Saturday, December 12, 2009

EA announces new game

EA is the company recorded a relatively good financial period in which the titles of the company's FIFA 2010 and Madden NFL 10 sold 4.5 million copies and 3.9 respectively. However, the company announced plans for the presentation of new games in the month of January. But for now, absolutely do not know which sport will cover this game, so you do not have any additional information that might cast a ray of light on this news. The company has significantly expanded line of sports games releasing this year, EA Sports Active. Some believe that the issue could be a racing title, but so far no confirmation of this information.

Since gaming controllers

If you think that many Wii remotes including pecaljke a tennis racket and have unusual shapes, then you need to wait for Sony Computer Entertainment present its latest patents. Sony announces what will surely cause a great interest in the market and mentioned the triangle, square, circular, and various other keys to be found on the new remote control that will be unique for all PlayStation consoles toys. What will also feature new products is a modular design that has not been seen in the market.

Intel Core I3 chip

Through a Web site for online sales, but it is possible to order the new Intel processor Clarkdale, and are thus available and more information about the next generation of desktop processors. What is known is that the latest Core i3-530 chip for the 2.9GHz to dual-core chip has 512KB and 4MB L3 cache and that can be obtained at a cost of $ 150 This chip is one of the early processors which states that belong to Westmere architecture that is created using a 32nm manufacturing process. Intel has not yet been formally introduced chips are manufactured using this process, but certainly that they could appear in desktop and laptop computers at the end of this month.

Google with Vevo

The presence of Eric Schmidt at the entertainment held which brought together a large number of toys in the music industry was an illustration of how digital technology has advanced and how much power there. Entertainment was held on Tuesday and the occasion was the launch music video site Vevo while Schmidt was the guest of honor. However, despite all his presence has confused many, if the mind is the fact that he led the team that leads from YouTube and other helps Vevo that can be potentially a great competition. Bearing in mind the fact that Google inkasirao $ 21 million in revenue last year, to be sure that such companies will not be satisfied with "sitting on two chairs."

New move for MySpace

The aggressive move MySpace to make available information about the streaming of public activities to other developers so that applications from other manufacturers and Web sites to be able to display status updates and notification of this action. Data on these activities will be available for other developers through a new set of API which MySpace is planning to present the following Mon About 10 million MySpace users around the world generates about 46 million this status update and notifikacionih daily actions, such as the publication of messages, add friends to your list of friends, uploading photos or video or add music tracks to your profile.

Transcend Black Slim CD / DVD burner

Leading to its success with portable slim 8X CD / DVD burner, Transcend has introduced a new version of the cutter in black, which joins the existing white edition. With the new great black case, compact size and diverse functions, CD / DVD burner is perfect for thin and light notebooks and netbooks this, spojajući useful and fun. As laptops become smaller and lighter, built-in CD or DVD readers and burners are often not included in the offer. Transcend's portable slim 8X CD / DVD burner is specifically designed for use with laptop computers.

Development of 3D gaming

Popularity 3D technology will dramatically increase in the next five years, says Insight Media forecasting company that believes that by 2014 the world will be sold around 40 million monitors that can display 3D content. This company has conducted research in which he also spent considerable time studying the methodology of playing 3D games and said that this way of playing does not create a special eye fatigue or other problems. In this way the player interacts directly with the game placing in the environment, interacting directly with the developer, so there is no doubt that 3D will become a very popular game in time to come.

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR runtime enables you available to your favorite applications to be at any time. While applications built for Adobe AIR running on your desktop computer without a web browser, they provide all the convenience of desktop applications. Companies such as eBay or AOL using Adobe AIR to create exciting new applications that allow you to use their services on the desktop of your computer. Adobe AIR also helps in ensuring a safe installation requiring digital signatures for each AIR application, which she identiikuje before installation. It is free software and this version is designed for Windows OS.

Windows 7 download tool available

Microsoft has announced that once again made available for download via the Internet tool that helps to install Windows 7 on netbooks and the other computers on which there is no optical drive. This tool is placed on the Internet last month, but was withdrawn shortly after the appearance when it was established that uses open source code licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL v2). Microsoft is after this knowledge apologized and said that the company did not know that it is a tool that uses open source code. The company is a few days ago once again made available this software and its open code made under the terms of the GPL.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dragon Age on three monitors

AMD has released HD video showing game play Dragon Age: Origins three monitor resolution of 5760x1200 pixels. According to the spokesperson of the company's demo system is initiated Radeon HD 5800 graphics card was used while ATI's advanced technology Eyefinity. AMD is pleased because it was recorded very positive reaction to Eyefinity technologies industirje but also from users who are a large number of posts to put the knowledge to be very like what Eyefinity offers. It is one of the technologies that you try simply must have, says spokesman AMD.

Yahoo in court

Yahoo once again found himself in court because it is through their Web site Cryptome revealed that private information regarding the services provided by Yahoo police authorities made public online. Yahoo is guilty of a violation of the agreement, which was conducted in a host of documents which contained confidential information. However, in addition Cryptome believes that it is not made any violation of law or agreement so that the disputed document is still available online. Within this document can be seen how much Yahoo paid for the submission of information such as IP addresses associated with user login, e-mail accounts and other content stored on the Yahoo services.

Samsung P2370HD TV monitor

Combo TV monitors are not a new idea, but what can usually be found on the market is a standard PC monitor with built-in TV tuner. However, Samsung has decided to present a fully functional 23''Wide TV screen that is designed to work as an ordinary PC monitor. The new Samsung product carries a label P2370HD and is characterized by a standard 16:9 screen with the home, 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution which makes it fully compatible for full HD playback of Blu-ray discs and games via PC or directly using HDMI. Because at the same time and TV, P2370HD TV monitor has a built-in stereo speakers.

Seagate enters the SSD market

Seagate has announced its entry into the market Solid State Drive's introduction of the new products Seagate Pulsar - the first model in the new business SSD lines. Pulsar uses single-level technology to provide up to 200GB capacity and is characterized by 2.5''form with SATA interface. Pulsar is designed for server blade and the general environment and its maximum capabilities are up to 30,000 read IOPS and 25,000 write IOPS, 240MB / s sequential read and 200MB / s sequential write, according to the official statement of the company Seagate. The decision about entering the SSD market was created after Gartner's predictions of a large bloom of the financial markets.

