Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drake: Vini Pu is my inspiration

LONDON - Canadian rapper Drake said in jest that the inspiration for his new album Hero of Children's books, panda Vini Pu.

Drake noted that he recently bought a few early editions of books by Alan Alexander Milna (1882-1956), "father" Vinija Pua, today announced the site Didžital conn.

"I bought four books about Winnie the Puu. It cost me a lot of money. I'm probably the same amount could buy a small car," said Drake who is currently recording a new album.

"Stories of Viniju Puu had an important place in my childhood. Vini Pu even remotely has to do with hip-hop. But Vini Pu is still my inspiration for their next album, he's a rapper.

Drake (24), who's debut album "Thank Me Later" released last year, contest into four categories for the Grammy Awards with the award is scheduled for 13 February.

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