Thursday, September 30, 2010

Found the most similar planet Earth!

Astronomers find a planet that most resembles the Earth than any that have so far investigated, calling it Glis 581G (Planet Gliese 581G). This planet is three times larger than Earth, orbiting a star that is 20 light years from Earth.

Planet Glis 581G is located in the region of space which is neither too hot nor too cold, the system Glis 581, so liquid water could have easily formed the oceans, lakes and rivers. Because of these conditions, but some scientists claim discovery of these planets are closer to the possibility that in future a planet colonized by Earth, reports the Daily Mail. "

Scientists say the planet probably has an atmosphere and gravity similar to that on Earth, and could be fit for life. The discovery came three years after astronomers discovered another planet orbiting the same star, but is less chance that it could be inhabited.

2:14 minutes of video that is before you, you can see what the scientists tell the newly found planet ...

Mass indicates that probably a shady planet. Glis 581G is located in the constellation Libra. Its orbital period is 37 days.

One side of the planet always faces the light, while the other is in darkness. The average temperature of the planet is between minus 31 degrees Celsius and minus 12 degrees.

Michael Caine predicted terrorist attacks 2,001th

British actor Michael Caine has predicted the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001, the novel that was written before the event, reports BBC News.

"I had a plot in which terrorists plane hit the tower in London. Then they would in real life. I was shocked, so I stopped writing," said the actor.

In an interview before the publication of the autobiography "The Elephant to Hollywood," 77-year-old Kane is revealed to be still hopes to write a novel and before 80th Birthday 2013th

This book will be "a thriller about terrorism." "It will be for men. There will be a significant literary achievement," added the double Oscar winner.

Kane has played this year in the futuristic thriller "Start", which is his fourth collaboration with British director Christopher Nolan.

The actor said he will continue to write when you complete the "Batman", alluding to the potential continuation Nolanovih hits Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Kane is in these two films played butler Alfred.

"I am busy in the next three years. When it's done I will have 80 years and then I could retire," he added.

The book "The Elephant to Hollywood" is on sale from today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vitamin B against Alzheimer's disease

Dementia in patients with Alzheimer's disease has been slowed by 30 percent and even up to 50 percent in those patients who received high doses of vitamins B6 and B12, as a dietary supplement, according to a study conducted by Oxford prodžekt (Oxford Project).

It has long been known that vitamin B and vitamin B-complex, followed by vitamins C and E may be useful in treating Alzheimer's disease, but there have been no systematic research.

According to a study of 186 people spent the Oxford Project, reducing the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease slowed the 30 and up to 50 percent in those patients who received high doses of vitamin B or folic acid, B6 and B12 in the form of dietary supplements, reports the Zagreb "BBC News".

- It would be very positive if the vitamin B really was so effective because it would be a very inexpensive treatment, research assistant professor commented Nino Mimica, a psychiatrist and president of the Alzheimer's Association of Croatia, but also points out that vitamins are prescribed only when symptoms are visible , which, he said, too late for prevention.

Investigation results have exceeded all expectations of doctors are revolutionary because of prevention, namely the brain could be pre-protected from deterioration, and this seems to be doing these vitamins.

Faster extinction of brain cells associated with high levels of homocysteine, a substance that is found in the blood, and the vitamin B complex controls the level of these substances.

- Lack of folic acid is considered the main cause of elevated homocysteine and folic acid is a good strategy for prevention and therapy. But this dose is difficult to achieve daily diet and adequate nutrition are recommended accessories as safer solution, Mimica said.

As treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia, folnoj acid are added and vitamins B6 (5 mg) and B12 (1 mg), explained the nutritionists. B-complex vitamins are found in meat, fish, eggs and green vegetables.

With this knowledge in view of the fact that it comes to vitamins, not drugs, prevention of Alzheimer's disease may begin as early in the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment of the brain, ie. early stages of dementia, the newspaper said.

