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6 foods that reduce cholesterol in three months

6 foods that reduce cholesterol in three months

A high level of cholesterol in blood is a critical factor for the development of heart disease, which take three times longer life than breast cancer and more than twice the lung. The good news is that reducing cholesterol the most important thing you can do to reduce the risk to human health. Is it enough just to change diet or is it only possible with the use of statins? Reply professionals is that it is possible to significantly reduce the level of cholesterol in the diet changes. What's more, you do not have to forgo the eggs or chocolate. It is important to combine six kinds of food for three months, you will have 20 percent less holestertola.

in smart foods include yogurt proactive, as well as other products containing stanols and sterols. These natural molecules, which are found in plants, blocking the absorption of cholesterol from foods, which is then removed from the body.
Evidence: Studies have shown that plant sterols reduce cholesterol levels by seven to ten percent in three weeks.
Quantity: You need to take 2 grams of the most extensive meal of the day, every day. The best source is yogurt. Instead it can consume six small scoop margarine enriched with vitamins in order to obtain the same amount of sterols, giving 150 calories and 18 grams of fat.
Expert advice: Take them to the main meal because sterols reduce the amount of fat absorbed. "Sip your morning coffee or crumbs margarine during the day will not produce the same effect. FIBRE high content of fiber in beans and stews means you can not easily digested in the intestines. The fibers bind to cholesterol so that it ejects the waste material. Bread is rich fibrous materials should be introduced into the diet.

Proof: a meta-analysis of 67 studies on the relationship of fibrous substances and cholesterol levels, it was concluded that consuming većeh amount of fiber helps to reduce bad LDL cholesterol by a small but significant amount. Metry with fibrous foodstuffs, such as potato, also have an impact on the body to absorb less of saturated fat, which helps in controlling the body weight and protects the artery of fatty deposits.
Quantity: Eighteen grams per day. About five grams comes from products based on oats, and you get the rest of the required amount is enough to take a slice of toast rich in fiber and two tablespoons of beans. Fruits and vegetables will also increase your intake of fibrous substances.
Expert advice: reduce your cholesterol level if you just replace the white bread Graham.

Most nuts, including almonds, walnuts and peanuts are good for smanjivanej cholesterol. Should avoid salty varieties, especially if normally have high blood pressure. Still not entirely clear how these affect food to reduce cholesterol, but it may have been that contains plant sterols and monounsaturated fats that protect blood vessels from damage. In addition, rich in fiber and vitamin E.
Proof: Year 2010. in the analysis of 25 studies conducted in the United States in connection with the consumption of nuts and fat levels in the blood, it was concluded that the daily intake of eight to ten fruits lowers total cholesterol by five percent, and that these fruits especially useful for those who have high levels of bad LDL cholesterol.
Quantity: Between 25 and 50 grams per day.
Expert advice: Nuts saturate, so that not only reduce cholesterol but also reduce the need for constant snacking. Although, in theory, highly caloric, it is unlikely that all of them exploit energy.

How dare you eat a day?
1 A small cup of yogurt
2 Nuts 30 g - about 25 almonds, for example
3 A piece of black bread and 80 g of beans
4 90 g of oats, oatmeal, oat cakes and three two slices of oat bread
5 Two tablespoons of olive oil or canola - in cooking
6 Two soybean products - 125 ml soy pudding, 70 g of ground soybean, soy yogurt and a glass of soy milk - great for beginning
soy milk, soy nuts, and soy yogurt helps the liver to flush out the bad LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. Soybeans can be used as a substitute for dairy products and meat.
Proof: There is some evidence, including studies of the 2011th years that soy protein helps in removing total cholesterol. Although the effects were modest, some experts say that because soy products, such as, for example tofu, can often be a substitute for meat, it reduces the intake of saturated fats from other sources.
Quantity: Experts recommend at least two to three servings of soy products per day. This is the amount of half a liter of soy milk, or yogurt. There may be a lowering of cholesterol by five percent, but the scientific evidence for this information are limited.
Expert advice: Start with a portion of a day and gradually enter the soy in the diet.
 Healthy oils
Olive oil and canola, which are chiefly contain monounsaturated fat, or increase or decrease the level of cholesterol. However, they help to strengthen the walls of the arteries, which means that the arteries more resistant to the action of cholesterol. These fats are easily purified in the body.
Evidence: Studies show that replacing saturated fats, such as lard and butter these oils results in a reduction in cholesterol levels. It assists in the prevention of infection caused by the LDL in the arteries, which is a key factor for cardiovascular disease.
Quantity: Two tablespoons a day in meal preparation. Research from the 2002nd shows that consuming this amount of olive oil each day reduced total cholesterol by eight per cent to six weeks. Also, it is known that virgin olive oil is the best.
Expert advice: For polyunsaturated fats from sunflower oil were seen as good as olive oil, but lately has shown that excessive use of sunflower oil causes oxidation, which means an increase in deposits on artery walls. However, remember that the polyunsaturated fats are still better than butter and lard.
Oats contain ingredients called beta-glucan, which give appearance of porridge. Beta glucans form a thick gelatin layer in the digestive tract and bind cholesterol in the gut, thus preventing the body to absorb cholesterol. Then, together with the cholesterol occurred gelatinous coating removed from the body.
Proof: The analysis of 12 studies that included more than a thousand patients have shown that adding beta glucan daily diet over oats and other cereal lowers cholesterol by five percent in three months.
Quantity: three grams of beta gluconate per day. This is just a small bowl, mash, three crackers oat flour or oat two slices of bread. These quantities should facilitate and daily fiber intake by about 5 grams.
Advice of experts: Studies have shown that beta glucan is good for the heart and the oats very edible. There's even a bread with added oat bran. It would be best to take a regular three portions of oats per day, in order to obtain full effect.


1 If cholesterol is so bad, why is our body?
- Cholesterol is a fatty substance produced by the liver and is used to build cell walls, with the help of it creates a protective coating around the nerve and used in the manufacture of other chemicals, such as hormones.
Cholesterol is found in the body in combination with a protein to form a layer around tiny grains of fat absorbed from food, which are called lipoproteins. The purpose of this coating is to keep the fat together, so that the blood would not have floating bits of fat.
Two lipoproteins which usually measure is low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and the high-density (HDL). LDL is a large lumps of fat, such as proteins and which roll along the artery and the liver is only to be ejected from the body. While traveling, the fat passes through the walls of the arteries and invest in them. This process, called atherosclerosis, causes narrowing of the walls of the arteries so that blood can not normally pass through them, and as a result it caused blood clots that can cause heart attack or stroke.
HDL is known as "good" cholesterol. It is much smaller and removes fat deposits from the walls of the arteries while circulating through the body. Therefore, it is important to know what level of both cholesterol levels, since it is precisely the relationship between them essential for the existence of a risk of illness.

