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Confession: Antidepressants are not cured me, we have created a terrible addiction

Confession: Antidepressants are not cured me, we have created a terrible addiction

Forty-nine Caroline Ashraf for three decades was taking antidepressants. Established she was diagnosed with clinical depression, and doctors believed that drugs are the best way to beat the disease. Nonetheless, this woman even after 30 years failed to overcome psychological problems. Finally decided to try another method of treatment-participation in support groups suffering from depression. The question is whether any medication was necessary.
Caroline wants people with similar problems indicate that antidepressants are not the only way to cope with depression and are not the most effective solution
Caroline started taking antidepressants when she was only 17 years old, did not even imagine that they will use the next three decades. Has sought medical help because she could not cope with dissatisfaction and apathy. Being her mother suffered from depression, I knew the symptoms of this disease.
- Unlike my peers, I've never been a cheerful, happy and physically active, I often changed the mood. One minute I'd be hyperactive, and in the following I would lie, I was exhausted, tearful, irritable, I could not get out of bed or talk to people-said Caroline.
doctors were aware of her family history before prescribing antidepressants. They decided that they are the best for her, but she was not at all tasteful.
- taking the medication even though I felt cut off from reality and I had terrible vertigo-she added.
Ms. Ashraf is taking antidepersive and fakulettu. After graduation, six years it was not used. She became an accountant and met my wife. In 1991. when he started a new job, mood swings are resurfaced. Physician changed her therapy and recommended her to take Prozac.
- I took it for six years, but they were kontole every three months, it suited me and my ll-stabilized, which allowed me to lead a normal life. I married and had a son William who is now 17 years-she told Caroline.
however, she soon began to violently so the doctor switched her medication and prescribed seroxat. Positive effects of the new drug lasted until 2003rd when there are new problems. Caroline began to plague suicidal thoughts, and on the recommendation of a physician, returned to her Prozac therapy.
- Eight weeks while I took seroxat I had unbearable abdominal pain, headache and dizziness due to which I could not drive and go to work-she told .
Her first marriage to 2002nd collapsed (as it stands out not because of the depression). Her second husband Feri was very understanding of her disease. Finally, in December last year, stopped taking his medication and began life without pills. When the left drugs, was not put in the fully effects on the process of detoxification. She believes that her group to assist very helpful.
Due to its decades of experience Caroline wants that now people with similar problems indicate that antidepressants are not the only way to cope with depression, and the example shows that certainly are not the most effective.
 More and more often incorrect assessment DOCTOR
This 49 woman, a tax manager from *** is not an isolated case. It was just one of the many middle-class women who have had to cope with addiction to anti-depressants.
Though the shocking fact that this woman thirty years taking pills for depression, her experience is not so unusual. Number of adults accustomed to the use of antidepressants increases. NHS has announced that last year in the UK betrayed about 47 million prescriptions for this type of drug, 9 percent more than the previous one.
Among suffering the highest number of women who are affected by the epidemic of taking the pill. One in three women in one period of his life using drugs, while one in ten men opt for this kind of help to treat psychological problems.
the fairer sex getting in the forties are exposed to twice the risk of developing depression. Some stručnajci argue that the chances of increasing the pressures of modern life, motherhood and financial problems. Other eskperts point out that salvation in seeking remedies for emotional problems and lifestyle changes.
Unfortunately, it often happens that due to wrong diagnosis begins with the use of antidepressants. A large number of diseases physicians characterize as a depression. With false assessments come and inadequate remedies.
- For clinical depression is no cure, but it is only fourth of people with this diagnosis really depressed-emphasizes Mandy Saligari, director of the hospital "Charter Dtay Care."
large number of doctors prescribe antidepressants without proper evaluation, mental illnesses are very complex, but doctors often do not have proper management training. Inadequate therapy is a way to beat the disease.
thousands of women because of this practice is used inadequate therapy. Antidepresivs help them to somehow deal with the problems and continue with life, but they do not eliminate the cause of their illness.
Recent studies show that a large number of patients taking antidepressants for at least five years, a quarter of them used for 10 years or more. These drugs are unfortunately easily as the only real cure. The figures show that an increase of users are expected. While some claim that antidepressants are not addictive, many experts point out that their intake is a habit. addiction that occurs is physical or psychological causes. Over time, the body can no chemicals, and the patient begins to believe that the problems can not be overcome without. For example like Caroline a lot. An increasing number of women Reveals that had bad experiences with antidepressants for which they were occurred arrhythmias, confusion, forgetfulness and loss of libido.

Through dreams you important messages arrive - learn how to interpret them

Through dreams you important messages arrive - learn how to interpret them

No meaningless dreams though those who dream them seem trivial. It happens that such dreams to carry a very important message. Dreams are input in the human unconscious. They help him to correct his erroneous views of consciousness.

Should rejoice dreams because they contain solutions to our problems and concerns. But, getting to know their dreams and therefore the unconscious part of the personality, is not easy. It's a question of courage and personal integrity. Freud argued that each of us knows the true meaning of each dream, I just do not know know why I think he does not know. Jung wrote to each of us there is someone you do not know. The other story our way again to see us differently than we see ourselves. And when we find ourselves at an impasse, the other can help to change attitudes, to which we said San, who led us in a difficult situation.

"Language of Dreams" is not a language you understand. This is the "forgotten" language and we have to re-learn. Interpret dreams means to decipher the hidden secrets of their simbol.Ali no universal symbols. Meybe snake in different dreams the dreamer does not have the same meaning. It becomes meaningful only in the context of the whole dream as well as in the context of other symbols in the dream, living situations sliper including his other dreams, that is, the series. So ...
- If you dream of a snake, you should immediately refer to the dictionary symbols of what it means, but, in addition to the accurate description of the snake to be given a private association, what you have dreamed of a snake means YOU. So, snakes, and all other symbols no fixed meaning, but should ask yourself what you can learn from a snake in your dream. Therefore what you can compromise, it is clear that she has the wisdom and coolness exactly what you probably missing

- Then move to the general, the archetypal symbolism of snakes. Looking for parallels in fairy tales, myths and legends. It is not always necessary because the individual meanings of the symbols snakes in a dream can fully satisfy his message

- Collected material from the previous two steps is worthless if it is not put into the context of the whole dream and your life situations, including those dreams that make up this series with a dream

- If in a dream you have complex symbols, such as for example the snake with the head of the fox, it is each of them separately and then interpreted and integrated (eg a woman who dreamed of a snake with the head of the fox (the snake is in this symbolized her mother as Due to its negative attitude towards the figure of the mother).
Her subconscious is not satisfied in that the mother appears as "cold snake" has already been pointed out, and its "fox mark."
After interpreting the dream of women a while to calm down which indicated that it was not appropriate further archetypal interpretation of sleep (when dreams are interpreted by professionals)

Have great significance and pun in my dreams. Example: The woman dreams of one image - Napoleon in the distance as it passes. On the eve of a dream she had an argument with his wife and was not clear who was to blame. While working on a dream, the conclusion was that NAPOLEON is a pun in Napa ME LEON (the name of her husband). That is deciphered who was to blame for the fight.

Run the Dream Book
In contrast to the scientific interpretation of dreams, Dream Book tend towards simplification and stereotype, do not take into account the ambiguity of symbols dream always have individual meaning. Not care whether the wine dream scientist or an alcoholic, provided scientist is not an alcoholic. Let us start with a simple example: when a dream ring, dream interpretation is not enough to look at the Dream Book and Dictionary symbols and see what that symbol means. You need to find out what the feelings aroused in the ring dreamer, as the ring looks like, where it belongs, whether it gives a dreamer or he got it under any circumstances ... If we add the fact that all words must fit in with the overall atmosphere of dream and other symbols in it, in a series of dreams, it is quite clear why the interpretation of dreams by Dream Book unacceptable.

Men experienced the pain of labor

Men experienced the pain of labor

Two Dutch leaders decided to experience contractions that every woman has to labor to prove that women are the weaker sex and that's why it so hard to cope with pain during childbirth.

In his show "guinea pigs" Dennis Storm and Valerio woman doing all kinds of crazy things, and in the past have chosen to experience the pain of labor. They went to a clinic in the Netherlands, where using electrical stimulation can feel how much everyone really hurts labor.
Even if the simulation takes only two hours, unlike real labor that can take two days, both of them have concluded that this is one of the most painful experiences that they had.

Before starting the experiment both with derision asked the nurses whether they may scream and curse as they do women. I have laughed when they nurse said it was guaranteed.

As with the right delivery, set off with a mild contractions, the pain of which the two of them hide the laughter.
But when has it been a while and when they started the pain of contractions before the birth, the two of them were screaming, jumping and pressing her pillow.
In the end we both agreed that the whole experience just to torture and wondered whether they want their women go through such an experience.

Massages are currently helps with pain

Massages are currently helps with pain

Using the ancient Asian art wise, better known as yoga for the fingers, you can alleviate a headache,
Get rid of stress, back pain and fatigue.

At the ancient Indian "wise" means "seal that brings joy." In many Asian countries, this type of yoga used for the removal of spiritual and bodily ailments. This does not need to wonder, because the fingertip is about 4,000 nerve endings that are over energy routes, Meridian, related to all organs. We just need to learn how to activate them. Pressing the individual fingers or the palm area, you can strengthen your immune system, to relieve stress, relieve headaches ... exercises will help you to get rid of blockages in the body, and your life energy will be able to flow smoothly.

