Friday, July 31, 2009

Interracial incident and reconciliation - Obama as a bartender

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barak Obama had the role of "head bar" to "pivski meeting" of the main incidents of his friends prominent professor from Harvard tamnoputog Henry and Luisa Gejts police Balti James Kraulija.

Obama, who is the first tamnoputi President of the United States, said that it was "friendly, smisaoni" conversation with the beer in the White House with Gejts and police sergeant Kraulijem.

"The beginning I believed that is what connects us more than what separates us. I'm convinced it happened tonight and I hope that we'll all be in this episode to make a positive instruction," Obama said after the meeting

Gejts was arrested on 16 July at his house when he returned to the business and found time to be stuck on the front door lock.

He along with his driver to force open the door, but it is one of the neighborhoods noticed that black men have entered the house and called police.

Tamnoputi professor, said that the policeman showed identity documents that prove that lives in the house.

However, the police claims that the professor began to cry to him and accuses him of racism after it is brought Gejts.

Obama is further comments rasplamsao situation to believe that the police reacted, "stupid."

Race is still sensitive issue in the United States.

Krauli said that the meeting was personal and honest discussion.

For Press Obaminom question about the contribution of the meeting, he responded that "the President provided the beer."

New York to solve the homeless - one-way ticket

You can attend free of charge where the If. Pick and city, and summer, and the continent, which is optional. All expenses shall be borne by me, just go ...

These offers - the dream that millions of people around the world and which usually receive a "star" for the promotion of products or izlobirani politicians - these days people come to "a dog does not what to bite."

Invention of the authorities of New York City. From the budget, money, tax payers, paid trips to Miami, Paris, Sijudad Mexico, Kiev, Johannesburg, Puerto Rico and other attractive locations - the local homeless persons.

Project is not conceived as a supplement to "American dream", but is used as a measure to reduce velegradskog "nightmare." Team mayor and billionaire Mother Blumberg account that in the described way - easier to release "burden" under which "rocks" the city safe.

The applied principle is simple, although the delicate combination of mercy and ruthlessness. All homeless persons are, namely, offering free transport - but ticket only in one direction. To leave and never return.

Competent assure that migration costs in the second at the end to be less than the maintenance nesrećnika and nutrition, but a "grubby" cashew "Big Apple" and reduce the social benefits megalopolis, from which the origin Volstrita current global economic crisis. "Paying their way to save expenses of our citizens," je Blumberg.

Calculation is: jevtinije is iseljavati homeless persons, but to worry about them in prihvatilištima. Next: For 550 "transferred" families have been paid 500,000 dollars, and support only one of a total of 10,000 such families, it costs 36,000 dollars a year.

Quite a savings, but the application of mottos like "Skip to my care to another," Arnold Cohen assess the humanitarian New York Partnership for homeless persons. "Our governments undertake only superficial measures that SELE problems in remote areas, and local lodging in the receptacle for the new release the needy," said "New York Times."

But "anything better than nothing", sent the city fathers. Many is added, this way able to be with relatives again - which they went with the hope that izjalovila, to prosper in the capital of the world. " "Paying them not only for the time, but for visas, passports, help in konzularnoj procedures," said Vida-Dauns caves from specialized offices. Officials also claim that the former "protégés" continue to be care and after - the phone and called them raspituju how are dočekani and how to manage where they went, and in rare cases and give them financial support for a new start. " None of somewhere not sent back here, say. "We expect something better than going there where we came," ispovedio the Ektor Korea, who with partner and their two small sons returned to Puerto Rico. In New York City came in May, smestio with his mother, but when you do not find a job and when their debts arose, the mother was asked to go out of her apartment, and they went in prihvatilište ...

From prihvatilišta usually goes, they say, in Florida. Maybe because it najsunčanije region, which is the charm that over fears of hurricane season and the television reporters Advisories En-Bi-Si that the inhabitants of the southern peninsula, "the classified najnetrpeljivije to homeless persons."

New York is considered as a prescription prospective model in other parts of the United States. Hawaii rejected it as "expensive", and the second is closely preračunavaju.

It is estimated that every day, across America, in prihvatilištima resident about 700,000 people who are permanently or temporarily without a roof over my head. Statistics also show that adverse experience of a year to acquire three and a half million souls, and to experience life in about 15 million from a total of 305 million citizens. Current crisis, conceived lomom the housing mortgage market, increase the "caravans" to Emergency accommodation, which are many - their cars converted into mobile homes.

Association will not "bare" donation

An association for the fight against domestic violence in the UK rejected a donation of one frizerskog salon with the workers denudative pozirale calendar with the explanation that would support the sex trade.

The association has not accepted the money obtained from sales of the calendar which is 11 hairdresser from a small place Aloa Scotland poziralo poluobnaženo. Hairdresser Hill and Moraga Ketrin cream, inicijatorke project, say that they are deeply insulted paragraph associations.

"This is really us razbesnelo. Of 11 women who pozirale, five on his skin felt the violence in the family. We just wanted to help other women who are in such a situation," noted one adding that the association said that do not support women skidaju clothes that earned money.

Association for the fight against violence in the family is left in your attitude.

"Satisfied we have the initiative, but we fight against the sex industry, and we can not accept the donation, provided by his representatives.

A hairdresser mentioned so far has earned 700 euros, and they intend to sell at least 2000 copies of the calendar, transfer the local media.

Rasmusen from tomorrow at the head of NATO

Brussels - Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fog Rasmusen, the future function of the Secretary General of NATO JAP de Hop Shefera. Rasmusen legacy Alliance, which will have to be adjusted in order to retain their importance in the 21st century and it is waiting for an easy job, in the first place - the NATO mission in Afghanistan, which so far has not given satisfactory results.

In Afghanistan the situation is not improving, and last year the security situation has worsened considerably and become more dangerous and so far quite peaceful parts of the country.

Odlazeći with features, Shefer is sent to the Alliance must remain and continue the fight in Afghanistan.

"If we go, Afghanistan would fall into the hands of talibana, with terrible consequences for the population, especially women. Pakistan would also suffer the consequences, along with everything else that involves international security", it Shefer.

Among the open issues and relations with Russia in the Russia-NATO Council, and is expected to Rasmusenovih one of the priorities will be improving relations with Moscow, after the cold that followed the last war in South Ossetia.

"I am very honored will be the fact that NATO Secretary General and I will do so in order to justify the trust of colleagues," said newly appointed Secretary General of the NATO Summit in Strasbourg and Kelu the beginning of April.

Rasmusena choice for NATO Secretary General tekao is not without problems, primarily due to the opinion of Turkey to the then Prime Minister of Denmark is not set correctly at the time of publication of Prophet Muhammad caricatures in the country, which it called an "enemy of Islam."

Fired because of provocative T-shirts

Zagreb - RTL-cameraman, who was at the session of the Government of Croatia naljutio premijerku Jadranka Kosor carrying provocative T-shirt with the inscription on its office, he fired.

The inscription on the T-shirt "I do not need sex, the government s *** me every day" otpuštenog cameraman John Cvirna, is the first video Minister of Health Darko Milinović, and after that is the official photographer asked the Government which is Cvirna and uslikao.

Kosor is meeting the Government, protested and said that "such things will not be tolerated, and the protest is addressed and the state news agency Hina.

RTL leadership held a meeting and decided to drop Cvirna and cameramen to stop cooperation with Studioblend in which employed.

As a reason for cancellation rukovodsrvo RTL said that the cameraman has violated the contract in which the commitments not to impair the reputation of the company.

RTL and the public of the controversial hedge cameramen and stated that it is not behaved professionally, but inappropriate for the norms of public communication.

RTL is in the evening news stated that the behavior of the cameramen do not need to drive in connection with the freedom of the media.

Press Association condemned move Kosor

Croatian Press Association as esnafska journalistic associations, condemned the proceedings premijerke Jadranka Kosor and members of government who have the inscription on the T-shirt najurili TV station RTL cameraman jučeranje session with the government, and the TV cameraman is the house that same day gave notice.