What causes an increase in the level of fat?
fat depends on the genetic inheritance and diet. In the West, many people have cholesterol levels higher than those in countries where the diet is less fat, such as, for example, Japan. Consuming foods rich in saturated fats, such as butter, cream, meat products, sausages and fast food, leads to high cholesterol.

How to measure cholesterol?
What is important is the relationship between LDL and HDL. It can be measured by a simple blood test at the health center. The result gives a unit volume of the cholesterol was millimoles per liter of blood, or mmol. It's good that LDL is below 3 mmol, and the limit of the total cholesterol is 5 mmol. People who are at increased risk of heart disease - those with high blood pressure, overweight, elderly people, or a family history of the disease, they should have a total cholesterol at most 4 mmol, wherein the order of LDL should be not more than 2 mmol. Co is more than 8 mmol of total cholesterol is one of the secondary di high risk group, depending on the age and pressure. A score of 5 or even 6 mmol in certain individuals might be too high, more specifically, to those who have other risk factors, such as, for example, rheumatoid arthritis.

How often should I check for cholesterol?
After 40-years of age, cholesterol levels should be controlled svaih five years. If you are in the family have heart disease or high cholesterol, you should immediately go to the measurement, and before the 40th.

Do you know if I have a high score means that I will have a heart attack?
Cardiovascular disease can lead to heart attack or stroke. As you get older, the greater the risk. Also, smoking, high blood pressure, a genetic history and immobility increase the risk. The combination of high cholesterol with these factors are alarming.

Do I need to take statins?
If your total cholesterol below 5 mmol, most doctors will tell you to change your diet. If it is high enough, you may rewrite statins because these drugs reduce levels by 20 to 40 percent, a significant decline. Doctors will prescribe statins Anyone who have 20 percent increased chance for developing cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years. But, in any case advise changes to the diet.

How many meals can you help?
diet can reduce cholesterol levels by 10 to 20 percent, significantly reducing the risk of heart disease. Studies show that when the average person can achieve a reduction of 13 percent. For some of us, that's enough.

How long does it take to start working?
order to reduce cholesterol by 20 percent, you would have to apply all the healthy habits mentioned above, for at least three months. If you do not see a change after three months, talk with your doctor. In some people, a healthy diet does not have a large effect. Once you lower your cholesterol, you will need to firmly hold the rules of healthy eating.

3 sources of health

3 sources of health

No vegetables are not. Available, easy to prepare, delicious healthy, especially potatoes, tomatoes and onions.

Onions keeps the airways
Onions has long been known as a food and as a medicine because it contains many valuable substances. In addition to potassium, sulfur and chromium, is rich in bioflavonoids, which has great anti-cancer effect. In addition, 100 grams of onion contains the required daily dose of vitamin C, but has a significant amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, E, H and K. Onion is an excellent diuretic, and is well proven in lowering high blood pressure and treating inflammation, particularly when it comes to the airways and wrists. During the winter, the time of respiratory infections, commonly used expectorant and strengthening the immune system.

Potatoes provide energy
Because nutritional and medicinal properties, potato is one of the most appreciated food worldwide. Easy to store, and is available to us all year. Despite the belief that potatoes fattening, this vegetable is low in calories, only 85 to 100 grams, but they contain as many as 22 minerals. The most important are potassium, which ensures the proper functioning of muscles and the heart, iron and magnesium, which has returned to power.
Moreover, this vegetable contains vitamin C and vitamin B, which facilitate the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and other digestive organs. Eat only cooked and baked for so prepared contains the most nutrients.

Tomato strengthens immunity
Because of its energy, nutritious and medicinal value, tomatoes are an indispensable part of our diet. Although it is one of seasonal vegetables for years and here you can buy at any time of the year because it has managed to greenhouses.
vegetables This shiny red bark is low in calories, but they contain many different nutrients of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B6, C and E, over the potassium, manganese, chromium and copper, to the magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and lycopene. Because antioxidant and antiseptic effects, tomato is an excellent diuretic and body cleaner and is recommended for strengthening the immune system.

How to fight against the effects of lack of sleep

How to fight against the effects of lack of sleep

According to research by the U.S. Centers for insomnia, 23 percent of American workers have problems with lack of sleep, which costs the U.S. economy 63.2 billion dollars in lost productivity.
Adults Americans are losing about 11 days a year on insomnia and often go to work too tired to work performed properly.

- We live in a society that is open 24 hours a day. For many of us this does not leave enough time to sleep seven or eight hours every night. It can be particularly dangerous if that is the case with pilots, surgeons and truck drivers - says David Nojmejer, a specialist in sleep disorders clinic in Burlington in Masačutetsu.
within the group at risk of insomnia and sleep deprivation include those with sleep disorders or diseases that affect the quality of sleep, as well as those who work in shifts.

Consequences of insomnia
- are familiar with the short-term effects of lack of sleep - when we are sleepy, irritable, agitated. Long-term consequences can be quite serious, and among them are: obesity, depression, memory loss and serious injury - says Nojmejer.
Persons with sleep deprivation becomes careless, you can focus on what it does, it's time for response is extended, the decision to difficult to make. If the effects are present over an extended period may cause high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes.

- You can not fight biology. The only remedy for lack of sleep is compensating sleep. But how many of us have days or times when you just do not have the time catching up on sleep.
He recommends several effective tricks.

Eat well and take plenty of fluids
when you are sleep deprived, your body tries to conserve energy, so it can happen that you do not have the strength or desire to eat and drink normally. Avoid fast food and snacks without the calories.

Moderate Aerobic exercise can temporarily infuse the needed energy, but do not overdo it with exercise or you'll be even more tired.

Get out into the fresh air and sunshine
staying outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine helps to reset the biological clock. The body stops producing the hormone melatonin when you are exposed to sunlight, and therefore will be less sleepy.

Drink coffee
Approximately 80 percent of adults use coffee as a stimulant. You might need more than one cup of coffee after a sleepless night. On the other hand, experts recommend that you avoid energy drinks.

Try to look better than they feel
they look "zarozano" it and neglect personal hygiene,'ll look and feel worse. So make sure you look as beautiful and trimmer.

Odremajte bit
back a certain energy and freshness by a little nap during the day. Even a 15 to 20 minute afternoon nap can be of great help. In fact, if you nap extend to more than half an hour after that will be even harder to wake up.
- There is no substitute for a good night's sleep. Just a good night's sleep can not dispel all fatigue that you gathered. If a long time you have symptoms of sleep deprivation, or suffer from frequent insomnia, you should see a doctor.

Stay warm, will accelerate the circulation

Stay warm, will accelerate the circulation

Miracle cure for poor circulation there. You need to eat healthy, move, and on cigarettes forgotten.