Get rid of headaches
When you get a headache, do not use pills, because a headache can not remove completely and efficiently by following the wise. Connect the tips of thumb, index and middle fingers of both hands. Ring finger bend and straighten the little finger. Gently press the cheekbones and at the same time slowly and deeply breathe in and out. Repeat this mudra three times a day for five minutes. Practice with your eyes closed because you are so quickly relax. EXTRA TIP energy points in the neck and shoulders lies between the small and ring fingers. Pinch the part five times, and it subsequently slow circular motions massage your.

Beat Back Pain
If you sit at work constantly, to believe you belong to those who often feel a sharp pain in his back. The problem will be solved gentle massage the outside of the left thumb, from the root to the top. Do the same with the thumb of your other hand. This will soothe the nerves in the spinal cord. To make the exercise more efficient, remove all jewelry from hands.

To win low back pain in the abdomen that are associated with PMS, massage gently and alternately small creases on the fingers, each about a minute. This mudra has a calming effect on the uterus and ovaries.

Recover Energy
After a long day you are often tired and exhausted. The next wisdom will help you to overcome. Connect the tips of thumb, index finger and middle finger and gently press. Other fingers extend. To achieve real results, this wise Apply five to 20 minutes. EXTRA TIP To maximize the effect of this exercise, fingertip massage your palms alternately, starting from the root of the toes to the top. This exercise repeats every three hours, as it calms the nervous system.

Strengthen Immunity
If you have a cold, you will need these exercises. Gently pressing gently massage the upper part of the middle joint of the index finger and middle finger of one minute. You can also weave the fingers of both hands, and so they rub three seconds. Repeat this several times a day to activate the lymphatic system, eject toxins and strengthen the immune system. EXTRA TIP tip of the thumb of his right hand heavily press about three minutes the top of the right index finger and middle finger. After that change hands. The exercise you are doing several times a day.

Foods that will keep you from the flu

Foods that will keep you from the flu

Protection against influenza virus is achieved by vaccination, but also the choice of the food during the epidemic could have an important role. Carefully selecting foods strengthen your immune system, and he is stronger, the virus is becoming increasingly difficult to penetrate into the body.

When winter occurs, the body uses a lot of energy until they adapt to climate change occurred, resulting in a weak immune system. In such a situation, of course, and virus. Your task is to maintain immunity at a high level, and this will be best achieved by a balanced diet. Doctors advise that the Enhance menu of foods rich in protein, vitamins A and C and minerals, especially zinc, iron and selenium, the most important defense nutrients.

Carrot as a bodyguard
Entering large quantities of orange and green fruits and vegetables such as carrots, squash, broccoli, spinach and cabbage maintain optimal levels of vitamin A, which preserves the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes and literally prevents the entrance of germs, viruses and other pathogens in the body.

Red meat strengthens the mucous membranes
Foods rich in proteins directly affect the maintenance of normal function of the mucous membrane of ears, nose and throat, the first wall of defense in the fight against the invasion of viruses.
red meat, chicken, eggs, fish, milk, dairy products, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and products Soy contains all the necessary ingredients that enhance mucosal epithelial cells, and experts advise you that in every meal of the day add at least one of the listed ingredients.

Garlic kills viruses
Nutrient allicin found in garlic, and is released when the clove is crushed or cut-outs. Numerous tests have proven the ability to neutralize the virus to invade the cell or organism that is damaged. It was confirmed that clove of fresh garlic a day significantly improves immunity.

Paprika strongest antioxidant
If you are a virus attack, you know that the body fights him white blood cells, and their production accelerates vitamin C. As this vitamin is not stored in the body, it is necessary to enter the food that it contains a greater quantity and selection of such foods is considerable.
Paprika, parsley, broccoli, leafy vegetables, peas, orange, mandarin, kiwi, lemon, pomegranate, berries fruit ...

Sardine protect against colds
Another important fighters for the preservation of the immune system are T-cells, cells fighters against the virus. Mineral Zinc is an essential element in their making. As soon as the amount of zinc falls below the optimum value, the body is more susceptible to colds and flu.
Natural sources of zinc are red meat (pork, beef), cereal grains (unglazed), wheat germ, spinach, green beans, peas, eggs, milk, shellfish, oysters sardines, wine, pumpkin seeds, brewer's yeast ...

Yolk strengthens the body
Iron is the second most important mineral for the immune system. In his absence the body could not absorb oxygen. Its deficiency leads to many defects of the immune system, some of which disables the body to properly handle a flu virus.
Foods that contain zinc and iron are abundant, but it is mostly in the egg yolk, black bread, cabbage, spinach, lentils, kidney, beans, radishes, onions ...

Pickles and pickle for a stronger immune system
Many epidemiologists advise how to further strengthen immunity. Recommend that you eat as much cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, gherkins and pickled carrots and beets, which are rich in vitamin C, but only if it preserves stored in a traditional way with no additives or preservatives. They say that a day should eat at least clove of garlic and lots of fruit. The liquid is of course required in such large quantities, and select from the brine, lemonades, teas and hot drinks. In the morning you can drink and a glass of apple cider or blackberry wine, which is great for the blood test.

Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables
To be better prepared for the flu season, to enter the body enough vitamin C, says the Viennese professor Hademar Bankhofer. Daily optimum amount of this vitamin for healthy adult human is 100-150 milligrams. In the era of flu infections it is much higher, up to 500 milligrams. It is important to take Vitamin C during the day, in equally divided amounts, as rapidly consumed and degraded. The ideal combination would be a day, two kiwis and four roses broccoli.

Migraine with aura increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

Migraine with aura increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

Women who suffer from migraines, so that follow. "Aura" or visual disturbances such as flashing lights, are at increased risk of heart attack, stroke and blood clots, indicating a large and long-term U.S. study, conducted by the U.S. Academy of Neurology.

This study included 27,860 women, of whom 1,435 had migraine with aura, reports AFP. Among the study participants during the fifteen years of follow-registered 1,030 cases of heart attack, stroke or death from cardiovascular disease.
- It turns out that, after high blood pressure, the most important risk factor for these outcomes represents migraine with aura - bigger than diabetes, smoking, obesity or history of heart disease in the family-emphasizes the co-author of the study Tobias Kurt.

Noted that among women with migraine, those with aura risk of heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular death three times higher than those that do not have accompanying visual disturbances.

the patients who suffered from migraine with aura, and are taking hormonal contraceptives, is determined and an increased risk of blood clots compared to other migraine respondents.

Severe fate: She died waiting for organ and saved three lives after death

Severe fate: She died waiting for organ and saved three lives after death

Shoulder to shoulder with two best friends, Sara Wright, who was then suffering from an incurable disease, walked eight kilometers to raise awareness of the need for more organ donors.

This 36-year-old was taken four hours to complete charity walk by the picturesque confluence of the executive are, which is three hours longer than it should have other participants. When she got to the finish, the crowds gave her a thunderous applause of support. Otherwise, she has a donor card since his teenage days.
walk, during which the British Lung Foundation raised more than five thousand pounds, was organized by her 10-year-old son Harry. Sara also had a personal motive to participate in the walk, as it was already nine months on the transplant list for both lungs.

After two years of frequent lung infections and chronic cough, Sarah was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), with large amounts of collagen - the hard tissue located in the connective tissue - are deposited on the walls of the lungs, reducing their ability to contraction and expansion.

Disable transplant patients are between two and five years after diagnosis.

They were scary news for Sarah, an active young woman, mother of three children. From this disease in the UK die each year about five thousand men, and the causes are not clear, although it is considered that the main culprits are excessive smoking, gastroesophageal reflux disease and even disorder in the immune system.

Sara has lived every day hoping that the phone will ring and that she would announce that they had found a donor, despite the fact that there is a problem with donating right lung. In the UK last year was made ​​only 138 lung transplant, while a year do nearly two thousand kidney transplants.

Though fought bravely, health status is increasingly getting worse. In the end, she could not get out of bed, and was transferred to a hospital, to end of September, died after she was joined on the artificial lung after which it was no longer awake. Then her husband found out that her desire was not to keep alive on life support, and she wanted to donate his organs.

their two kidneys received the two young women who had been on dialysis for several years, a liver transplant is 50 - year-old man. Her father Steve says:
- We know that the three of us left the hospital and is recovering well.

What should you do when you have a cold, and what not

What should you do when you have a cold, and what not

Sneezing, nose stuffy, temperature-cold are typical for this time of year, and with a few tricks you can give them and recover as soon as possible.

As soon as you notice that you catch the flu, see medication with extra vitamin C and paracetamol Download temperatures. They can prevent the flu flare.
At elevated temperature, and pain in the muscles can help medicaments containing ibuprofen and consult with the pharmacist. If your sore throat lozenges can help. For sore throat, gargle salt water burn. Problems with coughing may reduce vapor while showering.

Plenty of water
Drink more fluids than usual. VOAD and tea are the perfect solution.

Take a break INCLUDING
At the first sign of cold symptoms at rest and stay at home. Besides you will be healed before, you will not infect other people.