EA and Piracy

John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts, gave his view on the problem of piracy when it comes to titles from this company. He believes that it is impossible to avoid the fact that some users download content that is paid and then distribute the contents of earning them. EA is aware that this gray market and the market used the title refers significant resources company. Riccitiello believes that EA needs to find a way to convince these users to adapt this practice different market conditions so that the issue is not piracy, but clean and EA and users benefit from this phenomenon.

Apple lost a patent case

Last week the U.S. Federal Court decision related to a lawsuit against the company that Apple was filed by the company OPTI INC., which is known manufacturers Mac and Mac OS X operating system, accused of a violation of its patent. Despite the fact that Apple is found guilty of patent violation of the aforementioned companies, the judge has not decided on any kind of punishment but is limited only to that ordered Apple to pay $ 21.7 million in compensation. Apple is like the argument stated that the patent OPTI INC. inadequate. This company was first sued Apple in 2007.

Soon Agreement

Changes in Microsoft's proposal on the basis of which the PC users in Europe were able to choose which search engine they want in Windows can bring victory over European regulators. The European Commission and Microsoft are all close to an agreement which will allow changes to Windows users that will provide the possibility to choose, offering them some other options that do not come from Microsoft. These changes are designed to ensure that Microsoft is in compliance with laws related to competition which has not always been agreement, which has so far fined $ 2.5 billion based on breach of European law on antitrustovskom behavior.

PS3 offers interesting

Company LogicBuy presented an excellent offer for those who are planning to buy PS3 console. Namely, the company offers a toy Slim PlayStation 3 console with 250GB of storage capacity, one free PS3 game, 2 free Blu ray movies for $ 350th New version of the PS3 console (Slim model) is a third thinner, lighter for 36%, brings 250GB of storage space, built-in Wi-Fi, Blu-ray player, the option to synchronize with the company's Bravia TVs and free PlayStation Network membership network. All this is available for $ 350, so if you plan to buy a similar console then this is a great opportunity.

Google EtherPad

EtherPad, Word processor in real time by the company Google acquired late last week, during the coming months should be alive as open source software instead of being extinguished. In announcing the purchase of the company AppJet, behind EtherPad, Google's leaders have decided to stop all the Web hosted versions of applications by the end of March next year. However, due to the great disapproval of the former EtherPad a user, Google has rejected the original plan and decided to publish EtherPad software as open source, and thus continue to live and be accessible to current and future customers.

Adamo design for the V13 Vostro

Dell introduced Vostro 13 cheap laptop that features a design that is similar to the company's luxury Adamo notebook computer. Despite its luxurious appearance of this model is some 3 times cheaper than a notebook Adamo. V13 laptop available at the initial price of $ 449 through the shops of the company is only 16.5mm thick at its slimmest point, exactly like the model and Adam. Vostro V13 is weighing 1.6kg, it features a diagonal screen length of 13.4 ", Intel Celeron processor and Ubuntu Linux operating system in its najjeftinijoj configuration. Configuration that costs $ 649 includes the Core 2 Duo processor and Windows 7 operating system.

Norton Online Backup

Norton Online Backup is a few days ago, got version 2.0. The new version brings support for Mac and Windows operating systems and the ability to send links to download files via email. While most similar offers for online backup of content focused on a single user, Norton is his new release put the focus on the complete family or household. When you pay an annual service, the service can manage and make backup files with five computers. Also, a new option brings verzia check previous versions of files you backup ovals to 90 days back. This means that if you make a change you do not want to hold You can find the older file.

Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is the client runtime that delivers powerful and consistent user experience for different operating systems, browsers, mobile phones and other devices. It is estimated that this software is installed on over 750 million computers that are connected to the Internet. The new version brings numerous improvements to the stability and the bug that led to the collapse. Also, a new version that allows users with slower Internet connections to enjoy high quality video content through advanced compression technology. Versions are available for IE and Firefox, Opera and other Gecko based browsers.

HP plans for 2010

In the Internet appeared the plans for the products that HP plans to introduce in the first half of next year. HP plans to present new versions of desktop computers in the Pavilion series, which will be available with the ATI Radeon HD 5530 graphics with 1GB of memory and the Radeon HD 5570 models. For the first half year the company also plans to computers that will be based on Intel Core i3-5xx and 6xx-i5 Core processors. Fans Arrandale technology will also not be disappointed because it will offer these companies appear TouchSmart 600 all-in-one computer. On the other hand, when it comes to software, HP will present Hulu and Netflix support in the MediaSmart package.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 best in UK

Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 companies Activision and Infinity Ward is still the best-selling game in the UK despite the game's sales dropped 7% from the previous week. EA FIFA 10 has managed to surpass Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed II the number two position in which all three titles equally fighting game that will be best sold in the entire period around Christmas. The only new title in the list of best-selling games is the EA Saboteur company - the last title that is Pandemic Studio did before closing. The top ten biggest jump in sales was recorded Mario & Sonic at Olympic Winter Games (28% increase).

AMD 3D Blu-ray playback

Blu-ray discs based on the new format for 3D video will be shown on the January Consumer Electronic Show event. Chip manufacturer AMD plans to demonstrate the new Blu-ray standard, which would be on commercial discs should appear in the second half of next year. 3D format is currently finalize by the Blu-ray Disc Association, a group of standards behind Blu-ray format, which is a member of the AMD. Next year should be important for 3D content as Sony announced that it is compatible 3D television for the next year, along with 3D gaming content on the PS3 console.

Games played 82 percent of children

NPD Group, an organization that explores the latest research results published by the called Kids and Gaming 2009 and which indicates that 82% of children aged 2 to 17 years in the United States classify themselves as players of computer games. However, in the older part of the range, among the female population results indicate a reduction in time spent playing games compared to last year. The figures indicate that a total of 55.7 million U.S. children, players, and from these figures is 9.7 million between the ages of two to five years, while 12.4 million of these players aged between nine and eleven years. The range of players from 10 to 12 spend the most time playing games per week - 10.6 hours.

Facebook establish safety committee

Facebook has formed a security advisory committee that is composed of representatives of five international security organizations will consult with the social networking site, says the company. Facebook says that its representatives plan to meet regularly with representatives of the security committee in order to assess the existing security resources to provide this service for its customers, developing new materials and seeking advice about best practices for security in general. Facebook alleges that the formation of the board of the attempts that includes cooperation with national authorities in order to reduce potential danger to its users.

