Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google is under investigation

The European Commission has opened an investigation against Google and its activities after the complaint received by the three large European companies. These companies offering similar services like Google and believe that the company deliberately influence their poor ranking in the search results only because of competition. On the other hand, Google's leaders say they only meet the desires and needs and that is to provide quality and useful search results. The European Commission report says that for now the issue of preliminary investigations and that the results of the investigation to be made publicly available.

End IE6

In the past six months, Google has announced all possible ways to terminate support for Internet Explorer 6 on Orkut and YouTube, which forces its customers to switch to more modern browsers. These days, the official publication date of the abolition of support for, now outdated, Internet Explorer 6 To 13 March all those who are still using IE6 for browsing have the opportunity to switch to another search engine, after which support will be forever abolished. Microsoft in all ways trying to force their customers to opt for IE8 as it has many advantages and additional features compared to IE6, and IE8 are already boasts the fact that the most popular search engine.

Flash Player Beta 3

Adobe Flash Player is the high performance client runtime that does not take a lot of resources that delivers powerful and consistent user experience in all major operating systems, browsers and the portable devices. The new version brings changes regarding installation of Windows Vista and 7 computers, so Flash Player can not be installed if you do not have administrator rights. If you use this version of Flash Player, and have a NVIDIA graphics card may be a collapse of the Internet Exlorer or very slow loading video and audio stream remains open when the playback is not paused, allowing the computer to come in hibernation.

Asus Ares - dual GPU card

Asus is one of the producers of graphics cards that have the resources to develop their own flexible and unique solutions. One such solution is the Asus model with Ares, which the company plans to market represent the fastest graphics card in the world with 4GB system memory and a special copper cooler. Asus plans to introduce a model Ares at CeBIT event, which begins next week in Hanover. This card will be sold in limited quantities and performance will be significantly better than the Radeon HD model 5970th This card should provide two Cypress processors working on the same beats as a single GPU on the model 5870th

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Although the company Nintendo in the past year was not very pleased when it comes to selling its hardware, which mirror the fall of profits, but continues to keep the titles for its console unabated enthusiasm. What should Nintendo concern is loss of support from other companies for the issuance of titles for Wii and DS consoles. However, there are titles for the console that is selling very well. One of the titles of which many expect Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M and the new title of Zelda franchise. Also, have occurred and rumors about the introduction of new hardware revision for the Wii console.

The new chips boost sales

Last week brought reports of the leaders HP and Dell who are consistent in the fact that last month the previous year brought an increase in sales when it comes to X86 servers were. HP has managed to record increased sales by 27% when it comes to server sales, while Dell account to about 26% increase in sales. What what are the agreed executive directors of both companies is the fact that this strong growth in server sales caused primarily unapređenijeg and appearance of new hardware from AMD and Intel, partial exit from the crisis and start a business and the needs of business users to restore their server resources.

Google Chrome 5.0.335.0 Beta

From the Chrome development team comes yet another beta version of Chrome. It is a beta version 5.0.335.0 and what is very impressive is how the company has committed to work on Google Chrome browser is visible above all the fact that the company has already reached the fifth major version of your browser. The new version brings the "cached bypassing reload" which is associated with different accelerators on different platforms. Then they repaired many problems relating to the functionality of the new Content Settings, fixed the crash when the warning appears in the pop up window extension. Also, fixed the crash to which occurs when dragging bookmark.

Windows 7 activation technology updates

Some time ago Microsoft announced the issuance of updates for its Windows 7 operating system that helps users to verify that using a legal copy of Windows 7 operating system is properly activated. A few days ago Microsoft has made this update available. The point is to compel users to as much as possible to buy legitimate software. However, the implementation of this update will be voluntary, so users will not be forced to take over as the company tried to do earlier with Windows XP system, stating that the update that brings this technology to XP critical security update.

