Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Minister on an official holiday stolen car

German Minister of Health ula Smit (60) from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) found on the attack because the media is using the official car and driver on holiday in Spain. Disgrace to be higher, the armored Mercedes S class, worth 93,000 euros, was stolen in the summer near the beach in the Costa Blanca, in the city of Alicante.

According to the German press, the official car Ule Smit disappeared so that the thieves broke in the hotel room of its drivers, which include, among other things, stolen from the car and keys. Ministarkin find the car parked in front of the house of a friend who is odsela during the holidays and Take it with no trouble.

Order and the driver

Matter by the Minister to be worse still, turned to the left the plane in Spain, and that its driver in the official Mercedes from Berlin to Spain had to prevali 2387 kilometers to her was "the hand" of the holiday.
In the statement of the Ministry of Health, Smith tried to lessen the political and moral damages.
- Minister of Health, as well as other ministers, is available for official and personal needs are always the official car and driver. Smith is a car in Spain several times and used private and official. The Minister is, namely, during your holiday, and had official duties - Ministry of Health has stated Nemačke.U statement added that all that was private, the Minister be calculated.
This attitude of German ministries, however, failed to meet gnevne citizens. Around 70 percent of Germans in the survey of the "Velt" requested the resignation of Ule Smit.
Paper Ministry failed to meet or coalition partners ministarkine parties.
Expert question-budget Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a partner SPD, Georg Širmbek said that it was Smith in the entire Europe, sent the driver and the car in Spain scandalous waste of taxpayers money,

Germans madly

- U.S. does not have or that he submitted his resignation. It is the mandate of the already expired. Smith is the wrong person in the office of the federal government - said Širmbek.
Reviews of the Smith bill, which, according to the writing press, odletela plane to Spain, received the strongest opposition from the German party - liberals, which would demohrišćani kancelarkom Angela Merkel, after the 27th federal election September, would like to enter into a coalition.
Federal deputy from the Liberal dering Patrick stated that the concept can not be that German embassy in Madrid could not Take Šmit where the Minister should be.
Smith, who recently was "obrušila" in the German doctors suspects of corruption, received a "boomerang," the association of doctors, who do not believe that it is the official car in Spain used for official purposes.
Doctors have requested that the Ministry Attach a detailed plan of its official meetings during the holidays in Spain, and to check how serious and important were these meetings.
- If the Minister was not able to prove all, you should immediately resign - is considered an association of physicians.

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