MGS: Peace Walker

The company Konami has announced that next year we will make another sequel of the popular Metal Gear Solid games and titled Peace Walker. This game will be released in North America 25th May 2010 while the players in the UK have to wait three more days. And this title puts players in the role NakedSnake / Big Boss character and gives him an insight into the earliest days of Outer Heaven mercenary group. Series creator Hideo Kojima and Konami emphasize that the Peace Walker complete game in the Metal Gear Solid series and that is not a benefit or a side project. The addition of the new game is cooperative multiplayer action for up to four players.

Novell management tools

It seems that most of the IT industry is trying to find a way to earn money by vertically integrated some aspects of data centers and sell a complete solution that allows management of all grupom.Kompanija Novell is best known for NetWare and SUSE Linux operating system is no exception. The company next year to announce the creation of a suite of tools that should make "intelligent control of working standards. The first will appear SUSE Appliance online software tool whose beta version is expected in February and the final in July. Other tools should include the management of virtual servers as well as ManagedObjects business services.

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold 936,734 pieces during the first week as found for sale on the territory of Japan, which makes selling Wii titles in the region. On the basis of published information can be concluded that the title of the sale before the Champions League last week's Super Smash Bros. Brawl (816,198) and the title of Mario Kart Wii (600,147) and Monster Hunter 3 (582,548). What is interesting is the fact that only during the first day sold more than 422,000 copies. This game has achieved excellent results on the territory of Great Britain as it is entered in three best-selling titles after Assassin's Creed 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2nd

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New chip for supercomputers

IBM plans to release next year a revolutionary new chip that will be built into the super-computer at the University of Illinois attempting to create fastest super computer in the world. IBM Bue Waters super-computer will be able to execute massive complex calculations. The expectations-and IBM-and this super-computer that theoretically could have performance of 10 petaflop, which is 10 times faster than it can provide the current super-computers. The new chip, IBM will be able Power 7 and the name will be unique in that it will possess the eight core of which anyone can perform the four tasks that range, turning one physical processor in 32 virtual processors.

Aliens Vs. Predator

Commission for the classification of games in Australia was officially banned Aliens Vs. Predator because it contains many scenes in which the prevailing violence. Regellion, the company behind the game, says that games that are intended for adults should not be censored, stressing that this game recently will certainly not appear on the territory of Australia. Rebellion said that the scene based on some of the most innovative and ikonskih horror films and their desire was to transfer all the game. Recently, Valve and companies faced the same problem when it comes to playing Left 4 Dead 2, and its occurrence in Australia.

Apple buys service Lala

During the past week, Apple has bought a music service called Lala. Apple's iTunes currently dominates the field of music sales in the U.S. but the company has so far refused to experiment with any model for streaming content. However, given today's trends and what users are looking for, it seems that it is a fact that will inevitably need to be changed, but buying service Lala is not obliged to sign "inevitably" means "almost." Official representative of Apple says that during testing the service for streaming to see the results of work with video content.

The toy industry best regulated

The report was sent to the U.S. Congress, Federal Trade Commission indicates that the video game industry is far ahead of other branches of the entertainment industry when it comes to the responsibility of marketing and advertising. Games that are intended for adults are visibly marked and 80% to prevent the sale of such games to minors prevent vendors themselves, according to a study. Besides ads for games that are designed for adults do not appear before 22 hours and advertisers, and sales sites display correctly assessing that age is a game intended. This report shows how video games industry has grown into a serious branch and how taking care to stay.

Facebook attracts investors

Google has become one of most companies when it comes to financing in the past ten years since each and every job in a short time significantly improve the financial position, although it can never be guaranteed. Executives of financial departments these days are in the process of preparing a new public offering of Facebook. It is still necessary to convince some shareholders that the shares of Facebook just those actions that they need. Although Facebook is at the very top when it comes to networking site with its 350 million users, are still in question and the market for a product that tastes and preferences are constantly changing.

Microsoft sets the conditions

A few days ago Microsoft's e-mail messages requested by all participants in the testing of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 beta program Announcing their rules on Windows 7 Photo contest to submit photos, since few of them will be rewarded. In essence, Microsoft simply wants to those who deal with testing send your photos in their beta environment, next to a landmark or in some way reflect his passion and enthusiasm for technology in these photos. The file must be in JPEG format and should include your name.

Transcend JetFlash 600

Transcend JetFlash proudly presents 600, the newest member of the family of highly recognized USB flash. JetFlash 600 features low weight, improved design and a lot of room for storage and high-speed dual-channel technology that contributes to faster storage, transfer and exchange of multimedia content. Thanks to dual-channel technology, the JetFlash 600 transmits data in a fast sequence, awarded the ultra-fast 200x speed reading to 32MB/sek, and the speed of writing to 18MB/sek. JetFlash 600 features a truly inserted and switch functionality, which enables rapid recognition and easy access to flash by simply plugging in the USB port of any computer. USB interface drive requires no other external power sources, as well as chargers.

ASUS overclocking regional competition

Wish all overclockers, gamers is that one day gather in one place and show what they know and to be rewarded for it. On this occasion organized ASUS overclocking competition that will wake up every overclockers-gamer for the sake of the game. Starting from 8/12/2009 until 5/1/2100, all interested enthusiasts can join the online contest that will be present on most of the current forum. The countries of the region are participating, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The winner of each country, with a companion who does not have to participate in the competition (eight participants) goes to the final competition (finals) to be held in Belgrade. The remaining 16 contestants will compete in two separate machines for consolation prizes. Inevitably to note that the final competition scheduled for 16/1/2010 years.

The fastest two-sided A4 scanner on the market

Canon announced the launch of Canon imageFORMULA model P-150, the quickest portable A4 duplex scanner for scanning the market, designed according to user preferences from the fastest growing segment of personal scanners. Scanner imageFORMULA P-150 is unique in its class due to the integrated software for the current connections and scan to any computer, then the greatest speed scanning with USB power, and automatic investor documents (ADF) that can accept up to 20 sheets at once, allowing higher productivity when scanning group of documents.

HP enables IT environments

HP introduced the service management calls that integrates HP and SAP support centers. In this way, HP offers customers one place to get the necessary information technology infrastructure of SAP applications, while they provide a very fast and quality support. With the highest level of support provided by HP (HP Mission Critical Services) services has been further developed, in cooperation with SAP AG, which provides users with comprehensive support for critical business processes based on SAP's solutions.

