Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reduced working hours, less pay - just do not notice

According to the report
London - Thousands of people around the world will leave this summer to forced unpaid vacation - a global crisis is desperate to enter the global labor market, which for now has no effective remedy, warned yesterday the London "Times Fajnenšel.

Every fifth agent for employment in the UK has experienced this spring verbal bullying dismissed jalovoj candidates for a new job.

Before the summer vacation, the employee in the West are faced with "indecently offers employers," that would - before breaking out of the global economic crisis, trade unions organized mass strikes.

Dimly estimate the length of the world's current economic crisis (the most serious of the 1945th year), estimates the World zloslutne organization for work that only this year without a job to stay around 59 million people, the UN forecast that the disruption in the global labor market take at least eight years ... sensibly changing relations of employers and employees throughout the world.

Namely, employers and employees throughout the West more devise new working arrangements that fit one to the so-save job, and the other to maintain high quality work force for a moment of economic recovery, say the British Institute for Employment.

Waiting on the global renaissance of air travel, "British Airways is the sixth day of employees (a total of 40,000 people) offered to take unpaid leave for an indefinite period of time, to accept less than the working time (and corresponding salary), or agree to work without benefits: 800 already agreed to work for free.

On the Iberian peninsula, the famous Spanish bank BBVA is the employees (30,000) offered five years absence from work with payment of 30 per cent of earnings. In Switzerland, legendary "Kartje is a shortened working time a group of 200 workers who receive 95 percent of wages because they do not work. In Finland, posustala air-company "Finer" provided two thirds of employees (9,500 people) prislini of the two-week vacation - without compensation. With one side of the Atlantic, the state universities in California preparing employees - including teachers - forced vacation to a month, in Hawaii in the civil service employees will not have to come to work Friday, three month in the next two years, while in Michigan the executive work of six fewer working days this summer.

Flexible working hours scheme - forced blasting neizvesnog the economic crisis - not a lot of supporters in the circles of the leading European banks. "If the economic crisis is not lasted long, the concept of abbreviated working time can serve as an effective tool." If you take the crisis, such measures will seriously burden the state budget and prevent the inflow of new investment ", it ventralna European bank.

Critics scheme forced suspension of employees from work for the future mutual prosperity believe that countries that encourage this concept of the struggle against the crisis, in fact conceal the actual number of unemployed.

Length of the global economic crisis becomes a key issue of today's system - at the top of the UN on the occasion of not hiding pessimism.

"I'm afraid the worst is yet to come: severe political crisis in the image of growing social unrest, oslabljenih government and ogorčenog public opinion that has lost confidence in their leaders, but also in their personal future. Urge the leaders of the G-8 summit in Italy to take action and regain the dignity of life and work of millions of people, "the message of the day the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mun.

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