Saturday, November 14, 2009

Symbian is not part of the future

Samsung plans that include the recently disclosed Windows Mobile, Android and Bada their new platform but no trace when it comes to their Symbian platform. This information was announced by Samsung vice president, Don Joo Lee, says the company will give up their Symbian and to focus on the above platform, all with the aim of continuing their attempts to replace the company Nokia is leading the world leader in the field of mobile telephony. This campaign lasted for several years, and Samsung states that by the end of this year the market will have a total of 200 million phones.

Women social actors

Women make up a big part of the craze for social games and significantly contribute uspegu games such as Leesburg, and others. New research conducted by Q Interactive in 2000 which was attended by women players, helped in determining their level of engagement and perferenci when it comes to the use of virtual things. In the research found that more than 57% of them every game, 85% of women play five games or less, 95% of them used the funds for the improvement of virtual games or gift, and that 94% of them prefer to get a virtual means by win the game or it will accept the offer branded rather than open their wallets.

Monitoring of online shopping

New research that is conducted by the firm SDL Tridion has pointed to the fact that most users was more than pleased to be followed when it comes to buying if for something received the award in the form of special offers and discounts. Official representative of the firm SDL Tridion states that participated in the study of 1000 consumers in Great Britain and that the method and scheme of purchase made on the basis of their personal habits when it comes to shopping. Two thirds of respondents said that they would like to goods that they are interested to be available online while 40% of them expressed satisfaction with the personalized shopping.

Links for Linkedln

Twitter is the beginning of week became associated with Linkedln and is thus korisicima able to share updates and tweet-this popular service between the micro-blogs and online Web site for social networking based on information on career and business activities. Twitter would sync features should be present during the next few days. Allen Blue, one of the founders Linkedln, states that when setting your status to Linkedln-in users also have the opportunity tweet-ing and increasing the number of followers as well as performing search services such as Twitter Search and Bing in real time.

Go programming language

Leading experts of Google's software department, including the Ken Thompson, one of the creators of Unix, believe they can influence the increase in computing power and capabilities of programmers with open source, experimental programming language that marked Go. Bearing in mind that the computer industry in constant tension between whether to choose a new beginning or to be based on improving existing technologies, the design constraints of today's hardware and software technologies have led to the fact that the Go team decides for the first option. It is also stated that this programming language should considerably facilitate the work of programmers.

Logitech buys again

Logitech plans to buy the company, LifeSize Communications, which manufactures high-definition video equipment and the $ 405 million in cash. Logitech, whose business focuses mostly on Web cameras hopes that in this way be able to offer systems for video communication. LifeSize has a whole range of users including a large number of business users who want to install in their meeting halls and there is a large number of small and medium enterprises, health centers and government agencies. LifeSize for now boasts the 9000 user equipment for video conferencing in 80 countries, said an official representative of Logitech.

Abducted Facebook Group

Aktvisti claim to have taken kontorlu of more than 300 Facebook groups with the aim to demonstrate how online reputation vulnerable and subject to change. The group that calls itself the "Control Your Information" (CYI) states that it was taking control of the groups were the easiest to pass poorly protected administrative settings to the Web site. CYI emphasizes that their goal is not to be malicious, but to point to any flaws that are present. In addition, they claim will restore control over all the groups and to restore the settings that were active before they take control.

ViewSonic PJ260D

ViewSonic had a clear business presentation in mind when designing the PJ260D projector based on the lamps. It is ultraportabl projector that allows you to view images Resolution 1024x768 pixels and the basic functions that you assumed when you want to make a presentation to a large conference room. These features include power 2000 lumens brightness, a strong contrast, remote control, as well as a wide range of connectivity options with built-in mono speaker, which allows playback of accompanying sound. Video adapters are not included with this model. ViewSonic on this projector provides a three-year warranty (one year warranty on the lamp).

Office 2010 beta

Microsoft will most likely during the next week to present a public beta version of Office 2010 applications suite. Last month, CEO Steve Ballmer has promised a public beta version in November. The company says will make the distribution of millions of public beta version of Office 2010th Microsoft in July released Technical Preview version of Office 2010 for testing certified testers. The company said that it was preparing Microsoft Connect site for the next edition of Office 2010. Microsoft is also testing the online edition of Office 2010 called Office Web Apps, which will be freely available next year.