Sun on the latest Java technologies

Sun Microsystems, which was fairly quiet in recent months in light of the unclear decisions about the future of the company after Oracle's decision to buy this company, and then stop this move by the EU announced that it will sound on the latest developments related to Java technology. The company plans to hold telekonferenciju for media and analysts to discuss where the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (EE) 6 and other software. Java EE 6 specification were approved by the Java Community Process last week and the Sun's implementation of the specification which is a prerequisite for implementaicju Java is expected this month.

The bad news for Intel, good for AMD, Nvidia

The decision to postpone the Intel Larrabee graphics processor is a step backwards for the Linux community because delaying perforanse improved for users of open source systems. On the other hand, competitors such as nVidia and AMD have reason for satisfaction because it will not be competition that will force them to lower prices. Larrabee was announced in September, but Intel has recently announced that it postponed its development. After publish the decision on the postponement of Larrabee chip company AMD shares have increased by 7.9% to $ 8.5 on the New York Stock Exchange SKOJ while Nvidia shares increased by 14% to $ 16.25. On the other hand Intel has achieved a minimum decrease of 0.5% to $ 20.35 per share.

Kindle gets the sound menu will add two features of Kindle electronic book reader that will make this gadget more accessible for people with visually and completely blind people. Thus, the new version of Kindle reader has the option to voice interpreted the contents and is intended for blind students and those with other disabilities, including diseases such as dyslexia. In the sound options menu Amazon said that working on a version that will allow increasing the font on the screen, which is primarily intended for users with visual impairments. This benefit should become available in the Kindle readers of next summer, says the company.

AP invites Facebook users

Associated Press called Facebook users to vote for the 10 top news story in 2009. This call is more than significant because the first time since the founding of the agency's leadership urged its readers to vote for any of the content. In addition to such information, this news is significant because the Facebook data importance because of its 350 million users can not be ignored. AP and other international news organizations were earlier called Facebook users to launch online hub that invites readers to interaktuju with journalists covering the topic of climate change and ecology of the summit in Copenhagen.

Will 2010 be the year Blu-ray

A year ago when the economic crisis began to threaten just saying that the year 2009 be the year in which Blu-ray format to experience their true prosperity. It međutm not happen. Year is almost over was more than disappointing for Blu ray. This is most certainly contributed to the economic crisis as a consequence that the producers did not constitute new models, distributors are not publishing a number of films, while users have bought Blu-ray content. Developments in recent days however, give hope that next year will be slightly better for Blu-ray format as the crisis subsides and the publishers and producers seem to be.

Windows 7 Family Pack sold out

When Microsoft announced Windows 7 to the Family Pack option which will sell licenses for three copies of Windows 7 Home Premi operating system at a reduced price, the company stressed that the issue be time-limited offer. According to the company's announcement that time is up, or supplies that were intended for this kind of sales are obviously exhausted. The company is a few days ago said that the response to this action was very positive and that even companies in some markets where this option is offered prepared stock sold much faster than expected, which led to the offer no longer available .

Take-Two shares have lost value

The company Take-Two has announced few days ago to postpone the issuance of Max Payne 3 game that was supposed to appear in the near future for the next year. This decision is obviously not pleasant to investors and other business factors, and the company's shares lost value for about 30% in a very short period of time and is now worth $ 3.34 per share. Market reactions are generally negative for this announcement the company Take-Two, and is worth reminding that the item in question 14, whose title is issuing companies postponed for some two half years, from mid-2007th Take-Two said that the delay occurred because the game is not fully completed.

Chrome OS heated rivalry

Otherwise a sharp rivalry between Microsoft and Google last month was even more intensified when it emerged the first test version of Chrome an operating system which is behind the Google and open source communities. Analysts believe that the Linux-based operating system could very quickly after it becomes generally available to become a very popular and even the prevailing market netbook computer, which is the fact that Microsoft is certainly in mind. During the press conference in mid-November when it was first presented to trial Chrome OS, Google officials have made it clear to believe that he can completely replace Windows.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Avast update marks falsely malware

Avast Antivirus company issued update to correct a mistake means hundreds of files as trojans. The company is a matter of improved only five half hours later. Wrong as Trojan files were identified companies such as Adobe, Realtek, drivers for sound cards and different media players. Considering that the improved update released in a relatively short period of time, users of that time did not use the computer did not even notice the existence of the problem. Problematic update is legitimate files identified as Win32: Delfi-MZG Trojan. Similar problems occur in industry security solutions, but often are quickly repaired.

Microsoft changed the display settings

Microsoft Preradio so. browser screen ballot required by the EU antitrust legislators, where would this solution be able to obtain official approval of 15 December. Microsoft RECOMMEND this screen after the rivals that are directly related to this solution such as Opera Software, Mozilla and Google changes demanded by the EU. These companies felt that between their browser and Internet Explorer can not be competitive bidding for the favor with users because IE comes within the Windows operating system. According to the latest solution to all the search engines that appear on this screen will appear in random order.

Public DNS is not good for all

In its attempt to organize information at the highest level, Google offers the opportunity to work with your GNS lookups, but it seems that the new service could be attractive to those with bad ISP-based DNS service. Google says that their service offers many opportunities and benefits for its customers, of course, depending on their geographic and network locations, and a large number of security features for all those who accept the new service. However, lately it appears more and more information that show that Google Public DNS service is not good for all because the attacker can inject false information to the DNS server.

Facebook Beacon case

All Facebook users who were members of the controversial, now nefunkcionalnog, Beacon advertising program at the end of last week sent an e-mail and it is on the official information related to the proposed settlement of the issue of judicial action that was raised against a Beacon. Terms of the agreement publicly released yet in September but waited to the last step in this process and that the publication of a sum of money concerned. Under the proposed agreement Facebook will completely stop the Beacon program and provide $ 9.5 million for the establishment of an independent non-profit foundation for identifying and financing projects for online security.

WMware Player 3.0.0

It is virtuelizacioni free desktop software that allows you to easily operate any virtual computer created by VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware Server or VMware ESX and Microsoft Virtual Server or Microsoft Virtual PC virtual machines. This software allows you to share data between the host and virtual computers, use a virtual computer image and other companies, where you can access virtual PCs via intuitive home page interface. The new version brings support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, as well as support for Windows 7th Users also have the Windows XP compatibility mode.

