Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Electric Renault

Already 2012th year comes the first model that will enable low-cost run out of fuel.

Renault has unveiled its electric car concept for the future.

Her name is Zoe, has five doors and is already 90 percent of the project is ready for serial production.

This means that we will 2012th was able to buy and too expensive gasoline instead of using the old good power outlet. To start the car uses lithium battery, a charge of just 10 minutes you will be able to jump a whopping 60 kilometers. For half an hour charge will get as much as 80 percent of full capacity battery, you'll be able to rides all day, without noise, pollution and petrol stations. We can not wait!

Eva Herzigova pregnant

The famous supermodel Eva Herzigova should be in early spring for the second time left in the role of mother

Czech supermodel and actress Eva Herzigova and her partner, businessman Gregorio Marsijaj Turin, podariće soon his three year son is George's brother or sister. As foreign media reports, year-old beauty she shared the joyful news from the seller of an elite London shops that sells children's clothing, she told interviewer that pregnant for four months.

Madonna in connection with the choreographer

The queen of pop Madonna has reportedly ended his relationship with a younger half manekenom Lusom Jesús, a U.S. tabloid report that it has replaced its choreographer Brahimi Zaibatom.

In fact, Madonna and Brahim were seen together at a New York club last Thursday, where they danced all the time and loved the sight of guests attending. Brahimi's friends revealed to the media that the handsome dancer and choreographer in a secret relationship with Madonna for a while.

That indeed there was a rift between the singer and Brazilian models can be concluded from the fact that Jesús Luz for some time in his native Brazil, where he often photographed in the company of a variety of beauty.

Bryan Meju award for the Protection of Animals

London - Queen guitarist Brian May will receive recognition for years of involvement in animal protection. Meju the recognition of the International Association for the fight for animal welfare to be delivered today, the House of Lords in British Parliament in London.

Brian May (63) is driving the campaign "Save Me", which looks after the implementation of laws to protect animals from cruelty.

- We are fighting for it because these beautiful animals live, breathe, hear and feel the pleasure and pain just like us, only they do not speak our language and, in terms of people, have a voice. They have no way to rebel against the abuses to which they are exposed - said May.

Keith Richards once again in "Pirates"

The legendary guitarist remake role of Captain Tiga, the father of Jack Sparrow in the fourth sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards will play in the fourth film series with Johnny Depp in the lead role. Richards was in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" in 2007. Tiga playing captain, the father of Captain Jack Sparoua.

Play the same role in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", directed by Rob Marshall.

Johnny Depp will once again play Sparoua captain, who in the new film meets a woman from his past, played by Penelope Cruz.

The fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" will arrive in theaters in May 2011th year.

Celine Dion at the hospital

NEW YORK - The Canadian pop star Celine Dion (Celine) was hospitalized as a precaution to prevent premature labor, doctors.

Representative of the singer, which should give birth next month, said that she was placed in a hospital in Florida.

Dion had earlier said it would give birth to male twins. She and her husband Rene Angelil (Angelil) already have a 9-year-old son Rene Charles (Charles).

The singer's worldwide sold more than 200 million albums. Her last studio album "Taking Chances" in 2007.

Scabbard Vest: I've been thinking about suicide

Later on rapper West has discovered that he once thought about suicide, and now feels a responsibility to contribute to pop culture and art.

Describing himself as a pop icon and military culture, West's audience at the premiere of his new movie "Runaway" in Los Angeles, said that although he once thought about suicide will not give up on life again.

"There are so many people in the world that nobody will ever hear, while I have the opportunity to say what I mean. I will speak from now on their behalf," said West, but he found when he contemplated suicide.

West was directed by 35-minute film, which consists of nine segments of his new songs. The film will premiere next week on television, "MTV," "VH1" and "BET", and will release a new album 22nd November.