CJA is a very unpleasantly surprised that cancellation is RTL Television gave Ivan Cvirnu, cameramen who performed work for the television and to the intervention Jadranka Kosor, President of Croatian government, which, in jučeranjoj meeting of the government, it is not liked the inscription on the T-shirt Cvirnovoj, there in the statement signed by the CJA president Zdenko Duka, which calls on the Government Administration RTL-to Cvirna return to work.

"The words Jadranka Kosor could come to her only good news in general, which will runs in and that they will not run if it is considered desirable to have trained, as the government offices of its private houses," the statement, a response premijerke assessed as a clear pressure on the media that resulted in the cancellation cameramen Cvirnu.

The process according to Cvirnu, who claimed that he was the only clean shirt, caused a negative reaction in the Croatian media, and public support for him.

Greece will vaccinate the entire population

Greece will vaccinate the entire population against the new flu, said today the Greek health minister Dimitris Avramopulos.

"By order of Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, we have decided to vakcinišemo all residents and foreign nationals who live in our country," said Avramopulos at a news conference after the government session.

In Greece the 700 confirmed patients with a new grip, most of whom have mild symptoms.

On the hospitalization of 15 people, four in serious condition.

Iran: New clashes in Tehran

Tehran - Police used tear gas and rubber bullet to the supporters of the opposition in Tehran, which wanted to make mention of the victims of riots that had broken out after the elections in June. "The demonstrators have burned several containers in the street, beat-the Tavus. Hundreds of police officers is over in order to prevent the mosque came upon Moša," said Reuters witness statements.

The authorities have previously rejected the request to the Iranian opposition in the United Moša mosque, which can gather several thousand believers, to be held memorial to victims postizbornih disorder, which caused supporters of the opposition leaders revolt Mirhoseina Musavija.

According to witness statements, about 2,000 demonstrators came to the mosque, however, where a large number of police officers.

According to UK newspaper agency, as ispalili tear gas and rubber bullet as they went in with a blistering account demonstrators in the streets and the Iranian capital can be seen batinjanja scene and carrying away of demonstrators in the police car.

Authorities had previously prevented Musavija car came to the cemetery Behešt-e Zahra, where the family of the slain young Iranke Nede Soltan Aga-held 40-day memorial for her and other victims postizbornih disorder.

How eyewitnesses said, the police Musavija forced to leave the cemetery, and gathered demonstrators warned that need to do the same.

Revolutionary Guard commander in Tehran, general Abdolah Aragi today reiterated government determination to prevent any gatherings.

"We are not kidding. Obračunaćemo with those who want to fight against the regime," said Aragi, said Iranian Fars agency.

Neda Soltan, 26 year old student, killed on 20 June during the billing police and supporters of the opposition.

Published a photo of her sufferings, all the world media, and its name quickly became a symbol of protest against the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinedžada.

The authorities deny that the Iranian security forces killed Nedu, arguing that the act used to a regime in Tehran was a defendant.

Italy: Increase the number of poor

Rome - The Italian has the seventh month with less than 1000 euros, and every twentieth live in "absolute poverty", with conditions for a minimum standard of living.

The Italian national statistical agency it is stated that in Italy is considered relatively poor people whose monthly consumption of less than 999.67 euros. Last year the number of Italians who are in this category increased to 13.6 percent or 8.78 million, transfers Reuters.

In 2007. the percentage of Italians who have lived in relative poverty was 12.8 percent.

In the underdeveloped south of the country relatively poor today reaches 26.7 percent, in central Italy 8.1, in the northern areas of the country 5.9 percent.

The most vulnerable are households with more than three children, hranioci young families and older people living at the expense of the relatives.

Those who live in absolute poverty - that are not able to buy even basic food cart, which means a minimum standard of living - now are 4.9 percent of the Italian population or 2.9 million people. In the previous year it is for 0.8 percent.

In southern Italy the percentage of population living in absolute poverty last year increased to 8.1 percent, with six percent in 2007. year.

Death of extremist leaders in Nigeria

The leader of the radical sects Boko Haran, Mohammed Jusuf, killed only a few hours after it nigerijske security forces arrested in the north of the country.

Boko radical group responsible for the Haram petodnevno violence in Nigeria, in which over 180 were killed and displaced thousands of people. Jusuf, head of sects seeking wider introduction of šerijatskog rights, arrested after chase in which they were involved helicopters and military police who were yesterday destroyed the main headquarters of the radical armed groups.

"He was killed. You get to see his body in the state police command," said police spokesman in Maiduguriju, Isa Azare not mention other details about the assassination of Jusuf.

In the past few days since extremists attacked police and government facilities, in the conflicts in Nigeria, according to Bi-Bi-šiju, killed more than 600 people.

Violence broke out when the week in the state Bauči, one of 12 states in the north of the country, mainly naseljenoj Muslims, arrested more than 200 extremists, followed Jusuf followers began attacks on the churches, police stations, prisons and government buildings in several states in the the northern part of the country.

President of Nigeria Umar jar Adua, which is in official visit to Brazil, ordered the traditional and religious leaders in Nigeria to serve the Friday prayer, which used to warn people of the dangers of these sects.

He also ordered security forces to take all measures to make them "once and for all prevent further".

Bloody fireworks - two bombs in two days

MADRID - In a car-bomb explosion on the Spanish island of Mallorca yesterday killed two members of the Civil Guard. How are local authorities stated, the attack is suspected Eta Basque separatist organization, and he followed the day after a car explosion in the barracks in the city of Burgos in northern Spain. Yesterday's explosion occurred in front of the building in the Civil Guard PALMAN, only a few kilometers from the Marivent palace, where the Spanish royal family traditionally spends the summer vacation. Now not confirmed knowledge of local media that the explosion injured several people.

Representatives of the media in the Civil Guard and a representative of the Spanish government in Mallorca okrivili the organization Eta for this attack. They are a bunch of mad murderer "and" become očajniji and dangerous, "said Ramon Sosijas representative government.

The last attack with fatal consequences, which is assigned Basque separatists was in June, when the car-bomb explosion in Bilbao in the Basque country, killed a policeman from the antiterrorist units.

The Socialist government of Prime Minister Jose Luisa Rodrigesa Sapatera interrupted the peace negotiations with Etom as Basque separatists killed two people at Madrid airport in December 2006. Eta, the Spanish government is considered responsible for the deaths of more than 800 people, today celebrates 50 years of his secret established during the Franco dictatorship, when the Basque culture suffered repression, says Reuters.

In Albania legal gay marriages

Albanian authorities are pushing for the legalization of marriages homoseksualnih, said Albanian Prime Minister Berisha send, and transmit his cabinet in the statement published yesterday in Tirana.
Albanian parliament will soon to discuss the draft law that equal rights homoseksualnih and heteroseksualnih pairs.
- The law that could start a debate and sharp reactions aim the abolition of discrimination and allow civil same-sex marriages of people - announced Berisha, leader of conservative strongest party in Albania, where the majority Muslim population lives.
He said that "in Albania, there is a certain intolerance towards the minorities," but called on Albanians to respect "the standards of other European countries."
In this former communist country in January 1995. abolished the law that predviđala penalty of up to 10 years in prison "only because of the fact that someone is homosexual."
However, homosexuals are still victims of prejudice in Albania.
- Sharp we oppose the legislation - said "France Presse" Seljim Musa, official Muslim community in Albania.

