Tuesday, July 28, 2009

United States still strongly support Israel

Tel Aviv - U.S. Defense Minister Robert Gejts said yesterday in Jerusalem that the United States, which have offered Iran a conversation on the nuclear program, hoping the answer to the proposal by the end of September. Barak Obama President of the United States at the beginning of the month warned Iran that the international community will not unedogled waiting for a response to Tehran in connection with the offer for dialogue on the nuclear issue.

"I think that the expected or hoped some kind of response this fall, perhaps at the time of the UN General Assembly session," said Gejts reporters after meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. U.S. Secretary of Defense has also said that there is a possibility to impose sanctions on Iran in case of failure of diplomacy, spomenuvši plans to defend allies in the region.

He stressed that the U.S. will continue to provide "solid" military support to Israel. "United will continue to provide a solid military support on an annual basis in order to reinforce the defense of Israel, the growing threat of a projectile," he said. "We'll still look the most that Israel has weapons of national defense." U.S. Secretary of Defense, also said that long-term security of Israel depends on the sustainable peace in the Middle East, which is essential for regional stability. Gejts yesterday arrived in Israel just a few hours to help renew the peace process in the Middle East.

Barak said that his country does not exclude any option when it comes to the nuclear program of Iran, which Israel claims that his goal is to produce atomic bombs. "It is our position. We think so, "said Barak, and thanked the United States that continue to support Israel. "We were blind. We know that all we do can have an impact on our neighbors and others, and strive to have in mind. We believe strongly that you should not have to give up any of the options and recommend that others take the same position, although no one can dictate what to do, "said Minister of Defense of Israel. He added that it is important to emphasize, especially in the Middle East, the largest U.S. world power with the moderate countries in the efforts to come to terms with the extremists.

As the world's state news agency, Israeli officials did not reveal details of the planned military action to implement the act, although it is known that the army in the past few months carried out several military exercises, which is considered to be preparations for possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. However, according to correspondents, Barak, however, stressed that priority should be given to diplomacy and sharper sanctions.

Analysts say that is considered to Gejts visit to Israel is part of efforts to the country away from military action against Iran. However, to say good poznavaoci local conditions, Barak is even three times stressed that even one of the options should not give up, which indicates that attempts to U.S. Secretary of Defense did not urodili fruit. Gejts from Israel traveled to Jordan.

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