Good circulation, and the circulation of blood in the body, to be called this process, it is crucial for health because it required oxygen and food delivered cells, and they are releasing harmful products.
How good circulation is important, it usually becomes aware of only when they start to distort and health problems that are initially mostly manifested through cold and numb feet or hands.
Dr a general practitioner in the Department of Emergency Medicine in Belgrade, says that poor blood circulation in the hands of identified by feeling the weight in the hands of the exertion, loss of power in their hands and numbness.
As far as the leg, the weakened circulation indicate first occasional pain during walking accompanied by burning sensation in the soles and strong cramps in the calves. Then symptoms subside, and after a hundred steps moving again. At night, occur almost unbearable pain in the feet followed by cold feet, "tingling" and numbness, which borders with anestezy.
When circulation is poor for a long time, the skin becomes pale, rough, inelastic, and the fingertips are often create sores.
Our interviewee indicates that the attenuation of the circulation is influenced by numerous factors, but mostly high levels of blood lipids, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, disorders of the thyroid gland, stress, improper diet, lack of physical activity, in particular smoking.
- These are all consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor circulation prevents changing bad habits - says doctor and advise:
• Control pressure
• Adjust diabetes if you have
• Maintain normal levels of blood fats
• Maintain a lost weight
• enough to move
properly • Eating
• cigarettes forget.

It is also important to dress appropriately, and this winter, when the low temperature is often poor peripheral circulation, then warmed the feet and hands. Because, in a warm and better blood circulation.

The skin is the largest human organ

The skin is the largest human organ

How will our skin to look and how to be healthy, depending on the state of internal organs, glands with internal secretion, stress. Also, the external factors, especially the sun dermatovenerolog.

Holds together all the other organs and makes them whole. We wrapped it, so no wonder it is the largest human organ. Great to be able to cover the entire two square meters.
Dr dermatovenerolog in Belgrade's health, "sail", said that along with its accessories, hair and nails, skin the mirror of our health, nutrition, culture, habits ...
Leather every person has a unique relief that no one else has. Because of this quality index finger of the right hand is used for identification in criminalistics.
fingertips, and finger-tips, the most sensitive parts of the skin because they contain many nerve fibers, while the least sensitive to stimuli leather back.

how the skin is important, is the fact that the baby at birth, except for the heart, muscles of breathing and what are her reflexes, assess and skin. Just for the record, the quality of the skin is inherited from both parents.
role of skin in our life is manifold. Not only are we protecting by not allowing it to penetrate our body microorganisms, water and dirt, skin secretes and vitamin D plays an important role in regulating body temperature and receiving sensory stimuli. Through her, we feel pressure, pain, touch, heat, cold ...
- There's a certain social role. With a beautiful and healthy skin definitely feel better, perform safer and more confident than if you have a rash or skin is nourished us - observes the doctor.
Condition of the skin depends on the state of other internal organs, glands with internal secretion, stress, and environmental factors that we continuously subjected, primarily from the sun.
Since it depends upon so many factors, it is very prone to disease. Bacterial, viral, fungal, immunologic ... Skin diseases are easy to see, but often difficult to treat, and in many cases exceed the chronic.

How Are BORE
Dr explains how skin will be firm and elastic depends on its middle layer, or dermis, which contains collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid.
- aging of these components is gradually lost, which results in wrinkles - she says, adding that measured not only on the face in life we lose about 150 grams of intercellular substance.
aging weakens the connective tissue, reducing the strength and elasticity of the skin, and it drier, thinner and narrower getting wrinkles, freckles, dark spots.

color, says our interlocutor, depends on the circulation of two types of melanin pigment.
According to the amount of melanin, all white skin were divided into four groups, and in our area is the second most common phototype, so. Caucasian guy. Its main characteristics are that it is very sensitive to sunlight, may turn black, but it can burn.

nails and hair are natural supplements skin. The whole skin except the palms and soles of the feet, is covered with hair.
average man has about five million hairs, mostly on the head, around 100,000. The density of hair is different in certain parts of the body, ranging between 40 and 800 hairs per square centimeter. The sebaceous glands in the skin are connected to the hair follicle and the largest on the nose and around the nose.
Unlike those nodes that are not on the palms and soles, sweat is the most precisely in these areas, as well as in the area of the armpit. A total of about three million. Weigh about 100 grams, about the same as a kidney, in normal circumstances, the day excrete about one liter of liquid.
hairs and nails are dead tissue, and we therefore do not hurt when we cut them, and tits. They grow from the roots as long as a man is alive.

roots of origin of the surface layer of the skin is the same as in the brain. Right here is an explanation of why many skin diseases resulting from stress and why the conscious and unconscious events in the brain affect the skin in the form of various ailments.
most common of them is itching and scratching. Very reliable sign that itch consequence of stress and tension is when it occurs in the evening and before bed.
During this time of the day, the doctor explains, cortex is no longer active as during the day, when controls our behavior.
conscious part of the brain is less active at night, control yields and therefore moves scratching.

Why only women have cellulite
difference in structure between women's and men's skin goes on the sole expense of women.
This is confirmed by the fact that only women have cellulite, while men with this problem rare. Why is it?
- The lower layer of the skin composed of fatty tissue and connective fibers, with the vertically standing woman.
By contrast, in men as binding the fibers parallel to the muscle fibers, which is why there is no lymphatic edema and the subsequent accumulation of fluid.

Drawing paper, not a goat
on the skin and patterns, and it should not. In support of this "no" is the latest news from Paris. French dermatologists warn that the ink for permanent tattoos contain toxic metals such as aluminum, cobalt, chromium, copper, iron, mercury and nickel, which can be carcinogenic when they are in the skin. They resemble the pigments and the inks may cause eczema, allergic reactions, and other skin diseases.
Tattooing henna, may also be dangerous if such a natural substance, which otherwise is not dangerous, is mixed with some of the toxic product to be done interim tattoo. In particular, it should be kept people have freckles or moles in the skin, or have some form of skin disease.

The lowdown 10 facts about menstruation

The lowdown 10 facts about menstruation

Although the mass media now make it possible to find out almost anything you're interested, the survey shows that some women still unknown important facts about the functioning of their own bodies. Research conducted in Australia 2012th reveals that only 13 percent of women correctly answered the question as fertile days in the menstrual cycle. Even if you sometimes have the impression that you know more than your gynecologist, maybe there are things that still need to learn.

The days
can you get pregnant when you have your period. Although there is little chance of that happening, it's not impossible. Therefore, make sure you use protection when performances "those days".

woman is most fertile during ovulation and the days before and after it. Ovulation - ejection egg from the ovary - usually occurs in the middle of the cycle. Ovulation calendar to help you track your menstrual cycle.

Irregular bleeding
Irregular monthly bleeding can be due to various changes. Causes of irregular periods - either in the form of its failure, bleeding prior to menstruation or monthly bleeding that lasts longer than seven days - can be very different - from extremely large weight loss, stress and the use of certain drugs, to serious diseases such as cancer uterus. If you are concerned about irregular periods, you should consult with a health care provider.

CARTOON menstrual
Company "Walt Disney" produced in 1946. cartoon "The story of menstruation" supplementary teaching tool for sex education in schools. It was reportedly the first film in which he used the word "vagina".