Croatia arrogance of power

Croatian Press Association (CJA) as esnafska journalist associations condemned the procedure premijerke Jadranka Kosor and members of government who have the inscription on the T-shirt najurili TV station RTL cameraman jučeranje session with the government, and the TV cameraman is the house that same day gave notice.
Ivan's Camera Cvirn the meeting of the government came to the T-shirt on which is written in English "I do not need sex, government j. .. me every day", which caused violent reactions, the Health Minister Darko Milinovića, and other Ministers and premijerke . CJA is a very unpleasantly surprised that cancellation is RTL Television gave Ivan Cvirnu, cameramen who performed work for the television and to the intervention Jadranka Kosor, President of Croatian government, which, in jučeranjoj meeting of the government, it is not liked the inscription on the T-shirt Cvirnovoj, there in the statement signed by the CJA president Zdenko Duka, which calls on the Government Administration RTL-to Cvirna return to work. Kosor is jučeranjoj statement said that the journalists will not tolerate insulting her clothes and other ministers, journalists tretirajući as guests in the Governor's Palace (seat of government) which is then expected to decent behavior. Journalists can not be guests in the Governor's Palace, because they are not in a private visit, the report come from government meetings. Words from Jadranka Kosor could come to her only good news in general, which will runs in and that they will not run if it is considered desirable to have trained, as the government offices of its private houses, there is the statement, a reaction premijerke assessed as a clear pressure on the media that resulted in the cancellation cameramen Cvirnu. Slogan in the English language on the T-shirt you wore yesterday cameraman Cvirn universal and so pronošen but in the world that it was best for premijerku Kosor and ministers that it simply prećutali and that the government zaokupi dealing with real, a difficult, real problems, the HND and emphasizes everyone's right, and so the journalist and cameraman Ivan Cvirna to wearing any clothes to. The process according to Cvirnu, who claimed that he was the only clean shirt, caused a negative reaction in the Croatian media, and public support for him.

Fell tourists in Spain

The passenger bus accident not far from Barcelona, killed six and injured more easily and tend to 39 passengers, stated the local government.

To incidents came during the night, not far from the summer Sant Pol de Mar. The bus was 65 passengers, mostly Dutch, which are letovali in Sant Pol de maru, and the evening bus tour started in Barcelona. Although no official details yet about the causes of accidents, Spanish media report that the bus in the criminal sleteo way and is prevrnuo.

Local authorities stated that the injured passengers were immediately transferred to nearby hospitals, and that some of them in serious condition.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bar-code gets a successor

Bar-codes are used for a long time, but in the modern world digitanom already quite old - can not be read by mobile phone at a distance and have very little information. Predost only in relation to alternative solutions, such as RFID tags, is the extremely low cost of implementation.
However, pray to the new solution, called Bokodes - it was developed by researchers from MIT masačuseckog Institute. Can be saved under a variety of angles and distance with a camera mobile phone, after which you can get many information. Example that shows the application of the BBC show in the library, where books have Bokodes. The user can enter the title you are looking for, photograph policy, and requested books will be marked in the picture.
When you become part of everyday life, such marking can greatly simplify the purchase, and even elementarnije many things, such as finding lost things in the apartment or reading menus in restaurants.
In the current version, Bokodes consists of the LED's and lenses, which is the price about five dollars, which is too expensive for widespread use. However, in the MIT-developed in the simpler version, whose price should not exceed five cents. It is estimated that will take several years to this new system of marking the spread, but is wait.

Western Digital hard disk of 1 TB for notebook computers

Western Digital as a company that is undisputed number one as regards the mechanical disks presented the first 2.5-inčni hard disk capacity of 1 TB

The company, whose drives the statistics at least perishable, which is already in the top of the speed of the disc, and that capacity prednjačimo and presented the first 2.5-inčni drive in the world even with capacity of 1 TB (1000 GB).
WD Scorpio Bllue 1 TB WD10TEVT has three panels of 333 GB. The same occasion, and is a smaller 750 GB model. However, do not expect you'll see a netbook with a 1 TB disc is thicker than normal (12.5 mm versus 9.5 mm), and will be placed in larger and stronger transmission computers, and the price of 250 doalra makes it quite acceptable.

Canon rich devices offer large format scanner Colortrac SmartLF Ci 40

In combination with the printing machine Canon imagePROGRAF offers a full solution for high quality scanning, copying and printing

The company Canon Europe, a leading supplier of graphics technology, announced the inclusion Colortracova scanner SmartLF Ci 40 to your line of large format device for CAD and GIS users. As a fast and compact scanner, SmartLF Ci 40 precisely detailed scan technical documents, which makes it ideal for CAD and GIS companies and agencies, and state institutions and libraries. In combination with the printing machine Canon imagePROGRAF users can scan documents for printing or archiving, and copy documents with a high technical level of detail and accuracy, and to faster and more economical and with a minimum consumption of energy and space.

Scanner Colortrac SmartLF Ci 40 is Energy Star label, and allows users to reducing energy consumption at the lowest possible rate. Thanks to the speed of scanning of ten inches per second, the device, as well as printing machine large format imagePROGRAF, contribute to shortening the time needed for printing, scanning and copying documents. The CIS technology is used with optical resolution of 600 dpi, which ensures accurate reproduction of documents and images of rich details.

USB 2.0 connector allows for easy setting method support 'plug and play'. Colortracova višefunkcijska software allows users SmartLF immediate start of work. Originals are simply scanned face up and inserted and downloaded from the front, thanks to which the scanner can be placed in small spaces, even with the wall.

James Casey, product marketing specialist for the area of Europe is responsible for the large format scanner, said: "CAD and GIS users must be accurately and economically reproduced maps, drawings, schemes, designs and plans. This scanner, which enrich the possibilities of our large format solutions, make it easier to play them without loss of excellent quality and details that are in the original ".

Systematic approach to control the Internet in China

Personal computer manufacturers Acer, Asustek, and Lenovo started selling computers on the market kinskeskom to deliver software to filter content on the Internet

Chinese authorities in May informed manufacturers of personal computer software that will deliver Green Dam-Youth Escort, which in translation means "green dam-train for Youth", will be required with the sale of computers in China, but the imposition of these obligations under international temporarily cancel pressure. According to the Ministry of Information Industry and China, the software should be to protect children from neprilagođenih content on the Internet, the Wall Street Journal to the Internet edition.

Taiwanese Acer, the third world manufacturer of computer, stated that began with computers to compact disks supplied with software to filter content on the Internet and is done on the basis of "requires the Ministry of industry and information." Other major Taiwanese manufacturer Asustek stated that the Chinese Ministry of povinovao request because it believes that this commitment after a time may come into force. The fourth world and the largest Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo also voluntarily supplied "green defend in computers sold in China with the explanation that the customer leaves the possibility to use it if you want. "Only the user depends on whether or not to install software," said the Lenovo spokesman.

"Green defend" started it and Sony in June, but was stopped in the meantime, while the distributors of Hewlett Packard and Dell stated that the computers can not deliver the software to filter content on the Internet. China is the second largest world market, the computer immediately after Sjedinjinih States of America and therefore it is very important for manufacturers of computers that are trying to spread operations in the country.

New look site

American Ministry of Public Security has designed a new look of your site, thus becoming the first government agency that is redizajnirala your site in accordance with the policies that gave Obamina administration related to social media, and transparency. Updated site is characterized by "I want to" menu of tasks, list of popular terms that can be asked, links to the Twitter feed these ministries, YouTube channel, as well as blogs. Social media have a greater role in co-operation of the Public Ministry, especially if a special situation or natural disaster says DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Ren received Serbian biometric passport!

EU heads of diplomacy were once again He Stabilization and integration of the region, and the Commissioner for Enlargement, Olli Rehn, called on Europe to "naoruža" patience and determination in the process of resolving issues related to the Western Balkans.

Although it was announced that the agenda julskog session of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU will not find the question of the Western Balkans, the final press conference in the first plan found the Serbian biometric passport.