The new Intel SSD

Intel plans to introduce a new solid state drive (SSD), which will be positioned as a server "boot drive" and which will feature storage capacity of 40GB, while its price will be $ 120th This drive will also be used in the cheaper netbook laptops and computers. Intel also plans new line of SSD drives designed for companies that will feature capacities of 50, 100 and 200GB and who by their performance can closely mimic the top hard disk drives that are currently used in servers. Intel's current line of SSD drives aimed at business users is available in capacities of 32GB and 64GB.

Cisco - Tandberg Agreement

As we approach the deadline within which decisions must be made regarding the offer Cisco's worth $ 3 billion to buy the company Tandberg, the company is considering withdrawal unless a Tandberg shareholders not vote for download in sufficient numbers. Cisco has extended its offer to 18 November and then will tell whether the 90% of Tandberg shares to be purchased. Norwegian law requires that at least 90% of shareholders approve the purchase. If this percentage is not reached Cisco will continue to decide what to do - withdraw the offer or continue to wait. Cisco alleges that the acquisition of Tandberg's natural flow for both companies foster a similar culture.

Next-generation ATI GPU at 28nm

According to rumors circulating around the company ATI, the next generation of graphics processors, the company codenamed Northern Island should appear at the end of next year and its development should a company adopt a 28nm process. According to this information mentioned technological process could be implemented in TSMC and Globalfoundaries factories that produce chips for AMD. ATI could be the first company to use components manufactured using this manufacturing process. As another factory which could produce new graphics processors mentioned in the AMD factory in Dresden, Germany.

PS3 integrates Facebook

The next version of the Firmware for the PS3 could integrate Facebook in the PlayStation 3 interface, saying the information recently leaked to the Internet. How to display images that bring this information to Facebook icon is present as part of the PS3 bar. These clips also show the new interface for image search, and function for users that will enable them to change the look of your PSN profile images. Microsoft has already announced the integration of Facebook for the Xbox 360 where it is expected that this feature could become available in the aforementioned console by year's end. This is another claim that Facebook into all pores of life and that the phenomenon should not be ignored.

Firefox vulnerable

Despite strengthened stereotypes Mozilla Firefox is considerably vulnerable to Web attacks, compared to its rivals said the company Cenzic studies. Approximately 44% of over 3100 exploits, which were followed by researchers of the company were attacked by the open source Firefox browser while only 15% of them were directed at Internet Explorer. Safari is the closest to Firefox by the number of perceived weak points with 35% while the small market that takes Opera browser failed to generate 6% of attacks. A high percentage of Safari I was partially obtained Cenzic's inclusion of mobile versions of Safari, which is intended for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices in the survey.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Skype becomes open source

Skype has announced that work on the development of open source versions of popular software will be designed for Linux operating system. Skype has confirmed that the user interface to be open source, but users expressed concern that the protocol client could remain closed. Possession of open source when it comes to user interface, will help open source community to use this software for various Linux distributions and other platforms and will speed the development. Skype is a VoIP system that offers free Skype-to-Skype calls worldwide and the possibility of instant messaging. Skype for the Linux operating system is presented 2004th

AMD moves jobs in Emirates

After the AMD has signed a partnership agreement with the Ujednijenih Arab Emirates, within which is formed Global Foundry Company, AMD now wants to part of the business related to design chips move to this country. CEO Dirk Meyer said that is a good idea to design chips for the centers move to countries that do not have particularly rich tradition when it comes to high-tech development. Meyer was the same occasion pointed out that AMD has a chip design centers around the world including countries such as China and India and to host such a center within the Dubai Silicon ooze represent an interesting idea for the future.