Better sales of Mac computers

According to information published by the CARIS & Company, selling Mac computers could record a large increase during the next year, even 26%, which would be stronger than everything else in the PC industry as that in other departments expected an increase of 16%. During the last quarter Apple has delivered 17% more Macs than in the past year, but the recorded decline in sales of iPod devices 8%. The predictions that give analysts say that next year will certainly be recorded higher sales but with certainty based on the previously recorded results can be said that the best financial results record company Apple.

Panasonic to Ecology

Company Panasonic plans to invest $ 1 billion until 2012 for the development of ecologically oriented technology for home users within which should be covered and control systems of energy which should lead to a large shift when it comes to what the company is currently focused . President and Panasonic, Fumio Ohtsubo, said that during the last week noted increased interest and desire of users for more efficient products that led to the company Panasonic make a decision on starting new lines of business. Fumio Ohtsubo said that in the first plan offers a system for power management in the home versions.

Problematic firmware for WD TV Live

Western Digital had no luck with the release of new versions of firmware for your WD HD TV Live media box. In fact, shortly after this update and the firmware appeared, began to appear and complaints users who claim that after applying a firmware update by their Live HD media box stopped working. Western Digital, for its part acknowledged the existence of the problem and immediately after learning about the problems that accompany this release withdrew controversial update firmware, adding that as soon as it discovered the root of the problem and solution update in question be returned. Users who had problem after installing the new update and advised the uninstall.

HTC plans

HTC, which the company plans a few days ago leaked on the Internet reveals that the majority of devices the company that will appear next year will work on Android and not Windows Mobile platform. Of the eight models, which should appear within the next year, five of them to the Google platform and are intended for interesting categories such as performance, design / style of life and society. With other Windows Mobile models are intended category of productivity. Android models will be lead by a model called Bravo, and these devices should provide a DivX playback resolution of 720p. Trigger them Snapdragon processor 1GHz clock work and specifications rounded VGA AMOLED screen.

PS3 consoles to supercomputers

U.S. Air Force recently ordered the Sony PS3 consoles in 2200. The purpose of this order is not to be members of the Air Force play, but create a super-computer that will use the Cell Broadband Enigne architecture of the console. Namely, if the architecture used to create super-computers, the cost of its development is less than it would be naručivao brand new super-computer. The aim of creation of this super-computer is the modernization of the military high-performance computer systems. Air Forces are already on the way 3336 used the PS3 console by creating an experimental computer, but for their needs need more consoles.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The new Epson printer

Epson has introduced a new printer, PictureMater AM 300th Show Thanks to the large LCD screen of the device, Epson's new printer is announced as "a versatile hybrid" istovremno which serves as a printer and a digital photo frame. PictureMate Show features 16:9, 800x400 resolution color LCD screen size of 7''is the same size as the frames for digital photos, for example Transcend PF720. Epson has provided, and 12 slideshow formats, remote control and 270MB of internal memory for storing photos. Uploading photos is possible with memory cards, USB flash drives, PictBridge-enabled devices and mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Excellent salary online games

Chinese online game recorded better results and the forecasts are developed experts in the field of finance, the next three years is expected that this business could make $ 10.7 billion, taking into account the increasing accessibility of the Internet. When it comes to China and its territory, it is recorded that only 27% of the population has Internet access compared to other Asian countries including South Korea and Japan where it comes to 70%, which is a big difference. According to forecasts, by 2012 the sector of online games in China will have more than 230 million online users, while currently the number is around 69 million.

MySpace as a music site

MySpace has plans to expand its presence in the entertainment market since it was introduced in Britain as a music service. Otherwise, MySpace Music has been active in the USA and aims to combine music content in the form of songs, video, artistic profile, track lists and tables with social networking sites, enabling them to share online through their experiences. Access to the site is free but the company behind the website MySpace, News Corporation, intends to earn through advertising and by taking a percentage of sales of concert tickets and various products.

No weak points

Microsoft is the middle of this week published a report stating that after the investigation found no evidence of the existence of the weak points in the new update that was published during the last month and after many users complained about the appearance of "black screen of death ". The official representative of Microsoft said that a thorough investigation launched after customers began to complain, but that all results indicate that the update that was released during the month of November does not cause it.

Facebook deeper connection

Yahoo in the mid-week, announced that his Facebook ukombinovati links to popular online services such as e-mail and news. This move depends on the connection that is realized when Yahoo! Home begins with a presentation update on the friends list in the most popular online networking service in the world. Already during the first half of next year Facebook content will be integrated into a number of Yahoo services and online content, the report said Vice President of this company, Jim Stoneham, who claims to be so open the door to the two largest online services remain connected.

Asus V-P7H57D EVO

Recently, the market appeared a new motherboard, which carries a label ASUS P7H57D EVO-V. What characterizes this board is support for all LGA 1156 processors, offers four DDR3 memory slots and two PCI-Express x16 slot which allows SLI / CrossFireX configuration, six SATA 3.0 Gbps ports, two 6.0 Gbps ports and a pair of USB 3.0 connectors. New P7H57D EVO-V model also has VGA, DVI-I and HDMI video connectors so that you are able to connect this board with any monitor that today you can find on the market. Rear I / O page offers a number of possibilities for connecting a plate is characterized by one PS / 2 combo ports and four USB 2.0 ports.

Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome is Google's search engine youngest of the major search engines, which captures the increasing popularity among users. However, this search engine will only record the true popularity of the appearance of the same operating system for netbook computers. This search engine brings numerous features that are standard for modern browsers and can boast more than good speed display content. Chrome puts special emphasis on safe search and alert on suspicious phishing sites. The new version brings fixes for the perceived collapse of the stable operation and allows search engines and directories erased the old version installed extensions.

Cisco and acquisitions Tanderberg

Cisco Systems announced plans to continuing $ 3.4 billion worth acquisition company Tanderberg, despite the fact that they failed to agree with the owners of the shares of the company's purchase of the required number of shares. Namely, according to Norwegian law, to purchase could be conducted, Cisco Systems had to enter into contracts with the 90% shareholder of this company. Cisco has managed to collect 89% of shares, but it got the green light to buy Tanderberg, whose acquisition will create the world's largest manufacturer of video conferencing. Originally, Cisco offered $ 3 billion for Tanderberg but this bid is not received the approval of shareholders.