After the 60th The brain is naturally reduced by half a percent a year, but the mild cognitive impairment speed doubles, as Alzheimer's disease is as much as 2.5 percent per year.

Getting to know patients helps in the diagnosis

Doctors that patients ask questions about things that affect their lives, not only about their health problems, fewer mistakes in diagnosis.

In medical school, students learn how to diagnose and solve medical problems. But non-medical aspects such as the patient's emotional state, the responsibility of those who provide assistance, business status or how health care can be equally important.

A new study found that medical students who are trained to ask questions about things that affect the patient's life, not only about their health problems, have a better chance to help their patients, according to the Voice of America.

Medical students often try their skills on mannequins to assist patients in human size before you begin working with real patients. Some of these dolls can "bleed" and have a heartbeat. Some even "breathe".

Medical schools also help their students learn listening skills and communication. Students work with actors who complain about certain things to learn to ask questions.

This training helps to reduce errors in diagnosis. The latest study deals with an approach that is more personal. Medical students were told to ask the patient about his daily activities and responsibilities in order to individualize treatment.

"The individualization of care means taking into account aspects of the patient's life. We call this their content," explains Alan Schwartz.

Professor Alan Schwartz of the University of Illinois at Chicago has taught some medical students in the individualization of care. Students listened and looked for hints that could help them in planning treatment.

Professor Schwartz and other researchers studied more than 10,000 medical students. Some of them were trained for individualized care, while others are not.

"The group of medical students who underwent the training, about 25 percent of them are correctly dealt with patients who had a complicated individual factors. Once trained, two-thirds of them were able to handle such patients. This study is important because if you miss that included individual needs, this can lead to medical errors, which is bad as much as a certain amount of bad or wrong medicine, "explains Schwarz.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cure for diabetes "Avandia" withdrawn from circulation

The decision was made after the European Medicines Agency recommended the withdrawal from sale of medicinal products containing rosiglitazon, announced today a management ALMIS.

Was withdrawn from sale, as stated, film tablets, 4 mg and 8 mg of the drug Avandia, manufacturer Glaxo Wellcome Production, France, and Glaxo Wellcome SA Spain.

Licensee for the distribution of this drug in Serbia, the Belgrade office GlaxoSmithKline.

European Medicines Agency has recommended the withdrawal from sale of medicinal products containing rosiglitazon published after the evaluation of new data on adverse cardiovascular reactions and the relationship benefits and risks when applying this medicine.

Recommendations related to the drugs Avandia, Avandamet and Avaglim, of which only drug Avandia registered in Serbia 6th March 2006. year, but since since 2008. not in circulation, noted in a statement.

Rosiglitazon in the EU for the first time registered 2000th and even then were identified fluid retention and increased risk of heart failure as an important security issues in the application of this drug.

Therefore, the cardiovascular safety of patients who are taking rosiglitazon intensively monitored.

In order to reduce cardiovascular risk rosiglitazona application was limited to the treatment of choice for the treatment of diabetes and is contraindicated in patients with heart failure.

Additional information to which there was conducted on the basis of clinical studies, FARMAKOM-epidemiological study and meta-analysis, pointed to the possibility of an increased risk of ischemic heart disease when using rosiglitazona.

Therefore, in the past three years, conducted more restrictive measures (warnings and precautions) for the use of the drug in patients with ischemic heart disease, said in a statement ALMIS.

New EMA assessment of available data was undertaken in July 2010th and found that the results of recent studies speak in favor of the existence of an increased cardiovascular risk in patients treated rosiglitazonom, despite the previously implemented measures.

Commission for Human Medicines in EMA concluded that "the relationship benefits and risks when applying this medicine can no longer be considered positive, and so was yesterday officially announced the recommendation of the abolition of permits and the withdrawal of the drug from the market.

As the drug Avandia, for commercial reasons but withdrawn from the market, this measure will not affect the current therapeutic approach in the treatment of diabetic patients in Serbia, it was said from a ALMIS.