The new mobile device for Twiiter

Twitter Peek is the name of the new mobile device, which debuted on the site. This device is the very opposite of devices such as today's smart phones that support whatever service you can think of in that it is only intended for publication twwet's. The question is whether this device is sufficient to achieve the popularity that would justify its existence. But the management company Peek Inc.. believes that it will be attractive to people seeking a simple, relatively inexpensive solution and who love to read and respect the tweet's. Twitter is more interesting when used on a mobile phone, the stress from this company.

Rising use of Chroma

Google Chrome is a browser which use percentage of the fastest growing market, saying the latest data the company Net Applications. Chrome browser share has risen to 3.6% in October to 3.4% as it amounted in September. The biggest loser is Internet Explorer, whose share dropped from 65.7% to 64.6%. Mozilla Firefox has recorded an increase of 0.3% and can now count on 24.1% while the share of Safari-I increased from 4.2% to 4.4%. Opera has remained at 2.2% compared to the previous month. Net Applications for your testing using a global network of 40,000 internet stations for monitoring the generation of data representing a large number of Internet users.

Seagate SAS in the segment

Western Digital entered the market of hard drives designed for companies presenting capacity 300GB model that rotates at a speed of 10,000 rpm. WD S25 model was developed using the popular WD Velociraptor basis and is characterized by a similar 2.5 "form. Drive characterized by two bases whose individual capacity where the 150GB drive has 16MB cache. Drive features and 6Gbit / s SAS interfesj by what is similar to Seagate's Savvio 10k.3 and Hitachi GST C10K300 model. Maximum data transfer speed that can convey this drive is 128MB / s. WD said that the company's new drive has a mean time before failure of 1.6 million hours.

Samsung announces the highest income

Company LG Electronics has announced record revenues and operating profits in the third quarter of this year, which indicates the successful growth and competitiveness of the company during the current global recession. Record sales and profits for the three months and the internal and global levels were recorded in the quarter, finished 30th September 2009. year. Compared to the previous year, sales at the global level (including international affiliates LG) jumped to 15.7 percent to total 13.9 trillion Korean won a (KRW) (11.2 billion U.S. dollars). Operating profit increased by 850 billion won a (685 million U.S. dollars) making the profit of 6.1%, which is 1.3% more than the third quarter last year.

Cooperation between cities, municipalities and Microsoft

The Fair Local Government of Serbia signed a memorandum of understanding between the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) and software company Microsoft. Signatories of this Memorandum will enhance cooperation in terms of ability to use Microsoft technologies, and develop partnerships to exchange information and best business practices. Microsoft will provide a contribution to the development of the local information of the private sector, while the SCTM committed to make every effort to use only legal and licensed software, and promote the same practices within local government.

Online sales for the holidays on the rise

It is expected that online sales in the U.S. at the time called. holiday season to be higher for some 8% while the best they go online vendors for their products are able to offer the highest discounts, says Forrester Researc Inc.. The company announced that it is estimated that in November and December, online sales could reach $ 44.7 billion compared to $ 41.4 billion as recorded last year. Uprkost effects of the global economic crisis that is still felt, the segment remains online sales driver sales industry the report said. Last year, total sales in this period was the worst in almost four last decade.

The worm that spreads globally

Micorosft's security report released early in the week warning of cyber attacks that seek low places computers in order to install worms on them. The goal is to implement malicious software that steals confidential user data or take control of your computer. Fake security software remain the biggest threat to computers during the first half, but the number inficiranosti computer is dropped while the number of worms that try to infiltiraju of computers increased. Worms are programmed to replicate themselves Selec with computer to computer and hiding in legitimate applications. Fake security software or scareware spread deceiving customers.

Adobe accuses Apple

Just when we thought that the story related to flash the iPhone when it is completed rather rough Adobe sent messages about the lack of flash player version for the Apple iPhone. Until now, if you have the Adobe website and tried to download the Flash plug-in for the iPhone would you sačkala information that there is no version available for the iPhone platform. Now, however, is much sharper statement that emphasizes that Apple restricts the use of technologies that require a product such as the Flash player. While Apple does not eliminate these limits Adobe can not provide a Flash player for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The problem with the iPhone synchronization

Some users have Windows 7 on Apple discussion forum revealed that they can not synchronize your iPhone through the new Microsoft's operating system. These users have found one more detail. In addition to the new Windows and all those within their own PC using Intel P55 Express chipset. Intel explores the problem and believes that it is a problem in the BIOS or system configuration, but the company still failed to find the exact problem. The information show that Apple investigate this problem because these companies advertise on the forum. Microsoft did not provide any comment on this issue.