European Commissioner for Enlargement, Olli Rehn, showed the attendees the new Serbian travel document which is in his name, which is given by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, Ivica Dacic. Passport is "almost as a right", with Renovo image and data, just as there is no serial number and fingerprint. However, much more significant that what is a passport. According to Renovo, it is a symbol of the future of free travel:

"I have a copy of the Serbian biometrijskog passport. This will be the key to bezvizna trips within the European Šengena region. I believe it will be from 1 January 2010. If the EU Council reach a decision needed to. "

European patience and determination for the Balkans

Visa liberalization for the three countries of the Western Balkans is an important decision and step in the direction of further evrointegracije region, which were unanimously supported the European perspective of the EU heads of diplomacy of the session in Brussels. On that occasion, said that should not be lost sight of further stabilization and integration of South Eastern Europe. In the autumn of this year, according to Rehn Olija, it will be a lot of work with regard to EU policy towards the Western Balkans. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Carl Bildt, said:

"I hope that we will in the next few months be able to give new momentum evrointegracionim processes in the Western Balkans. There are obstacles that must be overcome, but the Council of Ministers of the EU clearly and unanimously stressed the need for new momentum in the integration process. "

And as Bildt earlier isticao that, when it comes to the Western Balkans, "always full of hands", the Commissioner for the extension and added two things. In his opinion, necessary to resolve the situation in Western Balkans, is patience, and determination. A Europe that, says Ren, is sufficient.

In Japan this morning made three death penalty

In Japan this morning made three death penalty, stated the Japanese Ministartvo justice. "Three osuđenika to death were executed today in Tokyo and Osaka," says the statement.

Media in Japan are called to the two Japanese and one Chinese, and all were convicted of murder.
Execution are done a month before parliamentary elections scheduled for 30th August, which is expected to win the opposition and change of government.
In Japan during 2008. executed 15 osuđenika.
Japan, the USA, the only industrially developed country in which there is capital punishment. Japanese government justification for this practice to see the great support she has among the Japanese.

Karzai calls for peace talibane

Karzai has called for dialogue with members of talibana that are not related to Al Qaeda and who are willing to reject violence and to public announcements. However, he said that is not yet ready to discuss the key request talibana - withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan - because their permanent presence, as he said, of national interest.

"Afghan people continue to fundamentally strong relations with the United States. You know, and Afghan people know that the presence of international troops in Afghanistan provides stability in the country," said Karzai.

He added that, despite everything, the presence of U.S. and NATO should be based on a partnership in which "partners do not lose lives, property, dignity as a result of the partnership."

Karzai is considered to be the candidate with the most looks in the elections, called for 20 August, but his chances of success could reduce a lot of his compatriots Paštuni the unstable south and east countries, where the American and British forces this month, suffered the biggest victims in the last eight years.

His only serious rival could be the former Foreign Affairs Minister Abdulah Abdulah, who could insist on the second round if it is weak turnout among Paštunima, the largest ethnic community in the country and the core Talibana, why Karzai would not have won.

Korean hot-cold

North Korea again yesterday, just two days after a severe threat to South Korea and the United States, refused to return to the negotiating table and talk about the in your nuclear program, while proposing a new "specific form of dialogue, not precizirajući about what the dialogue was the word.
- There is a specific form of dialogue in order to deblokirala situation - it is said in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson North Korea, which carried agency KCNA.
Spokesman, however, is not specified on any form of dialogue is the word, but by all odds for the bilateral negotiations with the United States.
- Pyongyang wants direct talks with the United States - said Kim Jong-Hun, the North Korea expert and professor at the University of Donguk in Seoul.
In recent months, there was a new tension in the relations the international community and North Korea, a crisis culminated when the regime in Pyongyang decided to 25th May brought nuclear test, which is the second test of its kind since 2006. year.
Then followed a series of short projectile missile test range, which is encountered in the criticism of the UN Security Council, which is pooštrio existing sanctions against Pyongyang.

United States still strongly support Israel

Tel Aviv - U.S. Defense Minister Robert Gejts said yesterday in Jerusalem that the United States, which have offered Iran a conversation on the nuclear program, hoping the answer to the proposal by the end of September. Barak Obama President of the United States at the beginning of the month warned Iran that the international community will not unedogled waiting for a response to Tehran in connection with the offer for dialogue on the nuclear issue.

"I think that the expected or hoped some kind of response this fall, perhaps at the time of the UN General Assembly session," said Gejts reporters after meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. U.S. Secretary of Defense has also said that there is a possibility to impose sanctions on Iran in case of failure of diplomacy, spomenuvši plans to defend allies in the region.

He stressed that the U.S. will continue to provide "solid" military support to Israel. "United will continue to provide a solid military support on an annual basis in order to reinforce the defense of Israel, the growing threat of a projectile," he said. "We'll still look the most that Israel has weapons of national defense." U.S. Secretary of Defense, also said that long-term security of Israel depends on the sustainable peace in the Middle East, which is essential for regional stability. Gejts yesterday arrived in Israel just a few hours to help renew the peace process in the Middle East.

Barak said that his country does not exclude any option when it comes to the nuclear program of Iran, which Israel claims that his goal is to produce atomic bombs. "It is our position. We think so, "said Barak, and thanked the United States that continue to support Israel. "We were blind. We know that all we do can have an impact on our neighbors and others, and strive to have in mind. We believe strongly that you should not have to give up any of the options and recommend that others take the same position, although no one can dictate what to do, "said Minister of Defense of Israel. He added that it is important to emphasize, especially in the Middle East, the largest U.S. world power with the moderate countries in the efforts to come to terms with the extremists.

As the world's state news agency, Israeli officials did not reveal details of the planned military action to implement the act, although it is known that the army in the past few months carried out several military exercises, which is considered to be preparations for possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. However, according to correspondents, Barak, however, stressed that priority should be given to diplomacy and sharper sanctions.

Analysts say that is considered to Gejts visit to Israel is part of efforts to the country away from military action against Iran. However, to say good poznavaoci local conditions, Barak is even three times stressed that even one of the options should not give up, which indicates that attempts to U.S. Secretary of Defense did not urodili fruit. Gejts from Israel traveled to Jordan.

Minister on an official holiday stolen car

German Minister of Health ula Smit (60) from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) found on the attack because the media is using the official car and driver on holiday in Spain. Disgrace to be higher, the armored Mercedes S class, worth 93,000 euros, was stolen in the summer near the beach in the Costa Blanca, in the city of Alicante.

According to the German press, the official car Ule Smit disappeared so that the thieves broke in the hotel room of its drivers, which include, among other things, stolen from the car and keys. Ministarkin find the car parked in front of the house of a friend who is odsela during the holidays and Take it with no trouble.

Order and the driver

Matter by the Minister to be worse still, turned to the left the plane in Spain, and that its driver in the official Mercedes from Berlin to Spain had to prevali 2387 kilometers to her was "the hand" of the holiday.
In the statement of the Ministry of Health, Smith tried to lessen the political and moral damages.
- Minister of Health, as well as other ministers, is available for official and personal needs are always the official car and driver. Smith is a car in Spain several times and used private and official. The Minister is, namely, during your holiday, and had official duties - Ministry of Health has stated Nemačke.U statement added that all that was private, the Minister be calculated.
This attitude of German ministries, however, failed to meet gnevne citizens. Around 70 percent of Germans in the survey of the "Velt" requested the resignation of Ule Smit.
Paper Ministry failed to meet or coalition partners ministarkine parties.
Expert question-budget Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a partner SPD, Georg Širmbek said that it was Smith in the entire Europe, sent the driver and the car in Spain scandalous waste of taxpayers money,

Germans madly

- U.S. does not have or that he submitted his resignation. It is the mandate of the already expired. Smith is the wrong person in the office of the federal government - said Širmbek.
Reviews of the Smith bill, which, according to the writing press, odletela plane to Spain, received the strongest opposition from the German party - liberals, which would demohrišćani kancelarkom Angela Merkel, after the 27th federal election September, would like to enter into a coalition.
Federal deputy from the Liberal dering Patrick stated that the concept can not be that German embassy in Madrid could not Take Šmit where the Minister should be.
Smith, who recently was "obrušila" in the German doctors suspects of corruption, received a "boomerang," the association of doctors, who do not believe that it is the official car in Spain used for official purposes.
Doctors have requested that the Ministry Attach a detailed plan of its official meetings during the holidays in Spain, and to check how serious and important were these meetings.
- If the Minister was not able to prove all, you should immediately resign - is considered an association of physicians.

New flu is spreading all over the planet

New flu virus, according to the latest WHO data, expand and kutak offers the most distant planet, including the island away from civilization.