Secret code for the Da Vinci code

The hidden key to the decipherment allegedly najskrovitije secrets of Renaissance genius, is in the rare skill: he wrote with his left hand from behind and from right to left, and to read effortlessly. To read the records, others have used the mirror. But he was endowed with unusual ability once again, as well as our Nikola Tesla.

How is it ingenious and subtly missed Dan Brown?

For neodgonetnutom secret of Leonardo da Vinci, which is centuries pretrajala, searching is apparently in the wrong place. And she has wings - no less, no more - the only key to unlock the hidden code that is read spisatelj allegedly found in something else.

Is it just recently scientists discovered?

Many journalists and writers have stepped up their pens (or ulubili buttons on the keyboard), trying to challenge or support one of the best selling book in the world.

Renaissance genius (painter, scientist, engineer, inventor, architect, and who knows what else), who is himself said that "a man without a diploma," was endowed with a rare ability: the left hand is effortlessly back and wrote from right to left , so that his manuscripts (for life is not slovce published) can read only in the mirror.

If you think that anyone can, type whatever comes to your mind and turn to the mirror. As you yourself make sure after who knows how many attempts.

And what is the secret of secrets now?

Seven to ten percent of the adult population belongs to the left-handed, and many were also reported and how to write backwards. But still not able to discern scrambled impressions or ogledalske images, although for the youngsters to a common phenomenon, it was announced recently at the European Symposium neuroscientist.

Teaching adults requires reading, however, that the brain center of vision (visual center) undergo a serious change, including the forgotten art of mastering the subject and its reflection recognized as identical.

Known cognitive scientist Stanislas Deaen, a professor at the College of France, it is believed that the brain area which included such, people need skills in the recent evolutionary past has changed its original purpose. Studies suggest that a tiny section of the visual system takes effect (activated) perception of written words, so he called it the visual field of word formation.

In the meantime, the widely debated to what extent it is refined (specialized) to recognize words, and hence also for answering the picture. French researcher believes that by recognizing the subject turned to the recognition of words.

Just a fraction of the center of this vision could be responsible for ensuring that individual to receive recognize yourself in the mirror, even a reflection of the tiger, which is a big advantage in evolutionary survival. Not only that: it's crucial to read, and could shed light on why kids make mistakes, professionally called "early ogledalsko reading.

Previously, it was assumed that only the dyslexic children (unable to read) tends to confuse B and D and P and Q and, from time to time, write their names backwards. Later it turned out to be no other that do not differ.

A mistake caused a very simple reason: when they begin to learn reading, children must, first, referred to forget the old skills, important for survival. I agree that it is so specified area in adults should be insensitive as to which of the two "ogledalskih picture" perceived when it comes to describing and sensitive to the distinction between words and letters seen. That is confirmed by the recordings, the brains mature literate people, made functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Some ways of writing, such as two-way Greek (alternate lines read in opposite directions), supporting the described favor,, expressed before each literacy. The same finding is true, in fact, for most of the alphabet. How to cope illiterate monkeys?

The concerned area in the monkey brain is very sensitive to certain forms of identification - say, to Y, T and L, testified as other researchers. When the line connection to the letters he saw in nature, makes it easy to navigate in space: if an object in front of or behind another. The human brain differs from ancient times these forms, so letters are similar to the widely represented in all the alphabet.

I own literacy is, in its own way, influenced the change of the brain, highlights Stanislas Deaen, which is backed by comparing the response of literate and illiterate adults. At parties, for example, observed different expressions. Reading is, apparently a result of improvement of visual perception.

In any case, it is never too late: a similar brain response appears in adults and children when they start to Srića letters.


And Nikola Tesla

When Leonardo da Vinci wrote about the mixing of sounds, smells and other sensory reception in his ideal garden, you probably saopštavao sinestezičko view (sinestezija - the ability of a nenadraženog senses to feel the irritation other senses).

Many artists, scientists and inventors say that the sinestezija source of their inspiration. While the philosopher John Locke considered the first who was capable of sinestetički experience, perhaps Aristotle and Pythagoras owed his great knowledge of exactly this power.