During menstruation women lose an average of less than one cup of blood. No matter how you do it seemed unlikely, the fact is that most women a month to lose a few tablespoons to one cup of blood.

Tastes differ, and this also applies to sex during monthly bleeding. This is true for both men and women. You may be in "those days" will be more in the mood for sex than usual. Progesterone - a hormone that is believed to be able to reduce libido - at least secreted during this period, so if you feel an intense desire, know that you are not an exception.

Scientists do not agree on the issue of synchronization of menstruation. It is possible that you and your sister / your roommate / your partner share more of the secrets. Any woman who has noted that reaching for painkillers and comfortable dark pants at the same time as her best friend will confirm the truth of this theory.

Menstruation is TABU
In some parts of the world, menstruation is still considered taboo. While girls in America thirteen years ago have to endure the teasing of his peers ruthless, in the Indian province of girls mostly do not cook so as not to contaminate food and do not touch the idols as they would not be provoked.

"Always" is the first manufacturer of sanitary napkins, which showed blood in the advertisement - it was the 2011th year. Until then, in commercials, instead of blood, used liquid bluish color.

Between 13 YEAR
Most of the girls gets her first period of 13-14 years. In general, sexual maturation appearances earlier and earlier, and the cause is not known. There are various theories about the factors that contribute to earlier puberty, including the environment, fatty foods and stress.

Diet Tuna: 1.5 pounds less for 3 days

Diet Tuna: 1.5 pounds less for 3 days

This diet helps you without excessive efforts lose 1.5 pounds in 3 days. Sounds great does not it?

Diet tuna held for three days, then four days of normal eating. During the child every day servings of tuna is required. During this diet you are allowed to drink tea, black coffee and water.
regular consumption of tuna has a positive effect on the body, because tuna contains plenty of vitamin D, omega-3 fats (up to 50% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, improves brain function and helps Reduction in weight). Tuna is rich in vitamins and phosphorus. It contains very little fat and almost no need začinjavati besides, who likes a few drops of lemon.


The first day
Breakfast: 1 cup of black tea or coffee, 1/2 grapefruit or juice, 1 toast smeared with peanut butter (or seeds)
Lunch: 100 - 150 g tuna salad with arugula, rings a small cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and (optionally) spoon boiled chick peas or sweet corn, 1 cup of black coffee or tea
Dinner: 100 g of boiled beef, 200 g stewed green beans, 200 g grated carrots with a few drops of lemon, vanilla pudding bowls (about 100 g) 1 medium apple, 1 cup of coffee, tea or water to drink.

The second day
Breakfast: 1 cup of black tea or coffee, 1 boiled egg, 1 toast, 1 banana
Lunch: 200 g of tuna, 5 crackers, 1 cup of coffee, tea or water to drink
Dinner: 200g grilled chicken breast, steamed carrots 100 g, 200 g steamed broccoli, 1 banana, vanilla pudding bowls (about 100 g), 1 cup of black coffee or tea.

The third day
Breakfast: 1 cup of black tea or coffee, 5 crackers, 30 g cheese, 1 medium-sized apple
Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 toast, 1 cup of black coffee or tea
Dinner: 200 g of tuna, boiled 100 g carrots, 100 g steamed cauliflower , 1 medium-sized pear, vanilla pudding bowls (about 100 g), 1 cup of black coffee or tea.

Chicken and beef can substitute tuna. The meal schedule so that dinner is at about 18:00 am and then do not eat any more. Thirty-minute brisk walk every day is a must.

Cold hands-warm heart

Cold hands-warm heart

Cold hands and feet are the result of quite normal natural process by which the body maintains vital organs safe and warm. In women, this phenomenon is more pronounced than in males - thanks to hormones.

all have the feeling that we are cold when our skin is cold. Cells thermo-receptors, which are located less than a millimeter below the skin, "blame" for what we feel temperature changes. Normally, the skin has a preferred temperature due to the flow of blood through the capillaries.
however, when the thermo-receptors detect the cold, the cells respond by closing the capillaries, drawing blood flow - and therefore heat - to the heart, lungs and other internal organs. This process is referred to as vasoconstriction.

Hands, face and FOOT coldest parts of the body
when we are cold amount of blood that reaches the skin on the limbs may be so low, only 0.02 liters per minute (maximum amount is two to three liters per minute).
arms, face and feet are usually the coldest month, partly because these parts of the body exposed to the outside of the cold, but also because the organism in some way "sacrifice" these parts to other internal organs warm. Therefore, our hands turn white or even flooding in the cold. However, women may come to vasoconstriction even miminalnoj cold.
The point is that, in fact, the temperature of the skin of a woman - not a body temperature - lower. For that part of the "blame" hormones.
Among women, the female hormone estrogen regulates the peripheral blood vessels. High levels of this hormone appears to be sensitive to temperature. As a result, the temperature in women varies during the menstrual cycle, since estrogen increases and decreases.
assumption that this is the mechanism that allows for pregnant women to protect the baby from cold, but the cause has not yet been sufficiently explained. Also, it should be noted that women are 10 percent less body fat than men.

The more fat a person has, the more the internal organs safer, but it also means the prevention of heat in the skin. More obesity tend to have a lower skin temperature.
This phenomenon also explains why women five times more common Rejnoovog syndrome disorder which is believed to affect 10 percent of women in the UK. It is characterized by extremely cold hands and feet when exposed to cold, even if you just touched something cold.
Raynaud's syndrome does not refer to a range of disorders called vasospasm disorders, which means that in such persons microcirculation system is very sensitive, that is, the natural response of the body to cold, vasoconstriction, is outrageous. For now, it is still not known what causes the syndrome, including, but can also be a cause of autoimmune disease, such as arthritis or lupus, and then the phenomenon is called secondary Raynaud's syndrome.
case of acute attacks, is temporarily lays up the capillary so that the flow of blood to the extremities seriously interrupted, which even leads to long fingers change color, first turn white and then floods, which signaled the end of oxygen supply. When it warms up again, it may cause redness and swelling of the hands, and pain and blood in return.
Apart from the cold, this phenomenon may cause smoking, because nicotine affects the circulation, as well as strong emotions and anxiety.
Experts note that the process of vasoconstriction may be somewhat explain why there is effort in the work of the heart during the winter months.
If it's cold, and enhance circulation in the internal organs at the expense of the extremities, the body reacts as it is released fluids to "do" for most of the blood supply. Therefore, after a stay in the cold, I feel the need to urinate.

What helps except apparel
Sometimes, cold hands and feet can be a sign of something more dangerous - blood flow is interrupted because the veins and arteries in the legs are buried in fatty deposits. This phenomenon, however, is accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain in the arms and legs during exercise (because the muscle does not come up to a sufficient amount of blood and oxygen). It should be said that the lack of circulation due to narrowed blood vessels comes mostly in the elderly, smokers or diabetics.
What helps unless adequate clothing? Experts are unanimous in their response: special exercises, which stimulate blood flow to the muscles and skin. Finally, if your hands and feet naturally cooler, your partner say, "Cold hands, warm heart."