Amazon PEN E-PL-1 Camera

For users who are interested in the Micro Four Thirds digital photo cameras available information that Olympus plans to introduce next month a new and improved PEN E-PL1 model. What is interesting is that this camera but can be ordered through the site, and in blue or gold color. After ordering the Amazon tells you that the phone can be delivered next month (which is the official time and the availability of this device). This model features a 12.3MP image sensor, which is the same as in model E-30 and E-620. While this model is equipped with the 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom ZUIKO lenses. Price camera through Amazon is $ 600

The Samsung Full HD 3D TV

Via site, if you live in the U.S., it is possible to order the first Full HD 3D television set Samsung. It is a model UN55C7000 which characterizes the length of diagonal of 55 ". This model uses 3D 240Hz motion technology and costs $ 3300th At this price should be added costs for special 3D glasses that will be necessary for viewing 3D content when they are alive among a mass television programs. Also, the offer appeared later and model UN47C7000 diagonal screen 46 "that can find something favorable for $ 2600th

10:50 Opera Beta 2

Opera Software has released Beta 2 build 10:50 Opera browser versions. Despite this search engine can not count on especially high percentage of Internet users who use it, it is one of the fastest and richest features of the Internet browser. The new version is more stable, and characterized ispoliranija the better protection of the user. Are available, and certain changes within the Opera Widget-, and improvements were made in the localization. Users as well as in other modern browsers enabled private browsing. Repairs were made and several bugs that have been identified in previous versions.

Asus notebok with Optimus technology

ASUS has unveiled several new notebook computers that will be in stores in the next few months, which is characterized by the use of Optimus technology of this company. It models the powerful multimedia N series, a thin and light model U / UL series and K series of mainstream notebooks. Optimus technology to exploit the power of discrete and integrated graphics in computers with the goal of providing adequate amounts of visual performance with the extension of the battery. With the above technology are equipped with laptops and Asus SonicMaster technology to improve sound and video Magic technology.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cloud income only for a few years

Microsoft plans to invest in cloud platform, but expects to see revenues of only two or three years, said Bob Muglia, President kompanijinog department of business related to servers and tools. Muglia also said Microsoft is still waiting for business to begin to invest in client and server software, after a lull caused by the crisis. Despite the fact that there is interest from business users for cloud technology, referred to the period is required to pass to all the pieces of the mosaic called cloud computing for business users and collected the industry brought tangible profits for Microsoft.

Xerox sued Google, Yahoo and YouTube

Xerox has filed a lawsuit against Yahoo, Google and YouTube, accusing them of infringing patents related to search technology and integration. Xerox also said that Google's AdWords and AdSense services violated Xerox's patent related to automatically-generated results. The lawsuit that was filed before the U.S. District Court District Delaware also accuses Yahoo Search Market, Yahoo Publisher Network, and Y! Q Contextual Serach to mention violating the patent. Xerox also accuses Google Maps, and Yahoo Video GOOL Shooping services violate the second patent, which the company refers to the integration of information from different sources. For a violation of the same patent has been indicted and YouTube.

LaCie d2 update, and 2big systems 5big

LaCie has unveiled updates for d2, 2big and 5big NAS systems. Version 2 of each device is characterized by a new 1.2GHz processor clock working for improved data transfer speeds up to 70MB / s. Users can now take advantage of the widget-based interface for most search engines while embedded software performs an automatic search for update's. The company also added a USB interface of each system. 2big and 5big systems have the option to change drives without exclusion system. Drives are connected in RAID 1 down to prevent possible loss of data. Big 5 model also has an extra LAN port which supports load balancing.

Catalyst drivers 10.3

Soon it will be six years since it introduced its ATI Catalyst Control Center, with each month represented a new version of the driver. ATI Catalyst Software Suite features a module to access it via the user interface where the control is enabled by setting the graphics card. New drivers make labels 10.3 novelties such as application profiles for ATI CrossFireX technology, DisplayPort audio for DP screens, improved performance for several games as well as support for ATI CrossFireX, PowerPlay technology, the HD 5970, HD5800 and HD5700 series cards, Eyefinity support and more much more.

Facebook at FOWA

A large number of young male attended the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) event which was held this week in the middle part of which could be understood that this is one of those conferences where the present does not plan to be experts in the field of marketing or finance, but are just young people who write code. Companies such as Facebook wants to be sure of one such place where he used the opportunity to promote their development initiatives such as applicational platform and Facebook Connect log-in tool and this year the emphasis placed on open source.

