Friday, July 31, 2009

Italy: Increase the number of poor

Rome - The Italian has the seventh month with less than 1000 euros, and every twentieth live in "absolute poverty", with conditions for a minimum standard of living.

The Italian national statistical agency it is stated that in Italy is considered relatively poor people whose monthly consumption of less than 999.67 euros. Last year the number of Italians who are in this category increased to 13.6 percent or 8.78 million, transfers Reuters.

In 2007. the percentage of Italians who have lived in relative poverty was 12.8 percent.

In the underdeveloped south of the country relatively poor today reaches 26.7 percent, in central Italy 8.1, in the northern areas of the country 5.9 percent.

The most vulnerable are households with more than three children, hranioci young families and older people living at the expense of the relatives.

Those who live in absolute poverty - that are not able to buy even basic food cart, which means a minimum standard of living - now are 4.9 percent of the Italian population or 2.9 million people. In the previous year it is for 0.8 percent.

In southern Italy the percentage of population living in absolute poverty last year increased to 8.1 percent, with six percent in 2007. year.

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