Friday, July 31, 2009

Fired because of provocative T-shirts

Zagreb - RTL-cameraman, who was at the session of the Government of Croatia naljutio premijerku Jadranka Kosor carrying provocative T-shirt with the inscription on its office, he fired.

The inscription on the T-shirt "I do not need sex, the government s *** me every day" otpuštenog cameraman John Cvirna, is the first video Minister of Health Darko Milinović, and after that is the official photographer asked the Government which is Cvirna and uslikao.

Kosor is meeting the Government, protested and said that "such things will not be tolerated, and the protest is addressed and the state news agency Hina.

RTL leadership held a meeting and decided to drop Cvirna and cameramen to stop cooperation with Studioblend in which employed.

As a reason for cancellation rukovodsrvo RTL said that the cameraman has violated the contract in which the commitments not to impair the reputation of the company.

RTL and the public of the controversial hedge cameramen and stated that it is not behaved professionally, but inappropriate for the norms of public communication.

RTL is in the evening news stated that the behavior of the cameramen do not need to drive in connection with the freedom of the media.

Press Association condemned move Kosor

Croatian Press Association as esnafska journalistic associations, condemned the proceedings premijerke Jadranka Kosor and members of government who have the inscription on the T-shirt najurili TV station RTL cameraman jučeranje session with the government, and the TV cameraman is the house that same day gave notice.

CJA is a very unpleasantly surprised that cancellation is RTL Television gave Ivan Cvirnu, cameramen who performed work for the television and to the intervention Jadranka Kosor, President of Croatian government, which, in jučeranjoj meeting of the government, it is not liked the inscription on the T-shirt Cvirnovoj, there in the statement signed by the CJA president Zdenko Duka, which calls on the Government Administration RTL-to Cvirna return to work.

"The words Jadranka Kosor could come to her only good news in general, which will runs in and that they will not run if it is considered desirable to have trained, as the government offices of its private houses," the statement, a response premijerke assessed as a clear pressure on the media that resulted in the cancellation cameramen Cvirnu.

The process according to Cvirnu, who claimed that he was the only clean shirt, caused a negative reaction in the Croatian media, and public support for him.

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