Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amy Winehouse designs sportswear

While her musical career remained stagnant, waiting for better days, singer Amy Winehouse has decided to try them as a fashion designer and has created a special line of clothing for famous sports brand Fred Perry. " Her models will go on sale in mid-October across the UK.

Amy WinehouseSoul diva Amy Winehouse, is noted for its unusual and often eccentric image, which is apparently quite liked the leaders of the British manufacturer of sports equipment to "Fred Perry" and they just trust her to design their latest collection.

Amy is the inspiration for a new urban line of clothing found in the popular musical "Grease" in which she played as a teenager, and the whole collection is based on a rebellious style of the '40s and '50s of the last century.

The dominant color in the collection are Amy pink and black, and the singer has insisted that all clothing items in the collection made in the smallest size so that she could not wear them.

"People think I'm skinny because I lead irregular lives. However, it is quite the opposite. Since I normally eat a lot I lost weight and reduced to what is actually my real weight. I'm actually very small, so people see me thinner than I am, "she said Winehouse.

It is interesting that the first photographs of Amy Winehouse and the specification of its first designer collection appear in the April issue of the magazine "Glamour" and photographed by her fellow singer Bryan Adams, who for some time engaged in fashion photography.

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