Tea helps maintain mental vitality

Tea helps maintain mental vitality

Although millions of people drink tea only when it is RASAN morning or when they are sick, siantifics have proven that tea also helps maintain mental health in old age.

It has been observed, especially in women, significantly slowing the aging mental if consumed one to three cups per day. Tea also protects the brain from toxins that lead to diseases of Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists have proven that coffee is much more harmful than tea and those who drink tea have a better memory. They tested both men and women, the result was the same with both groups. The conclusion is that tea keeps the memory and makes your brain brighter, while coffee causes cognitive damage and disease.

Brits drink 165 million cups of tea per day, which is double the consumption of coffee.

The body can only destroy cancer

The body can only destroy cancer

Scientists have discovered how the body can only destroy tumor cells without using any drugs. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have come to the revolutionary discovery - they have identified a molecule known as TIC 10, which activates protein to aid in the fight against cancer.

TRAIL protein (ligand that induces apoptosis - cell death - associated with tumor necrosis factor) inhibits the development of tumors in immune surveillance, ie at the stage when the immune system, "patrolled" of the body in search of cancer cells.
This process shall be suspended at an advanced stage of the disease, which leads to uncontrolled growth and spread of cancer.
A key benefit of the use of TRAIL as a means of fighting cancer is that it is already part of the immune system so that it is not toxic to the body, such as chemotherapy or radiation.
Moreover, a small amount of TIC10 is more effective than others because the drug may penetrate the barrier between the brain and the blood flow. This barrier prevents anti-cancer drugs to enter the brain, and thereby block their effectiveness.
- We anticipate that this molecule is able to treat cancer of the brain, which was a pleasant surprise - said lead researcher, oncologist Vafik El-Deir.
Another positive thing is that TIC 10 not only activates TRAIL in cancer cells but also healthy. Nearby healthy cells also receive a "tailwind" and on its surface increases the number of TRAIL receptor destroying cancer.
Although the study was limited to mice, Dr. El-Deir is confident that a similar approach could be applied to humans.
- I'm surprised and delighted that this is our work. Small amounts of the molecules we have increased significantly, and overcome the limitations path TRAIL-which gives me hope that we can cure cancer safe mechanisms that function in people with normal and effective immune system. We are currently in the phase of research when trying to overcome certain limitations and to come to an effective and selective cancer therapy - concluded Dr. El-Deir.

How your life affected by sex hormones

How your life affected by sex hormones

If you've ever wondered why there are days when you feel well and the others, when you can stay away from people, you know that the main culprits are sex hormones. See how your mood, physical and mental shape, vary depending on the stage of the menstrual cycle as well.

Progesterone and estrogen are female hormones that influence that one day you feel like the whole world is ours, and the other hide in the mission hole and keep quiet. Picturesque explained, estrogen is a lively, sexy and craves attention, while progesterone grumpy, always ready to spoil the party and crush passion. But there are other hormones that affect mood women. These are male hormones - testosterone, for which, otherwise, popping pimples, FSH stimulates the ovaries and causes the secretion of estrogen and LH, which increases sexual desire.

1-7. day
You'll feel like you just woke up from a nightmare. Unlike the previous seven days, you will be more relaxed, happier and calmer. Thank the pituitary gland, it secretes FSH, and this increases the production of estrogen.
look great. Your body is still awash with estrogen, progesterone from a trace. This means that the stress will be on the lowest level and excellent concentration.
- The right time for socializing. Clear all misunderstandings with friends, ask your boss for a raise, buy something nice, you get to work who otherwise avoid and be a mediator in the conflict.
- It's time to start flirting with someone you like, you go to a job interview, watch sad movie or making love. 7-14. day

You'll feel as if in a trance. This is the best time to have sex. Estrogen is at the highest level, and are terribly attractive. And if you are a considerate person, mind you poorly functioning, so they can be trouble.
You'll look fantastic shooter from health and your skin will be smooth and firm. Seductive scent, which also attracts the opposite sex.
- The right time to change jobs, make love, make friends, go to the gym, hang out, start a diet.
- No time to cry on someone's shoulder, to make rushed decisions (for example), sign a contract or risk.

Try medicinal pine needles

Try medicinal pine needles

Pine needles are very useful for the prevention and treatment of various health problems, but also to improve the general condition of the body. Of these, indicating Ljubinko Stojkovic, phytotherapist owner and clinics "Wizard" from Nis, you can make delicious tea, excellent syrup for bronchitis, refreshing bath and beneficial solution for inhalation.

tea from pine needles is very pleasant taste and odor. The range of his acting is pretty wide because this tea proved to be effective and beneficial, especially in strengthening the immune system, the separation and ejection of sand from the kidneys, and can be used to rinse the throat. Helps accelerate discharge of water from the body, which contributes to the regulation of blood pressure.
preparation is very simple and fast. Take the top branches of the twenty needles, proper and cook it in half a liter of water until boiling. Allow tea to stand for half an hour, strain it and drink two to three times a day, sweetened with honey.

Pumpkin bread is better than meat

Pumpkin bread is better than meat

New flour is green, has nutritional characteristics of meat, and made from gourds. They invented it, the first in the world, experts Novi Sad Institute of Food Technology.

- All tests and analyzes have shown that pumpkin bread has exceptional nutritional value, which exceeds even meat - said Jasna Mastilović, scientific adviser of the Institute.

Experiments have shown that the best wheat flour to add 20 percent of the pumpkin. Slice the bread gets such features delicious sandwiches with ham, butter, and even salad. This meal will soon be available in retail.

Man-made virus kills cancer cells

Man-made virus kills cancer cells

Virus was created by genetic engineering tested on 30 patients who were in the last stage of liver cancer significantly prolong their life, kill tumors and prevent new development, said the scientists.

The sixteen patients who were given a high dose of live virus are longer, on average by 14.1 months, compared with 6.7 months the patients was 14 which is given the lower dose.
- For the first time in the history of medicine, we have shown that genetically engineered virus may contribute to the survival of cancer patients - said study co-author David Kirn.
Four-week testing with the vaccine Peksa-century (Pexa-Vec) or JX-594, which was published in the journal "Nature Medicine" (Nature Medicine), giving hope for the treatment of patients in whom the tumor progressed.
Despite progress in the treatment of cancer diseases in the past 30 years, chemotherapy and various biological agents most solid tumors is incurable once metastasis occurs, or when the tumor has spread to other organs, according to the study authors.
They added that there was a need for more active immunotherapies.
- Peksa-Century is designed to multiply within the cells and destroy the cancer cells at the same time allowing the patient's immune system to attack cancer cells - says Kirn.
He added that after treatment the tumor shrunk and reduced blood supply to tumors, a strengthened immune system to fight the tumor.
Peksa-century has developed vaccinia virus, which is a vaccine used for decades in the treatment of measles.