What does not make sense to work with a cold

Some tests have shown that zinc can strengthen the immune system, but an American institution Food and Drug Administration believes that it is not good, because in use can damage the sense of smell. You need to be careful with taking vitamins. Thus, much of vitamin C may cause diarrhea.

Asthma and eczema consequences of fast food

Asthma and eczema consequences of fast food

Three fast food meals a week can lead to asthma and eczema in children, scientists have warned.
They suggest that high levels of saturated fats in foods, such as hamburgers, affect the weakening of the immune system. The study, which was included children in more than 50 countries, found that teenagers who eat three or more fast food meals per week are 39 percent more likely to suffer from acute asthma. Risk in young children was 27 percent.

Both categories of children are also more likely to get allergic rhinitis or rhinoconjunctivitis that attacks the lining of the eye. Scientists point out that three servings of fruits and vegetables per week can reduce the risk by 14 percent among the youngest children, and 11 percent of teenagers. The study was conducted by a team of scientists for the University of Auckland in New Zealand, which examined the eating habits of 181,000 children aged six to seven years and 319,000 children aged 13 to 14 years.

- There is no doubt that fast food contributes to the increase in the number of cases of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema in children, and that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can protect their body from VIH disease - led the New Zealand researchers, according to London's "Dream".

Take a walk - you will be healthier

Take a walk - you will be healthier

Take this mini-vacation to be more out there. Walk, preferably around noon, when the most light, a general practitioner at the health center "Sail".

Many this year will connect New Year and Christmas holidays and get a solid mini-vacation. However, a lot of free time in the winter is often reduced to a much laziness, sitting and sleeping, as the generous and strong food, what we eat in the winter, health in general not before. A study of the American Cancer Society, which says that the more you sit, the less time we spend on this planet, it sounds scary, but it is what it is.
therefore listen to advice general practitioner at the health center, "sail" in Belgrade.

Dry air is not a good
avoid, whenever possible, stay indoors and too hot rooms where the air is dried. In such an environment, respiratory mucosa becomes dried, and are particularly vulnerable throat, nose and throat. That dried mucosa is subject to inflammation. This is one of the reasons that those who are "saved" from the cold and go out to get more cough sore throat.
Od air dried hurt the skin, which becomes fragile, begins to itch and tingle. This is especially true for people who normally have dry skin, but are not immune to those who have sworn that they previously had a problem with oily skin. Dry air can disrupt and tear film on the eye, which is manifested as discomfort and burning sensation in the eyes. To avoid all this, regularly ventilate the air and humidity. Place the bowl on the radiator with water or damp towels.

Unlike chronic diseases, which should not come out of the house when the air temperature drops below freezing, healthy people in cold weather should not look for an excuse to get out abstention. On the contrary, every day should walk at least half an hour as they stroll beneficial for the body, especially the heart and blood vessels.
Walkman accelerates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. The walk is best to go out when it is hottest when there is no rainfall and wind. It should take into account the physical capabilities of the body. That means - Take a break when you feel tired.
If you decide that something you practice, make sure you do not overdo it. Body more before the daily brief physical activity of moderate intensity but exhausting exercises from time to time.

winter day is short, it's cold, so we were more prone to depression. That greatly contributes to the lack of sunlight, to which we are used to, and reduced physical activity. Light passing through the optic nerve to the brain, stimulates a number of biochemical processes, including the production of serotonin, a hormone that brings peace of mind and alertness. The lack of small and light means serotonin, melatonin and more, which is secreted in the dark. The increase in melatonin, a hormone called dream for most people causes fatigue, sluggishness, lethargy and depression.
Enemies depression vitamins, especially the B group, especially B9, then vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, physical activity, it is best walk, and about noon, when the most light. And another thing - Walking choose a good company.

To celebrate a virus spreads
Respiratory infections occur throughout the year, but more in the cold winter months. Most common of them are caused by viruses and they are transmitted via droplets. The likelihood of the spread of the virus is higher in enclosed spaces, which are meeting more people, so that the holidays carry enhanced risk of infection, which is transmitted by kissing, sneezing, coughing, sharing objects.
touching your eyes, nose or mouth after contact with infected subject enhances the likelihood of infection. What we can do is to avoid contact with infected persons, then take preventive preparations of zinc, which has been shown to strengthen the immune system of the organism, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, multivitamins. And drink plenty of fluids, especially water and teas.

How to deal with depressive thoughts

How to deal with depressive thoughts

Only people who suffer from some form of depression know how hard it is to gain control over emotions and resist the urge to get close to the world of solitude.

Only people who suffer from some form of depression know how hard it is to gain control over emotions and resist the urge to get close to the world of solitude.
What is certain, is that people who are struggling with depression should not stay alone, not only because of the self-destructive tendencies, but also the fact that as soon as you are lonely, with depression becomes deeper and harder to get out of it. In fact, one of the main characteristics of depression is to avoid any social contact, to the extent that a person has no need for any interaction with the closest people and even pets. In addition, some are left to excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, and food.
Depression varies from person to person, but common to all is that negative behavior that can worsen the condition, which makes it difficult to exit from this vicious circle. So, with the help of a doctor and a psychiatrist and prescribed anti-depressants, it takes self-help, and the help of the immediate environment.

To withdrawal
One of the main characteristics of clinical depression is withdraw themselves and end of all social contacts, exclusion from life. Even if im to be extremely difficult, people who are struggling with depression, at that point should be just the opposite. Social contact reduces stress brain, which always increases the initial symptoms.
What to do? try to explain and prepare your family and closest friends on the problem of depression that you have and explain how they can help you, when you are in the next episode. Let them encourage activities and social contacts, and organize their own activities not to be missed.

Negative thoughts
are one of the most prominent component of depression is rumination, that is, the obsession some events, phenomena, metaphysical questions, ideas, fears that lead to even deeper sinking into depression. Rumination may occur as a result of the events of the depressed person is wrong, or negatively interpreted. When people are clinically depressed, a lot of time to spend just in negative thoughts or ruminations.
What to do? attention to the positive activities - happy reading books, watching comedy, positive social engagement.

"Drowning" in alcohol
search for solace and a way out of depression in alcohol and / or drugs, one of the most common paths chosen by people suffering from clinical depression. Specifically, alcohol and drugs currently numb feelings such as fear, anxiety, apathy and so on ... Except that the alcohol and the drug per se harmful, can adversely affect the anti-depressant tablets somewhat unpredictable and cause chemical reactions in the body, which may deteriorate, and does not improve things.
What to do? Talk to your doctor who can help not only in treating depression, but also problems with alcohol and drugs.

Leaks activities in which they normally enjoy, such as exercise or a hobby, is associated largely with the avoidance of social contact, but again can be seen as a separate problem, which depends on the activity. Of course, in a state of depression, you should just continue with the activities that you enjoy and that you are pleased at. It is essentially a depression paradox. The body is capable of all the physical activities, but the brain just does not give the body the signals to move.
What to do? Seek help from family and friends or for example personal trainer who will encourage the activities that you would normally work. For example, hire a personal trainer for sports ...

"Overdose" Sugar
Many people are in a bad mood when reaching for food, especially sweets, and not the people who are suffering from depression. The body in these moments of longing for sugar and carbohydrates. A sudden increase in blood sugar can cause the effect of instant satisfaction, but when blood sugar drops, you return back to the initial state.
What to do? Try treats that have a low glycemic index and those that are, for example. rich cocoa (65 percent more). Unfortunately, many that can not be met.

10 tricks to facilitate the fight against pound

10 tricks to facilitate the fight against pound

Beginning of the year is usually the time when we decide for the child and changes in eating habits. No matter how much they want to improve the appearance, sometimes we find it difficult to adhere to the new rules. There are tricks that make our struggle with excessive weight. We present you some of them.

Make plans
Plan your meals and make a list before you go shopping. This will reduce your costs and help you resist the temptation, and you will not be difficult to work around the chocolate shop and soda.

Be careful with portion sizes
Note the amount of food you eat during a meal. You do not have to eat everything that is on your plate. Equally important as the serving size is and its contents, so keep in mind two things at each breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Regular intake of food
frills spacing of 3 to 5 hours will keep your appetite under control. Do not broken to help starving to lose weight. On the contrary, it will have quite the opposite effect because it will make to overeating.

Chew each bite
chewing affects the appetite to digest food. If you eat fast, you will feel discomfort in the abdomen. In lost, a meal will last longer and you will enjoy every store, and you will be surprised richness of flavor.

Some holidays are behind us, and some of us are still ahead, some on your holiday table a festive turkey, walnuts and dark chocolate. They are an excellent source of antioxidants and protein provides the energy necessary. In addition to a great solution for those that dieters. With their food and the holidays become real allies.

Water is essential
Hidrataciy helps us to think more clearly and feel more energetic. When we are dehydrated, we become tired and nervous. Whenever you feel thirsty is a sign that there was dehydration. That's why getting enough fluids during the day, drink a few hours before bedtime, and in addition to their beds Always keep a glass of water.

Learn to say NO
It's okay to say no to their vices. That does not mean you have to give up all to enjoy, but to have them measure.