China does not allow WoW

The Chinese government agency has stopped the approval process for the online game World of Warcraft in this country going deeper into confrontation with another agency regarding the superiority of the Chinese online game market. Chinese legislators are returned to the procedure for approval of a request submitted by the company Netease, a local game operator, who sought to be approved by the hosting of the game with its first expansion pack-om, Burning Crusade. This game was previously hosted in China by another partner's Blizzard Entertainment. Chinese regulations require that the game go through a thorough control even though it was previously allowed.

Sony VAIO X ultraportabl

Sony has long prepared the Sony VAIO X, ultraportabl laptop computer. If the waiting time is almost witness a video clip that was recently osvanuo site and on YouTube that shows otpakivanje and putting into operation of this very compact model. Version of the video does not have a higher capacity battery, but only standard. It can be seen very high quality production and design very good solution. Regarding the specifications of the device themselves, know that it characterizes the length of diagonal of 11.1 ". What will also stand VAIO X model will be its price since it will cost much more than just these netbooks.

Samsung 32GB Flash memory

Samsung a few days ago introduced the latest addition to its line of NAND Flash memory capacity of 32GB stored which aims to users of handheld devices provide a larger amount of storage space. Thus the company managed to put 32 GB of memory in a single chip thickness of only 0.6mm. These chips are manufactured using 30nm process technology for 40% thinner and lighter than previously available models, which can lead to the development of lighter and more tanjih smart phone or media player. Samsung has not wanted to disclose when the new NAND flash memory could find in stores.

Cisco - Tanderberg negotiations

Network giant Cisco believes that the offer of about 2 billion euros, which the company offered to the Norwegian company that specializes in videoconferencing more than fair. Reports from the weekend suggested that Cisco considers the abandonment of the negotiations because the information appeared to shareholders Tanderberg want a higher price. Ned Hooper, head of strategy at Cisco defends proposal stating that the company believes that the offer was good, but that Cisco bids always based on fiscal caution. Collaborative tools market is currently worth about 21 billion euros and currently the biggest hit voice with a tendency to become a video.

Toshiba Windows 7 notebooks

Toshiba has released updated models of Satellite Pro, Portege and Tecra business notebooks, so that these models are now issued with pre-installed Windows 7 operating system. Satellite Pro and characterized a new screen size so that they now offer other than the classic 15.6 "and 17.3" models offer the version with 13.3 "display that has touch screen control option. The offer is 12.1 "Portege M750 tablet model who got a new Intel Core 2 Duo processor while the T6600 is available variants (2.2GHz), P8600 (2.4GHz) and P9400 (2.53GHz). In the Satellite line is available in 15.6 "L450, while L550 model features a 17.3" screen.

Samsung Series 8 LED TV

Samsung Series 8 LED TV has everything you ever wanted from television! Take the famous line, where they tasted life color colorful than ever now. Imagine that you are in the gallery, imagine that browsing the artwork svetlosanim the bad conditions. LED light technology, which Samsung offers in its new model, the maximum pleasure guaranteed! And you know you want this perfection vizuenog experience in your home! With an impressive 1,000,000:1 mega contrast ratio, LED Series 8 allows you to see all the stars of this world because the picture you see far clearer and brighter than you ever knew. With Samsung LED TV series 8, you can see all the details of the scenes of your favorite movies that you never knew to exist.

YouTube Snob Filter

YouTube is a site which is globally popular. As such it is often available to children. And while the administration of this site is strictly take care of that deleted video content inappropriate content, comments, users are those who remain and who often contain hate speech, profanity, inappropriate and similar expressions. Help for parents who do not want their children to read these comments came in the form of YouTube Comment Snob filters for Firefox, which filters out unwanted comments from YouTube video page. Filters are managed by multiple criteria and the comments written in block capital letters which include letters errors, vulgar words, those that contain excessive punctuation and the like.