Scoreboard winter feeding

Scoreboard winter feeding

Food is your best ally in fighting the virus, but only if you choose the proper foods. Eat all, some occasionally, some moderately, a little every day.

Red light: only occasionally

White sugar most of us eat more often than it should because it acts as a stimulant, a source of energy and good mood. Unfortunately, the effects are short-lived, which makes us eat more.

Red meat , including beef, veal, mutton, lamb and pork. What is a fatty meat, the greater source of cholesterol and saturated fat. It also contains iron, so it should be eaten occasionally.

ALCOHOL in large amounts harms the body, especially the digestive tract and liver. But that does not mean you have to give up a glass of red wine with dinner or an occasional toast.

White flour and products made ​​of white flour contain proteins of poor quality and starch, which thickens. They lack vitamins and dietary fiber necessary for normal digestion, which is the whole grain cereal.

MEAT PRODUCTS such as sausage, hot dogs, pate and salami increase the risk of diseases of the digestive organs. They are especially hazardous additives, which are added for the sake of improving the flavor of meat.

SNACKS are full of salt, carbohydrates, additives, and saturated fatty acids, which are known bad acting on the heart and blood vessels. They are very calorific, meaning that they are painful to the line.

Yellow light: Moderate

DOMESTIC creams and puddings are a good substitute for chocolate cakes and pastries filled with eggs, nuts and margarine because it contains a lot of milk. Do not overdo it, take a minute, just to mine cravings.

INDUSTRIAL flakes are ideal for breakfast, but only if they are not full of additives, refined sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and so choose oat and corn, without any additives.

Margarine is very useful if taken in small quantities. It is made ​​from vegetable oils, and a sound rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It contains no cholesterol, which is very harmful.

KARI have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. It helps with fatigue and arthritis, regulate blood pressure and strengthens the heart. It is very palatable and is not recommended for people with stomach ailments.

COFFEE beverage is over. Be us, improving concentration and mood, a great part of the ritual, but only if you do not overdo it. With two cups a day of your mental activity will be at maximum.

White rice is not unhealthy because it contains ten times more B vitamins and folic acid than brown rice. Eat it sparingly because excessive intake increases the risk of type 2 diabetes

Green: OFTEN

Fish , especially blue sea, is one of the healthiest foods because they contain omega-3 fats, which reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke ... Eat three times a week.

YOGURT contains beneficial bacteria that stimulate digestion and regulate intestinal flora. In addition, the body provides a sufficient amount of calcium, which does not strong bones and healthy teeth.

NUTS are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Due to the high calorific value of eating one handful of nuts three times a week.

Chicken does not contain a lot of fat, which is much healthier than red meat. Rich in vitamins and easy to digest, especially when it is removed foreskin. Healthiest grilled and steamed.

Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C and pectin, which helps the body rid itself of toxins. Full of ballast substances that normalize digestion and speed up downloading extra pounds.

CARROT is the best source of carotenes, without which there is no healthy and beautiful skin and hair, proper liver function and good  addition, it relieves fatigue, which is the result of intellectual work and stress.

First aid for sore throat: 3 natural drug for pain

First aid for sore throat: 3 natural drug for pain

Sore throat when swallowing, fever, headache and pain in the joints and muscles indicate angina or tonsillitis, one of the most common winter illnesses. Usually there is an infection that affects streptococcal throat, tonsils or lymph nodes in the neck. The disease requires treatment and therapy is determined after taking a swab from the throat. However, there are folk recipes with which to mitigate the initial symptoms and sore throat.

Try this: four tablespoons sage cook in two cups of water, let it stand for half an hour, strain and gargle several times a day.

HOT trim around the door - a soft cloth soaked solution of vinegar and water, brandy or dilute alcohol, put around the neck and wrap a thicker scarf or shawl. Compress Hold at least two hours. MIGHTY LEMON - In the early stages of angina are effective agents based on lemons. National Doctors advise that in your mouth, as close to the tonsils, are holding two slices of lemon, and free of crust, and gently suck. When lime softening, you can swallow it, and repeat the same procedure for half an hour. ASSETS gargle - in the cup freshly squeezed beetroot pour a teaspoon of crushed garlic and pour a glass of boiled and cooled water. Allow to sit for five or six hours, but stir every half hour, then strain and gargle several times a day.

After insults in public transport, halved the weight of 130 kg

After insults in public transport, halved the weight of 130 kg

Sharon Farrell (45) from St Albans in the UK weighed almost 130 pounds and she knew how to drink six pints of beer when the evening out on the town. Despite this, she had the courage to face the fact that the pathological obese, until on one occasion, when she went to work by public bus, an elderly gentleman refused to sit in the empty seat next to her, with a loud comment: "I can not sit next to it! There's plenty of room. "

 - I was desperate - says Farrell, who is overweight started to pile out of 19 when her father died, that food continued to be comforted, and later, while taking care of difficult diseased mother.
In tears, the next stop is the bus left and went to work on foot, but her condition was so bad that it is time that can exceed normal walking for 15 minutes a whole hour. On the job came in red and sweating more an hour.
This he finally made realize that the devil took the joke, and that he would have to do something if you want to function normally and to avoid her incidents like the one on the bus occur again. With a weight of 129 kg, and body mass index, which stood at 47.1, fell into the category of pathological. On the other hand, all the children who until then had held a yo-yo effect after they are quickly returning to the old, or even more fat.
- It was not a life, but subsistence-considered Sharon.
It was almost completely stopped going out, walking her imagining difficulties, since his mother's death was constantly on antidepressants.
- But to the incident on the bus did not have a true incentive to lose weight-she admits.
in April 2010. He enrolled in the swimming club, and five lost the first 6 pounds. She continued to gradually lose weight, but 20 pounds less, she began to feel easier. Depression is gone, she felt clear, and the first time in years did not take medication.
After two years, she lost 50 pounds and back to normal dress size 44 Today there are only 65 kg, two times less than before, and wears a size 40 He says he still has calories, because she had become second nature, daily exercise for about 10 minutes, mostly exercises for stomach and back, every year transition "Fun Run", and this year intends to run off the distance.
- My life completely changed, and never would our backs on the old-satisfaction finds Sharon.
And as for the man who had insulted the bus, Sharon him a stunning in hand:
- Got me. I'd love to meet him again and thank him - she says.

A mysterious disease that affects young wome

A mysterious disease that affects young women

Doctors in Philadelphia have noticed several young patients with unusual symptoms and believe that this is a new disease that has medicine is not known. This mysterious disease begins with changes in behavior, and patients describe the symptoms as they feel that their brain is on fire.

