Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Shanghai one child policy change

Shanghai government, the financial capital People's Republic of China decided to encourage couples to prionu on something that is the privilege of the few - the second child, as fearful that they will not have enough young labor force to ensure that old life.

This is a dramatic change 30 years of long policy of limiting population growth and clearer awareness of the consequences of all the authorities that this policy has the appearance of unwanted priopratne, write today's newspapers in the UK.
The People's Republic of China will do in 2050. be 438 million people above 60 years of age, which will drop off only 1.6 capable of working people who should be funded to a peaceful old age, reads London daily "Guardian".
This trend is particularly pronounced in Shanghai, where 21 percent of the population are older than 60 years, which is more than twice the national average.
Shanghai initiative was followed a few densely populated Asian cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, who have been promoted the idea of small families, until birth rate, along with increasing the standards, it is not dropped to the level of western countries, says "Fajnenšel Tajms.
The trend of one child seems de zaživeo is among the population of large cities, many of which realize the advantages of land only one child and do not want, or can not financially afford to, secondly, the spread "Guardian".

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