Friday, July 31, 2009

Association will not "bare" donation

An association for the fight against domestic violence in the UK rejected a donation of one frizerskog salon with the workers denudative pozirale calendar with the explanation that would support the sex trade.

The association has not accepted the money obtained from sales of the calendar which is 11 hairdresser from a small place Aloa Scotland poziralo poluobnaĹženo. Hairdresser Hill and Moraga Ketrin cream, inicijatorke project, say that they are deeply insulted paragraph associations.

"This is really us razbesnelo. Of 11 women who pozirale, five on his skin felt the violence in the family. We just wanted to help other women who are in such a situation," noted one adding that the association said that do not support women skidaju clothes that earned money.

Association for the fight against violence in the family is left in your attitude.

"Satisfied we have the initiative, but we fight against the sex industry, and we can not accept the donation, provided by his representatives.

A hairdresser mentioned so far has earned 700 euros, and they intend to sell at least 2000 copies of the calendar, transfer the local media.

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