Sharon Stone sexy and was 52 year

Best known for "hot" as in "Basic Instinct" actress Sharon Stone showed in the last movie that still has a great body, says The Daily Mail. "

Sharon (52) is removed in a bikini in niskobudžetnoj comedy "Five dollars a day" (Five Bucks a Day), directed by Nigel Cole. The actress revealed that in the 52nd age has a stunning figure.

It appears, however, that the budget was so low that they could not provide a bag for the actress, taunting the British media, as Sharon wore a cigarette and a lighter stick for a bikini.

In "Five dollars a day" next to Stone and starring the legendary Christopher Walken, Alessandro Nivola, Amanda Peet and former Superman from the television series Din Kane.

The film was premiered in 2008, and the next project will be Stone's "Veko" (Waco), based on true events that started the cult leader David Kores 1993rd Besides Sharon, acting in the movie and Adrienne Brody, and Kurt Russell.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Robbie Williams dreaming of a child

LONDON - British singer Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams), who recently married, said he wanted to get as soon as a child and that he was not an important gender of the child, reports the site Digital conn (Digital Spy).

When asked whether they would prefer a boy or a girl, Williams was an Australian radio station said that he and his wife Ida Field (Ayda Field) talked about it and that they did not care.

"I really But then, since I was little I wanted a son, but today I realized that the girls' daddy's girl." If a guy is, will teach him to play football with all the 'male' thing, and if girls shields until his death, "said 36-year-old Williams.

Cruise and Nicholson in the action-comedy

LOS ANGELES - Tom Cruise (Cruise) and Jack Nicholson (Jack Nicholson) will be heroes action comedy "El Presidente", the Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles Times).

Cruz will play a Secret Service agent who gets the task of protecting former U.S. President (Nicholson). The two are forced to flee together when you realize that someone wants to kill a former president. The script for the film was written by Dan Gur (Dan Goor).

The two actors played in the drama "A Few Good Men" Rob Rainer (Reiner) in 1992. The film, based on a piece of Aaron Sorkin (Aaron), has earned more than $ 240 million in worldwide box office and received four Academy Award nominations.

Tom Hanks in the movie Kathryn Bigelow

LOS ANGELES - Hollywood actor Tom Hanks (Hanks) talks about the role of the new film, Oscar-winning actress Kathryn Bigelow (Kathryn Bigelow) "Triple Frontier", published on the website Dedlajn (Deadline), which follows the show business.

The film will be a story about organized crime in the border area between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Mark will write a screenplay Bowl (Boal), who won an Oscar for screenwriting, "Lock the pain." Kathryn Bigelow won an Academy Award for directing the film, which this year won in the most important category, best film.

Filming will start in the first months of next year.

Asteroid hits Earth 2098th year?

Will soon be very close pass by the Earth asteroid the size of 46 meters. Scientists say there is a danger that the 2098th year and could hit the Earth.

The asteroid is named 2010 ST3 and now will pass by Earth at a safe distance of 6.4 million kilometers. "There is a slight possibility that ST3 hit Earth 2098th year so that it is certainly Vredili track, "said the researchers. NASA believes that it will be able to draw a space mission with dangerous asteroids to Earth orbit, if such danger is the case.

Amy Winehouse designs sportswear

While her musical career remained stagnant, waiting for better days, singer Amy Winehouse has decided to try them as a fashion designer and has created a special line of clothing for famous sports brand Fred Perry. " Her models will go on sale in mid-October across the UK.

Amy WinehouseSoul diva Amy Winehouse, is noted for its unusual and often eccentric image, which is apparently quite liked the leaders of the British manufacturer of sports equipment to "Fred Perry" and they just trust her to design their latest collection.

Amy is the inspiration for a new urban line of clothing found in the popular musical "Grease" in which she played as a teenager, and the whole collection is based on a rebellious style of the '40s and '50s of the last century.

The dominant color in the collection are Amy pink and black, and the singer has insisted that all clothing items in the collection made in the smallest size so that she could not wear them.

