Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Karzai calls for peace talibane

Karzai has called for dialogue with members of talibana that are not related to Al Qaeda and who are willing to reject violence and to public announcements. However, he said that is not yet ready to discuss the key request talibana - withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan - because their permanent presence, as he said, of national interest.

"Afghan people continue to fundamentally strong relations with the United States. You know, and Afghan people know that the presence of international troops in Afghanistan provides stability in the country," said Karzai.

He added that, despite everything, the presence of U.S. and NATO should be based on a partnership in which "partners do not lose lives, property, dignity as a result of the partnership."

Karzai is considered to be the candidate with the most looks in the elections, called for 20 August, but his chances of success could reduce a lot of his compatriots Paštuni the unstable south and east countries, where the American and British forces this month, suffered the biggest victims in the last eight years.

His only serious rival could be the former Foreign Affairs Minister Abdulah Abdulah, who could insist on the second round if it is weak turnout among Paštunima, the largest ethnic community in the country and the core Talibana, why Karzai would not have won.

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