American owes more than triple the Germans

More reasons that American grown long: costly wars and šurovanje George Bush with the rich - are just some of them. Now, everything falls back to the Democrats - Obama's cabinet, which must be put out fires. And it is not easy.

U.S. debt amounts to almost ten percent of the GDP of the country and the highest since the Second World War. Even worse, if we continue this pace up for ten years, the debt will be even GDP.

Because of the huge deficit of 1.400 billion dollars, the budget deficit is now three times higher than in the previous fiscal year; in pretprošloj had already doubled. The dramatic growth of debt inheritance from the Bush era, when taxes are reduced to the rich, billions spent on the war in Iraq and made the first rescue package of Wall Street. Now that the Republicans would be all to forget.

"How many more alarm bells should ring before Obama's party friends in Congress do something to stop borrowing", he said, for example, Republican Congressman John Bener and added: "We can not continue to burden the burden of debt on the backs of our children's children .

Obama had to save banks

For comparison - the new budget deficit of 950 billion, the debt of every American has increased by 3160 euros, every German, despite record foreign debt, obliged to little more than a thousand euros. Obama is aware of the seriousness of the situation, but because of his unemployment and weak economic activity trying to enlarge a small possibility.

"The complete standstill in the U.S. economy earlier this year Obama had no other option but to allocate billions for stimulating the economy and rescue the banks," said economic analyst Bill Radke, and Maja MekGinis analyst warns: "To put under the control of debit President Obama has to increase taxes and reduce spending. "

Al Qaeda threatens Beijing

The most famous terrorist organization called the China's Uighur jihad against China

Jahija Abu al-Liby, one of the leaders of Al Qaeda, called on China's Uighur to prepare for "holy war" against the government of the People's Republic of China. "There is no other road to redemption and the elimination of oppression and tyranny, until ... you seriously do not prepare for jihad and raise arms against the unscrupulous, hostile bandits," he said in a video message in Arabic language, which was left on one Islamist website.

Uyghur people are a Muslim group in the western Chinese province Sinđijang by some Islamists called East Turkestan.

Call Al Qaeda was followed by a reaction to the violence that has shaken Ürümqi in July, the capital of the province Sinjđijang, when the hostility between the Uighur minority and majority Han Chinese people escalated into violence which killed 200 people and injured thousands of them.

Beijing has accused members of the Uyghur people living abroad are provided compatriots to attack the Chinese, and Ürümqi is therefore introduced curfew. During the following months a series of incidents in which they used engine caused increased tension in the province.

"We heard that the then events in Turkestan are not random and that did not happen over night. This is a common response to decades of repression, organized ethnic cleansing and systematic repression, which is a lot of people," said al-Libi. He also said that this "is not the first elevation of oppressed Muslims, since they had long been struggling to preserve their identity under the aggressor."

Al-Liby, who is considered one of the main strategists Al-Qaeda and people in charge of propaganda, and earlier in the video message urged Muslims to revolt. That said Pakistanis and Somalis to resist their "infidel" governments. In the last message, al-Libi calls Muslims worldwide to support Uyghur, warning the Chinese that will pass just as the Soviet Union during the invasion of Afghanistan, when the Mujahideen managed to inflict a heavy blow to the Soviets.

The leader of the Islamic parties in Tukistanu earlier in one of the Islamic websites accused China of "genocide.", Saying that the Uyghur "kill the Chinese Communists wherever you find them." Chinese authorities have sent a request earlier understanding of the Islamic world after al-Qaeda threatens revenge for the death of 46 Muslim Uyghur people during the July violence in Ürümqi.

Representatives of the African branch of Al Qaeda claimed in July to keep Shooter 50,000 Chinese workers in Algeria and other countries in the north of the continent. Two extremist Web site linked to Al Qaeda, are also threatened violence against the Chinese in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

"We will cut off their hands in the workplace or at home to their attention that the repression of Muslims has long been completed," stated one of these sites.

It was the first time that one of the terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda threatened to China, stating that will pay a high price because of the riots in Ürümqi, when he killed at least 136 Han Chinese and Uyghur 46.

Chinese Uyghur

Uyghur people, ethnic communities, which belongs to a group of Turkish people and is characterized by a strong commitment to Islam, openly began to fight for independence Sinđijanga immediately after the collapse of the Chinese Qing Dynasty, 1912. year to October 1933rd proclaimed the independence of the Islamic Republic of Eastern Turkestan. China, this move annulled the following year, and another similar attempt of 1949. year. According to the census from 2003. The Uyghur people represent 45 percent of the population Sinđijanga and beside them in the province live more 13 major ethnic groups. Majority Chinese people, Han, in this province began to be settled in the second half of the 20th century and 1940th accounted for only about five percent of the population, while today there are about 40 percent. In addition to Uyghur people do not accept the arrival of Hana on what they consider their territory, ethnic intolerance and contribute to the economic disparity - Hani are generally richer than Uyghur, which is considered one, the result of state discrimination in employment, while others to explain the higher level of education of the Han people .

Exam conflicts Uyghur and Chinese

The exam riots in Ürümqi, the capital of the Chinese province Sinđijang with a majority Muslim population, killing about 200 people. The protesters, which, according to government estimates, there were between 300 and 500, and, according to organizer estimates, about 3,000, blocked traffic, burned cars and clashed with police, who tried to establish order in the streets, Reuters reported. During this morning in Ürümqi was quiet, and police blocked most of the dwellers upon whose disorder causing Beijing accuses the dissidents of the Muslim ethnic minority in exile who, as is claimed, provided that the attack's Uighur Chinese. Protests in Ürümqi, a city with 2.3 million inhabitants, 3270 km west of Beijing, were organized in a sign of disagreement with the way the government reacted in previous clashes in June between the members of the majority Han and Uyghur people in Šaoguanu, which were killed two Uyghur. It is not entirely clear how the protests grew into riots, but the statements of several eyewitnesses, the situation is out of control when the demonstrators who held a peaceful protest, refused to disperse.