Encephalitis anti-NMDA receptor, a mysterious disease that was discovered several years ago in Philadelphia, mainly affects young women and is difficult to diagnose.
- At one point I was sobbing and crying hysterically, that, in the next moment started to laugh - describes the symptoms of their disease Suzana Kahalani New Jersey.
- I was making strange movements, stretch out my hands in front of him, and so most of them. I acted relatively normal, that, in the next moment started hallucinating and insist that my father took - the story of Susanna.
- manifested'm paranoid and manic behavior. Something was wrong. Fantasy I'm being chased by trucks - says another patient, Emily Gavigan from Pennsylvania.
As was hospitalized, but after leaving the hospital, a second year student of the University of Scranton could not control his own movements. Received the attack and could not live without a fan. Powerless parents watched as slowly losing her daughter.
turns out, however, that neither of Suzana Emily were not mentally ill. Both are afflicted by autoimmune encephalitis anti-NMDA receptor, in which the antibodies attack the brain, causing its swelling.
- They told my parents that my brain is on fire - he remembers Suzanne.
Experts have realized the thing when the girl drew a clock. All the numbers were drawn on one side, which is a clear proof that it is a neurological rather than psychological problems.
- no one had ever knew about the disease - says Dr. Jozep Dalmau, a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania, who discovered the disease 2007a.
- This rare type of encephalitis usually affects young women. No one knows why. It is often mistakenly thought that the patient is suffering from a primary psychiatric disorder. I still believe that many patients misdiagnosed - expires Dr. Dalmau ..
Fortunately, Susan and Emily are not among them. Both were tested by cerebro-spinal fluid and the disease they are correctly diagnosed. Were subjected to immunotherapy, which may last for weeks or even months.
Suzana is fully recovered and returned to New Jersey. He recently published a book about his experiences, titled "Brains on fire: A month of madness."
Emily and her parents want to draw attention to this mysterious disease.
- And now, perhaps there are people suffering from the disease who are in a coma or being treated in a psychiatric ward instead of receiving adequate treatment - says Emily.
Currently there is no cure for this disease. In case of recurrence, Emily and Susanna would have to be re-submitted to immunotherapy.

Leeches better than antibiotics: To draw worm disease from the body

Leeches better than antibiotics: To draw worm disease from the body

People have for centuries treated with leeches. Then it is sent to the pharmaceutical industry into oblivion.
maybe I make them and we just mentioned in the stories that from Russia to Serbia two decades ago has not arrived Dr. Natalia Gusla Petric (50), an anesthesiologist, a specialist in acupuncture, homeopathy and HIRUDOTERAPIJA, and their patients began to heal so they put the body of this small, black worms that suck human blood and extracted disease.

Like any pioneering venture, the return of leeches to the Serbs did not immediately encountered with understanding.
Dr. Natalia reveals that initially were yelling and screaming, but the result is that the patients had at the end of therapy failed to defeat their fears.
Yesterday at her office visited by many people from all over the former Yugoslavia, and appointments are scheduled months in advance.
- The leech is a recognized remedy in many countries, in Russia, Germany, Austria ... When I began to deal HIRUDOTERAPIJA, was known only 25 enzymes leeches that positively affect the body, and today there are 500

One cure sterility
When leeches do its job in therapy, it is destroyed and so is also called "injection of life." In St. Petersburg in her honor erected a monument. And in America, where this method of treatment has not been accepted, things have changed since 2004. year.
then the public attention the story about a boy whose dog bit off his ear.
surgeons were able to accuse his ear, but his body did not want to accept it. Then the place to put leeches and everything was fine.
treatment with leeches know all religions, is described in the "Bible" and "Koran". Chinese hirudoterapiju counted as his method. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was pregnant thanks to leeches.
Consequently they are drawn on the walls of Pharaonic tombs. Soldiers have been using leeches lifesaving infection when antibiotics are not even there.
- In Russia they gynecologists actively used in the treatment of gynecological problems, putting them directly on the uterus. That someone might sound terrible, but when a woman can not get pregnant, it would try - story.

When leeches do its work in therapy, it is destroyed
Love her in the Belgrade
Dr Natalia admits that she was initially suspicious, until itself is not assured in the beneficial effects of leeches.
- When I was a colleague in St. Petersburg, when I worked at the local emergency center, talked about the leeches , I thought he was crazy. She, however, was persistent, and I said to myself, "Okay, let's try it." My mom first noticed the change and she said, "God, draw blood from you, and you've got so much energy."
After that, Dr. Natalia herself began to see the effects of this treatment.
- The first stress is gone, and now I'm absolutely sure that these little creatures changed my mind. You get to know them better, more fascinated them. Knowledge of leeches Natalija acquired at the university since the HIRUDOTERAPIJA Russia recognized as an official medical methods.
- There is a World Health Organization hirudologa, of which I am a member. Experts in this area meet every year in congresses organized in Israel, Canada, Russia ...
Life made ​​sure that Dr. Natalia, instead of in Russia, their knowledge is applied exactly in Serbia. Her future husband, a civil engineer from Belgrade, met at the hospital where she lay after a tonsillectomy.
admits that it was love at first sight. Strong enough for her to leave St. Petersburg and come to Belgrade.
- I met our mutual acquaintances. I fell in love as soon as I saw him, and then followed the wedding, we got three beautiful daughters. They now have 20, 18 and 14. Unfortunately, my husband died 12 years ago - a story. - Our youngest daughter, then aged two years.
was the most difficult period in the life of our interlocutors. But not surrendered, it worked in her spirit očeličen in icy water of the White Sea.
- My husband is an only child. After his death, my mother in law came to live with us. I could not just leave my life in Belgrade and go. With me were, fortunately, were great friends who helped me get out of this terrible situation. Now I have double roots, here in Russia.

Lifting without a scalpel
leech is a worm that feeds on blood and nature of the attack tritone, frogs and other animals.
- In the mouth has three jaws with zubićima use to cut the skin and sucking blood. The area designated by the physician, this smart little animal unerringly finds the biologically active points and clings to just in that place, giving an effect similar to acupuncture. Leeches injected into the blood of a unique complex of enzymes that stimulate internal organs, heal and rejuvenate them. These enzymes in the skin caused by the disintegration of the old collagen and replace it with a new flexible, giving the effect of lifting, but after three or four therapies - explains Dr. Natalia Gusla Petric.
Toughening in the White Sea
Her love of Serbia and Belgrade was emerging gradually. Today is sincere and deep.
- For me, the first time in Serbia, was a shock. No matter what the Russians and Serbs are a Slavic people, we are very different.
Initially she could not accept Serbia, only fantasized about Russia.
Upon second coming, she realized that she in fact Serbia is not given a chance.
- Now I love it and I believe that Belgrade has a special magic. My daughter recently went to Russia to visit my grandmother and she told me when she came back, "Mom, I saw from the plane how nice our Belgrade."
For the power of your mind and body Natalia is grateful to the parents who had steeled still a baby polivajući the icy water of the White Sea.
- Dad was a military man, a submarine captain, and my family at the time of my birth she found in the White Sea. Mom is a doctor, a pediatrician, and she is most responsible for the fact that I grew into a strong person.
From an early age it harden, splashed her with cold water, and gave her to eat ice cream at minus 30 ..
- I've never been sick. She insisted that I go regularly to the sport, especially swimming. I remember the huge snow in St. Petersburg, he was not an obstacle to daily swim in the pool. If I sometimes asked for an excuse not to go to training, my mom used to say: "Finish what you started."