The first cases, according to today's report, WHO, endorsed and Sejšelima, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dutch Antilima in Belize, the Tonga and Samoa in the Pacific and the Solomon Islands in the Indian Ocean, transfers Reuters.

H1N1 virus, which is a genetic mix of human, pork and bird viruses, and found the way to Bhutan State, high in the Himalayas, miniature Andorra between Spain and France, as well as to armed conflicts affected Afghanistan and Sudan.

Although most patients still have mild symptoms (usually fever and vomiting), and many do not address the doctor, pregnant women and people suffering from diabetes and other chronic diseases are exposed to greater risk of complications. According to the WHO, have been of a new flu around the world 816 people died.

The exact number of infested in the world is not known, because the WHO has recently said that keeping such statistics pointless and instead it should be more devoted to the prevention of infection and treatment of serious cases, to the deadly outcome was less.

Slovenia: Crisis Staff of H1N1

Crisis Staff met Ljubljana Clinical Center, after a one-day confirmed six new cases of influenza. Only on Monday, in Slovenia, recorded six cases of H1N1 virus infection, which is the number of patients increased in the 108th

Due to greater safety of patients shall be met Crisis Staff Ljubljana Clinical Center, which asked all the visitors who have cold symptoms, diseases do not go to visit patients of this hospital. During this time the hospital in Nova Gorica, but completely banned visits to patients who are treated in it.

Institute of Public Health of Slovenia was again invited people to consistently keep hygienic regulations, and if you feel symptoms, which like the new flu, stay home and call a doctor by phone, and not to leave homes in the health and potentially the wider infestation.

Baghdad: Eight dead in bank robbery

Eight members of security were killed in the armed bank robbery in the center of Baghdad, the Iraqi police stated.

Armed attackers, according to police, were burned early this morning in Rafadian of the fourth bank in Baghdad, killed the guardian and fled with a large sum of money.

Initial investigation shows that the attackers used weapons with silencers, because the witnesses did not hear the shooting.

Police official who zelo to remain anonymous said that the bank robbery jutrošnja like action on the rebels who need money to finance operations.

Sunken ship with about 200 immigrants from Haiti, 70 survived

Around 70 people survived when the prevrnuo last night and the ship sank with nearly 200 immigrants from Haiti, near the caribean islands of Turks and Caicos, and fears that the largest number of immigrants lost their lives.
Rescue services, which help members of the U.S. coastal guard, managed to get the 70 survivors that were found near the wreck of the ship, which at the time of the accident was between 160 and 200 immigrants. At least four bodies nastradalih passengers are found, and fears that the largest number of immigrants, which is now run as missing, lost his life in a car accident. "Our main goal at this time is to reach all who are in the water, and medical zbrinemo one which is necessary," said U.S. coastguard spokesman in Miami, Sabrina Elgamal. Among preživelima is a lot of hard injured, who were transferred to hospitals in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
The two islands are part of British territory in the Atlantic Ocean, between the Bahamas and Haiti, reminded Reuters. How to transfer Bi-Bi-Si, the ship was launched on a three-day trip, but most hit the reef, trying to avoid a police patrol. Immigrants from Haiti often travel between islands in the caribean teeming with boats, in search of a better life in the Bahamas or Florida. The U.S. coastguard last week presrela a ship full of 124 Haitian immigrants to about 240 km from sinoćnje accidents. Immigrants from the ship in Monday returned to Haiti.

USA arrested for conspiracy seven attacks in Kosovo, Jordan

U.S. authorities arrested seven people today in North Carolina under charges that they forged conspiracy for terrorist attacks across the ocean, among other things in Kosovo, Gaza, Jordan, and belt.
U.S. prosecutor said that the head of the group Bojd Daniel Patrick, who is experience in training in Afghanistan and Pakistan since 1989. to 1992 used to fomira your own organization that trained fighters, collected the money and executed attacks outside the U.S. border, the Reuters reported. Others were arrested Hysen Sheriffs, Anes Subašić, Omar Mohamad Ali Hasan, Jagi Zijad Bojdova and two sons, Dylan Zakari and Bojd. Their seven threatened life imprisonment if convicted. According to the indictment otpečaćene seven points today in North Carolina, authorities are accused Bojda and the other to travel to Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan and Kosovo, or planned to engage people to attacks. They are charged with conspiracy for the procurement of material support for terrorists, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping and wounding of people abroad. Bojd and others are also accused of practicing shooting from the weapons, mainly from the guns that have a bullet for punching metal, as well as for military exercises in style. The indictment, which states that the group was active from 2006 to the end of this month, accuses them not to perform any kind of attack. One American official told reporters that there are no indications that the Bojdova was associated with an international militant organization or that the planned attacks in the United States.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

American businessman and media mag proneverio 475 million

One of the largest European banks, "chalk Svis" filed in the New York Supreme Court action against Robert FX Silermana, American billionaire and media maga. He ciriškoj in the bank two years ago digao credit of 475 million dollars for the project megalomanski opening of the hotel dedicated to the thematic Elvis Prisliju.

The project has not been realized, accurately or not started, and all that is Silerman done so far is to purchase seven hectares of land on the Strip, elitnoj Avenue in Las Vegas. Everything else in the project remained only on paper - a complex of three thousand rooms, casino, concert hall and other facilities does not start, why are the Heads of "chalk Svisa" lost their nerves and decided to regain their Silermana of 475 million dollars .

Silerman is primarily a media magnate who was the nineties started to buy a number of radio stations and after a few years sold them for four billion dollars. Then he started to organize a concert spectacles, and is a manager with numerous stars, among which is the basketball player Michael Jordan. The greatest job in the career hit when he became the owner of the license for rijaliti show "American Idol", which is sold in 100 countries. In the last fifteen years and founded the company sold a few, in which, together with its shareholders, earned great wealth.
All jobs media Silermanu went great for him to say all that touches turns to gold, but at the time when real estate turned, happiness left him. Purchased petospratnicu in Manhattan, on the roof of a swimming pool, and overlaid the house of the bullet-resistant glass, and all the credit to pay 23 million dollars. The house was bought a year after it has work with "chalk Svisom.

Fires reduced in the east of Spain, and Italy the fire

Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs filed Friday in the maximum level of alerts due to forest fires in the east of the country this week killed six firemen.

Flame spread is supported by the wind and high temperatures that reach 39 degrees Celsius. In the central part of Spain the day temperature is higher than 35 degrees, which makes fire extinguishing. Active fire is still eight countries in the east.

As the regional state government of Aragon, the region that is most affected and where the fire burned about 11,700 hectares of forests in the province of Teruel, stable, five of the six fire. In the province of Kuenka in Castile la Mance, one of the two large fire is turned off on Friday evening, stated the spokesman Unnamed regional authorities.

He added that the second fire, which included almost 1000 hectares of forest, more active, but that the Fire Department trying to restrain him. In the province of Almeria in Andalusia, Firefighters are still struggling with the fire in the Sierra de Kabrera, but we expect positive results to the end of the day. In this part of Spain was destroyed about 2600 hectares of forest, and evacuated about 3,000 people. In the province of San Juan de Orta in Catalonia in the fires killed four firemen, and destroyed about 1200 hectares of forest.

Regional authorities engage the thousands of people and more than 30 aircraft to fight fires. Damage which occurred during the fire will be assessed only when the last obuzdan. The fires affected 10,000 hectares of forest and agricultural goods in the region of Catalonia and the city of Almeria, Andalusia capital.

Fires blazing in Italy. Civil service is stated that the Fire Gase eight-day fire in Sardinia, Sicily, in Calabria and Latium. Four fires were localized, and four are still active, said a spokesman for the civil service, adding that the police launched an investigation into the causes of the fire. On Thursday, the fire extinguishing that broke out in Sardinia attended the 1500 firemen, ten kanadera aircraft and 11 helicopters. According to local authorities, on the island is destroyed 15,000 hectares of land.

Four fastest in the history of

New flu spread to almost all countries in the world, hundreds of thousands of sick, 800 dead. Experts predict that in the next two years will be infected at least two billion people, or every third inhabitant of the planet and that the virus could mutira and become dangerous during the winter.