PS celebrated 15 years

In 1994 it was for some good, some not, but player will be remembered as the year in which Sony has made a revolution predstavivši later very first version of the popular PlayStation console. This console is the first became available in Japan that would later become a global phenomenon. Somewhat lower price than competitive products and very good line of games that were available for this console has made it become very popular. All the rest has become history, and games that are played on this console have become classics. PS One consoles have inherited a very popular PS2 and PS3 New.

Asus Eee Box EB1501

Nicely done with disc drives, NVIDIA ion solution when it comes to graphics and significant aesthetic improvements, Eee Box EB1501 has little in common with the original Eee Box model. The new model contains a DVD burner, 2GB of system memory, 250GB storage, Intel Atom N330 processor, 802.11n wireless module, and Windows 7 pre-installed Home Premium operating system. With the help of bat and USB ports can connect additional hard drives, and for the purpose of connecting to monitor users are available to VGA and HDMI ports. This model should become available in European stores for up to 15 days at a cost of about 430 euros.

New preparations to combat piracy

Second consecutive year, Microsoft throughout the world celebrated the Day of protection of copyright. The data show that about 40 percent of all personal computers in the world for using illegal software. The biggest harm of illegal software are primarily users, companies and governments in Serbia, which was in 2008. year due to piracy lost about 99 million U.S. dollars. Besides the material result, software piracy makes it difficult for Serbia's entry into the EU, then the World Trade Organization and encourages the development of organized crime. Inspectors of the Tax Administration will soon begin a new series of special training on what will be trained how to recognize software piracy and effective implementation of the special powers for the effective protection of intellectual property rights.

LG 3D LCD with 1080p resolution

LG Display has introduced the first LCD panel that combines 3D features and 1080p resolution. Model LM230WF4 which characterizes the length of diagonal of 23 "will ship with special glass and the manufacturer claims should ensure ultra-sharp picture. Other specifications of this model include the 400D / m² brightness, contrast ratio 1000:1 and response time of 5ms. These performances are achieved thanks to the decision of the LG-I use my 3D controller and high performance copper bus line that improve image quality and resolution. The display can also be used to display the traditional 2D image.

eBay and Craigslist finally in court

The dispute between eBay and Craigslist was started last year when the two companies sued each other by submitting a different complaint. Since then the process is postponed for various reasons. The story was originally started in May 2008 when eBay was sued Craigslist, accusing the company that Craig Newmark and James Buckmaster agreed on their own initiative to reduce eBay's stake in Craigslist to 28.4% below 25%. The problem arose when this share dropped below 25% because in this case, eBay lost a seat in Craigslist's board of directors. Craigslist was later filed a counter suit against eBay and accusing the company of stealing trade secrets.

Sony captures world championship in 3D

Sony has announced that it will be the first to the final competition of FIFA World Cup record by using the 3D camera. Depending on the results of the tournament to 25 matches will be recorded in this format using the Sony camera professional level. Electronic giant did not want to disclose how much the 3D recording become officially available to the public, but remained in his announcement that the next year to bring us a 3D Blu-ray players, TVs and PS3 consoles. Plan among television producers to the world's largest festival of football used to promote the 3D TV for improved viewing experience of football matches and other sporting events.

Atom N450 netbooks

Companies Asustek Computer, Acer, Lenovo and MSI, although they planned to present in December agreed to its netbook computers that are based on the Atom N540 processor to present the 11 January usaglašavajući with Intel processor that will formally introduce this 10th January. The company will introduce three versions of the Atom N540-based netbook's using different operating systems - Windows 7 Starter, Moblin Linux and Windows XP Home Edition. The most popular will be assessed according to the manufacturer to be 7 versions of Windows but it most and cost. In N540 models, Intel will introduce the Atom N470 processor in March next year.

New version of YouTube

In an attempt to provide even greater efficiency, YouTube has begun testing a new, simpler versions of their famous video player and the new Vezija called "Feather". This version features a number of features to speed up the process of playing video content, from basic to standard quality version (instead of HD content) to the removal of various on-page features such as control of screen size and available colors. In addition the number of posts available will be limited to 10th The whole idea behind the whole new version is that it is possible to accelerate playback of video content.

Motorola is suing the Sharpe

Samsung is the last week sued the company for the Sharp, as the company states, violations of their rights related to LCD devices. The claim was raised before the international trgovisnkom Commission. Sharp currently does not give any details regarding this lawsuit, while the Samsung just by raising the claim published as it has nothing to with the recent legal battle between Sharpe and the company that is based on certain Samsung LCD TVs are prohibited to be exported to the North American market. Samsung says that this case has not ended because the company appealed.

LimeWire Basic 5.4.3 Beta

LimeWire is a fast, easy to use file sharing program that contains no additional software. Compatible with all major platforms and has a special filtration system that allows responsible file sharing. The new version brings the implementation of open source Maching TigerTrees in okvru SHA-1 patch with a view to improve the takeover, increased the number of videos that LimeWire Media Player can play with Windows 7, and there are additional buttons for keyboard shortcuts when using Media Player To view video in full screen. The new version brings fixes to the problem of viewing video over the Media Player for Mac OS X operating system.

Apple issues Java update for Mac OS X

Apple released two updates, the Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 1 and Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 6th Both update includes numerous security fixes for this technology, while the Leopard update for most sizes and is 122MB. Leopard update that requires Mac SX 10.5.8 brings J2SE 5.0 to version 1.5.0_22, while Java SE 6 on 1.6.0_17. J2SE 1.4.2 is disabled by default and will no longer be updated. Snow Leopard update is 78MB in size brings the version for Java SE 1.6.0_17 and requires Mac OS X 10.6.2. Update these are available through the Apple support site or via Software Update features.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Google does not want too smart people

At the Supernova 2009 event which was held in San Francisco, Google's vice president Bradley Horowitz pointed out that the Web giant does not want to hire too talented people to the rest of the technological world would not be destroyed. Is all this as the head of Google said it or not, not really sure but the fact is that Google is not trying so much when it comes to young talented experts. Horowitz says that this attitude on the part of the company because it believes that these young people who are in education and training familiar with what Google were useful to other companies because they made significant progress.