Get some sleep
when you are tired, easier to reach for a sandwich and a cup of coffee that you quickly provide energy. Avoid to go to bed late in the evening or enter koein, and you will feel much more rested in the morning. There are foods that will help you fall asleep easily, these are all foods rich in calcium that trigger the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating sleep. Calcium combined with magnesium relaxes nerves and muscles, and are integrated with banana biscuit or yogurt with muesli a good choice.

Control the level of STRESS
The choice of food affected by stress and negative. So avoid those low-calorie and obsessive child. Find ways to relax.

fish oil, nuts and green leafy vegetables should be included in the du your diet. They will provide you with iron, protein and omega 3 fatty acids that will make you relaxed and ready to perform tasks.

Dried meat was not cancerous

Dried meat was not cancerous

On cold winter days, more than ever we eat beef and pork ham, smoked ham, sausages. Some studies have shown that meat products are carcinogenic, but nutritionists say almost unanimously that the risks are negligible if you eat these foods in moderation.

- Foods such as salted meat and meat products contain nitrate and nitrite, which is converted in the stomach into nitrosamines. These are dangerous carcinogens, but only for certain types of animals, while not confirmed to have a negative effect on human health - says Mirjana Buttercup, nutritionist.
She adds that if a variety of foods and occasionally eat smoked ham or beef ham, there is no reason to care.

Calorie, and can and baked
The technological process of processing the sole pieces of meat by the salt rubbed into them outside, and then agree to containers. As meat surface over time would oxidize and gray, salt is added nitrates and nitrites, and the meat products are fully protected. However, because they pretty salty, and it is known that too much salt causes high blood pressure.
- Dried and Smoked products can be stored for a long time, and at the same time you can save them in various ways. You do not have to eat only raw state, but you can and should cook or bake. This meat has excellent energy value and good food for cold days - advises LJUTICE.

However, she warns that meat products containing mixed minced meat, such as salami and sausages, often have too much fat, which can raise blood cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease. That's why they avoid, and instead prefer to choose a "clean" dry meat, such as ham or roast.
- It is important to note that sausages, pates and other meat products should not be given to children younger than two years, and it would be desirable not to be on their menu of up to four years. School children these foods can be consumed once a week, but in combination with wholemeal bread, yoghurt and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin prevents the transfer of nitrite into carcinogenic nitrosamines in the stomach - says our interlocutor.

Calories in 100 g of food
Tea sausage 491 kcal
450 kcal Smoked ham
pork loin 291 kcal
263 kcal pressed ham
Chicken frankfurters 258 kcal
Chicken salama197 kcal

Beat brain cancer and gave birth to a healthy baby girl

Beat brain cancer and gave birth to a healthy baby girl

When she was 26 years old, Heather most notorious was diagnosed with not one but two brain tumors. Then the doctors gave her six months to live, because it was one of the most malignant tumors. Today, six years later, the doctors do not know how to explain how it is that the brain was left not a single trace of the disease.

Heather has worked as a nurse at the reception desk in the doctor's office 2005th when she was told she had cancer, having previously while driving had vision problems. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a tumor in the early stages of nerve pressure for visual reception, and soon he was subjected to surgery and chemotherapy.

However, after less than a year, doctors discovered a glioblastoma in the fourth stage - far more aggressive tumor (of whom 2009. died senator Edward Kennedy). Heather has agreed to an operation in which part of the growths removed, because if you remove whole, there would be a possibility to remain paralyzed. After surgery followed by intensive radiotherapy.

Dr. Robert Specler, director of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, which is operated Heder says that in his 35-year career has seen that someone recovered after 4 stage glioblastoma.
- I dare to say that there is a cure, but there is no evidence of tumor. The fact that he survived is amazing.

While being treated, Heather met Joe Nice, and married him. Luckily for her, despite the radiation, one of her eggs remained healthy and whole, which is used for artificial insemination, with the help of a surrogate mother who gave birth to baby girl Zoe.
- It happened so many miracles. One after the other, according to my dad, it is certain that protects me many angels - says Heather.

Killing of glioblastoma patients below 40 and than any other cancer types
In contrast to other species, which are commonly develop in elderly patients, GBM occurs predominantly in young patients and kills them more than 40 years younger than any other tumor.
Common Symptoms include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and the most prevalent progressive memory loss and neurological problems since the tumor is located near the temporal and frontal lobes.
average patient lives for 14 months after diagnosis. Treatment of glioblastoma cells is extremely difficult because the tumor cells are resistant to conventional therapies.

Caution! Claus raises blood pressure

Caution! Claus raises blood pressure

Any fluctuation of the ambient temperature badly affects the health of chronically ill patients, and thus the person suffering from high blood pressure.

Bitter cold, cardiology specialist and head of the Department of Hypertension, Clinical Center of Serbia, significantly worsens symptoms in elderly patients who pride suffer from coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.
- hypertensives cold, winter weather does not agree with, because then there is a narrowing of the blood vessels and the blood pressure jump. Increasing pressure largely patron and improper diet, or salty and greasy meals, what dominate our tables during the winter - says our interlocutor.

Beware of severe frost
She says those who suffer from high blood pressure to a maximum refrain from consuming these foods, and the dried meat, sauerkraut and pickle forget because in these major food preservative salt, and it leads to an increase in pressure values.
this category patient and doctor advised to be sure to contact the selected doctor to help them, if necessary, changed therapy.
- The usual dose of medication is usually not sufficient when large temperature changes occur when the body needs to adapt to new weather conditions. However, patients do not need to work on their own, but only on the recommendation of a physician - Dr. Tay says and adds that winter often leads to stroke and heart attack because of the higher values ​​of arterial blood pressure.

Not war for
patients who suffer from hypertension must be kept strong frost, so it would be good to avoid moving out in the morning and evening hours when temperatures are lowest.
This does not mean you should not do to go out.
contrary. Walk feels good to them, but only if it is not too cold and not walk too fast.
- It's best to walk around noon, when the warmest, and to a moderate speed - the doctor advises.
walk to the need to dress in layers. Hat, gloves and warm, waterproof shoes are required because the body through these parts of the body most easily loses temperature.
Fatigue can be dangerous, as well as carrying large loads, so it should be avoided.
Additionally, the doctor adds that hypertensives winter should eat more often and smaller portions, and to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, even frozen.
getting enough fluids is, says Dr Tay, means, and would be a day to drink at least two liters of plain water and unsweetened hot tea.

From headaches to vomiting
In severe pressure jump point:
• tinnitus
• unsteadiness when walking
• double vision, dizziness
• headache occipital, frontal or vertex
• irregular or rapid heartbeat
Sometimes the pressure jump accompanied by dizziness and nausea, and in case of complications, there may be a weakness, numbness or paralysis of the body, difficulty speaking, and other symptoms that indicate that the records are one of the most common such complication.

The headache comes from the head

The headache comes from the head

The long-term psychotherapy practice it has been observed that the headache that no organic cause usually suffer mentally overstretched and emotionally unstable people, says psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Headache is one of the most common symptoms and problems in medicine. Psychologically speaking, it can be an expression of repressed feelings, but also the means by which we want to achieve something.
- The head can hurt because of repressed frustration and anger or as a physical expression of dim and unconscious anger. It can be a way of expressing the fear that we are not immediately felt. A good example of the people who caught a severe headache in front of important tasks, meetings, appointments. They probably paint failure, but it does not want to admit myself, so the fear is expressed indirectly - explains prof. Zoran Vojić, a psychiatrist and president of the Association of psychosomatic psychotherapy Serbia.

Dissatisfaction is detrimental
headache, he says, can cause dissatisfaction with oneself. Then she has a touch of self-punishment for failure. Many headache when something succeed or you do not show the desired release.
- One of the most important and common causes of headaches and feeling that we were Squeezed between their conflicting feelings and needs on the one hand and opportunities on the other. Narrowness of us on this occasion overwhelmed may find expression in physical pain - says our source.

Neighbor does not control
the headaches can try other people subordinate their will and to manage them. To all the celebrities that "headache" as they do not meet their requirements. Then it means blame and punishment of those who thwarted our demands and our will to resist.

If we want to be free, popularly speaking, headaches nerves, one where there is pain without organic cause, we need to seriously tackle its real causes. As a first step in that we have three typical portraits of personalities that bothers headaches, as well as tips for first aid.

People who have a pessimistic view of the world, those with low self-esteem and inferiority complexes typically suffer from frequent headaches. Problem headaches is even more pronounced if with such a person go and high moral criteria, aimed it at him any other.

Such people usually do not know how to deal with their feelings, repress them, and the accumulated internal problems and pressures manifested as frequent and strong headaches. Council : It is very important to work on raising self-esteem. When a man believes in himself, all running under load and with fear, and the fear and psychological inhibitions are more difficult problem than any job. This state of mind does not allow you to be creative, to show determination and resourcefulness. Try to become aware of the positive side of his personality. Focus of attention on their strengths and abilities. Have them safe, only so far you have not used.