In the 160 countries in the world people are registered by a new flu, a World Health Organization announces that he is so far najbržoj four, and has become unnecessarily to the number of each slučaj.Stručnjaci predict that in the next two years will be infected at least two billion people, or every third inhabitant of the planet, and that the virus could mutira and become dangerous during the winter.

Doktorka En Šučat says that the U.S. Center for disease control and prevention of all take to better understand characteristics of influenza in the winter months.

Director of the Institute of Torlak Ranko Dakic stresses that it is now difficult to predict possible influenza virus mutations.

At least fifty countries have ordered the vaccine, which is the discovery and production of only expect. The first test conducted on humans in Australia, which is the worst affected among the four Pacific countries.

The leading pharmaceutical houses hope to race with time could be completed in September, when it is expected to be made effective vaccine.

Several pharmaceutical companies is to forebode vaccine, when it is available, developing countries will not give free of charge, but will consider the possibility that they offer the lower price.

Increase the number of patients

Number of new cases of the flu last week, suddenly increased in the UK, where the number of patients reached a hundred thousand, which is twice more than the previous week.

The Government established a national service that will deal with the increased number of patients and will reduce some pressure on the doctors.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has stated that the interest over the phone or the Internet can be raspituju about the situation and find out where they can be vakcinišu, and opsluživaće the 1500 operator.

Abrupt and sudden increase in the number of patients in Germany forced the business these companies to take action, and are, for example, in the headquarters of "breast Telekom," the machine for disinfection, which all employees can use.

It is also taking measures to inform employees - through Internet sites, brochures and posters, and "hot" medical telephone line.

In Germany, a day to register hundreds of new cases, a total 2800 patients were registered.

Tip to the north of Europe is running low

Sometimes the hand of the person which is intended, and sometimes discretely left on the table - is the science of kickback for themselves. In each country different customs control, but if you follow a few basic rules, you can be sure that you will not find in nezgodnoj situation and will continue to provide the best place in the restaurant.

Before you go to rest, study the customs of the people in whose land you dwell, since the height of the male attention varies from country to country. Although in principle rule for the extra that is given on a voluntary basis, allocating a small fine money is a kind of guarantee that you will feel prijatnije in the restaurant when it come again. The fact is that the bonus is that the waiter all the smaller as more goes to the north of Europe. Pubs in the UK so no tip is expected. However, in Italy it is not usual to provide tip, as is the service, but charged through the account.
In other parts of Europe, however, recommended treat waiter. According to the German auto industry federation ADAC, in Scandinavia is a common tip in the amount of five percent of the bill. In Spain, France and Portugal for the round sum of 5-10 percent of the total amount of account, and also applies to payments by credit card. More than five percent of tourists to leave the Island, in Switzerland and the Netherlands - in these countries expected to tip the staff and to 15 percent. Do not you find in neprijatnoj situation, should be informed and in a country the tip, because there are differences. In Egypt, this small attention given directly to the waiter hands - the best in the bill of a dollar, because it is difficult to convert coins to domestic currency. Passengers who live in France, Spain and Turkey will proceed best if the tip discretely left on the table or saucer account. In Austria and Italy are rounded to the sum of the note in the line. "
However, with the fee should not be preterivati. Especially in Southern Europe and the peninsula Arabijskom people are inclined to seek compensation for the smallest minutiae. For information on the way should not give anything, but if you stay in a hotel or restaurant, keep in mind that the fee contributes to the increase is often very modest income catering workers.

Give Pyongyang

Leadership of North Korea forebode is still interested in holding direct talks with the United States, there's the South Korean and Japanese agencies, only a few days after the final withdrawal from Pyongyang to participate in discussions about denuklearizaciji peninsula.
- We were not against dialogue. We are not against talks on issues of common interest-the ambassador said North Korea to the UN Sin Son Ho Japanese agency Kjodo.
However, the Son is rejected the possibility of negotiations on Pyongyang return denuklearizaciji, saying that the talks were "definitely ready".
Washington and Pyongyang have recently exchanged very sharp words, when Hilary Clinton severnokorejskog regime compare behavior with the behavior of "a small child who constantly search attention," and that "Pyongyang is no longer friends," which caused the Ministry of External Affairs Paper North Korea in which the Clinton said that "funny woman who sometimes looks like a girl from elementary school, and sometimes the penzionerku which went to the market."

On the minimum wage 6.5 million Germans

Every fifth employee in Germany lives on minimum income, a total of 6.5 million employees earning less than 9.62 euros per hour - although many of them have high qualifications. These data are the result of studies on earnings Institute of Labor and qualification (IAQ) of the University of Duisburg, according to the professional qualifications and completed the study does not represent a guarantee of more good earnings. According to the results of mentioned research, the number of employees who work for low wages from 1995. grown to 2.1 million, and only during the past year to 350,000. These are people whose income is below the limit of 9.62 euros in western Germany and the Euro below 7.18 in Eastern Germany. It is scientifically recognized borders of low earnings, which is determined by the OECD. The study shows that the low timing can not protect or work full-time employment for almost a quarter of employees who earn less than five euros per hour is employed full-time employment. Less than five euros per hour but employees generally earn the so-called. mini-time.
Number of qualified workers and people with higher qualifications who work for low wages has also grown significantly, to 2007. was 70.8 percent. As Claudia explains Vajnkopf, Deputy Director of IAQ, to this phenomenon it was because many of their own unemployment were forced to move to low wage sector. According to her, in other Western industrial countries developed such low pay would not be possible, due to the established minimum wage.
IAQ calculation shows, except that, to the effects of inflation relative value of low earnings in the last 12 years the average has not increased, while in the western part of Germany and even dropped. The average value of timing of low wages in the sector amounted to 6.88 euros in the western and 5.60 euros in the eastern part of the country, while the 1.2 million employees earning less than five euros per hour.
SPD, left, trade unions and green therefore require the introduction of minimum wages that would be applied to all. Union and the FDP to refuse, for fear that in this way reduced the number of jobs.

Chechen police killed six rebels

Chechen Interior Minister Ruslan Alhanov Affairs, said the Russian agency Itar-Tas with the security forces attacked the house where they hid the members of illegal armed groups.
"The rebels immediately opened fire, and police are rizikujući own life, first out of the house women and children," said Alhanov, adding that the wounded when five police officers.
Alhanov said that security forces then uletele in the house and killed six rebels, whose identification is in progress. According to him, the operation lasted three hours.

In Shanghai one child policy change

Shanghai government, the financial capital People's Republic of China decided to encourage couples to prionu on something that is the privilege of the few - the second child, as fearful that they will not have enough young labor force to ensure that old life.

This is a dramatic change 30 years of long policy of limiting population growth and clearer awareness of the consequences of all the authorities that this policy has the appearance of unwanted priopratne, write today's newspapers in the UK.
The People's Republic of China will do in 2050. be 438 million people above 60 years of age, which will drop off only 1.6 capable of working people who should be funded to a peaceful old age, reads London daily "Guardian".
This trend is particularly pronounced in Shanghai, where 21 percent of the population are older than 60 years, which is more than twice the national average.
Shanghai initiative was followed a few densely populated Asian cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, who have been promoted the idea of small families, until birth rate, along with increasing the standards, it is not dropped to the level of western countries, says "Fajnenšel Tajms.
The trend of one child seems de zaživeo is among the population of large cities, many of which realize the advantages of land only one child and do not want, or can not financially afford to, secondly, the spread "Guardian".

