Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sharon Stone sexy and was 52 year

Best known for "hot" as in "Basic Instinct" actress Sharon Stone showed in the last movie that still has a great body, says The Daily Mail. "

Sharon (52) is removed in a bikini in niskobud┼żetnoj comedy "Five dollars a day" (Five Bucks a Day), directed by Nigel Cole. The actress revealed that in the 52nd age has a stunning figure.

It appears, however, that the budget was so low that they could not provide a bag for the actress, taunting the British media, as Sharon wore a cigarette and a lighter stick for a bikini.

In "Five dollars a day" next to Stone and starring the legendary Christopher Walken, Alessandro Nivola, Amanda Peet and former Superman from the television series Din Kane.

The film was premiered in 2008, and the next project will be Stone's "Veko" (Waco), based on true events that started the cult leader David Kores 1993rd Besides Sharon, acting in the movie and Adrienne Brody, and Kurt Russell.

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