Do not forget our Nikola Tesla, the writer Vladimir Nabokov, physicist Richard Feynman, a painter Wassily Kandinsky and so on.

Portia de Rossi changes last name to DeGeneres

LOS ANGELES - One of the most famous lesbian couple Ellen DeGeneres and Hollywood Portia de Rossi, who officiated two years ago, their relationship, from now on will carry the same last name.

Namely, the Superior Court of California approved a surface with a request to change the name to DeGeneres, local media reported.
"I am excited that I will officially carry the name of his wife. I will continue to use the name Portia de Rossi in professional life," said 37-year-old actress, originally from Australia.

Portia and Ellen DeGeneres TV host (50) are related since 2004. year. They had managed to marry in August 2008. in accordance with the law on the legalization of gay marriage in California who has been in place only five months.

Michael Douglas: Cancer us even more closer together

Multiple Oscar winner Michael Douglas has revealed how much his support in the struggle with evil disease are members of his family

Although the tumor at the root language for some time been subjected to painful cures radiation and chemotherapy, šezdesetpetogodišnji movie superstar Michael Douglas has decided that his health does not hide from their loved ones, and now his greatest support in the fight for the health of his wife Catherine Zeta Jones and their two children, ten and seven year-old Dylan Keris. They were familiar with the situation all the time since it was Cameron, Michael's son from his first marriage, entered into conflict with the law for possession of illegal substances, so that the problems actually strengthen joint family spirit and cuddled them more than ever.

- Children have an amazing support to me! I led them with him to radiotherapy, so that they understand what is happening. Also, we went together to the prison to visit their older half-brother. All of us, this is even more closer together - revealed that the actor these days expect the world premiere of the film Wall Street: Money never sleeps where Douglas reprises his role as Gordon Gecko of the cult, which in 1987. He was received the Academy Award.

Lindsay Lohan returned to prison

American actress Lindsay Lohan has now returned to jail, handcuffed, after the trial judge did not approve bail, but ordered to remain in custody for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs until the next hearing scheduled for 22 October.

Today's hearing lasted less than 10 minutes.
This is the third time that Lohan is in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but the two previous times released because the jail was no place.

Her longest stay in prison - early summer - it lasted 14 days, although he was sentenced to a prison term of 90 days.

Lohan last week admitted that he suffers from substance abuse. "Addiction is a disease that, unfortunately, does not go through the night. I try to overcome this problem and improving in that direction. This is undoubtedly a setback for me, but I accept responsibility for his actions and I am ready to face the consequences", she wrote on Friday last week on a social web site "Twitter".

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pirates attacked the entertainment industry

Activists who support piracy are carried out coordinated attacks on Internet sites of American music and film industry.

The attack temporarily broke the site of the American Film Association (MPAA) and the American Music Industry Association (RIAA), reports the BBC.

Pirates have previously reported on a forum that will perform this action in retaliation for anti-piracy efforts by making the entertainment industry.

The group said it would continue attacks on other sites. Next on the list of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), which will be the target of 20th September.

The action was launched after reports of Indian software companies' Aiplex "that the name of the film industry perform''''cyber attacks on sites where the illegal distribution of films made.

Anonymous activists have decided to apply the same method for the overthrow of the site "Aiplexa" and several other organizations.

"We broke them in the same way they nakoji down Pirate Bay, the bombing of the requirements to open a page. They have hired Aiplex, who also got his own. They were attacked first, we hit harder," said in a message published by pirates.

All the sites attacked again available on the Internet.

How to stop the power of the collective that makes complete an Internet community? You can enchant equipment and catch the organizers of the attacks, but this is a group that has become proficient in the protection of your identity and does it very well on the strength of the Internet, "said Sean Paul from the company Corel "Panda Security".