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Russia offered the participation of Turkey in the South during

Russia has offered to Turkey to participate in gas pipeline project "South stream", said Russian vicepremijer Igor Sečin, after talks with Turkish Minister of Energy TANER Jildizom.
At the meeting, are considered different variations of routes and delivery of gas, among which the project "Nabuko, transmitted agency RIA Novosti.
"The more alternatives for delivery of gas, consumers will be better," said Sečin, adding that projects must be justified and economically.
Russian vice-prime minister is convinced the Turkish Minister of Energy that Russia has a sufficient amount of gas, and only new sites on the Jamalu have proven reserves of over 11 billion cubic meters.
Pointing out that the advocates for transparency in decision-making, "Sečin added that the pragmatic approach is needed, based on a precise calculation, based on the number of safe fuel.
Precise economic calculations of efficiency and competitiveness show that the project better. "We think that in the 'South flow'
and those projects that are implemented with Turkish partners, "noted the Sečin.
Gas, "South stream" will be placed under the Black Sea to the Novosibirskaya Bulgarian port Varna, and will continue to lead in the two branches over the Balkan peninsula to Italy and Austria, although specific routes have not yet been determined. According to plans, the gas should be let up to 2013. The transmit RIA Novosti.
"South stream" propusnih capacity of 63 billion cubic meters a year, should reduce the dependence of supplier and customer of the transit countries. Total investment in this project are estimated at 25 billion euros.
Project "Nabuko, estimated at 7.9 billion doalra, provides transportation of natural gas to European countries through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Austria.
This gas will be a continuation of already constructed pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum and provides an annual transport 20-30 billion cubic meters of gas. Two-thirds of gas will be placed through the Turkish territory.

Strong euro harms Slovenia

According to the analysis of UN economic agencies Blumberg, Slovakia and Slovenia are in the najdubljoj recession of the collapse of communism, and strengthening the common European currency inhibitory sales traders and exporters, as the company "Gorenje", and at the same time postpone the financial recovery. Executive Director "Gorenje" Bobinc Francis said that the strong euro cost the company three million in the first half of 2009, said agency STA.
"The existence of a large number of countries within the European Union introduced the euro, which is not a problem," said Blumberg Bobinc in an interview, adding that it is very difficult, almost impossible, to remove 100 percent of exchange risks.
Trade house "Merkator", the largest Slovenian supermarket chain, lost this year in Serbia, 7.7 million, after a weak dinar reduced income in euros, said Blumberg.

Medvedev: Russia is ready to strengthen relations with the United States

In the video published on the website Kremlin, Medvedev said that Russia is ready to strengthen its relations with the United States after several years during which almost ruled the cold war.
"The new U.S. administration with the president at the head of Obama shows willingness to change the situation, to build effective relationships, safer, and finally the modern. And we are ready to do our part," said Medvedev.
He said that should be recognized that the relations between the two countries deteriorated poslednih and stressed that it can describe "different words" such as "crisis of confidence, inactivity, lack of will to do something."
"The fact is that, despite the personal contacts that were not bad with the previous predesdnikom (George bus), the relations between Russia and the United States fell almost to the level of 'cold war," he added.
Medvedev stressed that Russia and the United States both have a "special responsibility" to fight against international terrorism, drug trade and the expansion of nuclear weapons.
"We are united values of our civilization and vrednostma respect for human life, human rights and freedoms," said Medvedev. Obama came in the two-day visit to Moscow on Monday.

William Berns instead of Hilary Clinton in Moscow
America has officially notified Russia that the state sekretarka Hilary Clinton will not be able to visit Moscow next week along with Barak Obama.
"United States officially informed Russia that Hilary Clinton can not follow the President Barak Obama during a visit to Moscow because of hand injuries," said the Unnamed source in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs agency RIA Novosti.
According to him, instead, Obama will monitor the Deputy Secretary of State William Berns, who has been ambassador in Moscow.

He died an American actor of Serbian origin Karl Malden

Famous American actor of Serbian origin and Oskarovac Karl Malden, the most famous roles in the films "streetcar called desire" and "On the docks of New York," died today in the 97th years, stated his agent.

Malden, known for its role in the TV series "Streets of San Francisco, died in a dream in his home in Los Angeles, said his agent Bad Mos, said Reuters.

Malden, who won the Oscar in 1951. for the role in the film "streetcar called desire", which is played next to Marlon Brando, was of poor health in recent years.

Malden, the oldest of three brothers, was born in the 22nd Indiana March 1912. as Mladen Sekulović. His mother Mini, originally Čehinja, was the seamstress and actress, and his father was a Serb Petar Sekulović, which is very like the music.

Family Sekulović pulling roots from Bileća in Herzegovina.

Malden, who is from the small Serbian speaking, he was very popular in school and star basketball team. According to his biography, Malden twice lomio nose.

Karl Malden in the name is changed when he was 22 years.

Often, glumeći in the forthcoming movies or TV shows, discovering ways to say "Sekulović.

Reduced working hours, less pay - just do not notice

According to the report
London - Thousands of people around the world will leave this summer to forced unpaid vacation - a global crisis is desperate to enter the global labor market, which for now has no effective remedy, warned yesterday the London "Times Fajnenšel.

Every fifth agent for employment in the UK has experienced this spring verbal bullying dismissed jalovoj candidates for a new job.

Before the summer vacation, the employee in the West are faced with "indecently offers employers," that would - before breaking out of the global economic crisis, trade unions organized mass strikes.

Dimly estimate the length of the world's current economic crisis (the most serious of the 1945th year), estimates the World zloslutne organization for work that only this year without a job to stay around 59 million people, the UN forecast that the disruption in the global labor market take at least eight years ... sensibly changing relations of employers and employees throughout the world.

Namely, employers and employees throughout the West more devise new working arrangements that fit one to the so-save job, and the other to maintain high quality work force for a moment of economic recovery, say the British Institute for Employment.

Waiting on the global renaissance of air travel, "British Airways is the sixth day of employees (a total of 40,000 people) offered to take unpaid leave for an indefinite period of time, to accept less than the working time (and corresponding salary), or agree to work without benefits: 800 already agreed to work for free.

On the Iberian peninsula, the famous Spanish bank BBVA is the employees (30,000) offered five years absence from work with payment of 30 per cent of earnings. In Switzerland, legendary "Kartje is a shortened working time a group of 200 workers who receive 95 percent of wages because they do not work. In Finland, posustala air-company "Finer" provided two thirds of employees (9,500 people) prislini of the two-week vacation - without compensation. With one side of the Atlantic, the state universities in California preparing employees - including teachers - forced vacation to a month, in Hawaii in the civil service employees will not have to come to work Friday, three month in the next two years, while in Michigan the executive work of six fewer working days this summer.

Flexible working hours scheme - forced blasting neizvesnog the economic crisis - not a lot of supporters in the circles of the leading European banks. "If the economic crisis is not lasted long, the concept of abbreviated working time can serve as an effective tool." If you take the crisis, such measures will seriously burden the state budget and prevent the inflow of new investment ", it ventralna European bank.

Critics scheme forced suspension of employees from work for the future mutual prosperity believe that countries that encourage this concept of the struggle against the crisis, in fact conceal the actual number of unemployed.

Length of the global economic crisis becomes a key issue of today's system - at the top of the UN on the occasion of not hiding pessimism.

"I'm afraid the worst is yet to come: severe political crisis in the image of growing social unrest, oslabljenih government and ogorčenog public opinion that has lost confidence in their leaders, but also in their personal future. Urge the leaders of the G-8 summit in Italy to take action and regain the dignity of life and work of millions of people, "the message of the day the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mun.

Kosor confused at the head of Croatia

For the new prime minister and head of the HDZ and the proposed Jadranka Kosor, potpredsednica previous government. The prevailing impression is that public Sanader, on yesterday's news conference, it is not clearly explained its decision.

- Due to personal reasons resignation given to the place of the Prime Minister and president. I will not be candidate for President of the Republic of Croatia. It can be Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, to have the signatures of over 80 coalition partners - announced Sanader.

The personal reason is not a disease, because Sanader said that "Thank God," healthy. He did not otpisao the possibility of his return to politics, but said that the HDZ's decided to form a feature honorary president who will participate in all decision-making. Reakao that will not accept a duty "in one of the European institutions, even though it was, and such offer".

Media and the opposition in Croatia yesterday spekulisali that Sanader "beži" because of the crisis: one of the most popular news sites in Croatia news about the resignation was announced under the title "Croatian tone, rats escaping. Other "rat" if you accept this premise, is the Minister of Science, Education and Sports Dragan Primorac, who's previously announced formal resignation.