Verdict for Google

Italian court has sentenced three former leaders of Google for violation of Italian law on privacy. This decision was issued after many months during which the trial lasted a whole problem started when the ram upload video content which can be seen as a delinquent teenager but a friend from grade who suffers from Down syndrome. This trominutni video content uploaded ram during 2006 and briefly existed on Google Video since Italy in the short term a large number of complaints received after that controversial withdrawal from the video Web site. Greater role in it had the support of the Italian group for sufferers of this disease.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sony forces the 3D devices

Sony started with forcing the production of digital 3D camera, the report said Masashi "Tiger" e-Imamura, president of Sony Personal Imaging & Sound Business Group. Imamura stresses that the area of 3D photography is something that Sony wants to expand the market in which the company wants to have a better position. The leaders of companies have decided on this move after Hollywood turned shooting 3D films after they emerged innovative Fujifilm 3D digital camera that carries a label Real 3D W1. Imamura also said that the company will cooperate with Carl Zeiss to ensure that the best and customized lenses.

New DLC for BioShock 2

Earlier this month, 2K Games has presented one of najočekivanijih games this year, BioShock 2nd The game follows the events of the first part of which was one of the most popular and most original shooter ever. Publisher of the game company 2K Games, presented the new DLC for Bioshock 2 and it is certain that this will be very good news for the large number of players who have already izgustirali first part. New content for download will soon become available and begin with Sinclair Test Solutions Pack-om which will become available during March. When the content of the download will be available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 400 points, the PC and PlayStation Network at a cost of $ 4.99.

Windows 7 better than Vista

In the period of five months after its announcement, Microsoft Windows 7 was recorded twice greater acceptance by the user than was the case with Windows Vista operating system. According to a report published by, Windows 7 takes 9% of all operating systems that were used in the past month. By comparison, Vista had a 4.5% stake five months after it was released at the end of January 2007. Vince Vizzaccaro, NetApplications executive chairman, said that based on available data can be seen that the speed of acceptance of Windows 7 strong and consistent and that there is no visible decrease these rates.

Radeon HD 5830 specs

AMD, the 25th presented the third card from the Radeon HD 5800 series. It is a model of Radeon HD 5830, whose price will be below $ 250 This card has 1120 stream processors, 56 texture units, and features a core clock speed of 800MHz, 256-bit memory interface supplemented with 1GB of GDDR5 memory clock 4000MHz working and there are DirectX 11 and CrossFireX support and there are Dual DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. For now, there officers design the card so that partners AMD issue flexible forms of credit cards, which has already announced the company Asus.

NVIDIA desktop computer

Although it may be hard to believe that NVIDIA could manufactures desktop PCs, the official representative of the company's recently announced NVIDIA GeForce PC Kit, a complete desktop solution that is designed for adventurers who want to configure your own powerful computer graphics. GeForce PC Kit is based on Intel Pentium E5300 processor and 2GB of RAM it is characterized, NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT graphics card, 3.5''SATA 250GB (7200 rpm) hard drive, DVD burner, Ethernet, Microsoft keyboard and mouse as well and 7.1 channel sound. NVIDIA GeForce PC Kit can already get on the market at a price of $ 499.99.

My first initiative Fujitsu Hyper-V

Fujitsu has launched a new initiative aimed at small and medium enterprises to help them take advantage of that business can bring server virtualization. Initiative "My first Hyper-V" (eng. My Very First Hyper-V) is a combination of hardware and software components that provides affordable and easy-governable entering the world of server virtualization, and that small and medium enterprises primarily means significantly reduced fixed and operating costs, as well as increased flexibility and availability of the system. The aim of the initiative, which was jointly designed and developed by Fujitsu and Microsoft, is to enable small and medium businesses to maximize the benefits from investment in IT hardware and software.

The new line of peripherals, Gigabyte

Gigabyte announced for the upcoming Cebit 2010 event a new line of peripherals, including Gaming, Wireless and Designer Series, which are designed for different requirements. Gigabyte M8000Xtreme is super powerful weapon that features precision up to 6000 dpi allowing players to hit every enemy on screen. Within this series is available and Generation-2 GHOST mouse that allows preczno move around the screen, macros that can be changed on the fly and other advanced features. In the Wireless Series is available M7700B Bluetooth laser mouse and wireless keyboard set - KM7600 mouse. They are designed in order to optimize efficiency and eliminate cables.

