Thursday, July 2, 2009

Zalaja are now back in Honduras

Zelaja would, as I said, should be back in the day, as opposed to their opponents. The Acting President of Honduras Roberto Mičeleti je Zelaji to be arrested under charges of treason, even though the country got a message that could be thrown from the Organization of American States.
In the meantime, the Congress of Honduras adopted a decision that gives security forces greater powers in the account with Zelajinim supporters of the police during the night hours, which was introduced after the shock state. According to this decision, security forces during the hours the police allowed the suspect to keep more than 24 hours without the indictment, and citizens are prohibited all gatherings at night. U.S., in protest of the military strikes, suspended military cooperation with Honduras, and several European countries is their ambassadors retired, recalled the BBC.
The attack was in Honduras in the week after the Supreme Court orders the army to zbaci Zelaju with the authorities because of his illegal plans to raspisa referendum on constitutional changes that would allow him another presidential term. Only a few hours after stroke state, the Congress president Roberto Mičeleti passed the oath of office Acting President of the state.

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