Thursday, January 20, 2011

Babies understand what im talking about

Babies can not understand many words that adults say, because their brain is capable of processing them, say scientists.

Incorporating the latest technology of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetoencephalography (MEG), University scientists "Kalofornija in San Diego have proven that children slightly older than one year are processed words using the same brain structures as well as adults.

Researchers found that children not only to handle the sounds of words in mind, but I can understand their meaning.

The study, conducted by Dr. Eric Halgren - a professor of radiology, Jeff Elman - a professor of cognitive science, and Katherine E. Trevis with the Department of Neurology and multimodal diagnostics, said that infants use the same brain mechanisms as adults in uncovering the meanings of words, using what was until now considered a mental "database", ie a database that is constantly updated to "adulthood".

Many are now believed to be newborns, using a completely different mechanism for learning words, learning that ranges from the simplest components and turns in the process used by adults.

Identification of areas of the brain responsible for language learning has not been possible due to lack of evidence that would indicate the area of the brain developed, in which process takes place.

Although the lesions in the two parts of the brain known as Wernicke Bročino and (frontotemporally) area, a long time associated with the loss of language skills in adults, the same lesions in early childhood does not affect too much on language development.

To explain these differences, some say that the right hemisphere and inferior frontal regions in the crucial first language, and prejudiced language areas in the older age become dominant only with the spread of linguistic experience.

In contrast, other theories suggest the hypothesis that brain plasticity in other regions of the newborn to download the tasks associated with learning the language, if there is damage to the left frontotemporal region in the earliest age.

To determine whether the infants used the same functional networks as adults in interpreting the meaning of words, researchers have used the MEG-om, diagnostic that measures tiny magnetic fields that send the neurons in the brain, and MRI-operation in noninvasive assessment of brain activity, 12-18 months old infants.

During the first experiment, children listened to the sounds of words followed similar acoustic properties, but not meaning - to be determined whether they can distinguish. During the second phase, scientists have investigated whether infants understand the meaning of those words.

Within this experiment, infants were the images of familiar objects, and then they heard the words that match or not match the name. Thus the image of the ball followed adequate spoken term, and then heard the word dog.

Brain activity showed that the children failed to establish a mismatch of words and pictures, as was evident by the amplitude of brain activity. "Uncoordinated" or mismatched words evoke the characteristic brain response is placed in the left frontotemporally area responsible for processing the meanings of words in the adult brain.

The tests were repeated in adults in order to verify that the same combination of mismatched pictures / words indicated newborns caused by a stronger responsiveness in left field frontotemporally.

Laughter therapy

Laughter has been proven very useful in the treatment of many diseases, and has now been discovered that helps with artificial insemination.

Israeli scientists say that among women who were receiving treatment more successful artificial insemination occurred in those patients who have had treatment and zasmevanja hospital clown.

"Patients who are trying to become pregnant, are under great stress. Because laughter is important for tretmen, "said research team leader Shevach Friedler, adding that laughter therapy is used in Israel, the United States, Canada, some European countries for the treatment of children.

Ronaldo: I change diapers son

MADRID - Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo fulfills his fatherly duties and changes palen his son. "Of course, among other things, changing diapers to his son. I'm just thrilled, not that I like, but I do it," Ronaldo told the Spanish magazine Brand . Captain of the Portuguese national team would like to see his son become a footballer. "I'd like to be my successor and that he loves football. See what we will be more. My son will be and do what it wanted," added the Kristijano.Otkad took custody, Ronald, in the upbringing of boys helping mothers and sisters.

World Health Organization has identified a new vitamin

GENEVA, 20 January 2011 (njuz) - World Health Organization (WHO, WHO), after extensive research during the holidays, announced the view that ethyl alcohol should be adopted for the vitamin.

- Alcohol is - explains Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General - a substance the human body can not synthesize and which in certain periods of time necessary for its proper functioning. Our studies over the past Christmas and New Year holidays has confirmed the suspicion that in this period, the man must have within itself a certain amount of alcohol to the body to function normally - says Chang.

Although the new vitamin, reaction to the medicine known him from before. Hypervitaminosis this vitamin leads to serious problems in the digestive system as well as to severe headache. Symptoms may persist, and a couple of days. Extremely can lead to disorders of motor function and short-term amnesia. Hypovitaminosis a significant impact on the psychological level of the individual.

On the other hand, people with a lack of vitamin D are often withdrawn, depressed and isolated from society. WHO has not yet found the name of a new vitamin. Speculated to be called the vitamin X as the name suggests C2H5OH affiliation with this substance the same group in which the vitamin C, which is not the case. If the changes proposed by the WHO to be adopted should expect to be in pharmacies in mid next year to find preparations of vitamin X.