Canon's portfolio of Fair IPEX

Canon will be this May, so far the biggest presence in the international technology fair, the press, publishing and media IPEX, show a complete portfolio for professional printing at the exhibition space of nearly 2000 m2. Canon's booth at IPEX-in will be clearly divided into zones that reflect the manufacturing challenges that face users of Canon's professional press in the domain of graphic arts and corporate department reprografiku. Key features of the stand will be "The Way to Profit" that will lead visitors through physical and visual value chain of digital printing services and the applications that will help them differentiate from competitors.

Americans do not have fast internet

U.S. Federal Communications Commission should play in mid-March a national plan for broadband Internet. It is the first program of its kind, which should create a strategy for improving the infrastructure of American high-speed Internet. To support this plan, the commission has a few days ago announced the results of recent research which found that about 35% of adult Americans in their homes does not have high-speed Internet. This percentage represents 80 million adult residents of the United States and 13 million children older than five years. Around a third of those who have broadband internet as the greatest obstacle to the allegations insufficient funds.

Pentium processors well pass

According to the information that Intel has shipped more than 50% of all box central processor that the company plans to sell during the first quarter of 2010 will be branded as the Pentium models. These chips are cheap and therefore represent the largest segment of the sale of the company. Pentium brand was almost completely repressed Celeron brand, and only 5% of all desktop processors that box will be delivered in the first quarter will be the Celeron processors. Another selling Intel processors are Core 2 Duo models that will be sold in about 12% of the total number sold Intel processors, while Core 2 Quad models can count on about 7%.

Revolutionary Mio Moov V780

Mio will introduce its new, award-winning 7 "navigation device, the Mio Moov and Mio V780 Spirit localized maps at CeBIT Virtual Tradeshow event. Mio Moov V780 goes ahead simple and simple navigation. Designed to provide the best navigation, entertainment and Internet experience, Mio Moov V780 features Spirit navigation software, the 7 "flat screen, multimedia capabilities of high definition, digital TV and wireless connection. This powerful combination is recognized in this year's iF Design Awards 2010 event, and Ralph wiegmanni, Managing Director of the company iF International Forum Design GmbH, join this press conference to find out the whole story behind this innovative design.

Club3D Radeon HD 5870

Two weeks after being introduced Radeon HD 5850 Overclocked Edition, Club3D also presented a custom Radeon HD 5870 which is characterized by the same cooler, but larger forces. HD 5870 Overclocked Edition features 1600 stream processors, 875MHz clock speed graphics processor, 1GB of GDDR5 memory, DirectX 11 and CrossFireX support, dual-DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort connectivity and dual-slot cooler with four heatpipes. Club3D card comes with Dirt 2 voucher and all those who are interested and want to enjoy everything that brings Radeon HD 5870 should know that this card is available for the ordering and in Europe at a cost of € 375.

ThinkPad X201

Lenovo has unveiled the early weeks ultraportabl ThinkPad computers, including tablet, which the company says is the most common choice of business users, and that a large number of business users decide for such devices and less for a new kind of wireless tablets. ThinkPad X201 Tablet has a 12.1''screen and in addition are characterized by more and Intel Core i7 processors, the report said the company. Laptop has a traditional convertible tablet design with keyboard and touch screen that can be rotated and placed above the keyboard to record data. Besides this, the company announced the new ThinkPad X201S devices, whose prices range from $ 1599.

WinZip 14.0.9029

WinZip is the most reliable way to work with compressed files. No other tool to compress does not offer ease of use, or other characteristics that can boast WinZip. With this tool you can quickly and safely to pack and unpack files for easy sending via the Internet or a simple saving valuable space on the hard drive of your computer. WinZip features top compression, strong AES encryption, compatibility with more compression formats, and new intuitive photo compression, which make it a complete compression and archiving solution. New version brings changes to the usability of tools and repair problems detected.

DX11 arrives in the browser game

Forget Farmville, Flash, Puzzle, and other 8-bit home computer emulator. The next generation of games that run in Web browsers will be games that will exploit the advantages of DirectX 11 technology, not to mention multi-core processing and Havok and PhysX effects. New plug-in search engine called WebVision will be available for Trinergy Heb.-new engine for the Vision Game Engine 8th In this way will allow game developers to take advantage of all the advanced effects engine from the game and implement them in the browser the most used. Of course, in this case the limiting factor will be computer hardware, but it is already to the user.

