Friday, July 31, 2009

Bloody fireworks - two bombs in two days

MADRID - In a car-bomb explosion on the Spanish island of Mallorca yesterday killed two members of the Civil Guard. How are local authorities stated, the attack is suspected Eta Basque separatist organization, and he followed the day after a car explosion in the barracks in the city of Burgos in northern Spain. Yesterday's explosion occurred in front of the building in the Civil Guard PALMAN, only a few kilometers from the Marivent palace, where the Spanish royal family traditionally spends the summer vacation. Now not confirmed knowledge of local media that the explosion injured several people.

Representatives of the media in the Civil Guard and a representative of the Spanish government in Mallorca okrivili the organization Eta for this attack. They are a bunch of mad murderer "and" become očajniji and dangerous, "said Ramon Sosijas representative government.

The last attack with fatal consequences, which is assigned Basque separatists was in June, when the car-bomb explosion in Bilbao in the Basque country, killed a policeman from the antiterrorist units.

The Socialist government of Prime Minister Jose Luisa Rodrigesa Sapatera interrupted the peace negotiations with Etom as Basque separatists killed two people at Madrid airport in December 2006. Eta, the Spanish government is considered responsible for the deaths of more than 800 people, today celebrates 50 years of his secret established during the Franco dictatorship, when the Basque culture suffered repression, says Reuters.

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