- News is unsolicited, but when you place the economic and political situation in the context, then the reasons should be sought. The international community will carefully monitor what is happening, in Croatia is now casts the shadow of the great losers - said the Jutarnji list Tonino Picula, former head of Croatian diplomacy.

A few minutes after the Prime Minister announced the decision, the beginning of the big sale at Zagreb Stock Exchange, which resulted in the precipitous fall of the index. Sanader denied that the resignation leaves the ship to sink.

- Yes I Beja of the problems I would not take when the HDZ and Tudjman died in 2003 won the elections. and 2007. as well as local elections. These moments are not only our, we have collateral victim of the crisis that the world's - said Sanader.

Some media nagađali that resignation is a consequence of stroke in the current nationalist HDZ in the exponent of its possible candidacy for President Andrew Hebranga state. Hebrang and Sanader are on Tuesday, according to the site allegedly strong conflict of intentions Sanader to former Minister of Defense Berislav Rončević be made before the court because of scandals "trucks." However, the appointment of new president Kosor indicative that the government Sanaderov influence remained crucial.

The meeting in Croatia in the publication that preceded the resignation, only Sanaderov argument, according to our knowledge, was "a lot of me!".

Jerko Rošin, a member of the Croatian Parliament and a close friend Sanaderov believe that Sanader's resignation will have international consequences.

- Pemijerova resignation can be iščitati and message the EU and Slovenia, to see that the Prime Minister was useful, and that the EU can not solve the problem - said Rošin.

Sanader is persistently insisting journalists to explain his decision to keep recurring is already done.

- I promišljao deep, and after 20 years in politics, 10 in Croatia and six in the Government, it is time for a new page - concluded odlazeći Prime Minister of Croatia.

Mesic: I am astonished moment Sanader resignation

Croatian President Stjepan Mesić last night received the decision of Prime Minister Ivo Sanader to withdraw from the function, but expressed the astonishment of the moment in which the election is Sanader decided to announce his departure his.

Mesic, as he says from his office after meeting with Sanader recalled that "the Institute of the resignation of immanent democratic systems" and that in such systems, and in parliamentary democracies, "the prime minister's resignation in no way should be, and even can not shook the entire system. "

"President of the Republic can not, however, not to express astonishment choice of the moment in which the previous prime minister decided to announce his departure, because there is no doubt that Croatia is in a very serious, it can even say critical economic situation, and that our negotiations on EU accession zapeli holds for neighboring Slovenia, which have deteriorated, and relations with the country, "says the statement, and transmit Hina.

Adding to the crisis of government in such circumstances, "however that all institutions are still doing their job," do not contribute to the stability of the country and will inevitably cause confusion in the world.

The decision to withdraw from his position of Prime Minister Sander was stated yesterday in the extraordinary news conference. Sanader decided to withdraw from active dealing with politics.

North Korea missile launches and the third short-range

Seoul has previously stated that its northern neighbor this morning about eight hours by Central time, in every half an hour, launched two missiles from its eastern coast.
North Korea in April performed the test missiles, which is, allegedly, satellite launches, but it is considered that, in fact, the word on trial the very long range missiles taepodong-2, is noted Reuters.
In May, the Pyongyang nuclear test performed. It is, by general estimation, endanger world peace and violated United Nations resolutions on the prohibition of testing of ballistic missiles, and the Security Council pooštrio existing sanctions imposed Pyongyang and added some new ones.

FBI: Hussein lied because Iran

The FBI report made on the basis of examination of the former Iraqi leader, says that Saddam thought that his country threatening other countries in the region and that therefore Iraq must be shown as a state able to defend.

"Saddam is considered that Iraq can not be weak in relation to your enemies, especially Iran," wrote the special agent George pyro after talks with Iraqi president in June 2004. year.

FBI report reveals that Saddam was more concerned that Iran does not disclose the Iraqi weaknesses, but it is feared the U.S. move, after which hindered the return of UN inspectors who are in Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction.

"In his opinion, the UN inspectors to directly show Irancima where they can inflict maximum damage Iračanima," the documents obtained by the published and non-governmental research institute National Archives for security.

Zalaja are now back in Honduras

Zelaja would, as I said, should be back in the day, as opposed to their opponents. The Acting President of Honduras Roberto Mičeleti je Zelaji to be arrested under charges of treason, even though the country got a message that could be thrown from the Organization of American States.
In the meantime, the Congress of Honduras adopted a decision that gives security forces greater powers in the account with Zelajinim supporters of the police during the night hours, which was introduced after the shock state. According to this decision, security forces during the hours the police allowed the suspect to keep more than 24 hours without the indictment, and citizens are prohibited all gatherings at night. U.S., in protest of the military strikes, suspended military cooperation with Honduras, and several European countries is their ambassadors retired, recalled the BBC.
The attack was in Honduras in the week after the Supreme Court orders the army to zbaci Zelaju with the authorities because of his illegal plans to raspisa referendum on constitutional changes that would allow him another presidential term. Only a few hours after stroke state, the Congress president Roberto Mičeleti passed the oath of office Acting President of the state.

The United States launched a large offensive in southern Afghanistan

United States this morning launched a comprehensive offensive against talibana in the province of Helmand, in southern Afghanistan, most of the new president when Barak Obama came on duty.
The U.S. military has stated that the operation involved about 4,000 U.S. Marines and 650 soldiers avganistanskih, and to provide air support to NATO aircraft.
U.S. military officials claim that the offensive is different from all previous by a large number of soldiers who participate in it, but its speed and performance, said Bi-Bi-Si.
The operation, called "River of freedom," performed in the Helmand river valley, the longest in Afghanistan, where, as is believed, is only talibanskih core extremists, and that
applies to the largest region in the world production of heroin.
Heavy armored vehicles and helicopters the U.S. military, with the support of NATO aircraft, entered the early morning to iznenadnoj in action, with a large number of soldiers, "broken" strongest strongholds talibana.
The U.S. military believes that the results of operations only a few hours and go to her computer to destroy talibane hand, the foreign troops, led by NATO, has failed for years back.
As a gain in the valley Helmanda will get several thousand Marines in convoys through the valley approaches difficult accessible area, known as the "desert of death".
In Afghanistan, there is more than 61,000 thousand NATO soldiers, including most Americans - 28,850.

Girls - a miracle in Paris

Fourteenth annual girls Baja copper, which has only survived fall jemenskog aircraft two days ago in the Indian Ocean in the vicinity of Komorskih island, returned to his father in France the French government plane, accompanied by the French Secretary for Cooperation Alena Žoandea.

"Home is looking for her father. Girl is recovering and is in satisfactory condition," said the chief doctor of the hospital in which Chambers was a girl was located, transmits Reuters.

Teen, who can hardly to swim for more than 12 hours is plutala by rough ocean, holding to the wreck, before they saw members of spasilačkog team.

TV clip was broadcast before the girls survived to return to France is how poorly equipped room in the intensive care unit at the hospital Chamber of Commerce, is still over to her mother nastradala in nesreći.Jedina passengers have survived a cut, bruises and fractures clavicle, and the hospital does not have the appropriate equipment that could determine whether there was an internal injury.

In addition to girls, is not found none of the 152 passengers and crew members jemenskog aircraft "Airbus A310", which collapsed on Tuesday in the Indian Ocean.

American and French military aircraft continue to search the place of an accident.

Local search teams assume that the majority of the body Affected potonulom imprisoned in the aircraft and that effort should be directed to finding the wrecks, which are believed to be located at the depth of half a kilometer.

"Everything leads us to the conclusion that the bodies of victims inside. For two days we did not find any body, any more the rest of the aircraft or suitcase to cork on the water," said the employee in the search center Ibrahim Abdourazak.

The cause of the fall of the aircraft is still unknown, and the French Minister of Defense opovrgao say that black box was found.

This was the case for another month to the aircraft, "Airbus" collapsed into the sea.