Perfectionists essentially all driven out to the end because they were never happy with the result. They want more and more in all areas of life and therefore are not satisfied, emotionally unstable and pseudoprilagodljivi. They are to be accepted, act flexibly, but basically never give up their criteria and requirements. Expressed their conscience is quite rigid and hinders the realization of their desires and needs, as well as adapting to reality.
them for what is best is not acceptable, while not depart from the target than the possible complications and difficult choices they may have to make. I do not know how to distance and protect against environmental expectations. Tip : Make sure that the more you align your real opportunities with the need to be accepted. You do not need everyone to meet and do all the things that you think others expect of you. Ask yourself where you are at it all of you, what you want, what is truly important to you.

high ambitions combined with the inability to take criticism and immoderate need to gain praise and recognition necessarily gives rise to psychosomatic problems, primarily headache. However, if a man is this a psychological profile while located in a high position, in all its internal tensions grafted and real stress. Sense of responsibility associated with the real problems that these people typically exaggerate, creates internal pressure that can rezutirati acute psychosomatic disease, myocardial infarction, acute stroke, and in the worst case slowdown heart rate and loss of life. Tip : Try to express emotions in an appropriate and timely manner. Do not store response. Make sure that your anger is not directed to the innocent, and less close, but the one that you are really angry. Know that there are ways to safely channel negative emotions. Also, is not ashamed to show and one positive. If you cry, cry. There is knowledge that is crying at the right time one of naefikasnijih medication for stress and depression. Deeply repressed emotions can not disappear, but it usually comes back like a boomerang - in the form of physical pain and depression. Take care of your mental and physical health.

When a headache is a real illness
if you have any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor immediately:
• headache is not like the usual
• pain in the head accompanying disturbances in speech, movement of arms or legs, impaired balance, poor vision, confusion or memory loss
• headache unless you have fever, stiff neck, nausea or vomiting
• headache lasts more than 72 hours
• Pain can not alleviate the usual remedies that seem to help then

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9 Things certainly did not know about dreams

9 Things certainly did not know about dreams

Everyone dreams, and every night, and about the dreams we know so little. What causes dreams? What is their significance? Can dreams be controlled and how should they be interpreted? Experts dreams reveal the answers to these and many other questions.  

SLEEP can help you learn
if you learn the hard exam compulsory afternoon nap. It will certainly have a better effect than to spend all night awake, and that there is a logical explanation. The sleeping and dreaming brain helps the brain process, integrate and understand new information.

And women can reach orgasm in dreams
Barbara Bartlik, psychotherapist says:
- Women during sleep experience orgasms as men. These orgasms are often caused by erotic dreams. While the women are sleeping, it often happens that their genitals get wet and swell. This occurs during REM sleep, which is repeated several times during the night. A similar thing happens with men. In fact, they are equally experienced erections during REM whether dream erotic dreams.

MOST COMMON dream is that your husband adultery
If you ever wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming of you that your partner or partner is cheating with your best friend, you're not alone. According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, dream expert fridge is a nightmare that haunts most people. Such dreams rarely have to do with reality, but the fact is that most people fear that they will be left alone or to be a victim of injustice.

THAT would have dreamed need to sleep
to dream You and the workplace, in the car.
- Dreaming awake should not be confused with a dream, and dream until sleep is very simple. The first step is to remember the dream you dreamed last, preferably someone nice. Find a quiet place, recollection to sleep and let him develop further. Waking dreaming can be a great way to relax - says Dr. Kelly Bulkeley.

CONFESSIONS OF A former ballerina: Fearing not to gain weight I vomited eight times a day

CONFESSIONS OF A former ballerina: Fearing not to gain weight I vomited eight times a day

A former member of the Canadian National Ballet, Kathleen Rea ten years has struggled with bulimia. The former ballerina who is dancing dealt with since I was ten years in the fourteenth suffering from eating disorders. Too much pressure to keep the slim line led to the fact that Kathleen vomited eight times a day.

Her case is not alone among ballerina. According to Kathleen Ree half of the students in her class was faced with some form of bulimia or anorexia.

- I played 40 hours a week. I tried to keep lost weight by ballet companies require. They have to have larger breasts than the other girls and that they should lose weight. In the end I looked too thin, like I'm on the verge of death-she told Kathleen. Explaining why she chose ballet, she discovered that the reason was the desire to control because her life before the dance was a complete mess. The pursuit of control over life events led to the control diet. - My commitment to ballet evolved from my love of dance, from my desire to gain control over their lives. When my parents divorced, it was a mess. The strict rules of ballet consisted of achievable set of ideals, was the magic recipe that will do everything correctly-biit said Kathleen.

Ma'am Rea had their own ways to cope with too much pressure. Unfortunately, very wrong. She had been taking large amounts of cakes, ice cream and other sweets, and then make all the food eaten and vomited.
Kathleen, who is now 42 years old, at one point decided to seek professional help, and soon after the start of therapy, gained a few pounds. Although she was convinced that the new look will not influence the career dancers, National Ballet of managers felt differently. Kathleen was told she was too fat and would embarrass the whole nation if there is to be able to enter the scene. Five weeks later she was fired.

After leaving the National Ballet, the artist sought help from a therapist who helped her to beat bulimia and to feel comfortable in your body.

- Gradually, I was more able to focus on their life-recalls she said.
former ballerina decided to go back to school, graduated, and then received a master's degree in art.
42 yar Kathleen Rea is now working as a therapist, helping people suffering from depression, trauma, anxiety and disbalans habits. One of the methods of its work is the study of people to easily express themselves through performance.

She wrote the book "Dance to heal," in which she described her struggle with bulimia and how to beat the disease. In his autobiography he gave advice to all ballerinas
-There is a rule in the ballet that requires you to participate in rigorous competitions, where they receive a variety of injuries, your fingers bleed, you have very little to eat and keep dancing. You are not weak if you care about yourself, about your body if you eat healthy, be who you are-declared Kathleen.

Although she recovered from problem claims that the disease has left traces. Constant vomiting her broken tooth enamel, and occasionally has pain in the joints. She also believes that the disease is damaged and its fertility. However, no fatal consequences.
- I had to have a son by artificial insemination, it is difficult to say whether the long-term bulimia contributed to it, similar is certainly possible-said Kathleen Rea.

Diet colds

Diet colds

Colds and flu, which occur as a result of a viral infection, attacks, and old and young in the cold winter days. The most common symptoms that accompany this disease are fever, cough, headache and malaise, but they can be prevented or cured faster adequate nutrition. Nutritionists advise that you take as many foods rich in vitamin C, A and E. Of all the types of fruit pomegranate has the most vitamin C, which are rich and oranges, kiwi, lemon and mandarin.

Mulled wine is a drug
Excellent source of vitamin A are carrots and squash, and vitamin E rich in walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.
- It should be noted that vitamin C is oxidized in contact with the metal blade, and the fruit should not be too much chop. Also, at temperatures above 35 degrees vitamin C loses its properties, and never put lemon in hot, but the iced tea.

A good remedy for colds and black and mulled wine, but only one glass a day. This wine is rich in polyphenols, which have antiviral properties, killing bacteria, and when you cook it, add a little clove - will be tastier.

Viruses do not like mineral zinc because it kills and prevents inflammation, and should therefore eat more foods rich in this mineral. Studies show that more than 33 percent of the world population suffers from a lack of zinc, and the recommended daily dose for adults is 15 milligrams.

- Natural sources of zinc are brewer's yeast, pumpkin seeds, peas, lentils, broccoli and cabbage. Also, the effervescent tablet of zinc can dissolve in water, and this solution to rinse the oral cavity and throat every two hours.

During a cold, avoid milk and dairy products because they encourage mucus, which hinders breathing. If you just can not live without milk, drink yogurt with probiotyc bacteria. The list of undesirable foods during influenza and sweets and sugar by increasing the temperature, but if you must, sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey or barley malt.

Foods that kill bacteria
GARLIC - In Russia it is known as Russian penicillin because, thanks to Alice's ingredient, kills viruses, triggers flu and colds. It is best to use fresh, but if you can not bear its strong flavor, boil it with some other vegetables.

CHICKEN SOUP - Chicken meat contains the amino acid cysteine, which is released during the cooking and for breathing. Also, some doctors claim that the pair you breathe while eating hot soup and more effective than inhalation, a healing chicken soup can increase if you add a little garlic and some peppercorns.

GINGER - This spice stops cough and contributes to faster removal of mucus from the throat and lungs, and make yourself at home against the cold syrup. The two ounces of water, put two tablespoons of freshly chopped ginger, and cook over low heat for about 30 minutes. In it, add two tablespoons of honey and cook for a few minutes. Daily take one tablespoon of syrup.

Obesity can foster the emergence of Alzheimer's

Obesity can foster the emergence of Alzheimer's

Obesity increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, dementia shape, so that there is a disturbance function of tau protein, the results of a French survey.

Protein tau affects the occurrence of degenerative diseases, reported today the French media. Tau plays an important role in the proper functioning of neurons.

When it comes to the dysfunction of the protein, forming a cellular deposits, amyloid tiles, which interfere with the activity of neuronal cells.

deposits, thus, encourage the development of neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.
A group of French scientists from Lila came to explain the connection between obesity and Alzheimer doing the testing on young transgenic mice in which the five months given food with a lot of fat. These transgenic mice have had the ability to evolve neuro degenerative associated protein tau.
Due to the consumption of fatty foods, mice were gradually fattening of them, and when there has been a difficult pathologies related to the memory, and the modification of the protein tau.

Yoga helps stomach problems

Yoga helps stomach problems

Digestive problems, such as the feeling of acid in the stomach, gas, or irritable bowel syndrome, may be more or less painful. Some of the yoga poses can help relieve symptoms of stomach, whether it is on a rare chair or constipation, and multy other problems.

