Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the minimum wage 6.5 million Germans

Every fifth employee in Germany lives on minimum income, a total of 6.5 million employees earning less than 9.62 euros per hour - although many of them have high qualifications. These data are the result of studies on earnings Institute of Labor and qualification (IAQ) of the University of Duisburg, according to the professional qualifications and completed the study does not represent a guarantee of more good earnings. According to the results of mentioned research, the number of employees who work for low wages from 1995. grown to 2.1 million, and only during the past year to 350,000. These are people whose income is below the limit of 9.62 euros in western Germany and the Euro below 7.18 in Eastern Germany. It is scientifically recognized borders of low earnings, which is determined by the OECD. The study shows that the low timing can not protect or work full-time employment for almost a quarter of employees who earn less than five euros per hour is employed full-time employment. Less than five euros per hour but employees generally earn the so-called. mini-time.
Number of qualified workers and people with higher qualifications who work for low wages has also grown significantly, to 2007. was 70.8 percent. As Claudia explains Vajnkopf, Deputy Director of IAQ, to this phenomenon it was because many of their own unemployment were forced to move to low wage sector. According to her, in other Western industrial countries developed such low pay would not be possible, due to the established minimum wage.
IAQ calculation shows, except that, to the effects of inflation relative value of low earnings in the last 12 years the average has not increased, while in the western part of Germany and even dropped. The average value of timing of low wages in the sector amounted to 6.88 euros in the western and 5.60 euros in the eastern part of the country, while the 1.2 million employees earning less than five euros per hour.
SPD, left, trade unions and green therefore require the introduction of minimum wages that would be applied to all. Union and the FDP to refuse, for fear that in this way reduced the number of jobs.

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