Prices for the new NVIDIA cards

After the announcement that it will soon appear on the first NVIDIA card companies that support DirectX 11 technology and are based on the new chip GF100 these companies were published and the price at which these cards will be sold. Also, the main Bid-e NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 cost $ 700 while her younger brother GTX470 cost $ 500 Considering the high cost of such a question is whether Nvidia can count on good sales of its latest model of the card since the ATI Radeon HD 5970, which costs much less and that the performance problems can not compete with the GTX480, while the HD 5870 model is a competitive model GTX 470 and costs some $ 100 less.

LG X200 Netbook

In addition to being presented T280 CULV laptop, the company LG has unveiled a new netbook, which bears a label X200. If you are wondering what is it specifically for this model, it is important to emphasize that this is a typical netbook model that is based on latest Intel platform Pine Trail. The specifications of this model are the Intel Atom processor N450 (1.66GHz), GMA 3150 graphics, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive, 802.11n standard for wireless networking and Bluetooth. LG X200 Netbook model for now is available only in Korea and it is necessary to allocate $ 650 for now, is not known if this model will be available in other markets.

Microsoft solve problems Natal

Microsoft performed the final works to improve the performance of 3D-motion-traking camera for the Xbox 360 controller codenamed Project Natal. Namely, between the user's movements and actions on the screen passed around dozens of seconds. This is not a big delay, but enough to notice. Microsoft hopes to be able to reduce the time delay of your controller movements before he is formally introduced and it is according to the company in the holiday season later this year. However, even the most sophisticated film cameras used in Hollywood is not immune to delays and so it remains to be seen how Microsoft plans to solve this problem.

AMD expands educational initiative

AMD announced that expands the educational initiative of AMD Changing the Game outside the United States, co-sponzorišući digital game development and design workshop on Malaysian Cybergames festival. This festival is aimed at school children from all over Malaysia direct to computer technology and potential careers in the IT industry. AMD Changing the Game is designed to coerced science, technology, engineering and mathematics for students through the development of games on important social issues such as ecology, energy and public health. AMD hopes to be able to transform digital games in the powerful tools that will show the children on certain issues.

Samsung 4Gbit DDR3

Samsung has started mass production of the first in the industry 4Gbit DDR3 memory 40Nm using low-power process technology. It is expected that this high density memory bring significant energy savings when it comes to data centers, server systems and the top notebook computers. Production 4Gb DDR3 modules was a necessity due to increasing demands for memory within the server. Servers now require 32GB module which was not possible until now most 2Gb komponetama. New 40Nm 4Gb DDR3-based modules consume 36W of energy which is 83% less than when upitanju 1Gb DDR2 modules manufactured in 60nm production process.

Critical bug patched

Adobe is in progress yesterday announced a patch for the vulnerability in the Windows tool used to download the two most popular products of these two companies, Adobe Reader and Flash Player. It is the second time in six months that Adobe fix vulnerability in the Download Manager, a program that performs the installation of products on computers when users download Reader or Flash Player. For this weak point, Adobe says that it provides potential attackers the ability to use and install unauthorized software systems for users. Adobe says users to assure that no potentially vulnerable versions of Adobe Download Manager installed on their computers.

Gigabyte 5870 Super Overclock

Gigabyte has introduced a new product in the Super Series Enhanced graphics card. All cards in this series are set to provide the best performance in its class. The latest model series HD 5870 Super Enhanced Edition was created using the ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics processor based on 40Nm technological process and advanced GDDR5 memory. The new card brings innovative features such as support for DirectX, ATI Eyefinity technology and the incredible gaming experience for unprecedented performance. The card is in testing on the most famous tools for monitoring the performance achieved excellent results, among the best in the world.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Claims unfounded

Google claims that the attacks came from Chinese hackers were groundless, the official said Beijing, which once again confirmed its position on the issue of Internet freedom. This statement by the official representatives of the Foreign Ministry Qin Gang was the first firm rejection of the claims of Google. China has previously defended its right to implement the censorship of content and strongly rejected any charge related to the attacks, saying that Google must comply with Chinese law. Chinese officials point out that the Internet, as well as everything else, are regulated under the law and that such a position and their position will not change.