"Peugeot" discontinued the production of "206"

French PSA Peugeot will end 2011th The stop production of "Peugeot 206" in Europe because of the change of European legislation, but its installation, is expected to continue in South America, China and Iran, reported the Internet portal "Autokar," citing a source from the company.

"Peugeot is offering buyers a model" 206 "in 1998. year, as a substitute for "Peugeot 205". The company has given up the plan to modernize and upgrade model, in the expectation that the model "106" and "306" in the market adequately fill the gap.

Model "206," however, surpassed the expectations of the company and became a best-selling car brands Peugeot, whose supply exceeded five million vehicles in 2005. year, before his replacement, a model "207" is offered to the market 2006th year.

The fate of this model is extremely important because only a "Peugeot 205" has a chance to reach the figure of five million. However, "Peugeot 206" has provided a record sale for only eight years, while the "205" will need a lot more time, says "Autokar.

Discover stress - Prevent Heart Attack

Canadian scientists have shown that problems at work, married and with financial risk of cardiovascular disease, and found that there is a biological marker that can be measured and even predict a heart attack. High levels of stress hormone cortisol in hair may indicate the months before a heart attack.

"Traditionally, cortisol is measured in blood serum, urine and saliva, but all these matrices indicate the level of cortisol in the last few hours or days," explained the professor Stan Van uum and Gideon Koren of the University of Western Ontario. Contrast study of six centimeters long hair can be assessed level of stress in a much longer period.

William Shatner is not in the continuation of "Star Trek"

LONDON - Actor William Shatner (William Shatner) has said that will play in the continuation of last year's remake science fiction classic "Star Trek."

Shatner, who is 60 deaths in the series "Star Trek" films as well as in the 70's recorded by the series portrayed Captain James Kirk (James), said that was too old for the role, told the New mjuzikal Express (New Musical Express - NME).

"I think that there is no solution to the problem of how to connect my present appearance with Kirk that we remember from 40 years ago," said the actor.
Chris Pine (Chris Pine) has played Kirk in last year's film, in which Shatner has not appeared.

Star Trek 2 "will arrive in theaters in 2012.

Beyonce model in a secret show by Tom Ford

R & B singer Beyonce tried themselves as a model and show it in a secret cult of fashion designer Tom Ford, the actual Fashion Week in New York.

Although leading fashion company itself, along with her mother Tina Knowles, House of Dereon, Beyonce, this time all participants by surprise, appearing to show your friends and fashion maga, Ford, in addition to professional models, but even some well-known ladies among them was the actress Julianne Moore.

Beyonce I for portal Women'sWearDaily ( stated that the great fun of this show and how she felt like it was on its performance. He also added that she loves when people are willing to play with fashion.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler in the American idol judges

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and frontman of Aerosmith "Steven Tyler will be a judge in the new, 10 season of reality show "American Idol" that begins in January.

They will be joined by music producer Randy Jackson, the only judge remaining from the previous set, announced on the Fox TV network which broadcasts the popular show.

"They will the new Michael Jackson, someone who will be the best ever American Idol," Lopez said in a statement to the magazine Pipl.

"I want to enter my little rock and roll in this rolerkoster and show that if you have heart, talent and sense to do this, you can become the next 'American Idol'," said Tyler.

Before it, and Tyler, jury members were Kauel Simon, Paula Abdul, Ellen DeDženeris and Kara DioGuardi.

Morgan Freeman is planning to marry the adopted granddaughter

Recently divorced Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is planning to marry her granddaughter.

By the writing of American tabloids, Morgan officially divorced last week of peaceful Cola Li, with whom he was married 25 years and is now contemplating to formalize their relationship with 46 years younger E'Denom Hines, the adopted daughter of his daughter from his first marriage.

Namely, star of "unbeatable" is 73, and E'Dena only 27 years.

Their relationship reportedly began ten years ago when she was still a minor, according to Hollywood gossip circulating this unusual romance, love is the reason Frimenovog second divorce.

Moreover, the American tabloids would suggest that Morgan "Lolita" could soon his former grandfather born child.