The Pentagon has a new bomb

WASHINGTON - The United States will soon have ready a bomb from 13,600 pounds for shooting targets deep underground, said the Pentagon. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morell told reporters that "a massive breakdown devices" intended targets CA, such as enhanced plant that "the enemy of the state used for weapons of mass destruction," he said Reuters.
Morel did not want to say that the new weapon has to do with Iran's nuclear program, saying that "speculation about possible targets" are not helpful.

New influenza pandemic will last for years

Could pass the year before the World Health Organization (WHO) influenza virus H1N1 switch from category to category of seasonal pandemic virus, said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl.

"At some point in the future, be concluded that the virus no longer circulates among people on a sustainable level. Then we will reduce the level of pandemic," said Hartl, and stressed that "now is absolutely no indication that this happens."

He explained that, with increasing number of those who had already been exposed and increasing the number vaccinated, the virus becomes less contagious, passed by Reuters.

"Eventually, pandemski virus becomes more like seasonal," explained Hartl and gave forecasts that H1N1 pandemic could begin to act as a seasonal flu virus within two to three years.

China has already started in September, the first mass vaccination program against the new flu, and then both Australia and the U.S. started with vaccination, singling out as priorities for immunization of children and health workers.

Hartl stresses that there are no signs that the H1N1 virus mutate into more dangerous strain, but even that has become milder than it was in the beginning, when the spring appeared in Mexico and the United States.

In the latest report on the spread of H1N1 virus, WHO says that this fall occurred very early disease like flu in the northern hemisphere. In Europe, registered higher frequency of respiratory illness than is normal for this time of year, and this trend is more pronounced in Japan, especially in cities. More respiratory diseases than usual this time of year are registered in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The state with the constant expansion of influenza in tropical areas of South America and Asia. Considerable intensity of respiratory diseases registered in Colombia, Cuba and El Salvador.

On the other hand, in the southern hemisphere the situation is improving. New flu spreads to more and more difficult in Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, and the number novoobolelih decreases in South Africa and Australia.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cisco and SalesForce cooperate

Cisco and are joined with the aim of selling Web-hosted call center package for small and medium enterprises. Duo which is a joint venture named Customer Interaction Cloud uses Cisco-vu for call processing technology that is integrated into SalesForce's Web-based platform for managing relationships with customers. Cisco has integrated its Unified Contract Center package this product, where it provides intelligent routing of contacts and voice commands over the phone. Service will allow companies to use services such as Facebook or Twitter to provide support for customers, said spokesman Cisco's.

The new 3D TVs

Two big Japanese manufacturers are preparing the new TV equipment with flat screens that will feature the ability to view HD movies and 3D video games and that according to the information should appear in the course of next year. Sony and Panasonic are hoping that their new models to be well accepted in the market. Current technology requires that viewers wear special glasses so that e is unlikely that they will be among the first who bought TV device with 3D settings on a daily basis to watch their devices. Some companies, such as Sharp, also show its 3D capabilities, but waiting for more content becomes available.

Samsung recorded earnings growth

Sasung Electronics has announced the beginning of week preliminary results when it comes to their financial results for the third quarter and operating profit recorded a big jump compared with the same quarter last year. The world's largest producer of memory chips and LCD panels, according to their consolidated sales in the third quarter was approximately $ 30.8 billion. Samsung plans to its financial results fully published later this month. The company so far did not give any details, but many analysts assumed that a significant portion of revenue generated due to increase in price for memory chips and LCD screens.

Amazon gets the battle

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, or a new platform that is increasingly modeled on it, will certainly appear as the leading cloud standard, says the executive director of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth. It was during the open-source BT announced the event it is necessary to cloud platform is open-source implementation. He gave as an example implementation of Eucalyptus EC2 by Ubuntu Linux distribution, which was sponsored by the company Canonical, accepted for private and public use of cloud. Amazon currently leads the battle firms platform, Rackspace, Savvis, Sun and Microsoft Azure platform.

Flash for smart phones

Adobe Flash Player is presented 10.1 will allow users to perform view Flash video content and games on their smart phones and Netbook computers as possible when it comes to PC and laptop computers. This was announced during yesterday's Day which was the first day of the Adobe MAX 2009 conference which is held during this week in Los Angeles in. Official representative of the company said that Adobe Flash would be 10.1 to appear as a public beta release of some devices in the first half of next year, adding that but there are plenty of devices that are able to use the new Flash runtime.

Call of Duty movie

While originally the word that Activision Blizzard could make a TV series of the motives of the Guitar Hero franchise, it seems to still play Call of Duty will be those that will be embedded in feature content. Namely, the company is 21 September filed for protection Call of Duty titles will be used for a feature film that will feature "comedy, drama, action, adventure, miuzika and other content. If you judge by what Modern Warfare 2: Call of Duty brings will have the opportunity to see a film about the struggle with terrorists, with a lot of adrenaline and various special effects.

NVIDIA restricts users

Nvidia refusal to allow its users to do what they want with their cards caused a significant dose of dissatisfaction among users. Nvidia was exposed to criticism when it is impossible for their cards to be used with PhysX functions if the rival ATI card is present for the graphical display. With the release of new versions of the driver, NVIDIA has stopped all non-Nvidia graphics processor in the system. The company's latest version of the PhysX System software also prevents physics processing units of work if it is present graphics that comes from Nvidia is. The question is the time when this decision include hackers to disable this option.