Get rid of the gases
Some positions can cause relaxation of the digestive tract, which helps the amount of gases in the stomach is smaller. Relaxed and slightly modified version poses a "bridge" encourages muscle relaxation buttocks and pelvic muscles. The objective is to relax the pelvis chamber. Stay in this position from 30 to 60 seconds. The exercise finished breath, and a smooth ride back to the floor.

For this problem by using the positions "Malasana" or "garland". It is, in fact, the squatting position, with heels on the floor. "Pasasana" is a variation of this pose with a turn in a squatting position (for the better), which will help you to relax and stretch out the hose. Wait 30 to 60 seconds, then breathe and stand up straightening your knees.

Massage the stomach
to the abdominal massage, stand up straight, and then create the position of "chairs" - and retracts the stomach and eject it forward. At the same time, do not cramp your shoulders or jaw, than to relax. Little easier exercise is to lie on your back and raise your legs making the letter "T", and then let both legs fall to one and then the other side of the body. And this pose okay to remain in that 30 to 60 seconds. Finally straighten the knee by the inhalation of air, and is strongly correct. Exhale and lower your arms next to the body.

Irritable bowel
Painful digestive problems sometimes manifest in constipation or diarrhea, accompanied by spasms. The most important thing to overcome this pain is to stretch and relax the area around the pelvis. For it is recommended to pose "hamper bada konasana" consists in the fact that you lie down on the floor, place a pillow or rolled blanket under both hips. Connect soles pointing toward each other, knees bent. For starters, stay in this position for one minute, and gradually increase to five to ten minutes.

The feeling of acid in the stomach
yoga breathing can help in eliminating nuisance when you feed up from the stomach into the esophagus. Sometimes this problem can be solved by calming the nervous system through the so-called. breathing from the stomach.

Lie on the floor and breathe deeply so that your belly rises and falls as you breathe in and breathe out. If you are not yet able to take a break and lie down on the floor, this exercise can still be done during the day. Sit and breathe rule (corrected back, sternum up, knees below hips). In this way, the air enters deeper. It is also advised a lot of movement. Sitting in one position each day is detrimental to the organism. Then the metabolism slows down, and the heart rate and oxygen levels. Breathing should represent the movement of each cell in the body, says Leslie Howard, yoga teacher from San Francisco.

The Perfect Recipe: Exercise for 30 seconds and you have the ideal line

The Perfect Recipe: Exercise for 30 seconds and you have the ideal line

While traces of the holidays already feel the waist and hips, many think of the rigorous diets, scientists offer a revolutionary solution. They argue that the irresistible enough to exercise for 30 seconds a day, or three minutes a week.

Strenuous exercise of shorter duration has the same effect as a longer workout. The scientists at the University Translated Nottingham, Birmingham and Bath argue that it is enough to run three strong intense exercise for 30 seconds, so we recommend an exercise bike, jogging in place or quickly run up and down the stairs. After half a minute, a strong effort is recommended to rest for 60 seconds, and then the same exercise should be repeated two more times.
Scientists admit they still do not fully understand why that would explain why a short and intense workout gives the same results as classical, but noted that this exercise regimen reduces even the appetite.
- This exercise metabolism, because they build up the muscles that promote the work - said the expert training Jamie Timmons.

How does happiness: joy at a Glance

How does happiness: joy at a Glance

What is happiness, the eternal question. It is difficult to define, easy to recognize. When the hail, he wants to come. When you are afraid, it is removed. Because you discover the formula that responds!

Avoiding dissatisfaction is associated with the desire to achieve maximum satisfaction. This condition scientists call "deep plus", and it is a durable, unruffled sense of comfort and complete deprivation of heavy feelings and dilemmas. However, the "deep plus" on a scale of satisfaction reduces a man's ability to cope in a crisis such as the death of a loved one, the loss of work, disconnecting etc.. As a result of this lack of power, there are depression and mental disorder.

When asked what it takes to be happy, they tried to respond by scientists at Harvard University. Based on 72 years of research came to the conclusion that happy feeling of people who have acquired higher education, devised a stable family and a good social relationships and connections. Feelings of happiness, hard, and enhances a healthy lifestyle that includes moderate physical effort.

good relationship between time spent in work and leisure time is one of the most important factors for feelings of self-satisfaction and life. Those who spend little time working are more dissatisfied than those who burn out on the job. Worst of all, the human psyche is that it does not work.

extroverted people on average are happier than introverted. Scientists think that this is so because extroverted have a greater need to spread around positive mood, which is associated with happiness.
True happiness is much deeper feeling of good cheer and comfort. It involves the ability of persons to maintain a balance between heavy and pleasant feelings, as well as the capacity to personal integrity remains intact in times of crisis.

If you are sad or depressed, go to nature. The sun will surely relax, and vitamin D, which occurs in the skin under the sunlight, it helps us to fight with melancholy. Spend at least 20 minutes a day outside, and if there is no sun, drink a vitamin D supplement.

4.5 grams
Chamomile is the simplest, cheapest and most effective medicine against melancholy and apathy. It is not known to have any adverse effects, and after two or three cups of tea world looks beautiful! In addition, winter feels everything is warm.

Happiness Index 1 to 10 *
Ekstrovert7 5
introvert 5.9

Happiness Index 1 to 10 *
Healthy family men 9.5
Professional achieved 8.2
Those who burn at work 4.1
materialists and careerists 3.8

faster One of the ways to get to the good mood is to exercise. Go for a run or to the gym every day for 45 minutes, then your body will release endorphins and anandamide, which affect the receptors in your brain and improve your mood immediately.

12 grams
Chocolate Express raises the level of serotonin, a hormone that improves mood. The beneficial effects are visible for several minutes after eating bars. Besides being happy, chocolate reduces the effects of stress, strengthens the heart, bones and muscles.

0.5 milligrams
Aromatherapy is another great way to relax and relieve the symptoms of depression and stress. Oil of bergamot, geranium, neroli and jasmine fastest uplifting. Just add a drop or two in the bath or in a lamp.

Fast Diet: Cleanse the body after the holidays

Fast Diet: Cleanse the body after the holidays

Every year you try to resist the temptation of the holiday table, but to no avail. Do you overdo this time? Do not worry, there is a good way to cleanse your body of all the culinary delights.

During the holidays, enjoy the culinary delicacies, but quickly return to a healthy diet
During the celebration, when the obsession with food means, the body is being constantly bombarded by alcohol, fat and sugar, which have a so-called free radicals. Large portions of food and neglect of physical activity leads the body into a state of shock that accompany heartburn, bloating, jump in blood pressure, migraine ... That it would not have happened, fight back the attack of free radicals. After drinking overeating and allow the body to relax and release toxins, which can easily accumulate in disrupting the natural rhythm of the body.

Nova detox diet based on boiled vegetables and southern fruits, antioxidants mines will make you job. With proper nutrition and herbal teas from herbs, base such diets, will accelerate the process of detoxification.

250 ml squeezed orange
Nutritional value: 83 kcal
150 g fruit salads, 4 prunes
Tea birch, thistle and peppermint, sweetened with two teaspoons of honey
Nutritional value: 60 kcal
2 tangerines
Nutritional value: 115 kcal
Vegetables cooked by steaming
300 g potatoes, 300 g zucchini, pepper, olive oil, spices, vinegar to taste
Nutritional value: 345 kcal
200 g cooked beets in lemon juice, teaspoon of olive oil Nutritional value: 88 kcal
Medicinal tea mustard, ginger , orange peel and saffron, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey
Nutritional value: 30 kcal
350 g fruit salad of pineapple and grapefruit
Nutritional value: 131 kcal
Soup Vegetable
Chop 150 g leeks, celery 100 g and 120 g zucchini, and sauté them. Add a liter of water, soup cube and let it cook about twenty minutes. Finally, add 200 g of spinach and season with salt. When serving, pour the soup half a teaspoon of olive oil.
Nutritional value: 182 kcal
Tea bedtime lime, chamomile, lemon balm and orange blossom, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey
Nutritional value: 30 kcal

250 ml lemonade without sugar
Nutritional value: 80 kcal
two tablespoons of muesli topped with a cup of low-fat yogurt
Nutritional value: 80 kcal
Tea birch, thistle and peppermint, sweetened with two teaspoons of honey.
Nutritional value: 60 kcal
stew vegetables
Blanširajte 250 g broccoli, cauliflower 100 g and 150 g of carrots and gently fry in olive oil.
Nutritional value: 325 kcal
green salad with grated carrots sprinkled with raisins and sunflower seeds.
Nutritional value: 100 kcal
Medicinal tea made ​​from mustard, ginger, orange peel and saffron, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey.
Nutritional value: 30 kcal
1 banana
Nutritional value: 100 kcal
Cook steamed broccoli 200 g and 200 g cauliflower and season with lemon juice and olive oil.
Nutritional value: 104 kcal
Tea for a good night of lemon balm and peppermint, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey
Nutritional value: 30 kcal

Healthy snacks are fattening

Healthy snacks are fattening

Try to lose weight and dropped you from eating most foods that are known to be high in fat and sugar. However, many healthy snacks of dried fruit, yogurt, and even salads, contain hidden calories that we forgot to count.