Samsung 3D TV

Samsung plans to enter the big door on the market 3D television. The company plans to introduce TVs that have the ability to view 3D content in the main series and plasma models, LED (osvetljenih background model) and LCD models. TV Samsung will use the same display technology that has already implemented a Panasonic TV screen while changing images for left and right about the frequency of 120Hz while glasses alternatively block the image to each eye at 60Hz. The result is that both take about 60 pictures per second, which the brain then interprets as a constant series of 3D images. This system is effective but has disadvantages such as expensive sunglasses.

Microsoft and Amazon work together

Microsoft and Amazon have signed the License Agreement to certain patents to be able to modify each approach intellectual property, including everything related to the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Official representatives of the two companies say that for now there is no possibility of disclosure of detailed information related to the agreement that was reached and that the definition Amazon pay money to Microsoft. Amazon will use the approach with the aim to improve integration between Microsoft products and their open source programs and avoiding the kind of potential litigation in the future.

Attack of the Twitter users

Security company Sophos has warned users of Twitter to attacks against users of social networks that have occurred over the weekend. These attacks are designed to steal passwords and user accounts to use the downloaded spread spam campaigns which cover the area of earning money. The attacks started on Saturday afternoon, when Twitter users noticed that their friends on the site mikroblogging respected message that states that contain links to fun, humor content. It was discovered that the cyber criminals behind this attack had the intention to create a zombie network hakovanih accounts used to spread spam.

SanDisk 64GB SD Card

SanDisk introduced its first 64GB SD memory card which states that the current format, featuring the most 2TB. SanDisk Ultra SDXC (eXtendend Capacity) card is designed for photo and video market and there is the possibility of achieving data transfer speeds up to 15MB / s. Susan Park, director of product sales at SanDisk said that SDXC successor to the popular SDHC format cards highlighting the 64GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC card offers speed and capacity that are necessary for users extended recording HD video content and promote rapid shooting photos.

Transcend SSD NEWS

Transcend leader in media and storage device, unveiled the redesigned 2.5 inch solid state drives (SSD). Redesigned SSDs, provide their customers more features, security and simplicity in operation. Designed to reach the highest level of quality, new versions Transcend 2.5 inch SATA and IDE Solid State Drivers, bringing its customers the extra protection from physical damage, as well as special holographic characteristics, which give an insight on the possible opening of the discs. These newspapers give users confidence that their drives are not opened and that they have access not authorized persons.

Intel invests in technology companies

Intel Corp.. the world's largest manufacturer of chips and a group that includes about 20 companies that invest capital, plans to invest more than $ 3 billion in U.S. technology companies in the next two years. Intel CEO Paul Otellini should formally disclose the following on this initiative. Intel has a branch Intel Capital, which buys shares of companies that have technologies that could prove useful for future sales of processors. Intel and other technology companies have lobbied the U.S. government to be stronger incentive to do mathematics and science education in the United States with the aim of creating a larger number of American experts.

Mio on the World Expo

Famous Taiwanese manufacturer of GPS devices and a leading brand in the territory of Eastern Europe MIO, he decided to appear in one of the world's largest event World Expo as a GPS sponsor of this order and opened a special web site on the site expo2010. MIO has also started a campaign "Expand your horizons," which emphasizes the protection of the environment. To facilitate all visitors stay in Shanghai, Mio website was prepared at the location ( with a lot of useful information that posetiocii can view in English and Chinese.

Twitter and Facebook increased

The average user of social networks spent more than five and a half hours on sites such as Facebook and Twitter in December, state data issued by the company Nielsen. This indicates an increase of 82% compared to December 2008 when the users of Twitter and Facebook and spent about 3 hours during the entire month on their favorite sites. Among all the sites and applications that are available on the Internet, social networks and blogs have proved to be popular and December, and after them the following online games and instant messaging services, Facebook is in the month of December had about 206.9 million active users, which is about 67 % of the market social networks.