"People think I'm skinny because I lead irregular lives. However, it is quite the opposite. Since I normally eat a lot I lost weight and reduced to what is actually my real weight. I'm actually very small, so people see me thinner than I am, "she said Winehouse.

It is interesting that the first photographs of Amy Winehouse and the specification of its first designer collection appear in the April issue of the magazine "Glamour" and photographed by her fellow singer Bryan Adams, who for some time engaged in fashion photography.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emma Thompson in "Men in Black 3"

LOS ANGELES - Oscar winner Emma Thompson (Emma Thompson) talks about her role in "Men in Black 3", reported the daily Variety (Variety).

If agreement is reached with studio Sony (Sony), Amy Thompson (51) will get the role of the agent by name Oh, whose job is to make sure the rebel prisoners.

The main role will again be interpreted Will Smith (Will Smith) and Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones), and attach them to Josh Brolin (Josh).

Movie director Barry will Sonenfeld (Barry Sonnenfeld), who recorded the first two films of the series that are only in theaters in North America earned more than $ 400 million.

Emma Thompson has twice won an Oscar - 1993. for her role in "Howards End" and 1996. scenario for the film "Sense and Sensibility."

Candice Bergen writes memoir

NEW YORK - Actress Candice Bergen (Candice) published a memoir that will be a continuation of her book "Knock Wood" in 1984. New memoir actress will arrive in bookstores in 2012, according to the publishing house Simon & Schuster (Simon & Schuster).

The book that does not have a title will follow the actress' work on the popular TV series "Murphy Brown" and will talk about the death of her husband, French director Louis Small (Louis Malle).

Candice Bergen (64) for the role in "Murphy Brown", rewiew in the U.S. since 1988. to 1998, received five Emmy awards (Emmy) and two Golden Globes.
She played in the series "Boston lawyers," and "Law & Order" and movies like "Miss secret agent," "Gandhi" and "My Sweet Alabama". For episodic role in "new beginning" in 1979. was nominated for an Oscar.

Phenomenon that relieves pain

If science could be understood and explained samododira ability to relieve pain, this phenomenon could become part of the treatment, considered by researchers from London University.

Probably you happened to be hit and then instinctively touch a place of pain and it seems you are to relieve pain. New research by British scientists looked for the causes of this phenomenon.

To study these phenomena, European scientists have used a variation of so-called illusion of thermal gratings.
This is an unusual set of sensitivity that comes keep warm fingers. If you heat up the second and fourth finger, a cool three: cold third finger, paradoxically, feel the painful heat. The illusion is very suitable for scientific experiments because the pain is real and not caused any real cause harmful.

The volunteers were subjected either hand illusion thermal lattice, and then touch the three middle fingers of one hand with three fingers of the other. The result was a large decrease in heat pain sensation, which was previously known.

However, according to University College London, the pain is reduced if the same person touches his fingers. If it touches another person - who also experienced a thermal grating, the sensitivity of the third finger was still painfully hot.

"It's very interesting, because in terms of feedback sensitivity of the lower level, the brain gets the same message about the touch and heat. The only difference is that it was not his own touch. It showed us that what it really is is the integration of both hands in much more coherent national body, "the researchers said.

Sense of pain may result from confusion in the way the brain represents the body. This concept can be ilustrivati for persons with amputated limbs, and they feel very strong pain in the body systems that do not.

"The best example of what happens when the body is disturbed in the brain representation of the phantom pain of amputated limbs, where one hypothesis is just that the brain needs to be regularly updated about the actual representation of the body. Therefore, the body has lost limb, but the brain it is still perceived to exist. This discrepancy can cause pain, "they said.

They say that if you are able to better understand the mechanism samododira ability to relieve pain, then it could become part of the treatment.

A study on the effects and impact of touch, specifically samododira, the pain was published in the journal Current Biology ", I passed an American radio.