Say goodbye to cellulite treatments that get results verified

Say goodbye to cellulite treatments that get results verified

The aesthetic ideal of today's modern woman contributed to the approach and efforts to solve the problem of cellulite in the intensive development. Currently available procedures for physical and pharmacological compositions, if they are combined, significantly reduce the amount of cellulite, so that the visible effect of a cosmetic. Efforts at reducing cellulite should be permanent, since cellulite is a slow and continuous degenerative process. This fight is pointless, because if cellulite is not treated in time aesthetic problem often associate with health.

There is a misconception that cellulite can be treated solely by physical activity. Moderate physical activity is recommended for the prevention of cellulite. Intense physical activity can even worsen existing cellulite, which explains the high oxygen uptake in muscle work, or a lack of anatomic regions where there is cellulite. Also, increase muscle mass suppresses fat tissue under the skin's surface which increases the visibility of cellulite.

Successful treatment of cellulite requires the use of physical therapy tailored to the stage of cellulite and also often aimed at reshaping the body in order to achieve the desired shape, says Daniel Dunja Dimitrijevic, a senior physiotherapist from clinic for rehabilitation, "Dimitrijevic" . It lists a number of procedures that significantly reduce the amount of cellulite, so the cosmetic effect is really noticeable.

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive method which consists in injecting into the special skin preparation. The compositions contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, vegetable ingredients, anesthetics, embrioplast, placenta, and are packaged in sterile vials. Of these ampoules are made different cocktails.
The treatment consists in the fact that the dose of the cocktail microscopic mikroiglicama introduced subcutaneously with a thin 1 millimeter. Mesotherapy works by improving the microcirculation, strengthens connective tissue, increases lymphatic drainage and breaks down excess fat.
The effects are achieved in two ways: the pharmacological effect of the preparation and the physical stimulation of the skin microneedle. Effect of mesotherapy may contribute to additional diet and physical activity.
- Laser therapy is applied in the form of cellulite, since it stimulates the metabolism of the cell, promotes the production of collagen and connective tissue, which is of great importance for the treatment of cellulite.

- Ultrasound therapy microvibrations mechanical influence on the breakdown of cellulite mikronodularnih formation in combination with laser effectively reduces cellulite deposits.

- Electrotherapy aims to stimulate the muscles of the respective current pulse frequency, thereby accelerating the circulation of lymph, and blood toxins and toning the muscles. If necessary, it can be carried out, and tightening of the skin in the region where it is removed cellulite.

- Vacuum therapy for the treatment of cellulite is implemented highly sophisticated device-Vacusac. Negative pressure (vacuum) is created on the entire surface of the treated (the feet, body) and the drain performing endomasažu intercellular fluid, thereby accelerating the flow of blood, lymph and eliminate toxins.

- Cavitation is currently the most advanced ultrasound therapy for a short time reshape the body by permanently destroys fat cells. The results can be seen immediately after the treatment, because there is a reduction in the volume of the treated area of 2 to 4 cm. Ultrasound waves that derive precise frequency and power of acting solely on the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue. The measured loss is not refunded, because the destroyed fat cells do not regenerate.

Stop cough herbs

Stop cough herbs

Cough is one of the most common reasons why patients turn to your doctor or pharmacist. A common symptom of colds and flu, but may be caused by other factors. One thing is always true for cough - interferes with the patient's daily life and negatively affects the quality of life.

Cough is a defensive reaction of the body and is a sudden expulsion of air from the lungs, mainly in order to clean the airways of accumulated secretions or foreign matter. May be willing, but the most common is a reflex, and occurs as a response to stimulation of cough receptors in the airways.

In addition to being an important protective reflex, cough is a symptom of almost all respiratory diseases and other disorders in the body. There are several divisions of cough, the most common of which is the productive or wet, and unproductive, and dry.

Productive cough
The main characteristic of a productive cough if the airway mucus accumulates a large amount of which must be eliminated in order to clean the airways. So it is not properly inhibit cough reflex in this case, but it should make it easier to cough up, which can be achieved primarily softening thick bronchial secretions and the spread of the respiratory tract.

While there are many synthetic drugs used to reduce cough, you should always give priority to product quality plant-based, because they do not have side effects that can have synthetic drugs. Thyme is often used as a herbal remedy for a solution to this problem. Various studies for the active ingredients thyme proven to soften thick bronchial secretions and spread the airways as effective as synthetic drugs. In addition, the essential oils of thyme are excellent antiseptic, which further helps solving the problem of cough is the result of a cold or flu.

Non-productive cough
Non-productive, dry cough is the result of irritation of cough receptors in the airways, where it occurs and no cough reflex of producing secretions to be ejected. This should prevent a cough calms irritable mucosa. And for this type of cough herbal medicines are equally as effective as synthetic, and without any side effects. Marshmallow contains mucilage that coats the inflamed mucous membranes and thus soothing the irritation that causes coughing, a recent study found that intensively stimulates the growth of epithelial cells of mucosa and helps its regeneration.

Often patients can themselves well to assess what type of cough bothering them, especially in the initial stages of a cold. Then, without a medical examination can clearly assess whether there was an accumulation of mucus in the bronchi, which are yet to be out.
We recommend that therapy with plant-based, which can solve the problem of both types of cough. Very good combination is a combination of two herbs-thyme and marshmallow.

Thyme oil is an important medicinal plant in the treatment of cough, bronchitis and asthma. As a remedy against cough is known primarily for its effect on the softening of the bronchial secretions and relieve spasms of the airways. The main ingredients of thyme essential oils, tannins and flavonoids. Extracts of thyme relieves irritation that push the cough and phlegm speed ejection.

BRONCHOSTOP cough syrup, vitamin C unique plant-based medicine to relieve cough and stopping the stomach very well tolerated. It has an aromatic flavor fruit contains raspberry syrup and extra vitamin C. Because there is a need for vitamin C specifically increased in infectious diseases. In particular, confers use in children.

BRONCHOSTOP SINE syrup, relieves cough and solve the problem solely on the basis of its natural ingredients. Contains pure plant extracts of thyme * and marshmallow, and is produced without the addition of alcohol and sugar. Therefore, this unique cough syrup does not have any harmful effects on the teeth and can be used without risk and evening after brushing teeth or during the night. Naturally pure raspberry syrup has a pleasant aroma and a taste of fruit syrup, which makes it equally acceptable not only by adults but also by children. Suitable for diabetics.

BRONCHOSTOP lozenges cough as a practical means to mitigate and stop coughing in situations where it is not possible to take the syrup. Pure herbal active ingredients are released slowly by chewing or sucking lozenges, which provide fast and long lasting effects. Bronchostop pastilles does not contain alcohol and sugar, and are designed for diabetics.