Windows 7 coming drivers for HP printers

Windows 7 users were able to determine that are not yet available for the HP printer drivers for this OS, although the company says is rapidly working to create compatible drivers that would soon be available. HP recommends that some of their newer products will certainly work under the Windows 7 operating system until there is a possibility for older limited support in terms of drivers or limited features. Za mnoge korisnike ovo će značiti kupovinu novih štampača. The number of dissatisfied customers on the HP forum is growing where they say they bought a printer relatively recently to the list of supported devices of their models are not.

Twitter as an application server

As much as Twitter was a powerful communication and social applications in question is still a relatively simple Web application. As part of the new competition which is supported by Engine Yard, Ruby on Rails developers have the task of Twitter into your own application server. This competition could be interesting in terms of what could prove to services like Twitter-a could be used instead of the traditional system for transferring messages, such as IBM MQ Series or AMQP. The end result should be a combination of application servers, games, phone games and service-oriented architecture.

Adobe Connect Pro 7.5

Adobe has announced an updated version of its Connect Pro web kolaboracionog and services for meetings, adding the option to connect telekonferencijskih calls, higher safety features, new options and dedicated hosting iPhone client. Announced at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco and is currently available, Connect Pro 7.5 adds telephony integration, webcasting, secure desktop sharing, management, service options, as well as new possibilities for mobile devices. Universal Voice allows anyone with a Connect Pro meeting room to conduct a conference call hosted by any provider of such services.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

USB 3.0 and SATA 6G

What appears more and more hardware components and devices that support the new standard for fast data transfer the question which of the standards of the next generation better. USB 3.0 brings significant performance improvement compared to USB 2.0 from some 5 to 10 times depending on the content that is transmitted. On the other hand, 6G SATA controllers will bring new performance hard drive this, but the impression that this story of hard drives that you are the bottlenecks or who can not provide higher transmission rates. However both standards should soon become widely available and we will then be able to be confident in their true performance.

uTorrent 1.8.5 RC3

uTorrent is small and very popular BitTorrent client. Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in uTorrent, including in prioritetizaciju bandwidth, schedules, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT. Additionally, uTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption specifications and share peer's. uTorrent offers support for many languages that can be applied so that uTorrent shows in your native language. Developers behind the BitTorrent client working hard on new features software so that the issuance of new versions very frequently, but without any pre-determined schedule.

Capcom profits rose

Capcom Company may in part is focused on titles with zombies, but its revenues considerably livelier. The company in July announced that its revenues for the period April-June were $ 213 million which is 19.2% more than in the previous period. A few days ago the company announced its six-month and report according to which the business continues in the same direction. The company is in this period earned $ 426 million which is 24.5% more than in the previous six-month period. Although the operations were very good, the company has not reduced its projections of business annually.

DirectX 11 for Vista

Microsoft has recently unveiled its long awaited Windows 7 operating system with great fanfare. One of the features of the new Windows 7 is DirectX 11, which is the successor to DirectX 10.1, which is already used by Vista Service Pack 2 Windows Vista introduced Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), which provides new features such as virtualized video memory and simultaneous deployment of graphical content. Windows 7 also uses the WDDM, only comes later. Vista users will also be covered over and update for the platform.

AMD to Nvidia

Senior Developer Relations Manager at AMD's Richard Huddy in a recent interview said that Nvidia, the biggest competitor to AMD's discrete graphics market, lately it behaves disappointing. He stressed the importance of computer applications and stated that the issue area in which AMD is investing significant effort. However, the recent decision of the company nVidia when it comes to focusing on specific products were very controversial and as frustrated as the players and game makers. NVIDIA has recently introduced Fermi platform, but in this announcement are going important information about what it will all be.