Water flavor: Do not forget that these waters contain sugar, and therefore a lot of calories (about one such water bottle has 270 calories).

Energy bars: They are a great replacement for a snack, slow release energy, as well as vitamins and minerals, sugars and fats that give them a taste, but enhance their energy value (average energy bars is 200-350 kcal).

Coffee with milk: It's beautiful and the most beautiful morning begins with it. But milk and sugar, or non-caloric space maker, can turn into a drink that has less calories as snacks.
Salads: Although made ​​from vegetables, does not mean you are automatically low in calories. Dressing of oil or cream sauce, roasted pieces of bread, ham and chunks of meat that we put into it are full of fat and sugar.
Nuts: They are an excellent source of vitamin E, for meritorious for our good looks, as well as iron, magnesium and protein. Besides slow release energy and have a high amount of fat (100 g of peanuts has 600 calories, nuts, about 620 kcal, 670 kcal hazelnuts and almonds around 580 kcal).

Soup out of the bag: food in liquid form is not always diet. This primarily relates to the soup out of the bag, especially those creams that contain a lot of fat.

Fruit juices: They are a great vitamin bomb, but can not drink safely as water. Especially those that contain preservatives purchase, a lot of sugar, and therefore have a lot of calories. The same applies to smoothies, particularly those that are made ​​from yoghurt and banana.

The best decisions you can make in the New Year

The best decisions you can make in the New Year

Arrival of a new year is often associated with changes in our lives. In addition to those to which we can not influence, there are also those who own, different behavior and the proper attitude, we can challenge.

Reduce the intake of refined CARBOHYDRATE
White bread, white sugar and candies contain simple sugars. After their use, the body of the pump a large amount of insulin in order to get into the sugar our cells. The level of sugar in the body due this fall, there is a feeling of fatigue, and all the sugar from these foods to which insulin is not able to handle turns into a fat-and usually the abdomen. Record flour and white sugar and may lead to serious disease-polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, or heart disease. On the other hand, well-controlled blood sugar levels, giving us plenty of energy, make us slim and healthy. Instead rafined need to use complex carbohydrates, and whole grains. They are the main source of fiber, keep our energy on filing level and contribute to our well-being. To a feeling of satisfaction is due to the secretion of serotonin, which comes from the amino acid tryptophan. Hint: For a start, to get accustomed to the taste of whole corn, mix white rice or pasta with whole grains. But even with the consumption of whole grains, do not overdo it. The U.S. Department of Agriculture points out that the consumption of cereals increased by 50 percent. Any one integrated or refined cereal grass that make up a quarter of our plates. Other carbohydrates must be saved from the fruits and vegetables that should be half of our frills.

Let's start with strength training
Despite the belief that men prefer gym, strength training is recommended and the fairer sex. Weightlifting frees women fat on the stomach, protects them from heart disease and cancer. Dame because of a lack of testosterone have less muscle mass than men, but the trainings that can make up for the lack. Exercise accelerates metabolism and promotes burning calories even after the workout. It should be noted that physical activity is a great way to combat stress. Research shows that people with high muscle mass have a lower blood pressure during tense situations. Council: Three to four times a week to lift weights. Start with lighter weight, and eventually increase the amount of weight and enhance the intensity of exercise.

Pay attention to how much time sedentary
In case you are not informed, seating is very harmful. Adults who sit 11 hours or more per day exhibited a 40 percent greater chance of dying in the next three years compared to those who sat fewer than 4 hours per day, according to a survey conducted over 200 thousand people in the American Archives of Internal Medicine. Hint: The solution is active sitting. On a chair in your office set up a workout that cha make you sit up straight. We do not recommend you to demonstratively leave the job and have to walk whenever you can, every break at work to make the walk. And when you get home sitting is strictly prohibited.

AVOID soda
taste of carbonated drinks is alluring, but their drink very harmful. One study in people who daily drank two or more soft drinks during the nine tests were conducted recorded an increase in waist circumference of 5 inches more than the person who threw the juices from the food. Hint: Sodas replace healthier drinks, tea with antioxidants is great choice.  

Do not smoke even occasionally
Many people find justification for the occasional cigarette smoking, arguing that such smoking is less harmful effects from taking an active nikotn. However, every cigarette is bad for the body. Women who enjoy the occasional cigarette smoke live on average six years less than those who are genuinely non-smokers. Just one cigarette reduces arterial flow by as much as 25 percent. Smoking leads to herpes, hepatitis and tuberculosis. Hint: The most important thing is to stop looking at themselves as non-smokers. Changes trip will result in leaving this vice. If you notice that smoking is associated with some other activity, such as taking a certain beverage, fix and that their habits.

Reduce the intake of sodium chloride,
sodium chloride, except in the salt found in large quantities in commercially produced foods because it is used to enhance the flavor substances lurking in all restaurants and Ney large intake leads to hypertension, heart disease, stomach cancer, weak bones, water retention and bloating. Hint: burn attention to the amount of sodium choride in foods you buy. When you prepare the food yourself, reduce the proportion of salt. Over time you will get used to less salty meals.

Do not skip meals
Whenever I skip some meals during the day, your blood sugar level drops, so grows the need for sweets. Trap you are heading after avoiding breakfast will cause the day you consume sugary drinks and calorie snacks. Hint: Eat every three to four hours, sounds like an obligation? However, it is not hard to get meals for several days, hard-boiled eggs in your refrigerator are an excellent choice for breakfast. Always handy, you can have fruit or almonds for snacking.

No hyperactive
stress is extremely dangerous for the health of your body. Headache, reduced immunity, damaging the heart and causes premature aging and wrinkles. Women more often than men 'voting stress. One in four Americans is exposed to extreme stress. If you belong to those who struggle daily with the tension and anxiety, reduce stress levels, do the right thing for your health.
Tip: Control your stress levels. You can do this and if you learn to say no whenever it suits you. Make a schedule of commitments. Take a yoga class, slow deep breathing relaxes the body, reduces blood pressure and stress will free you.

Focus on your goals
Resarch has shown that the results obtained with greater ease if the proper exercise schedule. The brain has limitations and our The concentration decreases. So it is better to do three sessions a week, but an hour to run the bar, the reason for this is that the latter activity is often interrupted. By using shorter interval ABIC concentrated and willing to exercise. Hint: the trainings of shorter duration and higher intensity with excellent effects and does not lag behind the results of long painstaking exercise which often give up just because of a problem to focus on them all the time.

The more fruit's Eve

The more fruit's Eve

During the New Year holidays, all put on at least two pounds. In those days we physically most inactive and most eat mostly fatty foods and strong. If you do not want to gain weight, follow the advice of Mary, senior nutritionist-dietitian.

• Do not skip meals. The best is that during the day you have three main meals and two snacks as this will prevent the slowing basal metabolic rate.
• For snacks eat fresh fruit and snacks when you get married, eat two to three dried plums or figs. Various compotes and fresh squeezed citrus fruit juices without added sugar, you can drink unlimited quantities because they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. In addition, accelerate metabolism.
• and alcohol during the holidays should be drunk in moderation. It is best to eat the food because when you drink it on an empty stomach, causing a drop in blood sugar, and then followed by hunger pangs and overeating.
• During the holidays, at least for one day, do not sit at home and always something to eat, but exit with family and friends for a walk. You will surely have a great time if you come up with a common physical activity for at least 30 minutes.

Chicken is the healthiest
Serbian holiday table is unthinkable without baking. However, it should be noted that 100 grams of pork roast has 395 calories and as much as 31 grams of fat, which is too much for one meal. So instead of firing at the table bring out the chicken because it is the healthiest, and is also delicious. Chicken contains proteins of high biological value, and the most important thing is that when you save it, remove the skin because it is full of fat. Chicken is one of the low fat meat as 100 grams contains only 161 calories and six grams of fat.
- When baking discharged carcinogenic compounds, so that just one serving of baked meat contains the same amount of carcinogenic benzopyrenes as 20 cigarettes - says Mary, senior nutritionist-dietitian.

Vegetables to Russian salad
If you have decided to get into the holiday season is not indulging in hedonism and take care of a healthy diet, then the grilled vegetables with a young white cow's milk cheese ideal replacement for a Russian salad. The advantage of grilled vegetables is that it has a low calorific value and is rich in fiber, which are great for digestion. In addition, rapidly filling. However, to preserve the nutrients and vitamins, grilling should be as short as possible. If you just can not resist a Russian salad, eat a spoonful will not hurt you, but keep in mind that 100 grams of this delicacy contains 235 calories.

We all know how hard it is to resist the creamy, chocolate, fruit and all kinds of other cakes and cookies for them, although there is a very good substitute - delicious and healthy fresh and dried fruits. But even with him should not be exaggerated. Sufficient are three dried apricots, plums, figs and some fresh fruit.