The stylish IXUS 130 and IXUS 105

The two latest models of the famous Canon IXUS series cameras - IXUS 130 and IXUS 105 - offer an excellent combination of fun, innovative features and stylish design izvajanog case. These chic models are available in four attractive colors, and thanks to the excellent portability allow record every moment, wherever you are. Besides very modern look, models IXUS 130 and IXUS 105 have an impressive range of functions that are simple to use and facilitate photography. Both models have the wide lens of 28 mm zoom lens with 4x magnification - which makes it possible to accommodate all the staff or to zoom large staff, while Canon's Face Detection technology ensures that all look the best.

ThinkPad W701

Lenovo has introduced its premium ThinkPad W series. Within this series is available and the model of the ThinkPad W701 is the first to have support for USB 3.0 standard. So will this computer be able to connect to external hard drive's mentioned that support standard speeds of up to 5Gbps. The system is based on the Intel Core i7 processor 2GHz clock work, and the graphics provided by FX3800M Quadro cards. The computer has 16 GB of system memory when the option is provided for storage of classic hard drive and 160GB capacity SSD drive or a 128GB capacity. This model features a main screen diagonal length of 17 "but available extra special display of 10.1".

Debut GeForce GT340, GT330 and GT320

Nvidia has announced three new GeForce 300 series cards that will be designed for the OEM market. It models GeForce GT340, GT330 and GT320. These three cards have nothing in common with the upcoming DX11 cards that will be based on the new GF100 graphics chip companies have already made using older Nvidia DX 10.1 chip, probably GT215. GeForce GT340 is essentially a renamed model GT240 and it features 96 processing cores, 128-bit memory interface, and clock the core and shaders from 550 and 1340MHZ respectively, plus a 512MB or 1GB of GDDR3 memory, whose clock speed is 1700MHz.

AMD 8 and 12-core Magny Cours

AMD was able to perform another task that was handed himself for this year and this is the beginning of deliveries to OEM manufacturers of the new Opteron 6100 series processors, codenamed Magny Cours. Production of these processes began last month, and OEM partners have their first models of this series started to get a few days ago. These models, which have 8 and 12 cores are designed for installation in servers and are made using 45nm process technology, but use the new G34 socket (1974 pins), have four HyperTransport 3.0 link, four-integrated DDR3 memory controller and 12MB L3 cache.

SanDisk SSD G3 Series

Announced last month, SanDisk's 2.5 "G3 series of solid state drives began to be delivered in North America and Europe. C25-G3 SSDs are available in capacities of 60GB and 120GB, characterized by MLC NAND flash memory chips, SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, and the mean time before failure of 2 million hours, Windows 7 TRIM support. These drives provide read and write speeds of 220 and 120MB / s respectively and used ExtremeFFS flash management system that improves random write performance. Drives come with a ten-year warranty and the sale prices of $ 230 and $ 400 for capacities of 60 and 120GB respectively.

MSI X-slim X620 laptop

MSI has announced a new laptop in the X-Slim series. This model, which carries the tag bit slim X620 will display at CeBIT event that begins 2nd March in Hanover. Unlike the original model of the company's X620 Slim version does not have an optical drive, and promises better video playback experience. Laptop has a screen diagonal length of 15.6 "and is equipped with the ATI Radeon HD graphics processor designed for mobile computers from the 5000 series. This computer screen can display an image resolution of 1366x768, so no problem, users can watch 720p content. X620 Slim can be selected with 1.3GHz Intel Pentium processor SU4100 or 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo model.

3D movies, and problems with vision

Experts from the American University UC Berkeley have warned that excessive exposure to 3D technology can cause in a number of problems of people with symptoms similar to symptoms of eye fatigue. However, these researchers say that the industry works closely with doctors and specialists to ensure the kind najprijatnijeg 3D experience. In a number of people when počnju to watch this movie all wrong, but after some time, but usually after 20 minutes, start to feel discomfort and fatigue. Scientists explain that the most likely reason for this shift is often the eye that leads to fatigue appear.

Rejects Google Gears

Google has started to slow development rejects Google Gears to be increasingly turning development HTML5 standard. In a blog post, a company official said that Google has decided to attempt development related to Google Gears pause while Gears wants to incorporate features to Web standards like HTML5. The company has already HTML5 supporters so far to work more closely with this standard. Support for Gears in Firefox (including version 3.6) and Internet Explorer will continue from the state company. Google is understood to be difficult to integrate with other technologies, Gears, and the time given up.