Saturday, September 25, 2010

Portia de Rossi changes last name to DeGeneres

LOS ANGELES - One of the most famous lesbian couple Ellen DeGeneres and Hollywood Portia de Rossi, who officiated two years ago, their relationship, from now on will carry the same last name.

Namely, the Superior Court of California approved a surface with a request to change the name to DeGeneres, local media reported.
"I am excited that I will officially carry the name of his wife. I will continue to use the name Portia de Rossi in professional life," said 37-year-old actress, originally from Australia.

Portia and Ellen DeGeneres TV host (50) are related since 2004. year. They had managed to marry in August 2008. in accordance with the law on the legalization of gay marriage in California who has been in place only five months.

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