Sunday, July 26, 2009

Give Pyongyang

Leadership of North Korea forebode is still interested in holding direct talks with the United States, there's the South Korean and Japanese agencies, only a few days after the final withdrawal from Pyongyang to participate in discussions about denuklearizaciji peninsula.
- We were not against dialogue. We are not against talks on issues of common interest-the ambassador said North Korea to the UN Sin Son Ho Japanese agency Kjodo.
However, the Son is rejected the possibility of negotiations on Pyongyang return denuklearizaciji, saying that the talks were "definitely ready".
Washington and Pyongyang have recently exchanged very sharp words, when Hilary Clinton severnokorejskog regime compare behavior with the behavior of "a small child who constantly search attention," and that "Pyongyang is no longer friends," which caused the Ministry of External Affairs Paper North Korea in which the Clinton said that "funny woman who sometimes looks like a girl from elementary school, and sometimes the penzionerku which went to the market."

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