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A mysterious disease that affects young wome

A mysterious disease that affects young women

Doctors in Philadelphia have noticed several young patients with unusual symptoms and believe that this is a new disease that has medicine is not known. This mysterious disease begins with changes in behavior, and patients describe the symptoms as they feel that their brain is on fire.

Encephalitis anti-NMDA receptor, a mysterious disease that was discovered several years ago in Philadelphia, mainly affects young women and is difficult to diagnose.
- At one point I was sobbing and crying hysterically, that, in the next moment started to laugh - describes the symptoms of their disease Suzana Kahalani New Jersey.
- I was making strange movements, stretch out my hands in front of him, and so most of them. I acted relatively normal, that, in the next moment started hallucinating and insist that my father took - the story of Susanna.
- manifested'm paranoid and manic behavior. Something was wrong. Fantasy I'm being chased by trucks - says another patient, Emily Gavigan from Pennsylvania.
As was hospitalized, but after leaving the hospital, a second year student of the University of Scranton could not control his own movements. Received the attack and could not live without a fan. Powerless parents watched as slowly losing her daughter.
turns out, however, that neither of Suzana Emily were not mentally ill. Both are afflicted by autoimmune encephalitis anti-NMDA receptor, in which the antibodies attack the brain, causing its swelling.
- They told my parents that my brain is on fire - he remembers Suzanne.
Experts have realized the thing when the girl drew a clock. All the numbers were drawn on one side, which is a clear proof that it is a neurological rather than psychological problems.
- no one had ever knew about the disease - says Dr. Jozep Dalmau, a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania, who discovered the disease 2007a.
- This rare type of encephalitis usually affects young women. No one knows why. It is often mistakenly thought that the patient is suffering from a primary psychiatric disorder. I still believe that many patients misdiagnosed - expires Dr. Dalmau ..
Fortunately, Susan and Emily are not among them. Both were tested by cerebro-spinal fluid and the disease they are correctly diagnosed. Were subjected to immunotherapy, which may last for weeks or even months.
Suzana is fully recovered and returned to New Jersey. He recently published a book about his experiences, titled "Brains on fire: A month of madness."
Emily and her parents want to draw attention to this mysterious disease.
- And now, perhaps there are people suffering from the disease who are in a coma or being treated in a psychiatric ward instead of receiving adequate treatment - says Emily.
Currently there is no cure for this disease. In case of recurrence, Emily and Susanna would have to be re-submitted to immunotherapy.

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