EA forces online and mobile gaming

EA CEO John Riccitiello in a recent interview that the company sees the future of online and mobile games that will be popular and important for the company. Riccitiello explained that EA plans to switch its focus on building basic franchise while reducing the number of titles issued. He stressed that, although in the future EA will be looking online and titles for mobile devices, is sure to still always there and the market for titles such as Madden NFL franchise but still forecasts that online and mobile games, but the following year note strong penetration in the market.

New ViewSonic LCDs

Family ViewSonic LCD monitors in the week that was for us extended for two more models that use IPS (In Plane Switching). It VP2365wb models are characterized by diagonal screen length of 23 "VP2655wb and a model that has a screen diagonal length of 25.5". These two models characterized by the possibility of rotation, height settings, full HD resolution (1920x1080 and 1920x1200 for VP2365wb for 2655wb), contrast ratio 1000:1, viewing angles of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally, and D-Sub and DVI outputs, plus four. The two monitors are supplied with a three-year warranty and are primarily intended for professionals who appreciate the true image quality and color.

Apple owns the trademark TabletMac

Apple is listed as the owner of the trademark "TabletMac" after it was acquired by the company Axiotron which previously owned the right to this name. Axiotron's Modbook, Apple MacBook laptop that was converted to operate as a tablet computer was available in Britain since earlier this year. According to the MacRumors site, Axiotron is the first time using this name in 2007 in a press release, announcing the cooperation with the Canadian distributor. This model is still listed as the only Mac tablet solution - a portable computer that allows you to draw, write and sketch directly on the screen. Axiotron Modbook 2.13GHz costs around 1,300 pounds.

Steer patients to Facebook

British Association that provides legal assistance and support of doctors said that doctors should not respond to messages of love that patients receive through social networking sites such as Facebook. Mediacl Defense Union (MDU), which describes itself as the leading UK organization for the protection of health workers stated that the observed number of cases in which patients are sent various messages via Facebook or similar sites. MDU states that advises its members to respond to patients who were contacted in this way can be interpreted as a transgression of professional conduct in relation to doctor-patient.

New Medal of Honor game

Electronic Arts has officially announced a new game in the Medal of Honor franchise, which bears the name of Medal of Honor. It is a return to roots franchise that has already taken a full decade. New game brings new soldiers, new features and was developed by a completely new team in relation to the original. Medal of Honor will present the operator-tier, up to now unknown soldiers and smestiće players in the war scene in Afghanistan. What is interesting is that for the first time a game from this franchise deviated from the theme of the Second World War and be focused on modern warfare. The game should appear in September or October next year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

AMD ATI Radeon HD 5670

AMD's latest generation of ATI Radeon HD 5000 graphics card is very good and offers something for everyone. Recently the company introduced another model in this series. It is intended for entry-level solution that carries the name of Radeon HD 5670 and which is based in Redwood graphics processor designed to 40Nm process. This card features 400 stream processors, GDDR5 memory and 128-bit memory interface with DVI, HDMI and D-Sub connectors. The card is equipped with 1GB memory running at 1000MHz, while the core clock speed of 775MHz models. The card is in the mass sales expected in early 2010th

GTX 2250MHz Corsair DDR3 modules

If Dominator GT line is not fast enough for your needs, the company introduced a new Corsair memory modules called Dominator GTX, which provide more operating frequency and performance for customers with extreme needs. The GTX DDR3 memory module is that the top X58/P55 motherboards for the clock speed of 2250MHz with 8-8-8-24 latencies and the voltage of 1.65V. Dominator GTX + DHX memory used refrigerator for cooling and will initially be available as a single module, a model that will be sold exclusively through Corsair's online store. Corsair Dominator GTX should be available from 8 December, for now, limited quantities.

Creative Vado HD

Creative has introduced the third generation HD Vado pocket video camcorder that is available in white or black. This kamokorder is available with built-in 4GB and offers several improvements compared to the second generation model. Like the previous generation and the new Vado HD has HDMI output, a wide angle lens and easily removable battery that can be charged. Vado Central is the new 3.0 software. Camcorders offers options for recording images in resolutions of 1280x720 pixels. HD CMOS sensor allows the camcorder recording in HD (1280x720) and VGA (640x480 pixels) resolutions. Built-in enables the recording capacity of 4 hours or 2 hours VGA HD video.

DX11 against DX9

PC demo for Codemaster's upcoming game DIRT 2 which is the first game of law characterized by DirectX 11 technology became available for download. Demo size is 1.3GB, and allows you to odvozate few races that will show you all the advantages of DirectX 11 brings to the version of the 9th The new version of DX brings significant improvements when it comes to effects such as water or view animated mass audience. However, to be able to see this difference you need to install the above game, and it is quite hardware demanding so if you are the owner of a computer with the latest ATI DX11 enabled graphics, none of the demo.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thunderbird 3.0 RC2

Very soon after the first Release Candidate version for Thunderbird 3.0 email client Mozilla Corporation arrives and RC2 versions. It is an excellent email client for people who are accustomed to using the Firefox browser. Thunderbird offers IMAP / POP support, built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, powerful search and other advanced features. The new version brings a new search with advanced tools for filtering, the new Global Search box, with the possibility autokomletiranja said. Are available and numerous improvements related to user interface and we will present the Smart folders, the options for archiving messages, mail redesigned bar, options to open tabs in the mail message.

Wii market saturated

Nintendo Wii console market could easily become the largest when it comes to the entertainment industry but the problem with this market is that there are not enough quality titles, and generally the market is saturated. The largest number of games available for the Wii console neobaveznih family belongs to the group games. Game makers who create games for this console does not haju for brilliant graphics, and that every character is perfectly done but to rely on the script and the gaming experience in a certain extent on the character and characters. The problem is also the Wii console does not manages to attract major companies such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts to develop games for it.

Changes to Facebook

Facebook will soon make changes to the privacy settings in an attempt to make it easier for users to know which personal information and photos are available. Facebook will be eliminated and "regional network" or grouping of people based on common characteristics. This feature is very popular and allows you to create groups of people who went to the same school or had some part of the common past. Facebook will allow the eventual network of people who are based in specific geographic areas. Joining such a network means that members can view information and photos from the profile of a given person is almost as if you have a friend with someone.