Leading manufacturers of alcohol showed no interest in creating effervescent tablets or granules of a new vitamin and will, apparently, pharmacists have to sell it in the form of drinks. Ministry of Health of Serbia is still not announced on the occasion of the WHO announcement, while the public are most interested in Serbia whether the government allocate budget funds to reduce fees for the issuance of a new vitamin prescription.

Drake: Vini Pu is my inspiration

LONDON - Canadian rapper Drake said in jest that the inspiration for his new album Hero of Children's books, panda Vini Pu.

Drake noted that he recently bought a few early editions of books by Alan Alexander Milna (1882-1956), "father" Vinija Pua, today announced the site Didžital conn.

"I bought four books about Winnie the Puu. It cost me a lot of money. I'm probably the same amount could buy a small car," said Drake who is currently recording a new album.

"Stories of Viniju Puu had an important place in my childhood. Vini Pu even remotely has to do with hip-hop. But Vini Pu is still my inspiration for their next album, he's a rapper.

Drake (24), who's debut album "Thank Me Later" released last year, contest into four categories for the Grammy Awards with the award is scheduled for 13 February.

Nas Gaga cuddle with trandza

NEW YORK - Nas Gaga (Lady) new video, "Born This Way" recorded with trandza.

Singer, whose new single comes out in February hired a certain number of women transseksualki video-clip will be filmed next week.

At a party in New York by the animated trandza, model and porn star Alana Star (Allanah Starr) were seen Nas Gage assistants who have more guests invited to participate in the shooting.

It is expected that Nas Gaga composition "Born This Way" was first performed live 13th February to award Boards. Self-titled album will be on sale from 23 May.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Nazi officer

The former action movie actor and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (63) returned to Hollywood, a famous actor playing a Nazi officer who becomes a hero!

In an interview with Austrian newspaper "Kronen Zeitung" the former governor of California reveals that currently reads three scenarios. "Extreme fights and gunfire are no longer interested me. I want to major acting challenges, "he said.

Dealt with the theme of Nazism while he was governor, a plot of the film it particularly attracts: "He played'd nemačkog senior officers at the end of the war given the order to kill dozens of children.

He does, however, does not seem to risking life and succeeding in them prone to safety. "Internet site" The Arnold Fans "assumes that this is a scenario Rendala Volis titled" With Wings As Eagles ". Love, among other things wrote the screenplays for the films "Pearl Harbor" and "Braveheart."

Schwarzenegger says that for now does not know when we will again be able to see it in the cinema: "I have no particular plan. In any case, in future I will dedicate the film. "

He denied the opportunity to further his political career. "The only political function that really interested me was unattainable for me because I was born in Austria, so I can not become president of America."

Whitney Houston issued a new album

Singer, who last year "embarrassed" by Whitney Houston comeback tour, will soon begin work on a new album.

A year after, say critics, "a disastrous return" to the music scene, RnB diva starts to record their eighth studio album.

In addition to working on the new album by Whitney (46) this year has a plan to capture two films.

The surrogate mother gave another daughter Nicole Kidmen

Actress Nicole Kidmen and of country singer Urban Kit received second daughter. Pregnancy is made a surrogate mother.

Thanks to a surrogate mother, who has made a pregnancy, actress Nicole Kidman and her husband of country singer Urban Kit, they got a second daughter.

As the happy couple announced, small Feith Margaret Kidmen Urban came on in the world still Nešvilu 28th December 2010. They said they were "truly blessed" and thanked everyone for their support and, above all, "the woman who made a pregnancy".

She won the Oscar film awards Kit Urban already have a two year old daughter Sandej Rose. Kidman then said she was pregnant during filming of "Australia", when bathed in Australian lake Kununura, which supposedly encourages fertility.

Sandra Bullock: I'm not related to Rajan

Hollywood actress and Oscar winner, has denied that, in conjunction with colleague Ryan Reynolds, claiming that the two were just good friends.

Hollywood actress and Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock denied that in conjunction with colleague Ryan Reynolds, claiming that the two were just good friends.

"It is not my lover, not my boyfriend, just an excellent friend, and it's been ten years. No catches up with him when the night falls," said the actress.

Sandra was also told that the only man in her life, her one-year son who was adopted last year.

Rumors that she and Rajan in a relationship, have started one moment when I officially the most beautiful actor in the world, announced the news that he was divorcing the actress Scarlett Johansson. Acting couple from the movie "veridba" welcomed the 2011th together for a year which many assumed that the Rajan and Sandy in love.