Saturday, October 2, 2010

Phenomenon that relieves pain

If science could be understood and explained samododira ability to relieve pain, this phenomenon could become part of the treatment, considered by researchers from London University.

Probably you happened to be hit and then instinctively touch a place of pain and it seems you are to relieve pain. New research by British scientists looked for the causes of this phenomenon.

To study these phenomena, European scientists have used a variation of so-called illusion of thermal gratings.
This is an unusual set of sensitivity that comes keep warm fingers. If you heat up the second and fourth finger, a cool three: cold third finger, paradoxically, feel the painful heat. The illusion is very suitable for scientific experiments because the pain is real and not caused any real cause harmful.

The volunteers were subjected either hand illusion thermal lattice, and then touch the three middle fingers of one hand with three fingers of the other. The result was a large decrease in heat pain sensation, which was previously known.

However, according to University College London, the pain is reduced if the same person touches his fingers. If it touches another person - who also experienced a thermal grating, the sensitivity of the third finger was still painfully hot.

"It's very interesting, because in terms of feedback sensitivity of the lower level, the brain gets the same message about the touch and heat. The only difference is that it was not his own touch. It showed us that what it really is is the integration of both hands in much more coherent national body, "the researchers said.

Sense of pain may result from confusion in the way the brain represents the body. This concept can be ilustrivati for persons with amputated limbs, and they feel very strong pain in the body systems that do not.

"The best example of what happens when the body is disturbed in the brain representation of the phantom pain of amputated limbs, where one hypothesis is just that the brain needs to be regularly updated about the actual representation of the body. Therefore, the body has lost limb, but the brain it is still perceived to exist. This discrepancy can cause pain, "they said.

They say that if you are able to better understand the mechanism samododira ability to relieve pain, then it could become part of the treatment.

A study on the effects and impact of touch, specifically samododira, the pain was published in the journal Current Biology ", I passed an American radio.

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