SARMA, yes, but with Soja
Year holidays are unthinkable without the charm. Have a tasty but fatty and caloric. Because mince replace soya granules and oats which are a good source of protein and you have a healthy and tasty meal. She does not need a long time that boil in a saucepan, but it is better to bake it in the oven.
- If you like this charm does not seem quite delicious, the table summarize salad with fresh vegetables and grilled mushrooms, which are a great substitute for meat. Pour over the salad with a little olive oil and do not worry, you will not suffer from elevated triglycerides and cholesterol - advises Mary.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Prostate male affliction, female trouble

Prostate male affliction, female trouble

Does it go to the toilet NIGHT
In men aged 45-50 years, symptoms usually first detected wives and force them to seek help, adding that the young men psychologically difficult to deal with the disease. This makes it difficult to treat, and in these cases support the girls or wives immeasurable. They are considered to be our source is very important as controllers because they are much more conscientious when it comes to taking the therapy, a man will feel as improvement, to reject drugs.

To be helpful, a woman must know how to recognize the symptoms and to learn about hygiene and dietary life style that is applied after curing the infection.

Referring to complaints that indicate inflammation of the prostate, extracts frequent urination, three, four times during the night, difficulty in urination, burning and pain.

inflammation may indicate a change in potency, premature ejaculation, and rarely sterility. For sterility man usually suspected when a woman in a long marriage can not become pregnant, and much younger than her husband, even 10 or more years.

Inflammation, says a doctor treated twice. Antibiotics are cured cause inflammation, and parallel with them to use products for strengthening local and general immunity. It is very important and the application of appropriate hygienic-dietary regime.

Antibiotic treatment usually takes two to three weeks, while the hygienic-dietary regime conducted a lifetime. If the patient does not follow the advice, problems can then be restored.

- After curing the inflammation of the prostate should avoid spicy, sour, salt, soda and cold. It is necessary to drink tea, and Uva, parsley, nettle, cranberry, birch, horsetail and corn silk. It is best to drink a mixture of two, three tea for seven days.

Make love, it helps
very important that you get enough fluids, and that means at least two liters every day. It is recommended that a glass of red wine after dinner.

elderly men, our source, and prevention of prostate cancer, it is advisable to regularly take fresh or ground tomatoes because they contain lycopene, an ingredient that beneficially affects the prostate.

's also important to take five meals a day, of which two should be fruit, and it is preferred that the last meal of the day is entered three hours before bedtime.

- Twice a week to eat fish, but not fried and is recommended for the morning, linseed, propolis drops or preparations based on zinc. Otherwise, after curing the inflammation of the prostate patients are recommended regular sexual intercourse, three to four times a week, with a special attention should be paid to hygiene before and after sex. After ejaculation compulsory urination.

Bacteria main culprits
Inflammation of the prostate usually cause an infection caused by bacteria that are transmitted through sexual intercourse without protection. Because young men advised that in the beginning, while your partner is not familiar enough, be sure to use a condom.

- promiscuity certainly contributes to more frequent infections, usually gram-negative bacteria, chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma.

9 great tricks for weight loss

9 great tricks for weight loss

A glass of milk before bed, smelling of vanilla, cooking grease, are just some of the tricks by which you can painlessly save and burn calories, restrain the appetite and deceive hunger.

DRINK WATER with lemon
Drink regularly, in the morning on an empty stomach, at least one glass of plain water with a little lemon. Metabolism in the body will be accelerated and you will burn an extra 20 calories.

The scent of vanilla activates hormone of happiness in the brain, almost like chocolate. A few drops of vanilla oil put on a handkerchief and inhale. Optionally, you can breathe and smell of apples or bananas.

Mix 100 grams of raspberries 250 ml of milk and one teaspoon of honey. Just the thing for the morning! It will help in burning fat and overcome morning grumpiness.

SPICES instead of salt
When preparing dishes using less salt and more spices. By retaining water in the body and prevents the removal of waste products. Spices that make you slim as parsley, basil and chives.

Cinnamon kills hunger for sweets. Pinch of cinnamon put in yogurt or chew gum flavored cinnamon.

Instead of butter or margarine on bread, spread mustard. Is palatable and contains only 10 calories, unlike a kaščice butter which has up to 40!

GLAD scams
When you feel hungry, wait 20 minutes before I eat. During this time in the organism, which can create burns adrenaline and regulating fat metabolism in an organism. When late-night feel great hunger, drink a glass of low-fat milk. Proteins of milk will not make you gain weight and be satisfied.

Non-fat cheese, fat poor, remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before eating. At room temperature, to get a more intense cheese flavor and aroma.

Stay away from FAT
Store food without fat: meat or fish spice, add the vegetables, wrap in aluminum foil and bake.

What healthy foods are natural remedies

What healthy foods are natural remedies

A healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important factors of health, and choosing the right foods can prevent a range of diseases. Instead, every time the signs of the disease use pills, try natural remedies - healthy foods that cure a hangover, kidney stones, headaches, to PMS.

PREVENT Hangovers asparagus
leaves and shoots of superpovrca contain enzymes that break down alcohol great, which is good news, especially if you had a drink. In addition to helping in the breakdown of alcohol, thanks to enzymes, asparagus and reduce the hangover symptoms, showed a Korean study. The best cure for a hangover is definitely avoiding alcohol, but if you plan to exit before preparing meals containing asparagus. Besides you will be fed, a stomach full of food will slow the absorption of alcohol, consequences elsewhere hangover the next day will be much less.

According to data released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, kidney stones has become increasingly common health problem and the number of people who become ill in the last couple of 13 years has increased twice. According to the doctor, one of the best natural remedies for kidney stones lemonade. Lemon juice has the highest concentration of citrate of any other citrus fruits and successfully dissolves calcium buildup that causes kidney stones.

Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health last year published a study which found that women who drink a daily average of four cups of coffee a twenty percent less likely to develop depression. According to doctors, caffeine may protect the brain against certain neurotoxins that can cause depression. colds WIN yogurt
in the season of colds and flu immunity start to strengthen your everyday drinking a cup of yoghurt. The good bacteria found in yogurt boost immunity and reduce by 42 percent the risk of infection of the upper respiratory tract. Most of the good bacteria found in yogurt and kefir.

Red wine PREVENT weight gain
Univerzity Purdue Researchers have discovered that a compound called piceatanola found in red wine disposed of, and in some cases prevents the development of immature fat cells into mature fat cells. If you do not like red wine, the same compound exists in the seeds, skins of grapes and cranberries.

Pomegranate is a rich source of ellagic acid, which helps protect the skin from UVA and UVB damage cells, according to doctors from the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Texas. However, it should be borne in mind that the health benefits of exercise better than the fresh pomegranate juice and supplements.

Pork and peas alleviate PMS
And peas and pork are rich in thiamine and riboflavin, vitamin B, which can prevent the development of PMS. The study found that women who consumed daily in the body 1.9 milligrams of thiamine and riboflavin 2.5 mg had a 25 to 35 percent less chance of developing PMS. Pork and beans are the best sources of the vitamin, and if the meal you eat about 80 grams of pork and a cup of cooked peas, chances are you will avoid cramps.

How do they do skinny people - eat slowly and avoid extra pounds

How do they do skinny people - eat slowly and avoid extra pounds

If after every holiday get some extra pounds, to blame for their habit of eating too fast. The results of a scientific study conducted in Greece suggest that in addition to what is on your plate is as important and how quickly food intake.

Researchers say that people who eat quickly are twice as likely to gain weight compared to those who do it casually. Discovered the reason for these claims fast-food intake decreases the secretion of hormones that regulate appetite. In the bloodstream reaches fewer chemicals that "talk" to the brain is a lot of chocolate cake. In the holiday season when people in five weeks on average fatten up to 2, 3 pounds, it is especially important to pay attention to the speed at which you eat.

In the study conducted at the Athens univerzity test participants were divided into two groups. They were given servings of ice cream, one group is to enjoy this delicacy was 5 minutes, while the other available given half an hour. At the end of the study with a group of people who ate more slowly recorded 25 to 30 percent higher secretion of hormones that create a feeling of satisfaction and fullness.

Because of this, eat slowly. Take small bites, chew thoroughly, and pause between bites delaying accessories. To easily customize the slow eating, focus on the whole experience-turn on all the senses, notice the color, aroma, taste and texture of food.

Expression of negative emotions prolongs life

Expression of negative emotions prolongs life

Temperament Italians and Spaniards lived for nearly two years longer than the stuffy and cold Britons according to research by German scientists.

Researchers from the University of Jena in Germany have discovered that free expression even negative emotions such as anger and resentment has a very positive effect on overall health.

On the other hand, refrain from showing these emotions can have serious consequences for physical and mental health. In the study with the participation of 6,000 people found that people who are themselves suppressed anxiety have a rapid pulse, which eventually leads to high blood pressure and a greater chance of developing serious cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, if and kidney damage.

The secret of perfect lines of Victoria Beckham - the new diet pills

The secret of perfect lines of Victoria Beckham - the new diet pills

It's time to forget about fitness programs and child-known Hollywood stars. Centennial Scottish recipe from a few plants will save you up after New Year's bingeing. Magical combination of plants was first created in 1913, and is now licensed in pill form "Quantro herbal slimming tablets" which is promoted as the next big thing in weight loss.

So do not worry if you put on extra pounds during the holidays because these pills can certainly speed up metabolism and burn excess calories. Ingredients "Quantro" tablets have been shown to be very useful. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears widely used in dietary seaweed, which are the main ingredient in the new tablets for weight loss. Victoria Beckham was repeatedly told that after each pregnancy used treatment with algae and led the line to perfection.