Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls - a miracle in Paris

Fourteenth annual girls Baja copper, which has only survived fall jemenskog aircraft two days ago in the Indian Ocean in the vicinity of Komorskih island, returned to his father in France the French government plane, accompanied by the French Secretary for Cooperation Alena Žoandea.

"Home is looking for her father. Girl is recovering and is in satisfactory condition," said the chief doctor of the hospital in which Chambers was a girl was located, transmits Reuters.

Teen, who can hardly to swim for more than 12 hours is plutala by rough ocean, holding to the wreck, before they saw members of spasilačkog team.

TV clip was broadcast before the girls survived to return to France is how poorly equipped room in the intensive care unit at the hospital Chamber of Commerce, is still over to her mother nastradala in nesreći.Jedina passengers have survived a cut, bruises and fractures clavicle, and the hospital does not have the appropriate equipment that could determine whether there was an internal injury.

In addition to girls, is not found none of the 152 passengers and crew members jemenskog aircraft "Airbus A310", which collapsed on Tuesday in the Indian Ocean.

American and French military aircraft continue to search the place of an accident.

Local search teams assume that the majority of the body Affected potonulom imprisoned in the aircraft and that effort should be directed to finding the wrecks, which are believed to be located at the depth of half a kilometer.

"Everything leads us to the conclusion that the bodies of victims inside. For two days we did not find any body, any more the rest of the aircraft or suitcase to cork on the water," said the employee in the search center Ibrahim Abdourazak.

The cause of the fall of the aircraft is still unknown, and the French Minister of Defense opovrgao say that black box was found.

This was the case for another month to the aircraft, "Airbus" collapsed into the sea.

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