Blu-ray/DVD discs filpper

Universal will release its first Blu-ray / DVD "filpper" drives - two-sided discs that contain Blu-ray or DVD recording of the film. "Bourne" trilogy (Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum) will be the first film will be released in this way, where will be in stores from 19th January. This is a great idea because one of the biggest disadvantages of Blu-ray is that new movies may not play in older players. Lack of flexibility means to be a big problem when you want some content to view through another device and not a home theater, for example. in the car. On the other hand the question is how they make sense when this is known as Blu-ray market is expanding.

Apple reached an agreement with Psystar

According to some information, Apple has managed to reach agreement with the manufacturers of copies of Mac Psystar, according to which the company will no longer sell their products. However, it seems that there is one small problem. In fact, Psystar insists to continue to continue to sell its software package called Rebel EFI which costs $ 50 and that according to the company allows you to install "each operating system on Intel-based computer. But Apple does not want to allow it is clear that Psystar wants the software to allow installation of OS X operating system to other computers than Mac's.

SP3 for Exchange 2007

Microsoft has announced that the third service pack for Exchange 2007, which adds compatibility with Windows Server 2008 R2 release in the second half of next year. The company says that Exchange 2007 supports the function of writing in Active Directory from Exchange 2003 and SP2. The changes are said companies based on feedback received from that user. Kevin Allison from Microsoft says that will reflect the change in the matrix Supportability Exchange-A. This announcement is somewhat contrary to earlier statements that came from the company and which stated that Exchange 2007 will be left without support for Windows Server 2008 R2.

Changes for Battlefield Heroes

EA and DICE have surprised many fans of the popular game Battlefield: Heroes since the price for items that use the money in these games has increased while prices of assets that are bought for real money down. Based on the new changes that were introduced players now have to pay to be able to use the same weapons that they have long used free of charge or have to work hours to earn them. The players probably did not spend enough money so he decided that this is a correct way. What remains is the players or for hours and hours every day playing the game to save his position, or simply pay.

Virtual Box 3.1

Virtual Box software company Sun recently won a new version - 3.1. The new release brings many new features including support for live migration and a significant improvement snapshot capabilities. VirtualBox is created by the company Innotek, a German manufacturer of the software purchased last year by the Sun's. While VirtualBox is designed primarily for conventional desktop virtuelizacione scenarios, developers have him add a few features designed for use in enterprises, which highlights its growing potential for use in servers. New features for live migration entitled "Teleportation" and is a true example of further software developments.

IBM helps green data centers

IBM has partnered with the State of New York and Syracuse University with the aim of opening, as the company name, one of najekološkijih data centers. Green Data Center at Syracuse University provides a number of modern technologies that are designed to reduce energy consumption and emissions. This data center cost $ 12.4 million and has its own power for electricity, heating and cooling systems. In data centers IBM has implemented a Blade Center, and Z10 Power 575 servers, which are expected to jointly spend about 50% less energy than the data center the same size using older hardware.

Skype opens up a SIP service business

Each business customer who has korporatvni VoIP systems can now use Skype's SIP service as a way to reduce the corporate phone bills. Skype for SIP program fell into the general beta testing program after the summer was in limited beta. With this service users can enable click-to-call buttons on Web sjatovima, receive incoming calls from Skype endpoints at no additional cost, set your outgoing calls directly to Skype phone numbers and Mogo it yet. Users, in order to use this feature, you must have a broadband Internet connection and configure the SIP settings on your IP PBX.

Lucrative Thanksgiving

Video games industry has for the past Thanksgiving recorded excellent results. Recently, the three largest manufacturers in this field, including Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, announced financial reports related to this holiday. According to these data, Nintendo sold more than 550,000 Wii consoles, which is an excellent result, and that should add more and sales are recorded by the Nintendo DS and the DSi is slightly more than a million devices. Sony has also expressed its satisfaction with the achieved sale stating that it sold 440,000 devices, while Microsoft had no need to emphasize the number of devices sold stating that it is the best indicator of success.

Chrome OS and printing

Many challenges that were before Google when it comes to creating Chrome OS are solved, but there is one with which the company had a great torment and it is printing. Driver support for printers is a problem that is significantly tortured and Microsoft Vista when it appeared, and Google has turned particular attention to this problem because it wants to Chrome OS works best when the netbook computers connect to the printer. Unlike USB and other devices that have a universal driver printers are special because almost every device is unique and it is generally a problem. Google therefore has to provide a solution that will be universal for all devices.

New broadband network

Virgin Media has unveiled a new mobile device that allows access to broadband speeds up to 7.2Mbps. It is a device which can connect to the USB port laptop or desktop computer and is available for users of the network who sign a contract on the use of the Internet in 18 months. In this case, the device costs about 10 pounds, while, if you do not want to bind this peroid of service, then the device will cost about 35 pounds. The company Virgin Media say that they are very satisfied customers that can offer extremely fast mobile Internet, which allows you to virtually anywhere you connect to the Internet.

YouTube and Facebook stifle the flow of

Research conducted by the company Network Box in July in August this year, revealed the significant impact that YouTube and Facebook have the bandwidth to corporate networks. The survey which included 19 billion URLs visited by about 30,000 end users at companies that use the services of this provider discovers that the address was the most visited site YouTube, which took a total of 7.8% bandwidth network companies. Right behind is Facebook with 4.4%, Yahoo search engine with 2.8% and 2.7% with Google. What employers can concern is that sites that have secure connections with business concerning a huge percentage.

Use of the settlement with Intel

The recent settlement agreement between Intel and AMD will bring in new business from AMD and its customers benefit, the company announced. Although it will still need to pass the year before AMD become fully competitive to Intel, the company expects its market share begin to grow, including the products such as processors for notebook PCs, said CEO Dirk Meyer . He said that potential buyers have the freedom to choose AMD's products as it could in the past. Intel and AMD last month reached an agreement on the rejection of all claims and change production practices Intel.

Microsoft helps train soldiers

The soldiers would be able to go to the tasks better trained and will know better how to handle the equipment after they were subjected to simulation exercises using the war to originate from Microsoft technology. Namely, the software giant and the company Lockheed Martin have signed a licensing agreement that will allow this company access to technology vizulenih simulation of Microsoft. Agreement on the use of inteletualne property between the two companies focuses on Microsoft's ESP, the games based virtual simulation for PC. Lockheed Martin is the first company to license this technology after being shut down Microsoft ESP business in January this year.