Thursday, July 2, 2009

He died an American actor of Serbian origin Karl Malden

Famous American actor of Serbian origin and Oskarovac Karl Malden, the most famous roles in the films "streetcar called desire" and "On the docks of New York," died today in the 97th years, stated his agent.

Malden, known for its role in the TV series "Streets of San Francisco, died in a dream in his home in Los Angeles, said his agent Bad Mos, said Reuters.

Malden, who won the Oscar in 1951. for the role in the film "streetcar called desire", which is played next to Marlon Brando, was of poor health in recent years.

Malden, the oldest of three brothers, was born in the 22nd Indiana March 1912. as Mladen Sekulović. His mother Mini, originally Čehinja, was the seamstress and actress, and his father was a Serb Petar Sekulović, which is very like the music.

Family Sekulović pulling roots from Bileća in Herzegovina.

Malden, who is from the small Serbian speaking, he was very popular in school and star basketball team. According to his biography, Malden twice lomio nose.

Karl Malden in the name is changed when he was 22 years.

Often, glumeći in the forthcoming movies or TV shows, discovering ways to say "Sekulović.

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