PSP selling

Buy PlayStation Portable is still at a high level in Japan since the console was retained its position as number two on the table, selling the hardware. Sony has achieved sales of 32,865 units, which is less than recorded during the previous week. PlayStation 3 has surpassed the sale of Wii consoles in order to remain in third place, the list of best-selling console. DSi still holds its number one position with 42,199 sold, a drop from 49,145 as zabeležno during the past week. On the list of games there have been no changes so that the fifth and remained Rune Factory 3rd

New Transcend DDR3 1333MHz

Transcend has introduced the latest DDR3 1333MHz memory module kit made for Intel's latest Core i5 and LGA1156 Core i7 platform. Transcend DDR3 1333MHz dual-channel memory kit is fully adapted for use with Intel's PC desktop computing platform next-generation Core i5. New Core i5 platform is based on the Nehalem architecture and is the first Intel architecture in which integrated both the 16-lane PCI Express 2.0 graphics port and Dual channel DDR3 memory controller, which allows all input / output functions are handled and managed through a single-chip Intel P55 core . Transcend memory module provides a "high-speed" performance at very low voltages of 1.5V, which, in porđenju with DDR2-800 memory, energy consumption decreases by 30%.

Firefox's 5th birthday

Community Mozilla Serbia, with support from the Ubuntu community for Serbia, organized the celebration of 5th birthday Firefox, one of the most popular web browser today. On that occasion, gather all who worked on the penetration of Firefox on the market of Serbia and its localization in the Serbian language, and will be held and a series of lectures related to the web browser and free software in general. After the formal part, all guests are welcome to remain in socializing with the organizers to ask whatever their interests on Mozilla, Firefox and free software, and to join the community if they want to contribute to the dissemination of ideas that Mozilla and Ubuntu Serbia Local Community Serbia support. Celebration of the 5th Firefox birthday will be held at the Youth Center 08.11.09, by 16h, all guests are provided promotional materials and gifts.

Prestigio received certificates

Prestigio has received two international certificates for quality: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 They are testimony that the organization apply the standards of quality, safety and reliability, to comply with them and is dedicated to preserving the environment. ISO standards are developed by an independent and objective committee composed of international experts. They enable organizations to achieve quality standards and environmental, which are respected and recognized throughout the world. Obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates as an additional guarantee to users that Prestigio products of high quality, and to activities and products have a positive impact on the environment.

Serbian champion by viruses

Each 10-ti computer in Serbia is a virus infected, the result of research conducted by Business Software Alliance (BSA), an organization that monitors the movement of piracy on the world market, which our country belongs to first place in the world in that category. In second place is Turkey with 3.23 percent of the infected computer, and then follow Brazil and Spain with 2.54 and 2.16 per cent. It is known that the important precaution in any area where the man was potentially yourself, your work, or a property brings in the risk of loss. When using the new technology was to occasionally surf the Internet or use it in everyday business, all the widespread issue of course is how to protect your PC and important data from potential threats to the global network.

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort has sold nearly seven million units since it first appeared earlier this year and the original Wii Sports these days has increased the sale of the entire 50 million, recently announced the official representative of the company Nintendo. He also said that Wii Sports Resort now sold 6.97 million units worldwide while Wii Sports sold 4.83 million during the last quarter, which further increased the overall sales of its occurrence during November 2006. As for the other when it comes to Wii, Wii Fit has sold 22.5 million, Mario Kart Wii at 18.4 million, Wii Play at 24.4 million and the Wii Fit Plus has reached sales of about 2:13 million units.

Daemon Tools Lite

With Daemon Tools you can make a backup of your physical CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray disks in virtual disk, so. disc image files that run directly from your hard drive's. You also have the opportunity to work with images: they made use of another program to burn. Daemon Tools supports many different types of files. With Deamon Tools Lite users have the ability to create ISO and MDS image files from original discs ubačenih the physical drives. Key features of new versions of Daemon Tools Lite 4.35.5., Besides these, are the emulation to 4 virtual drive and support for *. b5t, *. b6t, *. BWT, *. ccd, *. cdi, *. cue, * . nrg, *. PDI, *. isz.

AMD Phenom processors withdraws

Chip manufacturer AMD plans to withdraw several processors Phenom X4 II 900 series. According to information coming from sources directed to the developments in this company, several models will be withdrawn and for them, but AMD is planning to replace. The first will be targeted to find models Phenom X4 II 910 (2.6GHz/95W) and 945 (3.0GHz/125W) that AMD has stopped receiving orders. Models II Phenom X4 965 (3.4GHz/140W) and 925 (2.8GHz/95W) will be his last appearance in the first quarter of next year, while orders model 955 (3.2GHz/125W) stop receiving in the second quarter of 2010 . Of course, AMD is planning to issue new advanced model that will replace the existing ones.

Norton Internet Security 2010

The company Symantec us comes the latest version of Norton Internet Security anti-virus software designed for 2010. Basic features of the new versions are very easy to install, neopterećivanje system significantly, a good detection rate of malicious threats, very good and easy to use interface and good help file which are very detailed options that are available to users. It is the release that its appearance is very reminiscent of the previous 2009 version, but also brings significant improvements in relation to it. Symantec is in this version introduced several new podalata for virus detection.

Xbox 360 has the best FPS games

General manager of Xbox Live Europe Jerry Johnson has recently stated how the company Microsoft and its Xbox 360 console developed the best FPS (first person shooter). Of course it's Johnson's opinion with which the Sony does not agree as to the company this year for the PS3 console unveiled titles like Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, critter Crunch, inFAMOUS, Demon's Souls. On the other hand the Xbox 360 can offer titles such as Halo Wars and Halo 3: per cent, so the competition is quite briskly, but that is better to offer depends only on the opinion of the players.

nForce chipset is better than Intel's

Press representative said Nvidia is that Nvidia's nForce chipset is better than those that Intel has to offer. It was the same when criticized Intel's decision to postpone support for USB 3.0 standards D0 2011. Nvidia chipsets are traditionally full of innovative features and even better than those that have Intel's chipsets. NVIDIA is the platform Ion redefined the category netbook computer. The tension between Nvidia and Intel will increase due nedozovoljavanja Intel to Nvidia and to use certain technology related to the company's latest architecture. Intel claims that the latest technology can not be covered by the old licenses.

Gmail users without service

Gmail users complain that they were left without e-mail functionality extended period of time over the weekend, with them by the company Google has not provided any assistance. The company's support forum has been flooded with messages frustrated users who consistently been shown the error message no. 502. A large number said that their e-mail service was not available for more than 30 hours. Users are particularly slow reactions were frustirani Google. There was nikave references regarding the company's problems on the dashboard in about the status of the service as well as reactions to customer requests for assistance in the support forums.

RealPlayer SP 1.0.2

RealPlayer enables its users to perform play RealAudio (*. ra) and RealMedia (*. ram) files. Now, with the RealPlayer you can download video content from Web sites and for this you need more than one click, you have the opportunity to build your own video library and a playlist, you can make generations of all major audio and video formats. RealPlayer for personal use means the possibility of burning audio CDs, bufferovanje DVR-based play, practice, multimedia search, Internet radio polarization, using the built-in Web browser (using Microsoft Internet Explorer) and the possibility of transferring media to portable devices.

Windows 7 exceeded the 3% equity

Last on Windows 7 captures an increasing share of representation in the market of operating systems. Namely, in the first days of November the share of the operating system was able to climb to 3.67%. Pomislićete that it is not a big percentage, but one should bear in mind that before issuance of this operating system, Windows 7 was installed on computers around 1.89%. Percentage who recorded 1st November was almost twice. The growth of computers on which Windows 7 is consistently higher than the official date of occurrence 22nd October. Microsoft currently can not count to about 92.5% of all computers in the world installed Windows OS.

WD My Book Studio Edition II 4TB

When he first announced the WD hard drive capacity of 2TB was a matter of days when these drives start to be implemented in the company's My Book line of external models. WD was popularized several models in this series which is built in hard drive capacity of 2TB. New offer is MyBook Studio Edition II 4TB external stored units. This offer consists of two 20EADS WD Caviar Green 2TB hard drive with 32MB cache that rotates to 5400 rpm. Drives can be configured uRAID 0 and RAID 1 function. Good side of this offer are a sufficient number of I / O ports to connect to a computer, while the poor certainly belongs high price.